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  2. HIPAA says that your doctor can't divulge medical details about your diagnosis or treatment. It has nothing to do with the MTA, it's just a law about medical bookkeeping. The MTA can just send people to check that you physically exist at your house while sick and aren't doing something dumb like booking it to Vegas.
  3. 4740 from Kingsbridge to CS artics are arriving for the q12
  4. Today
  5. There may be another R32 that's out of Pitkin for the past few weeks units noticed: 3354-3355, 3770-3771, 3932-3933, 3380-3381, 3578-3579
  6. No. If I don't get one by Friday I'll call Monday morning.
  7. As of today, there is no more 4-car train on the 42nd St Shuttle, only 2 3 car trains.
  8. Here's what I would do in that case (as noted in the split thread): A new "Brown " would run 95th-Bay Ridge to Essex with scheduled, in-service. yard runs the end and begin at Broadway Junction that are noted as such in timetables. This service runs 24/7 and also replaces the late-night entirely as for those who need Whitehall from Bay Ridge, they can make a same platform transfer to the anywhere between 59th and Court. now runs full-time with the to 96th Street, Late nights does run local in Manhattan but does skip 49th Street at all times. remains as it is currently except it doesn't run at all late nights (see above). is beefed up and runs 24/7 between Whitehall and Ditmars-Astoria with scheduled, in-service yard runs that end and begin at Bay Parkway on the line. At times when more trains are needed, some trains are extended to 9th Avenue on the where they terminate and turn around, running local on 4th Avenue. You could also have the run at all times from Bay Parkway, 9th Avenue or somewhere on the Sea Beach Line if a new terminal can be developed while having a new "Yellow " train be the Whitehall-Astoria local to avoid any potential confusion.
  9. What kinda got me mad was that the instructor who gave us the s&d when I took it in May told all of us that we would find out the same day ! And I never got a call or email the day of , and was super nervous couldn’t even have dinner in peace with my GF. got an email roughly two weeks after. “Passed”
  10. has anyone who passed the S&D in march been contacted about the upcoming class?
  11. Hey, have you heard back yet? I took the test the same day and haven't heard anything.
  12. Did you receive an email yet regarding the orientation details ?
  13. Yeah, I received a call last Friday that I cleared the medical and the start date is the 4th. Wbu ?
  14. Based on yesterday's incident with the "work train" that was really an OOS train, I think that work train is sometimes used for any non-revenue train
  15. 19 was on the B62 yesterday or the day before. 18 and 20 were at Charleston, don’t know if they still are....
  16. NJ Transit really should think about adding extra service on the 1 and 25. Those two lines can be pretty damn packed with how often I catch either and it doesn't help with the 1 line when drivers show up when they want to making people like me and whoever else wait about 20+ minutes during rush hour which makes no sense when it should be every few minutes. Even worse when school is in session. You would likely find yourself having to wait about 40 minutes for a 1 to show up because there's too big of a gap in wait times and then when the bus does show up it's usually about two or three in a row all packed causing you to have to wait again. I can only imagine the frustration. But, I guess not enough people are complaining to have that happen.
  17. What they expect was gonna happen once they removed the 4 off of Ocean Av....That the 81 wasnt gonna be overcrowded...
  18. While we're on the topic of private express bus service in Bay Ridge, there's apparently already one operating, at least during peak times. I believe the service costs $5.00 and is cash only. Runs along Shore Road (IIRC). The one being considered would primarily run via 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, like the old Metro Apple express bus service.
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