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  2. About giving your current employer no notice if you pass the 10-day training - maybe I'm just old school, but I believe in not burning any bridges with previous employers if at all possible. Getting an MTA job is a big deal, like entering the police or fire academies. In my life experience most people respect that. I would recommend being honest with your employer if you feel comfortable doing so and tell them what's up and when you are going for training. Some employers might be jerks and show you the door, but if you are a valued employee then others will likely be willing to have you come back if things don't work out with the B/O training. Just my two cents worth.
  3. This week the CP buses I've been taking back and forth seem to have now only the first 3 rows on each side blocked off. Thanks if you had anything to do with that. I took a ride on 2824 yesterday and was surprised we made it back to Fresh Meadows. The engine just sounds like it's gonna cut out at any minute, the whole bus was shaking, and at one point my wife and I thought the engine was gonna stall when we got into the Midtown Tunnel.
  4. @dman good so maybe we will get our drug test results by next week.
  5. I hope you realize that new equipment or not EVERYONE HAS TO BE TRAINED for CBTC. You have to train the crews on R211s regardless of where you put them. Putting them in Jamaica is no different than putting them at 207th St or Pitkin.
  6. Last I heard 2nd or 3rd week of August
  7. lol I don't know what they will call it, but they are very protective of it and for good reason. They get new buses out of it for one. Just makes running those lines cheaper overall, in addition to faster run times. I'm on the Community Advisory Board for the Hylan Blvd corridor now, and I'm wondering if the S79SBS will come up during the presentations. I'm on it because it's a major express bus corridor, but I imagine that they will discuss the S79 at some point.
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  9. Perhaps they should rebrand it as "rapid" to denote limited stop service.
  10. When are the classes? Did one start already?
  11. There's no IF. It will be phased out and rebranded. It came up during a meeting I had last year about SBS countdown clocks. I was referring to them because I was pushing for those at some major express bus stops. The DOT and the refers to SBS as a "brand", and for now, the SBS brand exists. Once OMNY comes into play, it'll have to be something else, even if they keep it the same for the public. It's really BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), and so the whole branding thing is to ensure that they keep getting the federal funding. If they wanted to get people to use glorified Limited Stop Service, they had to rebrand it to make it appealing. They mention their newest fleet and faster commutes for a reason, but they also get other goodies. Those countdown clocks being one of them.
  12. Your going to train everyone, just to re-train them again on the R211's? It makes no sense.
  13. Resetting the inspection status: 20801-20818, 20820-20821, and 20825 have all been inspected. 20811 back in Netcong.
  14. Good Luck to all starting up the new class. This is an amazing opportunity. But please pay attention to the advice of your training supt. They are not there to be your friend, so don't take it personally. Just try to correct any mistakes on your evaluation sheet each day. Go Slow. Slow is the key. Very Slow. Extremely Slow. I can't stress that enough. Good Luck See you all on the road.
  15. Understood. However, I’ve observed 5451, 5458 and few others working the M23 and M34 SBS lines during the last few weeks. So to say it could be a yard dispatcher call or management call on this.
  16. With those luggage racks, they're not supposed to be interchangeable.
  17. Honestly and truthfully the LaGuardia Link branding should only be limited to the Q70 only. That set of 5444-5467 are interchangeable and used sometimes on other SBS lines like the M23, M34.
  18. Maybe extend the "LaGuardia Link" brand to the M60 (to emphasize that local riders "should" use the M100/M101/Bx15 instead).
  19. Instead of walking from 2nd Avenue to Columbus Circle, just pick up the Bx99 on 2nd Avenue and ride across 57th Street.
  20. Stock up on bottled water (I have 8 of the 40 ct. cases)..... I say that, because I'm finding that less 7-11's now are 24/7 anymore,,,, Don't know how much of the route (B99) you plan on fanning, but that, combined with an air-conditioned bus, alleviates a hell of a lot.
  21. After reading it’s only a suspension until September. But suspension is not going to help the situation with no money coming in.
  22. Unless one is a night owl. I'm still planning to catch the B99, but I've been extremely lazy to do so. I don't think I'm touching the other two routes anytime soon, lol. Also, it's still pretty hot and humid at night, and walking crosstown to/from 2nd Avenue to Columbus Circle doesn't sound too appealing. Doesn't help that I'm a relatively fast walker (when compared on average).
  23. It's a damn shame that they are suspending all services again
  24. Most of my redbird rides that I remember were in the late 90s and early 2000s, they wasn't really that bad TBH. I enjoyed riding the cars. Then again most of these rides were on the which had the R33ML assigned to it which was the best car class of the IRT redbird batch. Most of those stuck around in the system after retirement, mostly as rider cars in work train consists, and of course a couple of pairs was set aside for Transit Museum and used in the TOMC consists. I know the R36WF had it bad with the rusting though. @T to Dyre Avenue it seems you bring up sub talk posters being happy the 142/142A got sidelined back then every chance you get like you have PTSD over it or something haha. I wouldn't be surprised if that still happens in the community whenever the R179 get sidelined and the R32/42 ends up coming back in the masses. I kinda feel the same way you did about Redbird/142s but with the R32 and R179, hopefully the 32s are retired for good once the 179s come back.
  25. Damn shame. Those lines have zero ridership right now, maybe if things ever pick back up NJT would pick up.
  26. Plastic is ruined if paint/graffiti gets on it, plexi is pegged to gas prices and can be expensive, both are easy candidates for scratchiti, neither are quite the visual quality of glass, etc. The guy's a moron, but they'll get him, and that'll be that. Not an epidemic. The only thing that did change from the 80s was the end of rubber gaskets, which the TA believed made it easier to knock out windows.
  27. Quite frankly, I don't see any of those lines getting picked up by other carriers.... Regardless, tough break for those guys.
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