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  2. They want both to only use R68s, since they both share the same yards near each other in both Concourse and Coney Island, the does not have any problems changing the rollsigns and because they been doing that for a long time now. Too put more R46 on with a few R68 sets.
  3. too all become 100% R160 also from ENY and that is also better for Queens Blvd riders less dwell time at stations.
  4. It’s insane that 1 line needs 3 lines’ fleet. All the R160’s sent from Coney Island Yard to Jamaica is pretty much just to make the 100% new tech. Oh and of course increase “spare factor”
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  6. Next: It's a nice Tuesday evening (around 7 pm) and you want to go from Kensington (Ft. Hamilton Pkwy & McDonald Ave) to Domino Park (Kent Ave & S 5 St). Your options are: - Take the B67 to the last stop, and walk. - Take the B110 to the last stop, and walk. Assume both buses will come in a few minutes, so headways aren't a consideration. Part 2: You've enjoyed your time and want to get home now. Since it is now 12 am, your options are different. You can: - Take the to the and take that to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. - Walk to the and take it to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. How do you get home?
  7. I have absolutely no clue what the first part of the journey would entail, but I wouldn't touch the last 3 options with a ten foot pole based on how many transfers they include. Of the remaining options, the first one is simply ridiculous. Like, seriously look at where you actually go. To make the final decision, I believe the BM5 to Q52 is a better bet than the BM1 to Q35, although they might be close. So I would say the best option is the second one in the full list.
  8. 23 (ENY) + 33 (FP) + 4 (LGA) + 25 = 85 (6491-6628, 6643)
  9. how many 2004-05 OGs are currently left? havent paid attention to the bus section of the forums in a long long time...
  10. Overall nice concept just a bit of nitpicking. The M104/Bx33 is a neat combo on paper but is it really a good idea to combine the two? I also noticed that you extended the Bx15 back to Lex-125 as part of the Redesign. If the Bx33 was extended to 12 Av and tampered a bit in Harlem (maybe 125 St between 5 Av and 12 Av instead of west of Douglas; maybe the M1/104 could extend along 135 St to replace lost service) I could go for this rather than an M125. Also noticed you merged the M57 into the M31 and west end is replaced by an extended M72. This one seems iffy. I do like the concept of the M72 via 79 St. What I would like to see is the M12, which was removed from the Redesign and have it extend northward to the M57 terminal at 72-Broadway. I agree with the M106 being merged with another route but not a revamped M55 (via 5/Madison Av and Broadway/Lafayette is good but maybe cut back to Grand Central or it's original layover at Bryant Park). Maybe reroute the M3 and/or M4 to make up for lost service. Also replicates "original" M106 service somewhat. I don't see a need to reroute the M8 to Columbus Circle. Think it does just fine. I also would leave the M50 alone and not add a supplemental M49 from 72nd Street. Also think the M20 should be kept as is. Otherwise, I think this plan look interesting.
  11. No, 4672 went from QV to MHV. I saw it at MHV a few weeks ago.
  12. - Skipping the local stations between Church Ave and Kings Highway would be counterproductive, as part of the target market for the is those local stations. - I believe Coney Island doesn't have enough terminal capacity. You could probably relay some trains south of Avenue X on the yard leads, but I think that's about all you could do in terms of increasing frequency south of Kings Hwy.
  13. Your M10 on the daytime map is labeled as running between "Harlem - Chelsea Piers", but what you have drawn is the current/real M10....
  14. what sense does this make ? Why not just run the from 148 to 96 or run the from SF to 42 instead of making 2 different new services
  15. : 207 - 125 / 34 - Far Rock : 42 - BB : 34 - Euclid : 205 - 125 / 42 - CI : 242 - 96 / 42 - SF : 241 - Flatbush via : 148 - 96 / 42 - NL
  16. No of course not...I was just wondering what to expect. Thank you for your time in taking tot answer my questions.
  17. Ridership is such that you don't need every to run express. An every 15 minutes, a la fast service on the Metropolitan Line would be sufficient.
  18. So I've been developing my own plan of a redesign of Manhattan's bus system over the past few months. I have some maps, along with a description of service levels. While there are multiple route changes, there are also service span changes. Anyways, here's what I have compiled: Daytime Map Overnight Map Route Details
  19. Maybe very rarely, you may see one set of R46s on the just by chance if no R68/A's are available, but I'm pretty sure the MTA wants to keep the fleet uniform (R68/A's only) and there are enough R68/A's to keep the R46s off the .
  20. That really wasn’t necessary. All they did was put 7615-7662 under the local routes (because they now ONLY run on local and limited routes, not the 44/46-SBS). The roster does not state that all buses are in the local scheme.
  21. That's from 1980 or so, part of the combined rolls with Akzidenz-Grotesk and Helvetica. That's likely a version of Akzidenz condensed. That roll would have been used from 1980 through 2003 or so, whenever that redbird car was retired. That's a good question about the backlighting. I know that some of the original side lights were actually a white-green bulb (very cool!), but I'm not sure if that applied to the front lights as well. I would think a warm light might be reflective of the dirt and yellowing that occurred over the year, but maybe somebody knows better than I do!
  22. Hunts Point Ave is listed as online, just Longwood and the 6 will be 100%
  23. True. Could there be a light rail along a similar route?
  24. I think that the best option is to do nothing; service is fine as-is. But if the had major repairs needed, for example, it could probably just be cut back to 207 or 215 and your plan could go ahead.
  25. Andy Byford Gone So what's the Chief Name?
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