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    Legally: Wait for a late night train GO where the trains are being rerouted to Wall Street on the Lex and reverse direction to BG and use the loop to go on 7th Avenue (or vice versa.) Illegally: Get two friends to the new South Ferry and push two shopping carts, one in each pocket track, while you wait at Cortlandt Street for a downtown train. When they start rerouting the trains, pray they don't kick you off at Rector. Also, make sure you have enough cash on hand to bail your 2 friends out of jail.
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    None of this crap involving the injection of more artics into the system is about addressing overcrowding capacity... What I've long been sick of, is the bullshit disposition that these changes year in & year out are being made to increase customer satisfaction.... The MTA does not care about you, Mr./Ms./Mrs./Miss NYC public transit commuter.... Embarrassingly enough, you can't tell me about "customer demand" when you don't know (or care to know) the riderbases for each & every route you operate, either..... Ever notice in the "alternatives" sections of these changes, the mere inaction of "Do Nothing" is almost always present - and on top of it, is the most expounded upon alternative to some initial proposal/upcoming change (if it isn't the ONLY alternative listed, mind you)? They are trying to reduce manpower & resources & they are doing it as gradually as they can (much like with anything else).... That's all this shit is & that's all that it's been about....
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    @New Flyer Xcelsior Your plan didn't work. Good luck getting your buds out of the clink Part Suspended Posted: 07/23/2019 4:55PM There is no train service between Chambers St and South Ferry because a train's brakes were activated at South Ferry. The last stop for southbound trains will be Chambers St. Some northbound trains are running on the local track because train service is disrupted near South Ferry. Expect longer travel times uptown on trains.
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    100º and no AC is a tough sell -- even for fanners like myself. Not to mention that half the community has problems with deodorant on a good day!
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    Sorry. I get $127.00 taken out of every month’s paycheck to pay for my share. There’s nothing racist with enforcing farebeating. This is not a race thing, and ironically, claiming that it is a race issue is itself racist; you yourself presume that only certain kinds of people farebeat more than others. As a daily patron of the subway system, I see all sorts of people farebeat: the professional dressed in business casual who couldn’t bother to get in line to swipe himself in the opportunistic law-abiding citizen who “just happened” to get caught in a torrent of farebeaters and got sucked in through the emergency exit the showtime dancers who somersault their way over the turnstiles the Chinese grandmothers who crowbar their way in with their canes the yuppie who thinks it’s hip to misappropriate farebeating Sure, some ethnicities/ages do seem to farebeat more than others: Coney Island has a large population of Asians and blacks. But I have only ever seen black people farebeat or ask for swipes in Coney Island. Chinatown has a lot of foot traffic. Going by impression it’s elderly Chinese, other non-Chinese peoples (of any age), and some frustrated tourists who farebeat. However, arresting for farebeating is still fair game, because it’s it’s based on what they already did and not what they are: hopping/ducking the turnstile or sneaking in through the emergency exit. Nothing like profiling in this business. If someone like me hops the turnstile, I’d be stopped—not let go because I don’t fit some profile.
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    The fact you couldn't get others to completely see things your way in this thread bothers you... Other people's opinions of you, bothers you.... The government you fear, bothers you... Your own reflection bothers you.... LIFE bothers you. Get off my nuts, chump.... If I gave enough of a damn, I should report your lying ass for blatantly claiming I made a "passive anti-semitic" remark - When you're on here questioning if I am one.... Now go report this post too.
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    I mean if I legitimately had access to Quill I wouldn't even be asking this thread but what do I know? 😂
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    There are a lot of variables to the speed of the train you are riding. Yes, the operator has something to do with it, but not everything. The R68/68A does take a bit longer to reach top speed because they are heavy cars. If the t/o has the train in multiple (the third and final point of power) it doesn't matter who the t/o is. On any train, if you have a dead motor or more, it will affect the speed. When the train gets into a grade time area are you will feel/see the greatest variability. That has all to do with the experience level of the t/o, if he's working his regular line and how long he has been working the line. Some guys feel more comfortable running slower in grade time areas than others, perhaps till they are more experienced. Don't forget: many of you are riding around for entertainment purposes. For the t/o it's a J-O-B. He/she has himself to support and most likely has dependents. They don't want to take a chance and challenge timers; they don't want to fly into a station becasue they are afraid they will put a door panel or a car out of the station. They need the job so they are not going to save a few seconds and jeopardize it.
