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  2. I agree but KCC will not act on their own. The only thing they did was to start their own bus service which helps just a little. They will not act on their own. It is up to the MTA and elected officials to force them to act.
  3. The only depot that's getting hand me down buses is Manhattanville. Nothing new
  4. Kingsborough has had over 50 years to resolve this problem and they did nothing. I attended KCC from 1966 - 1968 and in the 1967 - 1968 year, I was at the Manhattan Beach Campus (the year before the college had a branch at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center where I attended classes) and the same problems involving the students were around at that time with the difference being the two routes that served Mackenzie Street (the old, old B/1 with 20 minute headways and the B/21). Since that time they have built this beautiful campus but yet KCC did nothing for those students that were taking the bus to school such as incorporating a bus loop which would have alleviated many of the problems. As posted here, other colleges have helped their students by providing either substitute bus service or by working with the MTA in terms of providing a place for the MTA to have its buses stop close to the campus. This is another case where another unit has pushed its problems on the back on the MTA and is forcing the MTA to resolve a problem that they did not create. It is about time that the MTA pushed the problem back to where it belongs onto Kingsborough and get them to resolve a problem that is of their own making and make it abundantly clear that it is their problem to solve and not the MTA. After all, Kingsborough has had over 50 years to resolve the problem so KCC cannot tell the MTA that they will continue to do nothing.
  5. Except for Flatbush.. We're getting hand me down NG's and no new buses except for the XD60's as trades for the LFSA
  6. I had an idea to run trains with 4 tracks, 2 to Fulton and one to Utica via Bushwick Ave. In the Bronx/Queens the Utica train and a Fulton train would run to Bway 125 Street via the express ( take local) while another Fulton train would run to the Bypass and Laurelton. North Queens would be served by an extension of the Astoria Line.
  7. Today
  8. Your plan only works in theory. There are too few passengers boarding after the college for it to make sense for any buses not to stop at the first stop. The MTA tried to instruct drivers to leave the first stop before they were too full, but students were threatening the bus drivers when they were not able to board. KCC security refused to help out. The also ran some buses labeled as subway shuttle only stoping at the college and the subway, but I haven’t seen that labeling lately.
  9. Because the MTA said so. Brooklyn is getting new XD40s too............
  10. With that said I’m not going to even answer this. However, why would you say Brooklyn getting hand me down buses. If you haven’t been paying attention to the deliveries as of late for Brooklyn. I don’t know what else to tell you.
  11. Yeah; I'm assuming we eventually get a four-track SAS in that proposal. I chose to leave the as the locals there because they're already routed on what would have to be the local tracks the way the stations are currently arranged, and I chose to route the up 2 Av as well to free up capacity on QBL; if the 59 St tracks are used only by the then you've deinterlined the 57 St-Queens Plaza section of the BMT which is useful. I set the up as an express that looped through Queens because a four-track Jamaica line that runs all the way out to Jamaica Center could conceivably make the Jamaica line competitive with QBL for lower midtown and downtown travelers, which would take a solid load off the and trains and QBL in general. The Bayside and Bay Plaza expresses are reasonably interchangeable (they're about the same number of stops), but I didn't want to have the Q switch from 2 Av local to 3 Av express because that's going to either require some pretty creative trackwork to make work or you're gonna have the and the 2 Av express crossing past each other at a level crossing (which is gonna back everything up).
  12. How come the Bronx gets new buses while Brooklyn gets their hand me downs?
  13. How are they expecting to serve Mineola when the 3 tra/.ck is going to bypass it? Port Jeff Trains only
  14. Jamaica is not getting R211’s they’re getting more R160’s as per CBTC planning. 207th/Pitkin will be assigned R179’s and R211’s and Coney Island are planned to receive them as well. After R32/R42 and R46’s retirement: Jamaica YD= R160’s, (CBTC) Coney Island YD= R160B(Siemens) R211, and 8-Car R179(CBTC) Pitkin/207th Street YDs= R179/R211(CBTC) Concourse YD= R68/A (surplus) [May receive option 2 R211 order] East New York YD= R160/R179 Canarsie YD= R143/R160(CBTC)
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I had in mind that the could serve as a replacement for the up until Phase 4 is introduced But now that you mentioned it can the 2 Av handle the though because if so I could run the from Fordham Rd- Broadway Junction as a local via 2 Av/3 Av or have it go from Jamaica Center to Broadway-125 St The can go from Coney Island- Bay Plaza 3 Av Express The can go from Kings Plaza via Utica Av to Bay Plaza via 2 Av/3 Av/ Pelham Pkwy local
  16. For those who use Express buses on commutes, this is a reminder that starting the 21st (Easter), coins will not be accepted on-board the coach bus (according to paper statement)
  17. Now they stop mid-way in the campus (admin loop), and the crowding problem has been largely resolved with headways no greater than 12 minutes (it used to be 30). I would also have to wonder about perhaps a B1X pattern, with the first stop being Brighton Beach. I would dispatch it like this during peak times: First B1: express to Brighton Beach, all stops afterward to Bay Ridge. Second B1: local to Bay Ridge Third B1: bypass KCC, start pickup at second stop. Also, CUNY needs to consider buying its own buses and then leasing them to one central contractor.
  18. We used to have an op on the B16 school trippers who would do stuff like that to keep us kids entertained and he would have us rolling in laughter
  19. I’m going to take this convo here. Same thing when East New York gets equipment the others get passed down to other depots that need buses and right now Ulmer Park needs buses. So if Ulmer gets buses from East New York or Fresh Pond. Those depots will be able to make service. Doesnt matter if ENY or Fresh Pond gets rid of their current fleet to UP. All it matters is that the wants all the RTS retired by 5/10/19.
  20. I see De Blasio is trying to climb out of a hole that he dug five years ago. Hopefully the street changes outside of Manhattan aren't too rancid, but knowing what his DOT is capable of, they almost certainly will be.
  21. Hmmm so tell me if FP getting more new X equipment.... how will this work out for FP if they push out there 7200s to Ulmer and then you got them still pushing it buses at that I'm sure they would have to get something else out if this besides more new X equipment.... I'm pretty sure that they would be really short but idk how this will work out for that depo but hey it is what is lol. Anyone feel free to give ya comments on my Stupid statement ya can even correct me on it.
  22. Hopefully fairview... all those 154/156/158/159/variants routes in the rush should be running 100% articulated... I get throwing a NABI or MCI on the line in the off hours since my experience has been relatively modest ridership (even on the 156 and 159...) but peak hours and even saturdays i've rode/noticed articulateds with a fully seated load and then some, and having MCI/NABIs covering some of those runs really isn't helping... perhaps the 154 could do without additional artics, idk. I never rode that route yet but I imagine in the southern portion it gets busy? Whatever garage the 70 and 126 run out of probably could stand to get a few more of those option order artics
  23. Plan or no plan, nothing is going to improve until our political lightweight of a mayor stand up to the NYPD and gets them to stop parking in the bus lanes... they want carveouts but continue to park in the bus lanes and insist they are above the law... they only care about themselves now.
  24. Good Friday and Christmas Eve are my favorite days to travel into and out of the city. No traffic at all. Though the rain tomorrow night may slow my trip home
  25. Flatbush only has 4 NGs from Kingsbridge. But also remember. As KB gets more LFSA’s than more NG’s will leave thus the RTS will head to the scrap yard.
  26. Option #2 = 405 cars (81 five-cars sets) + 32 cars (8 four-car sets)
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