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    There has been a on-going debate about the new "Cuomo" scheme being full wrap, full paint, or a combination thereof. Well I'm going to lay this to rest as I had an in depth conversation with the powers that be who knows about this 1st hand... YOUR ANSWER?! IT'S DIFFERENT TO EACH ORDER!!! So with that being said, I'm going to explain to you each order and how the scheme is applied... Order 5364-5438 (XD60) - Base Paint: White with Black Paint used around the windows, Full wrap is applied over the white base paint Order 5987-6125 (XD60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint from the bottom to the top window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint above the window line and over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Order 673-810 (XN40) - Base Paint: Black Around the windows and Full Blue over the sides, roof and face with a White Back. The Yellow and striping is vinyl wrap. The Select units are full wrap below the window line, on the face and on the lower rear. Order 1016-1125 (XN60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint below and above the window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES AGAIN the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Photos... Here you can see the base SBS blue paint that is underneath the standard "Cuomo" WRAP...WRAP scheme as described above on the 5987-6125 batch of XD60s....Look at the dark blue closely, it is CLEARLY wrap You can also see CLEARLY underneath the standard Cuomo wrap is the SBS Yellow and Medium Blue vinyl stripes that lay on top of the light SBS Blue paint... Here is the 5987-6125 batch rear showing the yellow wrap with the rear select wrap over it... Here is the XN60 showing the base white rear section underneath the Cuomo Wrap... I will get more photos support the remainder of my explanation of the schemes over the course of the next week or so, but this is what it is and hopefully this lays he long argument to rest.
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    No offence, but you have a weird sense of humor.
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    I found a rendering, but only of the station entrances. Trust me, you do NOT want to see what the downtown stairs exit from.
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    Was rerouted down during the AM rush, surprised it didn't take 63rd Street onto 6th Avenue like usual. Only got one pic at its terminal.
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    I can't speak for the rest of the staff, but I don't mind the topic. Just one thing and this should be fairly obvious, but please don't post fake stories. There is no shortage of headache-inducing transit problems, so please do not take it upon yourselves to invent a transit nightmare. Other than that, have at it folks.
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    Give me a break. Do you think the N line superintendent would want an R32 on the N line if there is a chance this would happen. This would give headaches to the dispatcher too. What about the crew? Obviously you have no regard for them either. Suppose it's their last trip and they finish at Stilwell? You'll delay them badly and cause overtime. Flip it to W? Every sign would be wrong. The purpose of all this? Just for entertainment for a bunch of BUFFS. Yes, BUFFS, not railfans. The froth for these worn out poor performing R32's is simply nauseating. This idea is for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT only. A buff is a foamer. A railfan is somebody who thinks things out as it pertains to the entire railroad. The worn out R32's are only good for museum service. Period. They are still here only because of late R179's, the upcoming 14th St. Tube reconstruction, and former TA President Prendergast scrapping the R44's. The only ones that had a structural problem were the first 50. If SI still runs theirs, surrounded by salt water, transit could have kept theirs. The R32's are just fine where they are on the A/C/J/Z. They must be kept off the Southern Division lines because at any time any line can be rerouted via the Montague if the railroad goes down the toilet. We don't need R32's there solely for foaming purposes.
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    I feel like you are one of those guys that tries REALLY hard to sound intelligent in their attempt to make a point. And in the end, fail miserably.
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    Speaking of programs I have the Koito software manual for the program that creates the FIND and route programs. My guys at Kawasaki sent me a copy a few years back. Can try to upload if anyone's interested.
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    I've delayed commenting on because we have a few more changes. The XN60 numbers are shifting a but as well. Just confirmed from Trevor and another industry executive that it is actually true. New numbers are 1016-1125. Wait till you hear what 1000-1015 will be! Major updates coming today and tomorrow. 1019 is scheduled for JG, and 1020 is scheduled for WF. All is subject to a change and complete assignments will be discussed later. I will also talk about the LFSA's, XHE's, XE's, XDE's, and the all electric articulated test program.
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    Given the hurdles that came along with this order, I cannot say I'm surprised. I'd rather they confirm everything works as intended before they enter service rather than find some significant problem later on and have to temporarily withdraw them from service.
