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    There's nothing you've said here that warrants being rude to you.... I was never bullied, but for some odd reason, I was the kid that the kid who was bullied latched on to.... Nobody I knew of in school was interested in public transit & I didn't make (any of) my hobbies public knowledge to anybody either (didn't care to, didn't try to fit in with anybody).... While everybody was off doing whatever it is they did, I was too busy analyzing maps & joyriding around the city.... I'll never forget the one time my mother yelled at me for some reason, and I stormed out of the house & took it upon myself to finally see just what the hell "Wakefield-241st" was.... I knew all the end terminals of every subway line, but since the was my quote-unquote home line, I finally took the chance to ride the thing to its end terminal.... Probably a stupid thing to do, but I did it anyway - I was around that age at the time (12/13) & this venture was dead in the middle of a blizzard (back when the subway system wasn't shut down, when a little something called snow started falling from the sky ).... This was also the first time I saw a Bee-Line bus (which made me want to learn more about Westchester county's bus system).... I wasn't even worried about getting jumped, mugged, or anything like that (this was during the early 90's, mind you)..... I started getting worried about the return trip home, and if the train were to break down or something along WPR (or anywhere along the elevated/"outside" portion of the )..... Ah, the good old redbirds Going on all these joyrides I guess, taught me how to learn to deal with people & to be observant as f*** when you're out & about.... But yeah man, whilst on the train amongst family, I would sit & announce the next stop (akin to how a c/r would... before the automated announcements sucked all the fun out of that... and yes, I made a few c/r's smile doing announcements too) & what not.... Although I never knew the contract numbers/R-designation of the rolling stock at that age, what I could tell you is what type of train ran on what subway line (I had my little way of describing distinguishable differences)..... Long story short, people need to stop ragging on others for taking up a hobby that isn't quite in line with their own.... Yeah, humans are said to be created equal, but something else a human being is, is diverse.... It would quite frankly suck IMO if EVERYBODY had the same interests, same thought processes, same beliefs, etc etc..
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    The same guy that brought the B99 to our attention on here (that doesn't post all that much on here anymore), is now going to all of a sudden blatantly lie about the creation of 2 more routes of the type? I don't see it. What exactly's supposed to be the motive? Forum praise? Give me a break.... It's a wonder that we even have the MTA workers that post on this MF-er that still do, with ungrateful attitudes like that.... Don't try to pass your impatience off as someone on the inside concocting bullshit, because quite frankly, that's bullshit.....
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    again & again it happens... the truth is that the personnel on this forum that willingly share ANY info/news are doing so out of the kindness of their hearts, and do so in the interest of progressive, positive dialog within this forum, in order to see places like this thrive... by the way, against repeated pleas from management in all branches, for employees to refrain from any forms of social media. the unwillingness of some to submit that employees more than likely know more than them pertaining to most subject matters and will thusly disregard/disrespect them is outta bounds. and when misinformation is spewed/spread, the culprit when corrected/chastised feels entitled in doing so.... "LeT mE rAnT/sPeAk mY MiNd". misinformation and a refusal to vet/validate statements helps no one. i would never speak for any other employee or Transit personnel, but i for one, a semi-proud, card-carrying, union member of TWU Local 100/TA Bus Operator for the past 11 years REFUSE to have anyone coming from a place of assumption or speculation chastise or critique anything i say, when, as sure as I'm born, I'm attempting to provide info from a place of knowledge in the interest of providing knowledge, wisdom or understanding to those who genuinely crave it. there are those who don't work for the system that have a wealth of knowledge, and validate their sources, and I would never discredit or disregard/disrespect those individuals... i praise them to the utmost. the ignorant pests/trolls/babies/children who probably were still swimming around in their daddy's nutsacks when myself and others were sacrificing nights/weekends/holidays/time with family/friends, won't get away with their blatant f**k'ry/fantasy threads. with that said, more times than not, people are tired and refuse to engage. i don't blame them.
