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    Name: NYCSubway.org
    URL: http://www.nycsubway.org
    Description: NYCSubway.org is the largest and most compreshensive New York City Subway website on the internet. Everything from subway cars (current and retired), station information, routes, maps, historical information.

    Name: Transit Talk Media Group
    URL: http://www.ttmg.org
    Description: TransiTALK (or TTMG) is a web-based group dedicated to providing transportation enthusiasts with online media entertainment and content. It was founded in 1998 by Trevor Logan, and has since grown into one of the most frequented transit hobbyist sites.

    Name: Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board
    URL: http://www.cptdb.ca/
    Description: Since 1997, the CPTDB has discussed transit-related topics including buses, trains, subways, planes, boats, emergency vehicles, and more! It has grown into Canada's largest discussion board dedicated to public transit.

    Name: Second Avenue Sagas
    URL: http://www.secondavenuesagas.com
    Description: Second Ave. Sagas is the home for all news MTA on the Internet. A website and blog by Ben Kaback, Second Ave. Sagas is a very well run site with transit news and information.

    Name: Station Reporter
    URL: http://www.stationreporter.net
    Description: A website about the stations of the New York City subway and transit agencies around the New York Metropolitan area and around the country. This website has detailed station information and historical facts.

    Name: NYPIRG's Straphangers Campaign
    URL: http://www.straphangers.org
    Description: The Straphangers Campaign is a New York City-based transit interest group that critiques the operations and planning activities of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its subsidiaries.

    Name: BVE Station
    URL: http://www.bvestation.com/
    Description: Since 2007 BVE Station is the place where you'll find technical information on one of the best subway simulation games around BVE (Boso View Express). Here you can find custom route downloads, subway car downloads, BVE Wiki, technical support, and much more.

    Name: The Unofficial NJ TRANSIT Website
    URL: http://www.hobokenterminal.com/
    Description: Since 1994 this is where you will find technical information on one of the largest commuter railroads in the United States, New Jersey Transit Rail Operations. This is the place for photographs, rosters, historical information, a forum, links, stories, and other "railfan" information.

    Name: Complutense.org: Subway Maps
    URL: http://maps.complutense.org/
    Description: Jake Berman's blog and originally drawn maps of subways and other transit.

    Name: Branford Electric Railway Association
    URL: http://http://www.bera.org/
    Description: The Shore Line Trolley Museum operates the Branford Electric Railway, a National Historic Site. The railway is the oldest continuously operating suburban trolley line in the United States.

    Name: Railroad Museum of Long Island
    URL: http://http://www.rmli.us/
    Description: Since 1990, the Railroad Museum of Long Island is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and interpretation of the history and artifacts pertaining to the railroads which participated in the growth of Long Island, its communities and industries for the entertainment.

    Name: Mr. Sim Pilot/D.Mac
    URL: http://www.mrsimpilot.com/
    Description: Our very own Demetrius' (System Administrator) transit page.

    Name: Subway Weekender
    URL: http://subwayweekender.wordpress.com/
    Description: Plan ahead and make sure that you know what the transit system is like in the weekend before you go out.

    Name: The Long Island Rail Road Today
    URL: http://www.thelirrtoday.com/
    Description: The Long Island Rail Road Today.

    Name: Transit Blogger
    URL: http://www.transitblogger.com/
    Description: Transit Blogger is the new home of “Through The Eyes Of Transit”. The blog was first created on my transit photography site Eye On Transit. Transit Blogger will still feature my personal stories of riding mass transit.

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