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  2. Just recieved my s&d invitation Iwetoddit, it's for may 4 at the hillside station. You should be seeing one soon as well. Hopefully I'll see you there. I'm just glad I'm given this almost once in a lifetime opportunity.
  3. Hasn't that issue been fixed? Also if they ran via the it'd be via the Bridge...
  4. It took long enough for them to start on this study, which was funded by the 2015-2019 Capital Program. https://new.mta.info/system_modernization/si_west_shore The Purpose of the Staten Island West Shore Alternatives Analysis (AA) is to examine the area’s transportation needs. At the end of the analysis, we will produce a report outlining the best options for future transit projects in the area. Our goal is to run a transparent and inclusive process. We want residents, commuters, and local officials to take part. Over the course of the study, we will identify and analyze all reasonable ideas which would improve transit options for people traveling to and from the West Shore of Staten Island. Next Steps The Alternatives Analysis builds on several previous study efforts. We have already begun briefing stakeholders and elected officials about the purpose of the study. We plan to launch a survey effort to help us learn about travel preferences on the West Shore. At the same time, we will compile background information from previous studies. We will use the survey and research to develop a study Purpose and Need Report as well as Public Involvement Plan. Key public events in the initial 3-months include: Mid-April 2019 Public pop-up events to kick-off the AA and launch survey efforts April-May 2019 Start on-board Bus Intercept Surveys and web-based surveys Background Over the past 15 years, Staten Island has grown. Because of that, advocates and local leaders have campaigned for more reliable mass transit. This Alternatives Analysis Study expands on previous efforts including: MTA NYCT’s North Shore Alternatives Analysis Study and Staten Island Bus Study; NYC Department of City Planning’s and NYC Econonomic Development Corporation’s Working West Shore 2030; and The Staten Island Economic Development Corporations’ West Shore Light Rail Phase II Study. Study Area The Study Area for the Staten Island West Shore is roughly bounded by: I-278 to the north, the Arthur Kill waterway to the west, Tottenville (south of Amboy Road, west of Page Avenue) to the south, and a line roughly ½ mile south/east of the Korean War Veterans Parkway and Richmond Avenue north of Arthur Kill Road. The Study Area includes SIR stations from Annadale to Arthur Kill.
  5. I've had meetings near to Houston... Better off walking or taking an Uber... The M9 is a rarity, but at least all of the construction along Houston seems to be done. What I will say though is I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to run even less service in Tribeca and Battery Park City citing "changing demographics". Outside of that Downtown Connection bus, lots of people just hop in Ubers or other black car services or whatever, and as you know, TriBeCa over the years has been the new "it" place.
  6. The problem w/ the M9 as a whole, is that it crawls b/w Bellevue & Chinatown.... Houston is a sheer mess all the way around & Essex has only gotten worse over the years.... As far as Tribeca goes, for the most part, I find myself walking anyway - but for service from points east towards Chinatown & City Hall, I make my way to the M22....
  7. 5093 scrapped from ulmer so far today. I'll be watching flatbush to see if they zucc anything (with all those NGs they got from KB, it's looking like something's gonna go soon. I imagine the oldest bus, #4947 will be among them, but we'll see)
  8. Just study your behind off when you get into school, and I have high hopes that all of us will be coworkers down in the tunnels
  9. Here's the problem with the M9... I can't think of too many other "crosstown" streets that you can use for it in TriBeCa. Then you also have the Whole Foods, the Target and other shoppers that use the M9 by Murray to reach Battery Park City - I do it myself when I'm visiting people over there that live in BPC and go shopping afterwards. As for the M22, I usually find myself walking more times than not. The buses in general just don't show up very frequently down there, and the waits are too long. If that shuttle bus (the Downtown Connection) didn't run, I'd be spending a fortune in Ubers or having to walk long distances. I've done the walk when the weather is nice, but it's not fun if it's very hot out.
  10. Today
  11. The M22 runs like garbage, because there simply isn't enough service given to it.... The M9 runs like garbage, because it's too busy being tied up somewhere b/w Chinatown & LES.... Give the M22 [M9 level] service & run it down to serve the more residential portion of BPC & I can pretty much guarantee the M22 would garner more usage over the M9 down to/from BPC.... Overall, the M9 simply does too much & the M22 doesn't do enough..... That, and you don't really need a bus on [Chambers] & [a bus on Warren/Murray] over there.... Poor allocation of resources, the way I see it.
  12. The R32s would probably be on a farewell trip across the system like the R30s with the last one on the . I would highly doubt they would see regular service.
  13. I agree about the traffic, but leaving Battery Park City with no M9 service isn't the answer either. It's a real PITA to reach that area from the nearest subways and the current M20 meanders far too much. As far as the M9 and the M22, they both run pretty poorly.
  14. I would say go with what ever calls you first, that's what I'm waiting for but during the pre-employment for Conductor they told us we need to take exams as well and need at least a 70% and a 100% on last exam. If I remember correctly.
  15. Personally, I would cut all M9 service back to Park Row, extend the M22 to Liberty/S. End av (current M9 terminal), and leave those M15 shorties as is (as much as I miss those M15 City Hall trips)..... With the M9, that traffic you're talking about is one of the reasons I'd cut the thing back to Park Row.... That, and on top of it, much of nobody patronizes the M9 on Warren/Murray anyway... With that said though, traffic around South Ferry is even worse than what the M9 has to contend with, west of Park Row.... We also have the M20 extended to S. Ferry itself now (instead of its old terminal @ 1st place), so there really isn't a need to revisit the M9 via South Ferry to BPC.... Vis a vis BPC, I never cared for the way the M22 only serves the northern portion of BPC from the east & the way the M9 only serves the southern portion of BPC from the east.... That's why I'd run the M22 to Liberty, so that it could serve both sections of BPC from the east.... Well that, and the M22 could use the ridership boost serving most of BPC; the M9 OTOH has enough to deal with in LES & Alphabet City, and up around Bellevue as well...
  16. the r32s cannot go on the they are banned from the montague tunnel
  17. They believe " a few miles per hour" makes no difference in travel times, but they fail to realize how speed also affects how many traffic signals you can get through, etc.
  18. Yea man, tough choice to make. I honestly don't know what to do.
  19. A guy I met Tuesday while I was redoing the urine test, his list number was in the 700’s. They were considering him for the April 29th class.
  20. Thanks for that information my brother .. idk about soon my list number is 12XX hopefully soon tho
  21. You're 100% correct you need a 100% on the signal exam if not you get the boot
  22. thanks for all the insight and info over the the years . i hope you enjoy your retirement. will someone else take over posting this info.
  23. Yea I heard, I have a friend who is a t/o, if you fail an exam mainly signals you automatically get terminated from the position. He mentioned that he started out with about 30 and only 8 made it through. I currently work for the city already with paid summers off. I would suggest everyone to take a leave of absence if possible from your current position and try it out.
  24. They haven't updated their system on DCAS. I was list number 5XX. You should be getting something soon... maybe July.
  25. The M9 loop is worthless imo, but if there's a way to bring back the M15 to City Hall I'm all for it. Knowing the MTA, if they want to bring back the M15 to City Hall, I could see them trying to do a "cut" where the M15 absorbs the entire M15 local to South Ferry, which they kinda already do right now (most M15 locals end at Pike during the daytime I believe).
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