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    Ever since the MTA introduced articulated buses as part of their fleet, service levels have only gotten worse in this city - even on the routes that don't have artics running on 'em..... You generally didn't hear all these complaints about bus service back before/around that time - especially to the magnitude that we're hearing/reading now..... I remember my very first post about the "bendy buses" & it was specifically about the Bx40/42.... I used to love fanning either of those routes when hitting up the Bronx & it helped that buses would come like every 5 minutes or so..... Then one day I decided to do a fantrip, I'm like wtf is this? Fleet went straight from RTS' to artics, and instead of service along that corridor arriving like wildfire, service ended up becoming significantly sparse.... It was like night & day; to the point where I got completely disinterested with wanting to joyride either of those routes on any real/consistent basis after that fact..... Before early last month, I couldn't tell you the last time I even took a 40/42 period (joyriding or not)... Bunching on that route doesn't fool me, because if you miss that bunched set, it's not uncommon to be waiting 20+ mins. for a bus - Which is exactly what happened to me, when I went to holla at somebody for a quick lil minute.... Both going & coming... I'll keep parroting this until I'm as blue in the face as one: The MTA does not primarily use artics to address overcrowding, they use it as an avenue for slashing service. Not only do they want to dictate how people utilize their services, not only are they completely oblivious to the fact that more & more people don't work the typical 9-5 (and the schedules of a lot of these schoolkids are just as wide-ranged), they want to have passengers crammed on less buses on top of it..... God forbid when bunching happens & emptier buses become apparent - which to them, will give off the illusion that even MORE service can perhaps be cut.... And it's a wonder as to why more people resort to sticking up the traditional "bird" at them.... Removing bus schedules as an alternative to keeping bus service intact, my ass..... When cuts start bleeding into other areas like that, be wary..... Very wary.
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    So is this post, which contributes nothing.
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    You do realize it's supposed to be buses and deliveries only 3rd-9th yeah? Not to say they don't have a gripe, but my god, who'd have thought riders in Williamsburg & points west would end up being more irritating & bitchy (for lack of a better word) than riders within Brooklyn CB6.....
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    I'm not against your points, but you gotta understand a good quarter of this fourm is boomers who think socialism is satan and another quarter are politically-illiterate foamers
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    Ah the benefits of the ATS system in the IRT. Dyre to Bowling Green was 55 minutes before the system was implemented on my weekday run. Before the PM rush began. After implementation I was making the same interval in 63 minutes. Time monitoring done by an RCC console dispatcher who previously worked both Dyre and Bowling Green. Daily radio checks from Dyre to 149th St-Third Avenue. Train on time. Train arrives at Grand Concourse on time as recorded by both the console dispatcher and the tower operator on the scene. Train enters the loop, waits for a s/b Woodlawn train to make a station stop on the upper level, leave, and I’m finally let out of the loop. My supposed follower. This is with 3 TSS in my cab from East 180th St to the Concourse where one would leave while the other two would ride down to Grand Central on their way home. Every day when ATS was in effect I was 5 minutes late at 125th St. No ATS and I was on time all the way to Franklin Avenue. It got to the point where a supervisor would ask me where I lost my time and my erstwhile folllower, who passed me at the Concourse, would answer for me, “ blame ATS “, which RCC didn’t want to hear. I had someone at RCC monitor my speed n/b leaving President St one day who told a TSS to meet me at Dyre to critique my speed. The TSS said that I was operating too slow at 7mph while others were moving at 15mph or more. I knew him and I decided to be nice to him. He said that RCC had a readout of all trains making the move, local and express for a 12 hour period. He highlighted the info on a computer monitor and my dispatcher started snickering. I correctly pointed out that there was a home signal at the junction and it would clear on time, 15 mph IIRC, but I was making a diverging move over the switch to reach the express track leading to Franklin Avenue. My dispatcher and my rabbi, who the TSS knew by reputation, laughed at him while he apologized to me profusely and he laughed when I asked if the RCC was gonna discipline all of the train operators that broke the rules and sped across the junction. It’s nice to have some posters dig up the original proposals that were submitted to the board but I’d bet that many RTO, Signal, and CED still working out there would tell you that some of the proposals , while great in theory , have as much relevance as used toilet paper in the real world. Just my experience and opinion. You can take it any way you want. Carry on.
