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    Work train speed policy = 25mph max on straights, 15 on curves. Usually they travel less than that, because the equipment is absolute garbage. The issue on 4th avenue is more than just speed. It's also that there just are an insane number of consists staged at 38 St thanks to poor long term yard planning, and that the signal system on the northbound 4th Ave express track is singularly bad at handling low(er) speed equipment. You can certainly have electric work trains (we have a couple of electric locos), the issue is that work zones generally power off the track. There absolutely are solutions to be had here. They set up a work train base in Jamaica Yard partially to support QBL CBTC, and they really have tried to 'innovate' for the shutdown -- moved everything possible to Linden, and they claim they are consisting work trains. If the rest of the system was as much a political priority as the , this sort of thing would have already been looked at.
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    You need to relax yourself.....Not that serious my guy
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    Nah, the masses basically pile on at Jamaica Center... The Merrick/Archer stop sees much lesser usage; moderate at best.... With the Brewer routes however, he's right.... There's usually mounds of people waiting for them at any of those stops along Archer.... It isn't anyone else's fault that you continually incessantly whimper about some facet of this anomalous, long distance, multi-legged commute you just have to make known somehow on here.... I personally don't care if you're fabricating any of this or not, but our supposed lack of understanding of the crowding & farebeating on the Brewer routes isn't remotely the issue here...
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    Don't know if its just me, but I have rarely seen people with luggage on the Q10. I've seen more airport workers on that bus then travelers.
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    Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 6.18.09 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
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    Few thoughts on the (PM at least) I was on the first. Something must be seriously wrong with local service, whether the switches at Jay or terminal ops at Church, if the is saving 6 whole minutes over the local on that stretch. Having said that, The first PM express was directly behind a local and was lightly loaded from 57th street on down. Might just be a poor interval, though. Culver Express is a lot more heavily timed than I expected, especially considering how lightly used it is. The viaduct's speeds were somewhat disappointing, although I suppose the interlocking by 4th Ave-9th St might have something to do with that I got to Jay Street northbound right after the second express left, and the platform was PACKED. That either doesn't bode well for future service, or means that the express should be scheduled to directly precede a local, IMO. This service pattern won't go away at the end of the trial, it's basically the 2 trains that would randomly go express during the PM peak, but officially in the schedule. The has potential, and is the key to allowing the to finally have consistent, reliable intervals. However, as many people have said, this relies on Bergen Street Lower being reactivated to provide a transfer point for Red Hook and Carroll Gardens residents. Unrelated but the displays as ( F ) on the advertising screens and I think that's neat. (63rd St- 8th avenue connection theories, anyone?)
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    Bear in mind that that's the draft from months ago.
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    Update: So for some unknown reason, bus operators have been instructed to not serve Bulova. Someone asked if the bus was going to Bulova and the operator said that they were told to not go there. Multiple checks on bustime confirm that. Right now, it is unclear on when service will actually start. On the other hand, the new schedule is out. https://new.mta.info/document/6531
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    The problem with express tracks is the cost; boring 4 tracks is a lot more expensive than doing it cut and cover the utility; an express would be useless pretty much until Phase I-IV was built out and extensions even farther, and possibly an even longer timeframe; it took a few decades for Sixth Avenue's express tracks to be put into service. At this point, I only think Lower Second Avenue is useful as part of a new two-track line eventually heading down Northern, or the Queens Boulevard Bypass, separate from 63 St.
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    DMV should give you a paper copy of the permit before the hard copy gets to your house.I took it 2 days before I had premployment and it was already on the driver abstract they look at ,they didn't even ask to see it since it was in the abstract they pull up.
