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  2. Hello everyone, Just want to know for Pre-employment how far back do they want your employment history, and if you can't remember all of your employment history where would you go to get this information? Can you get this information the same day you request it? Thank You
  3. Yes, medical is good for three months. As far as the lingo and/or abbreviations you don't understand, feel free to create a new topic/thread in the correct section of the website and we'll be happy to help you out. As a friendly reminder, your list number for this exam is in the 1400's.
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  5. I can confirm, december 9th class was cancelled. And It may be because of the holidays. I am off the medical hold. The same day they took me off medical hold, I reinstated myself back on or I went to DCAS to reinstate myself immediately. No rush. I took drug test in november. Im going to call and ask when I gotta take another one. Medical is good for 3 months I heard. ALSO, I read some of the twu local 100 updated contracts. I am not sure, but I think they are going to move training for bus operators to brooklyn. But I am not sure. I dont understand some of the lingo/mta abbreivations. I could be wrong.
  6. This was intended to say: : Runs from Forest Hills - 71 Ave to Court St and from 36 St to Bay Ridge - 95 St. My apologies.
  7. Body rot is a serious issue, if that were the case half the R44 fleet would still be here. All they have to do is move about 60-80 cars to Coney island. It's proven that when the R32's ran at ENY, they preformed better. Yes they need to go but it's not like they have a choice but to stay. Splitting the R32 fleet was better than having all of them at 207th. They were better off making the 100% tech and leaving the R32's on the (J).
  8. There's no additional line training. You're gonna have to go ride and otherwise learn the lines yourself. Being that you're on VR, you'll have the advantage of knowing what's coming to you, so you can prepare for it.
  9. I think the 32s will still retire first despite these rotting issues some 46s supposedly have. At this point the only thing in good shape about the 32s is their bodies, I seen 32s two to three cut out doors on one car, they don't stop smoothly, their MDBF is low and their A/C units break down a lot. I still like the 32s but they certainly have seen better days.. The rotting 46s can run a few extra months.. no biggie IMO.
  10. Yeah, the R46s are unfortunately no longer assigned to the , in part, because of what @Bill from Maspeth mention a little while ago about Euclid relay not having a track bed for T/Os to walk through to get to the other end of the train to take it back to Euclid station compared to the R32s and the NTTs. But it was fun while it lasted.
  11. : Runs from Woodlawn to 138 St - Grand Concourse and from 86 St to Crown Heights - Utica Ave. : Southern terminus cut to E 180 St. : Runs from Pelham Bay Park to 3 Ave - 138 St and from 86 St to Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall. : Runs from Norwood - 205 St to Jay St via from W 4 St using Bergen St lower level to turn around and from 36 St to Coney Island. : Western terminus cut to Marcy Ave. : Runs from 96 St to 2 Ave and from Myrtle Ave to Middle Village - Metropolitan Ave. : Runs from Astoria - Ditmars Blvd to Canal St (upper level) and from 59 St to Coney Island. : Northern terminus cut to 42 St - Times Sq. : Runs from Forest Hills - 71 Ave to Court Sq and from 36 St to Bay Ridge - 95 St. : Suspended. : Suspended. Next (AM Rush): An attempted murder occurs at Atlantic Ave - Barclays Center and the NYPD orders that no trains may pass through the station during the investigation. A New York & Atlantic Railroad train on the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch derails near New Utrecht Ave - 62 St, causing structural damage to both levels. As a result of East Side Access construction, a tunnel caves in underneath Northern Blvd and causes the , , , and tracks as well as the road above to collapse, which in turn causes the and tracks to fall.
  12. 3800, 4117 and 4358 have readers 5493, 5495, 5497, 5516 and 5579 have bases
  13. 7390 has version 3. Looks like the Stengel batch of XD40s are finally getting screens installed. Also saw a couple more with screens on the interior, but did not get down their numbers.
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  15. It depends on how bad the rotting issues are on the first group of R46's, a small batch was made with carbon steel frames and their starting to rot bad. its rumored that those will go first then the R32's then the good R46 batch. the only issue with the R46 rot issue is that good cars are mixed in with bad ones since they mixed them up during the renumbering and linking in 1995. plus we have the Staten Island R44's that are in terrible shape that might not make it to 2023. It's rumored 10 cars were retired but i wouldn't be too sure on that, they have stripped cars before and threw em back in service. example 3476/77, was stripped then put back together. BUT: According to MTA documents, MTA slated to keep only 110 R32's after 2020. i don't know if they're still going with that plan but the way the R179's are dropping like flies, they might keep the majority of the fleet. also you can kiss the R46's on the good bye
  16. * 6268 in-service at LaGuardia. It was at JFK vendor previously. - 6056: LaGuardia, MTA Bus to Flatbush, NYCT
  17. 514 has version 2 screens. This was seen on the B100.
  18. Yeah please don't do that again. Whatever you added post again SEPARATELY in a NEW comment, and don't quote the list. Ex: 231 has Version 2, 580 has Version 4, 6170 has Version 3.
  19. There's only 2 more 10-car trains left for the , 3030-3049. Hopefully, they'll all be at 207 to Pitkin before the new year.
  20. 10 trains as of today: 3318-3327 is in-service on the today with the G/O occurring on Fulton St
  21. Only 210 R32 cars are now active according to the TTMG roster. Did 12 get taken out of service at some point?
  22. This one’s easy: shut everything down until the volcanic activity has been confirmed to be down and safe. You don’t know if it affects a wider area. Assuming infrastructure damage, this is what comes after: : split 34 Street–Hudson Yards to Grand Central–42 Street 74 Street–Broadway to Flushing–Main Street : no service : truncate Northern Boulevard to Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer : split Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue to 57 Street Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue to Jamaica–179 Street : truncate Church Avenue to Bedford–Nostrand Avenues : truncate Middle Village–Metropolitan Avenue to Delancey Street–Essex Street : reroute Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue to 96 Street : truncate Bay Ridge–95 Street to Lexington Avenue–59 Street : no service Next scenario (PM rush): Gas leak from a nearby building causes a powerful explosion at 125 Street and Lexington Avenue, and pieces of the tunnel structure has fallen. The trains cannot pass through the debris. Signal issues at 57 Street–7 Avenue has caused a traffic jam in the vicinity of the station that is spreading up and down the Broadway Line. A road construction project has punctured the tunnel structure at Delancey Street–Essex Street (Nassau Street Line). There's debris on the tracks and platforms. There's a track fire at the Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center station at the north end of the platforms. Manage the rush hour crowd with what you have left to work with.
  23. You really shouldn’t do that. Now we don’t know what you added. Please just report units as I do and wait for an update by @XcelsiorBoii4888
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