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  3. Could we see a trend with the Triangles moving forward ? Would give the garage a lot more flexible if those buses can go on all routes. For a garage like WF that could help a lot of the Artic issues not having the lower 10xx just for the SBS.
  4. I am honestly surprised that they are actually going ahead with making the Q12 an artic line. I thought they would introduce some type of LTD service on Northern Blvd before they ever converted the Q12. I never specifically saw the Q12 as a line that needed artics since the Q13 also runs along Northern. I actually can’t help but wonder about the Q13. More specific I feel that the MTA will purposely reduce service on the Q13 to make the Q12 with artics more of a success. I even see the Q28 getting a slight boost in service to accommodate riders who want Northern Blvd from Union Street to 162nd Street.
  5. That didn't work for Cynthia Nixon. There's still groups where his favorability is decent, and those are the ones which need to be targetted. You have to run an effective campaign to beat Cuomo. Last election, I did not see one TV ad from Nixon or Molinaro (during their respective election), but Cuomo was out attacking them (mostly Molinaro) for their policies/former stances on issues. Anyways, I'll end here so the thread can get back on topic.
  6. There's no way in hell they will ever open these entrances again because of security/terrorism concerns, and if the NYSE is paying to slab it over so they have a bigger pedestrian walkway area, I really don't mind.
  7. thank you so much, pretty clear.
  8. Several times we were held beofre 36 while was crossing . I was never in situation where northbound trains just sit till they figure out which one is first . But I don’t go rush maybe it’s more common then .
  9. It's absolutely true... I've used 4th Avenue every morning and when both the and arrive in the station at the same time, it's common for both trains to sit for a while before one of them gets the line up.
  10. I don't see how making the n27 serve Mineola will increase ridership. In fact I feel like Mineola is more of a weekday destination than a weekend one. https://www.thelirrtoday.com/2019/07/lirr-diesel-branch-service-cuts.html?fbclid=IwAR1uONepfinIlQ8YQmLZCyFPSN6Xli2IM_rNIoBCD0EC4mujYEqhkw0UNKI I never knew that Oyster Bay Branch have a two hour layover at Jamaica. In that case 90 minute headway do make more sense than cutting it back to bi-hourly
  11. Something similar to the pink validators would definitely be needed for LIRR at Jamaica, Floral Park, Mineola, Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Hicksville, and Babylon, as those are transfer stations that may bypass more expensive zones. For the subway, out of system transfers would be handled by the OMNY fare engine since there are no fare zones (assuming no change in transfers and procedures), so no need for that. AMEX should issue you a new credit card if you mark the current one as damaged. I'd imagine that the fare engine wouldnt provide for a free transfer, just like how airtrain is set up today.
  12. The ferries are getting OMNY Al Putre mentioned it on the SAS podcast
  13. express service is needed, but additional service on the is not warranted? Extra trains per hour definitely aren’t practical, not with all the merging you mentioned. The ’s 2016 study called for an even split between local and express service to make the merge between them at Bergen as smooth as possible. Then again, this being the New York City subway, no merge is ever really smooth. This is true. Truth be told, while a Nassau -8th Avenue connection might be a big help with deinterlining, it will not be cheap to do and it will take years of being studied to death just before ground can be broken on it. And truthfully, the current service is working. Nassau-8th is a “nice-to-have” project, but it isn’t necessarily needed. And as far having a practical version of the express goes that isn’t the ’s 2016 recommendation, I feel like it’s either bring back the separate and services or squeeze more tph out of Queens through deinterlining, perhaps something along the lines of what @R68OnBroadway suggested up thread (the option C in his post on page 3). But maybe not with the running as the sole Queens Blvd local/53rd Street service.
  14. That’s not true . If a northbound gets to 36 when is leaving they make the wait outside 36st . Not the ramp but not in the Station either . They got better with southbound trains waiting outside 36st for no reason whatsoever. It still happens though sometimes. Anyway normal service resumes next Monday
  15. Happens all the time. They will even send 2 trains ahead to 36 Street before letting the get in the conga line. The gets a better deal out of the current arrangement and it would be merging with the either way, but now the can wait in station instead of being stuck at the ramp going down to 36 Street.
  16. Doesn’t a gate serve the same purpose? Subway entrances get blocked off all the time (like for construction) without permanently shuttering them.
  17. States like MA, NH, VT and MD are all Heavily Democratic and Solid Left States and they voted for a Republican Politician, they all are Anti-Trump. even Molinaro and Gibson are Anti-Trump Republicans. Also Most New Yorks don't want Cuomo to run for a Fourth Term, so he would either lose in Primary or General Election? https://www.newsday.com/news/region-state/cuomo-poll-ratings-1.27164293
  18. No duh. Times have changed. Ticket-splitting is gone, NY has gone to the left, the Republicans have an ever weaker bench then Democrats, and in the age of Trump Democratic voters are agitated.
  19. Looks like it will be used to make parts. Wonder if they will also make it a finishing centre as well to win more NY state orders
  20. https://www.newflyer.com/locations/ As this its listed as manufacturing
  21. Are you kidding me. NY is a heavily heavily Democratic state. Gibson, Stefanik, Molinaro, are you kidding me. The only way to defeat Cuomo is in the primary.
  22. Why wouldn't they? His Approval Rating is Declining very fast. Chris Gibson, Elise Stefanik and Mark Molinaro seems to be best Candidates to defeat Cuomo.
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