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  2. For me, the iOS one has a loading symbol, it just loads faster than the Android version(and my phone has 8GB ram with a Snapdragon 845).
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  4. Buses in Zurich have those screens. IIRC, they use them to show you the next few stops, the times you should be arriving at said stops, connecting routes, whether the connecting route is on time or not, and the arrival time of the connecting route at applicable stops.
  5. My guess is that it's a very odd way of saying that they're going to have TVM's at every station....
  6. Would you shut the hell up with your irrelevant posts already? If you keep posting more irrelevant stuff, I'm putting you on mod queue. So actually take the time to THINK, before you POST......
  7. Yeah.... Foregone conclusion. B20 IDK, it always ended in there for as long as I can recall... BrooklynBus or TrainMaster5 may know the reason why.... B15 (when the short turns ended there) were demand-based for the actual postal facility... B14 was extended to the opposite side of Linden for folks seeking the movie theater; running buses inside the postal facility made for a convenient layover spot.... Alright, now you're just trolling the forum with this incoherent nonsense... You know this didn't have a goddamn thing to do with what Q43LTD was saying.
  8. Yeah, I think I proposed a Jewel/73rd line to 188th way back when I was concerned with Forest Hills being a crap terminal. These days, I don't really support that, given that people would just slam the QBL express the first chance they get. I think that the best way to serve transit deserts 3 and 5, neither of which have service with an existing rail corridor, would be for a new Queens trunk line to go down either 57th St in Manhattan to Northern, or 86th St to Astoria at Main, swing down to have a transfer to the at Flushing/Main St Go down Kissena/Parsons to Jamaica Center That hits the two uncovered transit deserts in Queens as well as providing non-Manhattan links for Queens. And such a line would be future-proofed to also have a three or four-platform configuration at Main St, with a stub pointing north from Main/Northern to connect to the Bronx.
  9. The iOS app is a little slow, at least the Android version has some type of loading symbol to indicate something is happening.
  10. Funny thing is that I was on 7320 on the B41-LTD TODAY wondering if those monitors have or ever had a purpose.... The one on 7320 only says “WELCOME ABOARD” and “STOP REQUESTED” and is blank. What a coincidence how I was wondering the same thing today...
  11. It's been out for Android for a few days now, and it has some animation glitches that needs to be taken care of. The iOS app is seamless(I own an iPhone XR & OnePlus 6, I straddle between the lines lol)
  12. Yeah, they are a little crazy in that area. Why do/did so many buses terminate at the Postal Facility? (There used to be more before some were extended to Gateway).
  13. n62 bus need to be restored but extended via Guy Lombardo Rd all the way to end, like using mini buses.
  14. Majority of n20g/h bus riders want direct bus service back 24-hour via Great Neck including Jericho Whole Food, gas station at Glen Clove Rd, Pt. Washington Blvd, Manhassett Whole Food, Americana Mall, etc. Also weekend n27 bus need to be restored but terminate/originate at Roosevelt Field Mall.
  15. I think that's basically guaranteed to be in the Brooklyn proposal. I think a lot of straightening out of the ENY routes will occur in the redesign (the B13, B20, B83, and making better use of the B84 instead of just a feeder shuttle)
  16. 181 - Lefferts / Rockaway Park / Far Rockaway. Some trains end at 168 St Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 181 St. For service to 190 St, take M4 to Fort Washington Avenue and Cabrini Boulevard. For service to Dyckman St or 207 St, take Bx7 at 168 St. Coney Island - 96/2, skipping 49 in both directions and Queensboro Plaza - Astoria-Ditmars via 63rd suspended For service to 5 Av, walk to 57 St . For service to Lexington Av, take to Lexington Av/63 St and walk. For service between Manhattan and Queens, use . Transfer between and at Times Sq-42 St, Queensboro Plaza or 74 St. 215 / Dyckman - 14 runs local between 42 and Chambers see Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 14 St. For service between Manhattan and Bronx, use shuttle buses. For service to Christopher St, Houston St, Canal St, Franklin St or Chambers St, use at 14 St or 42 St. For service to Cortlandt St, Rector St or South Ferry, use nearby Cortlandt St, Rector St and Whitehall St stations. Transfer between and at 42 St. Bx7, Bx20 and BxM1 are being rerouted via Henry Hudson Bridge. Bx7 To Riverdale/263 St: Normal route, turn left to Riverside Drive, enter Henry Hudson on right, exit right to