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    The last thing anyone should be worrying about is the stupid train cars, which can be replaced...
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    After reading through this thread, I'm quite appalled and ashamed at the fact that there are people(particularly the younger transit fans) in this thread that are worried about a train set being repaired/returned to service, along with folks saying that the train was lit on fire because someone didn't like the R142s(which to me, was by far the the most dumbest thing I've read in the thread). Some of you guys seem to forget that trains can be replaced, human lives can not. As both a rider and an enthusiast, my heart goes out to his family and everyone who knew him and worked with him. We're already living in surreal times with this Coronavirus wreaking havoc in our city, and showing its devastating affects on the many employees of MTA Bus, Subway & Rail, this does not make things any better. I pray(and I'm not much of a praying person, admittedly) for the safety and assurance that all MTA personnel can make it through this and return home to their families and loved ones. Please be more considerate when you post, and think before you post. At a time and situation like this, subway cars are the very LAST thing you should be worried about....
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    Agreed in entirety. Unfortunately, your words seem to have gone over many people's heads- a crime worthy of federal investigation was committed, an employee died in the line of duty, but no, all they keep asking about is "OMG what happens to the R142s"... Has anyone stopped to think about what will happen to the family he left behind? Un-f**king-believable, really and truly...
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    I've gotten a LOT of flak from guys, RR employees and non-RR employees about posting this. The only things I feel the need to say in response are the following: 1. I always mind my own business when I'm out there fanning. I don't bother crews, I don't ask for horn shows, I don't jump around and scream like an idiot, and I certainly don't stand out by doing anything like wearing a damn furry suit. I don't even focus my camera on the crews unless they do something to catch my attention, like wave, or yell at me like this guy, which brings me to my second point. 2. This conductor asked for the attention. If you watch through the full video that I am going to post below, you will see clearly that on the first train where he is on-duty, I don't actually pan the camera around until he yells at me. When the M9s come through, (mind you, he is off duty now and deadheading) you can clearly see him pushing his way past the on-duty crew members in the cab to open the window just to yell at me and give me the finger. Again, I didn't even focus the pan of my camera on him until I realized he was yelling at me, and had I not changed the focus of the pan, I would never have caught him flipping me the bird. So with these two facts in mind, I can only conclude that the people defending him, giving him excuses (having a bad day), or just simply ragging on me for exposing him are stuck in a mindset where people shouldn't be held broadly accountable for their actions. This is typically sheep mentality, comparable to cops that side with Pantaleo even though he killed a non-violent guy using a banned technique. Remember that being a conductor on a passenger railroad requires you to be courteous and professional, NO MATTER how sour your mood is. If you are in uniform, you represent the company and what the company stands for. The actions of this conductor qualify as "conduct unbecoming" in the eyes of the company, and rightfully so. I happen to also work in a customer service position, and if anything like this happened at my workplace, you can bet that the guilty party would be shown the door the very same day. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that I've been asked to stop filming dozens of times by railroad employees who don't know better, but they have for the most part always maintained decorum and professionalism, and we both go our separate ways, no incident. A couple of those encounters I have on camera, therefore on YouTube, but you've never heard about them because like I said, they remained professional. Everything I record, I post. I don't go out of my way to film people breaking rules or acting like jerks, but if it just so happens that this kind of behavior makes its way into my frame, I am also not going to go out of my way to delete the footage to protect the idiot. They should know better. If that makes me a rat/snitch, etc, then so be it. This is me being fair. I know I've made a lot of enemies because of this incident. I don't really care. I have a lot of other people, particularly people who are also railroaders or work in the transit sector who are agreeing with me on this. If you are in the business of being an apologist for this kind of person and behavior, I don't care to know you or take advice from you. We live in the digital age now. Things you probably could have gotten away with 20-30 years ago aren't going to fly today. Better catch up to the times. As one of my RTO friends states, wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.
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    If this is a manufacturing fault, I have to wonder at what point does the MTA just sue Bombardier for a complete breach of contract? How many major incidents must occur before they're held responsible in a fashion more than just giving the MTA a couple more cars? If this decoupling happened in one of the river tunnels or on an incline, this could've been disastrous. Bombardier was paid to produce and deliver a series of train cars that would last several decades and replace the ancient cars that are in service at the time. With the latest major incident, these new cars are once again out of service indefinitely while the situation is investigated. We cannot afford to keep a bunch of 43 ton paper weights lying around unused because they're unsafe to operate.
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    You have to be one dumb person to believe anything that the Idiot-in-chief says about anything, period. Does anyone inhale the crap he spews? He's going to help Prince Andrew like I'm going to have a threesome with Alicia Keys and Rihanna tonight. I know kittens and puppies that have higher IQs than the clown in DC. He's still trying to con the public. Carry on.
