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  2. T to Dyre Avenue

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    If so, then that’s great news! Now if they can just get it done in less than ten years for much less than $6 Billion (too much to ask?). Yes. Why can’t they just do this? It would be an example of how to keep the costs down an get the project done sooner. That I understand, though I do question the way they split the phases up. Phases 1 and 2 are considerably shorter in length and have fewer stations than Phases 3 and 4 do. It’s been alleged that the MTA really only wanted to do a SAS from 63rd to 125th and either do light rail or “improved” M15 bus service the rest of the way down 2nd Ave, Chrystie, Pearl and Water streets, but pols helped to force the MTA to include a full-length SAS in the 1995 study. I definitely wouldn’t want the MTA to spit in the face of Bronx residents who currently don’t have adequate transit options. I definitely don’t favor “recapturing” Jerome over going up 3rd.
  3. jon2305

    R188 Discussion Thread

    That formation makes no sense. Why would 2091-2095 go back to Corona yard a second time? Its already a linked 5-car.
  4. I'm sure it's went up given that some big name places in the area have had to close due to the astronomical rent increases into the millions. In the afternoons I used to go for a coffee break next door if I was working late. Back in the day they had a little side operation that was separate and basically sold Italian gelato, Italian coffee and small snacks (Italian pastries, etc.). It looks like somebody took that over. You're not going to make much money off of those things with rent and other overhead costs being what they are now. I've seen several of those stores close selling similar things. Unless you're a big name like Gröm selling Italian ice cream in a hot tourist area, forget it. They surely can't sell things like fritatta paninos either, which they used to carry for around $8-10. They've also expanded too. Their first location was the Union Square one and they had one in the East Village. They've since opened up two other locations. This next fare hike will be interesting though. If they implement that Liberty Ticket and it's lower than the current price of $208 I may go back to riding regularly, but I've basically adjusted to just taking the express bus, which leaves me closer to more places anyway. That's what sucks about the LIRR and MNRR. If you aren't centered around activities near Grand Central or Penn Station, it can be annoying.
  5. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Could you maybe try and turn the trains using the middle tracks at Chambers or the abandoned platform at Canal?
  6. Their rent must be crazy. At least they're holding on,there are a lot of storefronts available these days.
  7. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    But can both services even be able to run 30ish tph? As it is now, Montague currently has a ton of spare capacity with only the running there. Even if the is made a full Broadway express to/from 96th-2nd, the will still have to run considerably less than 30tph, because it will still share the Broadway local tracks and the 60th St Tunnel with the . And would the relay tracks past Euclid Avenue be able to handle a more frequent service, as opposed to the current and relatively infrequent ? Then there’s the 4th Local/Nassau K service. With only one track at Essex to turn on, it would probably have to run less frequently than the current service. It would likely have to run the same frequency as the current service, which turns at Whitehall middle, same as this K would do at Essex. So roughly 6-7 tph...unless they can have the southbound crew be ready to board each K train as soon as it pulls into Essex. Converting Essex into a 4-track station is an option the MTA will almost certainly not be willing to entertain. With both the K and R services hypothetically running less than 30 tph combined, would that even justify a new tunnel, with the existing Montague Tunnel already running considerably fewer trains than that? Don’t get me wrong here, I like this proposal a lot. But I get the feeling that the MTA, the State and the Feds would use the fact that there is so much available capacity in Montague as a reason not to build another parallel tunnel. Yes, it may very well be easier to just build another parallel tunnel as opposed to building a connection from Montague in such tight quarters. It certainly could. Likely the new tunnel would go in between the Montague and Joralemon tunnels. Then once in Brooklyn it could run under Remsen St, which is parallel to Montague St. Speaking of Remsen St, this brings me back to my responses to @RR503 and @bobtehpanda. Perhaps there is a workable solution here. Instead of building a track connection from Schermerhorn to Montague in such tight quarters in downtown Brooklyn or spending billions of dollars on a brand new tunnel, perhaps a track connection can still be made connecting Schermerhorn to Montague. Just not in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Perhaps the connection to Montague can be made under Brooklyn Bridge Park, as a sort of “mirror image” of the junction made by the Nassau and Broadway tracks on the Manhattan side (although if I’m not mistaken, that connection is actually made when the trains are already under the water, so we probably wouldn’t want to do that on the Brooklyn side).
  8. I know. There's a place by me that charges $8.50 for the same sandwich and a bigger portion too.
  10. Today
  11. Doesn't the articulated bus have a tighter turning radius than a standard bus? Shouldn't tighter turns be easier?
  12. Tuesday was a total B division meltdown. Trains were moving at a crawl. Looks like today was an A division meltown.
  13. kosciusko