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    You should know how elitests are......they expect everything to be to their liking the moment a new change happens, you know, like Express Buses . Well then have a seat and wait like everyone else for f**ks sake. Things are still getting worked on. Just report things you may or may not like along with bugs that need to be addressed. Stop acting like everything needs to be in tip-top shape to your liking the moment it comes back up after a very early upgrade. This is just the early stages of what's to come, as there will be things added and removed all at once, jesus christ. I'm pretty sure when everything is in tip-top order, he'll address everything, sheesh.
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    That was the 1980s, and QC standards have greatly changed since then. Engineering-wise, the R62/As and R68/As were also really conservative so as to get them in service ASAP, so there wasn't as much that could go wrong. Even if we're talking about NTTs, the R160s took about a year from delivery to EIS. I'm not defending Bombardier's lousy performance or the MTA's reactive approach to this situation. But if you people complaining about the long testing period want these cars to enter service too soon--only to have them taken out, which was what happened with the R46s--then you probably just want your 4K RARE pictures and don't care about the other problems the MTA is dealing with. This!
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    We now have signage on street level at Bay Ridge Avenue
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    I apologize for the long delay. I was hit by a car (hit and run) while crossing the street so I'm getting back to things kind of slow. I'm actually supposed to be off for a week minimum but this post is days late so I'm going to try to keep everyone updated anyway. I was able to confirm some preliminary assignments for the fleet. There is going to be more shuffling and loaning. GH is now scheduled to get 5 more XD60's in addition to the ones they have now. The temporary and current assignments for MTA bus are as follows. (NOTE: They literally changed yet again overnight) 6044-6092 (even units) to LG -6032, 6034, 6046 6094-6116 (even units) to JK -6030, 6036, 6038, 6040, 6042, 6112, 6122 Gleason now has 742-808. 809 and 810 are on the way and delivery for that depot will be complete. After that, 677 and 678 will follow for WF. Now for the XN60's we have some preliminary changes. The B35 is officially being evaluated for SBS, and the Bx6 could see a similar fate as the B46 did. If ridership does not pick up to what MTA deems artic levels the line may not go full artic or even artic at all outside of a few trips. 1000's look like they will now be alternative fuel buses, and or alternative fuel artic's. So if the new numbers will be 1016-1125, it appears that 1001-1015 could be XDE60's and all electric artic's. The LFSAE, BYD-60, and XE60 are all being evaluated.
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    Hurray! Now the Bronx branch will be hastened. This will be good up until the gets thrown in, then they will have to build some extra terminal capacity.
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    Things that seem cheap rarely are, especially when it comes to things underground. Even with the existing bellmouths, this will be an involved process. There are utilities that likely need to be rerouted, tunnel supports that need to be installed or moved as required, ADA access and other important tasks to be done. While none of these are insurmountable hurdles, this is not the kind of project that can be completed in a couple of weeks or something.
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    All things considered... yes, you are making things worse. The R is not the W. You are trying to justify this by saying "I sent that R back north." But unless you also send it to Astoria, you're not replacing anything. Also, how about the passengers on the R you're short turning? They have to get out and wait, possibly causing the R behind it to become crush loaded when it has to take on the first train's passengers at Whitehall. This is hurting far more people than it's helping.
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    At the station's set to be renovated, 30 Av and 36 Av on the platforms and mezzanines.
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    But will it actually work? Lhota said it himself: the MTA should not be in the app-making business, and it definitely shows. Just out of curiosity, I decided to open SubwayTime and it's currently offline on both the iOS app and their website. And this isn't the first time I've noticed this. Stuff like this give me little confidence they'll be able to put out anything above subpar at best. Apps like Transit and CityMapper are popular because they're very easy to understand and retrieve the important information riders are looking for. That ease of use is nowhere to be found on most MTA apps, either due to a lack of coding knowledge or just simply because the ones who contracted the developers failed to include such features into their design. The only way I feel that an all-inclusive city transit app will work is if it's contracted out to someone with actual app development experience for today's devices. Also, such design needs the input of actual users and not just the suits at the MTA, who've likely never used an app in their lives. As for people being unaware of the SubwayTime app, I'm not surprised. Besides being useless for anything other than a countdown clock, it's practically buried on the website. Instead of being on the top of the MTA's site where it belongs, it's near the bottom, below all of their self-congratulatory news articles. It's been ten months; I think we can remove the information on the Second Avenue line. On that line of thought, if the goal is improving communications, they need to redesign the site. Service information needs to be first and foremost here, not on the bottom of the page where nobody's looking. I look forward to the MTA's push for better communications, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    I already requested the updated list, so I should have it in short order. As soon as I do, I will post the link here.