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    Word is that while the problem that caused the train separation was quickly identified and fixed, they’re doing a more comprehensive analysis to square away any other potential issues so they don’t have to keep pulling them.
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    This is to EVERYBODY, not only to you Mr. Abba. Too many of you still don't know that NYCT has their own vocabulary. "Normal" to you guys is full service as per the timetable. "Normal" to NYCT is all service running. The B and W came back. That's "Normal" to them. All services are running. But many lines are on a SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE. That means fewer trains. They don't need all those trains because there are fewer people riding. Many businesses are STILL closed, many people are STILL working from home, there are practically NO TOURISTS. R179's being out of service or not, they don't need all those trains, DESPITE SOCIAL DISTANCING! Finally, they are short crews as the pandemic has hit the crews big time, which has been said MANY times. Got it fellas?
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    There's nothing you've said here that warrants being rude to you.... I was never bullied, but for some odd reason, I was the kid that the kid who was bullied latched on to.... Nobody I knew of in school was interested in public transit & I didn't make (any of) my hobbies public knowledge to anybody either (didn't care to, didn't try to fit in with anybody).... While everybody was off doing whatever it is they did, I was too busy analyzing maps & joyriding around the city.... I'll never forget the one time my mother yelled at me for some reason, and I stormed out of the house & took it upon myself to finally see just what the hell "Wakefield-241st" was.... I knew all the end terminals of every subway line, but since the was my quote-unquote home line, I finally took the chance to ride the thing to its end terminal.... Probably a stupid thing to do, but I did it anyway - I was around that age at the time (12/13) & this venture was dead in the middle of a blizzard (back when the subway system wasn't shut down, when a little something called snow started falling from the sky ).... This was also the first time I saw a Bee-Line bus (which made me want to learn more about Westchester county's bus system).... I wasn't even worried about getting jumped, mugged, or anything like that (this was during the early 90's, mind you)..... I started getting worried about the return trip home, and if the train were to break down or something along WPR (or anywhere along the elevated/"outside" portion of the )..... Ah, the good old redbirds Going on all these joyrides I guess, taught me how to learn to deal with people & to be observant as f*** when you're out & about.... But yeah man, whilst on the train amongst family, I would sit & announce the next stop (akin to how a c/r would... before the automated announcements sucked all the fun out of that... and yes, I made a few c/r's smile doing announcements too) & what not.... Although I never knew the contract numbers/R-designation of the rolling stock at that age, what I could tell you is what type of train ran on what subway line (I had my little way of describing distinguishable differences)..... Long story short, people need to stop ragging on others for taking up a hobby that isn't quite in line with their own.... Yeah, humans are said to be created equal, but something else a human being is, is diverse.... It would quite frankly suck IMO if EVERYBODY had the same interests, same thought processes, same beliefs, etc etc..
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    Someone didn't heed this "advice" here in the fleet swap thread, and got himself a 30-day for harassing someone in a private chat. I spend a good amount of time on Twitter and in Facebook groups arguing with trolls and racists, so I understand the emotions behind an argument via pixels. I'm not gonna be like "YOU'RE SERIOUSLY HARASSING PEOPLE OVER TRAINS AND BUSES", but be your best selves here. Everyone here - unless an employee with memos and contracts, an advocate meeting with decision-makers, or other first-hand knowledge, is mostly speculating and opining. Speculation and Opinions can and will end up being wrong. It happens. If being found to be wrong doesn't sit well with you, then research thoroughly and cite sources or don't speculate and opine. But harassing people who show you being wrong is not the way to handle it. If that's how you handle it, then we mods and admins will handle you.
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    The R179s are out of service indefinitely. Indefinitely meaning not having a defined time period. We use it in place of forever but that's not what it means. The fleet has to be inspected, fixed and cleared for service. Those are the facts. You saying that the fleet may or may not returned based on those two points is your opinion. TA is not going to junk an entire fleet. An opinion is just how you feel about something. Your thoughts are yours but it cannot be passed off as a fact. I'm an admin, that's a fact. Am I a good admin? That's everyone's opinions. Now everyone continue this discussion like grown adults and children because I will be handing out punishments like we're 2. Stop it.
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    600' G trains are operating since regularly scheduled intervals are not able to be covered due to lack of crews. And who told you that 24/7 OPTO is the next plan for the G 24/7? The fact of the matter is that OPTO is only permitted with trains a maximum of 300' long. In other words, long trains on the G = NO OPTO! It's in the contract! When they did that on the L some years ago the contract was violated. Once the grievance process went thru the steps, the conductors were immediately reinstated.
