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    If this is a manufacturing fault, I have to wonder at what point does the MTA just sue Bombardier for a complete breach of contract? How many major incidents must occur before they're held responsible in a fashion more than just giving the MTA a couple more cars? If this decoupling happened in one of the river tunnels or on an incline, this could've been disastrous. Bombardier was paid to produce and deliver a series of train cars that would last several decades and replace the ancient cars that are in service at the time. With the latest major incident, these new cars are once again out of service indefinitely while the situation is investigated. We cannot afford to keep a bunch of 43 ton paper weights lying around unused because they're unsafe to operate.
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    Could've swore the TWU fought (as in, filed a lawsuit) against commandeering MTA buses, back during that Occupy Wall Street demonstration..... In any case, although I could give a damn about any of these protesters, simply put - it's not a city bus driver's place to do the work of a police officer.... Unions protect workers against shit like this.... Had the b/o transported those rioters that got apprehended & got into some accident or something, the NYPD would not be liable..... I mean honestly, NYPD would most certainly feel some type of way if we had vigilante b/o's interfering in any pursuit of some offender of some crime..... I would even argue that the b/o's life would've been further put in danger by transporting those protesters.... I put nothing past NOBODY. Bus op' did the right thing AFAIC......
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    Free money for the operator. I wouldn't be mad. Just pull the brake, call it in to console and chill. Screw it.
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    At 2PM, all NYC buses pulled over for a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd. The B/O announced this over the PA system. The B/O of the bus I'm on pulled into the bus stop, pulled the parking brake, and threw up the Black Power fist for a bit. Very dope gesture!
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    The union is refusing to transport ANY arrestees in solidarity with the protests (good for them)
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    Anyway, just for shits & giggles, I'll answer that survey: (hopefully the spoiler tag works)
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    Point blank, no codes are "top secret", nor are they that hard to decipher. Eventually, they will come out in full(hence how TTMG had a code list)....Most people on here have a general idea of what the codes are and what numerical sequence is for what borough, local or express. Stop making it sound like they are top secret government codes or something. And stop tagging us in almost every single post you make.
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    Happy283: You are asking questions that cannot be answered on this board unless the person answering is an RTO Superintendant. Just settle down and wait till Monday morning and see what happens just like everyone else. Is it an ego thing that you have to be the first person to know? This is a very fluid situation at to what runs where and how long it will be.
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    The switches at Kings Highway are out of service until around September, so regular weekday service likely won’t return until then. New switch machines are being installed that are incompatible with the existing GRS Model 5 interlocking machine. Next time a switch throws at Kings Highway it’ll be under the control of the new interlocking being constructed there. This is why the F for the time being will continue to run the essential service schedule - the base F schedule is inoperable right now due to Kings Highway being unavailable. In the interim it is possible that a supplement schedule will be written with slightly increased service and a few trains turning at 18ave. Either way, the F’s train requirements are reduced compared to the base schedule which is a major help in this situation. Yesterday afternoon, 5 R160s from Culver Yard were transferred to Rockaway Park Yard. Overnight, several more consists from JYD and 179 layup were transferred to Pitkin Yard. One of them is a Siemens set. 28 R32s are currently at ENY now after 3 transfer movements yesterday evening. Given that access to/from 207 yard isn’t available this weekend due to a GO, that number isn’t likely to change until Monday at the earliest.
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    they broke apart in the middle of service, that's alot worse than the door problem and even after the door problem they still had issues that covered up just to put them back into service. Byford is laughing his ass off right now in the UK. and with everything going on right now its gonna take longer. with the OOS the can use the R46/68's until next week. the is the only line that might need extra cars since its an 8 car line.
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    "Trump looks far more mature" I had to do a double take before I realized this was coming from the usual fountain of nonsense.
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    Maybe they hope you will get off the bus and go right into the Chevy dealer to buy a car and never need the Q12 again
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    Stop the exaggeration....they're not top secret.
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    Honestly after over 100 of my fellow co workers dead from this virus.. I could give a rats rear end what any homeless person or any other person who might be "inconvenienced" thinks... Seriously...
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    Planned assignments starting Monday: : R46 and 8 car R160 : R46 and 10 car R160 : R143/160 and R32 There are some spares on the available to be moved and some R160s are moving from the Culver yard to 207 St/Pitkin at this moment. Remember the keyword is "planned" and it could change between now and Monday.
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    The first doesn’t jibe with the second. Faster & Cheaper =/= Good and right. Suppose those polymers fail the next time a significant storm floods the tunnel? Now a new tunnel wall has to be built AND the cables replaced, vs if they just rebuilt the whole thing and repositioned the cables. Shortcutting a critical piece of infrastructure is no way to get to a state of good repair. It’s like having a leaky oil pan on your car and just putting on gorilla glue hoping you don’t have to replace the gasket. The leak will return soon. Semi-temp fixes cost more in the long run.
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    That's good, because perfection won't be necessary for the state of New York to not have you forever be its Governor.