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    A lot of the posters here were not yet alive in the 80's, before the GOH program, to see how bad it was. In the IRT, at least when the R62's arrived in 1984, the real bad old cars were retired: the R12/14/15 and the real basket cases of the R17/21/22. But the IRT still had lots of smoke and fires coming out of the old cars, even the R26/28/29/33/36's. The B Division, where I was a t/o, had their problems too, believe me. Did I have "fun". One day operating R32 #3904 on the D, whenever I put the controller into coast, the train would buck like a wild bull. I cut out the dynamic brakes, and it got a little better, but not much. Apparently the problem car was in one of the other cars. I picked up a car inspector at 125. Obviously we had to cut the dynamic brakes back in. I told him to hold on when I put the controller in coast. He didn't believe me and almost bashed his head into the storm door glass! I did the same thing a few more times, he couldn't believe what went on with this , I know that applied to me too. So out of service at 59, and into the middle at 30/8 and back to CCYD. Another time when the Manny B was closed. I was working the D from 57/7 to Br. Beach. Slow train. My first 2 cars were 4504/05. Train was really slow as soon as I left 57/7. Going up the hill between 34th and 28th, I barely made it. I also knew I would not make it up the grade of the MannyB. I started smelling smoke. I put my head out and flames were shooting out of the resistor grids in the second car. I limped into 14th St., "discharged" and IRT people who were stationed at 14th St. (Lex Line) came over. The car inspector verified the grids were burnt out, and we cut out the motor. Many passengers refused to get off as the RCI wanted the train discharged. Command Center said to proceed, nobody ever pulled a cord because as far as I was concerned, I wasn't stopping till Brighton Beach.....But......Between 7th Ave. and Prospect Park, I smelled more smoke. Now MY car was doing the same thing as the second car was doing previously. This train was haunted! We get to Prospect Park and stopped. After cutting out the motors in my car, Command told us to wait for police to get the rest of them off. The Car Inspector went toward the back of the train, I locked my self in the cab after I told the passengers that they had a choice (over the PA system), that they could get off for me, or get off for the cops. They stood their ground! When the cops came, they still refused till they were threatened with arrest. I had a few people who banged on my cab window from the outside because THEY LOST! Another one: 4736/37, the 2 cars at Transit Tech. One of them had smoke issuing somewhere north of 125, I cut out the motor. This was before a smoking train would automatically be taken out of service. As long as the smoke subsided, the train remained in service. When I passed another train at 135 he called me on the radio and told me I had the mate smoking. He gave me the car #. I told Command. They told me to discharge, change ends, cut out the motor and hold at 135 spur. But there already was an R44 A train at 125 on the local track also smoking and the station was full of smoke. I cut out the motor and got out of there ASAP. Passengers left the train because the train & station was full of smoke. Finally on a Friday morning in 1982. I was working midnights on the D. Last 1/2 trip southbound, the first train of the morning to Brighton Beach. Around 5:40 AM at Bedford Park. I only worked this job on Fridays as the regular guy was off on Friday/Saturday. Took a point of power for rolling test (no pull back, brakes releasing, and no hand brakes hopefully). I saw a big flash in the cab, came from behind me. Called the RCI. He was in the tower and saw the flash and actually was on his way out before I called him. He asked if I was OK. I was stunned. He cut out the motors. The "am_meter", which shows car voltage if the motors in that car was alive was charred black. When I moved again, it didn't look right from the outside. I had the c/r open up the doors again. I left the reverser in. Turns out both headlights were burnt out and charred black. I told the TD that I couldn't take a train with no headlights. Pissed as he was he took me off, and had a switchman take the train to the yard and told me to deadhead. Of course I went home because I would be done for the day once I got to Brighton and in those days we didn't sign out. When I got to back to work that night, I was told that the 600 volts got mixed into the 32 volt battery circuits. In other words, 4504 became a HI-V on me! That car spent over a month in CIYD Main Shop being repaired and re-wired. Internally the car fried. 4505 was visible from McDonald Ave. So no matter how bad the R179's may be, they won't be allowed to get as bad as these cars in the stories I just told. They will not be "Returned to Sender". They will be made to work because we will not go back to the 1970's and 1980's.
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    The bolded point x100.....this is why I tend to hold off on my information as well and let people figure it out themselves, and this is also a reason why Dante(East New York) left the forum.
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    Speaking of old trains perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the incident on the line years ago where the T/O pulled into Utica Avenue heading northbound ? Where the doors failed to open after he stopped. Because the rear four cars of the R46 consist, including the C/R, had uncoupled and were left back at Rockaway Avenue on the express tracks. That train was in passenger service which I know because my mom was on the section left behind. The investigation included a person who knew about a train that uncoupled at 145th and Lenox. That train was not in passenger service . It was a yard move and I know firsthand because I was on the end that got left behind. Be careful when you make these statements that sound definitive to others because some of us know better. Carry on.
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    Creating a thread in which folks can create thoughts and ideas, but can't express criticism completely goes against the point of this thread in the first place.... Use this thread : Or this thread : If you don't want your ideas to be criticized, maybe this place isn't for you. You're gonna have to learn to take criticism to improve on ideas and whatnot. Denying any of that shows you cannot adopt to change. Thread #2 closed.
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    What you're looking for are professional victims to film, to pad your resume..... As others have said, you are in the wrong place... It's a sausage fest over here. Kielbasa.