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    Thank you for saying this. I was reluctant to make any comment about this incident but after reading the first page or so of comments my blood began to boil. A man lost his life and people are commenting on the condition of some pieces of metal ? Wow, just wow. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
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    I'm just waiting for the day when the and are entirely R46s and R68s, so that you complain about how the stranded you in Astoria or Midtown, and everyone else can have a good laugh at the idiocy.
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    The same guy that brought the B99 to our attention on here (that doesn't post all that much on here anymore), is now going to all of a sudden blatantly lie about the creation of 2 more routes of the type? I don't see it. What exactly's supposed to be the motive? Forum praise? Give me a break.... It's a wonder that we even have the MTA workers that post on this MF-er that still do, with ungrateful attitudes like that.... Don't try to pass your impatience off as someone on the inside concocting bullshit, because quite frankly, that's bullshit.....
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    That is ridiculous. There is more important issues such as lack of elevators, terrible working environments etc and you're going to sue the agency over the car assignments? Yeah something is wrong with that.
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    again & again it happens... the truth is that the personnel on this forum that willingly share ANY info/news are doing so out of the kindness of their hearts, and do so in the interest of progressive, positive dialog within this forum, in order to see places like this thrive... by the way, against repeated pleas from management in all branches, for employees to refrain from any forms of social media. the unwillingness of some to submit that employees more than likely know more than them pertaining to most subject matters and will thusly disregard/disrespect them is outta bounds. and when misinformation is spewed/spread, the culprit when corrected/chastised feels entitled in doing so.... "LeT mE rAnT/sPeAk mY MiNd". misinformation and a refusal to vet/validate statements helps no one. i would never speak for any other employee or Transit personnel, but i for one, a semi-proud, card-carrying, union member of TWU Local 100/TA Bus Operator for the past 11 years REFUSE to have anyone coming from a place of assumption or speculation chastise or critique anything i say, when, as sure as I'm born, I'm attempting to provide info from a place of knowledge in the interest of providing knowledge, wisdom or understanding to those who genuinely crave it. there are those who don't work for the system that have a wealth of knowledge, and validate their sources, and I would never discredit or disregard/disrespect those individuals... i praise them to the utmost. the ignorant pests/trolls/babies/children who probably were still swimming around in their daddy's nutsacks when myself and others were sacrificing nights/weekends/holidays/time with family/friends, won't get away with their blatant f**k'ry/fantasy threads. with that said, more times than not, people are tired and refuse to engage. i don't blame them.
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    Just putting it out there that it may not be long before the R179s are back in service. The issue was quickly identified and only present on the train involved in the pull-apart incident. Bombardier wasn’t really responsible for this. This was a result of a QA/QC failure at WABTEC, which was the supplier of the linkbar equipment.
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    https://new.mta.info/r42retirement Rest In Peace.
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    Im doing just fine moving these trains thanks....
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    Well there's no other way around it. The MTA cannot say that they're gonna run a weekday service when they don't have the personnel to do so. If running a weekday schedule with half the service suspended equates to the reality today, then just call it what it is, an "essential" schedule. The workforce is out sick from either the virus, displaying symptoms and being told to quarantine or from being exposed to someone with either of the two and being told to quarantine. Remember the first employee death from the virus? His positive test forced 30 other employees to stay home. Supervision is not playing around. If any employee falls into any of the three scenarios above, they are staying home. This is just the COVID related scenarios. You still have much more employees out because they have to take care of their kids and those out for the regular types of absences. In the subways, it takes more than a train operator and a conductor to move a train from terminal to terminal. The same thing is happening with the buses. Flipping to a Saturday or Sunday schedule effectively puts less buses on the road but the numbers of available operators at each depot are different so it equates to the same thing. I had one of my co-workers say that she had to do a trip on a quadruple headway. (That is the 3 buses in front of their bus did not show) Flipping to a reduced schedule is the only way they can establish some sort of guideline for service, because the MTA can't keep lying to everyone saying that "we're doing our best job with on a weekday schedule." The reality is that service has to be reduced to continue to provide somewhat of a reliable service especially with employee availability tanking by the day. Remember that halving a headway means double the service, which means double the equipment, which means double the bodies. And yes, the MTA can realize that hey, let's run 15 min headways to reduce overcrowding but they can't do that without employees. I'm sure that everyone understands that workers need to get to/from work but it's not being made any better with the fact that the buses are free. I was passing by a bus stop on my home route and saw 3 kids waiting for the bus. I picked them up before, I know what stop they're going to, they're clearly not essential workers... So why are they out joyriding? The people who need to stay home aren't staying home and everyone is complaining about having service added back without realizing the whole picture. But how was everyone getting around after: -The strike in 2005 -9/11 - Hurricane Irene -Hurricane Sandy -Every last blizzard where the mayor told everyone to stay home or they were getting a ticket from the cops? Exactly my point. If the employees aren't available to work, how are you really expecting to get some place?
