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    5342 just left the FB depot heading north on van wyck expway
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    To hell with whoever the hell that is.... I'm directing my remarks at YOU, Mr. "we cannot look at routes in isolation; they are connected."... The gall that you, David Kupferberg, suggest that the MTA have Bee-Line 1] discontinue a bus route & 2] extend one of their bus routes - especially when the MTA can't clean up its own god damn mess... Good job making a mockery out of bus riders with this foolish letter you decided to scribe & send off.... Nobody's contesting the general notion of the network needing a redesign.... Stop deflecting.
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    On the contrary, it is at Kingsbridge. When I posted that info in the random thoughts thread, only 2 of those Flatbush 5300s were left. 5343 went there yesterday, leaving 5342 and 5352 at Flatbush. As of today, 5352 has made the jump to Kingsbridge today. 5342 is the last one at Flatbush. 5340 made the trip to Kingsbridge yesterday. 4950 & 6248 are at Zerega.
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    System safety signs off on all the speed increases — this isn’t something happing via an obfuscated chain of command. While I understand that there are some areas that are, shall we say, fun-prone, I don’t think that sign compliant operation actually feels all that rough. Remember, the point of the sign effort is to find areas where limits are set below NYCT standards, which dictate a maximum of 4 inches of unbalanced force around curves — or, frankly, not all that much. As far as I can tell, areas such as Nevins on tracks 3 and 4 and GC on 4 suffer not so much from overly aggressive sign speeds as they do from operation that either exceeds sign when rounding the curve or resuming speed before the R sign. All of which is to say I think you’d be fine if you increase and just stay within delineated bounds.
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    4746, 4751, 6119, 6123....6128 & 6130(WTF) @ Casey Stengel. 6257 at JFK.
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    Your comments are inaccurate, so you can't tell us to not respond "negatively" when you are talking out of your @ss. For starters, a lot of people attended the work shops. I went to the one in Riverdale, which had a full house. The open house in Pelham Bay that I went to was also well attended. Quite frankly, most of what was covered could've been done online. None of it was so creative or outside of the box.
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    It’s kind of a moot point now because the Metrocard is dated technology. I was talking about it during a conference call yesterday with the . It came out in the 90s, but the planning and all of that started much earlier. One thing I was discussing was if the technology wasn’t so old that the fareboxes could be programmed to simply deduct the correct fare of $6.75 instead of people dipping and paying say $3.00 or whatever is on one card, only to still be charged $6.75 after dipping a second time. We shall see if the technology is too dated to fix that glitch or not, but on the subway end, all of the talk about OMNY. The has invested a lot in this new payment set up and they are looking at other transit agencies globally and their payment systems. The consensus is that it will bring a ton of flexibility to the system that currently doesn’t with the Metrocard. I may ask for an update on where things are in our next meeting. The last time we discussed it, they were very happy with the progress, and it being on-time for implementation.
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    Technically, both the subway system and NYC in general are located within the 12-county MTA district, so they have always had jurisdiction. Maybe the MTA is planning to scrap its patrol contract with NYPD in favor of the in-house police force.
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    Yeah looks like 1987/1988 to me...
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    Given the numerous shutdowns and bustitutions along Brighton, that would be a welcome outlet for trains from Coney Island. Then, instead of taking a bus, walking to the nearest substitute station, or backtracking to Coney Island, passengers could take the rerouted to get the at Botanic Garden, at Franklin Avenue, at Union Avenue (if that becomes a thing), at Metropolitan Avenue, and at Court Square. With the exception of the Broadway Line, such a reroute covers all the Manhattan trunks: from east to west: 14 Street, Lexington Avenue, 6 Avenue (depending on time of day), 7 Avenue, 8 Avenue, 42 Street/11 Avenue. And one should be able to avoid a three-legged subway ride. Who knows what regular service might look like if it’s ever built… Maybe the same as the today but extended north.
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    You know, being petty only gets you so far in life. @via Utica
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    Sure, I'll post my opinion. The contents of your original post, supports the thread title; so you're clearly trying to establish a narrative.... This trying to pass off an assumption as truth as a simple gaffe, is a straight up crock... I'm not sure what opinions we're supposed to be having about the actual Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign right now anyway..... The notion (predicated on nothing in-particular by the way) that the "MTA will avoid ENY as a whole and just leave it here to rot" was some sort of an attempt to use the redesign as some sort of supporting argument for your belief regarding the MTA's shunning of ENY....