Kappock Street, continue to Johnson Avenue, straight to Irwin Avenue, straight to Riverdale Avenue and then regular route To Washington Heights/168 St: Normal route, continue straight into Henry Hudson Parkway West, enter Henry Hudson at West 231 Street, exit Henry Hudson and enter Dyckman Street on left, turn right to Seaman Avenue, then left to Riverside Drive, right to Broadway, then regular route Bx20 To Riverdale/246 St: Leave terminal, straight, right to Riverside Drive, and follow Bx7, except you leave Henry Hudson at West 231 Street To Inwood/207 St: Regular route, then enter Henry Hudson at West 231 Street, and follow Bx7's route, then left to Broadway and terminate BxM1 To Riverdale/263 St: Regular route, then left to Riverside Dr, then follow Bx20's reroute, then regular route To East Midtown/34 St: Regular route, then via Major Deegan Expressway, then regular route Woodlawn - 86 Dyre - East 180 Pelham Bay Park - 86 suspended Board trains on the Brooklyn-bound platform in 86 St. For service to 77 St, 68 St, 59 St, 51 St or 42 St, use M101, M102 or M103. For service to 33 St, 28 St or 23 St, use M1, M2 or M3 for northbound or M101, M102 or M103 for southbound. For service to 14 St, Astor Pl, Bleecker St or Spring St, use M55 or take nearby at Lexington Av/63 St. For service to Canal St, Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Fulton St, Wall St or Bowling Green, use M55 or M103. For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, use instead. Take crosstown buses, which connect with .
  17. Yeah, but then you have to deal with work visas, transferring whatever credentials you might have (they generally don't), US taxation on foreign income (which is dumb), US money-laundering laws (which make it hard to open bank accounts with foreign banks), etc. Some of this you would be able to abandon if you had another citizenship and could renounce your American one, but that causes its own issues and the US will make you pay a couple thousand dollars to do it. Also depending where you land, the infrastructure isn't necessarily better. Berlin's S-Bahn melted down in 2009 after three-quarters of the fleet were found to have falsified or inadequate brake inspections. BER Airport was started in 2006, supposed to open in 2012, and still hasn't opened due to an inherent design flaw that tried to ignore the laws of physics and draw smoke from below, so it's their East Side Access.
  18. At this rate, I don't blame anyone for wanting to jump ship; for me the time came when I realized being New York born-and-raised meant nothing without cold, hard cash.
  19. I don’t live in this part of Northeastern Queens, but i could probably guess what the MTA was thinking with the QT48, QT49, and QT51 being rush hours only. QT48 (Flushing-Fort Totten via Willets Point Blvd) riders already have either infrequent or limited service today with the Q34 being weekdays only and the Q16 being every 30 to 60 minutes during middays on weekdays and weekends respectively on the Willets Point Blvd branch, along with the Q16 having the 4th lowest ridership of all NYCT Buses in Queens. The MTA probably figures that most riders would take either the QT81, QT84, or QT85 to Flushing, or either the QT64 or QT65 to the QT17. QT49 (Flushing-Beechurst via Utopia Pkwy) riders, while they would lose out of any service on Crocheron outside of the rush, Crocheron Ave is walking distance to Northern Blvd and the QT17, as well as Utopia Pkwy being currently covered by one of the Q16’s lower ridership branches. The only people who really lose out are those living in Beechurst near the Q15/Q15A terminal now, as they would have to take the QT65 and transfer or walk to the QT16 at Clintonville St. QT51 (Flushing-Bay Terrace via Crocheron Ave) riders would still be within walking distance to Northern Blvd and the QT85 on Corporal Kennedy St. 35 Ave actually gains service between Francis Lewis Blvd and Corporal Kennedy now. Aside from these routes, I can actually see mysel using the QT65 more than i currently use the Q65. While i wont be able to catch the in Flushing under the redesign, I avoid Flushing now anyway, and i would now be able to take the QT65 straight to the Broadway LIRR as opposed to walking up from 45 Ave. The only thing i would add would be a QT57 from Electchester (164 St/Jewel Ave) that would be a rush hours only purple zone express up 164 St and would follow the QT30 and QT31 to Flushing. Give the QT57 15-20 minute frequency during the rush, and cut the QT65 to every 20 minutes during the rush except for every 10 minutes between Jamaica (165 St Terminal) and Queens General Hospital), since patronage would not remain the same as Flushing bound riders would take a different route. Overall, the plan has mostly good ideas, aside from some of the frequencies being a bit lacking, but when there are bad ideas, they are quite terrible.
