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  2. 12000 letters went out. Twelve. Thousand?
  3. I'm not sure Cuomo would allow it, at least until he feels safe he will get the fourth term as Governor that eluded his father in 1994.
  4. This might be the compromise that can work where one train goes out of service at a terminal and another train replaces it. That can at least solve SOME of the homeless issue, at least enough to allow for a return to 24/7 service without any risk of what I had said upthread.
  5. That's another issue. Though my iPod can connect to the Internet, I first need WiFi, or that's out of the question. Some may lack even that.
  6. Oh no... don't tell me they're gonna pull that B70 loop crap again... The B37 is also often utilized by seniors/those on 3 Av/the west side of Sunset Park/Bay Ridge, and with (a bit) less stops than the B63, is a good alternative for whenever the craps up.
  7. After a while, you get numb to this crap... Year after year after year....
  8. Quite similar to this old feature, though not nearly as descriptive.
  9. I'm not arguing that the routes will end up being unscathed.... I'm arguing against this apparent concurring of worsening the network in that part of Brooklyn & passing it off as being tantamount to better serving the community.....
  10. So let me get this straight. There are only 65 open vacancies. So hypothetically speaking, does that mean if I was number 66 my only chance to get on would be if 1 person from the first 65 failed a drug test or physical, was not fit for the position, declined the offer, etc. ? That means if the first 65 people pass all tests and accept the offer of employment, unlucky number 66 would NOT get hired? If that is the case, is it a game of luck/fate for anyone who is listed at 66+ since there are only 65 vacant slots?
  11. You would get a poor quality video using a zoom in lens to film out of the RFW from a distance cause the movement of the train would make it hard to keep the camera still. Not defending these fanners, just saying why one would'nt film from a distance. EDIT: I wonder why the T/O didn't simply just tell those railfans to move from the restricted area, on the bus side of things these B/O's be straight calling people out who board the bus without a mask.
  12. Don't normally link stuff this long/extensive, but I wanted to reiterate a point I made earlier this week about the current pandemic being more than just about the disease itself. Because solving this crisis is more than just social distancing or developing a vaccine:
  13. The run numbering system was changed for the summer pick. It's more or less the same amount of runs.
  14. A zoom-ins lens would been an alternative from their cameras. But, scenario would've been the same plus social distancing is ignored.
  15. Not to even mention that at least two photos surfaced online where foamers were in the restricted zone hogging up the RFW when they had plenty of time to get their shots back in January on the R42s.
  16. How'd that happen? I woulda expected the BxM4 to get scrapped first...
  17. Inwood is pretty screwed in terms of service huh. Why isnt the Bx7 running to replace all that slashed overnight service?
  18. More lines should have beefed up midday service imo How the hell did that end up happening? Also, Brooklyn and Queens got hit hard. Holy hell.
  19. Um. No BxM1 and BxM2 service overnight. Scrapped.
  20. That's not even an option anymore. Gotta take the Bx12 into The Bronx for the Bx15 and then transfer again in Harlem if you have to take transit.
  21. If safety really mattered they would have a second conductor or at the very least a sufficient barrier such as the ones present on buses. Those chains are a joke and im not at all suprised that it broke and not to mention that restricted area isnt even 6 feet from the passengers. The MTA needs to get it together or the union may force the R32 back out of service resulting in yet another fleet shortage.
  22. I probably will. How many should be out in the am rush?
  23. Running the BxM2 via Inwood overnight would be a viable option to get to/from the west side. Inwood having its two west side subway lines ( ) out of service with only an east side express bus replacing it (BxM1) isn't exactly convenient imo...
  24. Even if the MTA doesn’t eliminated one of the two outright, they may do what they did in Queens. A problem the MTA made clear was the number of different routes serving Downtown Brooklyn. You have the B38, B54, B52, and B26 all operating from Downtown Brooklyn to Ridgewood. There is no way these routes will remain unscathed. Something will be cut or rerouted so that it either doesn’t serve Ridgewood and/or Downtown Brooklyn. Similar to how the Q65 duplicates the Q25/34 between Jamaica and Flushing, so now the QT65 won’t serve Flushing. All for the name of improved access to communities I wouldn’t be surprised if one bus is cut from Downtown and instead covers some part of Queens that lost service in the Queens Bus Redesign. It may not be where people want to go, but the MTA will say now they can get there.
  25. Too bad the MTA no longer posts/updates paper schedules at bus stops....
  26. They're just not going to run an R32 with 2 conductors because or the cost. I agree that they should but you and I are not paying the second conductor. NYCT might preach about safety being our #1 priority, blah blah blah, but it's always about the money!
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