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  2. Yeah, much of nobody's going to take NICEbus to get to no Islander game.... Quiet is as kept, it aint done here in the city with Nets, Knicks, and Rangers games either.... Across the Hudson, well... I guess they gotta pay people to go to the Prudential Center with how atrocious the Devils have been - regardless of how the hell they get there... Same goes for the Jets & Giants....
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  4. In the northeast they took over Eastern Bus, so your assumptions weren't too far off. And apparently, they actually had raised some $650 million this year specifically for an expansion like this. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Greyhound being bought up by a direct competitor tho. Maybe by a private investment firm, but not taken over by a competitor.
  5. No, and why bother with it when you can reload online in under a minute? You can just have a few cards linked to your OMNY card that you use to load money when you need it. Used it today to take the express bus and run some errands. Worked perfectly.
  6. glad it didn't derail. I heard that the Kawasaki trains that operate on DC metro were pulled from service due to derailment. Fingers crossed that these issues don't affect the r211's or any of the other MTA Kawasaki trains.
  7. Exactly the point I was trying to make. Removing switches makes no sense, since it reduces the ability to rerouted trains. For example, there was an issue at Jackson Hts a few weeks ago and the and had no where to turn around since they removed the switch at Northern Blvd.
  8. I have 6717 scrapped, 6738-scrapped, 6860-storage, 6861-scrapped, 6873-storage, 6884-scrapped, 6903-storage. I also have 4369, 4436 & 4542 in storage.
  9. Dirty rollsigns are also available on request! Comparison to clear rollsign:
  10. Queens still has a lot of OGs, just catch a ride on the Q22 or Q35 you'd have like an 95 percent chance of catching an OG.
  11. R68 exterior rollsign is now available! (Note that this is NOT the same as an R68A.)
  12. I have been given the run around since Monday. I have completed the survey, and even sent pic attachments as proof, and finally at 630pm on a Friday evening the exam-unit is asking me for my license!!! Why didn’t they ask for this at the very beginning! They just kept telling me to wait to be contacted and now I have missed the upcoming 10/24/21 exam date.
  13. IMO, if they wanted to do that, it’d probably be more cost-effective to take all the switches out around 18 Avenue and make those new switches south of Church Avenue full scissor crossovers. It consolidates the switches into fewer places and affords the nice ability to isolate reroutes to smaller segments of the line. Work between Smith 9–Streets and Bergen Street? Run express only there. Work between Church Avenue and 4 Avenue–9 Streets? Run express only there. Work between Ditmas Avenue and Kings Highway? Run express only there. Right now, it’s “work at Ditmas Avenue? Run express from Smith 9–Streets all the way to Kings Highway.” I’m not complaining since I don’t use any of the local stations, but the arrangement does seem quite short-sighted given how often Ditmas Avenue has work being done on it.
  14. 6757 was out today on the M7 and I just missed it by a hare. F***. I wanted to get my (potentially) last old-gen ride in 'fore they're gone forever..... Try again another day, hey
  15. Yes it is. What is your list number? Mine is 130x. I should be in the next batch. Maybe late winter or spring time. By the way, congrats to all of you!! You must be excited!!
  16. The list # is in order in which we will be called. So if your list # hasn't been called, just stay patient and keep checking this blog as it keeps us all updated with the hiring process. Good luck
  17. Thank you @Rj617 Is the List number my spot in line? if so, I have a wait ahead of me
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  19. Any other Rockland 20000s in service, or just 20154 so far?
  20. Lol I'm trying man to be honest this is something I been waiting for since I was a kid
  21. All old D4500s are retired, NJT and private carrier. As for D4000s, I'm not sure, but at Suburban Transit's yard in New Brunswick, it looks like all of their 2001-03 MCIs have left (unless some are hiding in the back where it's hard to see). Last I checked, most of the 21000s that have not entered service yet are parked towards the back.
  22. Hi guys, anyone that was training out of Jamaica Depot with Supt Siegel? Saw you guys around 10:30 a.m. this morning.
  23. Take it easy, the TA is not known for efficiency lol. Like RTOman said, try to practice patience, because if this is getting on your nerves so much, I can’t imagine what being on the road and XX will be like for you.
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