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    when units are transferred from TA/OA to BC, fareboxes are always removed beforehand. depots keep fareboxes in stock for if/when that unit returns or to utilize on another unit. the only time fareboxes aren't removed are when a unit is moved from a TA/OA depot to another TA/OA depot or BC to BC
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    NJ Transit’s new 355 express bus to American Dream retail and entertainment complex will cost adults a $9 fare in each direction or $18 round trip, said Jim Smith, a spokesman. Football fans who ride the 351 Coach USA bus between New York and MetLife Stadium pay a $14 round trip fare for the same 20-minute trip. https://www.nj.com/traffic/2019/10/the-only-mass-transit-to-the-american-dream-mall-is-the-bus-and-its-going-to-be-pricey.html
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    Q47 buses are once again not serving Bulova. Maybe this thread should be renamed to read "to (not) serve" instead. This time, there's an advisory posted on the MTA website: I wonder how much longer until they'll pull a Q114 on this one.
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    it never works that way. if you've ever driven any vehicle period, weight always adversely affects speed... speed can never counterbalance weight, and in this instance, if the HVAC is overweight as stated, just like any vehicle ever, when you are carrying too much weight (passengers/cargo, seats, engine, etc) it will cause malfunctions. this is a clear oversight/blunder on MTA's part regarding the sheer physics of this (or any) vehicle.
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    Here is a mock-up of a light rail that could run along the west shore. I made it using Enmodal and a paint application. I chose light rail because parts of the right-of-way are on busy urban roads and there wasn't much room to create a new path for heavy rail to pass through. The line starts in Tottenville and shares rail tracks with the SIR until Richmond Valley where it will now have new tracks laid out for it to run on. It follows the West Shore Expressway up until it reaches Arden Ave and goes east towards Richmond Ave. Then for a while it goes on it's own reserved road on Richmond Ave until it turns left on Forest Ave and goes on the Bayonne Bridge. The line terminates on 8th St in the same place as the HBLR starts. I think this proposal is solid because it crosses over most major shopping centers and business areas on the west shore, it provides connections to multiple other transit options such as the SIR, many local and express buses, and even the HBLR to continue your commute into New Jersey and Manhattan. Looking at the map, both the WSLR and the SIR cover a large portion of Staten Island and final give residents in the west shore some better and faster transit options. I would like some opinions on this mock-up if anyone thinks a better path could be chosen.
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    I ride the Q60 from time to time, and I say the Queens Blvd doesn't need them. It runs smoothly during off peak hours and overnights. All of the delays are caused primarily by people getting on/off along Queens Blvd. There's also long boardings at Union Turnpike, 71st-Continental, QCM, Rego Center, and traffic on the approach to the bridge consider. Lots of people use it as a means to avoid the and trains because they can be unpredictable and unreliable due to a signal malfunction, or if the is down due to repairs, or signal malfunctions.
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    It's easier to use the PW Branch to get into Manhattan than wait for the three QM3 trips on Northern.
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    The S55 and S56 definitely have lower ridership than all three. The two combined may not even reach the total ridership of the M55. EDIT: The S55 & S56 combined how significantly less ridership than the M12 (weekday and annual). In fact, they both have less ridership than the M12, which have the lowest ridership counts of the three. The S55 though has the lowest overall.
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    If wait times are increased but they run fewer buses, no matter the size, how is this better? If the ridership numbers remain the same all it adds up to is longer waits. The same amount of people are still being transported by my calculations. When it’s 20 degrees outside and Mr. Wind, aka the Hawk, is kicking butt I doubt if everyone will feel the same way you do. I never expected to see someone agreeing with a service cut , as per the Daily News article, on a transit advocacy forum. Just my opinion. Carry on.
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    @RR503 This is incredible. $4.7 BILLION will be in the Capital Program for Penn Station Access, in addition to the $895 Million in the 2015-19 Program. The whole advantage of the project is that it is using EXISTING rights-of-way, making use of EXISTING tracks. What the heck went wrong? I just can't..... All that is involved is some track work, substations, a bit of electrification, and new stations. UGH! https://www.lohud.com/story/news/2019/09/16/mtas-51-5-b-capital-plan-help-pay-penn-station-access/2341595001/
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    Even if it is beneficial, it's hard to see it being worth spending a large portion of $1.13 billion. Even worse, as I said before, those ramp connections are almost brand new (built as part of the previous bridge rehab). So it's really not a good value.
