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  2. Any updates on the hiring process? Have the august classes started?
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  4. I'm sure Market Street can house some 45 footers. They've been known from time to time of keeping some of Wayne's 45 footers at there garage, whether it's breakdown or not. A couple months ago I saw one of Wayne's new 19000 MCI sitting alongside Market's older MCIs outside. I told myself that bus can't be broke. It's too damn new not to be shot. Could it be maintenance training and or driver's to get a look inside and out of the bus, don't know
  5. N22 is significantly faster between Jamaica and Roosevelt field. N24 is slower between those two same points due to those stops in Queens/Floral Park. It is however faster east of Roosevelt field along Old County Rd vs the 22 via New Cassel/Westbury
  6. Saw the notice of schedule changes on the bus coming August 31st. It's about damn time NJ Transit decide to bring the SUNDAY service to route 119. Before NJ Transit gave the route to Academy they should've stayed with the 7 days a week service to begin with. Next is for NJT to expand the service hours to 24/7 on that line like the old CUSA "Red and Tan" route 99S. I see route 166 getting big service increase..10 extra trips. Demand for that route is big time. The 123 route by all means needs to keep expanding with more increase service and trips past 2am or 24/7. That route continues to increase in demand of people who are living in both Union City and Jersey City Heights going to and from NYC. I am suprised that none of the local routes didn't receive changes. Mind you the schedule change notice is of the Northern Division
  7. Depends on the driver. The 175 does run MCIs. As far as route 171, I know one driver that specifically drives an MCI every weekday. Very rarely he gets a Nabi.
  8. M and Q trains have service changes and delays because of a work train experiencing a mechanical problem at 96 St. M trains are stopping along the B line in both directions between 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center and 145 St. There is no Q train service in both directions between 57 St-7 Av and 96 St. See a station agent for a courtesy pass for continuing service. For stations along 2 Av, use nearby 6 line service along Lexington Av. For service to/from Lexington Av-63 St, use the nearby Lexington Av-59 St station. View Online: https://mymtaalerts.com/m?BC184 Unsubscribe: https://mymtaalerts.com/u?rtypyvp what in the world is a work train doing there ? Is there a yard there if not it Dosent belong there unless it’s a G.O
  9. I don't see how in reality this would happen. For that to happen, my guess would be if the following happened: There are switch problems that are preventing the to go past Myrtle Av-Broadway to Metropolitan Av, so the would have to split in two: A shuttle between Myrtle Av to Metropolitan Av and from 96 St to Myrtle Av, then via the to Broadway Junction Let's say #1 happened. For the to go to Canarsie, at the same time there should be some delay in service that are preventing the from reaching Canarsie, so maybe the could be redirected via the to Canarsie to fill in the gap. That would make the full route between Canarsie to 96 St-2 Av on weekends.
  10. I remember that, and will often think of it and wonder what ever happened with it.
  11. Sounds absolutely ridiculous but how possible would it be to run trains from Canarsie to 96 on weekends to preserve the one seat ride to 14 St, while running the shuttle between MV and Myrtle??
  12. Likewise I got the b div like I wanted with quite a few spots before it closed up. They teased that the a is a lot easier (and to an extent that’s right). Buut the Sups conveniently left out that the A also has more signals to learn and (if what’s said here is true) a much stricter work environment. anyways let’s all win it! Btw a tss told me today he’s teaching a September class. Just thought you guys would like to know.
  13. yes, that's exactly what they're attempting to do. if you have a 10 hour run, instead of one full timer at top pay completing that run you can have 2 part timers perform a 5 hour day with a possible swing. by the way, the way they speak of part time is as if they won't ever see a 8 hour work day, another way in which to avoid potential overtime due to lateness
  14. Day 2 of class. We were told exactly how we should be dressed. Just like it was stated here previously (navy blue pants, grey button down, work shoes with no polo shirts or cargo pants... etc). We were split into A/B division and it seems less than 15 T/O's were forced into A. Classes were broken down and instructors were given out (excited about mine personally after what I've heard here). Tools/keys/gear/vest/gloves/books were also given out. Every T/O seems to be hungry and grateful and so do a lot of the conductors we were with. Blessed to have this opportunity and want to thank everyone on the forums for the knowledge they've left so far from clothing attire to class necessities (kaka bag, shoes, etc) that made this process easier to jump into. Looking forward for whats to come.
  15. R.I.P.... 6527 was the only to still have the blue stripe through the front doors.
  16. Actually part of that is not true. Not every R160 has the the program to 145th Street.
  17. Yea, i didn't understad - I thought specific buses were assigned to specific routes. Thanks @Snorunts
  18. I don’t think you’re really understanding how the system works.... All 40 footer bus routes out of Kingsbridge (and Gun Hill) use both the 2015-16 and 2019 Novabus LFS as well as the 2009 Orion VII Next Generation buses.
  19. Are there any trams (such as the BQX) that actually might be built sometime in the (somewhat) near future? And, am I wrong that there was a proposal to link 116 St to the 125 St MNR station if West Side Access is built?
  20. ok - KB depot is on Manhattan Island, but in the Bronx division, right? What buses out of KB have Nova LFS 40 footers?
  21. 2 days ago getting off a train at Roosevelt Avenue, I noticed this interesting sign showing the pre-2010 QBL services . My guess is that someone ripped out the sticker that would have been there.
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  23. Might’ve been two years ago, but some guy bought an RTS and wanted to start his own express bus company. Did he succeed?
  24. Update: 3890 MCH to Manhattanville Has Manhattanville decals. 3934 and 3804 I don't know as of right now
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