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  2. They’d have to be told early on that it’s “wrong.” And it’d have to be said for a generation to stick. Remember that half the states used their electoral vote for a guy who boasted about sexually assaulting women 4 YEARS after one senate candidate created the term “legitimate rape.” So there’s that.
  3. 4263 is back in service after that incident on Friday.
  4. My name is kind of worthless and I'm voluntarily a worker, so I was planning on changing my current name to a workhorse name.
  5. Update: They're up to 1043 for medicals, and there are about 25 spots left in the July class as of a few mins ago.
  6. I was really happy with these stops getting modified, I have yet to see what the Futon St. stop will look like, and the Vision Zero has to do something about the traffic times and congestion(between there and Atlantic Ave w/LIRR line). Speaking of XD60s, I know not all of us employees know bus models. So, they should get reminders from their dispatchers, history sheets, paddles, etc. to get notified of they drive the XD60s or not. They will have a clue as, "Cuomo scheme accordian or artic" being said to them. We should be ready to see the B46 +SBS be ready by August 2019(any days) or the last week of July as my wish. I am ready to blow up my views on my Youtube channel for my fanners(especially my other main popular youtuber who had FB as his home depot and so is myself) to explode their hearts on seeing the XD60s and the history of constructing bus stops , also the 3rd anniversary of the B46 +SBS is in July 3rd as we speak.
  7. I used OMNY the past 2 Fridays to take advantage of the Mastercard promotion, the fare rebate posts about one week after tapping. Just in case anyone is curious.
  8. What's also not rocket science is the being able to streamline multiple tph during the off-peak hours by terminating alternating trains at 8 Av, 6 Av, and Union Sq and different locations in Brooklyn using even single track operation. Unfortunately, they choose to run 3 tph. Less is always more with the .
  9. This a review of these buses as the 2nd low floor CNG bus, the first Orion VIIs, and the loudest buses of NYCT that recently had to go. These buses are also my least favorite and well liked my most transit enthusiasts, because of their gurgling growl of their roof exhaust(besides the combination). So this is one of the Series 50 powered buses to retire along with the D60HFs, RTS', etc this year.....
  10. Also because wanted to serve 49 St. Unfortunately that does more harm than good.
  11. I wonder if they're up to the 1050s-1090s this week for medicals, given they were around the 1020s last wed ish, according to a poster here. Feeling hopeful that something good Is coming this week for the very low 1100s.
  12. If I had a wild guess where that bus is? it’s probably at the vendor getting modified. Worse case scenario it’s in house being worked on. Hopefully artic delivery can commence again and yes bus stops are being modified. Church Avenue is a complete s*it show with the construction going on. At least Avenue D, Winthrop, Flatlands, and Avenue N are all done.
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  14. For July as of now: No service between 96 St and 242 St: July 5-8 No service between 96 St and 145 St: July 12-15 No service between 96 St and 137 St; Operates to Harlem-148 St to supplement the : July 19-22 Reduced service: July 6-7, 13-14 No service between Franklin Av and Flatbush Av: July 12-15 Service is suspended: July 19-22 All Downtown is express from 125 St to 14 St: July 6-8, 13-15 Extended to New Lots Av all weekend to supplement the : July 19-22 Reduced service: July 6-7, 13-14 No service between Dyre Av and East 180 St: July 12-15, 19-22 Reduced service north of 3 Av-138 St: July 6-7, 20-21 Extended to Bowling Green: July 5-8, 12-15 Manhattan-bound service is express in Queens: July 13-14, 20-21 All Downtown service is express from 125 St to Canal St: July 5-8, 19-22 Reduced service: July 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 All Manhattan-bound service is express in Brooklyn and skips DeKalb Av: July 19-22 No service between Bedford Park Blvd and 205 St: July 5-8 Reduced service: July 6-7, 20-21 Operates to 179 St; No service to Jamaica Center: July 5-8 Outbound service is express in Queens: July 6-8 Service is local in Queens: July 13-15, 20-22 Manhattan-bound service runs via Montague tunnel: July 5-8 Reduced service: July 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 Operates via West End, Coney Island-bound service is local in Brooklyn: July 5-8 No service between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza: July 13-14, 20-21, 27-28 Reduced service: July 6-7, 13-14 Manhattan-bound service runs via Montague tunnel: July 5-8, 19-22 No late night service between Whitehall St and 36 St: July 12-15 No service between 36 St and 95 St; No late night service: July 19-22
  15. 4455. Gun Hill to MV/132nd. with MV decals. Working on the M4.
  16. That only if you promote and decide the promotion is not for you. You can return to T/O for up to 1 year after the promotion then its permenant
  17. In all honesty, I'm not sure enough is being done in the circumstances that are present. I often get the impression that aside from a fringe group of feminists on the internet, no one really seems to give much of a care. I remember back in the fall of 2016, when Trump was under fire for the explicit comments that he was making - there was no shortage of people who were ready to dismiss the comments as just "boys being boys". I think that even a modicum of self reflection on the part of these people would go a long way, but perhaps you're right that it's not realistic.
  18. No... That bus disappeared since that day. When I pull in later I will check the yard dispatcher buses fleet information to see if that bus still around at the Bush. I wouldn't be surprised if that bus left the depot since Flatbush depot always getting their good buses snatch away. P.S. Articulated buses soon to come on the sbs46. A lot of modifications has been done on some of the Utica bus stop just to utilize the articulated buses. Its has been months now operators are still in training for the new XD60 at the bush just so no operators give an excuse that they weren't trained on the XD60. My predictions states that, I'll give it no later then late fall we should see some articulated out there we shall see.....
  19. One year probation is crazy. Most places that have probation that are union it's 3 months. Did the Union fight your termination?? MTA doesn't sound like a union shop with some of these comments ive read.
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