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    Can we stop endlessly discussing the same things! This is not directed at one person.
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    A lot of the posters here were not yet alive in the 80's, before the GOH program, to see how bad it was. In the IRT, at least when the R62's arrived in 1984, the real bad old cars were retired: the R12/14/15 and the real basket cases of the R17/21/22. But the IRT still had lots of smoke and fires coming out of the old cars, even the R26/28/29/33/36's. The B Division, where I was a t/o, had their problems too, believe me. Did I have "fun". One day operating R32 #3904 on the D, whenever I put the controller into coast, the train would buck like a wild bull. I cut out the dynamic brakes, and it got a little better, but not much. Apparently the problem car was in one of the other cars. I picked up a car inspector at 125. Obviously we had to cut the dynamic brakes back in. I told him to hold on when I put the controller in coast. He didn't believe me and almost bashed his head into the storm door glass! I did the same thing a few more times, he couldn't believe what went on with this , I know that applied to me too. So out of service at 59, and into the middle at 30/8 and back to CCYD. Another time when the Manny B was closed. I was working the D from 57/7 to Br. Beach. Slow train. My first 2 cars were 4504/05. Train was really slow as soon as I left 57/7. Going up the hill between 34th and 28th, I barely made it. I also knew I would not make it up the grade of the MannyB. I started smelling smoke. I put my head out and flames were shooting out of the resistor grids in the second car. I limped into 14th St., "discharged" and IRT people who were stationed at 14th St. (Lex Line) came over. The car inspector verified the grids were burnt out, and we cut out the motor. Many passengers refused to get off as the RCI wanted the train discharged. Command Center said to proceed, nobody ever pulled a cord because as far as I was concerned, I wasn't stopping till Brighton Beach.....But......Between 7th Ave. and Prospect Park, I smelled more smoke. Now MY car was doing the same thing as the second car was doing previously. This train was haunted! We get to Prospect Park and stopped. After cutting out the motors in my car, Command told us to wait for police to get the rest of them off. The Car Inspector went toward the back of the train, I locked my self in the cab after I told the passengers that they had a choice (over the PA system), that they could get off for me, or get off for the cops. They stood their ground! When the cops came, they still refused till they were threatened with arrest. I had a few people who banged on my cab window from the outside because THEY LOST! Another one: 4736/37, the 2 cars at Transit Tech. One of them had smoke issuing somewhere north of 125, I cut out the motor. This was before a smoking train would automatically be taken out of service. As long as the smoke subsided, the train remained in service. When I passed another train at 135 he called me on the radio and told me I had the mate smoking. He gave me the car #. I told Command. They told me to discharge, change ends, cut out the motor and hold at 135 spur. But there already was an R44 A train at 125 on the local track also smoking and the station was full of smoke. I cut out the motor and got out of there ASAP. Passengers left the train because the train & station was full of smoke. Finally on a Friday morning in 1982. I was working midnights on the D. Last 1/2 trip southbound, the first train of the morning to Brighton Beach. Around 5:40 AM at Bedford Park. I only worked this job on Fridays as the regular guy was off on Friday/Saturday. Took a point of power for rolling test (no pull back, brakes releasing, and no hand brakes hopefully). I saw a big flash in the cab, came from behind me. Called the RCI. He was in the tower and saw the flash and actually was on his way out before I called him. He asked if I was OK. I was stunned. He cut out the motors. The "am_meter", which shows car voltage if the motors in that car was alive was charred black. When I moved again, it didn't look right from the outside. I had the c/r open up the doors again. I left the reverser in. Turns out both headlights were burnt out and charred black. I told the TD that I couldn't take a train with no headlights. Pissed as he was he took me off, and had a switchman take the train to the yard and told me to deadhead. Of course I went home because I would be done for the day once I got to Brighton and in those days we didn't sign out. When I got to back to work that night, I was told that the 600 volts got mixed into the 32 volt battery circuits. In other words, 4504 became a HI-V on me! That car spent over a month in CIYD Main Shop being repaired and re-wired. Internally the car fried. 4505 was visible from McDonald Ave. So no matter how bad the R179's may be, they won't be allowed to get as bad as these cars in the stories I just told. They will not be "Returned to Sender". They will be made to work because we will not go back to the 1970's and 1980's.
