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    The last thing anyone should be worrying about is the stupid train cars, which can be replaced...
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    Agreed in entirety. Unfortunately, your words seem to have gone over many people's heads- a crime worthy of federal investigation was committed, an employee died in the line of duty, but no, all they keep asking about is "OMG what happens to the R142s"... Has anyone stopped to think about what will happen to the family he left behind? Un-f**king-believable, really and truly...
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    Can we stop endlessly discussing the same things! This is not directed at one person.
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    I've already said once to use the multi-quote feature and stop posting like you're talking on Facebook Messenger....and stop with the spread of false information. If I have to clean up posts again, I'm handing out warnings to people.
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    You want more R179 cars? You want more of these lemons in which the last car came in, what, 3-4 years late? And they're a bunch of shop queens! God help me! You complain about "paying more". The fare has been $2.75 for quite awhile. Every 2 years fares rise, one cycle the MetroCard discount fare, and one cycle the basic fare. That basic fare has been compared to a slice of pizza. IDK where I can get a slice of pizza for that price anymore. But knowing you, you would point to those horrid .99 cent slices! The fares here are a bargain and do not cover the total cost of your ride. Nobody is forcing you to pay for shit service, there are many other ways to travel. Driving your own car to work + parking + tolls if you work in the CBD is much more than that. Take a cab/Uber/Lyft? That costs more than $2.75. If anything, especially with the quick scanning OMNI fare payment system coming out, we should be charging fares based on distance traveled. It is very unfair for someone to be able to travel from Washington Heights to the beach in Rockaway for $2.75 yet be charged the same $2.75 to go from Bedford Ave. to Union Sq. On top of that, you have free transfers to/from a bus if needed. By putting up 10' barricades at every fare control turnstile (they do this at European cities), we can lick fare evasion in the bud (again scan when leaving), people will just have to get used to it. I've seen pics of these barricades overseas. Buses: plenty of fare evasion, people not paying enough in coins, go to Staten Island and you'll really see what's going on. They get free SIR service for the most part, and free ferry service. So now they expect free bus service too! Maybe you wouldn't be paying for shit service if they would pay their fair share. How do we stop this as well as riders not paying for SBS buses? More fare inspectors are needed. Their salaries will be paid back many times over. More enforcement on SBS buses. The fare inspector stands at the fare box enforcing the fare on non SBS buses. No fare, no ride. Period. A separate transit police dept. should be re-established. This is how you won't have to pay as much for your fare. If one can't afford the fare, too bad. Do you go to the supermarket, deli or bodega and tell them "I'm not paying because I can't afford it?" Of course not. The R46's will be fine till the R211's come in. They are not as old as the R32's and CI is a great yard to take care of them, much better than Jamaica. Pitkin knows their R46's too. Sure any car assigned to any yard can fail, possibly bringing down an entire train. But a subway car is a complicated machine and they do know how to fix them. Don't worry about the R46's. Let the PROFESSIONALS at CIYD worry about them! As I said in the past, fewer cars temporarily on the roster has nothing to do with the paying passenger. They have a lower spare factor of a train or 2 at each yard with fewer cars sitting in the yard awaiting repairs. You are having a very hard time understanding that concept. The decision makers at NYCT are not the idiots who are pushing congestion pricing. It's the MTA (who are also MN and LIRR) as well as Cuomo who are pushing it. If you feel somebody at NYCT is indeed pushing it, they are parroting the company line. That goes for "yesterday" and today. There are plenty of professionals at NYCT. I take your comment as a slap in the face to me and all the good professionals I worked with over my time there. As is human nature, you remember the slackers but you forget about the good people. The one professional who you cite was there for only 2 years and he thrived because he listened to the professionals under him unlike other TA Presidents. IDK who you are (but I do have a suspicion) how old you are, etc. But I think you should take an entrance Civil Service test, take as many promotions as you can and change the culture. This way you can take Byfords' place as the only professional. It is so easy to criticize but harder to make change. By your statement you proved that the job is a thankless one. Are my feelings hurt? No way because I know how people think. Everybody feels that THEIR transit system is the worst in the country. What about Philly with all those MFL cars out of service for structural issues? What about Boston who just took the new Orange line cars out of service for the THIRD TIME? I think our PROFESSIONALS do a damn good job in SAFELY transporting the most people in the country on a daily basis, and repairing the cars. Those "downtown" who you despise are told what to do by their bosses, doing stuff what the budget guides them by. They ARE PROFESSIONALS because somehow they make good lemonade out of sour lemons.
