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    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

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    #1 CGeorge

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    Posted 03 February 2016 - 09:25 PM






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    #2 MTAhopefullMatt

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    Posted 03 February 2016 - 09:59 PM

    They're posting the job now?
    I'll look into it.
    Btw, I think that's a broken link.
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    #3 +Young+

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    Posted 03 February 2016 - 10:16 PM

    Here's how to get the posting, which is valid until February 17th:


    -Go to http://web.mta.info/lirr/employment/ and click on "Job Postings"

    -Under Business Unit (on the top left), click on "Long Island Rail Road"

    -Look for "Assistant Conductor Trainee - 85394"


    For Future Reference, here is the job posting:


    Job Details                          
    Job Title
    Assistant Conductor Trainee
    Long Island Rail Road
    Job ID
    Road Passenger Crews
    General Superintendent Transp
    Full/Part Time
    Favorite Job
    Job Information

    Title:                                            Assistant Conductor Trainee
    Department:                                Transportation Services
    Post Date:                                   02/03/2016
    Close Date:                                 02/17/2016
    Hay Point Evaluation:                 N/A
    100% Rate of Pay:                     $38.77* (See Wage Progression Chart)
    Position Classification:               Safety Sensitive
    Location:                                     Various
    Reports To:                                Conductor
    Union Affiliation:                         SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail Transportation) Transportation Division


    Provides excellent customer service to all passengers.  Assists train crew  in the safe and efficient movement of customers, performance of various yard movement operations, mechanical troubleshooting/minor repairs of equipment, collecting and selling cash fares, making announcements, operating doors, handling emergency situations, coupling and uncoupling train cars, throwing switches, etc.


    Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

    -Provides passengers with information, answers questions concerning train rules, regulations, and schedules, and provides destination information.  Reports delays.
    -Inspects, collects, and sells cash fares on passenger trains in accordance with established procedures.
    -Must walk through moving passenger trains in performance of duties, climb on and off equipment using fixed ladders or stairs, assist passengers on, off and through trains routinely or under emergency conditions.
    -Routinely operates yard and main track switches and derails, operates levers and valves to separate cars, couples and uncouples air brake hoses, inspects trains, performs minor repairs to equipment, applies or releases hand brakes, aligns coupling assemblies, opens and closes doors on passenger equipment.
    -Assists in the movement of cars to assemble trains or place for repair or service.
    -Observes, interprets, and relays various types of signals including hand, fixed position, or color lights to control the movement of trains and engines for the safety of passengers.
    -Reads and understands rules and instructions, gives as well as follows written and oral instructions, communicates clearly via public address and radio systems with passengers and railroad facilities.
    -Provides protection (flag) for third party contractors along tracks, on platforms, bridges, tunnels and other railroad facilities.


    -A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent (GED or TASC) approved by a State's Department of Education or recognized accredited organization.
    -Must possess a valid driver's license from the state of your legal residence.
    -Ability to read and understand operating manuals, and write train orders.
    -Accounting skills equivalent to maintaining and balancing a check book.
    -Mechanical aptitude for troubleshooting equipment and air brake systems.
    -Solid oral communication skills, must have ability to successfully pass oral and written promotion examinations.
    -Frequent pushing/pulling MU (multiple unit) car doors 23 to 55 lb. (one armed push/pull strength of 39 lb. avg.) and retracting electric coupler 90 lb. force.
    -Occasional climbing  on stairs and ladders, including 32' initial step above ground to enter train with train hold 62" above ground.
    -Must have the ability to work various hours (24/7), at different locations and report in a timely fashion.  This would include days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.
    -Required to wear a uniform that consists of a coat, vest and trousers, a cap, shirt and tie.

    Preferred/Desirable Skills/Qualifications:
    -Some college preferred.
    -Prior customer service and cash handling experience.
    -Successful completion of introduction to Operating Rules & Procedures training class.

    Steps to the Selection Process:
    1a. Employees who have a satisfactory work record and meet the stated requirements will be invited to take an aptitude test.
      b. External applicants who meet the stated requirements may be invited to take the aptitude test.  This test has three parts, Cognitive, Vocabulary and Math.  A preliminary assessment interview will also be conducted at the time.  Based on the results, candidates may receive LIRR operations, signals and definitions study material.
    2. Successful candidates at this stage will be invited to come to the LIRR signal and definitions overview. (Candidates must return to take the Signals & Definations exam).
    3.  Those successfully passing this exam will participate in a panel interview on this day.  If successful, a physical abilities screening will be scheduled to ensure they can perform the essential functions of the job.
    4. Training Program: Candidates who successfully complete the steps of the selection process outlined in 1, 2  and 3 above, may be selected to participate in the Assistant Conductor Training Program.  The Training for Assistant Conductor is administered through an approximately 11-week COMPENSATED  program.  Instruction will include operating rules and policies, on-board ticket sales and procedures, airbrake and troubleshooting requirements, passenger train emergency preparedness (PTEP) and on-track safety.
    The process will consist of a practical evaluation as well as mandatory written exams.  Failure to pass all exams and training requirements will result in dismissal.

