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  2. Personally, I’d rather use the Chrystie-Willy B tracks to connect to the 2nd Avenue Subway and leave the on the Manhattan Bridge. Every proposal I see for sending the and to Williamsburg either calls for reducing the Nassau St Subway to a shuttle or abandoning it entirely. I’d much rather see Nassau incorporated into the SAS than be abandoned.
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  4. Even though 7450 is unwrapped, it still has its luggage racks in i.t I saw it on the Q33 earlier today.
  5. They have 94 cars so they might run more than just 5 sets, We will see on monday how many in total they're gonna run.
  6. There's no way to tell how many will be running on Monday. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the 32s will be treated like the 42s were when there was only 50 of them and ENY had all of their 160s. Vast majority run only during rush hour while a set or two runs off peak and weekends. I predicted the 32s would be used this way and so far it looks like I'm right lol😁
  7. So it's likely that the r32 set will be running during the day time as well not just rush hours during the weekdays.
  8. So is it likely that a r32 set will be running tomorrow on the ?
  9. How many expected monday now that they are running off peak?
  10. Yeah 2 ran yesterday until one was taken oos due to the plastic chain being snapped off. but today it's just one set.
  11. That may be, but it would be a far lesser issue than many of the others.
  12. To be quite clear, they fought full-length OPTO enabled by CBTC, and they won that fight pretty convincingly...
  13. Alright, that's what I thought; they removed them.... Was hoping that they had them listed on some other obscure webpage w/i the site..... The new website is cleaner appearance-wise, but just like the old site, it's all over the place in terms of being organized.... Yeah, I know about the changing of the filename format for the bus schedules... With the old site, it was easier to retrieve the schedules without actually going on the MTA site itself (which was a blessing).... Pain in the ass filename numbering system now has no rhyme or reason to it, but it is what it is..... Nah, you have to do any of this fam, but I appreciate it.
  14. So I did some snooping around with the schedules, and I noticed that the document links always ended in 1 or 6. That way, I started changing around the last 2 to 3 digits, and I was able to retrieve the timetables from Bronx and Queens express bus routes which were not able to be saved: Bronx Local: Bx1, Bx4, Bx9, Bx15, Bx19, Bx21, Bx24, Bx28, Bx39, Bx40 Brooklyn Local: B1, B8, B11, B15, B25, B36, B38, B39, B44, B45, B48, B61, B62, B63, B68, B82 Express: BM2, BxM4, BxM7 Discontinued: BM3, BxM1, BxM2, BxM11, X28 I've saved all of these links on the Wayback Machine just in case the documents are taken down for some reason.
  15. As if to say what? Asking how it came to life, doesn't somehow refute or nullify the overall point being made with that.... The S89 (finally) coming to fruition when it did, doesn't remotely mean that the floodgates will start opening (with the MTA operating interstate bus routes)...... That's not how it works.... We're not exactly talking about popping cherries here....
  16. If that's so, how did the S89 come to life?
  17. There's in R32 in service on the right now, just passed it at Essex St, should be at Marcy or Hewes street now
  18. The best you're gonna get is by using the wayback machine. The timetables exist, but they were taken off the website about a month or so ago. You used to be able to go into the respective borough list pages, and they had two timetable (the one with the "regular" schedule and the one with the overnight service added separate from the route list), but the timetable with the added overnight service disappear from there. Also, the links no longer have a format where once could easily retrieve them (the link is based of some 4-5 digit numerical number), and there's no real consistency to what timetable is what document number. Here's the archived page with the links to the Queens bus routes with overnight schedules. I only started archiving once I noticed that the overnight route list (and timetable links) were being taken down. If a link wasn't saved, it'll very likely show up if you copy and paste the link in another tab.
  19. It makes too much sense. It's logical. It actually helps people. So therefore it can't be done, or can it? A re-imagined s48, s48 +SBS+ or s98 +SBS+ In my opinion, the s48 would be the best candidate for an articulated bus +SBS+ or +SBS+ Lite or a perma-super Limited. First and foremost it connects with almost every local route in the Staten Island Division. It is straight and flat with the notable exception of the 1/3 portion between the S I Ferry and the western portion of Silver Lake Park. This will definitely be an issue during inclement winter weather. My revised s48 +SBS+ or s98 Super Limited would have the route going straight down Forest and take the straight and logical route to Amazon/Matrix Park. Concurrent legacy s48 will "fill in the gaps" and would trail behind the artic bus and will remain unchanged. Schedules to be mindful of employer start/end times. The existing s40/s90 A ridership survey should be done to determine if ridership is coming from the 1/4 to 1/3 mile of the s40/s90 service (excluding 1/4 mile of the SI Ferry) area to determine what level of ridership is originating from these areas. Using the ridership data the s40/s90 could revert back to its original terminal at the Howland Hook Container Terminal (or whatever they are calling it these days) if in fact ridership is indeed originating from Ferry or riders transferring from other buses. We can safely bet that the busway along Richmond Terrace or any capital project is delayed indefinitely given the delays. Just my personal thoughts. I have another idea that Uncle Jeff could possibly entertain, but I will hold back for now.
  20. No, because of all the bureaucratic issues involved with running between states.
  21. With Staten Island being the closest of the five boroughs to Newark Airport, I wonder why the S98 Limited hasn't been extended to serve it. Could it be because there's not enough potential demandd? That'smy guess.
  22. Wherever a Prevost can run, an artic should have no issue as well.
  23. Charleston can fit artics and all the possible artic lines would deadhead using 440 and Korean Vets. That side of Arthur Kill Road is wide.
  24. - That's what I'm getting at (if it was the last SB trip)... Why would it be that late? Nothing leaving CC around 5am should be hitting the bridge at 6:20.... - If it was that last NB trip DH-ing back to the depot (which is also possible), well it just so happened to follow the exact course of the route from W. 47th/48th on down to Flatbush av... I was waiting for the bus to "disappear" on bustime, but it never did, until it got to Flatbush av.... =================================== When I first checked bustime around 6am earlier, there were 2 SB B99's depicted - the one in the screenshot (which was around W. 47th/48th at the time) & another one around Foster av.... I honestly was expecting to see that "No scheduled service for the B99 to _____________ at this time" message, for both directions.... See, the MTA is advertising this thing as running between (approximately) 1-6am & I've been trying to figure out if there's another trip{s} that's not being shown on the schedule on the website (which is why I reference a 4:50 trip as being the last of the night)..... Now if there's a 5:50 trip leaving CC hitting the bridge at 6:20, that makes sense - The problem is, that trip isn't shown on the schedule.....
  25. That's probably the last bus of the night either doing its last trip of the night, or it was an N.I.S. bus just dead heading back to the depot.
  26. Get used to this non cushion seats. The drivers seat in the new fleet don’t have cushion. It’s a hard leather. Everything that goes on at Oradell is all from the towns restrictions. Back when that garage was built there was nothing out there, as it started to get popular with celebrities and people with 5-6k figure incomes the taxes went up and they started complaining about the buses; so in turn oradell was doomed to be limited before they could even rebuild at that location. As well as no one ever thought those lines would be heavy like they are present day.
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