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    Might as well go back to the blue stripe paint scheme at that point.
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    The way you went about this was not productive at all. There was supposed to be a meaningful discussion and then it had to be cancelled because your opinion that there should be accessibility across the board while I think that should be the case trumped what the MTA head wanted to have, to have a discussion regarding ways to improve things across the board. As @Union Tpke indicated earlier, what you have done created more harm than help.
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    Yeah, thanks. You screwed up my attendance of the event for nothing. They were going to engage in a thoughtful and thorough of the discussion. How often do you hear the Chairman of the MTA attending and speaking at an event? While I believe that every station should be accessible, and while I agree with the work that groups advocating for accessibility have done, I think what you did here was idiotic and counterproductive.
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    Regardless of how factual the points he raises are, they are always shrouded in bullshit... He cannot state a fact by itself & have that be the end of it. He cares more about sniffing pines & dousing himself in bug repellent when he nomadically wanders about deep in these woods to relieve his stress self, than he does making transit better for the people.... I've always gotten the sense that he delved into this online transit community as an avenue to voice out his frustrations (with life) to a wider audience of people... I mean let's face it, ever since he virtually stopped talking transit (under the guise of being bullied & being subjected to too much drama [triggering the pooping of his pants, I guess ] - which is ironic, being that he made a lil punk ass name for himself in this community with his RANT videos), notice how much of a downward spiral his YT channel is heading in.... Much of nobody cares about the pines & meteorology like that.... Hell, the NYC transit community on YT is small enough; what he's trying to transform his channel into, serves an even more niche market.... Anyone that's dumb enough to state & believe that MTA (he states QV specifically, on numerous occasions) buses should be dispensed out to Nassau county whenever the LIRR f***s up for some reason, because "the city doesn't need all those buses on standby", is a moron.... When it comes to the city (as far as transit is concerned), he doesn't know what he's talking about.... The same guy that was crying that Nassau needs its own transportation provider (when the MTA pulled out of providing bus service throughout Nassau w/ LIB), is the same guy crying that the MTA needs to come back to Nassau county, because Mangano, corruption in Nassau county, blah blah blah, this, that, and the third.... This is what we're dealing with here.... As far as the younger folks that gravitate/d towards him & his channel, I'm of the belief that it is/was done out of nothing more than empathy - he is ALWAYS this perpetual victim.... How'd that fare for him when he was talking cash shit about those "white finance professionals on the South Shore"? As for Andy's RandomShit, his videos going in on QV are (obviously) declaimed from a narrow perspective.... Service out of LIJ on the Q46 at one point was deteriorating (one thing I don't miss about working there), but to make like the whole depot is the pits because of waning Q46 service, I mean come on..... Enough of you have already pointed out that QV is one of the better depots we have around, with which I have to concur... It's one of the depots you hear the least about (which in this transit community, is a good thing - LOL!!)..... The shit this dude says about QV, would be like me claiming that JG is the worst depot around, because the B35 has less service, due to its artic conversion.....
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    #1 Calm Down, you're hitting the curb too fast. #2 The Depot is not Artic ready yet, It has been stated that next Summer if there are no delays, the B82-SBS will be Articulated.
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    Can we get rid of lowest bidder and go with realistic bids and quality of product instead?
