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  2. MTA to consider express bus service to Hudson Yards Today 6:00 AM Jan Somma-Hammel Commuters board a SIM6 express bus. (Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel) By Erik Bascome | tbascome@siadvance.com STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- As more and more companies begin setting up shop in Hudson Yards on the West Side of Manhattan, the MTA will monitor the changing transit demands and consider adding direct express bus service to the area. In a recent meeting with the Staten Island Advance’s editorial board, when asked about the possibility of direct express bus service from Staten Island to Hudson Yards, MTA New York City Transit President Andy Byford said it was something the agency will consider as demand increases. “Transit should be demand-led, and obviously, with huge development that’s going on in Hudson Yards and all the new office buildings going up, we’re keeping a very close on eye on that,” Byford said. “So that is something, absolutely, that we’ll want to keep under tight review, and as and when we believe there is sufficient latent demand there, then we will need to address that with service,” he added. During the meeting, Borough President Oddo noted that Staten Island’s fast ferry service, scheduled to launch sometime in 2020, will service the West Side of Manhattan, with stops at Battery Park City/Vesey Street and Midtown West at Pier 79/West 39th Street. “The fast ferry service that will start in the summer of 2020 will provide some options for some folks on the West Side. And let today be the last Aug. 15 that Staten Island does not have fast ferry service,” Oddo said. Source: https://www.silive.com/news/2019/08/mta-to-consider-express-bus-service-to-hudson-yards.html
  3. I don’t blame the dude for not starting his own service. It is not as simple as just creating your own route and running your service. He most likely needed to get in contact with the city, he had to plan a route, stops, a schedule, a way to collect fare, and any maintenance charges for his bus. So it’s best to leave all the service up to the MTA.
  4. They really did not hesitate at all when it came to scrapping the 2005 Orion VII’s. I thought they had at least another year since they just scrapped all the 2003/2004 Orion VII’s.
  5. Random thoughts: Spotted a new wrap yesterday on Manhattan Division & Staten Island Division express buses. (Pictures forthcoming) Also, New front billboard of a CBS series. Nothing yet for NBC programs yet. Usually their fall programming usually have headliners.
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  7. (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6652 on the M3 at 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue receiving passengers as it enters it's last months in service.

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  8. (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6612 on the Q24 westbound on Atlantic Avenue in eastern Brooklyn heading towards Bedford-Stuyvesant (near Kosciusko Street station to be a bit specific).

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  9. (Taken 7/27/2019) GM Old Look G572 next to a vintage Mercury car for the filming of San Huan Hill. San Juan Hill was actual neighborhood that existed on the west side of Manhattan between Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue from 60th Street to 66th Street in the early to mid 20th Century and was home to two of the most famous cultural touchstones ever known historically, the Charleston and Bebop as well as being the location of the original film West Side Story before infamous city planner Robert Moses cleared the area as part of 'urban renewal' to make way for Lincoln Center in the early 1960s.

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  10. People rather get shafted by the MTA didn’t expect support it’s a shame.
  11. (Taken 8/9/2019) A Broad Street-bound R160 train arriving at Bowery. This is the second stop along with the train's destination that the Jamaica line has to itself in Manhattan as the rest of the next few stops all have transfers (except for an unofficial transfer at Broad Street to the and via a passageway that is open weekdays only). It is also the oldest subway stop in Manhattan with no transfers that has an escalator.

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  12. (Taken 8/18/2019) The BRT Gate Cars approaching Hewes Street in a fan trip commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of Myrtle Avenue el service to Bridge/Jay Streets (which used to go to Park Row via the Brooklyn Bridge if one goes a bit more back).

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  13. There was a class Monday August 19. Go back a couple pages and you will find members who posted their list number and which PE they completed. Also a couple ppl from the August 19 class put their list # up.
  14. Any updates on the hiring process? Have the august classes started? what's the highest number they've hired so far?
  15. I'm sure Market Street can house some 45 footers. They've been known from time to time of keeping some of Wayne's 45 footers at there garage, whether it's breakdown or not. A couple months ago I saw one of Wayne's new 19000 MCI sitting alongside Market's older MCIs outside. I told myself that bus can't be broke. It's too damn new not to be shot. Could it be maintenance training and or driver's to get a look inside and out of the bus, don't know
  16. N22 is significantly faster between Jamaica and Roosevelt field. N24 is slower between those two same points due to those stops in Queens/Floral Park. It is however faster east of Roosevelt field along Old County Rd vs the 22 via New Cassel/Westbury
  17. Saw the notice of schedule changes on the bus coming August 31st. It's about damn time NJ Transit decide to bring the SUNDAY service to route 119. Before NJ Transit gave the route to Academy they should've stayed with the 7 days a week service to begin with. Next is for NJT to expand the service hours to 24/7 on that line like the old CUSA "Red and Tan" route 99S. I see route 166 getting big service increase..10 extra trips. Demand for that route is big time. The 123 route by all means needs to keep expanding with more increase service and trips past 2am or 24/7. That route continues to increase in demand of people who are living in both Union City and Jersey City Heights going to and from NYC. I am suprised that none of the local routes didn't receive changes. Mind you the schedule change notice is of the Northern Division
  18. Depends on the driver. The 175 does run MCIs. As far as route 171, I know one driver that specifically drives an MCI every weekday. Very rarely he gets a Nabi.
  19. M and Q trains have service changes and delays because of a work train experiencing a mechanical problem at 96 St. M trains are stopping along the B line in both directions between 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center and 145 St. There is no Q train service in both directions between 57 St-7 Av and 96 St. See a station agent for a courtesy pass for continuing service. For stations along 2 Av, use nearby 6 line service along Lexington Av. For service to/from Lexington Av-63 St, use the nearby Lexington Av-59 St station. View Online: https://mymtaalerts.com/m?BC184 Unsubscribe: https://mymtaalerts.com/u?rtypyvp what in the world is a work train doing there ? Is there a yard there if not it Dosent belong there unless it’s a G.O
  20. I don't see how in reality this would happen. For that to happen, my guess would be if the following happened: There are switch problems that are preventing the to go past Myrtle Av-Broadway to Metropolitan Av, so the would have to split in two: A shuttle between Myrtle Av to Metropolitan Av and from 96 St to Myrtle Av, then via the to Broadway Junction Let's say #1 happened. For the to go to Canarsie, at the same time there should be some delay in service that are preventing the from reaching Canarsie, so maybe the could be redirected via the to Canarsie to fill in the gap. That would make the full route between Canarsie to 96 St-2 Av on weekends.
  21. I remember that, and will often think of it and wonder what ever happened with it.
  22. Sounds absolutely ridiculous but how possible would it be to run trains from Canarsie to 96 on weekends to preserve the one seat ride to 14 St, while running the shuttle between MV and Myrtle??
  23. Likewise I got the b div like I wanted with quite a few spots before it closed up. They teased that the a is a lot easier (and to an extent that’s right). Buut the Sups conveniently left out that the A also has more signals to learn and (if what’s said here is true) a much stricter work environment. anyways let’s all win it! Btw a tss told me today he’s teaching a September class. Just thought you guys would like to know.
  24. yes, that's exactly what they're attempting to do. if you have a 10 hour run, instead of one full timer at top pay completing that run you can have 2 part timers perform a 5 hour day with a possible swing. by the way, the way they speak of part time is as if they won't ever see a 8 hour work day, another way in which to avoid potential overtime due to lateness
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