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  2. 1st Premployment Appointment invitation is received by an actual physical letter in the mail, followed by a possible phone call, text and/or email. 2nd Premployment Appointment invitation is received primarily by an Email and followed by a phone call.
  3. smh..... He was dead serious with that stupid shit too.... That, along with straddle buses here in NYC. Word. I mean, remember when the S40 used to carry a lot of air... May sound corny, but I like to see/hear of bus routes garnering usage.... (especially when the M.O. all over has been to cut, cut, cut)
  4. Bus stops and bus shelters remain a HIGH priority for the Express Bus Advocacy Group. Happy to see this sign up: We look forward to further improvements for express bus riders, be it safety or shelter from the elements. We have a conference call next week to discuss our monthly express bus pass being restored, the status of bus stop and bus shelter requests among other things.
  5. Jamaica’s cars are sent to CI shop for deep cleaning and this set was needed, it will return back home soon. Side note: Some trains are stored in Coney Island yard.
  6. It has the Q on the face of the app and I guess the color purple.
  7. That's why I said to switch roles. Plus currently does interline through out the day and they merge with each other. I was trying to create a straight path and they would not have to merge in between 36 St(Brooklyn) and 57 St(Manhattan). Express between 36 St and Atlantic Ave and Manhattan Bridge. stays on Local tracks the whole way, stays on Express tracks in Brooklyn and in Manhattan with the . remains as a Weekday only supplement from 5:30 AM until 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. Or have both run interlined to and from Coney Island. Also could run interlined to and from 96 St/2 Av.
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  9. I know it's considered a joke that the MTA is just now updating to Windows 10, but in reality that's par for the course with any large company. Very few businesses will upgrade to the latest operating system until a couple of major service pack updates are released. Hell, until fairly recently, most major companies were still using Windows XP and have upgraded for Windows 7 / 10 because legacy support for XP finally ended.
  10. Exactly i can agree with you and @B35 via Church that's when S40/90 ridership is brutal. Sheesh the S40 Leaving the ferry is brutal too.
  11. Imagine if didn't serve Queens Blvd then riders would be forced to transfer to the at Roosevelt Av/74 St to get to at Queensborough Plaza, or 42 St Times Sq. would suffer from overcrowding and use Court Sq as a Transfer point between lines.
  12. Thank you. I was there on the 11th and my list number is 18xx as well. We probably would have been in a class together eventually had you not passed up on the job. By any chance did they mention what month a class for a list number like ours would start?
  13. I can’t tell if the ESI work at the two Penn Stations has wrapped up or if it’s still ongoing. The only work I’ve seen done was in the mezzanine, with a few staircases being resolved. Apart from that, the station platforms themselves appear to be virtually untouched.
  14. Starlight how did you find out the old list expires July of 2019?
  15. Let me put it a different way. Look at the B25. Now imagine that route coming out of Ulmer Park. You would immediately question why that's being done, particularly since it has almost nothing to do with anything else over there. You would instead have it come out of a depot that it would have fairly easy access to. Of course, you wouldn't want it to be in a position where it would require specific access at all hours (in case 💩 hits the fan or general storage/maintenance are needed) and trying to perform those related moves puts it at high risk of delaying other routes along with potentially delaying the relevant one. (Before you say anything about this, I'm well aware that buses are not limited to certain paths and facilities in the same way that trains are, but the point is that what you're trying to push is going to combine several problems at once for no reason, including the fact that it would require certain service patterns to begin only after the moves are finished.) If you really want me to support anything of the sort, then we would need a storage and maintenance facility in Astoria as well as ample storage space in Bay Ridge in order to be able to facilitate ample service on the route without risking whatever integrity that and surrounding routes have. I will accept nothing less, as that is the only way to keep it from being a cop-out.
  16. (347) 643-8213 that's a good # as well. I would say keep calling, I remember they told me they are not at my list # yet back in march. then I call again in early may and some women over the phone told me they hv gone passed my list # so I should come in Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. So went in the Wednesday and finally I did the drug test. But I know there's a class on 6/24 because they told us in orientation. so keep calling and hopefully your in the nxt class after that.
  17. The real issue is that the MTA can run 50+ tph on weekdays on the busiest trunk lines but there's a hard cap of 20 on weekends. If 30 was the upper limit, every service could run on the weekends and the subway wouldn't be losing as much ridership to the rideshare companies. Fortunately, this will be a moot point once the is permanently taken off QBL.
  18. But by that same logic, keeping the on Sea Beach would take precedent since it's been there since it's inception.
  19. That’s sorta ugly. 2 of the Brooklyn branches are (on weekdays) attached to the Manhattan Bridge/express, while 2 of the Queens branches feed 60th/local. So we have deinterlining on weekdays and interlining on weekends with quite the switcharoo in northern (or southern, depending on how you do it) destinations. Doable, but gah!
  20. Assuming Broadway is still connected to the QBL, the line has three northern branches in SAS, Astoria, and QBL and three southern branches in Brighton, Sea Beach, and Bay Ridge. So the current weekend service plan is the optimal one. If I was in charge of the real-life Department of Subways, the would still run to 96 St. Instead, reroute the to Astoria due to QBL CBTC and give the reasonable 8-minute headways. The could terminate at 57 St if 96 St can't handle 3 services, then send it back to Forest Hills once capacity becomes available. I am uncertain but I would definitely keep the designation on Sea Beach where it's run for over 50 years. Astoria and Bay Ridge both have the letter and the is going to be retired once the runs 15 tph along the entire local corridor.
  21. This service pattern worked for years at frequencies immensely higher than those today, and we do in fact still operate a lot of service in this way. There are trains which, every morning, go to 36, reverse, and head down to Bay Ridge. No sweat — express service on 4th doesn’t start until 6:15, and if you installed the other half of the crossover at 36 (or, better yet, a crossover between the express tracks at 59), you’d have until after 7:00 to get your put ins out, as southbound express service doesn't begin until then. But this doesn’t do justice to the complexity of this story: there are a lot of places along the 4th/Broadway/Astoria corridors where you can stash layups. 86 St spur, City Hall Yard and the Astoria middle track all can pull their weight, allowing you to reduce your reliance on yard put ins. I think it was (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) in fact, the heavy use of these online storage areas for off-peak train storage that sealed the decline of the original to Astoria service pattern: these trains were easy targets for graffiti artists of the era, and management wanted them put somewhere easier to protect for the night. That isn’t an issue now. Would this service pattern be made a hell of a lot easier with a yard in Astoria? Yeah, absolutely. But it isn’t inoperable, either.
  22. The one you make yourself. Don't trust any others...plenty of definitions and signals have changed over the years, who knows what's correct.
  23. Hey guys, I’m studying the S&D what is the best quizlet to review? Thanks
  24. Very standard questions, take your time and you will pass. Its cognitive questions and vocabulary. Finally a math portion. you really can’t prepare for it.
  25. Hi which, creators quizlet did you guys use to review the S&D?
  26. What's your list number? I'm thinking that July class might reach into the high 1200s. While I was there today 2 people were put on medical hold . You know that thats the factor in how high they call. How many people they call in . The July class, I dont think it's even half way full yet . I'm sure many slots are open still . It's very early in June still .
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