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  2. Those timetables were probably already on that bus before the boarding through the backdoor policy began.
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  4. Good question; only cars I know of that were "accidentally" scrapped were some R1/9s and other cars meant for preservation around '80-81. As to R32s, 3620 had a damaged frame post-GOH or something and I know it sat around for a while in CIY before being sent to scrap in '07. But 3616? Only thing I ever heard was it was relegated to 36th Street Yard, in the '80s apparently, and disappeared after some time without ever being overhauled. I guess that's what I miss about the old NYCT; there were always some odds-and-ends and interesting surprises tucked away in all the various corners of the system- unfortunately, it's a lot more bland now.
  5. Given how the express routes may use either standard units or articulated coaches within the next week or so, which buses are Liberty Lines Express going to use? Are they likely to get standard unit or articulated coaches from Jamaica Buses, Green Bus Lines, Triboro Coach, Command, New York Bus Service, or Queens Surface?
  6. That destination sign reading looks beautiful on the Novas. Nice and full and not split like on the Prevost. Here's a YouTube video:
  7. Full length trains have most commonly run during the following G.O. which from what I can find, happened as recently as December 2018. The replaced the to Coney Island, which ran via the to Euclid. trains were cut back to 2nd Avenue Lower East Side. The extended ran full length R46 and R160 trains that were borrowed from the .
  8. Weren't there a bunch of cars that were scrapped accidentally for some dumb reason? That might be what the 32's and/or 42's you're talking about were.
  9. Map 15 (page 51) would have been a terrible plan. The way the track maps depict the changes evokes the worst of: the reverse branching that will neuter the 2 Avenue Line when they get to phase 3; the preclusion of an additional East River tunnel from 2 Avenue/East Houston Street because of the way the Chrystie Street connection was built; the Culver/Crosstown connection
  10. Pretty much, this is the service plan I was thinking of, though I’d extend the to 207 overnight to replace the . The would, in essence, be an offshoot of the , same as the and are of their parent services. But it would run in both directions, so that it can provide peak direction express service both on Concourse and West End (since peak is the opposite direction on West End from Concourse). I get it. Believe me, I do. I don’t like the 36th St merge either. There’s already delays at 36th with the current service, and we can’t blame it on the because that service straight-rails through that junction. But it’s a merge the MTA stuck the line with back in the 1990s when they made the decision to connect the 63rd St tunnel into the QB line in between 36th St and Queens Plaza. It was either connect to QBL or keep 63rd as “the subway to nowhere,” and continuing to terminate it at 21st St-Queensbridge. They weren’t interested in doing the bypass line and, like you said, there is untapped capacity on the local tracks that can be harnessed before building parallel bypass tracks. It would have been far better to have been able to make the connection south of Queens Plaza. But given how far north of QP, the 21st St station was, they couldn’t connect it south of QP, so they connected it north. And 36th St wasn’t designed to be easily converted to an express station, so this is what we’re working with. At least CPW doesn’t have an express diverging between 72nd and 59th, so there’s less of a problem if CPW is deinterlined.
  11. If that's the case, couldn't we do a Queens Bypass without adding SAS into the mix? The following arrangement with our current system would be the following: All Service can be booted to the Queens Bypass and continue Local to 179th at 18 or 20 TPH. Service can be bumped to 63rd Street and serve QB Local from there at 8 TPH, this would enforce a merge between the and , but this should have Minimal Impact. Service can remain the same with 10 TPH, until a 57th Street Line or some new Queens-Manhattan Link is built. Service (assuming you de-interline CPW with the EXP-LCL Arrangement) can be doubled to run 30 TPH, becoming a pure Express Service with branches at Jamaica-179th (18 TPH) and Jamaica Center (12 TPH). I think this arrangement for the would better warrant a Hillside Extension to Queens Village. As for Bypass Stops, I'd do it a little bit different from your arrangement, I'd personally choose Sunnyside to be my first stop as part of the plan that the City and Amtrak have planned, then Woodside for the connection with the . (I'm unsure on how there would even be space, or if space can even be made to accommodate a stop at Woodside). Rego Park (near Woodhaven Blvd). Last but not least, Forest Hills with a new lower level. I think that's 3 new stops total with 1 Station Expansion.