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    You are new person on this board, correct? Or you could be a person who used to be here and left, either by your own volition or could have been terminated by a moderator and you are making a comeback under another "name". I'm not accusing or making any conclusions, just giving the genesis on how we get new posters.. I say all this because you have a small number of posts. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a retired NYCT train operator and I did that for 33+ years with my first 14 months as a conductor. I have been retired for almost 6 1/2 years. I remain friends with many in transit and speak with them often so I know what's going on in their area. Because of this, I know how the company structure works from experience. Now for everybody else here who may need this tutorial: Working for transit is akin for working in the military, except you go home every night. There is a rule book that applies to every employee in transit. For Rapid Transit Operations there are General Orders, there are Bulletins; there are Notices; there are Mandatory Compliance Directives. Each department has these (except General Orders), and there are many departments in transit. Is that military enough? When the Bulletin or Notice came out in regards to the R179's being taken out of service it was very simple. THE CARS ARE OUT OF SERVICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Period. No questions asked. Now you guys can ask questions as to when they're coming back, speculate all you want, hope all you want, but as far as transit is concerned, there is a different department involved and when they return, the cars go to Car Equipment Dept. who in turn gives them back to Rapid Transit Operations. That is when the cars will be back on the road. Nobody in transit knows when the cars will be back. There are a lot of executive discussions and consultants involved here. The MILITARY EQUIVALENT OF ALL THE 4 STAR GENERALS IN DISCUSSION BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. When the OK comes from them to run the cars again the various OK's come down the pipeline from department to department thru the "Captains" and "Lieutenants" of the various departments. Don't forget, MTA AND NYCT are involved here. That OK could come down tomorrow, it could come down July 1; or 15; or 30, or any day in between. Same for August, September...... Nobody knows because the cars are OUT OF SERICE TILL FURTHER NOTICE. I hope I accurately explained what further notice means.
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    NYCT and all MTA agencies operate very military like. That is there are different chains of command. Anybody who has ever worked there finds this out very quickly. Every chain has their own set of responsibilities. It all ends at the governors office. Cuomo is the real head of the MTA. The governors office has, no doubt, a big hand in the decisions about the R179's both in being removed from service and when they come back. Nobody here, even if they had a spy in the governors office, is going to say anything. The decision on when they come back rests with the highest levels of MTA management and the governors office in consultation with the highest suits with the Bombardier Corporation and the highest suits in the company or companies who supplied the failed hardware. I realize you want an answer. There isn't one. This is why to cover themselves from daily questions and not to put a limit on it, management says "FURTHER NOTICE". The answer is not as simple as the Maytag guy coming to fix a your broken washing machine. FURTHER NOTICE means they'll be back when they're back. Sorry I can't give you the answer you desire, but anybody else in MTA management will tell you the same thing. Be patient.
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    When I feel like jerking around the Nassau resident who looks down on the City residents I ask them a simple question. History books name 3 original counties on Long Island. “ How come Nassau isn’t on the list “ ? They get angry and defensive when I tell them that their precious Nassau is Queens-East. I usually smile when I tell people that the Queens County government center was at Mineola before Nassau county was created by the state when the five boroughs became New York City. They really get bent out of shape when I tell them that I learned the history when I was in the fourth grade in Brooklyn. So much for their “ better “ school systems. I just wanted to add to your spot on post. Carry on.
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    My random thought for the night: defying my best instincts, I've actually been reading fantasy plans on this forum the last couple days (since there really isn't anything better to do with my free time lately than screw around online). And the impression I keep getting is that many of you have absolutely no consideration for the train crews and what their job entails when they are off the train. There are certain places that can not be used as terminals. Just because you can turn a train there doesn't mean you should. Cutting back runs so that both destinations are locations that don't have crew facilities (even great men have to pee sometimes!) is cruel and inhumane. And in these times of social distancing and the city refusing to do anything about assaults against employees, how can you have an entire line worth of crews have to stand around on the platform, having no place to even sit down or eat their lunch, until they are ready to make their next trip? Even when non-terminal locations are used as temporary terminals for a GO, it will always return to a regular location and their time at that temporary terminal will be at best to drop back to the second train arriving. This is exactly why 205 on the is not a terminal and the crew change is done at Bedford Park. Likewise when the goes to 86 St (or the to Ave X for that matter), the crew change is at Kings Highway which is equipped to handle multiple crews (but NOT Kings Highway on the which I know is a miserable place for everyone involved to end at).
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    I've already said once to use the multi-quote feature and stop posting like you're talking on Facebook Messenger....and stop with the spread of false information. If I have to clean up posts again, I'm handing out warnings to people.