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Or just two elevators from street level to fare control, which is on platform level.
  14. BM5 via Woodhaven

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Service Change Posted: 06/21/2018 5:45PM Some northbound trains are stopping along the line from DeKalb Av to W 4 St-Washington Sq, then along the line to Queens Plaza. Expect delays in , , and train service in both directions. We're making these service changes to clear congestion from earlier signal problems at Lexington Av-59 St. Service Change Posted: 06/21/2018 6:47PM Southbound trains are stopping along the line from Queens Plaza to 47-50 St Rockefeller Ctr because of a sick passenger at 57 St. Expect delays in , and service.
  15. S78 via Hylan

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Seriously. Why change them?
  16. EastFlatbushLarry

    Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    this question was answered months ago. the original post date was JANUARY. @EastNewYorkaddressed me with an adequate response back then.
  17. FLX9304

    Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    No, all Orion VII CNGs will go. They are being replaced by: NF XD60s 1016-1071 the converted XD40s from SBS & NF C40s that will be transferring to WF once JG gets their share of the XN60s
  18. FLX9304

    Museum of sex ads will be removed

    The beer & Liqour ads have been on the TA Buses & subway cars since the 1970s. They used to advertise cigarettes in both English & Spanish on all TA vehicles. The cig ads lasted until the 1980s
  19. MHV9218

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Damn, I was hoping the (useless, poorly-designed, and unnecessary) R62A rollsign replacements weren't going to spread to the Pelham cars. I assumed it was just 240th for all the service changes with missing destinations (14th St., etc). Hope it takes a really, really long time.
  20. Coney Island Av

    R188 Discussion Thread

    1923 with 2091-2095 to 239 St Yard 1923 I presume will be linked with 1901-1904-1907-1908 to form a five-car set. I think 2091-2095 will either: A) be hooked to the newly formed five-car set mentioned earlier so they can form a full-length train or B) will return to Corona Yard
  21. There was a limited express run before from SGF, right? In the 1980s
  22. R68OnBroadway

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Of the station costs, how much were the mezannines? They are way too big... they should be much narrower (like TS on 8th) or should be cut except for small segments.
  23. bobtehpanda

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Tunneling is not the most expensive part of the projects; IIRC the stations, which are cut-and-cover, were like 75% of the cost of the project.
  24. SevenEleven

    MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    Unless you start before a pick starts (and can then pick your work), you'll be on the extra list. More than likely, your days off will be during the week. Time of day work depends on the particular slot but work on the list is assigned in report time order. So slot 1 would get the first open job, slot 2 gets the second and so forth. You can be towards the bottom (in the "PM" slots) of the list and still be assigned an AM report, as long as you have 8 hours in between work.
  25. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Then he might as well walk over from 6th Avenue on the SIM10. Notice I said he would take the S53.....to walk from anywhere along Clove Road (or McClean Avenue for that matter) over to Hylan & Tompkins would be ridiculously long (and then to have to ride through all of Staten Island and sit in Lincoln Tunnel traffic on top of it?). To give you an idea, Grasmere is the area around Clove Road (you could almost make the case for the west side of the SIR tracks to be Concord. Targee Street is definitely Concord). South Beach is south/east of Hylan or McClean, depending on where exactly you are (that whole area around the S52 loop is in South Beach). Rosebank is the area between Hylan and the SIR tracks, north of the SIE, and Arrochar is the area between Rosebank and South Beach. (Then there's also Shore Acres in the mix, which to me would be the area east of Tompkins between School Road & Hylan Blvd, though in practice, people will usually just consider that part of Rosebank. The old X18 signs used to say it as such).
  26. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/547cbc65e4b07ee9b5c5e10a/t/5b1fd4056d2a73641d1d99fc/1528812566376/18TH+Lunch+ Yes. The cheapest ones are $13.00. The others are $14.00 - 16.00. By the time you pay tax, and give a tip it's basically $20.00 or more and that's without any drink. Granted they give you a salad on the side with most of them, but it's a small little side.
  27. WB Bus Subway

    The 1974 Manhattan Bus Map

    Forgot one other route numbering change of July 1, 1974: - M31 (York Avenue) - was actually the M-11, which nomenclature duplicated that of the Ninth and Amsterdam Avenues line which was bustituted under Eighth Avenue Coach in late 1935, transferred to New York City Omnibus in 1951 and Fifth Avenue Coach Lines from 1956-62. The once M-1 Madison-Chambers route was actually renumbered M22.
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