  12. This is a distinction without a difference. In Tokyo literally search the word "hospital" and you immediately pull up dozens with rail lines adjacent, underneath, at the front door, etc. In any case, I don't know how much of a concern there would even be: Goldwater Hospital's description as a "hospital" is a little generous - it was mostly a nursing and chronic care facility. It wouldn't have surgeries, MRIs, or anything else that would be significantly affected by vibration or EM interference. The 63 St line and a 57 St line would have similar construction methods. One notable thing about Roosevelt Island station is that it is extremely deep, since on either side there is a river crossing that has to stay navigable. It is 100 feet deep, and at that depth it is well within the bedrock, not really affecting things above it.
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  14. Just like how Kawasaki and Bombardier bid for the best build and ditto with New Flyer and Nova, it's the same exact thing with MCI and Prevost. Now that this is addressed, can you not get off topic?
  15. I was looking through the RPA's website and happened to stumble along an old proposal of theirs to build Jamaica Center. I currently looking into it at a Critical Level, but what I can say is that the content I found in here so far is actually pretty amazing. http://library.rpa.org/pdf/RPA-Plan2-Jamaica-Center.pdf
  16. As a data scientist, you've convinced me against interlining 36 St. I was surprised to see that officially, the is only 3 minutes faster than the at rush hour, so increasing service and reducing delays along 8 Ave / 53 St should theoretically keep riders' total travel time unchanged. That said, I think sending all express trains via 63 St won't really shift ridership from QBL express to local that much, since many riders will just stay on the 6 Ave / 63 St trains (and Broadway via the transfer at Lex Ave / 63 St) because the line is already in walking distance of the 8 Ave / 53 St trains. I could also see transfer volumes at Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Ave increasing even more as riders switch over to the for Court Sq and Lex Ave / 53 St, so Woodhaven Blvd should be converted to an express stop. On that note, the only way to truly solve QBL's overcrowding is to build another line. The 63 St to QBL merge has always been very inefficient since it was never supposed to happen. The needs to be taken off QBL and put on the bypass line. With less tunneling and fewer stations (Northern Blvd / Sunnyside, Woodside, 51 Ave, Woodhaven Blvd, Forest Hills lower-level), the QBL bypass is the most cost-efficient subway expansion in Queens and should be built after modified SAS phase 3 is complete.
  17. So I was looking through RPA's website, and I found this old plan for Jamaica Center regarding the 2nd Regional Plan. I'll have to look into it in greater detail later, but what I gotta say is that this is pretty cool: http://library.rpa.org/pdf/RPA-Plan2-Jamaica-Center.pdf
  18. With how low ridership is, that may not matter. Ridership on buses has crashed through the cellar.
  19. Ulmer still technically has the 4 artics. 4743-4745, 4756.
  20. You really think that huh lol ok I’m leave it be now.
  21. Ignore that.....that's not how it works. CNG tanks also doesn't explode that easily. Only way those tanks will explode is if there's a leak and someone lights up a flame, or if it gets it with force, causing it to damage both the roof casing and the tank itself. Neither of that actually happens here, or anywhere in the US for that matter.
  22. MCI would've won the contract if Prevost didn't drop their original offer by 13 million and offer a better delivery schedule.
  23. Yeah, I worked at 370 Jay Street for two summers with the when I was in high school. 370 Jay Street was an eyesore. I recall it being covered in scaffolding for the two summers I worked there. We had to go to 180 Livingston street to turn in time sheets IIRC, and that location was a lot nicer, as it was newer. 370 Jay wasn't run down, but the scaffolding was an eyesore. My guess is they moved people from 347 Madison down to 2 Broadway. Seems big enough to do that. The main conference room that I've been in is huge, so there definitely is enough space from what I've seen. I'm a little confused to be honest. 347 Madison still appears to have staff there, though it is unclear in what capacity. Everyone that I deal with is down at 2 Broadway now.
  24. Apparently next week or the one after will start a Emergency Sunday schedule, where certain routes that don't run on weekends would run their midday peak frequencies, there would be enough local buses to cover all express runs if needed. At this point no one should be complaining about seats as those buses are free, and only frequent essential riders should be using it anyways. Yeah there's certain Yukon buses that have their governors removed because of the S89. If they're removing more...I'm not sure at the moment. X27 and X28 operators would use XD40s, those routes definitely do not need artics in this situation. Also, I don't even think artics are at Ulmer Park since the conversion is delayed because of the virus closing schools (and almost everything now).
  25. This post jumped the shark when you said the SIM1C and S79 should be combined, the hell with social distancing I guess?
  26. It was I who proposed sending the up 10th Avenue and 57th Street to Queens Plaza, and then I had it go Local to Forest Hills with a Jewel Avenue Branch, booting the and to the bypass while the would have 8th-53rd-QB Express to itself.
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