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  2. It was to prove a supporting point for the recent posts about why maintaining a transfer to the in LIC would matter if the Crosstown Line should ever see an extension toward Astoria along 21st Street.
  3. It still wouldn't be anywhere close to the longest transfer in the system, and it's not really worth diverting a whole line for just to build a second transfer at Vernon-Jackson too. I don't get what the point of this history lesson is in the current context.
  4. The transfer was originally created as a free out-of-system connection to appease customers who would otherwise lose their old transfer point at Roosevelt Avenue when the route got truncated to Court Square upon the opening of the 63rd Street Connection in December 2001. That and the resulting slew of service changes along the QBL, which included the birth of the train, is what led the MTA to make Court Square a secondary transfer point to the QBL, or in laymen's terms, an alternative to the more popular Roosevelt complex in Jackson Heights.
  5. NYAR operates freight service in lieu of the LIRR doing so in-house (which it once did).
  6. I mean I don't even really understand why we want to bother with it anyways. The is right there at Court Square too.
  7. Why bother? Just send it directly up 21st Street, and if that transfer is really that important, find a way to facilitate it under Jackson Avenue.
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  9. 8718-8722 has returned to Jamaica and is on the right now. This was part of the first passenger service set on the in 2006.
  10. If a extension to south Brooklyn is ever in the books, it would most likely supplement the to Bay Ridge. After all, Bay Ridge could benefit from a second line during rush hours.
  11. The was useful before ridership patterns were changing from people wanting to go downtown to people wanting to go to midtown. Not to mention the was also there to supplement the on 4th Av. If it wasn't for the 2010 car shortage, the would've replaced the to Bay Pkwy.
  12. ... (mutters several swear words under her breath) Okay, new meat, time for a quick Computer science 101. that is NOT a “LINK” to anything. What you wrote there is the directory location for the map on YOUR hard drive. You can see it there because it’s your drive. You have have access to it. We do not have access to your drive remotely. Your image needs to be uploaded to a file storage and sharing site, like Flickr. the link to the image will be the URL (aka the web address) of the image on the sharing site. got it?
  13. Agreed. Especially if the mythical SAS ever gets extended into Brooklyn via a new East River tunnel past the current site of the Transit Museum, which would require returning the museum tracks to revenue service.
  14. Even with all that shit in his hands, that dude behind the bus looks like he's plotting.... Anyway, good catch.
  15. @eggballo that's EXACTLY what I did and It didn't work? Think you can upload it through Flickr by any chance?
  16. Hey welcome to the forums, but as you saw, we already have a thread for all of this.
  17. file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/New%20York%20Future%20Subway%20Network.png This is a link to a future transit map that I edited. The streetcar lines are shown in Black and the rest is all subways and light rails. I hope to hear and reply to all of your comments soon, Eggballo out.
  18. This is a discussion where we talk about future projects or projects that could've happened. For example, talking about projects like the BQX, the East Side Access project, or even the Second Avenue Subway. This is also a place where you could come up with your own plans and discuss them with everyone else. I hope to see you again soon.
  19. Two curves are going to slow down the train and it's going to require a lot of property taking. The best place for a Transit Museum if it's going to be relocated is the unused bits of Chambers St. The space is very large and isn't being used for anything.
  20. Well, not exactly. Before 63 was linked with QBL in 2001, your Manhattan capacity was limited to the , and the alone was not enough to sate demand on the local tracks. That’s the role the played. As for the , the demand demographics along its route were actually quite downtown-biased relative to the rest of the city until the aughts. Then that changed, we needed to cut service, and we got the .
  21. Yup, Suburban has made a lot of money off of their Princeton & New Brunswick line & charter work. They just lost a huge chunk of that work due to Princeton University going to 100% remote learning. If Rutgers goes next, that's basically an even larger chunk of their revenue gone as well.
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