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    I get the point of the game, but you should've added a stipulation (like, during the AM rush only, PM rush only, weekends only, etc) to make the game a little more interesting.... Without running to the timetables & solely going off my own experiences, I still have to say the .... ------------------------------- IDK, What's faster from 34th st - Herald Sq. to Stillwell av, the or the ?
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    The C/R should have never reopen the doors. Period. People wait for trains. Trains don’t wait for people.
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    To be fair, comparing any fleet to the R62s is quite foolish, as the most of the R62s are in some yard at night (except for a few sets doing the late night run the ), which is why they have a high MDBF.
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    You know, I really don't understand this common assertion on the internet where people start with "I don't understand why X doesn't do Y, they need to just <highly reductive, over idealized solution>. As it stands, the LIRR has a number of colleges that use the line for one reason or another, for instance this year extra service was run by LIRR and NJT for the NYU graduation because NYU called, they have the information on where there students are from and how many people will be attending. The same way SBU knows who signed up for what classes (students pick classes around this train so they have a really good idea of how many people are lined up for the train plus some people cutting classes). The MTA can't bear the burden of examining a bunch of transient ridership events throughout the system. Thanksgiving and Xmas are obvious, but Mid-Fall break is highly variable, some schools are doing 3 day weekends, some have a whole week. If SBU cares about its student QOL they can pick up the phone and deliver the information, the MTA even has a group rate program so SBU could organize the travel and possibly get a discount. For the record this train has 2 extra cars, as it was scheduled for 3 C3s + 1 ENG at the time of this video, and they've boosted it since this video so Thanksgiving and Xmas will probably have 6 cars. So it isn't as though no one realized there were extra people coming, but without exact count its just throwing darts as to how much is enough, and you can believe that if you rob 3 C3s from some other branch and it wasn't necessary the person who made that decision is getting kicked in the balls. The problem is putting more than 5 cars on a train requires 2 engines since the HEP requirements are too much for one engine. So the MTA can't "just" summon an engine if it doesn't exist, as LIRR uses 95% of its available engines, so 1 or 2 failures really puts the chokehold on service.
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    The other reason I would like the to go to Williamsburg via a new tunnel is that you can see here, that it would basically be impossible to connect from Jamaica and Myrtle services to South Brooklyn. At least if the Nassau Line serves the WB you could still build a connection between Bowery and Grand. Yeah, I feel like full revamping of the Jamaica el would necessitate a full-scale reconstruction of the el akin to what Philly did with the Market-Frankford el. And given MTACC's penchant for blowing out the cost of literally any construction project I'm sure this would be estimated at something ridiculous, like $10-20B.
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    Stay off the Manhattan-bound if you can help it. There's a delay going northbound. I'm stuck at Church Avenue and it seems there's another one at Parkside Avenue. EDIT: 31 minutes to get to Canal Street from Church Avenue, and no acknowledgement of the delays anywhere on their website!
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    I am happy to follow-up to see what the story is. Also keep me posted on the evening QM1s. The last few nights now they have been running a QM1 on the QM5, so they must be short or short drivers or both. Either way, we keep track of it daily. I was promised that if they did that, the QM5s would run via Fresh Meadows, and on bus time you can’t tell, but the sign on the bus will often say “Glen Oaks via Fresh Meadows” when you see it in person. If we need to reach out to elected officials again to remedy that situation, we will, but supposedly part of the issue is the run times that they have in place have not changed in DECADES, and they can’t change them! I almost fell out of the chair in the conference room when I heard that one. They inherited the run times from the private companies, and due to a series of issues (one being budgetary constrains) they’ve got things like buses having 10 minutes to go from 34th to 57th Street at all times. I mention this because we were talking about that express bus audit from 2015 and them having realistic schedules and runtimes.
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    And for each update, show which buses were added in bold.
