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  2. Hold on....what do you mean by that they lack of....amusement?? You are kinda out of touch with that statement...... Some employees hate them for the footwork they gotta do with the brake release to get them going, along with the stifled transmission setup that makes them take off slower than the rest of the XD40 fleet. Most transitfans hate them because they replaced their older favorites.....which in itself is a dumb point, but I, and a majority of fans who look past that dumb reason don't like these mostly because they ride like hot garbage with all of the rocking and swaying, and the HVAC isn't as good. Also not a fan of it's transmission setup that makes them take off slower than the rest of the fleet. The 2011s, and the 2017-2019s are much, much, much better than the 7090-7483 batch by far. The only buses I like out of the 7090-7483 batch are the MTA Bus units at LaGuardia, they take off much better, have better seats and AC units. The 7090-7483 batch(except for the MTA Bus batch) is by far some of the worst spec'd Xcelsiors we got.
  3. Please leave the protest out of it. The video started at 00:45 for that exact reason. I wanted to highlight a major disruption of bus service during the evening rush. I want to read about your solutions to get service back to normal and not about what caused it.
  4. I completely forgot about that issue. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. I know this thread is ancient, but it remains a completely useful resource with the most authoritative accounts of subway speed on the site, and it's even more interesting reading some of these numbers in the wake of the current re-assessment and removal of certain timers. Think it's worth bumping it for those who weren't on the site any number of years back. Just wanted to note that the extended overnight is hitting some incredible speeds given the tracks are empty and the trains are empty as well. I was on a set tonight that hit 49mph going 72-42, would have gone even faster but the T/O took it off a point around 50th St. Even rarer–something I've never seen before–hit 49mph going 34-14 as well. Absolutely flew into the station. Some of these R62s are still kicking it.
  6. According to this Daily News article it does not.
  7. BINGO! Any slightest inconvenience on a certain demographic and they all show their true colors (but what do I know)
  8. Been a while since there has been a comment like this one... Ah, protesting on the streets without a permit. The greatest crime in the history of humanity, the pinnacle of lawlessness. Guess it's a crime, punishable by death, if you forget your permit. Did you forget Charlottesville already? Now, I don't recall the legality of that protest,...but I'm pretty sure running over people with the intention of killing them is, uh, murder. You know, part of lawlessness? Five years ago, I would called this a stupid knee-jerk reaction, but these days? Judging from the early comments and the angry emojis in the FB SI Express group, this seems to be a common sentiment. And that is scary AF. "Sure, 20 people or so were killed, but I mean, I just wanted to go home and feed my family and relax". Obviously, I'm sympathetic with the protesters, but one doesn't have to agree with them to see how much of a stupid argument you're presenting. Because all you are doing is introducing a whole new order of lawlessness. You think people taking up a street is bad, and now you want people to run them over and kill them? Now THAT is chaos. You know, the opposite of order?
  9. Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know anything. It’s still early.
  10. In no way shape or form does it make any sense to run over demonstrators. That's overly callous. Just reroute the buses and be done with it.
  11. They shouldn't have intentionally blocked traffic. At some point, you have to just realize you're going to get backlash.
  12. Let’s see how the off season thing would work. Yankees/ Mets play from April to September ( October with any luck) , right? Both stadiums are located on elevated lines. Let’s say from October to March is conflict free. Most elevated structure work is done during daylight hours . Correct me if I’m wrong but we are talking about NYC weather spanning the Fall to early Spring. Exactly how much time are we gonna shut down said line(s) ? Seems like everyone is arguing the pros and cons but ignoring the two most important factors, IMO, Mother Nature and the residents of the affected area. Carry on.
  13. Thanks for this Scheter! I start schoolcar next month, and I'll buy this.
  14. Thanks. How goes schoolcar? I know you began in the June 10 class. Have you taken a train down the mainline yet?
  15. You do realize how outrageous that sounds, right? Not only would the backlash by just about everyone would be insanely bad publicity, but that would set up a terrible precedent (hint hint, look who's in the White House). It's a good thing you aren't in charge.
  16. A few comments: - Astoria and Dekalb should be major bottlenecks - You should include dwell time constraints at Jackson Heights, Grand Central (both levels), 72/Bway, and mention dwells when talking about USQ. - Dunno where you'd put the marker, but highlighting restrictive (ie GT heavy) signal design along Eastern Parkway and its effects especially on 4/5 service may be worthwhile. - BG terminal ops should go on there. That's an easy 3 minute delay whenever they're short turning a train. - I'd be sure to describe what's bad about E180. It's the crossing move that 5s make - Why do the 2 curves at Crescent get different rankings? - I'd add the merge at 75 Ave - I'd add Whitehall terminal ops - I'd add Utica terminal ops And a general question: what is your definition of bottleneck? An area that slows service? That reduces capacity? That does both? This is a good effort. We need more info like this publicly and concisely accessible. I'll think of more comments, I'm sure.
  17. AW HELL NAH! As for the OP, I would also argue that 149/150 Avenue should be made a one-way westbound only as well. (The existing affected business, Do & Co, would have a negligible issue.) This issue deserves its own thread...brought to you by the words Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot!
  18. This is a case where the police commissioner should have ordered the buses to go through anyway (even if it meant plowing into the crowd), and made the protesters scatter or be run over. Since they have no permit to block a public highway, they have forfeited their First Amendment rights. That's how I'd handle it...and deal with fallout afterward. If you tolerate this lawlessness, you have no law and order.
  19. Plus some buses could even go out of service.
  20. I like XN40 and XN60 more than XD40 and XD60.
  21. Around 9PM today, while taking the M66 from Lincoln Center to the West Side Broadway, the bus is normal the way it is (such as seats used and finding a seat on the bus). However, while reaching to 5 Av and E. 67 St, there is a M72 behind as both the M66/72 made a stop. The M66, took at least 5-6+ minutes waiting because there's a huge line to board the bus. Then, at that time, the M66 was full as the bus op quoted "The bus is full, wait for the next one". I wonder if the M66 is normally packed at that hour. (It was full all the way to the last stop west).
  22. Alright since we're doing rankings... 1. 2017 XN40 that ZF transmission and the HVAC whistle/ring nuff said 2. 2011 XD40 the Allison growl on these is fantastic; best build quality of all our Xcelsiors IMO 3. 2018 XDE40s I rank the BAE ahead of the Allison but they're both good 4. 2017 XD60s I swear these sound like they have Voiths and I LOVE IT! 5. 2017 -19 XD40s They fixed the issues I had with the 2015s on this order and they look great with blue and gold 6. 2018 XN60s the backfire/ring especially going uphill 7. 2018-2019 XD60s They don't sound like they Voiths like the 2017s so I'm docking them a bit but I do like the growl 8. 2015 - 16 XD60s/ 2012-13 XD60s I'm combining these two because I haven't been on them much and they didn't really stand out to me 9. 2014 - 2015 XD40s The absolute worse Xcelsiors we have... They rattle too much, they shake violently while accelerating and they're painfully slow
  23. 347-643-8210
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