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  2. OMG... Some people don't understand sarcasm...
  3. So why go with the blue & yellow scheme if they’re to remove WiFi service on buses? That’s more money they have to spend on doing that.
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  5. I'll help you out @MysteriousBtrain As of August 25, 2019:  Ver. 1 (Strategic) (OUT OF SERVICE): 2014-2015 New Flyer XD40: 7304-7314, 7316-7351 Ver. 2 (Vianova): 2010 NovaBus LFSA: 1234-1279, 1284-1285 2011-13 NovaBus LFSA: 5264-5266, 5799, 5822-5823, 5896, 5901-5935, 5965-5966 2011-13 New Flyer C40LF: 193, 201, 206, 229, 233-234, 236, 238-239, 241-242, 249, 256, 259-353, 355, 357, 359, 362, 364-366, 370-400, 403-404, 406-407, 409, 411-412, 415, 417, 428, 432-433, 437, 439, 441, 445, 456, 495, 508, 521, 526, 545, 567, 581 2011 NovaBus LFS: 8001, 8013, 8017, 8020, 8049 2014-2015 New Flyer XD40: 7315, 7444-7455^, 7467-7482^ 2015-2016 NovaBus LFS: 8090-8125, 8127-8503 2017-2018 New Flyer XN60: 1000-1109 2018-2019 New Flyer XD40: 7484-7850 2018 New Flyer XDE40: 9500-9509 2018-2019 NovaBus LFS: 8504-8754 2018-2019 NovaBus LFSA: 5531-5602 Ver. 3 (CleverDevices): 2008 Orion VII NG: 3800-3912, 3914-3948, 3951-3959^ 2009 Orion VII NG: 3967-3975, 3977, 3979-3981, 3983, 3985, 3987-3988, 3990, 4019*, 4020-4036, 4038, 4063, 4065, 4070-4095*, 4115, 4117-4119, 4122, 4127, 4137, 4140-4143, 4145, 4152-4153, 4245-4278*, 4433, 4442, 4447, 4451-4452, 4483, 4486-4488, 4490, 4509, 4516, 4520, 4529, 4532, 4635, 4642, 4646 2014-2015 New Flyer XD40: 7140, 7152, 7154-7155, 7158-7159, 7161, 7169, 7180, 7189, 7256-7257, 7259, 7261-7262, 7265, 7267-7269, 7275, 7277, 7279-7280, 7292, 7296, 7298 2016-17 New Flyer XN40: 673-810 2018-2020 New Flyer XD60: 6126-6278 Ver. 4 (Luminator): 2011-13 New Flyer C40LF: 570-580, 582-658 Test units: 2014-2016 Prevost X3-45: 2729, 2788 Notes: Buses with (*) may feature an older version of the specified model. A small number of these units (^) do not have screens installed and will be installed at a later date. If anyone knows which units don't have screen please post the number below. Until otherwise fully confirmed, the symbol will appear on units nearly complete with screen implementation. Thank you @Snorunts for summarizing some of the fleets. Everything has been double checked.
  6. There's nothing wrong with it. Like I said, I have given the enough of my money where their machines were busted, and I was overcharged, either for an extra express bus fare or another local bus fare for the SBS. Never bothered to get a refund for those. Then there are all of the express bus passes that I had to send in. They are prorated when they send you another card or refund you, so I've lost money on those too. I used to get the express bus pass without blinking to be honest back when it was $41 dollars a week. It was $164 monthly. That has increased to almost $100 now at $248 monthly, assuming four weeks of course. Five weeks we have a few times a year so it's over $300 at $310. The rate of the fare and other things have shot up (e.g. college tuition) is just crazy. Hell for my one semester at a private school abroad it was $20,000 which is cheap by today's standards. Look at those things or the cost of healthcare, and yes, most people's salaries haven't shot up in the same way. I pretty much always get a pass now because at $13.50 a day with no bonus, it really doesn't make sense to get a pay-per-ride unless you a riding just a few days. For me I think it's more about how NYC has changed in terms of the prices for everything. Everybody wants a tip now, esp. in Manhattan. Good coffee is $5.00 or more minimum with a tip. Add in a snack and it's basically $10 for two items, so saving a few bucks here and there on occasion is nice. lol
  7. If anything, “saved money” equals “pocket money” for the Chairman & CEO, not only him, but to all his “fat cat” buddies that you don’t normally see on the streets of New York City. Not a single one of them ride public transportation like us on an everyday basis to see what, when and why. Then the how’s come in play. When the Articulated buses came into play in 1996, (NFD60 1000) Some people was about to witness a change was coming. And it all started in the Bronx, with the Bx55, then the Bx1/2. What really got me pissed & surprised was when they started putting them on the Bx4 & Bx5 at the very same time in 1999.