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    No worries. I appreciate the feedback. I've actually used it to modify my last plan I put out, such as modifying the service plan for Nassau-8th Avenue connection to shorten the to Essex Street and replace it with the train, changed up Lower Manhattan service by replacing the with the . I've also looked into reimagining the Queens Bypass from the 1960s and making it into a relief line, in addition to a reactivated Rockaway Beach Branch (if Richmond Hill and Rockaway resident still insist on getting it), but both will run into problems for reasons I will explain another time. However, even with these revisions, the plan has received negative feedback from one particular demographic, which is YouTube Railfanners. With the exception of one person, who said it was well though-out, all of them have reacted negatively to the plan, with reasons from causing confusion, being too complex, service cutoffs. I've even heard one person say that they will stop using the subway once the R32 and R42 cars retire, since my new plans does not include. The worst part, and possibly the last straw, was when someone accused me of gentrifying East New York, Richmond Hill, and other neighborhoods, because of the removal of just ONE bottleneck that slows down subway service (the Crescent Street curves). At that point, I actually snapped. As far as that new Queens Tunnel, I will say that you are correct that we do need one, because as you said, if we can have a 4-track SAS, then might as well have a new 2-track tunnel to Queens. The first question I though of was: where should it go? Because of this I started to think on where to send the line. One of the ideas that popped out of my head was the old Northern Blvd proposal I bought up a while back. I was thinking "What if we could use this for a new SAS line to Queens?" It not only avoids interlining with at-capacity trunk lines, but it also serves a whole new area of the city. Would that be a great idea for a SAS-Queens Line?
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    8399, 8400: Jamaica, Queens to Castleton, Staten Island
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    In the immortal words of Micheal Ray Richardson “ the ship be sinking “ 😁. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
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    I would expect that they'll update the OMNY website once all the stations for the next phase get their readers, which I don't know how many they'll be doing total (right now we're at 28) but I would expect it to be soon in the next few weeks as the 6 month pause would officially end November 30th.
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    As a former resident of the area and a realistic RTO guy I've wondered about extending the Livonia line south toward the mall. The problem as my mentor pointed out many years ago is where do you realign the trackage ? To the housing development or to the mall. Those who propose a stop on Linden Blvd should stop, take a step back, and rethink that idea. Some of my friends look at the posts sometimes and admonish me about some folks proposals. To address this situation let me make this very clear. A stop at Linden Blvd using the existing trackage should never be considered. Livonia Yard is small enough as it is and Linden Blvd is two short blocks from the existing station. Using the yard lead as a guideline it's two train lengths + to Linden. One to Hegeman and one to the overpass at Linden. I walked the length of the yard, all the way to Stanley Avenue, for 20 years for a put-in, layup or both, daily. Walked down to Cozine as well during part of that time at 2 am before the B6 bus was sent up to New Lots station. Long before the shopping mall was built those of us who worked in that yard and lived south of it realized that there were private homes due south of the yard and on the south side of Cozine Avenue there's an existing housing development where many of us lived. We knew way back then that there was no way for the city and the to take that land realistically. That's why the B6, B20, and the B84 bus services are set up the way they are. For forty years the mantra for that area has been east-west bus service toward Rockaway Parkway . Look at the bus forum where some long time posters have pointed out the way of thinking. Look how long it took to provide bus service to the mall from Starrett and from the east. We couldn't get one bus, B83 or B20 to run from Broadway Junction along Pennsylvania Avenue to Starrett on the overnights. We were "advised" that those folks transferring from the or at that time of night should transfer to the to Rockaway Parkway for a B6 or now, a B82, bus heading eastward. Simply put if the wouldn't give us one bus do you really think they would take property to extend the Livonia line ? As for the mall itself it was originally thought of as an "auto-centric" destination located off the Belt Parkway, easily accessed by car. When it first opened most of the workforce weren't neighborhood residents but people who arrived by car. The other argument we heard, which had some merit, was that the soil composition in that area was too sandy to support heavy construction. IMO whatever the merits some of these plans have place them next to the SAS phase 3, Utica Avenue extension, and the Queens Bypass and RBB. Conversation pieces. Just my opinion but in my 70 years I've seen more demolition and very little construction from the BOT, NYCTA, bloodline. Carry on.
