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  2. OMNY in theory could allow any number of transfers since the fare is calculated on a fare engine server. However the Metrocard currently has some 3 legged transfers programmed today
  3. That’s not the only way. They can go back to having plain clothes officers do operations and busts on the subways and buses. God forbid they go back to tried and true tactics...
  4. The only real way to prevent fare evasion in a cost effective way (and frankly this should be done regardless) is to design a better turnstile (which should be done given ADA work as well).
  5. Spending $250 million dollars to save $200 million is questionable for sure when you are cutting service. I don’t see why they can’t address the fare beating problem with a lower price tag...
  6. Since this is change, shouldn't there be a change of schedule for the 42nd St Shuttle as there's only 2 tracks in service during the rush hour?
  7. That doesn't make sense because you can easily just isolate that door and have people board and exit though another door. Or what happens in London can happen here :
  8. The MTAPD were not regularly used in the subway before this summer. The NYC Transit Police (since the 90s a subset of the NYPD) always held patrols. But Cuomo diverted some MTAPD to the subway in July or so, and now he's hiring 500 new MTAPD for subway use. There is no talk of the NYPD Transit Squad leaving the subway, only the MTAPD supplementing. Questionable use of money as service is cut regardless.
  9. Given the rollsign extras the Transit Museum had made for the R1-9s, I doubt it, but I doubt we'll be seeing that service while the M supplement is running to a 96th St. Lot of factors to worry about turning around there. I don't think the 8th Ave run is considered ideal though, especially since it misses some of the "Shoppers' Special" locations the train is nominally supposed to pass on the East Side, and since it encounters some of the usual problems on the 8th Ave (showtime dancers, etc.).
  10. I mean, you can easily accomplish the same approximate connectivity by making the Bay Ridge service be Essex Middle-95 via Nassau, Montague, 4th local. Or by transferring to Culver.
  11. Lengthening one station and getting a 11.25 percent capacity increase on the sounds like great ROI. Getting the additional 11 percent capacity for the 10th car is frankly not worth it, seeing the more pressing capacity issues on Lex Ave and QBL that need to be addressed. I do see the appeal of a new Williamsburg tunnel for the so the don't get disrupted. The question now is how would the new reach Brooklyn? Presumably via the express platforms at 2 Ave, but in that scenario I can't imagine any part of the Chrystie St connection would survive. That might not be a necessarily bad thing though, as auxiliary connections between major trunk lines are a net capacity decrease and should be removed from normal service.
  12. Is the fleet roster not available anymore?
  13. Exactly. Even if you only lengthened Metropolitan to 540 feet, you could likely be able on a tight fit have nine-car trains throughout the Eastern Division.
  14. http://www.ttmg.org/insidersguide/new-york-mta-bus-roster-depot/
  15. There is no Franklin Av service in either direction while NYPD completes an investigation at Franklin Av. For continued service, consider taking a B48 bus. I don’t understand why they can’t run an shuttle from Prospect park to Botanic Garden (or even park place if power is on there) and back. Is power off on The Whole shuttle Line? If not no excuse not to do it!
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  17. First of all, welcome to the Forums!! As a general rule of thumb, can you please hide the last digit or two of your list number in order to hide your identity on this public forum? As an example, since this list contains 2,847 people, if your specific list number is 3,925, you can identify your list number as "in the 3,900s" or "3,9xx" or something to this nature. For those who reinstate their name to the list, it will take DCAS approximately a week to reinstate you to the list. You should receive something in the mail from them indicating such. As far as hiring off of this list again in the near future, it depends on the needs of the Department of Buses. There is a class starting November 25th, so I personally think they are temporarily on the 'good' side. In addition, have you checked out this website? If you type either your last name or "Bus Operator" or "07612" into the search box on the top right, you'll know when the agency requested the next batch of candidates from DCAS. From my experience, the website will give you a 'heads-up' before you get the letter in the mail inviting you down for employment processing. As far as where you stand on the list, the good news is that your list number remains the same. Therefore, with the fact that they have hired approximately up to the 1400s on the list and they are up to the 1700s as far as the first pre-employment and the drug test are concerned, when they request the next batch of candidates from DCAS, you, along with everyone else who has a smaller list number than the 1400s who restored their name to the list as well will have first priority over those whose list number is higher. Again, this all comes down to your list number, which is permanent until the list expires. Good luck and once again, welcome!!
  18. I thought I read somewhere, but forgot where, that OMNY will allow 2 transfers rather than 1 with Metrocard. If that is so, does that mean Bus-Train-Bus can be done on one fare, or only means Train-Bus-Bus ?
  19. I did a test yesterday using OMNY with 3 different payment methods. I noticed a very slight difference in processing speed: 1. Contactless credit card took about a half second to process 2. Samsung pay with card activated took a little less than 1 second 3. Samsung pay transit mode (screen off) took slightly more than one second. Overall it is slightly slower than a successful metrocard swipe but none of that swipe again bs that we all know and love. Also it is hard to see the reader if you go all the way up to the turnstile arm while tapping, but the click of the unlocking arm and the traditional beep help a lot so not a big deal. Supposedly thats what will happen
  20. With the exception of Metropolitan, they can all about fit 9 cars.
  21. Were the 96th St runs a one time thing only?
  22. Wikipedia has a page that says what makes and models of buses the MTA uses, but it doesn’t tie them to particular routes. How can I determine that info for a given route? I am particularly interested in Q32, Q33 and Q49. I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that the MTA uses the same buses, day in day out, on a given route Thanks.
  23. Dunno if this is as true as railfan lore would suggest it is. There’s a considerable distance where the grade is constant beyond the crossover, and as I’m sure you know installation on a curve isn’t an issue. If you just move the tower and/or the crossover, you’re golden. In a similar vein to @Trainmaster5’s post above, I’d suggest that yards may be where we face the most complexity in a 10 car plan. ENY, Canarsie and FPY are all quite space constrained, and with everything running in 5 car links these days, moving away from the train lengths for which those yards are optimized would likely increase operational complexity while also reducing yard capacity. These issues aren’t necessarily insurmountable (I’m very much of the opinion that NYCT should at the very least option the land around ENY before its too late), but are certainly worth thinking about.
  24. I've had that happen before, but the B/O of the bus flagging the stop would generally motion towards the other bus, or stay in a middle lane and speed up. This guy pulled into the shoulder lane to pick us up, slowed down nearly to a stop, and then hit the gas. It was really strange.
  25. Backtracking the discussion for a bit. As for Connecting the Second Avenue train to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge without cutting Jamaica-Nassau Service, could an alternative be to do the following: (SAS 2) - Manhattan Bridge boa DeKalb Rebuild the Chrystie Street connection at around Houston to allow for the Possibility of 6th Express go via Culver. the following can happen: Express via Culver. trains continue to Coney while trains terminate at Church. terminating at 2nd Avenue or WTC. continues to Metro or sent back to Nassau depending on how the connection would be rebuilt. Service stays as is with a new transfer at Bowery for service.
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