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  2. East New York

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Over the next couple days, starting this evening, I’m going to incorporate current program and project information into the first page of each and ever major thread that is pinned. The original posts will remain, and the updates will be found underneath. This way, whenever we have major updates, they can always be found in a place accessible, and you will no longer have to sift through posts to see what you may have missed. For example, please refer to the first page and post in the R142/142A Upgrade thread for an overview of program details that will be updated regularly. The rest of the threads will follow.
  3. RR503

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The max you get 59-125 in either direction is 42-43. It's GT40s 86-116, and 25s (?) around to 125. The acceleration differential, though, is quite noticeable. Rode it Monday and...damn.
  4. Well Emmy, the short answer is that a lot of New Yorkers are spoiled, but the longer answer is that these subway and bus lines constantly suffer from delays and are responsible for messing up the commutes of people. On top of that, we're a bit behind technologically and in infrastructure in comparison to a lot of European and Asian cities, and New York is trying desperately to compete with them. But also people just like using the as a scapegoat. Late for work? Blame it on the . But it's also not as if you can't justify these problems. The problem isn't really so much about actually HAVING the network but rather that it runs well.
  5. dewclaw

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    Okay thanks. I’m in the process for block operator but just wanted to get an idea for how interviews tend to be conducted. You’re saying Rule G is alcohol and drug use rules for employees? Do you know if or know of, Block operators are interviewed about this subject?
  6. Ok so there isn’t an expectation of lay offs or fires, just moving all block operators towards qualifying as dispatchers. Thanks for the nuggets of info.
  7. Medical is a simple physical and agility test. For the interview just make sure u know the full job description of what a block operator does. The job is good so far. Some days are easy and some days are stressful but everyday is a new day. Just listen to the mentors and people training u and dont be a know it all. Job security is fine. We will all be in Jamaica central control eventually and the goal is to qualify as a dispatcher. Operator position will be gone eventually.
  8. Thinklikeamango

    Metro North testing

    I finally got an email today and have my interview scheduled. Let's see what happens, I hope we get in.
  9. Natalie

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam #9100

    Has anyone received their results yet for exam 9100 or 9604?
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  11. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    New Proposal: I’m not open to the idea of Making a subway on Northen Boulevard but since there is High Ridership on the line, and is in need of a Relief, here are my thoughts: Under the scenario that the Q66 (being converted to SBS) and the Atlantic Ticket are not sufficient enough to relive the crowds on the (Which is something that will happen in my opinion) a Northern Boulevard Subway would be justified. (Short Term) If we were to build Norrhern Boulevard as a Trunk, then the 63rd Street Tunnel and the Crosstown Line/Queens Plaza Local Tracks should be Used in my opinion. (This would also Help with Deinterlining QBL as well) Tunnel Spurs would run Underneath Sunnyside Yards for simplicity and to not underpin any tunnels. Stops: Broadway - Local ; SAS 64/69th Street - 72nd Street- 81st Street - 90th Street- (Either Junction Blvd Or 108th Street could be the Express stop before a potential LaGuardia Spur can be built.) Junction Blvd- SAS , connection to the Q72 to LaGuardia 108th Street- (Spur to LaGuardia Airport, College Point or Continue down Northern Blvd if warranted, but for now, Let’s Simplify this) Main Street - ( ) SAS Parsons Blvd/132nd Street - SAS Willets Point Blvd - SAS 20th Avenue - SAS 14th Avenue - SAS One disclaimer before I close off, the reason I have the extended here is so that it can have a better terminal than compared to now. Any thoughts or comments about this proposal?
  12. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The train definitely can hit 50, but I don't think it is average speed in general IIRC.
  13. junjun441

    R179 Discussion Thread

    That might be a bit... dangerous. Also there are timers on that stretch. But I do think it averages around 40 MPH between 96th and 110th streets.
  14. go25

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    Or it could be that A&C Bus is short on drivers or a bit cash strapped? *shrugs*
  15. whz1995

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I would like to take the R179 A from 59st st to 125st st express and feel its acceleration. Some of the T/Os drive super fast in this segment with avg speed of 50+mph if my calculation is correct.
  16. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    @T to Dyre Avenue judging by your statement above, would you be open to the idea of reallocating BQX funds to Create a Relief of Some sort for the ? (this could include Atlantic Ticket for the PW Branch, Q66SBS, Northern Blvd Subway, Or even a way to expand the BQX Streetcar into a System which works similar to SBS/BRT)
  17. whz1995

    R179 Discussion Thread

    There were also several deadly incidents between the cars in the last December.
  18. BM5 via Woodhaven

