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  2. My legal fight created a set of "bright lines" for anyone operating a special operation service in New York State backed by voluminous research. NYSDOT did not assess any fines because in their eyes, I had followed their guidelines and used big, strong bus companies which gave them no reason to question the safety of the operation. They are hyper focused on safety. Everything else is negotiable. The MTA's unofficial position is don't poach their services and they are not going to complain. They are well aware that they do not have the resources to provide all of the needed services. You underestimate the "shadow boxing" that goes on in the background. 2010 was an interesting year. You were going to have commuter vans replace discontinued bus routes, but the city took so long to let them operate that by the time they did, all of the passenger demand dried up. The essential connector plan was supposed to include commuter vans. Where are they? Commuter vans are the only unsubsidized public transit option in NYC and if they get TOO successful, it puts pressure on the MTA and its labor agreements. If the city took every illegal van off of the road, the legal guys would be rich. If they have NYSDOT operating authority, they are fine. They should not collect any money on the bus unless it is done through a coordinator. The driver should just drive (like a charter) and coordinators should handle everything else. The fastest way to ramp up would be to try and replace the hospital bus network that is slowly being wound down. You might be able to get the operator a start-up grant through FEMA as they are going to be interested in methods to social distance on transit.
  3. I think it was quite irresponsible of you to not dot all of your "i"s and cross all of your "t"s. You in this very post are saying that you broke rules, and obviously, you got under some peoples' skin - you had to know that you would. You're acting as if you are new to the game. You aren't, so you had to be aware of the possible repercussions. I don't fault you for trying. My issue with a lot of these private operators are they try to get in the game, get shut down and leave the riders with no options but the same crappy ones they had before. It is stupid to do so much work and then cut corners and get shut down. No other way to say it. We both know that it is not that easy running a private service and running up against the , so you need to bring your A game, period. I would sincerely hope that if you try again, you'll do that this time. As for me, there is no risk involved, as I am not putting out any money in this, but as a potential customer, I want to see that this is done properly so that it is successful for the people that want it, and I also believe that it needs to happen because the is taking advantage of the riding public and has been for too long as the only game in town. The operator has come to me to put the word out, which I am happy to do, provided they have an actual business plan and have all documentation in order and circumvent the "competition" legally. We will discuss a number of particulars before I go any further in assisting. And yes, I would agree... No one is going to fight a private operator in the current environment, so it's the perfect time to try this.
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  5. IMO: I think the should order the XDE's before transitioning over to the XE. That re-styled MCI is straight bascura. CT's are the best models. Has any other transit agency ordered the new MCI's.
  6. Your Queens TramLink could possibly work for busy Queens bus lines with tight frequencies. But in this case, the bus riders already transfer directly to the . Why make them take a bus to a tram to the ? That’s turning a two-seat ride into a three-seat ride. We don’t want to make riders have a longer commute with an extra transfer. I could go for that. I like what they did with that station. This should be a relatively easy extension project.
  7. The reason I was shut down is because I made very powerful people look stupid. You can run through legal challenges with your own equipment, not someone else's. You can claim you know what you are doing or you could spend your time pouring through the actual filings made by TransportAzumah's legal counsel at the time. If it was good enough for Academy's lawyers to reference when NY Airport Service sued to block the transition of the airport services to Golden Touch, it is good enough for you. When you break the rules, you are fined, not sued. Remember when some of the Chinatown carriers briefly put buses on the Chinatown-Flushing route? Did they get sued? No, they got fined and impounded. If your operator operates in this sector under its own name, their insurance company will assess their vehicles as an Urban Bus. The base rate is $48,000/bus/year for that (which puts them out of business). You will have to shield them. Have you figured out how to do that? The height of arrogance is assuming that all the people that tried before were idiots. My mentor was the only African-American to ever be awarded a regular route authority from Nassau County to Manhattan and lots of the names you know fought him. He ran that route for almost 20 years. People like us use the tools we have until we can do better. Along the way, we meet people who can help us get to the next level. No one is going to fight you in the current environment unless you duplicate an existing MTA express bus corridor. Your biggest challenge is economics. Know your numbers and figure out how you will get to them.
  8. This is a good point; I would expect the very obvious candidate for a NICE express bus to be Roosevelt Field/"Nassau Hub" - Midtown. In fact didn't they run that during the "Summer of Hell" nonsense?
  9. True. Maybe this could be the first D45 CRT LE in NYC! edit: maybe an enviro500 would be better, those are low floor
  10. What plan? The Bay Ridge one? I believe so... This is a different set up entirely. I would like to see coach buses on these lines ideally. We'll have a conference call tomorrow to discuss particulars.
  11. Wasn't the plan to use an old RTS? (I think coach buses - or at least artics - would be better)
  12. I think NYMTA is the first ever TA to operate the XE60, so that adds more teething issues as those XE60s at Quill are the first of their kind to run out in the real world. I think the NYMTA would have been the first to operate the restyled MCI as well, I was worried about that if MCI won the express bus order, but Prevost ended up winning the order so it's moot
  13. If you mean the new order of Hybrids, that's primarily because of Cuomo. We were supposed to get more diesels until he wanted the MTA to order more hybrids.
  14. First generation. It was on his IG story.
  15. The "tramlink" is completely unnecessary. No need to be cute (see the joke that is eBART) just extend the damn train. Hillside Avenue widens just west of Springfield Blvd for the Second System line out to the city line. I personally would build this underground with WTC Cortlandt-like stations close to the surface.
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  17. They never really test equipment correctly hence they whole Hybird Debacle. The XE should have test In all Boroughs under normal conditions if you intended to run it anywhere in NYCT. It’s not rocket science and you are most likely right, but if you know this board they will call Shit Water Hennessy 🤷🏾‍♂️
  18. Where do you guys propose the portal can be placed for this to happen?
  19. I couldn’t find their post. Was it a 2004/05 hybrid or a 2009?
  20. Those tracks could be raised as the line is being expanded
  21. In terms of Speculation, I think that those extra 2-3 TPH will go to the . Mainly because of the Culver Express Service pattern and what not.
  22. Judging by the track elevation north of 179 Street - Jamaica on the inner tracks, there's no reason why it shouldn't be an elevated extension. Note that the outer tracks there, which go down to a lower level, were always meant to be for relay purposes.
  23. Do you think this expansion should be underground or elevated?
  24. THEN MAKE MY R42 Then! Here's My Display: 179 St, Queens WTC, Manhattan and Jamaica Cener, Queens Roosevelt Av, Queens
  25. I proposed a Queens TramLink which would partially serve as an extension (and maybe you could extend the Streetcar Shuttle to 179th) See here for the proposal:
  26. No can do - R42s only have 2 sections!
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