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    Today's first PM Express (5:10 from W 4 St) was sent local from Jay Street (5:27) because, according to the C/R, "our follower is way behind us". Checking Subway Time, the next is 10 minutes away. I know it's logical to do, but I still feel ripped off.
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    Suicides, like homeless people, are something that will persist in the subway until the issues in our overall society that cause it are properly addressed.
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    A perennial favourite. The answer is always to first send only trains through and to pull the plug on service in Manhattan ASAP so the major routes can pass through with minimal delays. (Chambers Street or Broad Street will be the western terminus.) Those in midroute will run via 63 Street. For alternatives, transfer to the at Canal Street, Chambers Street, Fulton Street, or Myrtle–Wyckoff Streets. Southbound trains will be sent via 8 Avenue between West 4 Street–Washington Square and Jay Street–MetroTech. When traffic conditions are unfavorable, they will be rerouted via the Crosstown Line and northbound trains may be truncated to Delancey Street–Essex Street. trains will make some nearby station stops in Manhattan; transfer at Queens Plaza (), Lexington Avenue–63 Street (), 34 Street–Herald Square (), Jay Street–MetroTech (), or 4 Avenue–9 Street (). trains will continue serving express stations between 47–50 Streets–Rockefeller Center and Broadway–Lafayette Streets in both directions. trains from Queens will terminate at Lexington Avenue–53 Street or Queens Plaza (whatever @Wallyhorse means by “the switch at the Manhattan end of the 53rd Street Tunnel”). Use the at Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue or at Queens Plaza to connect with alternatives and nearby stations in Manhattan. trains will be suspended ASAP to free up capacity on the local tracks. Use the trains instead. Northbound trains will run local along Broadway. trains will run local along Broadway in both directions to remove an additional merge in Manhattan. trains will run via tunnel in both directions to keep DeKalb Avenue from becoming a logjam. trains will stop at DeKalb Avenue in both directions. may be delayed as rerouted/truncated trains share tracks with them. Additional merging delays are expected at Queens Plaza (), Court Square (), Prince Street (), West 4 Street–Washington Square (), Canal Street (), Jay Street–MetroTech (), DeKalb Avenue (), and Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center ().
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    They changed the speed signs leaving the station. 10 became 15 or 20 (can't remember which).
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    Hey guys, can anyone tell if the hire slowdown is due to the current contract negotiations or something else.
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    Yeah that was my train on the on Thursday, so the LED on 1917 must be recent. I was totally unaware that those cars had original rollsigns so I just though the single line signs were normal.
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    These road diets have butchered Amsterdam Avenue now. Two lanes previously, cut back to one in either direction + bike lanes and a big-ass yellow zone in the center. SMFH. I was on the M60+SBS+ on Friday, it took us 15 min to get from Amsterdam/121 st to make the turn onto 125.
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    4950 back at Quill. 4951 at Quill. Up to 6270(with some buses missing between those numbers) should be at the vendor. I'm actually surprised that these are coming in quick.
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    Once all R179s are on property, are they going to go ahead with retiring the R42s?
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    Exactly, as far as I know, the r42's and r32's have the highest MDBF. The r143's and r160's also encountered issues at the beginning. I also have faith in the r179's. I think it's very wise for the MTA to fix any issues on the r179's now and not years later, like it happened with the r46's and r68's.
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    They only have three left, actually. I'd say two, now since Kingsbridge now has 5343.
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    I could, but I made that map with the idea that LIRR would’ve bought the RBB and extended a rail service to Howard Beach.
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    Woodlawn has OMNY bases. This completes the line north of Atlantic Avenue.
