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  2. No worries. I appreciate the feedback. I've actually used it to modify my last plan I put out, such as modifying the service plan for Nassau-8th Avenue connection to shorten the to Essex Street and replace it with the train, changed up Lower Manhattan service by replacing the with the . I've also looked into reimagining the Queens Bypass from the 1960s and making it into a relief line, in addition to a reactivated Rockaway Beach Branch (if Richmond Hill and Rockaway resident still insist on getting it), but both will run into problems for reasons I will explain another time. However, even with these revisions, the plan has received negative feedback from one particular demographic, which is YouTube Railfanners. With the exception of one person, who said it was well though-out, all of them have reacted negatively to the plan, with reasons from causing confusion, being too complex, service cutoffs. I've even heard one person say that they will stop using the subway once the R32 and R42 cars retire, since my new plans does not include. The worst part, and possibly the last straw, was when someone accused me of gentrifying East New York, Richmond Hill, and other neighborhoods, because of the removal of just ONE bottleneck that slows down subway service (the Crescent Street curves). At that point, I actually snapped. As far as that new Queens Tunnel, I will say that you are correct that we do need one, because as you said, if we can have a 4-track SAS, then might as well have a new 2-track tunnel to Queens. The first question I though of was: where should it go? Because of this I started to think on where to send the line. One of the ideas that popped out of my head was the old Northern Blvd proposal I bought up a while back. I was thinking "What if we could use this for a new SAS line to Queens?" It not only avoids interlining with at-capacity trunk lines, but it also serves a whole new area of the city. Would that be a great idea for a SAS-Queens Line?
  3. It looks to me like zones are at fixed locations for all routes. Usually a city boundary or train station. The issue is that it makes some trips very unfair. IE, the GO28 makes a couple of stops in Bloomfield, and then crosses into Newark - fare boundary. It then travels extensively to the airport under the same zone. Why does 1/2 a mile cost so much more than the next 5 miles?
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  5. Id argue that the current system results in more lost money. How many people pay for the right amount of zones? Its impossible to police on local routes where people get on and off all the time.
  6. The bases dont take that long to install, and we still have 2 weeks until the end of the month.
  7. Looks like Saddle River Tours is done. Seeing some of their new MCIs in CMF (least 3 of them, that I saw)
  8. We'll see what stations go live for January but they're already installing bases outside this next phase.
  9. to be honest, I'd hope so. i personally haven't seen every unit, which is why I mentioned those 2.
  10. Basically the whole MTA bus batch has that spec.
  11. New wrap alert: Manhattan Division and Ulmer Park. Unrelated: 5343 on the B44 local to Sheepshead Bay right now. At least the bus is still wrapped in SBS.
  12. Every once in a while. On a weekend they will slap at least one XD40 on the 38 but most times you are correct with this. UNRELATED: New Wrap alert for Flatbush, Fresh Pond and Gleason by way of Ulmer Park, Staten Island and Manhattan Divisions. Saw the latest wraps yesterday on a Staten Island Division exp bus and Manhattan Division bus.
  13. Copy. Those are the last 2 stations for the stops in The Bronx.. If the TA is smart finish out the line in Brooklyn- South of Atlantic up to Utica Avenue. I wouldn’t be too concerned about up to New Lots.
  14. No. The last time I saw Burnside, I didn't see any indication that bases were installed there. I don't even think 183rd Street has it either.
  15. Yep, that’s what I thought. Because they don’t use any 40 foot buses at all really on the route anymore.
  16. That'll quickly fall apart. Manhattan has a handful of crosstowns, Queens is pretty much entirely crosstown (for a certain measure of crosstown), and "Downtown" refers to a specific section of north Brooklyn (most access is from the south and east). That's not even getting into the importance of clearly stating the destinations (or boroughs, if the train has to enter a different borough to reach its terminus) for those with impaired vision and to generally reduce confusion.
  17. Are you able to confirm that Burnside Avenue have bases and 183rd Street have bases? Now we are going in the right direction with this. Bronx stations 🚉 plus Midtown, Downtown, Bay Ridge and Jamaica. I guess they do say patience is key and the is addressing that. Hoping on the next rollout following key stations to be added: Metrotech , Court Square , 125th & St. Nick , 125th and Lenox , 72nd
  18. A thought about announcements: NYCT should scrap the neighborhood-based announcements ("Forest Hills-bound R train") in favor of returning to "Uptown" and "Downtown."
  19. The Port Authority actually requested this arrangement when the AirTrain opened, to discourage people from using the Q10 at Lefferts.
  20. 23rd on the already has OMNY and 23rd on the will get it as part of this new phase.
  21. I'm not walking 9 blocks just to pay for the train with my phone.
  22. Bee Line Randomly assign articulated buses because their 40 foot buses mainly consist of Orion Vs.
  23. How is that possible? I thought once you got hired and didn't passed your probation it was over. So if you get terminated and the list still active you can just jump back on the list in front of everyone or what? Plz explain if you don't mind. No disrespect but how is that fair to the ones still waiting to be called for the 1st time?
  24. It’s comical that this is called Bee Line Advocacy Group. Is there any actual advocacy going on, or just Bee Line talk?
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