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    I've been trying to think of something constructive to say about this all morning but I just keep going back to: par for the course... The facts are that New York (city and state) have become the fiefdom for two incompetent morons who have a power complex and no competent leader of his or her field would want to come here and want to deal with either of them. It has become painfully clear after watching live cameras, train rides and night walks of other cities around the world during this quarantine that our city and state is nowhere near world class in anything and we are the quintessential example of resting on our laurels. The best chance to fix this was just driven across the Atlantic Ocean by a megalomaniac who somehow receives positive press even after completely botching the response to this pandemic and then boldface lies about it on multiple occasions, scapegoating anything he can think of to avoid casting any blame on himself. Good luck New York, you'll need it.
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    I remember flying out here in ‘95 and seeing folks riding on the rear bumper of RTS’ by putting fingers in the hook at the bottom of the grille/black vents. They didn’t do that in LA, Detroit, SF, or anywhere else RTS’ ran supreme. Thats when I knew NYers are different.
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    I'm sayin though.... If you have something & want to share it to the public, have at it.... If you don't want to publicly share whatever it is you have, don't publicly post that you have it.... Simple concept, really.... This is that whole, beg me for what I have, on some attention seeking crap..... If you're going to dangle something over my head like that, then you can keep it....
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    Excuse me, I've been commuting almost daily by express bus for over 10 years, and have rarely complained about the service. I have never seen the B/Os play games like they are doing now. Since March 16th, ive been working 15 hour days maintaining critical medical equipment in our hospitals, so PARDON ME if I get upset when I spent nearly $14 per day to get a quiet, comfortable express bus ride but the B/Os play games and don't want to do the work they are getting paid nicely to do. I don't particularly enjoy having to go to work either, but I don't play games at my job.
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    Since the cats out of the bag, Some R32s are making the move to the and heading to ENY for revenue service. Also there may be some more swaps on the way but what kind of swaps is unknown at this time.
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    this is the exact reason they stripped cars for parts to keep the others going, But this has noting to do with railfans. people have to get to work, We can't keep the city shutdown forever and its getting hot out meaning more people are gonna be outside. so more service would be needed. the R179 issues caused this problem, Be glad the R32's are still here because if they were trucked out already for scrap, your ass wouldn't be able to make it to work on time due to reduced service.
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    I don’t! At the risk of sounding like a fan of the R179s (I’m not, though their heated seats certainly were a nice touch during the winter), the fact is we’re going to need them once we go back to regular rush hour service. Yes, they were years late, have been trouble-prone right from the start and seem to be just plain cursed. But it’s going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make full service without them in the long term. But it should be on Bombardier’s dime, not riders’. Like Lance said a few pages back, maybe it’s time to sue Bombardier for breach of contract if possible. Because these cars have to work. The State, the MTA and we, the riders, can’t afford for these cars to be - as @Lance put it - 43-ton paperweights lying around unused. Hopefully there won’t be any bad blood created between the MTA and Alstom, who have recently acquired Bombardier Transportation.
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    He's not here to have any honest discourse & all jokes aside, AFAIC, he's spamming the forums with his bullshit..... It's the same M.O. with this guy - pop up every so often & incoherently spew a bunch of (seemingly) relevant crap, respond with even more incoherent shit (if he even responds at all) to anyone replying with some semblance of having a cogent thought & an original brain cell in their heads to his posts, then rides the f*** on out... Rinse, wash, repeat. He's been a joke. The Honchkrow dude got the message & kicked rocks, too bad this MF-er doesn't follow suit.... It'd be one thing if this NY1635 jester was making an unpopular opinion on a particular subject, but that aint even the case.... Saying stupid shit for the sake of saying shit & then slip-sliding & slithering away like the Penguin off on some goofy shit....
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    More pictures posted online and linked on Reddit: https://imgur.com/a/sgPWqO7
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    I would argue the fleet's been on hold to begin with – if this isn't resolved by next week's reopening when capacity is needed, watch this space...
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    Sigh. Forgive me @bobtehpanda but I'm going in. George Floyd was murdered 10 days ago. How would Cuomo or DeBlasio have had two months to prepare for that - since it was beyond their control, as the protests spread from 1500 miles away?
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    Stop listening to false information.
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    My friend would bring that R62A down to Livonia yard daily and my C/R and I would bring it back north to Dyre every afternoon. R62A equipment was cut and used by the Dyre shuttle service on the midnight tour. It was actually a Pelham train that was loaned to the specifically for the shuttle. At one time there was a crew that made a trip down to Brooklyn Bridge and made a return trip back to Dyre as a . That's how the equipment was swapped out every night. Saved a trip for the transfer crew every night. Carry on.
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    No bus operator should ever operate a bus commandeered by the police with detainees on board--ever. That is not in the job description. Point blank end of discussion.
