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  2. In this conversation, have I ever said we need rail everywhere? Has that been anywhere near my point, aside from the fact that commuter rail sometimes can present a very feasible alt to exp bus service? FWIW, you dug your own grade on the "express buses as an accessibility solution" argument. They're shit for that -- they were not designed to accommodate wheelchairs, and the issues you describe frequently arise when they do. Working from anecdata here, but it seems that the best experience wheelchair users have are on local buses, the subway, and commuter trains. It's almost as if............
  3. Why shouldn’t I. They are not predictions. They are educated guesses. The other alternative I proposed for these spreadsheets was to do them on Excel, but the logistics of having to share it via OneDrive just makes it time consuming. And if you look at it, it looks pretty nice.
  4. I just saw that bus operator exams lets you apply veterans credit. I took 2 exams in the last few months. How can I get my veteran credit applied? Do I have to send someone my DD214? Thanks!
  5. A mechanical problem on a single train doesn't carry the same weight as a mechanical problem on the platform that will affect all trains.
  6. Perhaps it says you should just stop making them entirely. 😏
  7. Co-Op City is a two fare zone (at least prior to the Metrocard) anyway, not to mention that there are many seniors in the neighborhood that rely on the express buses, in addition to the subway not serving the same areas as the BxM7 does.
  8. I don't agree with the BxM7 service reductions but let's not pretend the traffic situation on the Bruckner is nice and peachy, and let's also not pretend like the subway and local bus are this insanely unreliable system that never works. Check out the M116 at 116th & Pleasant. Stops twice on the same corner... No bus lanes on Story Avenue but the real concern is the stint on Bruckner Blvd crossing the Bronx River and how that will impact reliability across the route. And the MTA would just turn around and cut service even more... You mean the Bx35?
  9. Well I could argue that express buses are just as important in terms of accessibility for the disabled folks who aren't near subways. We have quite a few wheelchair express bus riders in my group, and they have shared HORROR stories of lifts being broken or the driver leaving them or telling them that they need to "call ahead" so that they can prepare to remove the seats. I know you're a rail guy, but we don't need rail everywhere. Simply isn't feasible in some places for one reason or another.
  10. If you go back through my post history, I daresay you'll find some content relating to cost efficiency issues across the whole agency . And if you knew where to find other things I've written, you'd find much, much more. This is to say that I absolutely agree with you that the MTA's cost structure must get a serious dose of reform. However, I think that taking a singular -- rather than a structural -- perspective on costs is the wrong approach. The MTA has been tackling individual inefficiencies on a case by case basis for years, and....well, here we are. Shit like that doesn't work. If you're actually going to do something about cost levels, you have *got* to take an agency-wide view on costs, which means considering ridiculous procurement costs and maintenance inefficiencies alongside issues like poorly allocated service. Costs, after all, exist on a structural level; if you do not address them as such, you'll end up just putting out fires rather than addressing the root causes of ignition (if that metaphor makes some sense?). More generally, I think there's a distinction to be drawn between advocating against expansion of the express bus network and advocating against universal accessibility. The former -- as I have been saying pretty much this whole time -- is an issue where there is an equivalent/better replacement service available at lower cost to the agency. The latter is literally a matter of transit system accessibility. No elevators, no dice for wheelchair users/strollers/people carrying heavy objects and the like. But this is tangential to my main point.
  11. Express buses are commuter buses. Always have been, and they're being used as a scapegoat for a situation that the has created. Their fiscal house is a mess. The costs for everything the does are absurd. Do you think spending $78 million dollars on ONE elevator is cost effective? I certainly don't, but at the same time, I wouldn't turn around and blame ADA advocates and disabled riders as you are blaming express bus riders and say OH well, you shouldn't have elevators because of the cost to install them. We have to prioritize, which is your argument. It's the that should be working to get these costs down, not using their riders as the scapegoats and pitting riders against one another. It's funny how you are fixated on this service that serves thousands of riders in transit deserts, but don't seem to take issue with the wasteful spending that the continues to perpetuate year after year. We just had a fare hike in 2019 with the crying that they were broke in part because of fare beating, and what do we see this year? That number has grown from ~$225 million to ~$250 million this year with no end in sight. I don't know about you, but $250 million annually sounds like a lot of money to let walk out of the door.
  12. Can I have two large: B OCEAN PKWY B 6 AV EXP B CENTRAL PK W LCL
  13. So does this mean that my spreadsheet may be inaccurate and must be somewhat modified?
  14. If the goal is to eliminate car trips, the case for express buses becomes even weaker. The nature of core-bound travel means that people are already heavily incentivized towards mass transit -- the massive majority of people entering Manhattan use trains/buses already, and that's a trend that has only grown with time. Wanna hit car trips? Deal with intra-outer borough corridors. There's a lot to be gained through multimodality, yes. But I think multimodality can't be seen as an inflexible goal -- if we're suffering an ops budget crisis as we are now, this isn't the time to preserve options for the sake thereof, it's the time to double down on what we do best and allocate resources to services that reap the greatest benefit. If you can figure out a way to make express buses less of a budget suck, then let's by all means do that, but you've gotta, well, figure that out.
  15. I’ve seen this before and I disagree with some of the ideas presented on this page. I’ll do an in depth analysis on this whenever I have the chance.
  16. RFP states that the buses are for Queens, Yonkers and The Bronx.
  17. Why shouldn’t they? It would make a pretty good addition to their fleet. After all, the numbers add up according to my spreadsheet (still needs revision): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_B8Hu1hRaZ4hjToejxvy-FDPlBGSxEn3k_sW1-Vfc64 You see, in the spreadsheet, the math adds up.
  18. Hi all I forgot to mention on my pre employment letter it states hourly wage as $23.666.. Why doesn't it say $23.84? Who else has this on their pre employ letter? Thanks
  19. The at Brighton Beach on the Coney Island-bound express track is going to Coney Island… Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/2XgRcyY
  20. Multiple Impacts There are delays and multiple impacts in northbound and train service because of an issue with the third rail at Broadway-Lafayette St. Some northbound and 71 Av-bound trains are running express from Broadway-Lafayette St to 34 St-Herald Sq. Some northbound trains are stopping along the line from Jay St-MetroTech to W 4 St-Washington Sq. Some northbound trains are running along the line from Bergen St to Court Sq, then along the line to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av. Some 71 Av-bound trains are stopping along the line from Delancey St-Essex St and are ending at Chambers St. Posted: 10/23/19 5:21 PM
  21. Here's something interesting for y'all https://pedestrianobservations.com/2018/11/29/new-york-city-subway-expansion-proposal/
  22. 4950 is in Manhattan, looks like it's heading to Quill at this very moment. 6126 is at the vendor. Doesn't seem like SC will be getting these. They'll likely get some 3400s.
  23. How many R179 trains are in revenue service and what number are we up to in deliveries?
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