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  2. @luiggi0102 100k?? You have to put in a lot of overtime to make that right? Starting out I think is only $26/hr??
  3. Their was R42 on the right after Sandy for some reason. IIRC during the summer of 2012 the 42s on the only ran on the Rock Park specials, no off peak or weekend service.
  4. Well let me rephrase that! Make sure that your temporary uniform its well ironed and boots/shoes clean. Tie on at all times in the building, that’s what I was told by 3 people that got hired 2yrs ago. It’s not the greatest job ever but its a job that will put 100k+ in your pocket annually, so just try to look clean and professional.
  5. @Union Tpke, I believe you are the one who shared that document a long while back (The 80s Doomsday subway plans). Is there any way you can be of assistance?
  6. One time when I went down to 180 Livingston Street, I wore black jeans with a yellow polo collared shirt and either sneakers or boots and nobody said anything to me. By the time they send you to Zerega, you will be given instructions on what to wear as a 'temporary' uniform, so you won't have to worry about "dressing well" when the time comes.
  7. When you go to Zerega and your union meeting make sure that you dress well , they don’t play there .
  8. Bro , one guy had basketball shorts and nike flip flops. Everyone else was well dressed. Be there at the exact time of your appointment, if you go earlier you will waste your time .
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  10. @Ramirez1523 were people in 3 piece suits for the drug test lol. @Biggington it says business casual, khakis collar shirt is good. Things of that nature, I wouldn't do jeans and a tee.
  11. That's actually quite ironic. I think that the / combo could've been avoided if Grand Street on the and were located a bit to the north to provide a direct transfer with the . However, If a transfer between Grand Street and Bowery were in place, I still think that an / combo would've happened regardless.
  12. The reason swapping the and is a good idea is because the subway line (Specifically within the IND) in its current state, is scheduled backwards around each other because of the junction at 59th. Swapping the and at 59th, Permanently extending the to 10 cars (600' trains) and swapping the and north of 145th to compensate for deinterlining 59th (in addition ending the pattern of short turning trains at 145th) would not only remove a bottleneck, but it would allow for a more flexible scheduling of trains on a larger scale as now you now have space to increase the number of TPH on the and maybe the Lines along with the added bonus of CBTC. Of course, the downside is that 50th upper doesn't get served, but 7th Avenue-53rd Street and 42nd Street/PABT are within a reasonable walking distance from one another so that shouldn't be too big of an issue.
  13. I think meadowlands was never going to keep them but they will get the extra for the 126
  14. Those YouTubers are gonna stockpile on Red Bull now trying to catch them 😂🤣
  15. Probably makes sense during rush hour but I can't see that being used a lot during other times...
  16. 100% sure it was 2012. I remember it too, those cars looked like such a wreck – some actually got painted up when they were back at ENY later, so that was their worst. Some of them turned up on the too, I think.
  17. I agree with the above except swapping the and . For QBL deinterlining, I prefer the second option because it doesn’t cut off the west-of-Roosevelt QBL local stations from Queens Plaza and Court Square. However, it does force one of the QB expresses to get the and its 8-car R160 trains, instead of the 10-car trains of the . to Ditmars and to 96th has long been my preference too. In that case, it’s best for the to remain a three-borough train. I’m quite surprised to read that 95th can’t do better that 10-12 tph. If it’s not feasible to add relay tracks south of 95th, then perhaps they should install switches south of 86th St, that would allow trains to terminate at 86th and reverse on the middle track south of there. That should be able to handle the 6-8 Chambers trains. Well, theoretically we could have the run express all the way to 57th St. But then it would still have to merge with the there if the is shortened to a Continental-Whitehall service. Whether it’s Prince, 34th or 57th, there would be a merge with the and it would bork the Broadway Line. That’s what I’d like to avoid. And it’s possible to do so with a Ditmars , a Continental-Whitehall and 96th/2nd Ave . As for the crossover, it has to be installed after where the three tracks merge into two. Which means it would likely have to be closer to Rector because you can see Rector from Whitehall. They’re quite close to each other.
  18. Everyone dress up for their drug test? Lol ill be going in without my social security card so I hope it doesn’t cause me a huge issue. Still waiting to receive my replacement
  19. Yesterday
  20. Nah, that would be confused with the express buses that's run with coach buses. They could just rename every LIMITED designated route to SELECT, under the guise that it makes SELECT stops. LIMITED...SELECT, mean the same thing when everyone has OMNY back door boarding and the same stop pattern.
  21. NYCT Employment is now open as far as Calling them for info here the # (347) 643-7221 Good luck Brothers and Sisters
  22. In a rather interesting twist, 7585 is at Hale(both physically and in the system). I shot it on the M1.
  23. Yep, they have 4 half screen Vianova screens. That's what the 40ft Xcelsiors with the slanted AC ceiling mount should've had; a half screen behind the driver on the GPS box, and a full one on the roof just ahead of the rear door. I wonder if with OMNY, if they'll eliminate SBS and limited all together, and call routes local and express to stay in sync with the subways. S40 LOCAL S90 EXPRESS B6 LOCAL B6 LIMITED Bx12 LOCAL Bx12 EXPRESS Besides...borough redesigns are happening now, perfect time for a fresh makeover.
  24. Now it's 116th Street? Either way, the best substitute for a bus on 125th Street (to/from LGA) is a train following 125th Street (to/from LGA).
  25. @Armandito You mis-attributed @LaGuardia Link N Tra's quote to me.
  26. Which once again brings me back to connecting the Crosstown and Franklin Avenue Lines. While subways are far from perfect, at least they're faster than buses.
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