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    You want more R179 cars? You want more of these lemons in which the last car came in, what, 3-4 years late? And they're a bunch of shop queens! God help me! You complain about "paying more". The fare has been $2.75 for quite awhile. Every 2 years fares rise, one cycle the MetroCard discount fare, and one cycle the basic fare. That basic fare has been compared to a slice of pizza. IDK where I can get a slice of pizza for that price anymore. But knowing you, you would point to those horrid .99 cent slices! The fares here are a bargain and do not cover the total cost of your ride. Nobody is forcing you to pay for shit service, there are many other ways to travel. Driving your own car to work + parking + tolls if you work in the CBD is much more than that. Take a cab/Uber/Lyft? That costs more than $2.75. If anything, especially with the quick scanning OMNI fare payment system coming out, we should be charging fares based on distance traveled. It is very unfair for someone to be able to travel from Washington Heights to the beach in Rockaway for $2.75 yet be charged the same $2.75 to go from Bedford Ave. to Union Sq. On top of that, you have free transfers to/from a bus if needed. By putting up 10' barricades at every fare control turnstile (they do this at European cities), we can lick fare evasion in the bud (again scan when leaving), people will just have to get used to it. I've seen pics of these barricades overseas. Buses: plenty of fare evasion, people not paying enough in coins, go to Staten Island and you'll really see what's going on. They get free SIR service for the most part, and free ferry service. So now they expect free bus service too! Maybe you wouldn't be paying for shit service if they would pay their fair share. How do we stop this as well as riders not paying for SBS buses? More fare inspectors are needed. Their salaries will be paid back many times over. More enforcement on SBS buses. The fare inspector stands at the fare box enforcing the fare on non SBS buses. No fare, no ride. Period. A separate transit police dept. should be re-established. This is how you won't have to pay as much for your fare. If one can't afford the fare, too bad. Do you go to the supermarket, deli or bodega and tell them "I'm not paying because I can't afford it?" Of course not. The R46's will be fine till the R211's come in. They are not as old as the R32's and CI is a great yard to take care of them, much better than Jamaica. Pitkin knows their R46's too. Sure any car assigned to any yard can fail, possibly bringing down an entire train. But a subway car is a complicated machine and they do know how to fix them. Don't worry about the R46's. Let the PROFESSIONALS at CIYD worry about them! As I said in the past, fewer cars temporarily on the roster has nothing to do with the paying passenger. They have a lower spare factor of a train or 2 at each yard with fewer cars sitting in the yard awaiting repairs. You are having a very hard time understanding that concept. The decision makers at NYCT are not the idiots who are pushing congestion pricing. It's the MTA (who are also MN and LIRR) as well as Cuomo who are pushing it. If you feel somebody at NYCT is indeed pushing it, they are parroting the company line. That goes for "yesterday" and today. There are plenty of professionals at NYCT. I take your comment as a slap in the face to me and all the good professionals I worked with over my time there. As is human nature, you remember the slackers but you forget about the good people. The one professional who you cite was there for only 2 years and he thrived because he listened to the professionals under him unlike other TA Presidents. IDK who you are (but I do have a suspicion) how old you are, etc. But I think you should take an entrance Civil Service test, take as many promotions as you can and change the culture. This way you can take Byfords' place as the only professional. It is so easy to criticize but harder to make change. By your statement you proved that the job is a thankless one. Are my feelings hurt? No way because I know how people think. Everybody feels that THEIR transit system is the worst in the country. What about Philly with all those MFL cars out of service for structural issues? What about Boston who just took the new Orange line cars out of service for the THIRD TIME? I think our PROFESSIONALS do a damn good job in SAFELY transporting the most people in the country on a daily basis, and repairing the cars. Those "downtown" who you despise are told what to do by their bosses, doing stuff what the budget guides them by. They ARE PROFESSIONALS because somehow they make good lemonade out of sour lemons.
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    I have been watching this forums for quite some time now and some of you guys have the wrong information. I am a Bus Operator out of LaGuardia Depot and I will set the record, whether you gentlemen decide to believe me or not is up to you. I was told this by management themselves. You already know that we are receiving 25 brand new artic which we have already started to pick up from JFK Vender. I was told by maintenance that they will try and pick one to two buses a day until our order is complete. We have 2 now, 6239 and 6240. Though we are receiving the buses they will not go on the road until the decision is made on what 6000's buses we are keeping and which ones are going to Tuskegee Deopt. Apparently these buses belong to them. We have been extremely short on artic's on the Q53 because of vandalism plus our buses are taking a beating because of high mileage and constant 24hr use. We don't have replacement buses nor do we have extras. We have made a deal with BP to loan us buses in emergencies to help with the line and the extremely load the Q53 imposes on those buses. Q53 has 42 runs daily plus a few extra buses run the line to help to combat the extremely high demand and increased ridership. From what I understand we are suppose to keep 10 of the 6000's permanently to help with the increased demand. Which ones I don't know yet. But our maintenance department is trying hard to keep these buses on the road. The problem is we have a high demand for the line and not enough equipment. So the existing equipment goes through rigorous abuse from constant use. 12 Artic's are slotted for the Q70 SBS which is suppose to happen spring 2020 pick, providing that they can change the route to accommodate parking at 61st.
