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  2. That is the reason that I am furious that this person was let out on bail and only $10,000. Bail was being considered (and it is my opinion that it should have not been offered in the first place due to the seriousness of the offense) if it was it should have been 10 -20 times higher. This man is a danger to society in no uncertain terms and he must be kept locked up through trial. At least with him on Rikers Island, transit riders and employees will feel a bit safer (hopefully) unless we start to see copy cats. If this is the first stage of the judicial process for this person, then I am afraid what will happen at the following stages of the process when the plea bargaining starts occurring.
  3. Probably for the LIRR shuttle since there was a train crash along the Montauk Branch last night.
  4. I saw four Prevosts, including 2530, on the Long Island Expressway this afternoon. They were heading east and seemed to be taking the exit for the Clearview. Does this mean that QV is getting Prevosts for the X63/64/68?
  5. There was an NYCT 2200 MCI from SI out on Long Island doing the emergency LIRR shuttle bus due to the derailment, there was also school buses and NICE Bus equipment working the shuttle, I saw this on the news about the derailment. If a fanner was able to make it out there they must have had an great time 😃
  6. Remember. They lost 3972-3980 to Flatbush. Also 3965 to CS, 3967-3971 to Manhattanville/132nd. So they needed to replace and possibly get back most of the 45xx fleet that left for Fresh Pond.
  7. Random thought of the day: Ulmer Park slaps ads on their newer XD40’s. Only issue I have is that with the newer XD40’s the rear ad is not in its usual position like the 2015 XD40’s. Some buses have a 30x215 Northfield Bank billboard. ..... also Gun Hill and Flatbush slapping ads on their SBS fleet.
  8. Delays are probably the least of our worries: reckless endangerment assault attempting to throw a woman slashing a man
  9. Interesting so FP pushes out there NG which is what I wanted for years then boom they end up getting more again 🙄 ugh that's the DOB for you....
  10. What got me is the fact that he has been arrested 17 times on transit related crimes. Someone like him needs to learn his lesson, and with him getting out so fast like that doesn’t help him learn anything. So committing another crime is nothing for him because he knows the consequences are not harsh. It’s a shame because one person is causing all those delays, affecting other people’s lives. I would be upset if I was going for a job interview and ended up being late because someone pulled the emergency break in the middle of the tunnel. People like him need to learn the hard way because his behavior is not okay.
  11. Let me clarify: Bay Ridge-Bowery (or any other place nearby that would be easy to terminate in) via 4 Av Local/Nassau St Local 5 tph Bay Ridge-Astoria via 4 Av Local/Broadway Local/Astoria Local 10 tph (using 36-38 St yard) Whitehall-Astoria via Broadway Local/Astoria Local 4.5 tph Coney Island-96 St/2 Av via Sea Beach Local/4 Av Exp/Broadway Exp/2 Av Local 6-10 tph Coney Island-96 St/2 Av via Brighton Local/Broadway Exp/2 Av Local 10-11 tph As for the Queens Blvd portion there are several ideas: making an 8 Av express and creating a new 8 Av Local service to serve Queens Blvd Lcl, reducing tph on the / to increase capacity on the , decreasing overall tph on Queens Blvd Lcl, bringing back to Queens Blvd Lcl if there is no more capacity for trains to Manhattan, etc.
  12. Last year, whenever there was a G.O the for some reason ran local while the remained as the express, it didnt make sense to me. Unless there was a G.O on the I didnt know about that split its headways.
  13. Here you go! CTPP: https://ctpp.transportation.org/2012-2016-5-year-ctpp/ LEHD (another, less intensive but more accessible dataset that measures commute dynamics) https://onthemap.ces.census.gov/ NYCT ridership figures: http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/ Bronx bus redesign existing conditions report, which has some good information on intra-boro ridership patterns: https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-02/Bronx Bus Network Redesign Existing_FINAL.pdf 1940-1995 subway ridership by station (yours truly put this together): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g3pNbvpfqGE4g9v-7t3bfU0xO23U40fp 1998-2016 subway ridership by station (by Nicole Gelinas via Twitter): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-_GLA3fT0fLgfjX2JLcuKYYJQCxc7HDV5T86WMJTFpI/edit?usp=sharing ...and if you're interested, NYMTC tracks hub bound people flows granularly going all the way back to 1973: https://www.nymtc.org/Data-and-Modeling/Transportation-Data-and-Statistics/Publications/Hub-Bound-Travel
  14. THANKS. I agree it is better to ook at bus/subway ridership stats. But tbh, I haven't any public data which listed the information as I want to obtain. Would you mind sharing me the link if possible?
