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  2. https://nypost.com/2020/01/24/subway-signals-expert-handpicked-by-andy-byford-also-resigns-from-mta/ https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-second-officer-resigns-20200124-i2arcknaanbk7o5hvirtalo5du-story.html https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/city-hall/story/2020/01/24/byfords-signals-guru-follows-him-out-the-door-1254773 These are articles about Tomlin leaving the in general.
  3. From a cursory look at the aerial map, assuming the line stays on the existing ROW, it appears the northernmost point in Queens where a station can be built is between 44th and 46th Streets near Astoria Blvd (assuming we want to avoid extensive structural modifications to the bridge). After that, the next convenient place for a station is up in Port Morris. Diverting the line to LGA may work, but it could require some complicated engineering near the highway interchanges. If the stations are placed strategically, this alignment would certainly do a better job of serving Queens residents than the stub to eastern Astoria would.
  4. I read somewhere the signals chief left too, and that Cuomo “orchestrated” this departure last year. Anyone know where that piece was? Wasn’t in politico, NYSOP or the NYT.
  5. Yea, it's just for those who are looking for the announcements. Just letting those know that the week is past its date.
  6. I mean, there are people that think the Q66 is being canceled and that there will be no bus on Northern Blvd. I agree.
  7. That’s .... kinda sad? Never really cared for those announcements anyways.
  8. If the idea that having the becoming an Astoria-Bay Ridge Route requires more trains and that a Whitehall-Forest Hills service require fewer trains, then wouldn’t this mean that there’d be enough spares to run a new 8th Avenue Service? Also, I’m confused with something. @darkstar8983, are you saying that the would need more trains if it were rerouted to 125th?
  9. So you must assume therefore that all 870 R-160s based at Jamaica are now CBTC operational.
  10. The "hot wire" tells us that all the R-42s went nappy nap this afternoon--again! Er, that appears to mean the the R-179s have concurrently been returned to revenue at least 3050-3149 group on the .
  11. Today
  12. Well shortening the frees up some R160s (about 12), due to the reduction in the amount of service that can be provided due to the 1-track operation at Whitehall St and adding the to Bay Ridge means an extra 25 train sets. there would not need to be any additional service more frequent than every 8 minutes, since Bay Rodge would be serviced by the which would have a 4-minute headway or 3.5 minutes following CBTC in Astoria and there would be a maximum of only 8 trains permitted to fit on Broadway Local + the 16 trains.
  13. I'm just sitting on Google maps and i see there is q110 coming from Belmont park approaching an hour down do they help him out or nah?
  15. Then I guess it's an ASN block (which is reasonable, as it it wards off DDoS attacks, which often use ASNs like Leaseweb. I just don't feel OK giving local DNS overlord MCI my information.
  16. At this point, one of three things is gonna happen: 1) Deep service cuts are going to happen, prompting mass outrage. 2) Pensions will be cut, prompting mass outrage. 3) Fares will go up steeply, prompting mass outrage. If the MTA remains insolvent for one more fiscal year, one or all of those things will come to pass. Something's Gotta Give.
  17. 4794-95, 4838-39, 4802-03, *4788-89: ENY to Pitkin. spotted it heading there from the platform at Fulton. 4812-13, 48xx-xx, along with two other R42 pairs (couldn't tell which #s): ENY to Fresh Pond. (also spotted that set as well) in addition, a third R42 set was also spotted on the line deadheading to CI according to a post on FB. *for those curious even though it was allegedly reported 4788-89 was OOS it did a morning rush hour trip on the skip stop today.
  18. No, I think Brooklyn Borough President is driving everyone nuts by not putting restrictions on automobiles on his street. Everyone is resigning in the MTA because of Eric Adams. City is trying to stop double parking, but the Boro President isn't doing anything. Upon closer inspection, some of the motorcades have TLC Liscense Plate.s
  19. Byford wasn't the one who called for the redesign process to be initiated. he was an overseer and attempted to accommodate customers. with him gone, they'll plow ahead, with little customer input (in my opinion)
  20. Your name is off the list completely even though,you never told them directly to restore your name on the list?
  21. How do you figure we won’t end up with another car shortage if the becomes a full time Astoria-Bay Ridge line and the is shortened at Whitehall? Would fewer R211s be needed equip the if they operate in the way you described versus the needs of the current service patterns, plus a 2nd Ave extension to 125th St? Because if so, then that would justify sending all Broadway express trains to 2nd Ave, all Broadway locals to the 60th St Tunnel and terminating the at Whitehall.
  22. Yesterday
  23. True, but de-interlining Rogers isn’t quite off-topic. Up thread was a post about the R262s being assigned to the and 42nd St . Since 1983, the and have shared Flatbush Avenue as a southern terminal. To this day, both lines have operated the same or compatible trains. If R142s stay on the while the gets R262s, then they will have completely incompatible equipment for the first time at least four decades. That’s going to make operations of both lines a bit more difficult than before, especially if one line needs to be rerouted or there’s a gap in service on either line and crews haven’t been trained to operate the R262s. But if the and are going to operate the same or compatible trains going forward after the R262s go into service, then would it not be easier if the and - which already share the same tracks from 135th Street to Franklin Avenue - share the same southern terminal?
  24. Yes, Go to Social Security office and get a print out. It is about 90 bucks but they give you company names and dates. Its well worth it if you cant remember the dates. I went to the one near jerome ave and tremont? I think... but its same day print out. Drug test you just have to let them know what medicines your taking so that the lab knows. As far as what medicines you can be on and can not be on not sure. I am going on the Jan 30th. Second time going for pre employment. Just make sure you bring your ID and other Id paperwork. Dress like you own the place and go over the checklist they gave you and dont lie about anything..
  25. So when people are standing against the doors, they can stand perpendicular to the door without having to worry about leaning on other people. This would create more standing space as well. It would also act as a barricade to protect people who are sitting next to doors to not have to worry about getting their belongings snatched right before the doors close.
  26. Byford's resignation isn't a killswitch activation in the MTA's venture to cut back on costs, if that's what you're thinking.......
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