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    Thank you for saying this. I was reluctant to make any comment about this incident but after reading the first page or so of comments my blood began to boil. A man lost his life and people are commenting on the condition of some pieces of metal ? Wow, just wow. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
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    Whom ever made up that rumor about the R32’s being down to 80 cars is a tool. The consists listed on the so called retired list are IN SERVICE as I type. I operated in them. 3894/3895 etc!
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    Some of you guys make it sound like it's the end of the world that the R32's will probably be all retired before the R211's come in, and that only Pitkin and 207 have to make up the shortage which (naturally) they can't do on their own. A couple of years ago when the Q started going to 96th St and the W came back meaning more cars would be required for service, transit managed by shifting some cars around and having a lower spare factor in each yard. The same can easily be done here. It's very simple to be accomplished. Keep in mind that the division of car equipment will have it figured out as to the number of cars having to be transferred. This formula is done with the assumption that the R46/R160 swap between Jamaica and CI has been completed. ENYD can shift some R179's to 207 for C service. CIYD can shift some R46's to Pitkin for A and C service. CCYD can send 8 cars to CIYD to make up for an R46, as well as Jamaica sending some R160's back to CI. With all yards contributing, each yard will get by with 1 or 2 less trains. That means get them in and out of the barn a bit quicker, but more importantly having fewer cars sitting in the yards waiting to get into the barn which can't be used because of their defects. Finally on another topic: There are a lot of trolls "contributing" to this thread. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THESE TROLLS, JUST IGNORE THEM.
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    How many times y’all gonna repeat the same hot air nonsense? All it is, y’all Are re wording the same Asinine conjecture. Chill out already.
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    The C/R is a hero for saving the lives of all the passengers, and got murdered in what appears to be deliberately set fires. This is murder! This one really really hit me. It makes me so angry that in the last few years more and more conductors have been insulted, assaulted, beaten, spat on and disrespected. Do people not realize how hard their job is? How much of a toll it takes on them? I wish condolences to the family and friends of this true hero. I don't know why these fires were started, but (from a distance) it seems that career criminals and vandals are seizing on lower subway ridership to wreak havoc. This has got to stop. One Person Dies and 16 Are Injured in a Subway Fire in Manhattan The New York Fire Department said reports about the fire, at the 110th Street Central Park North subway stop, came in at about 3:20 a.m. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/nyregion/subway-fire-death.html?action=click&module=Latest&pgtype=Homepage Police outside of the 110th Street Central Park North stop on Friday. By Christina Goldbaum and Maria Cramer March 27, 2020 Updated 10:42 a.m. ET A subway conductor was killed early Friday after a fire erupted inside a train car at a station along the northern edge of Central Park, officials said. The fire was reported as a No. 2 train pulled into the station and a transit employee, who was on the train as a passenger, told the conductor that there was heavy smoke and fire in the second car of the train, said Brian McGee, a deputy chief of detectives. When the train stopped at the station around 3:18 a.m., both workers for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority evacuated passengers. But when emergency workers arrived on the scene the conductor was found laying on the tracks, officials said. He was later pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital. Police were investigating the fire and believe it may be connected to two other fires in the transit system in Manhattan, one at 86th Street station and another at 96th Street station, that were also reported around 3:15 a.m. Friday. A third fire on the street level was reported later in the morning at the 116th Street station. “We are devastated by this, this is a hard moment for New York City Transit,” Sarah Feinberg, interim president of New York City Transit, said at a news conference on Friday morning. Seventeen other people, including five firefighters, were injured, according to a spokesman for the New York Fire Department. Four people were in critical condition, and another person was in serious condition but the injuries were not life-threatening. The five firefighters suffered minor injuries. More than 100 emergency personnel responded and the fire was brought under control at about 3:50 a.m., he said. At about 6:45 a.m. firefighters were still working to extinguish the flames. Video from outside the station shows plumes of black smoke pouring out of the sidewalk grates as the fire raged in the early morning. It is unclear how the fire began or whether it started inside or outside the car, said Lieutenant Thomas Antonetti, a spokesman for the New York Police Department. “That’s what they’re trying to ascertain,” he said of the fire investigators on the scene Friday morning. No arrests have been made, according to the police, who are investigating the incident as a criminal matter. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subway, wrote on Twitter at 3:24 a.m. that it was trying to remove a train from service at the station, and then said that it had “removed power on all tracks to allow the Fire Department to extinguish a fire” there. The agency suspended some service on the No. 2 and No. 3 lines Friday morning, with delays on the No. 4 and No. 5 lines as well.
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    Don’t respond to this guy, he never knows what he’s talking about. I’m surprised the moderators haven’t removed him yet...