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    They constantly need to check their mirrors (bus/truck visibility issues). If they can't remember what they're driving, perhaps they shouldn't be. FOH with that "goldfish memory" bullshit...
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    Shakeup could change Metro-North shuttle A Hudson Rail Link bus idles before reaching the pickup point at the Riverdale Metro-North station. The Rail Link has provided transportation back into the business district for commuters who frequent the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil Metro-North stations, both located at the bottom of steep hills. FRIDA STERENBERG By HEATHER J. SMITH The Metropolitan Transportation Authority board voted last week to accept a reorganization plan and preliminary budget that includes a number of proposed cost-cutting measures addressing a nearly $1 billion annual projected budget deficit by 2022. It may put a valuable local service at risk as well. Buried in the 500-page budget is a proposal to end the Metro-North division’s management of the Hudson Rail Link buses. The service shuttles Metro-North riders from the trains to stops in their neighborhoods, including from the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil stops. Currently, the city contracts with a company to operate the buses, while Metro-North provides management and customer service. The new budget would transfer all functions and responsibilities of Rail Link, plus the purchase of two new buses, to a vendor. “If no MTA party or outside vendor is identified, Metro-North will unilaterally cancel the contract,” the proposal reads. That last line prompted more questions than answers. A Hudson Rail Link bus waits at the pickup point at the Riverdale Metro-North station. The Rail Link is currently under the purview of the MTA, but the transportation authority has proposed offloading it to some other vendor, which would save the agency some $3 million. FRIDA STERENBERG As it seeks to reorganize itself, the MTA has proposed offloading the Hudson Rail Link from the Metro-North to some other vendor as a cost-saving measure. The green-and-white buses provide transportation to and from the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil Metro-North stations, as well as stops within and around those neighborhoods. FRIDA STERENBERG A Hudson Rail Link bus crosses onto Riverdale Avenue from Irwin Avenue. FRIDA STERENBERG “It seems like what they’re saying is, if they can’t find another vendor to do it, there’s a possibility they might say they’re just not going to do it entirely,” transportation advocate and Riverdale resident Vittorio Bugatti said. “I find that completely unacceptable.” As of 2017, Metro-North consisted of five rail lines carrying 86.6 million people annually from Grand Central Station to suburban neighborhoods in New York and Connecticut. On days when express buses are late or never appear, Metro-North is a lifesaver to people like Bugatti, who works in Midtown. “It’s a great service if you take advantage of the shuttle buses to the stations and not have to worry about driving and parking,” he said. Rail Link buses make several stops in neighborhoods near Metro-North stations to pick up and drop off commuters. Since the train stations are located on the bank of the Hudson River — and therefore at the bottom of a steep slope — buses allow riders to avoid a tough walk without having to rely on personal vehicles they leave parked at the stations all day. “They also give us dedicated bus service so that we don’t have to depend on the MTA to provide, say, the Bx10 that gets us somewhat close to the station but then we have to walk the rest of the way,” Bugatti said. The proposed changes to Rail Link are part of a larger restructuring within MTA. The state legislature hired consulting firm AlixPartners to study ways the agency can decrease costs. Consultants spent three months preparing the plan that calls for sweeping reorganization of the transportation agency’s structure. The result is a “transformation plan” to reduce the budget by $530 million annually over the next few years, which could possibly eliminate up to 2,700 jobs. Even with a successful implementation of the plan, the MTA would still have a deficit of about $440 million annually by 2022. When Bugatti saw the proposed changes to Rail Link, he raised the alarm among fellow commuters through a social media post. “There are legitimate concerns about this, and I think what my post was about was, if they want to try a different way of providing the service then tell us what it is,” he said. “We need some sort of assurances that whatever decision is made, they’re going to be able to maintain that service.” If things go as the plan proposes and the MTA finds another vendor who’ll shoulder all of Rail Link’s responsibility, it should save the agency almost $3 million annually by 2023. An MTA spokeswoman told The Riverdale Press the changes would not result in losing the Rail Link bus service — a point driven home by a Facebook comment authored by Fredric Klein, a staffer for Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, in response to Bugatti’s social media post. “As was suggested earlier but is now confirmed by Metro-North, this is only a preliminary proposal being explored by the MTA as part of their larger reorganization plan,” Klein wrote. MTA is exploring if it’s more efficient to transfer Rail Link to a different agency, like a city bus, agency officials said. The soonest things would change is next year, but it shouldn’t affect riders. “We were assured that there will continue to be Rail Link service now and in the future, regardless of how it is organized with the MTA bureaucracy,” Klein wrote. Bugatti hopes that’s the case, but encouraged his fellow transit neighbors to continue holding transportation officials accountable. “The community needs to make sure that we get the transportation that we need,” Bugatti said. “Because if we’re going to be giving the MTA billions of dollars over the course of the next several years once congestion pricing is sorted out, we need to make sure that we’re getting better service — whether it’s Metro-North, express buses, local buses or subways.” Source: https://riverdalepress.com/stories/shakeup-could-change-metro-north-shuttle,69610?
