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  2. That was already at Flatbush and it came from Kingsbridge.
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  4. Any word from the board meeting regarding the freeze?
  5. Well historically speaking, areas like Co-op City as well as Riverdale were developed with the promise of good bus service in part because the subway was never finished. In both neighborhoods they have no problems starting petitions to get the service that is needed. The local buses esp. in my area have been horrendous for years, but it would be even worse if we didn’t keep up the pressure. Morning service esp. along Henry Hudson Parkway is good. In the evening, the waits can be 20-25 minutes with train load after train load of riders dumped at 231st, leading to packed buses. That is one reason I started the advocacy group because we had no one really fighting for express bus service and we’ve been an easy target. I am not letting them come in and cut service without push back. The other thing that they’ve been getting away with is not filling trips and before they could come up with an excuse. Now we have over a thousand people Citywide reporting on service issues with elected officials and the media all watching. Having eyes on them certainly helps, and service in some cases has been better compared to where it was before. They also have a hiring freeze, so this complicates things as well on the management side. What they are doing is promoting people and giving them more work and lines to oversee. If Craig Cipriano is the new guy to replace Irick, he knows I’m going to be a bulldog. We met in the last meeting. He sat right across from me and I didn’t hold back about missing buses, the Staten Island Redesign and the like. I would say that most drivers would be wise to join the most recent advocacy groups. Most of them are focusing on issuse that pertain to fighting for better service, cleaner buses, etc., all things that benefit the B/Os. For example, yesterday I spoke before the board calling for that depending order of express buses to be finalized to allow for service to be expanded. The money is actually there for more express bus service.... $50 million for the Outerborough Transit Fund specifically for things like better bus service in transportation deserts...
  6. That's exactly why I bring it up. i work the 'X' & VR lists, and I'm "intrigued" to see how many runs the division, specifically KB, will lose. b/o's throughout the entire division are concerned, regardless of if it's immediate cuts or gradual, due to "over saturation" on lines within this newly created network. i can't necessarily say YO or EC shouldn't be alarmed, being that they basically are the express network... but i view areas like Riverdale & co-op city like staten island: they'll pitch a b***h if they attempt to jerk them around line/run-wise. interesting times indeed
  7. People that I know in the know say exactly the same thing, and they’re trying to sell it to the public as “better service”. Some people while skeptical say “oh well that’s nice, they’re trying to do something “. I said to myself, the only thing they’re trying to do is cut down on operational costs. We’re going to see very soon. The redesign for the Bronx is supposed to be out at the end of the month, and the amount of information collected thus far has been a joke.
  8. The others are 3110-13. Technical details aside both are on NYCT's equivalent of the "Disabled" (Injury) List.
  9. Apparently temporary. 3070-73 and another link came down with semi-serious deficiencies so could be absent for a bit.
  10. Hey, here's a crazy thought! Reduce the to 12-minute intervals, have the run to Flatbush Avenue to compensate for this and the reduction in service (the and will still serve their usual routes, just with a reduction in the latter), and stop screwing over White Plains Road and Dyre Avenue riders. Seriously, as painful as it is to access Jerome Avenue stations, it pales in comparison to trying to reach stations on the other two.
  11. I'm so glad Yukon got these buses, man these shits MOVE!! They'll be broken in real soon.
  12. For the weekends in June so far: No service between 96 and 242 Streets: June 1-3, 15-17 All Downtown service is express from 34 St to Chambers St: June 8 (Sat only) Reduced Service: June 1-2, 8 (Sat only), 15-16 No service between Gun Hill Road and 241 St: June 1-2 No service between Franklin and Flatbush Avs: June 15-17 Service is local between 34 St and Chambers St; Downtown: *May 31- June 3, Uptown: June 14-17 No service between Utica and New Lots Avs: June 8-10 Service is local between 14 St and Brooklyn Bridge: *May 31- June 3, 14-17 Reduced Service: June 1-2, 15-16 All Uptown service is express from 42 to 125 Sts: *June 14-17 Pelham Bay Park bound trains run express in the Bronx: *May 31-June 3 Flushing bound trains run express in Queens: *May 31- June 3 No service between 181 and 207 Sts: *June 7-9 Reduced service: June 8-9 All Manhattan bound service is express in Brooklyn: *June 14-17 Reduced service: June 1-2, 8-9 Service operates via Sea Beach in Brooklyn: *June 7-10 All southbound service runs express from Atlantic Av to 36 St: *May 31-June 3 Operates to 179 St; No service to Jamaica Center: June 8-10 All service is express in Queens; Manhattand bound: June 1-3, Queens bound: June 8-10 Service is local in Queens: June 15-17, 22-24 Church Av bound trains skip Bedford-Nostrand Avs: *June 7-10 No service between Crescent St and Jamaica Center: June 1-2 Reduced service: June 1-2, 8-9 No service between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza: June 15-16, 22-23 Reduced service: June 1-2 No service south of 36 St, Brooklyn; No late night service: *May 31-June 3 Service is extended to Jamaica-179 St: June 15-16 (Franklin Ave) No daytime service between Prospect Park and Fulton St: June 1-2 *Begins around 10pm Friday evening
  13. There isn't necessarily any fraud for the discrepancy. Typically, tracking software is set to read occupying the first track circuit outside of the terminal for timekeeping, since the train is already in the station there is no way to record when it leaves until it hits another recorded location. For example LIRR trains record when they pass the signals into the tunnel when they depart Penn because there's no way to record when the wheels started turning.
  14. with everything going on re: the staten island express network "redesign", I'm not holding out hope for anything positive re: the other redesigns on the docket, specifically the bronx, Brooklyn & Queens. I'm not worried so much about Manhattan... i feel as if they'll maintain the network below 125 street as is pretty much... in exception of the madison/5 av lines & the lex/3rd avenue lines. anything above 125 will be adversely affected. as much as I'd like to believe that Byford isn't a dirtbag, i feel this whole process is a ploy to cut runs... I'm borderline convinced.
  15. What are guys list number ? Mines is in the low 300’s. I dont know how much effect the list number will serve in terms of our specific start date or whatever. I just hope I get in that first class or don’t start to far behind.
  16. I found it, he uploaded it this afternoon. (I'm the guy in the white hoodie BTW)
  17. It’s likely due to the switch in The Bronx that weekend.
  18. I just got mine also. Elevators position. May 29th. I’m happy as hell. We finally there fellas.
  19. The traffic control infrastructure for universal TSP actually exists (not that you’d necessarily want that); it’s a matter of engineering implementation correctly...which, as ATH points out, is, uh, difficult for this admin.
  20. TSP actually works elsewhere but with this mayor and this DOT they're incompetent enough to neuter it before it's even implemented.
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