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  2. Small update on FP/EN loans: Buses 4451 and 4051 have returned to Fresh Pond from East New York
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  4. So, the LIRR has made a few encouraging moves recently (at least pre-pandemic), most notably by slashing zone 3 fares and voting to keep extending the Atlantic Ticket. They seem to have realized, probably too late, that the fares simply cost too much. The reality is that at current funding and staffing levels, LIRR tickets are simply getting too expensive. When I was out in Long Island I knew plenty of people who did the math and started driving into the city again and paying for parking, because it penciled out better. The MTA cannot keep hiking fares indefinitely. Unless someone is proposing a way to grow money on trees, labor efficiency is the most apparent solution to the railroads' ticket costs spiraling out of control.
  5. Not really, pretty much no sane implementation of POP would even go 1:1 replacement for inspectors to conductors. Essentially, the fine needs to be some multiple of a monthly pass, and you only need to have a good chance of getting caught during the equivalent fine equivalent time, for the enforcement to make sense. But this requires a lot less people than trying to punch everybody's train tickets on every train every day. To put this in perspective, San Francisco Muni operates an all-POP bus and light rail system. With about 51 million annual riders, it employs a total of 46 fare inspectors (who are not police, so I don't even know why we're even making that comparison). If you scale that up to LIRR's 2018 ridership of 89 million, you would need to have 80 fare inspectors for the entire LIRR system. I am pretty confident that there are more than 80 collectors employed by the LIRR today.
  6. The only thing they can do with the 60/61/62 is make it closed door along Boston Post Road, as people still do use it to get to the Fordham Railroad Station. However the 62 routing still does not make sense, as it starts and ends at Fordham Road and Tiebout Av, but the 60 and 61 end at 189th St/Washington Av. If it were up to me, I would make the 61 the LTD route and have it make LTD stops along Boston Post Road, and reroute the 62 to make those same LTD stops instead of making all the local stops since it is an express route. In terms of the 78, making it local was a way to try and get people on the bus, however all it did was make the route worse. Not to me to mention people repeatedly get on the wrong bus at Costco and Stew Leonard's since both directions of the 78 stop at the same stop. The 20X actually used to be a true express route, before it was renumbered to the 21 and then made a limited stop route when they started adding more stops to it. The 20X designation was then reused to signify that it was a 20 trip that did not stop at Cross County. Interesting enough, back around 2015, those 20 trips that ran to Fort Hill Road and Yonkers Av never used the 20X designation until sometime later. And speaking of the 20, dear God is the schedule a mess. I dont know who is making these schedules, but Jesus. They have an inbound 20 trip from Cross County starting at the same exact time as an inbound 20X trip is leaving Central Park Ave / Staunton St which them causes those buses to bunch up.
  7. As I said, the '8 conductors' isn't really a thing outside of a few narrow circumstances where multiple collectors are riding the one reverse peak train that gets them back somewhere useful.
  8. Saw the damage from the front. This looks repairable from what I saw but if it has any fatalities that was related to, like 5299, which got renumbered to 5252, I could see that bus returning after it’s investigations and repairments have been done
  9. In that case, if we were to go full on POP on MNR/LIRR, hiring more enforcement while trimming down on collectors would be a net loss actually. Trimming down on collectors while not hiring more enforcement would also cause a net loss since more people in city limits ('sup, Fordham and Atlantic?) would try to beat the fare... or maybe even bring "Showtime" and all that nefarious stuff to the commuter railroad. 8 conductors on a 12 car train is too much imho; they should go with a conductor at every other car at the most (2 on a scoot shuttle, 3-4 on most mainline trains, and 6 in a 12 car train). It's a really delicate balance for the commuter railroads.
  10. No, it isn't. Even the Cannonball is only scheduled for 4 Collectors making a total of 6 (including Conductor and Brakeman). There are a handful of trains that exceed that number, but this consists of getting collectors on a Reverse Peak train so they can run back and collect another peak train. Given the MNR/LIRR are set up as peak commuter operation this inherently puts a lot of Collectors in one place. That's not really a symptom of a blunder in scheduling, the route network forces these things if you want the Collectors to have a high amount of productive time. Police are more expensive than Conductors. Also, I'm not sure where you're sourcing that 70% number, without publishing internal docs, the farebox hovers around 50% for all modes. https://www.gothamgazette.com/politics/130-opinion/8182-lirr-s-heavy-subsidies-and-the-coming-debate-over-mta-funding Yes and no, the Collector (Assistant Conductor) position is an unqualified position meaning they are not required to be qualified on the rules of the operating department or physical characteristics, anyone how is qualified on those things gets priority in being assigned to a Conductor position. You do have Collectors and Brakemen who are qualified because there is a mandatory promotion, but for the most part the people you see punching tickets are in a 'journeyman' position, and if you are qualified but 'work down' you take a 20% pay cut. It's pretty common for the Conductor to be the only qualified Trainman in a consist.
  11. I'm just speculating but I think its far more likely we see XE60 orders for these routes... Conversion of several depots to electric operations was in the 2020-2024 Capital Program (of course its now a question of what actually gets funding in a post pandemic world)
  12. Yeah, I didn't realize the 16 serves Peekskill RR in the morning, which is why I thought the 18 bus was redundant. But it all makes sense now.
  13. Having eight conductors per rush hour is the exception! not the rule. I definitely don't see that on Metro-North rush hour trains I've been on with long train sets. I would not want to have less than two staff on board to ensure that safety is maintained and to keep people from skipping the fare. Some people like to hide in the bathroom to try to hide from paying, both on LIRR and MNRR trains.