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    Now you know how my C/R and I felt nightly when we had the first R142’s to Utica. We refused to sign them up as to Flatbush so we had Bowling Green destination signs. We had a TSS ride us one time who was critical of our procedure but we told him that we knew what we were doing. When we got to Bowling Green we made manual announcements from there to Franklin Avenue and really poured it on there. Luckily we had a great group of regular riders from the Redbird era who helped us out with those who were confused. IIRC it was a few months before the announcement problem was cleared up. We, too, wondered why it took so long to get corrected. Just my experiences. Carry on.
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    I don't like the title of this thread. You should know better
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    Just drove 4674 today. Was on the M4 today and had a few tourist stuck at the MET without a metrocard. I asked if they had a credit card, and it all worked out. Tap system is very instantaneous, no delay, very fast and responsive. I believe 4012 has OMNY still on it as well, just not working(?).
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    There's not enough cars for that... I have a hard time believing you, a grown adult, is playing childish games like this just because you don't like 75 foot cars. If I've got to deal with these pieces of shit R46s on the everyday, you can suck it up and ride an R68/A once in a while. Grow up.
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    This forum is not the place to push your agendas it is a fan forum
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    And this is when buses like RTS' and O5's win because they have high floors.
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    Just want to add something real quick.. When the moderators tell everyone "wait and see" There is a reason for that and it's called vetting. Vetting information for accuracy and that takes a lot of time, patience and sweat. Information has to be accurate and checked before releasing. The last thing you want is any inaccuracies and a credible person's reputation could be at stake for putting out wrong information. I have tremendous respect to the mods, bus ops and bus maintenance staff on this board who provide accurate information.. At the end of the day accuracy and smart vetting of information always wins. (That's a note to the young enthusiasts) . Now to the kid (Since you addressed me): Last I checked I don't have a credibility problem. When you have mostly everyone on here calling your bluff. (Nice try kid). At least I'm not 15 in high school and a curfew of 9:00PM. 😂 🤣. /sarcasm #rantdone
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    Just want to say, I've got no personal axe to grind with Mr. Man. Haven't watched his "videos" or really paid attention to his wandering babbling. But when @Cait Sith calls out a post hyped by Mr. Man that contains Shane's OWN work uncredited and no caveats are offered (even something like, "I'll get back to the creator because that's just not cool"), it says a lot by omission. Yeah, minor shit like that matters to me, reputation-wise.
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    didn't school let out about 2 months ago? UGGH...
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    Transbusfan gets a pass, he actually works in the system. His insight and such is always helpful.
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    An M42 bus went above 10 mph?!?!?
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    And then less people will ride the subways, and then they will cut more service, and then less people will ride the subways, and then they will cut more service... I hope Cuomo is remembered as an idiot
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    Happy 1 year anniversary to the SIM buses!
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    How ironic that 7090 gets into an accident on it's fifth anniversary in service....it was on this date back in 2014 where it entered service.