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    The is NOT in the prison transport business, period. If the NYPD wants to transport their own officers to a certain area (or use the bus as a staging area) that’s one thing, but a bus operator should never transport any perp on their bus, let alone a bus full of perps. 1. That’s not their job, 2. It’s a safety issue because you have “criminals” on your bus, 3. If the bus gets into an accident while you’re performing duties outside your job description, odds are the NYPD, the MTA, the union will not protect you, and unfortunately you’ll need to find a new line of work.
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    The bus drivers in Minneapolis were the first in refusing to move them. I'm not even understanding why they "asked" in the first place. Don't they have their own schoo- I mean Rikers Island buses?
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    Good shit. Insane they would commandeer a bus like that and even more insane they'd ask the B/O to drive with 40 people packed in a contained space. Proud of the union.
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    But it’s a Chevy - you’ll be back on the bus waiting for that replacement tranny to show up, get installed, and work close to properly.
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    Yeah....about that..... 2265 was on the Q46 earlier around 1am, in service. ----------------------- On another note, this looks pretty sweet on the Q60 honestly lol. It's a still from my video.
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    At the end of the day they have constitutional rights and are entitled due process like the rest of us. The vast majority of this country is one surprise medical bill away from flirting with homelessness. With COVID causing mass economic distress, I wouldn't speak so soon given that you don't know if you might become homeless.
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    With what methodology & on what grounds?
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    I don't even know why they're bothering with getting a scrap contract when the first R211 isn't even here yet. they're gonna have to remove R46's as well when they retire. It makes no sense.
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    From the story: “Last night, 139 homeless individuals out of 252 who were engaged by our outreach workers and by the NYPD officers especially trained in homeless outreach … agreed to accept support, accept service and come in off the streets,” said de Blasio in a City Hall press briefing. “We’ve never seen so much success in a single night before.” Well, no shit. Nobody has ever tried addressing the problem before!
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    Some R32's were being sent to Pitkin as well Looks like I was correct, half of them on the with the other on the with probably a small amount on the
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    2 R160's from ENY are on the I don't know if any R32's were sent to ENY yet.
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    It certainly had to do with Albany. 100 R32s were set to remain in service until the R211s arrived to provide a decent spare fleet. Albany didnt like the age of the cars and wanted them all sidelined despite the fact they were needed. I could see another R179 issue from a mile away, thats why rushing to retire cars wasnt a good idea. They honestly need to be returned at this point and replaced with an option for extra R211s.
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    I’m appalled by some of the recent comments about New York City and the reopening. The operative word is Phased. Now go back and look at what Phase 1 is about. New York City is not reopening for business as usual. Reading is fundamental. There are four distinct phases to complete before the City is opened up completely. We are still at the beginning stage and hopefully we haven’t been set back by the recent events. That’s what I’ve been reading and heard from the Governor. My take. Carry on.
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    You been saying it for the longest, you were correct. We’re kicking ourselves in the ass right now. Plans for R42’s are in the works and the R32’s I haven’t heard anything about them returning yet.
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    I believe it's called "Covid-19 caused people to stay home and/or lose their jobs"
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    What part of that bus looks freshly repainted lol?
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    What if NYC named their rolling stock like London where it's by year? Here's what the names would be, from 1964 to now using the year they went into production. R32: 1964 Stock R38: 1966 Stock R40: 1967 Stock R42: 1969 Stock R44: 1971 Stock R46: 1975 Stock R62: 1983 Stock R62A: 1984 Stock R68: 1986 Stock R68A: 1988 Stock R142/A: 1999 Stock R143: 2001 Stock R160A/B: 2005 Stock R188: 2011 Stock R179: 2016 Stock R211: 2020 Stock
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    The marginal cost is twice as much. Even if you magically handwave costs away with "cut-and-coverTM" you still basically need to double your excavated volume for stations and the right of way. There is a reason why the last set of express tracks, the 6 Av ones, took a few decades to actually come online, and why overruns on their construction torpedoed the Second System. This is a historical artifact that could be fixed with infilling; indeed, every proposal for LIRR RBB reactivation has involved infilling Rego Park station, we're infilling Sunnyside, and we were supposed to start infilling Elmhurst. Once you do that, the only major gaps compared to an express line are basically a missing stop at Utica, and a Woodhaven stop on Atlantic. LIRR capacity will double overnight when ESA opens and we do not have the tracks to fully utilize that capacity on Long Island anyways. Also, implied with this project would be the procurement of a new rolling stock with more standing room and 2+2 seating for regional metro services. To put in context how much more efficient commuter rail's layout could be: LIRR 12-car M7 (1050 ft): 1272 passengers Thameslink 12-car Class 700 (795 ft): 1754 passengers; extrapolated to the LIRR size, 2316 passengers, an 82% increase in capacity This regional metro would take over today's Far Rock, Long Beach, West Hempstead, Port Washington routes. With restoration of RBB (restoring LIRR Main Line to Rego Park as six tracks) and a fifth, possibly sixth track to Floral Park, you could also add the Hempstead branch. Ultimately, all LIRR Branches would have capacity improvements vs today.
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