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    Delays Posted: 11/2/19 10:51 PM Crown Heights-bound trains are delayed while we request assistance to retrieve a raccoon on the tracks at Nevins St. EDIT:
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    If accomodating visitors is a short term goal, then the following stops should also get the readers earlier IMO: Sutphin (for connection from JFK airtrain) Howard Beach (for connection from JFK airtrain) Jackson Heights Roosevelt Ave / 74th St and Q70 buses (for connection to and from Q70)
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    OMNY installation list: 51 Street 59 Street 68 Street-Hunter College, 77 Street, 96 Street, 103 Street, 110 Street, 116 Street 125 Street 138 Street-Grand Concourse 149 Street-Grand Concourse Fordham Road Whitehall St 34 St-Penn Station 34 St-Penn Station St George Ferry SIR
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    Reminds me of the whole elevator debacle at 68th Street where residents of that neighborhood don’t want elevators on 69th street because it would “change the character” of that street. Ridiculousness. The Queensway just flat out wouldn’t work, in my opinion. The High Line relies on the heavy foot traffic around the areas it runs through, in addition to being accessible by multiple heavily-trafficked arteries (34th, 23rd, 14th). The Queensway would run through a somewhat isolated portion in Queens, and even though it bisects some prime corridors, it would pale in comparison to that of Midtown Manhattan. Train service to the RBB should be restored, although that price tag really needs to be re-examined. Compared to other large scale projects, it should be much less expensive than the SAS and East Side Access.
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    @Wallyhorse is not reading carefully. 60th St tunnel is not closed. : Service suspended. Runs local between 59th St and Canal St : No trains along 8th Av between Queens Plaza and World Trade Center. Trains run via between Queens Plaza and Whitehall St. : Trains run in 2 sections. Train will run local in Queens. 1. Between Jamaica-179th St and 21st St-Queensbridge. 2. Between Lex Av-63rd St and Coney Island-Stilwell Av. : Trains rerouted over to between 47th-50th Sts and 145th Sts. Free loop shuttle buses operates from Queensboro Plaza, Queens Plaza, Court Sq, 21st St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, 21st St-Queensbridge, than return to Queensboro Plaza. Shuttle bus routing: Queens Plaza South, Jackson Av, 44th Av, 21st St, 36th Av, 36th Av Bridge, Roosevelt Island, 36th Av Bridge, 21st St, Queens Plaza South. Additional bus service added on Q32 bus between 74th St and Grand Central. Additional Q102 bus service will be provided. : No trains between 96th St and Lex Av-63rd St. Free shuttle buses provided along 1st-2nd Avs between Lex Av-63rd St and 96th St-2nd Av, stopping at Lex Av/60th-59th Sts station. Shuttle bus routing: Lex Av, 57th St, 1st Av, 99th St, 2nd Av, 66th St, Lexington Av. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14x_Ejlu-x_xDmDnACDRrstuEP0Fn-dIf&usp=sharing
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    There wouldn’t be a terminal issue at Flatbush Avenue. The would be the sole service on the Nostrand Avenue branch in my scenario. The would have the Utica Avenue branch all to itself. And both the and would have the New Lots Avenue branch with some short-turns. The reduced frequency on Nostrand Avenue would relieve the terminal of the pressure it currently faces.
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    Also do not forget that train braking capabilities were modified in the early 1990s as well to create "smoother" stops. Thus the modification done was slower acceleration, lower top speed, and longer brakes to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride, but with less ability to make time. Signals were placed, and timers were installed accordingly to adapt the railroad to the new operating conditions. Are there timers that are not truly necessary in the system? Yes, and plenty of them. Some of the most "unnecessary" are ones enforcing slow speeds on steep downgrades to protect against station overruns. Those exist because too many people ran out of those stations, so the timer is there to guard against it. But others are there to protect leader trains from a rear end collision (by forcing a train to slow down in advance of the section that does not have a safe stopping distance at maximum possible speed), or to protect home signals and associated switches, 125th and Lexington is the legendary one I would have loved to operate pre-timers. Old timers who really love their job talk glowingly about it in a way that makes me wish I was there for it. Leaving 86th St. northbound, you have a straight shot downhill, you blow through 103/110, and then you have ANOTHER downhill north of 110 and flying straight into 125...almost entirely straight track except for a small, minor S curve to the right just south of 125. Motormen from the old days talk of regularly doing almost 60 approaching 125 (which I fully believe) Even with the "nerfed" state of the trains today AND the timers, I can get a good train up to ALMOST 50 - about 48 - on that stretch (the caveat is that your leader has to be completely out of 125th St. and then some, otherwise the signals will slow you down earlier, and force you to come in much slower). Of course you can't do anything like the old days anymore, since you've got the 3 timers from under 96th to 103. The other 3 approaching 125 are to protect the approach to 125.
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