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    Been really busy with school lately. I hope everyone enjoys. A few taken in August 9/8/2017 9/9/2017 9/10/2017 9/11/2017 Train with the 96th Street-2nd Avenue Rollsign 9/12/2017 9/15/2017 9/16/2017 9/17/2017 9/18/2017 A couple of portraits on the subway aniel's World
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    LOL Transit Center beat me to it... That's what you get for putting it out on Facebook before you get home (except I found it at Wall Street not Bowling Green) Anyway here's the pics that I took:
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    Lots of updates coming. New XD assignments, and there is an XHE40 demo on the property right now.
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    IIRC, the MTA has convoluted bidding rules to prevent against Tammany-style abuse, but the system is so complex that only a few companies ever really qualify for crap. So in this case the construction industry in that sector (companies and unions and everybody else) is just one giant cartel, where as long as the gravy train keeps running no one is upset. The MTA can't just hire its own workers and do the damn work. At least with other industries you have options, sometimes options that aren't even local, to keep your costs down. On top of that, unions still have powerful political representation, so they can't just be ignored either. I'm all for unions representing workers and fighting for their rights, but just like there are bad companies and bad corporate practices, there are bad unions and bad union rules and such.
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    https://bklyner.com/rally-bring-back-new-improved-b71-bus-service-friday/ i like this idea.
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    Will you stop with this tired talking point? Spare buses are kept on hold during rush hour and the shortage in question relates to depots holding less spares then they would reasonably want to. No route is getting reduced service to make room for new routes unless said route is likely to have ridership affected by the new ones. There are other reasons why service is being cut on many routes but this shortage you keep harping on is off the mark.
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    I don't think anyone could work with the petulant child that is the governor...
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    Not exactly. If a line from Rockaway Beach was routed onto the bypass, then it wouldn’t really be a bypass. It would just be a line running parallel to Queens Blvd between Rego Park and LIC. And not doing very much to relieve the overcrowding on the and or even the and between Rego Park and Roosevelt Ave. A Rockaway Beach line via the bypass would have very limited usefulness if it were a “Direct Express” because it would have very few stops and connections to other lines in Queens once on the LIRR Main Line right-of-way. It would have to have additional stations on the right-of-way to connect with the local bus routes that cross it to offer some relief to the by enticing bus riders onto the new service. But then it wouldn’t really be an express. Or perhaps it could be the , even though it is a longer line than the . Hey, who knows, perhaps seeing a gold line next to the blue line on a proposed service map (those New York State colors together on the subway map) might warm Governor Cuomo’s heart up so much that he might actually give serious consideration towards restoring rail onto the Rockaway Beach Branch, lol. Though I do think they should relocate the Aqueduct Racetrack stop a little further north to Linden Blvd/Centerville St. That might entice more riders to board there instead of taking the buses to the at Rockaway Blvd (where both branches stop).
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    Ok so the most important info is get there early, you want to be one of the first ones in the lobby so you can be the first one on the elevators so you can be the first one off to get a lower seating number, I had a low number and was out by 10am 730am test. Next one of the test monitors came in and said that 37000 people took the test but not all will come in for the OPA, she said it would lead to tassels taking $25 from people that they don't expect to pass the test or make the list and not get called Next the supervisor/manager said the OPA is a completely different test that is pass/fail and if you pass it does not factor into your first exam score however fail and your gone Next, my personal experience is I feel the first part was easy,however I thought the second part was hard,Of course I can speak and understand English but I feel as if you don't say exactly what they expect you to say, it might hurt you. Any who in whoville that's my input!
