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  2. R32s Returning to the huh.... I guess I'll be going outside to do something after all
  3. running R160s I don't think I've seen since 2008 or so. Whenever the tests were before the Rockaway power issues. Not that I'll be taking the train, but that's a sight.
  4. If they do keep this swap, they should make the local to Forest Hills at all times except overnight and have the swap northern terminals so that the becomes the part time QBL local.
  5. The 10-car R160’s from either Culver yard or Jamaica yard are not going anywhere as of yet. It MAY be the 46’s from Coney Island yard to be transferred.
  6. Planned assignments starting Monday: : R46 and 8 car R160 : R46 and 10 car R160 : R143/160 and R32 There are some spares on the available to be moved and some R160s are moving from the Culver yard to 207 St/Pitkin at this moment. Remember the keyword is "planned" and it could change between now and Monday.
  7. Today
  8. From an observational standpoint, it's already confirmed the R32's are going back into service. The R42's return to service still remains to be determined.
  9. You do know the last time they did that the was suspended and the ran on a longer headway because the R42's weren't ready to return to service yet, right?
  10. We don’t know if the R42s will be out of retirement to serve the and lines while the R179s are pulled out is service, We don’t know if the R32s will serve then as well, They can just send some R143s from the line and to serve the And lines like before when the R179 was pulled out because of door problems Who knows, we don’t know if the: -R42 out of retirement again to serve it. -R32s is gonna be running on the BMT Nassau Street, and Jamaica Lines once again -Or some fleets from the line will just serve the line. Who knows, Maybe one of the Three Options I wrote will happen.
  11. I said this on facebook, Put them on the damn Shuttle. Have the R46's dominate the until the 179's comeback its to be said 8 R32's to the , I don't know how many for the or probably about 180-200 cars. they stripped about roughly 20 cars.
  12. Exactly. Unless they plan on having the end at 21st St during weekends and overnights.
  13. Unless they plan to have the run overnight on 63rd Street, I don't see the sense of this swap. Why is the MTA even considering a plan that would still require the to stay on 63rd for late nights and weekends? It will just create confusion for the riders.
  14. Anyone know exactly how many cars are being brought back from mothball? Is it all of them or just a portion?
  15. That's an entirely reasonable assumption. Besides, even if the R42s did come back, I don't see what the point would be of having them on the /. Maybe they'd make sense as rush hour 10-car trains on the (free up 40-50 more R32s for East New York to mitigate the air-conditioning issues), otherwise there's probably not much sense in it..
  16. So I was thinking about what's the best way to keep the R32's active until the R211's arrive and had an idea; 1. Send 6 10 car R32 sets to the Rockaway Park shuttle for beach service (since more service will mean more social distancing). The R46's from the Rockaway Park go to the increasing the spare factor by 1 full train and a half. 2. Send 4 8 car R32's to East New York for use on the .
  17. 3396/97,3774/5,3574/75,3646/47 207th - ENY
  18. The R32s will have a chain on the first, middle and last cars of a passenger train. Seen from a video at Broadway-Lafayette St.
  19. @R32 3838 Seems like someone already posted the move on YouTube:
  20. If moving the to 53rd is successful, would it be possible to have a more frequent service? Here's how I could see it happening, not sure if it would be best to do though: - both expresses run via 53rd so the can pick up more for the -this allows the to run more TPH, so we can go for 18 tph / 12 tph with CBTC - service is limited by the Williamsburg bridge and myrtle to 10 tph, so there isn't an issue of conflict on 6th Av - 18 tph can be split into 10 tph local and 8 tph express Any ideas if this would be practical?
  21. R32s is like you thought we were done and now we are back for some more action. Warriors of the Subways.
  22. True...I can see the rigors of an entirely underground line (as well as the and before 2008) playing hell with the compressors. It just seems to be the most acute with the R32s versus other cars. The R46s don’t seem to have it as bad, even after decades on the entirely underground and now the .
  23. Original delivery date was "July" we don't know how delayed they were by COVID.
  24. Any plans to reactivate the R42s? (Doubt that they will though given that they have already been officially retired, are in even worse shape than the R32s, and are such a small fleet that it probably makes more sense economically to just cut some trips instead of running those cars).
  25. Some R32's were being sent to Pitkin as well Looks like I was correct, half of them on the with the other on the with probably a small amount on the
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