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    I've been a member of this forum for six years, a period of time over which a lot has changed in my life. Good to know that no matter how unstable things get in the real world, I can always rely on Flushing Express to be fat shaming a subway car on the internet. In a way, it's almost comforting to know that some things never change.
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    Alright, enough. First off, QBL CBTC cannot be done just on the express or local tracks. If it could be, it still wouldn't be, as no service planner not high as Mount Kilimanjaro would want to have a situation where a local train couldn't run on the express tracks in the case of a service disruption. QBL CBTC is also not that far off. 2021 is the planned date of full cutover, and it has been publicly stated that the TA wants the 160s 100% equipped by 2020 so that part time/part route testing can commence. For those of you who can't math, 6/2020 is before the planned completion date of Canarsie, requiring that cars are positioned there for equipment installation and testing during the shutdown. And yes, there is a good chance CBTC will be delayed, but I really think that complaining about CBTC delays and then arguing against fleet positioning integral to the preservation of the CBTC schedule is extremely disingenuous. Point being, the Jamaica/CI swap is not optional. When exactly it'll happen is yet to be determined, but there is no discussion here. The cars have to move.
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    Show of hands, who's really surprised? This is just another in a growing list of Cuomo's misguided priorities. Light shows on the bridges, USB ports on every surface imaginable and now the state colors everywhere - he's not exactly being subtle here. He knows he can get away with it because he's pretty much guaranteed another term in office. Who's going to stop him? Nixon? She's down over 30 points to him in recent polling. Molinaro? Nobody outside of Dutchess county knows who he is. Cuomo has this in the bag and he's just waiting out the clock until November when he can stop pretending like he actually cares about the issues.
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    Let the record show that I have not seen this nosy black man either. Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️
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    You either grow up or stay off this forum. Some of the things you've said in this post is extremely infantile. If you are a grown man as you like to tout, then act like it.
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    Uber is not the cause of the subway ridership drop. That's just silly. People are switching to Uber because the subway is unreliable. That is the cause of the ridership drop.
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    Why do you get a train to your house while the Bronx gets stuck still riding the Bx12?
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    Mezzanines aren't the main problem. Enough sets of stairs to a large mezzanine allows the platform to clear quickly after a train unloads. If the platform is already full of people, and then a train unloads, and everyone needs to travel most of the length of the platform to reach an exit, that's a problem. It's future-proofing for station capacity. You can't add a mezzanine later if you start with a single-level station. I suppose they could build the stations with a layout and ceiling height that allows adding a mezzanine later. But then you're really talking about a small difference in cost. You might as well just build the mezzanine from the start. The real problem is the corruption between the MTA, the contractors, the unions, and Cuomo himself. These projects are full of no-show jobs, obsolete jobs that literally serve no purpose but are required by the union, pointless and expensive "consulting" contracts, and a lot of unnecessary extras. Walking around Phase I of the SAS, all I see are a ton of unnecessary extra embellishments. It's like someone was trying to win contractor BINGO by using every material known to man on every surface. What should be a simple tile wall instead includes stainless steel, granite, and glass, for no apparent reason other than to involve more contractors and spend more money. The ceiling light fixtures are made as custom and elaborate as possible, again using multiple materials. Most other systems would have exposed concrete walls and ceilings with a nice design, or maybe just some tile over that, but no, the MTA needs to add another few layers of stuff on top of everything.
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    It's funny you say that since Jamaica Yard personnel confirmed the swap at the Transit Museum tour last weekend.
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    That was because Bway Jct was being made to turn 8tph. During the shutdown, the most it'll have to deal with is 2 tph. I daresay there's a difference there... I also completely fail to understand this larger fetishization of a longer term to Atlantic/Canarsie. The line is a closed loop with CBTC; provided good terminals, it could run up to 40tph. Why do we have to add merges to that beauty when all we gain by doing so is the avoidance of one or two staircases at Broadway Jct? I think especially given the fact that the actually provides a faster route to Midtown from Broadway Jct than this ever could, the extension of any Jamaica Line service down the is an absolute waste -- not only of capacity and operational simplicity, but also of money and cars. What I think really drives this home for me (both for the shutdown and the future) is the fact that any runs sent down Canarsie are by definition Jamaica Line capacity stolen. Whereas the can pick up TPH from the Jamaica line heading south from Bway Jct, the Jamaica Line east of the junction cannot receive Manhattan-bound tph from the . Given that lower Canarsie's ridership is, well, minimal, and that the Jamaica corridor is one of the worst-served areas in the city, I think that stealing from that corridor to serve those stops -- which, mind you, will get more than adequate service after the shutdown -- reeks of misplaced priorities and a complete ignorance of capacital and developmental realities.
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    Taken on a NYCT museum tour last Saturday. Pictures: 37611424_1813453742077491_782520763335835648_o_1813453738744158 by jw456, on Flickr 37611441_1813455508743981_3183754536632188928_o_1813455498743982 by jw456, on Flickr 37611938_1813455055410693_1863523968284098560_o_1813455048744027 by jw456, on Flickr 37562496_1813456765410522_3340801355840225280_o_1813456755410523 by jw456, on Flickr 37588068_1813454328744099_2670685019126628352_o_1813454322077433 by jw456, on Flickr 37643198_1813454752077390_6041131227086323712_o_1813454748744057 by jw456, on Flickr 37661340_1813457078743824_4777751092135985152_o_1813457068743825 by jw456, on Flickr 37660303_1813455922077273_6949706033564483584_o_1813455918743940 by jw456, on Flickr 37571920_1813488712073994_1542938954951557120_o_1813488708740661 by jw456, on Flickr 37568637_1813453888744143_4399505228026609664_o_1813453878744144 by jw456, on Flickr 37564145_1813457422077123_5931806309195186176_o_1813457418743790 by jw456, on Flickr 37561303_1813456208743911_8171298168244273152_o_1813456202077245 by jw456, on Flickr 37691209_1813454392077426_7033029610287661056_o_1813454385410760 by jw456, on Flickr 37691198_1813456062077259_6864659346026921984_o_1813456055410593 by jw456, on Flickr 37694197_1813455298744002_6250901479977123840_o_1813455292077336 by jw456, on Flickr Video:
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    We'll be further along when she's left the agency.