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    Lol, it does look much better. The American flag has always looked completely stupid on there. The MTA logo, fine, but why we needed to continue the post-9/11 obsession with flags on every possible surface is beyond me. For context, remember that this is how the R143s were specced and initially delivered. It's also why the flags are below the logo on these cars, since they were haphazardly added later. Looks a lot better this way.
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    The sad part is that this is not the first time he attempted to post this..... Last week(or the week prior), he tried to post this same exact thing....and it got flagged via Mod Queue. I don't know who approved it this time around, it sure as hell wasn't me, and I don't think Deucey did it..... He's fishing for attention like a motherf**ker. I've warned him more than once about this type of shit, now he's canned for 30 days.
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    can we get rid of these trolls
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    Folks, I'm going to need some of you guys to put all of your posts into ONE POST, stop posting multiple times. This isn't Facebook Messenger. Also, utilize the multi-quote feature, please.... -edit- Also, stop spacing them out in such a large format...
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    Hobbyism taken too far.... Anyway, I was reading through this thread (and other articles, other than the one copy/pasted), wanting to find out when, where, and how this fire even started, and if anyone was injured & what not (and to what extent).... Eventually came upon those pictures of those charred subway cars & subway vandalism (in this case, particularly, arson) immediately came to mind.... Unfortunately, you have the poor guy that ended up losing his life trying to save others apparently, with several others suffering serious injuries.... ...and for those that DGAF about it, I'd say there is a direct correlation of [that nonchalantness] and [the acts of disrespect & lack of human decency being directed at these front line workers]... You see people just doing their jobs (especially inside stores & what not) getting yelled at and/or cursed out, unprovoked, like it's permissible & never really understood it - not just from a buyer/seller perspective, but from a manager/managee level as well.... Always saw the whole thing as corny, to be honest.... But to sum this up, regardless of what they make salary-wise, blue collar work has long been stigmatized in society & I for one have always abhorred it....
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    Honestly it’s better to be safe than sorry. Better to send people home than risk the health and lives of others.
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    My ass sure isn't looking for them! Haven't stepped foot in the subway in a week, prolly the longest in my life...
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    As of March 17 , 2020: "Effective immediately, all transportation picks that are being held, or are scheduled to be held, are postponed until further notice.No picking should be conducted until further notice."
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    A friend of mine got some nice pictures of the sign, which also dates the closure of the entrance. http://indsecondsystem.weebly.com/union-tpke-kew-gardens.html
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    I would like to remind the audience that the first production R211 deliveries are not expected until October 2021...
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    Frankly, the MTA spent too much time doing the opposite when they were compelling people to work when they were sick, preventing people from taking precautions to protect themselves or making employees work in areas inhabited by people that had positive results. Just because people aren't dropping like Flies doesn't mean the risk isn't serious, Italy had that same attitude in regards to not 'panicking' over 'slight' illness...and right now their country is melting before our eyes. If this is what it takes to prevent my neighbors from suffering the same fate then so be it and if a few dozen people have to take the Q112 from Rockaway Blvd then OH WELL, BOO HOO.
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    more than likey, it was determined by DOB that Manhattanville can afford to loose those buses in order to increase the spare factor at Hale & 100 Street, 2 depots that people forget are operating at bare minimum levels. both depots, in regards to their 40 foot fleet(s) have low spare numbers due to capacity limitations at both yards (which people conveniently forget) regardless, between 100 Street, Hale & Manhattanville, they're always swapping & loaning buses to make service at OH & OF for am/pm rush hour service... OH has been technically "short" for a decade and OF has been technically "short" since it reopened (BY DESIGN), so personally, it's not really a big deal in my eyes. Manhattanville is not a yard that'll suffer from 5 buses being reassigned, by any stretch. people really need to stop reaching
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    correct. and depending on which run you're performing, clearance may or may not come into play. that's why at UP, GA or JG (and eventually EN) they'll pick any xd60/xn60 model to train operators on. people on this forum make such a big deal out of a 61xx showing up at JG or a xn60 showing up at UP... why? because they're hoping they have the jump on an "exclusive" (and that term has been abused incessantly over the last few years) like calm down... it's about getting operators acclimated ASAP. For example, if UP were receiving 12xx LSFA's, they'd pull 54xx's from FB to train em on, if that was what's available in the division... doesn't mean that 54xx LSFA's will be assigned to UP
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    when you train operators or anyone who has never operated an artic, the bus model technically does not matter, seeing as that's not the main focus of the training. it's about getting acclimated to the length, width & weight of the bus, traffic spacing, etc.
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    1300 is live from Plattsburgh. It's been test driven around the area.
