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  2. If the lease is well below market, hen it makes sense to try and hang onto it. Once the lease is confirmed, then they will do whatever they need to do with it.
  3. In addition to loop poles, the 143s are getting new LED lights..
  4. You are a little over 16 hours late with that. This was reported last night. However, good sighting tho.
  5. serves a lot of important and popular locations, some station platforms are narrow, the whole route is shorter than and maybe .
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  7. Manhattanville looks like is short today as 3890 is on the M4 3804 is on the M10 3934 is on the M104
  8. Because the is one of the most demanding lines in the system?
  9. Deleted from mobile. Error. Accidentally quoted wrong post. Please delete.
  10. Just the M100 because its at Kingsbridge, a Bronx depot. Manhattan and Brooklyn depots don’t have any LFS units.
  11. I said the same exact thing. Don’t see the need for the to have some R160s. It should be entirely R46s. If the R46s were really such a serious issue on the line in terms of dwell times, they would have made it entirely R160s already, in exchange for the having the R46s instead. Much of the train delays usually come from merging delays with other lines and headway maintenance (and in addition during the off peak, flagging). I think that during the AM Rush, the and get packed even before they reach 36th and 59th Streets respectively and remain that way up till after Midtown. The , , , and out of Brooklyn during the AM Rush are more crowded than the I think. I noticed they run more R160s than R46s on the on weekends (when all lines in the system run much less frequently and therefore, require much less trains) anyway so.
  12. Which Manhattan/Brooklyn bus routes run all or mostly Nova LFS 40 footers? I know the M100 does, but are there any others?
  13. Kinda figured that the pick begins 9/1. Thanks for the heads up. I was responding to someone else that indicated that artics would begin service on 9/2 well in fact it is 9/1.
  14. The first e-mail that they sent out on June 27th was incorrect. Just ignore it. Even the Notice of Examination states that this specific exam is for a 40-hour work week and not for part-time.
  15. Here are the ridership stats from 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the MTAB routes Bronx Bx12 Bx1/2 Bx19 Bx36 Bx41 Bx40/42 Bx9 Bx15 Bx6 Bx22 Brooklyn B46 B6 B44 B35 B41 B82 B8 B15 B38 B12 Manhattan M15 M14 M101 M86 M104 M4 M79 M102 M100 M23 Queens Q58 Q44 Q27 Q46 Q17 Q43 Q20 Q32 Q5 Q85 Staten Island S53 S79 S48/98 S46/96 S44/94 S78 S74/84 S62/92 S76/86 S51/81
  16. I would encourage you to view this pinned thread for more information. It doesn't make sense to have multiple threads/topics open for the same exam/position, esepcially since the thread from the prior Bus Operator Part-time exam contains only four [4] pages. As of now, it seems that the hiring process for Bus Operators has been on the "quiet" side. Thank you.
  17. Look for artics to start on the B38 on Sunday Sept. 1. Because of the new pick, sheets shown in the depot will denote premium artic pay in effect . New picks always start on a Sunday on NYCT bus and subway & MTA Bus. Monday Sept. 2 is a holiday (Sunday schedule) on Labor Day.
  18. You have to hope that upcoming labor contracts include part time bus operators which they don't have at present. Management PROPOSALS to Local 100 include the use of part time bus operators.
  19. Their higher dwell times would cause issues given the crowds along the line... I still don’t understand why the has some 46s and the some 160s considering that with the exception of lower Manhattan commuters, most riders are only on for a few stops...
  20. More specifically, R160's have shorter dwell times at stops, and break down less than the R46's. Newer trains on the crowded line prove to work better than old ones so a plurality remains R160s. The is also slated to get CBTC soon, any SMEE (like the 46's) simply wont work on the soon. The 46's last frequently ran on the in the late 2000's
  21. I have a theory, if somehow they change ot and stuff like that, they will sneak in part timers to work 12 hours with no ot to get around 40 hours rule
  22. I want to know if anyone else took this exam; heard or seen any updates about the exam because I couldn't find it on the MTA site. I took this exam in October 2018 and receive my test score; earlier this year (2019) in March. I scored 100. I just wanna know what I would have to prepare for next
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