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  2. We are enjoying a true spring here in Tucson. It has not reached 100° yet and today is May 19th. We have seen temperatures in the 70's, 80's and the 90's.
  3. Well, answer #1 is politics. Answer #2 is that not all these families with kids are in a sustainable economic environment to incur the costs of student transportation, of course in other places where there is more economic wealth and less expenses in other things it is much easier, but giving all students half-fare Metrocards would be an insane fight, I recall a couple of years ago when wanted to eliminate the Student Metrocard program and have them pay the full fare, all hell broke loose. Plus I don't find nothing wrong with students using public transit, in reality if you think about it there is more flexibility, for example if one day you need to stay after-school for something its much easier, yellow bus transportation would complicate that since there is no pick up flexibility and everything on yellow bus transportation is on a permanently set schedule, another factor that comes into play is convenience, as opposed to riding the yellow bus and spending 2 hours going around the city picking up kids, you can probably wake up a little later and have a shorter commute to school, and it all circles back to flexibility at the end of the day.
  4. amen. couldn't agree more again, couldn't agree more. I enjoyed riding the 28 in years past, especially middays and during the summer. concise & to the point.
  5. Yeah the refresh rates, and intervals most definitely need to be revised and re-adjusted. This issue is completely persistent, and hopefully there is pro activity in fixing these screens, because Vianova's are usually very reliable, I don't know why Clever Devices lags behind on this.
  6. ...and then the spends millions of dollars every year trying to figure out why people take a f**king Uber, even a person under the poverty line would sacrifice $15 or $20 if they saw that their wait time in the middle of the PM rush was 15-20 minutes...
  7. What's with the green sign on the M20? Nice shots BTW.
  8. There's so much that needs to be modified between all the screens to make them perfect. I wish there was a command center where they can do all the updates and send a code to enter on all buses. I wonder if refresh rates and intervals are able to be adjusted as well 🤔.
  9. It's not so much that they are lemons(since nothing is mechanically wrong with them, which is what the term Lemon means), it's just how they are programmed. And as we can tell, they're programmed stupidly to a certain extent.
  10. Yeah the Clever Devices are lemons. The SBS 79 ones are working pretty good now after they've received updates, along with 6234, but the new XD60s and those XN40s are awful. I wonder how version 4 is doing and why only MTA Bus got them on a small batch of buses.
  11. That would be too logical. Use stations staff in operational capacities...hell would freeze over!
  12. shuttle bus was a mess this afternoon. Going to parkchester the express and local were at the same stop and the stop was already overflowed with over 50 people. I take the "local'' shuttle bus, which only made stops at Brook Av and Cypress Av, then decided to go nonstop to parkchester. Keep in mind there was no signage or announcements from supervisors or the B/O saying this was supposed to be express, so the driver was getting mad heat. And people should be mad because how you skip a whole section that was meant for your "local" and express buses are supposed to run nonstop, not some stops then you go express.
  13. I will be very interested to see who Byford taps to replace him. Does he go the UK route again and bring in someone from TfL?
  14. It’s not the XD60 order. Well, it kinda is but it mostly isn’t. The RTS’ weren’t supposed to be retired till later this year. I think had they kept more of the RTS’ in Quill and sent those LFS’s to Brooklyn (that long term vision for Brooklyn to be New Flyer territory really torched them) we may not have had this mess.
  15. 5227 (RTS) off the scrap list. Also, 2 RTS mentioned before are currently used as Bridge and Tunnel Operation buses around Randalls Island (4947, 5054)
  16. The Clever Devices ones are often completely blank or the left side is completely blank
  17. Those two derailments were back in February of 2017
  18. 42nd Street: The out of the rest of the lines totals each train to 11 cars. The R62A fleet back then has many different number arrangements. Sept. 13, 2015: First day of the extension to Hudson Yards which is now an attraction to others. October 11, 2018: CBTC on all R188s and last SMEE to leave Flushing line (excluding 4 units) There was a piece of info that the 42 St Shuttle is known as the number zero (0) in the number system. 3 car and a 4 car train make up the Shuttle with 3 more cars on Track 4 run in-service during the rush hour.
  19. I hope they know that the bus is capped at 40 mph and that they will need to reset the speed limiter. --- REPLY ENDS HERE --- All of the local buses have driver shields. However, I would argue that the express buses should have driver shields as well. It's because a bus driver was stabbed to death earlier today in Tampa, FL (news story and aftermath (WARNING: Graphic image). I would go so far that a driver shield should be made standard for all "urban transit" buses nationwide.
  20. January 19. It took me about two weeks to hear back from HR
  21. @Deucey @Gong Gahou Thanks. I stand corrected again.
  22. It was once called the Lexington-4th Avenue line
  23. My list number is in the 2300's. Don't feel bad, you're not the only one.
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