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  2. Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I don't think so.... The Nazareth ones they been got rid of, but I'm not sure about the Meyer Levin ones....
  3. Expanded BusMoji Please?

    I find the bus emoji helpful in my posts, but there seems to be a limited set. Can more designs be imported to accomodate Queens routes, and can they be sorted by busmoji and regular emoji? They're unsorted at present.
  4. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I believe those are for a SBS candidate, the Q52/53. They're also doing road rehabilitation, widening sidewalks and paint jobs near the Woodhaven Blvd station on the .
  5. SI Bus Study sort of up on MTA website

    If there was anything more material that was distrubuted at this meeting, please post it. Also, has anyone heard from this meeting on when the local bus study will be released?
  6. He took the H20 after the n79. http://huntingtonny.gov/content/13749/13863/17260/100035/17242/17246/default.aspx
  7. Select Bus Service Discussion

    i hate to say it but it is all about the money and the public be damned. if the pot of money that the Federal Government was offering to cities for services such as SBS did not exist, i wonder what the MTA would have done to improve service. Based on past history, most likely there would have been more "limited" routes without paying the fare outside the bus. Let's face it as many streets are too narrow and Lefferts Boulevard is no exception as well as the side streets that the Q/10 operates. This is common throughout the city and is one of the reasons that buses that operate on these streets are always delayed but as long as federal money is available for SBS, the MTA will implement it even if other less costly alternatives do work. Let me ask one question of my fellow posters; How long is too long for a bus route? If a route takes one hour to go from terminal to terminal is that too long? Or is one and half hours too long for a one way trip? The M/5 to South Ferry, was a prime example of a route being far too long and the posters on this forum stated this from when it started until it was cut back recently. The B/82 is too long and the SBS designation will not help the route nor will help the B/15. The B/82 has something in common with the B/15 (formerly the B/10)? Both of these routes were created through mergers (B/50 and B/5), (New Lots trolley and Sumner/Sackett Trolley lines which were replaced by bus service) and the end result was what we have now along with the problems that came with the mergers. Both of these routes are prime examples of what looks good on paper, is in reality, a nightmare. My suggestion for the B/15 is to restore the original B/10 which had terminals at Woodhull Hospital and Elderts Lane and have a separate B/15 route from Kennedy Airport to possibly Utica Avenue- Eastern Parkway. As far as the B/82 is concerned, bring back the B/5 and terminate the B/82 at Coney Island Avenue as the B/5 can handle Kings Highway and Bay Parkway. One last comment about the bench sitters that frequent the bus shelters. I see them all the time and what could you say to people who consider the shelter as their private bench. We are fortunate over here as there are always people waiting for the bus so the bus driver has to stop anyway.
  8. Planned Subway Service Changes

    It's actually not. The during the to 168th Street and the to 145th Street G.O those last few Trains would terminate on the Upper Level of 145th Street on the Express Tracks where they will be laid up until the Weekday put ins starts. Oh another one. Trains run local in both directions between 168 St and Canal St Late Evenings, beginning 10 PM, Mon to Thu, Oct 23 - 26 • Please allow additional travel time. Trains run local in both directions between Hoyt Schermerhorn and Euclid Av Late Evenings, beginning 10 PM, Mon to Thu, Oct 23 - 26 • Please allow additional travel time. It has to do with emergency trackwork.
  9. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I don't think the B15 needs to be split into separate routes, I think its operating pattern on the "ends" of the route should be shifted.... By that I mean, instead of all trips running from Woodhull to terminate at either (JFK or Spring Creek), all trips should run from JFK to terminate at either ([St. John's or Utica], or Woodhull).... There's way more demand from the JFK end of the route than there is from the Bed Stuy end of the route.... AEMoreira suggested something similar to that a while back... I can't agree w/ running B15's to Eastern Pkwy/Utica period, but on top of it, to have the B14 or B17 run elsewhere? Nah... Riders from off the B17 need that connection to the moreso than anything (B14 riders do too, but more of the B14 route is more proximate to the than the B17 is).... Tell Canarsie-ans that you plan on taking away their connection to the (3)(4) & ya might just could be met by an angry mob with molotov cocktails & pitchforks at bay... It doesn't help that there's no direct/feasible connection b/w the & the (L)... Basically, you don't want those problems.... Lol.... As for what I think about a B15 split, see reply above....
  10. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I do intend to infuse humor but not confusion, but you have a point. Sometimes, it's less straightforward.
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  12. New Fare Payment Thread

