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  2. The express buses in the other boroughs are also affected.
  3. This is because I don't live in SI(also don't care about it), though I like it. I was more concern with Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.
  4. Yall need to stop entertaining @JeremiahC99. Clearly he doesn't understand the system as a whole and only cares about the routes and depot he uses. His opinion isn't gonna change the DOBs placement of these buses so just let him be mad. There's like 2 pages of arguing in this thread now because of his nonsense.
  5. Passing over the Sea Beach line… apparently there's an R160 train on the southbound local track at New Utrecht Avenue.
  6. Newton Avenue only has 4 D4000s left: 7520, 7545, 7563 and 7564- all others have been retired. They also have 19126 Washington Twp and EHT: I believe 18093 went back to EHT, it is on the 559 today enroute to Lakewood.
  7. ? Count the number of routes you mentioned in this post.
  8. Irick has been the disaster from the start.. Honestly, if Byford and cuomo can come to an accord and get things moving in the right direction for New York than we can all enjoy a great transit system.
  9. I am not sure what is in the works yet, but funding was allocated for more express bus service for Northeast Queens. They added quite a few new trips to alleviate crowding on the Union Turnpike corridor. Does the QM8 see overcrowding? If so then we can push for earlier service but people have to speak up ultimately. I do more bitching about the service than people in Queens do. lol Missing buses? Which ones? And yes there was a ghost bus on the QM1 last night but everything came. Still having some problems but better than before. If it continues I will speak with some folks about it again. It wasn’t clear what they did yesterday since supposedly the SIM3 ran as well... Regarding the X27/X37, all of this is talk. I haven’t been told of anything but I’ll definitely post if I do. What I can say with certainty is that we did discuss having some buses start further up on Shore Road to address the overcrowding. There seems to be ongoing issues with construction projects holding up the busesfrom starting promptly and so the come bunched and packed together. Given how frequent service is along Shore Road at times, bunching and overcrowding can occur very easy. Since they assured me that they have enough seats during the rush, having buses start further up seems like the only solution to address the overcrowding further up in the 80s and 70s. We didn’t discuss routing or any of that. I’ll leave that to them and if it works, great. If not, they’ll be hesring from me. They’ve had a lot heat from me via the Brooklyn Borough President in addition to Senator Gounardes so those lines now have dispatchers in Brooklyn and Manhattan to oversee service, as they should. I had a long conference call with Adam’s office and he asked for more photos of the problems, which I gladly sent over. I’m sure they want this to be put to rest so to speak, so they better fix it.
  10. Today
  11. Other than this express bus fare increases and no coins stuff, why don't they just treat the SIR like a traditional subway fare-wise? Have turnstiles at every stop, which will mean MetroCard machines at every stop and would collect more revenue. People on SI would also have better access to MetroCards.
  12. You haven’t been paying attention to the recent news this week on Staten Island.
  13. Coins aren't being allowed on the express bus anymore.
  14. By tonight, all MCIs/Prevost will cover up the coin section on the farebox.
  15. If Byford leaves, I sure as hell hope that Darryl Irick doesn’t take over the reins. That guy is a bean counter to the core, ask anybody on the bus side.
  16. Don't forget the mayors! NYC's contribution to the NYCT ops budget has declined precipitously over the years. Really, ever since the '70s fiscal crisis, NYC (and NYS) has been pursuing a strange brand of neoliberalism-pretending-to-be-progressivism. Economically, those policies probably saved NYC (especially given the federal government's reluctance to help with budgetary relief), but there has been a failure to create a vision for a post-austerity government, and equally a failure to reinvest the fruits of growth into the public services that enable it. So what we have today is a strange jumble of piecemeal governmental structures, agencies, laws and regulations, each very much products of their era and none altogether functional, while the city's greatest public infrastructures (subways, parks, bridges, schools, hospitals, public housing) lie underfunded/poorly managed and without vision for their future. NYC government has the potential to be -- and really should be -- a massive force for good within its mandate. But again, it needs leaders.
  17. LOL that guy on the right thought he could do something... guess not
  18. If MTA had continued the local tracks of the Broadway Line under Central Park , where do you think it would’ve went
  19. I had a Similar response to what you're saying on Twitter. The only good thing I see out of reactivating Lower Montauk for Passenger Rail is the potential (re)Development around the ares that it would serve. An Example would be to redevelop Atlas Park so that it can be a more attractive point of Interest. This in my opinion, should be done in addition to TOD which can also allow for better connection to Neighboring Bus Routes along the ROW. However, the Lower Montauk is just short of a few connections to the , and Lines and thus, faces similar issues to RBB, which can also fall under this RX-like system that you speak of. You can read that here: http://ltvsquad.com/2015/10/28/a-better-plan-for-queens-transit-needs/
  20. You could blame all that construction with the Department of Environmental Protection and contractors installing pipes all over East New York and Canarsie. So buses on that side will continue to run like hell.
  21. Distance is not the issue Babylon gets a train in each direction every 30 minutes during off peak hours, no other line gets that Babylon is completely elevated. No other line gets that Babylon is getting a lot of it's stations overhauled. Not a single Far Rock/Long Beach Branch station has been so much as touched I could go on, but I won't.
  22. What are You saying? Are you speaking for Flatbush depot? Let me remind you that each depot is different from one another. If one depot has somewhat amount of buses that they have to retire, then that new order will be assigned. They will not grant one depot an entire fleet of buses just because one says so. The only company that should get HMDs are those from BC. Sorry to say this but some depots could have one designed fleet (40/60 ft buses). Example: JG has all NFs but they have more Old school but upgraded engines than the Xcelsior CNGs. CH has all Novas for locals but have Prevost, and MCIs on their express roster. MV has all Orion 7s but split OGs and NXGs so if you was lucked out of that old Spaceship looking bus from 2009, wake up! This isnt BK!
  23. But Cuomo himself keeps saying that he doesn't actually control the MTA.
  24. Um...that happened back in 1990-1991 and look how that turned out. In 1991, two-way streets yet again!
  25. For those of you doing Road Ops after your second signal exam, if you get a 68A or 160 on the Brighton line, very important you practice going in hard and taking a strong brake last minute. Yes, I am telling you to slide out of the station, particularly at Ave M and Ave J. Know what it feels like to have no control in a controlled environment. It will help you later on when you take a train in inclement weather.
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