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  2. Could be some sneaky testing for the Q25.
  3. imo all they need is more cars to increase spare factor, I just don't get why they don't just run these on the . it would help alot. have most of the r68's on the . Them not running a small chunk of R32's is hurting them due to low spare factor of R46's. I know those borrowed R160's from Jamaica Went back so they only have 9833-9922 for the . IMO they should have kept the R32's on the and just have the be 100% R179 until the R211's enter service. Have those extra R46's go to Coney for spares.
  4. Confirmed at CP, don't know why it's there though
  5. The benches are useful when the train is late or operates on low tph routes, and one simply doesn't have the stamina to stand (especially the disabled). It's quite a shame most of them are dirty, though I will say, the seats on the trains themselves are typically on a whole other level of disgusting. Found it even worse when they add leaning benches into the system. IMO it detriments riders, and has little impact on the homeless, total miss...
  6. You actually sit on those wooden urinals?
  7. I wouldn't do that to the BL-52. I'd definitely want to leave it as a straight shot from the Petrillo Plaza area to the . (Plus, the idea is to eliminate some of these tight turns like you said. If it's just the BL-52 doing it instead of the BL-42, you don't gain much. Plus you lose more coverage. Having routes along 5th & Columbus is a better spacing than having routes along Fulton & Columbus) Ideally MTA/NYCT would coordinate and make it smoother (since arguably you can shift the Bx16 to run across 233rd Street if you let the BL-42 run across Nereid. You just need something connecting that pocket with the train) but I'm not holding my breath. The other possibility is a BL-25/BL-42 combination. I could picture the resultant route being even busier than the BL-7 (which reminds me, I hope that as part of this process, they release some ridership data, both pre-COVID and post-COVID)
  8. OK Found it! This is from the Nov 18, 2020 board meeting: Program Status – Schedule Phase 2: Completion on budget and on schedule December 2020 • All bus and subway validators installed Railroads • Completion moved back due to COVID and change in RR operations • Phase 3: Feb 2021 June 2022 • Phase 4: March 2022 June 2023 NYCT • Phases 3/4 completion moved back due to COVID • Phase 3: Feb 2021 pushed back to September 2021 - Physical OMNY Cards & Reduce Fare for seniors • Phase 4: March 2022 pushed back to February 2023 - In System Sales Good news: No impact to Phase 5 Substantial Completion July 2023
  9. I have to reach out to one of my contacts about something, so I will ask on Friday if I can get them. They've been out on vacation last I checked.
  10. The mobile app right they didn't say anything assuming it would come out the same time as the physical OMNY cards.
  11. Sorry what I meant was the physical OMNY card has been pushed back until June if I remember correctly because of COVID. If I remember correctly by September reduce fares will be available and somewhere in August the physical OMNY card will be available. Unless if they reverse it back February then I don't about because I did listen to their meetings back I think last year in October. Let me check my sources because I did hear they pushed back. Oh yes the Capital meeting mention this from Jan 21st meeting: June (2021)Update on OMNY Program Update on Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Participation Quarterly Traffic Light Report December(2021) C&D Capital Program Update Update on OMNY Program Quarterly Traffic Light Reports
  12. I think I saw an Arctic at College Point tonight. 6235 maybe.
  13. Last I heard a mobile app would be coming this year... https://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/its-omny-time-everywhere The rollout for Metro-North and the LIRR may be pushed back to 2022 though last I heard.
  14. I’m also curious about mobile app. Anyone aware of any news around that?
  15. I don't know what you're talking about. Supposedly, there may be a physical OMNY card out in February.
  16. When Coney Island was R160 with R68/A, the fleet choice with route went well (maintenance too). But, currently, with the R46s, the selection is messy due to the overflow of old techs at the Yard w. more parts to maintain. In Coney Island's use of the R46, they are overworked on the .
  17. I wish there is something new but I think we have to wait until the Summer because by then they have the physical OMNY card out by the Fall think if I am not mistaken. Hopefully in the Summer there will be an update about more Fare options like reduce fare, student fares etc.
  18. Hell, even a state lawmaker should be able to figure that out!
  19. I don't remember the number of the Proterra I rode on the B47.
  20. I've been on Proterra 17, 18, and 19 and the rides were very smooth. Interesting to hear that the one you rode on rattled a lot.
  21. @Myrv I asked her the Same question and she said they are going to give us back the money orders and that we can just deposit them in our banks. They didn’t cash them yet supposedly
  22. Ugh.. please don't remind me of waiting underground for a train during the summer 😓
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