  20. I wonder if this has been mentioned before. The redesign plan and their rush hour times do not factor school children dismissal times. At least in NE Queens, kids of all grades get dismissed around 2:30pm. The PM rush hour according to MTA Bus' definition is from 3/4pm - 7pm. I may have missed the passage in the draft plan but I do not see it expressed explicitly in the schedules. Also for NE Queens, the purple lines (rushing to the subway) should also run outside of rush hours - it is this region that always gets shafted when it comes to public transit.
  21. The QChron article has been blasted for cherry picking good reviews on some FB groups I've been following - mostly by Maspeth and Jackson Heights residents. Makes sense since news outlets tend to report the bad more than good. I will provide a relatively positive data point: Out in the NE Queens transit desert, I live about 5 minutes walk to the intersection of Utopia Pkwy and Francis Lewis Blvd - the plan would likely get me to the 7 train faster via the QT49 (as it would run express on Northern Blvd from 160 St and westward). I have relatives in JH and NE Queens and their commutes would become somewhat easier (either they travel around the neighborhood, catch the 7, or travel to Maspeth from Flushing via the old Q58 (now QT6). Finally having a N/S route on Utopia Pkwy in the QT64 is a nice addition. In the future, if my kids decide to go to Francis Lewis HS, they can finally have a direct trip. This may be my unpopular opinion but I do not see enough outrage for the MTA to change their course significantly. NE Queens has been relatively quiet other than some noise from College Point and Beechhurst where their buses have really changed. Not to mention Express buses being decimated all over Queens. The QM20 which I take relatively often has been reduced to ashes. Now its new analog QMT103 goes to downtown Manhattan and runs a few buses during rush hours only. To catch anything outside of rush hours, I'd have to walk 15 minutes to the nearest Express bus that runs or take one of the green lines. I get why the Express buses are being decimated, off peak buses would run <5 passengers sometimes each way. It's nice but very inefficient. They should have been like the LIRR and lowered fares for non-rush hour travel. The rushing to the subway service (purple lines) in NE Queens only run during rush hours - which is terrible. NE Queens is considered car culture heavy and a bit like the "suburbs".. but it cannot be that people do not use the bus outside of rush hours. The redesign for NE Queens has some positive changes but the bus intervals are AWFUL. It is a huge service cut, through and through. Bus connections which many will be forced to make would be terrible under these new bus headways. The outreach to commuters is close to nil. The only way I would see this bus redesign work at all is if bus headways are 5 min or less on all routes or buses are dispatched in a way where a bus connection will arrive within 5 minutes or less. I just do not see it and if the bus redesign does go through, it will be a bad news field day.
  22. This has nothing to to with what I was talking about. You shouldn't have quoted me
  23. And then Cuomo will try to force him out like he did with Byford? Well and then even as the most Genius as he truly is <<>> Governor Cuomo will not be able to personally operate the entire MTA by all himself...I know his Greatness has tried that very thing, no?
  24. I was on the B46 Local earlier today from Av. N up to Kings Plaza (7316). The version 1 screens were active showing stops along Utica Av and Flatbush Av.
  25. NIce tabulating! Does anyone know if R-46s 5586-89 and 5602-05 have moved yet on to Coney Island ()?
  26. Unless there's a G/O north of Broadway ( as in No trains between 137 St and 242 St), for the R62s on the that is. Probably that 2466-75 (an R62A) is the rotated R62 set. I haven't seen one with orange stickers few weeks ago. And with that, the has 43 trains but still enough out of the Lexington/Pelham line.
  27. The R-62s used on the are cycled back through LIV for certain inspection or overhaul requirements that 240 can or will not be able to perform. LIV is still and always has been the "home" shop for all 305 Kawasaki R-62s. When this the case, either there are no R-62s or if needed a random train from the is loaned as long as required. Good point with 2466-75 now also back home the R-62s might not be anymore needed. At all? Keep them eyes open!
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