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  2. The trains need to be 600 foot during the weekends, especially with the impending service cuts going into effect soon. The CPW stops can’t have short trains running every 12 minutes, *especially* when the is running express on Broadway.
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  4. The assignment is practically half&half for the except the R179’s run more in rotation since the needs the R160’s as a priority. They’re not trying to have R179’s on the . You’ll see more R160’s on the during weekends since R179’s get inspected rigorously during off peak and weekend days. Same goes for the you’ll see more R32’s on the road during the weekend but weekdays it’s almost half R179 and Half R32.
  5. 600ft cars just to serve CPW? That is what the local is for. I’ve never operated a that had heavy ridership except for running along CPW. On 8 Avenue, riders bail for the . The is fine with 8 car trains at the moment. As for the they need the 480ft consists at least on weekdays.
  6. Personally, I'd prefer sending it to Section 5, then in front of Bay Plaza (along Bartow Avenue). The reason? Section 5 is the most difficult part of the development to reach (albeit only to a degree, as the decision to can the peak Bx23 patterns meant the only time reaching it would really be of any concern is when both it and the Bx29 stop running).
  7. I've always thought that an AirTrain-style el could reasonably be built over that part of I-95, extending the to a new elevated terminal (with tail tracks for higher terminal capacity). The only major issue is that the station house at Pelham Bay Park would need to be modified, but the same would apply to any other extension proposal.
  8. I agreed with you 100%, they do need 600ft Trains on C.
  9. I think all Manhattan Local Buses will have OMNY - most all of them have bases!
  10. Does the B1 get a lot of through ridership between non-adjacent neighborhoods? If it does, would a B1 LTD help the route run better? Here's a possible stop list for a limited: Oriental/Mackenzie Oriental/Falmouth Oriental/West End BB Av/CI Av BB Av/Ocean Pkwy *turns right on W5, left on Neptune, right on Shell* (stops at Neptune/W6) 86/McDonald 86/W8 86/Stillwell 86/25 Av 86/Bay Pkwy 86/20 Av 86/18 Av 86/14 Av 86/7 Av and all local stops to the terminal at 87/4 Av. One of the flaws with this routing is that it entirely bypasses the hospital, but I honestly feel like it would still have enough service via the B1 local, B4, and B36. This isn't meant to be a super serious proposal; I was just thinking of how getting between Bay Ridge and Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay could be made a bit less tedious.
  11. I think it's safe to say that when the full installation and the actually OMNY card is revealed, it'll be truly feasible. I would think. Now? Not likely
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  13. I'm just going to put my two cents in the general thread here. Making your font size bigger doesn't make anything else you have bigger, and it's super obnoxious. I don't think that easier access to Baychester , however you slice it, would actually "solve" the problem of Co-op City's transit. The main issue today is that you can serve the subway via PBP serve Co-op City in a direct, non-loopy way but never both. Substituting Baychester for PBP doesn't really "solve" anything, given that it's also not next to Co-op City, so you basically just exchanged PBP in the bullet point list. Today, the MTA tries to fit the square peg in the circle by having buses split in all manner of patterns to get buses that solve all the problems at every stop, but this is meh for frequency. The redesign plan was another solution that would've upped frequency massively in exchange for adding a transfer to a lot of trips, which didn't fly. In my ideal world, we'd extend the to Baychester/Bartow or Co-op City/Bartow, which would actually let you rationalize bus services in the area given that now there's a stop in Co-op City itself. It's also, politically speaking, a very easy el extension, given that its neighbors would be a bunch of parking lots and big box stores, and no one is going there for the ambiance.
  14. Bro, writing your text bigger isn't going to make it any righter.
  15. None of which apply here, as the highway predates the amusement park that predates the development, and said development already has local businesses. It was a load of nothing before even the amusement park existed. (Technically, it was mostly marsh/swamp, but as far as human land use goes, it was of no value.) Hence why merely adding housing won't address the problem. Instead, we need a targeted, multi-pronged approach. Even then, so long as we have high numbers of people who wish to come live in this city (in addition to those already here), we'll continue to have this issue. I wish the issue could be limited to the condos, but when around 100,000 apartments are vacant because they're only rarely used (by wealthy people) or have no given reason for being vacant and off the market (assumed to be for the Airbnb-type crap), it's of significant concern, which is only exacerbated by another 150,000 that are vacant for other reasons (thankfully, mostly renovations). I'm not the one who implied that a highway that doesn't remotely interfere with the subway is a barrier to extending it.
  16. It is ridiculous that they are so short on buses and the new bus order just gets dragged and dragged! The money should already be there since they approved having this order, there should not be a hold up!
  17. When travelling with multiple people on the same payment device, how do free transfers work? Do you tap the device once for each person or only once for the group like the Metrocard?
  18. In my induction class (August 2019), promotionals picked first and then the open competitives went next. Whoever didn't managed to get into B were forced into A. Passed the first yard practical, but schoolcar is getting a bit hectic. I have the final yard practical and the signal test coming in a couple weeks, but we had very few days reserved to practice. Most of the schedule has my class relaying trains out of terminals beforehand. Definitely have to keep studying for signals as time is definitely flying by.
  19. No choice. B div is bigger. Needs more T/Os. A div -- people stick around longer. Notice in A div, you can see someone twice in the same week? B div -- might see them twice in the same month.
  20. Keep in mind that for the full-time positions (I'm no 100% sure about part-time) you will be on probation for one [1] calendar year. Therefore, they want you to answer the questions as if you're on probation.
  21. I took the BOSS exam this morning and there was a question that I'm not sure if I got "right" or what It stated: "If you are at work and you are unsure of a particular procedure that you would need to do, what would you do? A. Check the manual B. ask your supervisor C. Ask a co-worker D. Do what I think is best I chose B. Ask your supervisor. I could not decide between A or B. What do you guys think?
  22. Point well taken. At least for Brooklyn Ulmer Park will get them by default b/c they are an express bus depot and since none of their routes go Downtown Brooklyn it’s good for them. However, for the rest of the Division it’s a catch 22 to which ads are good. I was a bit surprised that Postmates came to Brooklyn meanwhile übereats and Honest Tea didn’t. It’s all about being selective and the ad’s reach.
  23. They got the money, they were gonna do this with the R46's being on the (C). Once Joe lohta left, they quietly started taking R46's off the with a few random pop ups. One ran recently as of yesterday. Ridership is growing, they need to go with the flow. The badly needs more cars.
  24. Outside of the hubs (Downtown Brooklyn, Flushing, Jamaica, etc) there's just not enough foot traffic whereas almost all of Manhattan is busy enough to justify these huge ad buys.
  25. As per the guidelines of the website, please post in the relevant thread/topic. The thread/topic for MaBSTOA Exam 7105 can be found here. Thank you...
  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1laglJSuTms
  27. Why would I be going B? Even though I prefer it lol does everybody pick the A?
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