  14. To have the current BL-78 making LTD stops is definitely an attempt to get more people on the bus.... The old BL-78 didn't do all that shit it does now, east of the Thruway.... Being brief, it used to basically parallel the BL-8 routing from Getty Sq. to I-87, to then run up to the Home Depot & then the Stew Leonard's, where it ended..... The whole route was a LTD (felt more like an express, to be honest).... Now it parallels the BL-3 routing from Getty Sq. to I-87., still serves said Home Depot & Stew Leonards, then descends down & over to serve Ridge Hill, to go on to end at Tuckahoe Rd/Central Park av.... The route got extended & on top of it, it makes local stops along the current routing, along the way.... Probably.... But I don't think it would make a real difference either way.... Last couple inbound BL-77's I saw (incoming) at the Transcenter had less than a handful of people on the thing The BL-16's that run straight to the RR station in the morning, don't serve Hudson Valley Hospital (Crompond rd. area) like they normally do.... This is where the BL-18 fills the void.... So the answer to your first question is yes. To the second question, given the current BL-16 routing b/w [Downtown Peekskill & Cortlandt Town Center], I don't see how you'd go about doing that....
  15. I see, I guess those 16 trips serve Peekskill Station when the 18 is running.
  16. The BL-16 bypasses the hospital during rush hours (except outbound in the AM rush). So the BL-18 covers that area and connects it to the actual Peekskill MNRR station (since neither the BL-14/15 actually serve the Peekskill station).
  17. All stations between 61st street and 90th street have the announcements. I like how they finally installed more countdown clocks which is something all stations should have more of. I always found it dumb that big stations with multiple sets stairs and elevators have 1 clock.
  18. GWB is not too bad these days. They did renovate that terminal a couple of years back. But PABT really sucks
  19. I took the QM4 back home towards Queens tonight and it went via the Queens Midtown tunnel. In fact it stayed on the L.I.E to Kissena Blvd where me and another gentlemen got off. I honestly didn’t know express bus drivers were allowed to go off route like that. I do have to say that it was nice getting home in 30 mins in comparison to an hour with the train plus the local bus.
  20. For the long 12 car trains yes. The sneaky thing they do is designate half of them as assistant conductors, so while in actuality you have 8 crew members on a train, if you were to ask LIRR they'll tell you no we only have four (because the other four are assistants)
  21. Probably not to be honest. Bee Line essentially killed the route back in 2010. Some things I expect Bee Line to do - Service between 241st and Yonkers will probably be combined somehow. - Service between White Plains and Yonkers. 1W is a easy candidate to be eliminated or reduced. Service on other routes will probably be combined or streamlined or rerouted - I'm not sure how long they will continue to servicing the entire Boston Rd especially with NYCT service in the Bronx redesign. There is nothing preventing them to just end the route at Dyre Avenue - That area between WCC and Weschester Med Center will probably be streamlined somehow. I still don't know what ridership base 18 bus is suppose to serve that is not served by the 16. Is it from peekskill RR to the area around Crompound? Could service be reallocated to the 16 instead? I don't see why not. 15 is not frequent and 77 could supplement service there.
  22. They might've just had the train terminate at Myrtle Av-Broadway if I'm going to be completely honest.
  23. The R39 would be for both Myrtle and 3rd Ave. and thus A Div. sized (since even the B Div. el used A Div. side cars. don't know what they would have done from Central to Metropolitan where it would run with the wider M line cars). IT would basically be an A Div. version of the R38. If I remember correctly, someone not too long ago somewhere uncovered a diagram of it, or something, though I'm not sure now.
  24. Simply arranging a crew deadhead from Rockaway Ave at say, 2am would ensure a high cost threshold.
  25. MTA managers are not CEO's at a private company. they don't really make that much money. This is especially true for middle managements The goal here is to increase service outside of rush hours. So therefore the capacity is there. Conductors can not be assigned efficently no matter how hard you try if the service between midday and rush hours is so different. There are simply much more trains during rush hour than middays and nights. Conductors could be trained as engineers for additional services. Proof of payment is actualy harder to farebeat than the subway. All the "loitering people" could've just eneterd thru the emergency gate or hop the turnstile than risk getting a $110 ticket for non payment of service. Plus in San Francisco, Caltrain uses POP, yet the homeless doesn't board those trains. Cracking down on fare envasion is the best way fight crimes on mass transit. That's why I believe NYC subway it self should have tap in AND OUT as well as new turnstiles to prevent hopping. There has to be a point where the creduction of service cost outweight the precieved safety effect. Even if MTA does not increase their service, I believe they should prioritize operating efficient train service. Having 8 conductors per rush hour train is not efficent. If we could get to a POP system and have two staff on board (if safety is such an issue), it would reduce both fare beating and service delivery cost. Right now, on MNR once you leave Manhattan conductors don't really collect tickets. That make me believe that there are intermediate passsengers who are currently not paying. With a POP system, a $110 fine will get them to evaluate the risk of doing that. LIRR does that as well I believe on the main line at Hicksville. The problem is that the volume of the trains is greater in one direction compared to the other direction. For example, there is a near 3 hour gap in reverse peak train service during the PM rush hour on the Ronk and PJ branch
  26. Does a color photo exist of the BMT Green Hornet experimental subway car?
  27. Probably something similar to what a Pre-GOH R30 or R33 would've looked like. Again, I do not know whether it was going to be A division or B division.
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