  32. 13 points
    Alert! New route coming soon at night between the hours of Midnight to 5am similar to the B99. Introducing the M99! The M99 will go through the borough of Manhattan 42nd Street to Brooklyn New lots. The route is currently under test by managements and union officials at the respective depot that will provide the service. The Bx99 will be another nightly route to be released after the M99 Stay tune for more information.
  33. 13 points
    New Over Night route out of Flatbush Depot starting Sunday June 28, 2020. B99 will start from Nostrand Have/Flatbush ”Junction” to Manhattan W 58th Street. ThIs route is mainly due to the train service being out of service during the COvID CLEANING over night especially the number 2 train. The bus will run like a local B44 route and turn off to Eastern pkwy heading towards Flatbush ave and straight to Manhattan Bridge. Right now operators out of Flatbush are currently doing line training. Management are considering this route to remain until further notice for a possibility for operators to pick as a new work in the future.
  34. 13 points
    no they gonna have the conductor yell "stand clear of the closing doors" down the platform
  35. 13 points
    You seem to be very opinionated about Car Equipment. Do you work for the CED ? Are you a C/R or a T/O in RTO ? Finally can you guarantee that the R211 fleet will be better than the R179 fleet ? Can you answer “ yes “ to any of my questions ? If you can’t your opinion has been noted and filed away. Meanwhile please stop with the excessive questions and whining. It gets rather annoying and accomplishes nothing.Thank you. Carry on.
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    The switches at Kings Highway are out of service until around September, so regular weekday service likely won’t return until then. New switch machines are being installed that are incompatible with the existing GRS Model 5 interlocking machine. Next time a switch throws at Kings Highway it’ll be under the control of the new interlocking being constructed there. This is why the F for the time being will continue to run the essential service schedule - the base F schedule is inoperable right now due to Kings Highway being unavailable. In the interim it is possible that a supplement schedule will be written with slightly increased service and a few trains turning at 18ave. Either way, the F’s train requirements are reduced compared to the base schedule which is a major help in this situation. Yesterday afternoon, 5 R160s from Culver Yard were transferred to Rockaway Park Yard. Overnight, several more consists from JYD and 179 layup were transferred to Pitkin Yard. One of them is a Siemens set. 28 R32s are currently at ENY now after 3 transfer movements yesterday evening. Given that access to/from 207 yard isn’t available this weekend due to a GO, that number isn’t likely to change until Monday at the earliest.
  37. 13 points
    Could've swore the TWU fought (as in, filed a lawsuit) against commandeering MTA buses, back during that Occupy Wall Street demonstration..... In any case, although I could give a damn about any of these protesters, simply put - it's not a city bus driver's place to do the work of a police officer.... Unions protect workers against shit like this.... Had the b/o transported those rioters that got apprehended & got into some accident or something, the NYPD would not be liable..... I mean honestly, NYPD would most certainly feel some type of way if we had vigilante b/o's interfering in any pursuit of some offender of some crime..... I would even argue that the b/o's life would've been further put in danger by transporting those protesters.... I put nothing past NOBODY. Bus op' did the right thing AFAIC......
  38. 13 points
    Point blank, no codes are "top secret", nor are they that hard to decipher. Eventually, they will come out in full(hence how TTMG had a code list)....Most people on here have a general idea of what the codes are and what numerical sequence is for what borough, local or express. Stop making it sound like they are top secret government codes or something. And stop tagging us in almost every single post you make.
  39. 13 points
    Because it hardly did. The full closure was planned to address multiple issues at once, but Cuomo decided he knew better, hence the anticipation of a more disruptive closure in the future. (Really, the "solution" is the rough equivalent of slapping a small bandage on a deep, infected wound.)