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    The smart move would be to "retire" them to please the politicians and then bring them right back into service and claim (rightfully) that they're unable to make service without them.
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    I would love to know why everyone thinks they're going back...
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    Something to be thankful for here is that the T/O got the train to 110. Tunnel fires are scary; tunnel fires in deep bored tunnels built to 1900s egress standards and with little fire protection could have been even more catastrophic. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased; he's a hero.
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    Yeah c'mon guys this is appalling. Who gives a shit about the equipment? And no, this is not because somebody didn't like the rolling stock used. I know there's a lot of mental illness in the transit community, and we don't need to yell at those people for their responses to this, but the rest of you guys gotta get it together on this. A man is dead. And this looks a whole lot like arson.
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    This is a larger societal problem but people just don't give a shit about this. To some degree, public facing jobs like these have become viewed upon as slavery (see bellyaching about "essential workers" and minimum wage in this pandemic)
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    Now it makes sense why the attached "Delays" are posted on the MTA website...I love what they say as well - "...while our employees take important precautions against COVID-19."
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    There's nothing stopping it but stubborn New York "exceptionalism". I've heard excuses about platform height or tunnel width, but they make no sense. There is always a way to design any style of door to meet any tunnel width or platform height. The outer shape of the car and/or door might change slightly, but it can be done. The other advantage of those newer, better door types is that overall wall thickness can be reduced, providing more space inside the car. It's a no-brainer of you ask me, just like open gangways. Which means maybe the MTA might wise up in another half-century, if we're lucky.
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    Unless you have actual documentation, or a source in the , NYS Government, or Homeland Security or the White House, you should stop posting this rumor.
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    This is a perfect example of getting what you pay for. Sometimes it's worth the extra money for a quality product.
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    Conversion would be postponed only if the whole Spring pick is delayed or canceled. Nothing to that effect has been announced (yet).
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    What does all of this have to do with the Queens re-design?
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    On a completely different subject I wonder how many people have read the article about subway performance in the Daily News ? I've been posting about the bogus running time on the line for years. For years I would leave Dyre Avenue at 3PM and was scheduled to arrive at Bowling Green at 3:55 PM daily. Old SMEE, Redbirds, R142 whatever. It didn't matter. New signal system in the Bronx? No problem. ATS system turned off at Grand Concourse? Easy sailing down the Lexington corridor. ATS turned on ? Big problemo. Now I'm arriving 8 minutes late at Bowling Green. Let's blame the train crew, right? Guess what? No evidence of improper operation with or without supervision riding with us. Still we were not allowed to blame the ATS system for our lateness even though every local supervisor down the line knew the cause. I was told by an active RTO supervisor to look at the Trip Planner. Lo and behold there was an additional 8 minutes added to the running time. No more late train, right ? This is why I have a problem with those who spout numbers and metrics when I and many others know the whole story.The folks who still ride that interval know the truth, too. Just something to ponder. Carry on.
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    Posts have been cleaned up and warnings have been given. Continue on with your day.
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    I don't speak as "an insider" but as a retired employee who knows what is done when barns have potential and actual car shortages. Therefore, I have been "around the block" quite a few times! If "Concourse and CI can't afford to lose more cars...", then transit will deal with it via the strategy I described. If you and others on this site disagree, well that's fine. The departments and people out in the field have worked with the cards dealt to them by senior management in the past and will continue to do so till the R211's are in service which will give them a better spare factor at first and later (cough cough) make improvements with all 600' trains on the C and 480' trains on the G, budgets permitting. Until then I think many of you ought to chill out a bit as the PROFESSIONALS at NYCT know do what they have to do. I know if I had a son or grandson ranting and raving all the time here and on facebook, messenger and other sites that the B Division was about to have a meltdown or implosion over the R32's retiring (come on guys, they are 55+ years old), even as railfans we'd have a long talk that there are more important things in life to be concerned about.
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    http://novabus.com/nova-bus-kicks-off-2020-biggest-us-contract-history/ Pilots to arrive in May 2020, main delivery to begin in December 2020. By the looks of it, finally going with WIDE rear doors @Missabassie after 8 years they finally listen to us. Also, thank God for a streamlined roof!
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    artics have shown up repeatedly on the sbs Q70 in various situations. btw, any bus operator worth his/her salary won't ever have a problem making that turn into (or out of) that terminal bay (i doubt they'd alter it for safety reasons). if you stick to your training, PAY ATTENTION and set up your spacing properly, that turn is a piece of cake (relatively speaking) if you DON'T rush 'em. that's when you invite problems upon yourself.
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