  15. The is the easy way out (relatively), but you’d still have to have a Broadway service (either the or ) continuing into Brooklyn not just to help it out, but also because Whitehall would have a lot of trouble turning both the and . A downside to the replacing the as the primary 4th Ave local train would be de-interlining the at 34th. Because if the is rerouted to 2nd Ave, something will have to replace it in Astoria. That something could be additional service. But that would result in a much more frequent train. It would be troublesome to terminate the additional ’s at Whitehall (or even Canal) if the is already turning there. Like @Caelestor proposed upthread, we can make a more frequently-running the full time 4th Ave local service and turn the at Whitehall. But then the will better get moving on creating storage space for revenue trains at 36th Street Yard. Though it’s possible under that scenario, the would be the only 4th Ave local train, because if it runs 15-20 tph, there may be very little capacity left for a Nassau train.
  16. Yeah, but you can't take the Q44 away from Union without adding service to the Q20 though... Part of the reason those people over in Mitchell-Linden bombard the Q44 is because service levels on the Q44 trumps that of the Q20..... The Q20 became more & more of an afterthought, the second the Q44 became a LTD... That went double for when they allocated a crap-ton more service to the Q44.... I get what you're saying in regards to Briarwood subway feeling like a stub terminal, but short of having the Q20 only make Q44 stops south & east of that point, the Q20 would be one of the first routes I'd look at, if the end goal is to restructure the bus network & reducing overall BPH in the heart of Jamaica..... The only thing I agree with in all this, is taking buses off Laurel Hill...
  17. With the Q44 being a select bus route, a majority of people treat the Q20 as an after thought. And it amazes me when I see people skip the Q20 southbound towards Jamaica when the Q44 could still be a good 8-10 minutes away. This could be at stops like Jewel Ave or 73rd Ave which at that point the Q20 is usually flying down Main Street anyways and will get you to Jamaica within the same amount of time as the Q44 would. The only two stops that the Q20 has a high chance of stopping at towards Jamaica from Jewel Ave for example is 76th Ave and 82nd Dr. Maybe it will stop at one of those Queens Blvd stops but it’s usually fast. When I use the Q44/Q20, I usually get on whatever comes first. However if a Q20 or Q44 runs together I will get on the Q20 because I know most of the time it will have a seat on it. However I am kind of iffy about terminating the Q20 at Briarwood. Briarwood doesn’t seem like a place to terminate a route. Terminating the Q20 at Briarwood is so abrupt since it is so close to Jamaica at that point. I know most people would take the Q44 anyway, but if the Q20 was to run to Jamaica Sutphin/Archer Av and the Q44 continues to Merrick at least local service to Jamaica would be retained.
  18. Being someone who lives right off of the Q25/Q34, I would agree that the route should be eliminated at least south of Roosevelt Ave. In its current state if the whole route were to be eliminated, I honestly don't see it causing that much outcry. This is mainly because it's a weekday only route and I haven't heard anyone really fight to have it run on the weekends. The Q34 is one big supplementary route anyways. The areas it serves exclusively is also accessible by the Q15, Q20, Q25, Q44 and Q50 by walking a block or two. However if I had to tweak the route north of Roosevelt Ave I would similar to what many others have said, run via Willets Point Blvd and terminate it in Bay Terrace. That way you split the branches of the Q16 up while also opening up local service alongside Willets Point Blvd. South of Roosevelt Ave I would eliminate the Q34 completely. To make up for the loss of Q34 service, I would even put the headway for the Q25 during rush hour. Currently the Q25 local runs every 10, and the Limited runs every 8 minutes. I would make both local and limited run every 8 minutes with a combined frequency of 4 minutes. During off peak hours I was thinking one of two things could happen. 1. The old Q34 trips can turn into Q25 LTD trips with service between Jamaica & Flushing with the limiteds continuing to College Point while the local Q25's short turn at Flushing since College Point doesn't need all that service. However this would mean that they would need to make limited buses run local between Roosevelt Ave and the Whitestone Expressway which it currently doesn't now. The second idea would be to have all buses run local off peak and terminate half of those runs at Flushing Main Street to maintain service betweeen Jamaica and Flushing. What tends to happen is that you could have 3-4 buses at Main street operating northbound but no buses are heading south which creates huge gaps in service. So hopefully with this short turn that can reduce the amount of gaps the Q25 gets.
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