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    Let me illustrate my point using Canal St. A southbound entering there usually gets a short route into the station, but faces a red home signal at the leaving end of the platform. That red home does not indicate a conflict so much as it does a lack of an established route all the way through the interlocking; a train tripped by it would likely overshoot onto the local track without any issue. Aside from the weird approach locking time thing that happens north of the station, operators enter in these conditions as if everything were normal -- they may brake a bit more conservatively because they're facing a red, but they do not act as if they're entering a stub-end terminal. CBTC, however, would enforce that level of safety. If my understanding of NYCT CBTC architecture is correct, a stop arm is considered a fixed obstruction, and therefore becomes the endpoint for a safe braking curve which, in turn, forces trains to enter interlocking areas at restricted speed -- imagine the entering 8th Ave, or the entering Main.
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    Any think that they’ve decided to install CBTC in all the wrong places? Methinks CBTC should be added around where trains do a lot of switching, like: 145 Street to 103 Street () 72 Street to 42 Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal/47–50 Streets–Rockefeller Center () 49 Street to 23 Street () 57 Street to 42 Street–Bryant Park () West 4 Street–Washington Square to Delancey Street–Essex Street () York Street/Fulton Street to Carroll Street () 7 Avenue to Church Avenue () Prospect Avenue to 53 Street/9 Avenue () Manhattan Bridge to Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center () West 4 Street–Washington Square to Fulton Street/World Trade Center () High Street to Clinton–Washington Avenues ()
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    Assuming that "widening" means they are adding a fourth eastbound lane from Exit 3 to Exit 5 (Bay Parkway) on the Belt, all I can say is, it's about time. This will finally ease the endless traffic jam at the Verrazzano merge. On the other hand, the left exits are fine in my opinion, and replacing them with right exits isn't worth the effort or money at all. I don't really know what you would want to be done to the bike/pedestrian walkway. It's pretty good already, and having walked it, all I could really suggest is to add some lights to it, so it's not in total darkness at night.
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    Latest news: -The Express Bus Advocacy Group is almost a year old with almost 1,600 members. -Express bus service is still a work in progress, but we've seen some improvements on a number of lines that had serious issues. -We've sent our Fair Fares petition to Governor Cuomo to reinstate the monthly pass, senior discount and student discount at all times. The petition garnered over 300 signatures and over 500 likes via social media.
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    Just imagine how many closed subway entrances could be reopened and how many new entrances could be built with that money! This is an outrage!
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    They can't do that. Politicians would lose campaign material and advocates would lose income.
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    This is New York, where anything can happen (or not happen). I believe nothing until it actually happens.
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    For me I guess ask a supervisor since they have a telephone in the bus. Plus do you have time to read a book on the road. Thats the answer i always choose
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    You would think they'd run as many trains as possible to get people off the overburdened and trains in Queens, as well as to get some people off the ... Nope. 125% capacity or bust.
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    https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/queens-blvd-73rd-st-eliot-ave-cb4-sep2019.pdf I am so furious that the final operational phase from Yellowstone Boulevard to Union Turnpike is on hold. Karen Koslowitz, you will have blood on your hands!
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    I wonder if the Q10 will be next in line for luggage racks on their XD-60s.
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    Hey y’all, Just finished my last road posting today. Got my final tomorrow and road practical on Friday. Will be on my own next week. I hope to see all you super conductors out there on the road soon.
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    All BS aside, what is this blatantly false advertising all about with serving this place? This shit is annoying now....
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    1] Never thought about it, to be honest..... I simply don't know. 2] Yes to Foster/Flatbush... Don't know about Av. S trip, as I've never seen em... 3] I've taken that last trip twice... Both times I was the last person on the bus, both times I needed the B12, and both times the b/o hung a left on Parkside after letting me off (short of the actual B16 Parkside stop)..... That has to be a trip heading back to the depot. 4] Both of those respective short turns loop back for service in their opposite directions (hope that came out right)..... I have seen a bus on Flatbush make a left on Caton, but I was too far away to see the depot decal..... That would explain that.
