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  2. Latest news: -Ongoing bus lane advocacy: We've been laser focused on getting the armored vehicles out of the bus lanes and stopping them from clogging them up. Previously these Brinks trucks would drive right down the bus lanes on 5th Avenue after their pick-ups. This morning, this Brinks truck immediately went out of the bus lane after completing a pick-up, which is the way it's supposed to be. -Bus lanes along 42nd Street: X68, SIM8, SIM8X, SIM22, SIM25, SIM26 and SIM30 riders: The 42nd Street bus lanes are being installed and will be fully operational in the future. Here's the 42nd St bus presentation: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/42nd-st-cb5-jun242019.pdf Lanes will be in operation from 7 - 10AM and 4PM - 7PM, except Sunday. -Lexington Avenue bus lane: BxM1 customers: Bus lane implementation along Lexington Avenue continues and will be completed soon. Per the DOT, the newly painted red bus lane “offset” from the curb, will be in effect 24/7. Once completed, this #BetterBuses project will improve bus speeds between 96th - 60th Streets, while opening up curb access for loading.
  3. I think he's ready for the road. The crew office seemed to think so as well.
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  5. I was just on 6226 on the M34A about a half an hour ago and they must be doing some kind of mod's to the ThermoKing HVAC's on the 2019s... This bus was making the same whine as the 5987-6125 batch, it wasn't making the same growl noise as the other 2019 XD60s and the HVAC itself was practically silent.
  6. Over on mybusnow, they have the 355 and 356 already. No schedules yet though.
  7. The R179’s are numbered 3010-3327. Also that comment was from three years ago, so some of that information is no longer accurate.
  8. One of the most elaborate ideas of the MTA. How bout this. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  9. The MTA will commence a study that will bring back passenger service to the Bay Ridge Branch, a line long served by freight trains. The article states that the study would be the first part towards a possible Triboro RX, a proposed train line that has been brought up constantly by politicians since the mid-1990s. https://brooklynreporter.com/2019/10/mta-studies-plan-to-resurrect-passenger-trains-between-bay-ridge-and-queens/?fbclid=IwAR3arrHpv-dcarlWAJ2G1wF5WzoZ49HAx7Fv1aqhIimP0cp7NWnjLbkB3sY Let's see where this will go from here. It will be a pretty interesting study to look at. By the way, 2024 (5 years from the current time) will be the 100th anniversary of the final time the LIRR ran passenger service on the branch.
  10. Appreciate the clarification @The TransitMan That part of Queens i’m not well versed in terms of public transport vs vehicle driving.
  11. Actually, that looks like the last/first stop of the Q28 along 23rd Av with Bell Blvd at the traffic light. During school hours, you "could" put an artic on the Q28. I remember when I went to Bayside HS...it was packed! Combine that with IS 25 students...SRO on almost every bus.
  12. HELP I left my bag on the 5:43 local Hudson Line train from Grand Central to Greystone on Tuesday. I boarded the train at GCT and got off at Riverdale. Its a black Food Network bag. Does anyone know how I could possibly get it back? (I already put in an inquiry for Metro North Lost and Found a couple days ago)
  13. There goes the idea of the HBLR being extended to the Meadowlands out the window, for now
  14. This works perfectly, I will say that the 36 tph on the local only works if the is taken off Willamsburg. I will discuss this in the Proposals thread.
  15. Exactly my point. I have proposed something similar in my grand plan (at least for the Astoria bit), and am including the deinterlining the QBL for my revised plan, which will encompass more plans than I initially encountered. However, on the note of deinterline the QBL, if you want to do the express to 53rd and Local to 63rd Street plan, you should also extend the as well, otherwise riders from the local stops lose access to Queens Plaza and Court Sq. With CBTC, I also recommend running all three trains at 12 trains per hour, for a total of 36 trains per hour on the local track. This would allow for decent service on all branches.
  16. QBL needs to be de-interlined and service should go to Astoria. As part of a removal of reverse-branching I would run service express via 53 and local via 63. service would run to the Rockaways and to Northern Queens via Jewel/73rd Ave. As an alternative an service could run to the Rockaways from Jackson Heights, allowing service to Jamaica-179th.
  17. Well, it's official. Novabus made a fully electric, long range version of the original LFSe. Known as the LFSe+, this bus is capable of a range between 211 and 292 Miles before needing a charge. Unlike the LFSe which was powered by the TM4 Sumo HD motors, the LFSe+ will instead have BAE Systems in place. I think there's a slight possibly that the MTA will test out the LFSe+ in the 2020 decade. Here's the link to the LFSe+: https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/735949/nova-bus-launches-new-fully-electric-lfse
  18. I think that’s a codebreak. I’m a bit ignorant to any of Stengel’s routes but I doubt the Q28 travel pattern could require an artic. Excellent picture tho and by judging from that that’s gotta be Northern Blvd.
  19. Yeah I heard about that one. Honestly I blame management for this one. It's a clear sign of how recklessly they crew up. Yes, I know the employee should of notified supervision of YX status.
  20. Did anyone who was hired as a track worker already have a valid cdl class b? I see that they require you get one within 6 months of being hired. I was wondering if it's easier to get the job of you already have a CDL class B. Also for those who've been hired, how do you like the job so far? I just re-applied today Thanks, Frank
  21. It's not for the R179 3300. It's 3001-3319.
  22. I don't think that's true, I was just hired at Metro North and another guy that is 55 was hired with me. It takes 10 years to qualify for a pension over here at MNRR.
  23. 6181 to Flatbush That leaves 6126, 6175, 6177, 6182, 6190, 6227, 6233 to be delivered
  24. Good morning to all. I hope I am writing this topic on the right page. I was told that at my age (52) the lirr do not hire reason why I wouldn't have time to built my retirement up to 62 yrs old. Is that true? Thank you I n advanced. Max.
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