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Service Change Posted: 02/19/2019 8:42PM There are delays and service changes in and service in both directions because between Manhattan and Queens because of a person on the tracks being struck by a train at Grand Central-42 St. There is no train service in either direction between 34-Hudson Yards and Hunters Point Av. There is reduced train service between Hunters Points Av and Flushing-Main St. express train service is suspended. The LIRR is accommodating NYCTransit Metrocard holders at no additional charge at Penn Station, Woodside, and Flushing-Main St. See a station agent to receive a courtesy pass for continuing train or bus service. STATION-SPECIFiC ALTERNATIVES For service to and from 34-Hudson Yards, consider taking M34 SBS for crosstown service or traveling to Penn Station for train service between Manhattan and Queens. For service to and from 42 St-Times Sq, consider transferring between the 42 St Shuttle, Grand Central-42 St, the , .or lines, and or lines for service to and from Queensboro Plaza, where Queens-bound line service is available. For service to and from 5 Av-Bryant Park, consider taking the train for service between Manhattan and Queens. For service to and from Grand Central-42 St, consider transferring between the . , or lines, and [ or lines for service to and from Queensboro Plaza, where Queens-bound train service is available. There is currently no train service at Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av. Consider taking the nearby line at 21 St. Here are directions: http:bit.ly/2LsNHsR For Manhattan-bound service from Hunters Point Av, consider taking the nearby line at 21 St to Manhattan-bound or service at Court Sq. Here are directions to 21 St: http://bit.ly/2kmLvXC As an alternative, take a Queens-bound train and transfer for continuing service at either Court Sq or Queensboro Plaza.
  19. Far rockaway

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Planned service changes for the month of March Mar 2-3:Downtown trains run express between 242nd st and Dyckman st Mar 9-10:Downtown trains run express between 181 st and 96th st *Mar 16-17, Mar 22-25:Downtown trains run express between 34th st Penn Station and Chambers St :*Uptown trains run express between Times Square 42nd St and 96th st *Mar 2-3,*9-10,16-17:Manhattan bound trains run express between Franklin Av and Atlantic Ave Barclays Center. *Reduced service Mar 2-3, 9-10:Uptown trains make local stops between 14 st and 34th st Penn station *Mar 2-3,*9-10,16-17:Manhattan bound trains run express between Franklin Av and Atlantic Ave Barclays Center. *Reduced service Mar 2-3, 9-10:Uptown trains make local stops between 14 st and 34th st Penn station :Mar 2-24 Reduced Service north of Burnside av Woodlawn Bound trains run express between Burnside av and Mosholu pkwy Some trains end at Burnside av coming from Manhattan.Uptown trains will run express from 167th st to Burnside Av :*Mar 9-10, 16-17 *Reduced service *Eastchester Bound trains run express between E180th St and Dyre Av due to station rehabilitation at Gun Hill rd *Mar 9-10, 16-17: Uptown trains run express between 14th st union square and Grand Central 42nd st. *Downtown *Mar 9-10, *16-17: Trains run express.*Queens bound to flushing main st.*Manhattan Bound to Queensboro Plaza Both trains will skip 74th st also. :Reduced Service Mar 2 and 9 Saturday Only Mar 2-3, 9-10: Trains run express downtown only from 125th st to 59th st Mar 2-24: Trains run local in Queens Mar 2-24: Trains run local in Queens. No service south of Church Av Mar 9-10: Church av bound trains skip Bedford-Nostrand ave Mar 2-3: No service South of chambers st Mar 9-10, 16-17: No service east of Crescent St Mar 2-17: No service west of Broadway Junction Mar 2-17: Service extended into Midtown Manhattan and up to the 96th St Station Mar 16-17, 23-24: No service north of Queensboro Plaza Reduced service: Mar 2-3 Mar 16-17: Manhattan Bound trains run express between 36th st and Atlantic av Barclays center
  20. Union Tpke