    Written and Practical Qualifying Exams:
    -Operating Rules & Procedures for passenger and freight service.
    -Ticket sales, collections and accounting procedures.
    -Air Brake equipment inspections and troubleshooting.
    -CPR First Aid
    -Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)-214/217and 218
    Qualifying for Assistant Conductor to Conductor is mandatory as per current Article-5 agreement.
    Failure to qualify as a Conductor may result in termination from the Company.

    Pay,Benefits, & Work Schedule

    We offer competitive salaries and an excellent, comprehensive benefits package, including:

    - Full Medical Coverage
    - Dental Coverage
    - Vision Care
    - Life Insurance
    - Comprehensive Sick Leave Benefits
    - Deferred Compensation
    - Vacation/Personal Leave Days
    - Transportation Pass Privileges
    - Tuition Assistance Reimbursement
    - Pension Plan
    - In-house training seminars

    Wage Progression: for Employees Hired on or Before September 24, 2014:
    Rates as of December 16, 2015

    70%  -  1st 365 Calendar Days -  $27.13/hr 
    75%  -  2nd 365 Calendar Days - $29.07/hr 
    80%  -  3rd 365 Calendar Days -  $31.01/hr
    85%  -  4th 365 Calendar Days -  $32.95/hr 
    90%  -  5th 365 Calendar Days -  $34.89/hr
    100% - after 1,825 Calendar Days -  $38.77/hr 

    New Wage Progress for Employees Hired After September 24, 2014:
    Rates as of December 16, 2015

    70%  - 1st 365 Calendar Days - $27.13/hr
    70%  - 2nd 365 Calendar Days- $27.13/hr
    75%  - 3rd 365 Calendar Days - $29.07/hr
    80%  - 4th 365 Calendar Days - $31.01/hr
    85%  - 5th 365 Calendar Days - $32.95/hr
    85%  - 6th 365 Calendar Days - $32.95/hr
    90%  - 7th 365 Calendar Days - $34.89/hr
    100% -8th 365 Calendar Days - $38.77/hr

    Other Information

    In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the position, the selection process may include, but is not limited to, a pre-screening assessment (i.e. physical, written and/ or practical evaluation) and interview. Candidates forfeit further consideration in the process if they fail to participate in any step of the process when scheduled. Make up dates/times will not be given. In addition, LIRR employee applicants must be in their current position for the 12 months immediately preceding the close date of this posting and must possess a satisfactory work history, including attendance and discipline record. Not all qualified applicants are guaranteed an interview due to the competitive selection process. A background investigation, medical examination and safety sensitive drug/alcohol test may also be required.

    How To Apply

    Qualified applicants can submit an online application by clicking on the 'APPLY NOW' button from either the CAREERS page or from the JOB DESCRIPTION page.

    If you have previously applied on line for other positions, enter your User Name and Password.  If it is your first registration, click on the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER hyperlink and enter a User Name and Password; then click on the REGISTER button.

    All LIRR employees must go to https://www.mymta.info/ , sign in using your BSC ID and navigate to My Job Search and then Careers.

    When applying for positions, please ensure that you attach a resume during the application process and that you receive a confirmation e-mail that your application was accepted. If you do not receive an email confirmation your application may not have been received and will not be able to be considered after the deadline date. If you encounter problems, please call the BSC Customer Management Center at (646) 376-0123 Monday through Friday (except MTA HQ holidays), 8:30am - 5:00pm.

    Equal Employment Opportunity

    The Long Island Rail Road is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce.  As such, we encourage applicants from women and members of minority groups.



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    #4 MTAhopefullMatt

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    Posted 04 February 2016 - 09:48 AM

    Thanks for posting all that info.
    Much appreciated.
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    #5 MTAhopefullMatt

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    Posted 04 February 2016 - 03:11 PM

    I just applied. I'll let people know if I ever get called for an interview.

    Thanks again for posting the info, NYCSubwayFan.

    I've never seen the job posted before. I must have missed prior postings to the LIRR employment site.
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    #6 +Young+

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    Posted 04 February 2016 - 11:03 PM

    Thanks for posting all that info.
    Much appreciated.


    Thanks again for posting the info, NYCSubwayFan.


    You're welcome.

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    #7 lndyc4

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    Posted 08 February 2016 - 09:50 PM

    If I have a Learners permit would I still qualify as having a license. The issue is that my road test isn't scheduled for another 5 weeks because that was the soonest with availability. Please someone advise?

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    #8 +Young+

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    Posted 11 February 2016 - 09:30 PM

    If I have a Learners permit would I still qualify as having a license. The issue is that my road test isn't scheduled for another 5 weeks because that was the soonest with availability. Please someone advise?


    IMHO, it's a risk. Here's why:


    a) Chances are that we are probably not going to hear back from the LIRR for another 5 to 6 weeks. Therefore, if you take your road test and pass it, you will probably be good to go.

    b) If they do look over the applicants shortly after February 17th, they can disqualify you as a result of not having your license.


    It's up to you...

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    #9 Supadupasai

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    Posted 21 March 2016 - 03:40 PM

    Has anyone who applied for this job been contacted?
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    #10 MTAhopefullMatt

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    Posted 21 March 2016 - 04:56 PM

    I haven't heard anything.
    But I've never heard back from LIRR or MNR for any job I've applied for with them.
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