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  2. republic

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    Yesterday was the S&D exam for loco engineer. I think that's what JsunFlyguy is referring to, and no, they didn't tell us the results.
  3. Autocar

    Yankee Trails

    #238, a 1995 MCI-102DL-3, which was believed to have been retired is alive and well and wrapped for a local TV Station.
  4. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    You don't get it. You read what you want to read. If they are out of the Metrocards, which is often the case, then that's it. There is ONE store that sells them in the entire neighborhood where I live. You likely live in an urban neighborhood which generally has more delis and convenience stores. For someone who is disabled or elderly or impaired the bus helps them. The buses even exist on the Upper East Side where there is a subway because there are no escalators or elevators for those that can't take the stairs. There is a world outside of your own...
  5. republic

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Hope you did well on yesterday's test. Patiently awaiting the results!
  6. JeremiahC99

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Will Delia continue to sell MTA cards when they have the new fare-payment system implemented?
  7. Suffolkbull3

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    im really confused as to what your saying.. you took the sd test yesterday and they didnt tell you if u passed or not after u took the test? To my knowledge, everyone who took the sd test was told that day if they passed or not and if u passed they conducted interviews the same day as the test. Is it a different process now? im soo confused.
  8. FLX9304

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    There is something called a convenience store for that. Even delis sell metrocards.
  9. JeremiahC99

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I heard. From the Fleet and Depots thread, it is now (using the pre-August assignments) 7616-7663 for Flatbush and 7664-7702 for East New York, revised from 7588-7626 for East New York and 7667-7714 for Flatbush. Buses 7664-7685 are to probably be used for the service, with 7663 probably moving to Flatbush by the fall, when more service will be needed. By that time, all problems should be solved and the service should be ready to go online. Also, new machines are up at Flatlands Avenue and Utica Avenue. Just wrapped in caution tape. I’m not sure if this was mentioned already. They just need the coin machines there and they are set for that stop.
  10. That is stupid....Who brilliant idea was this??? You definitely said this would happen...This is like closing the the lex ave and second ave subway and forcing all service to the west....no east side express bus...I mean whats going on here
  11. Today
  12. MHV9218

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Just saw 0023 on the BxM18 this morning. Bus is getting to see a lot of the city!
  13. Transbusfan

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    5115 is at Grand Ave CMF for engine work....
  14. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The stores are ALWAYS out in my neighborhood. I don't even bother or if I do, I call them in advance since they take cash only. The profit margins are so razor thin that the stores don't want to bother or they only carry cards that sell out quickly. It amazes me how backwards the transportation system here is. You go to places in Europe that are much smaller than NYC and it is so easy to get what you need to board the bus or trains. There are stores everywhere that sell what is needed and I was far away from the train there too. About a 15-20 minute walk... Bus tracking was going on in Bologna in the early 2000s, yet New York City was only able to get it up in 2012 and believe me the city has plenty of obstructions that make it difficult but they found a way to get it done. An extremely old city... Older than NYC for sure...
  15. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe when they roll out the new tap cards people will be able to buy them in retail spaces like places where they sell gift cards. That would be helpful for those of us who live far from train stations but near big named pharmacies and supermarkets where those are a plenty.
  16. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    No that wasn’t the case. The B82 sbs was delayed because of community opposition and Andy Byford held it back so they could work on it that wouldn’t affect the narrow part of kings hwy. they were always slated to get 22 XD40s but being how it was delayed their buses were sent to FB a head of time while they got theirs later. They’ll have their buses before it launches. The XD40 bus delieveries were revised due to the delay. As I said up top FB has the buses originally slated for ENY and ENY got FB buses.
  17. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Exactly. Most of the people on this forum live near subways so they don't out up with what we have to deal with. It's rather ludicrous to have to go to a subway station to use the bus. Only in America...
  18. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    And everyone knows, No MetroCard machines = Increased rate of fare evasion.
  19. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I don't see the point of your response. He just made a general comment. He isn't the one using them. Most of the people that do are either elderly or disabled. They should cut back on them but still keep them until there is an online system or something where seniors and people who either don't live near a subway or can't get to one can still refill their Metrocards. QM1 and myself live in neighborhoods with no subways and it is a PITA because the stores are usually out and the nearest subway is quite a walk or a bus ride away and even then, often times the machines at those stations don't work, adding further insult to injury.
  20. I suppose they could but if someone is really looking to take the express bus they'll figure it out.
  21. What gets even better is snowed in bus stops. Sanitation is responsible for bus stops without shelters and the DOT Supposed to handle the ones with shelters. I guess no one remembers what their duties are when it comes time LOL.
  22. Just what I pointed out in another post... There's a serious lack of cohesion b/w the two entities.
  23. Union Tpke

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Me and a friend were accused of changing rollsigns on the Myrtle Shuttle. We were taking pictures of the odd rollsigns, so it was understandable that the C/O had thought we had done it. I explained to the C/O that we had not changed the rollsigns but had happened upon them at Metropolitan Avenue, and explained that I understand that it is illegal to change the rollsigns, and that all it does is confuse passengers. I just want to make it clear to people on the forums here: don't do anything stupid.
  24. Oh no doubt, he told me the same thing. He says don't go crazy at first while I'm still learning the job. But it's nice to have the option as soon as I'm comfortable.
  25. The bus stop sign error is DOTs problem, MTA just operates the route. DOT handles the bus stops.
  26. There's incompetence all around. I feel for Byford. He's the one trying to sell this plan and he doesn't have folks in place to make this work. This is really inexcusable to have this many f-ups. Clearly there is no internal process to review schedules or anything, or maybe they cut back so much that no one double checks anything. In the next Fast Forward meetings, if they aren't last minute I'm going to ask about their internal process for reviewing schedules, detours etc because they all riddled with typos. It is so incredibly unprofessional and it makes the look completely inept. If teenagers can spot these errors on this forum, why can't the people at the ?
  27. trife86

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    No codebreaking these destinations are right where they would be for service, once you know 'the codes' there's a system to it such as one of these were #7235 it's pretty simple finding that stuff. So 7 is express than 23 obviously for 23 And than 5 is the direction and destination of that route. Local buses are slightly easier where most of the time the last number is 0 and 1 and if you had a short trip in either direction it would be 2/3/4/5/ whatever..... So like S44 to Yukon ave would be #6441 (6is for Staten island destination) but if it was a short trip would maybe be something like #6443. And all NYCT buses should have all boroughs and express destinations loaded up.
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