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  2. I don’t think they would be telling others because that’s would make them look like a bad TSS that couldn’t train his student well enough to Operate a train. It would make them look like a bad trainer. You get what I’m saying right?!
  3. You’re correct, my fault he did say Road Ops, I read Road Posting, my apologies, still it’s not that serious to do that, especially if you’ve been having trouble operating already through school car, you know your TSS will tell the others and you put a target on ya back.
  4. I like how these new ones are highly informative.
  5. You won’t have a nice conversation with a superintendent. Road ops is a control environment. That’s the perfect time to do it. It’s just you and your school car TSS in an empty train. If you do that during road posting then that’s a different story lol
  6. It was part of the 1929 Second System plan; the Concourse line was supposed to run over Gun Hill Rd/Burke Av out to Boston Rd/Baychester Av. That's why the curves east past Bedford Park Blvd
  7. Okay, why didn't IND actually do it? Where was it supposed to be?
  8. Wait, really? that sucks... I've yet to hear a text to speech voice that didn't sound weird.
  9. Okay good I thought they would just speak to you and then you have to guess what's important and what isnt, because some professors in college are like that lol
  10. Take a look at this video around 3:41. Seems like the new platforms would take up this space:
  11. That social media shouldn’t be taken as credible if it’s a personal complaint. I’m seeing employees taken in for evaluation and questioning over being “rude” or ignoring customers. The TA knows The riding public has a HUGE resentment towards us. There’s no metrics to measure how true a complaint is. Now If it’s tangible evidence such as a photo or video, I’ll understand. But the petty banter and “pointing the finger” or ulterior motives to get someone taken OOS is unnecessary and unfair; it’s borderline defamation IMO.
  12. Do they write stuff down like they do in schools on a white board so you can copy stuff in your notebook and etc?
  13. Basically, but be mindful that it’s the practicals, midterm, and final exam that matters most. It’s all repetitive information. You’ll pass if you’ve read the homework provided, and you’ve gotten all your questions and concerns addressed. Take GREAT notes while in class. Use them as a study guide.
  14. Just like when 2 workers were attacked with being poured with urine in their faces. One of them spoke out on News 12 while trying to pick up passengers from 138th and the Concourse on the Bx1.
  15. Everyone should just stop complaining about the same thing. Read the description. This is a GAME.
  16. Caught the dude randomly dancing on 14th Street..... always something going on underground. SMH. Either way, great video!
  17. If you understand that this is a game- type topic where we can redesign line however we want. Don't be coming here with your "(it's 2nd Avenue, not "LES"; that's a shorthand for a neighborhood)" shit. Let's see if you understand an acronym. Lower stands for "L", East stands for "E", and Side stands for "S". What does "L", "E", and "S" put together???? Oh wait... "LES". OMG did I know that Lower East Side's acronym is LES? Besides, if you know what station I'm referring to, why does that affect you so much to say some unnecessary stuff.
  18. Anyone know why the IRT never decided to build a crosstown Bronx line?
  19. Twp has 18077 now and I forgot to list 18120-18125 for eht.
  20. Originally person on track, changed to fatality: Service Change Posted: 04/22/2019 9:31PM Northbound trains are running express from Avenue X to 18 Av because a person was fatally struck by a train at Kings Hwy. For service to/from bypassed stations, consider using southbound train service. Expect delays in train service in both directions. Based on Subway Time: NB trains from Coney Island are running via the to Broadway-Laffayette Streets Some trains are terminating at Church Avenue. Delays Posted: 04/22/2019 9:23PM Northbound and trains are running with delays because a train's brakes were activated between DeKalb Av and Grand St. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Another One. Was initially a train's brakes being activated. Service Change Posted: 04/22/2019 9:46PM There are delays and service changes on the line because a person was fatally struck by a train at Livonia Av. There is no service in either direction between Broadway Junction and Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy. Expect delays in both directions between 8 Av and Broadway Junction. See a station agent to receive a courtesy pass for continuing train or bus service. Station-Specific Alternatives: - For service to/from Broadway Junction, consider taking alternate service such as the , , or lines. - For service to/from Atlantic Av, consider traveling to nearby Broadway Junction for , , , and 8 Av-bound service: http://bit.ly/2uUXsta - For service to/from Sutter Av, consider transferring between the nearby B14 and the line at Junius St: http://bit.ly/2OjRV7E - For service to/from Livonia Av, consider taking the nearby line at Junius St: http://bit.ly/2K76jga - For service to/from New Lots Av, consider transferring between the nearby B15 bus and the line at Saratoga Av: http://bit.ly/2Op3nyP - For service to/from Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy, consider transferring between the nearby B6 bus and the line at New Lots Av: http://bit.ly/2uX3Ikf - For service to/from stations between Sutter Av and Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy, consider using nearby line service.
  21. I believe it was 1993 when they (Q4, 5, 42, 83, 84, 85 and N4) taken off Jamaica Av to serve Archer in both directions. I think the Q30/31 and 43 were rerouted as well. I suppose the same thing happened 13 years later with the Q6, 8, 9 and 41.
  22. They probably don't need to update the schedules because the buses will likely be slightly hot or on time now instead of chronically late. Or they're probably just going to monitor how buses perform until the summer and then update the schedules then.
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