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    Actual data would probably be a start. Lots of people in the field in any industry have ideas about what would make their job better. That doesn't mean that they're good ideas. Take the average worker in a field and then realize that 50% of the field is worse than that. You don't have to be good at your job to be leader of a union, the venn diagram of "union leader responsibilities" and a job description is pretty much just two separate circles.
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    I don’t get why they don’t just fundraise for a few years and then just spend some months or a year with a full shutdown and rebuild. I understand not doing that on Lex or B-way past 207th St, and QBL, but if the system’s old and decrepit, why not do the full rebuild and buy 30 years of life instead of this haphazard and expensive piecemeal stuff.
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    Didn't notice any other MTA buses; just some Port buses. That's not to say they weren't there, but the XE60 stuck out like a sore thumb since it was raised up on the biggest tow truck (flatbed?) I'd ever seen in my life.
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    Bus lanes should be added on Clove Road between Victory Blvd and the SIE during peak hours in the peak direction. That area of Clove Road is a parking lot during rush hours and S53, S66, S93 and SIM35 riders shouldn't have to suffer.
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    Given how crap weekend service is, I'm surprised the line past Rockaway (and especially RPK) even has ridership at all... should be rather telling that the ferry to Fulton Street is faster than a direct subway ride to that very same place...
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    3317 sighted completed at Plattsburgh.
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    The total for the has 44 trains but, it may change to 46 total b/c of the . Anyways, the R160 total is around 30-32 (75%) with 14 R46s (25%).
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    The , folks can make a case for since the regular is all local and there are like 50 minutes in between Broadway–Lafayette Street and Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue. The is only slightly faster at 46 minutes, but it runs express. That alone is going to be a hurdle since the communities that stand to benefit have to make the case that the needs to be even more express than it already is. I’m not arguing against it since I believe the MTA should strive to make everyone’s commutes 35 minutes or less. But it’s an unlikely proposal that anyone would stick up for—especially from the MTA which would have to increase its expenditures to run trains for the . Anyway, I’ve taken the PM a third time today. Again, there was the overly enthusiastic conductor sprinkling his commentary on the passengers here and there. There is some extra information I noted for @Italianstallion. Whenever possible, I took note of the number of people in the train car with me (including myself). If I didn’t have a clear view down the length of the car though, I did not try to count. That was when the train was packed. (A Kings Highway-bound pulls in the station at 5:09 and leaves at 5:10—1~2 minutes late. The Coney Island-bound followed at 5:15.) Broadway–Lafayette Street: opened 5:15 (2 minutes late compared to scheduled 5:13) Broadway–Lafayette Street: closed 5:15 2 Avenue: opened 5:16 2 Avenue: closed 5:17 Delancey Street–Essex Street: opened 5:18 Delancey Street–Essex Street: closed 5:18 East Broadway: opened 5:20 (At this point, there are maybe a little under 80 people in the car. Most people are sitting, but there are about 3 dozen people standing.) East Broadway: closed 5:20 York Street: opened 5:22 (At this stop, more people than boarded the train than have gotten off.) York Street: closed 5:23 Jay Street–MeteoTech: opened 5:25 (3 minutes late compared to scheduled 5:22) (The across the platform doesn't wait. The picks up a few more people. At this point, there are about 80~90 people in the car.) Jay Street–MetroTech: closed 5:25 (The passed Bergen Street at 5:26.) (The passed Carroll Street at 5:27.) (The passed Smith–9 Street at 5:28, creeping slowly down the incline towards 4 Avenue–9 Street.) (The passed 4 Avenue–9 Street at 5:29~5:30.) 