    Enjoying The Winter Cold

    Great job! I really love this one. How did you pull this shot off?
  21. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Again, just you knowing nothing of which you speak. So for your information and anyone else that wants to know, what I do as a business owner is provide solutions to the industry in many capacities. I have consulted with every top transit agency in the United States, and 3 other countries. I have consulted and or done business with EVERY major component supplier across the board. I am a mechanic, transit systems engineer, transit consultant, and bus owner. Back in 2008 I submitted a post and report on what I would do to improve transit across all agencies if I were the CEO of the MTA. Did you know that MTA took 98% of my report and did just that over the last 11 years?? Improved transit. I don’t just sit around and let the MTA feed out BS, I have always, and will coontinue to hold them accountable, while simultaneously not jumping down their backs, or trashing them at every turn. I maintain a relationship where they know that what I have to say makes sense, and they not only take it into consideration, but have actually used, it, and employed it into every day operations. So let’s get into what I put in that report or others that MTA has implemented to date. 1.) Off-Board payment, with all door boarding. SBS was born. 2.) Create a validation program and extensively test buses and components for better in-service reliability. They BTE program was then created. 3.) Sit down with NFI, get over the D60 fiasco, and allow them to submit the C40LF because the LFR nor Xcelsior is validated under BTE guidelines. They have enough parts from the cancelled CTA order, and they can fabricate others. In addition, the system components like multiplex, lighting, and interior will be similar to LFR/X standard. The lower side panel protectors are the same as those found on the Xcelsior as well. They can resurrect the LF series from the dead, bid on the contract, split award with Orion and test both models sided by side. Result, MTA thought it was an excellent idea, awarded TA CNG’s to NFI for the C40LF (everyone said I was lying and the LF was dead, then said ok, maybe you are right but it will be LFR’s cause again the LF is dead as has been for a while), and the Bus Co award went to Orion. Now we have the only 4th gen NFI LF’s in existence along with the 4000th CNG ever made. MTA would subsequently order 4 sets of 90 test buses from 3 manufacturers. Something else everyone, even countless MTA employees and even some upper lever management (who was not in the know) told me it was not true because MTA doesn’t operate like that. I said they do now, and it’s a new day. This is what I recommended they do. That’s when I really got attacked and people said who do I think I am? I was making up things for for views on my posts and everything under the Sun. That’s when MTA brass validated my nick name of East New York and started calling me Surface Transit HQ in the flesh. Brass that I didn’t know then started asking who I was because they couldn’t believe i was spot-on. 4.) Have a sit down with MTA about launching the RTS low floor. As a gift to me, this meeting that I brokered between both companies was conducted on my birthday because of my long history with all the RTS manufacturers. I am also an RTS owner. Myself along with Trevor Logan, MTA, and the MTA drafted up the specs and top-secret design for the new line or RTS buses. MTA initially accepted the proposals for both the 42.5 foot high floor express, and the low floor 40 foot Extreme. The plans were for 90 buses each. MTA Ops planning then decided they only wanted to stick to 45 foot express buses as the RTS Express NG would be limited to only a few depots. The standard 40 foot program however moved forward, and the MTA then requested 8 pilot buses for 6 month testing, 22 Buses 6 months later for extensive 90 day testing, then the last 60 with final production specs after that. After MTS reviewed the terms, they decided they were unable to meet them unless the MTA guaranteed the purchase, or ordered all 90 at the same time as they did with the other manufactures. MTA would have rather offered the RTS Extreme Electric, but MTA was not interested in the technology at the time. MTS was unable and unwilling to open the line and have to lay employees off twice until MTA gave the full notice to proceed. The entire MTA management was the same team from the Nova, NFI, TMC, and GMC. They said MTA was notorious for rejecting buses, and found not risk a repeat of “8750.” They made the bus exactly like the 8600-8703, and MTA rejected it because they decided after the bus was delivered they didn’t like the decal placements, and wanted to change a couple other components for some of the buses. Then MTA decided they were changing the livery all together and had to redo the bus yet again. MTS final statement was we cannot proceed with the current level of funding we have. MTA final systems was, let us know as soon as you can and we will issue a notice to proceed. To this day, they invite MTS to every bid opportunity. 5.) Merge Operations of Bus Company OA and TA at East New York in an all new state-of-the-art command center. Now built and opening soon. 6.) Merge the branding, fareboxes, and destination signs. Finally, years later it is on the horizon for completion by summer pick 2021. 7.) Kill 3 birds with one stone. Start charging $1 for new MetroCards, make them refillable, and simultaneously rid the streets and stations of MetroCard litter which was out of control at the time. 8.) Submit a proposal to the FTA detailing how you need to move forward with SAS immediately and use an existing B-Division line to run up the first segment. Don’t wait until the entire line is finished to open it with the (T). Result, as a gift to me, living off Avenue H at the time, my train started going to 96th Street. Look where we are now! Thank The Lord. I could continue, but I think we get the point now. My overall point to you is that you have no idea who I am, and all you do is insinuate, pass judgement, criticize, and debate about things which you are clueless about. Instead of arguing and being combative, stand up for what you don’t like. That’s exactly what I did and now look where we are. You can say whatever you want about me because I’m a Capricorn, and what someone else “thinks” has never held weight in my life. Reality is all that matters, and when I started this I said my goal was to improve public transit for all. Not just bash the MTA and complain all the time, but actually do something about it. MTA definitely has a long way to go, and many practices they have I do not condone. That’s where diplomacy comes in. Do you know what that word means? Don’t talk about it, stand up for what you want changed and be about it. That’s just 1/10 of my transit track record above. What have you done other than run your mouth? If you are not going to help, contribute or criticize constructively, I would again like to remind you that there is another transit “chat” board for all that extra nonsense. NEXT BUS PLEASE
  22. umidonthaveone

    MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

  23. QM1to6Ave

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    No 7 pm QM1 tonight.
  24. Biggie

    The Schoolcar Experience

    Ross is a very very great person one of the best from East NY if I may say!
  25. TransitMan0251

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    7729 NF to GRAND 7735 NF to WFARM 5562 NOVA to GUNH
  26. CrazyD

    MNRR Carman Wreck Crew

    Well, I failed the test. They have no mercy and I did not mention the other requirement. I tried to assemble it back together as quick as I could and I did not get one bolt fastened tight enough within the time limit. All bolts must be fastened very tight. The next step is a 3G AWS arc welding test and then an interview. I hope this helps anyone else who is pursuing this position. Good luck! If anybody is truly mechanically inclined and has years of experience I have no doubt they are qualified. I happen to be still a bit green, I gave it my best shot and that's all that matters. I feel if I had only 10 more minutes I would have got it lol which is also why i say I'm still green.
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