  8. That's actually how I use the express bus when I'm coming home from school lol... The weekly is a bit pricey for me so I get the regular 30 day unlimited and when I do splurge for the express bus, I hop the down from Hunter to get the transfer to the X37 at 23rd and Park or when I was coming from Queens before I'd take the to WTC and then transfer to the X27 at Broadway and Barclay.
  9. Brooklyn bound and trains do anything but crawl leaving 59th Street... They can reach some serious speed leaving the station. The problems on the uptown side have to do with merging not geometry. Frankly you could say this for any merge in this system which is why I personally believe removing as many as possible from the regular service patterns is paramount.
  10. firstly, there are 2 types of interlines... terminal interline & relief aka swing interline. the q12 has straight runs, meaning runs that don't interline at all (designated run 0xx). those runs won't be affected. matter of fact, the miscellaneous runs (interlined runs) out of casey stengel (designated as 7xx or 8xx) won't be affected either. what will happen is that the q12 will be pull in/pull out or relief (swing) interline with the other casey stengel flushing routes (q13/15/16/20a/b/26/28/48) the q12 won't terminal interline (meaning come down the road as a q12 and leave out as say a q15) once artics come into play. by the way, terminal interlines are what you may see at 165 terminal with the JFK routes.
  11. Be on the lookout if 354, 356, 358, 360-361, 363, 367-369 have on-board screens installed yet because every other bus in the #300’s have them. 233-234, 236, 238-239, 241-242, 249, 256, 259-353, 355, 357, 359, 362, 364-366, 370-400, 403-404, 406-407, 409, 411-412, 415, 417, 428, 432-433, 437, 439, 441, 445, 456 from West Farms and Jackie Gleason all have Version 2 screens installed. We really need another update soon!!!
  12. They can say that.... Of course, they'd also be lying in the process. (in their defense though, of the rare occasions in like the past 5 years or so that I've actually seen a tangible schedule on a bus, pax. use them for everything else under the sun EXCEPT for their intended purpose..... Great for hocking a loogie in, picking up something off the ground with, wiping yourself down/drying yourself off with (esp. on rainy/snowy days), wiping off the seat with, you name it.)
  13. I don't know how to proper insert photos here. Flickr is giving me troubles just to verify my email
  14. That's exactly my point. A cool ride on the GCP isn't worth relinquishing that!
  15. Why not just use Corporal Kennedy directly from Northern to Bay Terrace?
  16. That was TWU's contract with Queens Surface Corporation (which no longer exists). That had (and still has) nothing to do with ATU Local 726's contract with NYCT.
  17. Weekend service every hour on #409 trips doing the full route seems excessive.... Very excessive. Side note: They're getting rid of the Bridge st. trips, but the Grand Marketplace has been dead for years now & they're still going to continue to have buses wasting time looping in & out of that place.... There's weeds growing up from the ground in spots in the parking lot for f***s sake! Reminds me very much of the old Nanuet mall & the Red & Tan/Rockland Coaches #20 still serving that dump..... Anyway, just have buses (409's) serve Country Club Plaza & be done with it.....
  18. Do they do anything with it? I’d imagine it’s quite dilapidated now...
  19. Did one of yall hack into his twitter account. There are plenty of better things that you could say if you hacked it.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The Bryant Park station is my best friend. Give myself maybe an extra five minutes to go down and swipe and boom, $2.75 saved. In the morning, I would just jump on a local bus for a stop or two and get off. lol Not too long ago, the wouldn't even accept a regular unlimited Metrocard at all. Now they programmed it to give you that $2.75 credit.
  22. They can't do that. Politicians would lose campaign material and advocates would lose income.
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