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    @EphraimB I'll say one thing, you're persistent. Take that as you will. I'm trying to be understanding here, but this isn't the first time you made a proposal that quite frankly makes no sense. I don't want to pile on to the critiques given above because they've all said what needs to be said. I will say this however; we entertain a number of pie in the sky ideas here, but they have to be grounded in some form of reality, which I'm not seeing here. Also, going forward, please keep these proposals in the main proposals thread. I'm seeing a trend here and we do not need new threads for every drawing on a napkin idea.
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    The MTA doesn't need more money. It needs better management. No amount of money in the world can fix the cultural issues that pervade the institution.
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    I still don't get why these large mezzanines are needed or required.
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    I've been away foaming for the past couple of days because a ton of insane things happened... On Sunday, I went out to fan the line with a couple of my friends to hunt for R179 trains. Unfortunately, all the R179s displayed were s to Broadway Junction or were just blank. My friend told me it was because the conductors didn't know the codes. Since there was an R42 in Fresh Pond Yard, we mainly fanned at Fresh Pond Road to see if it would come out. However, we eventually left once an R179 showed up and went to Canal St. We then fanned the via the at 49 St. I eventually left and fanned it at other Broadway stations, but then I got word that SMEEs were running on the Myrtle Av Line! I was so shocked, and eventually made my way back to Canal St. I took the to Central Av, and then I saw an R42 coming into the station signed up as a . Some of the rollsigns displayed an upside-down . The only people I saw in the front car were railfans, including @Dj Hammers himself! I recorded footage at the RFW until we arrived at Metropolitan. Immediately after we arrived, the R42 was taken OOS. But then we all saw an R32 pulling into the station, and everyone started foaming/recording. And then, we all took a shot of the two side-by-side, that would never happen again!
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    Given how many folks love God but ignore everything he says, I'm not surprised.
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    I'm afraid you overestimated the MTA in this regard. The 63rd St Line was supposed to be part of a larger program called Program for Action, ranging from LIRR to the new MTC (cancelled) (currently ESA), Springfield Bl subway (cancelled), Queens SuperExpress (cancelled), 3rd Av El Metro North RR realignment (cancelled), Nostrand Av subway (cancelled). What ended up happening was the MTA ran out of money and sections that eventually were opened (10 yrs late) are all not designed for their original purpose and were only completed because its too far in to be abandoned (see ESA today). Jamaica Center is not designed as a terminal, hence the weird switch placement and capacity problem, the 63rd St line which was to connect to Queens Bypass ended at Queensbridge a station with the most absurd terminal layout and was eventually extended to the QBL because the MTA gave up on ever completing the Queens Bypass,and was criticized by people calling it the "tunnel to nowhere" Now back to the SAS, I afraid the time when we could dream big and build big is over. We can not even dream big. MTA time over time shows its incompetence in completing any project on budget nor on time. I think it is best for the MTA to dream small and build small, and build it in sections, this way we won't have the weird uncompleted sections finished like the 70's. However I believe that the MTA needs to start its study of the next phase before construction is over on the previous phase, but that is too much for the MTA to handle.
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    I don't think there are many options honestly in the short term de-interlining is the only way to make the most of what you currently have. As a daily rider of this line id have to disagree Rogers is a huge capacity issue for these lines. Let a train leave Frankin southbound at the same time as a local. Ripple effect. And man what about when you just bearly make that train at Utica your hoping you can beat that into Rogers ? It's a downer when that train starts to coast and slow passing Kingston you know you just added about 10 extra mins onto your ride. The crosses your path again and You're trailing that baby all the way to Grand Central. While yes ultimately rebuilding is the best bet you have to keep service going while you're figuring out the problem and steps. What's the saying when you don't have an answer next best thing is to manage the problem. Optimizing and de-interlacing is a step in that direction and trying manage it somewhat.
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    A shame you avoid a line on some highly distorted notion of subway performance... As I and many others have said before, an almost irrelevant percentage of late trains are charged to car equipment. I actually think that the 46s are perfect for the . Those lines don’t have the volume to justify 60’ equipment, but fluidity at Ditmars would certainly be helped with the exclusion of our rollsigned fleet. 46s meet all those requirements, and sure, they’re not 160s, but those are more needed elsewhere.
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    If you expect people to take the time to respond to your "ideas," why don't you take the time to do whatever it is that you do to upgrade them to "proposal" status. Trying to obfuscate intellectual responsibility by saying, "oh, I don't actually support this, I'm just wasting your time with unfiltered musings" doesn't make it better. And if you didn’t think of something, please just say so. The ability to fess up to incorrectness — in my opinion — is the greatest marker of human maturity. I think I speak for most people here when I say we're happy to have a lively discussion about this stuff -- just with someone who has something cogent to present.
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