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  2. Honestly, I don't see how one less trip makes such a huge difference in track access. The is still running to 71st at that time (unless that's the next shoe to drop). The QB local gets shortchanged enough as it is. My heart goes out to riders. 20 min service on the branches? That's almost LIRR level frequency. Insane. Just make Lefferts a shuttle and be done with it. I can't see how the politicans in Brooklyn and Queens will let that slide. I can't speak for the but Astoria is hopping even at night, I can't see how cutting the moves the needle on workload...
  3. Yes... The M66 sees good usage... Hunter College, Lincoln Center... The hospitals on the East Side...
  4. Heh you'd be surprised. Castleton Depot is a real piece of work...
  5. Isn’t there a lot of support for reopening Nostrand’s mezzanines and exits due to the crowding at the station?
  6. I have been working on a list of closed subway entrances here. Thanks so much for the information about Bedford. If you could provide dates to any of the other closed entrances it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
  7. I have had some HORRIBLE experiences with the ... Likely one reason the is so packed because the is so unreliable.
  8. IIRC it originally closed back in the early 70's. I don't know if they ever re-opened it at a later date. I was going to refer you to subway dot org but they never corrected the error about the 135th St-Lenox station that I pointed out a while back. A 3 track station became 2 tracks according to them. Coming from a guy who was a RR Porter way back when who actually cleaned those stations. YMMV. Carry on.
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  10. I agree with both of you. Cutting service affects the riders and their decisions to head towards alternatives. Therefore, those trains during that timeframe aren't "empty" just because.
  11. Why would the turn at Chambers? In theory, if you're running the local (technically there's still overlap, but that could be done away with), you could just do the to 14th with a wrong-rail switchover as happened on weekends for years. The only bottleneck there would be with northbound express service (not that frequent anyway), but if the is local and the timing is right, it wouldn't be too complicated. to 14th would be infinitely, infinitely more useful than 42nd when you consider the and connection possibilities.
  12. When the ATS system goes down we can use the old Command Center at 370 Jay as a backup, right ? Wait, what, there's no functional backup ? Local towers and dispatchers, right ? Wow, this hi tech advanced system has me confused. This 21st century whiz bang stuff is amazing isn't it ? Carry on.
  13. The system has been fixed. All service is back up and running, but all SB service is delayed due to a sick customer at Astor Place.
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  15. Think you're absolutely right, that's definitely where it came from. My beef is that we're in the era of CCTV, LIDAR, all that jazz–shouldn't be so hard for the MTA to monitor a cross-under, especially if it's well-lit. Then again, this is the same transit system that wants to do away with token booth clerks, so who knows what the priorities are...
  16. Chalk those closed cross-over, cross-unders to the legal department(s) under the guise of "safety", or so I was told years ago. Before 9/11. I saw it as a " less areas to patrol" and a cleaning thing When I was a youngster the Bedford Avenue end of the Fulton Street Nostrand Avenue station was open 24/7 and look at the distance that cross-over covered. Then again we're just riders. What do we know ? Carry on.
  17. The TA has an surplus of artics, all the 1200s running on the M15 SBS that will be demoted to local service, the MTA Bus artics running on the Q52/53 that will be transferred to NYCT once the MTA Bus batch comes in, etc. Also the XE60 will expand the artic fleet even more.
  18. The only good thing is the extension, but the MTA even bungled that. There are almost zero service posters on trains or relevant platforms detailing the extension, so if you take a Rockaway train, you'll see every single person get off at Broad Channel and wait for an instead of riding to Rockaway Blvd. and getting off there. C/Os explain nothing to the passengers, so unless you're a transit nerd, you don't know.
  19. That’s what I was going to guess.
  20. I had a feeling more lines were going to get cuts. Let’s just call it what it is, because the MTA is all for cutting service and saving money. I think the one that will affect the most people is the cut in service on the and . It’s bad enough that Far Rock and or Lefferts trains see service at their stations every 18-20 mins on the weekend. How do you encourage more ridership with service like that. Then CPW & Fulton stations will only see service every 12 mins. That’s honestly insane. They might as well make both the and local to make up for service
  21. It's probably a problem with the ATS system, which is present on the lines. This happened earlier this summer.
  22. How does it affect on the Westside and the problem is on the Eastside 42 St-GC ?
  23. I rode 2516 on the SIM1 today and my goodness the shocks on this Prevost....wtf happened...I've never been on a bus with the suspension THIS BAD. Honestly this has to be a lemon because I ride Castleton's batch a lot and never came across anything like this.
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