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    I'm trying to be helpful here, so don't take this the wrong way. The reason we get pissed off at you is precisely because of these unwarranted philosophical justifications for something you're doing. As far as I can tell, you haven't been called out recently for speculating or anything in this thread, so why write these long soliloquies posing yourself as some sort of reformed victim? No one has been discussing this for a while, making these thoughts wholly unwarranted. Speculating is natural, and sure, it can be repetitive, but you know, whatever floats your boat. I don't think participating in speculation will affect your reputation in any way. What will though is posting stuff like this. It's just uncalled for, and comes across as a bit pretentious. What I would do is just move on. This is a forum; people forget. Just get on with your life, and keep these thoughts to yourself. As I said before, this isn't Downton Abbey.
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    My favorite part: 1) You live in Manhattan, where there’s no such thing as quiet. 2) You live by bars and the so noisy hipsters and drunks make noise all night 3) More take to Manhattan than residents take elsewhere. Kwitcherbitchin. If it wasn’t broken then it wouldn’t need extraordinary measures to fix it.
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    There was an issue found with the B3C valve (conductor’s emergency valve). It was fixed and the cars will be returning to service shortly. Not really that big of a deal honestly. And it wasn’t even Bombardier’s fault, just to make that clear.
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    @Via Garibaldi 8 Let's play a game where I present the problem and you bring the solution. Here we have a tunnel ravaged by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, which either damaged or destroyed critical key components in said tunnel. The only way to bring those components back to a state of good repair is to close the tunnel for a period of time in order to facilitate those repairs. Riders are presented with two options, a partial closure lasting three years or a full one that will only take half the time. With a shorter timespan, riders overwhelmingly take to the latter choice, opting to rip the Band-Aid off quickly so to speak than deal with a lot of stops and starts. Obviously, with a complete lack of train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, riders still have to get around, especially those along 14th Street who would now be without crosstown subway service. How do you do that? Do you keep 14th Street and the other nearly roads open to regular traffic and hope for the best, or do you close the streets to all non-essential vehicles to facilitate better crosstown movement? There's going to be a massive influx of buses along the street either way to make up for the lack of subway service, so that also must be taken into consideration. What do you do? For the record, I'm not against the ADA component of the suit as far too often, the MTA tries and succeeds at weaseling its way out of adding accessibility to fully rehabbed stations, but let's be real for a minute. This suit only includes the ADA concerns because the other claims all reek of blatant NIMBYism and the whole thing would be tossed. The concerns for a lack of accessible stations somewhat legitimizes an otherwise frivolous case.
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    Going, going and GONE! Corona is now 100% R188.
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    You'll start seeing new deliveries VERY shortly. In addition, there is some additional work being done on the 5-car units to bring them up to spec with the rest of the fleet.
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    I don’t think anyone is saying the world will end — or if they are, then yes, they’re wrong. But I don’t remember any of those other things you mentioned being at all convenient. In fact, they were extremely disruptive, and in one case, tragic. So yes, if the R179s don’t come in on time, the world will not stop spinning; life will go on. But that doesn’t mean doing so will be easy. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of paying MTA customers, of workers, of pieces of our city’s economy being packed into even more infrequent, inconvenient, and overcrowded trains. So yes, hysteria is not justified. But I think that some level of apprehension and appreciation for the consequences that such late deliveries may have is definitely in order.
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    Am I the only one who hasn't succumbed to the seemingly mass hysteria about the R179 car delivery ? The equipment will be delivered and put in service when all issues have been remedied and they're cleared for operation. If the cars aren't ready when the shutdown is scheduled to begin does the tunnel work get delayed ? I doubt it. I believe that New Yorkers are resilient and can adapt to the circumstances. I've been around for three TWU transit strikes, one coupled with a LIRR strike, three blackouts, the Fifth Avenue coach shutdown, the Grumman Flxible bus fiasco and 9/11. Each time real New Yorkers adjusted and life continued on. Just think that the gloom and doom is overdone IMO. It's not the end of the world is it ? Carry on.
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    A set of R160s is testing a new type of truck. Enjoy!
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    Guess what? That is the existing protocol. The problem is are you qualified to make the determination that the sick customer can be safely moved ? If you’re not then it’s up to a qualified medical person to make that call. That’s why they hold the train in the station. If the sick customer is traveling alone the train can be discharged and the conductor will wait for help to arrive. That’s a risky judgment call though. Judging from your callous response you would probably kick the person off the train and onto the platform so you could be on your way, lol. The lawyers would love to put you on the stand and rip you and the a new one. Welcome to the real world. Carry on.
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    Y’all just keep posting the same load of trash, it’s all just re-worded. We have a WHOLE YEAR to see some PERMANENT change and that’s only with the / and lines.