  40. 13 points
    Thank You. We went from the worst system to a fully functioning system that has problems, but is doing way better than the 1980s. We don't have to worry about flickering lights, Lots of violence, very filthy, and unsafe conditions anymore. But Some LCD that don't work? Come on man. 90% of riders know where the train is going. Its either going to Astoria or to Brooklyn. If the LCDs are messed up. Look at the map, or better yet their damn phones and look where its going. These new rail fans (2010 and up) don't know how to act when they see a different car type on a line. Back in the days, most subway lines had more than one car type running on the same line. But now when a swap happens, they want to sue the MTA? Get out of here. A city as tough as New York, we made through the worst of the 70s and 80s. These new generations think they should have the latest and greatest, but fail to realize that in the 80s, you'd be lucky to ride a train that was clean ON THE INSIDE, not even the outside. If TEMPORARILY moving R46s to means better service (which will help way more people). Hell yeah the swap should happen. The same with the . The R142As to the (which is one of the most busiest lines) helps the Flushing Line run better. But all these kids see is that their Automated Announcements and Blue seats go away, and complain to MTA that the R46s are falling apart and that service is terrible. Falling apart? Did you forget the rusty brown roofs on the R38s, R40M/R42s. Did you forget the Frame rotting R44s. That's falling apart. Some R46s at there worst are dirty on the exterior with broken LCDs. But falling apart? My rant is over but damn man, this why I like the older members here because they keep it real and see things from the bigger picture. While younger fans lose their cool when a swap happens and nitpick literally everything. Let's see what ridiculous comments we'll hear next.🤦‍♂️
  41. 13 points
    RIP to legendary train photographer and photo collector Joe Testagrose, just read the news of his death. I remember going on nycsubway.org in the late-2000s as a kid seeing his photos of long gone trains from past decades. I never get tired of looking at them to this day still. Joe's photos will live on for future generations to come. He will never be forgotten. 😞
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    The hybrid procurement is officially split between New Flyer and Nova. Novabus: pilot buses May 2020 165 hybrid buses (base) 126 hybrid buses (option) 209 diesel buses (option) *All LFS HEV's will have BAE* New Flyer: pilot buses October 2020 110 hybrid buses (base) 84 hybrid buses (option) 139 diesel buses (option) *the base order is a 60/50 BAE/Allison split with all options being BAE* "production" deliveries are expected between December 2020 and October 2021 Further details are in the December NYCT committee book
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    Been reading this thread off and on for a while. It seems that some folks don’t know how things work in CED-RTO land. Let’s say I transferred 10 trains to another yard to supplement the receiving yards fleet . If the transferred fleet is foreign to the receiving yards equipment normally I would use 8 trains of the new fleet, maybe 9 trains in a pinch, for service . That 10th train would be a spare in case something happens to one of the 8 trains in use. Broken glass, door problem, any mechanical problem and I can use a 5 car unit to replace the problem unit as it’s repaired. If 9 trains are running my spare factor is decreased. If I use all 10 transferred trains I’m screwed if something happens and I have no spare. Try explaining that to your superiors. There is no excuse for such a rookie mistake . Ten trains may have been transferred from one yard to another but common sense says that you don’t run all of them at the same time. The real world and the railfans world are not one and the same. My take on the issue as a former transfer man. Carry on.
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    At 2PM, all NYC buses pulled over for a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd. The B/O announced this over the PA system. The B/O of the bus I'm on pulled into the bus stop, pulled the parking brake, and threw up the Black Power fist for a bit. Very dope gesture!
  45. 12 points
    Free money for the operator. I wouldn't be mad. Just pull the brake, call it in to console and chill. Screw it.
  46. 12 points
    Off-topic: i skimmed the posts and almost misread that as “I hit the wrong pop up and deleted @Wallyhorse.” “We’d lost such an iconic member of the community,” I thought to myself before rereading the post.
  47. 12 points
    Whom ever made up that rumor about the R32’s being down to 80 cars is a tool. The consists listed on the so called retired list are IN SERVICE as I type. I operated in them. 3894/3895 etc!
  48. 12 points
    Some of you guys make it sound like it's the end of the world that the R32's will probably be all retired before the R211's come in, and that only Pitkin and 207 have to make up the shortage which (naturally) they can't do on their own. A couple of years ago when the Q started going to 96th St and the W came back meaning more cars would be required for service, transit managed by shifting some cars around and having a lower spare factor in each yard. The same can easily be done here. It's very simple to be accomplished. Keep in mind that the division of car equipment will have it figured out as to the number of cars having to be transferred. This formula is done with the assumption that the R46/R160 swap between Jamaica and CI has been completed. ENYD can shift some R179's to 207 for C service. CIYD can shift some R46's to Pitkin for A and C service. CCYD can send 8 cars to CIYD to make up for an R46, as well as Jamaica sending some R160's back to CI. With all yards contributing, each yard will get by with 1 or 2 less trains. That means get them in and out of the barn a bit quicker, but more importantly having fewer cars sitting in the yards waiting to get into the barn which can't be used because of their defects. Finally on another topic: There are a lot of trolls "contributing" to this thread. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THESE TROLLS, JUST IGNORE THEM.
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    Just let it die already... Whine all you want, sue the MTA, hell, go down with pickets and march outside of 2 Broadway. They're still putting them in Coney Island Yard whether you like it or not. Astoria will be getting CBTC in the next five years, so you're guaranteed your tech trains back in due time. Plus, the R46s should be retired by then, so it's not even that big of an issue. Sheesh!
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    High School and Junior High Schoolers: DO NOT CUT CLASS!
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