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    Current XD60 assignments at Grand, with more to come. 4710-4711, 4713, 4718, 4754 to 4759, 4761, 4765, 4767, 4769 and 4770.
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    When you change up the shutdown plan and want pretty buses as replacements and even though they get discontinued your goal of staying as emperor is accomplished:
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    it's funny you say that... i had no plans of logging on as well, but was notified to the goings on by a co-worker (who works in a certain depot's union office btw) who frequents here. suffice to say that they were appalled by what they read.
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    First of all, the B46 was a partial conversion and there would still be standards on the route under that plan. Second, that plan is up in the air because the buses that were intended for the B46 are currently at Quill for the increased M14A SBS service under the L Project plan and the XE60s would not be enough to fully displace them. Not to mention some of those buses would then be needed to displace 1200s off of the M15 SBS in time for the "showcase" route. You sir win the day
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    That says a lot more about Cuomo than it does anyone else (even Lhota, who should've known better).
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    I thought he was an "apprentice supervisor".... Must have gotten a promotion.
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    So true! @EastFlatbushLarry I was already done when he mentioned about the East New York thing and I'm like you don't know a thing about that depot and the APPRENTICE thing was the kicker... Last I checked, I've worked for the City of New York for the better of 13 years and never heard of a APPRENTICE dispatcher. So I say this. Spare me the bullshit and do what 15 year old kids do. PLAY FORTNITE.
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    Mr. Man already knows this stuff, obviously ............ Even while "surveying" the Montreal transit operations (and no doubt giving his invaluable input), he's got his finger on the pulse of NYCT and MTA Bus. I've got a finger for someone's pulse ... just sayin'
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    Why don't you walk inside Quill and find out? Since apparently, you "work" for the TA.....🤣 They likely got them/are in the phase of getting them. The demo XE60 is supposed to arrive in September/October, with the production buses coming in November/December.
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    LMAO... There's no petition yet, and when there is one it'll likely be me doing it, since the person that is interested in running the service isn't exactly gifted when it comes to grammar. LOL I'm waiting to be provided with a list of the AM and PM stops first, which should happen later this week.
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    I honestly don't care if it was on every bus or one solitary bus..... In terms of UAT, I personally don't care for beta testing, myself.... Pre-releasing / half-ass releasing a product for any type of public consumption AFAIC defeats the purpose.... There's just too much volatility in testing something in an uncontrolled environment.... If you, the public, is going to rip (or otherwise critique) my product, it isn't going to be during any developmental phase....
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    I feel it's worth mentioning the remaining active 2005s in case any retirements haven't been reported yet East New York Depot (50 Total): 6490-6500, 6502-6506, 6508-6510, 6564, 6569-6570, 6581, 6589, 6596, 6602, 6607-6630 Fresh Pond Depot (52 Total): 6521-6531, 6554-6563, 6565-6568, 6571-6580, 6582-6588, 6590-6595, 6597-6599, 6603 Manhattanville Depot (19 Total): 6606, 6633, 6640, 6643-6645, 6650, 6652-6653, 6655, 6665, 6668, 6675, 6679-6680, 6683-6684, 6686, 6689 JFK/Far Rockaway Depots (21 Total): 6511-6520, 6532-6533, 6543-6545, 6547, 6550-6553, 6601 LaGuardia Depot (13 Total): 6534-6535, 6538-6542, 6548-6549, 6600, 6657, 6660, 6670
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    I'm sure more people would use the bus WiFi if it actually worked properly all the time... Also ironically WiFi on new buses has become standard elsewhere because the MTA did it first so getting rid of it now is a bad look.
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    Blanked out after this part. I swear sometimes you people overreact on one little @$$ thing. The B15/82 SBS conversion was never going to happen this year anyways because ENY is still being worked on for a new building for the MTA/NYCT merger plus artic conversion since last year. It was planned for 2020 ever since the shuttle bus was in place (or rather after the shuttle bus wasn't needed anymore).
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