    I don't like the idea of having people tap their card at the door of an SBS bus--this will slow people down when the system doesn't work or they don't know what they are doing now. Now, they wast time confused at the SBS machine BEFORE the bus arrives
  13. Relevant: AI is hard to debug because it’s like trying to figure out the human mind. You know what the inputs are and you see some of the output, but everything in between is just mush.
  14. I should add that India has made a move to ban self-driving cars using excuses like immature technology, but these anti-AI stances are just a way to protect jobs. Remember the horse and buggy industry? That got demolished by the automobile industry. Now taxis and trucking, and public transportation is about to be disrupted just the same. I’ve got advice for those guys… learn another trade while the writing on the wall is still drying. discourage your kids from studying for obsolete jobs.
  15. Select Bus Service Discussion

    This might be reaching but just throwing this out there. Could the B15 be cut back to Eastern Parkway Utica area? For the link with the (3)(4) and maybe reroute the B14 or B17 to Bedstuy? Or maybe even the SBS from Utica to JFK and the Local B15 from Bedstuy to the Postal facility? Just wondering on your idea's for the split.
  16. Bus door safety features?

    Jesus, that's scary. Definitely makes me appreciate the subways more
  17. Broken Elevators Plague New 63rd and Lex Station

    Interestingly, I think I’ve heard that the elevators replaced what should have been escalators and stairs. The provisions were built for such, but they did extra work to put in elevators instead. Now when they are broken, customers have to walk an entire avenue down to use the old-school method of locomotion—stairs or escalators or malfunctioning escalators.
  18. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Hunters Point Av and Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av - Trains board at the Flushing-bound platform Late Nights, 12:40 AM* to 5 AM, Wed, Fri and Sat, until further notice (except Nov 11 & 18) *Service change begins at 2:30 AM Nov 8, 10, 15 & 17 • All trains board at the Flushing-bound platform. ______________________________
  19. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Select Bus Service, with or without bus lanes, is a poor attempt at BRT as a whole. Out of the many routes that already have it, there's a small, small few that benefit from it the most, even if it wasn't implemented the right way. Bus lanes wouldn't really be helpful on the Q10, especially when you look at areas like Liberty Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, 101st Avenue, Rockaway Blvd. There's a lot of turning traffic in those areas in particular and the blvd is already narrow enough. I honestly do not see the need for SBS on the Q10. They've already removed stops from the limited a while back(before, it used to stop at 111th, Sutter and Linden, just to name a few stops). It's pretty fast for what it is, even with the dwell times. The B15 on the other hand, I honestly think that line should be split somewhere.
  20. Planned Subway Service Changes

    This is a weird one. Uptown trains skip 135 St - Take the instead Late Evening, 10 PM to 11:30 PM, Sunday, Oct 22 • Transfer between trains at 125 St. trains make the local stop at 135 St during this time.
  21. R179 Discussion Thread

    My only question is why didn't the MTA cancel the R179 contract with Bombardier and let another company such as Kawasaki take over
  22. Select Bus Service Discussion

    It should have bus lanes though. You can't even say it is fake BRT without any bus lanes.
  23. Select Bus Service Discussion

    They don't necessarily need a bus lane on the route. The gist of it is just to implement all-door boarding, which is kinda dumb. The dwell times isn't THAT bad on the Q10, even with the artics.
  24. Bus Mechanic

    To find out your list number call DCAS.(212) 669-1357‬ Department of Citywide Administrative Services (option two) Enter your social number then exam number and you will find out your info Good luck
  25. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I have no clue how they are going to implement SBS on the Q10. Kew Gardens Road, 80th Road, Austin Street, and Lefferts Boulevard are too narrow. People in the community would not give up parking in any case. In addition, there is constant congestion at the terminal in Kew Gardens, so I am not sure how that will work out. There will be no room for the payment machines. I really want to see what kind of ideas they come up with.
  26. Bus door safety features?

    I'm pretty sure that the buses can be driven with the doors open, and that the sensors only prevent opening the door when it's in motion. So if I'm right, the BO would've taken the lady's arm if he didn't open the door again. Fun fact: someone on the S52 Friday got mad we were stopped waiting for a truck to move at St Mark's and Westervelt, and punched the backdoor open when the BO wouldn't open the door. When standing in the rear well, be careful to not lean on the door because if the door system is compromised, those doors swing open on every turn or braking attempt.
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