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  2. Next Generation #4447 has those rectangular screens (don't know which version).
  3. I think OMNY works as one big system, so on May 31st when the system goes online in Staten Island it will also go online for Manhattan with the hardware already.
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  5. What about a street-to-platform elevator Bay Ridge-bound only? Could that be built to make the station at least partially accessible? I suppose that would not be favorable though, for obvious reasons.
  6. These trains will destroy your ears when they dump. Be sure to cover your ears when they pull into terminals!! I feel terrible every time I dump these trains with people on the platforms, especially children. I do try and warn people though but all I get are confused looks. I really wished the MTA would post warning signs at terminal stations to let people know about the danger of 179s dumping. They're really f**king loud. I heard that the MTA isn't allowed to modify these cars until the Bombardier manufacturer's warranty expires or something like that. I think the 160s were also really loud until the MTA retrofitted them with mufflers.
  7. welcome to the forum! Which train do you usually ride?
  8. In former NYC Buses, was the Orion V problem has something to do with the framing issue or that there's another detail to that?
  9. I believe the train start ramping down a little later now but I’ll check subway time tomorrow evening to confirm it
  10. Whenever these trains get rerouted they don't typically come back downtown in service. Great catch!
  11. Updated timetable for the slowdown: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/pdf/tmcur.pdf http://boerumhillscott.com/transit/LineTrips.php
  12. I've always thought that line should have either artics or MCI D4500s. They ought to know that line gets pack like sardines during peak periods, Saturdays and past the midnight hours. It was foolish for Transit to scrap the Sunday service. Don't know why they didn't send some of Wayne's older D4500s to Academy to help alleviate overcrowding on such a rediculous under 40 feet Nabi bus. That's one line to and from New York in Hudson Cty( Bayonne & Jersey City) not to be played with. Hope a solution comes around before the summer notices and changes
  13. agreed. I'll be honest, being a larger man, i despised the RTS, especially the 83xx's, 84xx's, or any RTS with the drivers seat side arm (right side) it makes for a bad time operating them things. when i was at ENY, FB, etc (any yard with 49xx's, 50xx's etc) without the side arm, those RTS's i enjoyed operating immensely, especially with mechanics behind you that know how to upkeep them. i loved operating 49xx's in the rain/snow, above any other bus (aside from the 56xx D60's) i personally feel the truest litmus test of a "good" bus is how it handles in s***ty weather... with all that said, it was time for them to go. bad for your back, awful on your knees & hips, carpal tunnel syndrome... the RTS is/was a cruel mistress to many bus operators. my uncle is currently out on comp now, and after 14 years of being a fan of the Flatbush RTS, he's paying the price, so to speak (just had successful hip replacement surgery) i myself was out on comp for lower back & knee issues, that started when i worked at RTS yards. for the history & the culture, I'm sad they're gone. but physically, i say good riddance.
  14. An unusual reroute, this train was sent to 145 St, and so I was able to catch it on its way south. Enjoy!
  15. the one thing that pisses me off is that I'm certain that the leaking is an easy fix... clear sealant or caulk could solve that problem in & around windows, doors, emergency hatches, etc. i do waterproofing for homes (side hustle/hobby... almost everyone at transit has one), and I believe something could be done, especially with the new(er) units. it's borderline inexcusable
  16. I can't help but wonder if that was really the case. If anything, what I got from it was Clayton Guse spewing a bunch of 💩 just to set a narrative that relied far too heavily on the ignorance of the people (not unlike certain other people).
  17. I wonder why Westchester didn’t treat the R142As well. Interestingly, the R62As have also shown a moderate increase in reliability (not as much as the R142As, but still it’s an increase).
  18. The charging port system on the single seats on bus 6234 is really unwieldy if you ask me. The seats are comfortable, but there has to be a better way to install the outlets. Also, it appears that there has been a system-wide WiFi outage.
  19. Much like the majority of our new-ish buses, some of the new XD40s at ENY & Fresh Pond already have water leaks on rainy days. Some of the leaks come through the vents, and the leaks usually occur at the rear. But I understand where you are coming from since you actually drive them.
  20. Not all of them were in good shape. Some of the RTS buses when it rain water would leak inside, and countless breakdowns. Yes they were easy to fix and get the bus back into service.
  21. Yet you're passing this off as a fact....how exactly do you know that they were in bad shape? Even the folks down at the ceremony who have driven and worked on those buses have said that these buses could've lasted for a couple more years.....the frames of those buses were in good shape, so they could have taken more abuse. What made them look bad was just their appearance, that was it. Hell, there were groups of people that preferred those over the low floors(i.e M66 & M72 passengers that complained about the lack of space in the low floors). And a bus shouldn't last as long as an RTS, Fishbowl or any of our old high floors have? I don't think you understand what that means. It's a testament to how well those buses have performed on our messed up streets 24/7/365 during their lifetime. We'd be surprised if any of our low floor buses can last as long as any of those. If they're still in good shape structurally and mechanically after their 12-15 year retirement schedule, they can keep on trucking, and the RTS has technically been the only fleet that has consistently proven that time and time again. Yes, obviously, they needed to go, they were here for 5-10 years longer than they should have been. But they have proven time and time again that they were made for New York City and they were the true workhorses of this city, whether people like it or not. -EDIT- Also, why do you have two accounts?
  22. And there is one more question. Does the northbound chart include the dwell time at Jamaica Center? If yes, two minutes dwell time at terminal is reasonable.
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