7 Avenue: opened 5:31 (2 minutes late compared to scheduled 5:29) (There were about 60 people remaining in the car.) 7 Avenue: closed 5:32 Church Avenue: opened 5:36 (3 minutes late compared to scheduled 5:33) (There are 56 people remaining in the car.) Church Avenue: closed 5:37 Ditmas Avenue: opened 5:38 (There are 58 people in the car—still SRO.) Ditmas Avenue: closed 5:39 18 Avenue: opened 5:40 (There are approximately 41 people remaining in the car—no longer SRO.) 18 Avenue: closed 5:40 Avenue I: opened 5:41 (There are 38 people remaining in the car.) Avenue I: closed 5:41 Bay Parkway: opened 5:42 (There are 40 people remaining in the car.) Bay Parkway: closed 5:43 (A Manhattan-bound passed by on the express track, probably to make up for lost time.) Avenue N: opened 5:44 (There are 34 people remaining in the car.) Avenue N: closed 5:44 Avenue P: opened 5:45 (There are still 34 people remaining in the car.) Avenue P: closed 5:45 Kings Highway: opened 5:47 (1 minute early compared to scheduled 5:48) (There are no trains on the middle track. There are 21 people remaining in the car.) Kings Highway: closed 5:47 Avenue U: opened 5:49 (There are still 21 people remaining in the car.) Avenue U: closed 5:49 Avenue X: opened 5:50 (There are 10 people remaining in the car.) Avenue X: closed 5:50 Neptune Avenue: opened 5:52 (There are 5 people remaining in the car.) Neptune Avenue: closed 5:53 West 8 Street: open 5:54 (There's a on the upper level already and another one at Ocean Parkway. It pulled out at 5:55 right after a Manhattan-bound arrived. The next from Ocean Parkway pulled into the station at 5:56 and pulled out a minute later at 5:57. On the , there were 3 people remaining in the car. The train didn’t close down until the Manhattan-bound pulled into the station at 6:00.) West 8 Street: closed 6:00 Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue: opened 6:03 (1 minute late when compared to scheduled 6:02) It was interesting to note that more people got on the train (from my point of view inside the train) than got off at York Street and Jay Street–MetroTech. I have to wonder if perhaps these people knew the that just passed was only going to Kings Highway and they wanted to wait for a Coney Island-bound instead. One trend that seemed to be holding was that the s made it into the terminal fairly promptly. Since the pattern has held nicely so far, I would advise going upstairs to take the once the reaches West 8 Street to save 5 minutes. Whatever train supervision is doing with the is working pretty well. That said, the ’s run time from Broadway–Lafayette Street was no less than 48 minutes in the past 3 days I’ve ridden it—averaging 50~51 minutes …which also happens to be exactly the same as the ’s scheduled run time! Nevertheless, it should save people 5 minutes in practice—even for those going to Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue, as long as one remembers to transfer to the upstairs at West 8 Street. Tomorrow, I’m going to give the AM another try. I haven’t ridden it since its debut day. I think that has more potential as it avoids the terminal woes that plague the PM . I don’t know if the MTA will change up the PM ’s schedule to fix it, but as it stands, it’s terribly managed.
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    Im iffy about a combined m12 cause it will get it's butt whipped And my concern about extending the m10 was to declutter Columbus
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    If service along Fourth Avenue Express was increased, and with the mess at DeKalb fixed, a via West End Express wouldn't be bad at all. It would save a decent amount of time for riders. You just need enough local service. There is so much potential for increased service on Sixth Avenue Express! With deinterlining, get 30 TPH, with CBTC, you could get 33+, and with open gangways and 60 foot cars you can increase capacity further. Don't buy it when people say that the subway is at capacity.
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    It’s a fair response. We left and formed our own, NUHW (see post above), and SEIU-UHW got California and Fed courts to take every step to block recognition, and then UHW had nerve to abrogate their responsibilities to represent us and 50 of us got fired as an intimidation tactic. Thats why I support the simple vote (the card thing) to unionize - because when your union doesn’t bargain in your interest - thinking pay rises are the only thing you’re worried about, when your ability to do the job effectively and live your life is impeded by management with the union’s blessing, you should be able to leave it and start or join another. No doubt that if these employee’s could do that, some of these asinine anti-customer rules inflicted upon them would go away, and we’d probably have a better customer experience, and some budget savings.
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    Reading is fundamental: "Other east Bronx bus routes that won’t be effected by the MTA redesign are the: Bx23, Bx26, Bx28 and Bx30."
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