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    The walkway doesn’t exist. How do you know people would be leery? If both Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center and Times Square are viable station complexes with long transfers, a shorter one is absolutely doable. The short passageway between the Lexington Avenue and the Broadway platforms would be less than half a train length. After that, the passenger would be walking down the length of the Broadway platforms and exiting at the south end. If that is as difficult as you make it sound, then they should be using Access-A-Ride or Uber. (And I’m not sure about the latter because of rape incidences.) Maybe people with fear-induced inability to use such a trivial connection qualifies for Access-A-Ride. Maps for Comparison This is South Ferry, where the stations are literally a stone’s throw away (no Olympic throwing skills required). The Dey Street connector is suspiciously long. Maybe he should take the train to 59 Street to transfer. I heard the platforms are like… right on top of each other there. How does a poor soul get from to the when the tunnel to the nearest platform is half a train length? God help whoever finds himself getting off the train in the middle of the platform! Who wants to walk 3 blocks to the exit at East 86 Street? Clearly, there should be a shuttle loop train that runs within the 86 Street mezzanine level that makes a stop at East 83 Street, East 84 Street, East 85 Street, and East 86 Street so that the leery don’t have to suffer from a panic attack walking a few blocks through the huge cavern.
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    This was announced in 2016? They went to the meetings, did the public comments, etc. And they're mad they didn't get the one-tunnel-at-a-time shutdown. So they come up with a delaying tactic to get preferential treatment to water down this already not great plan and still be able to park their cars on 14th St. And the "disabled people don't have elevators" part was really added on solely to not make this seem a vapid "I want privileges" lawsuit. In fact, the elevators thing is the only part of this that is valid. If they're mad about buses and trucks overnight, lets remember that with 14th St being car free, that's less pollution going into these buildings even if more diesel buses run down the block - since the number of buses won't even come close to equalling the number of cars. And deliveries being done overnight? Deliveries already are being done overnight on 14th St. The world hasn't ended. The needs of the many... So I'm looking forward to this suit being stripped to the only valid concern - the disabled access.
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    The issue here isn't with whether the will be all NTT or not for the shutdown. It's that the shutdown will markedly increase the number of cars required for normal rush hour service on the B division. Those longer trains on the and , the 5 extra tph on the , the extra tph on the , the doubled frequency on the , and all those other things which my tired brain can't remember don't come free. And they definitiely don't come free to a division that has been suffering through a fleet shortage ever since the R44s kicked the bucket before it was their turn. This isn't an issue of the MTA not being able to have the car assignments as they like. This is an issue of whether the MTA will have the cars to make those trains to run those assigments. And sure, we'll adjust and all. But again, the absoloute last thing this system -- hell, this city -- needs is a grotesque combination of “8AM on the Lex” and “A Car Shortage Grows in Brooklyn” doing an underground tour of Williamsburg next year. So yeah, maybe they will end up running SMEEs on the during the shutdown. But don’t think you’re gonna get to fan them. You’ll be too busy trying to not be pushed off the platform at Marcy Avenue to even care that your favorite pair of R42s just pulled up in front of you.
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    The amazingly NY thing about this is people smelled and/or saw it, and kept riding until they got to Wall Street. That's how bad reliability is - people will ride in shit rather than trust to send another train. Oh, and my headline would've been: "The #2 train is even shittier today."
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    https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/ny/new-york In case you need
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    They’re back. Spotted 3061 in service on the about five minutes ago.
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    A couple of days ago, an article was written in the NY Times on a couple of very diligent Wikipedia editors, including our very own @Union Tpke. Congratulations on the feature and thanks for your hard work.
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    No joke. the line is now operating in CBTC ATPM mode 24/7 between Main St and Woodside-61, and in WSP from Woodside to 34-Hudson Yards. No exceptions will be made except in a CBTC zone controller failure, which means that ONLY CBTC-equipped trains can operate there during normal service, and only CBTC-qualified train operators may work the line. The last sets of R62A's were transferred to Westchester Yard last night.
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    *waits for you to stop being triggered*
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    Likely as more trains are put into service. You're right in that they aren't required as of yet, but having them available will allow for more flexibility with the rest of the B-Division fleet. Regardless of where the five-car sets are assigned, they will increase the overall spare factor and more importantly allow the aging 32s and 42s to rest and not have to require the bulk of them in service all the time.
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    Mr. Byford has talked a good game so far, but there's been little from him in terms of action. What we should be looking at here are long-term shutdowns instead of this piece meal crap. The subways off-peak and weekends are abysmal, and I don't think the current setup is working that well. It's just patchwork. Peak periods are just as bad, so the idea of the "prioritizing" any riders is a farce. Everyone is getting the bad end of the deal here.
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