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    Apparently, yes - according to him & this poor bastard
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    I think that to understand what has happened here involving the Q/75 it is important to review the history of the route. The route was started in the early 1950's to provide additional service from the Fresh Meadows and Oakland Gardens area to the subway. It was designed to provide service to the residential areas to go to and from work and school as there was never a major traffic generator like a hospital or college that would help provide the high level of passengers like the Q/46 has had. Keeping this in mind when the express routes started in the early 1970's, it provided a better option for Q/75 riders who now had a reason to avoid the subway completely which reduced the ridership even further. Something else to keep in mind was that the route was serving communities that were not interested in a route that terminated in Jamaica. So in reality, the route was doomed to fail and so the MTA let it die in 2010. The Q/17 has an interesting history as it originally was the Q/17/20 which ran to College Point. It was cut back to Flushing early on and it has been the same since that time until Archer Avenue was built. Unlike the Q/75 which served only residential areas, the Q/17 has Queens College and Flushing on its route both of which are passenger generators and It has a shopping center on 188th Street as well. The Q/17 was impacted by the express bus operation but only on its Fresh Meadows portion. What it has that the Q/75 did not have is that as Flushing has become more crowded, the residents have moved further out and the Q/17 is the route that provides the service. Should there be short turns on the Q/17 during peak periods? Yes as it quite obvious that the route needs more service. The Q/88 is comparatively recent as it started sometime in the early 1970's as I do not remember taking it to school when I was enrolled. This route like the Q/17 has Queens College and two shopping centers on its route. It is what I would call a "bridge route as it connects Western and Eastern Queens. The few times that I rode it when I had to visit Queens College, the bus was crowded. As far as a Q/64 (formerly the Q/65A) be extended from 164th Street to 230th Street to replace the Q/75, it has been talked about for years and as one poster wrote "who will ride it?" My response to that question is no one so forget it. The Q/64 is a short route with a major traffic generator with the college and is a fast way to get to the subway. My favorite route when I was enrolled at Queens College was the Q/44VP which became the Q/74. it seems that the TA did not like shuttles and at one time it had the Malba Shuttle (Q44B), the Laurelton Shuttle, the Rosedale Shuttle and the Vleigh Place Shuttle in Queens that ran primarily during rush hours and were phased out with the exception of the Q/44VP which was extended to Queens College about the time I enrolled. It was what I considered a good rush hour route until it hit Jewel Avenue and it was me and the driver for the rest of the route. Since the MTA has phased out all shuttles in the city, I doubt if this route will be bought back even though there may be a need for it. For those who are interested in bus history, the Q/26 used to run to the Queens Village Station via Hollis Court Boulevard until the Clearview Expressway was built and then was cut back to the expressway. The Q/46 becoming an SBS route? Definitely yes! My thanks to Bernard Linder for his Queens Bus History that was published in Motor Coach Age and is the definitive work on the subject up to the early 1970's and is my source for much of the history that I posted here.
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    I've been saying this for a while now. The board needs to vote on an overhaul of management and maintenance to ensure that each depot has the same standards, otherwise the same depots are in need of new buses because they don't maintain what they have. It's certainly not fair to the passengers either. because more breakdowns means poor service. Get those guys out and put in people that are going to work and keep the buses in a good state of repair. These all look like innocent moves on paper, but they impact service considerably when depots are constantly scrambling to fill voids. Sure it happens, but certain depots have it far too often and that needs to change. The riding public needs to keep pressing the on this issue.
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    How about asking ENY if he was ok than asking about putting artics on a bus route. Hope everything is ok for you, East New York. A person’s life is more important than a bus. A bus can be replace but not humans. Without you, I wouldn’t even know the updates on bus to bus movements, especially new ones thats been ordered.
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    You all will be just written off as someone conveying "theoretical ideas" for saying any of this..... You sir, are full of shit..... English may not be your native language, but at this point, you're doing nothing more than trolling..... You got an answer - Not only an answer, but THE answer.... For whatever the reason, you just don't want to believe that the word in the announcement is "exit" and not no damn "access".... You even go as far as to TELL us that "definitely" there is no word exit, but there is the word access.... If that's the bullheaded conclusion you've undeniably come to, then why in all of the f*** are you continually asking us for????? It's apparent that you want someone to cosign this silly "theory" & it's not going to happen on this forum..... Gotta like how you dismissed anyone that gave THE ANSWER to this query by writing them off as someone posing a mere theory & that of being a non-NYC bus rider, by the way..... One more time, the word in the announcement is EXIT.... E-X-I-T...... Exit. Now go somewhere with this crap already... Impaled even.
