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  2. Some stuff from last weekend. Enjoy! 1999-2003 Kawasaki R142A Car 7720 on the at 176 Street by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Kawasaki R142A Car 7720 on the at 161 Street-Yankee Stadium by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Bombardier R142 Car 1146 on the at 161 Street-Yankee Stadium by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Bombardier R142 Car 1135 on the at Burnside Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Kawasaki R142A on the at 176 Street by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Bombardier R142 on the at 176 Street by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr Two Trains at 176 Street by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Bombardier R142A Car 7720 on the at 161 Street-Yankee Stadium by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr 1999-2003 Bombardier R142 Car 1240 on the at 161 Street-Yankee Stadium by BM5 Photos 2019, on Flickr
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  4. Just last week I got a brand new camera, so I wanted to test it out underground. Enjoy the photos!
  5. Enjoy these photos and videos of Metro-North at Botanical Garden station.
  6. If the Meadowlands line is double track, why is a people mover needed?
  7. I was injured during schoolcar after passing my prep for customer service practical and brake pipe rupture. I'll be out 6 weeks. I missed the last week of class. What will happen when I get back? My class is ahead of me and there no class I can jump into as far as I know. What will transit do with me?
  8. You know that will never happen. This isn’t the first time you’ve responded with this “(so-and-so) riders will have to understand this is about...” thing (I do recall you saying this with regard to Line riders who would see a substantial cut in service to their stations under a hypothetical full express service plan). Those words are not a justification for what will amount to service patterns that will inconvenience many more riders than will benefit. Telling said riders who will be inconvenienced that “they have to understand” sends exactly the wrong message. And that’s exactly the case with this whole setup you’ve proposed. We don’t need to create a new merge at DeKalb Avenue and inconvenience all of South Brooklyn to make the fit on QBL and RBB.
  9. Hello everyone, hope all is well. I am a recent college graduate who got a BS in physics, and is currently looking for a career to settle into. I am highly interested in working for the MTA because of the dynamics of the city and transit system, and also giving back to the community, I also wanted know a few things: Is my degree applicable to any jobs the MTA offers? For their exams, is there any good books and materials to study? Do you have to reside in New York City throughout your career? Any input and advice is helpful, I thank you for your time, and little fun fact, the Subway system in it of it self contains some of the disciplines of physics, Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Optics. Mechanics dealing with the motion, torques and the forces on a body moving through a medium. Electromagnetism, the third rail supplying power to the train. And my favorite Optics , if you ever stood in the front or back of the train and looked out the driver's door you might notice the lights in the tunnel look spread out like in the image below, this is the consequence of light passing through a diffraction grating, or a screen with many slits proving that light has wave characteristics. Thanks again!
  10. Updating the OMNY installation list: 51 Street 59 Street 68 Street-Hunter College 103 Street 110 Street 116 Street 125 Street Whitehall St 34 St-Penn Station 34 St-Penn Station They just have to install the actual OMNY reader on top of the base and connect all the wiring, etc, etc... When the base is installed they look like this: When they install the reader, they look like this:
  11. And then some.....don't get me wrong its doable, but you're going to eat, sleep and shit rules. You're going to dream about rules.....if you don't have serious study habits it will be impossible.....
  12. Sadly, no. It was an MCI though and only knew when to get off thanks to the automated announcement system. I was planning a little fantrip, I'll probably take the train from NYC to Newark and just take the 76 from NWK Penn to Hackensack since I never been on the 76 before and already rode both Hackensack - GWB routes. Then take the NJT route 83 to Journal Square and take PATH back to NY.
  13. Those bus lanes are a moot point, I started doing citi bike from 8th to 12th last week because bikes are much faster than buses. I noticed other people, and door dash/grub hub folks doing the same
  14. The NJT bus route 168 stops in the back not to far away from the bus terminal when going towards Hackensack. When heading to NY it stops right in front of the terminal. Do you remember the route# you took?
  15. Hello to all, Someone I know told me that they was called to come down for the medical screening for this exam (4600) and while filling out the questionnaire they checked that they had higher than normal blood pressure. Although All test taking was cleared including the blood pressure. When they seen the last doctor, he told them that because they expressed a blood pressure issue that they have to get tested( on their own) for Sleep apnea. Have anyone else experienced this type of situation during the medical screening for this title? thanks in advance and good luck to all
  16. Lost and found is your best option. I suppose you could board the same train again and ask a crew member if they saw it.
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  18. I can personally confirm all the OMNY stations have the OMNY bases at every entrance.
  19. At Union Sq, there is an entrance on the SW side of the park that leads to the mezzanine serving the and platforms. As I often use that entrance when returning home from shopping in Union Square, I did see OMNY readers there. I also noticed OMNY readers at the turnstiles at the entrance to the northern end of the park. So it looks like all turnstiles in the station complex have the OMNY readers.
  20. Multiple Impacts Posted: 10/20/19 6:59 PM There are multiple delays and impacts to northbound , and service while we investigate an ongoing signal malfunction that caused a train's brakes to activate at Times Sq-42 St. Based on Subway Time: NB and trains are running via 6th Avenue.
  21. Once they install the base, how long before it is a functioning OMNY turnstile ? At complex stations, like Grand Central, Fulton Street, and Atlantic Av, do all turnstiles at those station complexes have OMNY, or just those nearest the Lexington Av subway ? I wish the OMNY website would have progress list. If it wasn't for your posts, I would have no idea that any progress was made beyond last May.
  22. Is it a "be careful what you wish for, you may get it" thing?
  23. There are a lot of buses that I need to update to the scrap list. Once I get those, then I can update the scrap list. There are a ton of MCIs that need to be added...just waiting on which ones. Also, buses get moved around a lot at NJT. Updating the roster OR scrap list for one or two buses is a waste as oppose to a HUGE update. Don't worry, I've been keeping track.
  24. Do any of the PABT - Hackensack routes actually stop inside the Hackensack bus terminal? I remember I rode an route out of PA that that went to Hackensack but didn't stop at the terminal.
  25. The rails stop right after the garage - the entire waterfront is paved as a service road to that parking lot by CSI from Jersey St & Richmond Terrace. After that, all businesses, so I really have ZERO idea what they’re building this on since you have Gerardi’s old warehouse and that salt storage lot in the way down to Lafayette St, then all those port-servicing businesses after that until you get to the old North Shore bridges.
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