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    This is the interior of R46 #6151, via Facebook's New York's Railroads, Subways & Trolleys Past & Present group:
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    Speaking to the specific example of filling for the as was pointed out by Kamen, you cannot short turn that without dumping a trainload of Bay Ridge Customers which essentially recreates the problem you were trying to solve (just exchanging one full platform for another). Consider this from the mathematical perspective. The is a 41 minute trip Astoria to Whitehall and the return is another 41 minutes. Assuming it takes a crew about 5 minutes to turn on each end that leads to a round trip time of 92 minutes. To maintain the 6 TPH headway you need about 9 trains to cover the schedule. Now send the to 95th St (remember you can't turn that because those people have to get home too and will just jump on the next / and overload that train) Whitehall-95th is 30 minutes and so is the return. This means the round trip time on a train set goes up to 142 minutes. Assuming we only sent one down there would be a gap in service for the hour that one train set is off-route; now if you send two things get even uglier for the (considering that 3-5 intervals were missed you'd require nearly all the trains in one direction which will---of course---make a gap in service on the Broadway local that will impact the Northbound while the service is trying to recover from a Southbound issue which will create a negative feedback loop. Sending the down would be a better idea to cover the gap as the has more trainsets at its disposal and it only adds 10 minutes to the round trip time rather than an hour. I don't dispatch for MTA, however I do schedule and dispatch aircraft/crews for a major air carrier. The real key to a service disruption is to isolate the damage, using the risks service on several other portions of the line and risks several other lines in the process. In the case we have, the only riders that are helplessly impacted are the ones South of Prince St (and even they could theoretically backride to Prince and take the ). Ideally the Station information display, and station agents get the info to the customers that there is a 15-20 minute delay---before they get inside the fare control in a perfect world--- and the passengers who cannot wait can bail to the nearby / / / . Its generally because of the fact that the is redundant (as in CANNOT be served by another route without taking a train past their point of no return) for all but 6 stations, the will continue to lose the cost-benefit analysis and be sacrificed for the 'greater good'
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    Last thing known about 5439 was a picture that was uploaded to Facebook. {Credits to the Original Uploader}
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    Union Tpke is on to something, and I think he is aware of the same exact plans that I am aware of as well. Once the R179s start arriving en-masse, expect to see some changes in car assignments.
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    Only the test trains have to go through the 30 day test. I'm not sure how it's gonna work for this order given how far behind it is and the fact that there are three separate test trains, but for the R160s only 8653-8662 and 8713-8722 had to go through the 30 day test. The production cars don't have to go through this test, although there is still some burn in testing that has to be done for each set (it takes about two-three weeks on average).
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    Some color is good. But this is just extreme. Bringing back the blue belt line worn by the R40M through R46 cars when they were new would have been fine. Or if we need to do “Cuomo blue and gold,” then do a gold belt line at the car ends and blue in the middle, like SEPTA used to do on its buses and trolleys (except they had red at the front and backs of their buses/trolleys). Or a blue stripe over a gold stripe, like the “blue-over-red” on SEPTA’s Regional Rail trains. And I definitely don’t like the interiors. It looks like MTA Arts for Transit threw up inside the cars.
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    These are just the somewhat shitty phone camera pics that I got yesterday. At some point, I'll go out with the better camera and get some shots... We start with the new exterior look: Each car also has a nice "Maintained at Jamaica Shops" sticker next to one of the number plates We now move on to the interior wraps: Inside each car, again near a number plate, were "Overhauled At Our Coney Island Shops" stickers Enjoy
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    Walked the elevated structure today. While I know fiberglass is strong, its a different story feeling it flex under your feet from that high up. Not something i'd run to do everyday, but it's not something I would mind. Also hooked up the bank of lights to the 3rd rail while wearing the protective hand gear. Overall another interesting day.
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    Dude It's a brand new installation calm the hell down. Let me get to it.


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