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    A little off topic but still subway-related When I was younger, I used to get bullied because I really liked trains.I knew that it was a really stupid thing to bully someone over but these people did not care. It made me really sad that they could not understand the reason why I liked something so much. but it all changed one day. I was at the transit museum with my friend (i was 11 years old at the time) in the R42 car and I see these little kids,maybe around 3-5 years old. They were really enjoying the train and making announcements. So I showed them my best impression for an R42 announcements. They were dumbfounded and it brought me joy to realize that I shared the same interest as these young children. My friends mother met with their mother,who was standing outside of the train and talked with her for a little bit. She was impressed about the knowledge about the subway that me and my friend had and asked where we were from. We said that we were from Washington DC and were just visiting (true). The mother was dumbfounded. She was so surprised that despite being around 300 miles from home,we knew so much about the subway.That moment finally made me feel that trains really was the thing meant for me and that there was nothing wrong with that. I still think about those little kids and their mom to this day. This is very important to me, please don't be rude about it.
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    Might want to work on punctuation, sentence structure, and facts there bud.
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    Today on the Bx3: B/O: "Sir, I'm gonna need for you to enter thru the back" *man flashes bus operator badge* B/O: "Oh that's my bad, brother"
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    I know, I was just pointing out the beautifully crafted "W"s on the sign. Talk about saving money! 🤣
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    Grim stuff ahead. Even with federal funding coming in (not a guarantee with these scumbags in the White House), we're look at the MTA maintaining the operating budget only. That means we can wave goodbye to the whole Byford plan, and probably a number of important capital programs. That said, the model that some of the advocacy groups have been sharing as an example of 'what could happen' is so stupid that it's almost counterproductive. If dire service cuts were to occur, you'd see express service, extra rush hour service, and overnight service curtailed. You would not see the harebrained stuff on their posters, like entire trunk lines (1/2/3, 7) being abandoned while full service ran on other lines (4/5/6).
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    ....but why, on so many levels? Rational human beings within walking distance of the will walk to those trains and head to Midtown rather than taking a scenic route through LIC Rational human beings south of Bedford-Nostrand will probably head to the A nontrivial fraction of the remainder will likely transfer at Lorimer/Broadway/Court Square to services whose Midtown catchment isn't half parkland Circumferential routes like the should be permitted to act as circumferentials; I would hope that much had been made clear by the IND's underprovision of Manhattan capacity to the (radial) Queens Boulevard line. If you need to extend the , run it up 21 St, where its utility as a circumferential can be enhanced with the connection/where it can capture a relatively busy bus corridor. Moreover, I find it...questionable that we're trying to give the a Manhattan tube before dealing with real system capacity issues like the shortage of subway service in Central/Eastern Queens; that's where tunnels are actually needed.
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    Says a lot about society when the dude recording knows it's gonna happen and ends up recording instead of warning the guy...
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    I’m glad to see that you and T to Dyre Avenue understand the manufacturing and the supply chain aspects of railcar construction. Judging by some previous postings it’s obvious that many people don’t have a clue about the process. Unless there’s an exclusive consortium set up for specific car type most final assemblers use whatever is on the market at the time. It boils down to price and (probably) timely availability for the final assemblers to fulfill the contract. Someone mentioned to me that the PATH cars are basically R142 units in another thread. One can look at the US auto industry and the same thing applies. Same thing in South Korea or Japan. I know that if Bombardier would leave the rail car business today Kawasaki, Alstom, a Chinese unknown company, or whomever took it’s place would still be limited to the same group of suppliers. The R211 will face the same limitations. Hopefully the next combination of parts fares better. The sky ain’t falling. Just my observation. Carry on.
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    Well it’s been awhile, due to coronavirus, the subsequent layoff and sickness. But things are looking up for me. Starting August 6, Lakeland’s loss will be NJ Transit’s gain as I will begin training for my new job as a bus operator out of Wayne garage
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    You've pretty much described how I learned the subway system albeit I did my exploration 30 years before you did. I already had my Lionel at home and then at 11 years old I got a bus and subway pass. Free rides on subways allowed me to explore every line in the system. I rode every bus line in Brooklyn and learned the differences between neighborhoods. My original home base in Brownsville gave me the opportunity to see the massive complex at Atlantic Avenue to Broadway Junction with the Canarsie line and the dual level LIRR station(s) below Atlantic. Moved to Flatbush/Lefferts Garden but still went to public and junior high school in East Flatbush/Rugby. Still riding with a free pass. Never got hassled by anyone wherever I went either. Brightliners, Electric buses on the B45, B47, B48, B65 among others, Fishbowls at ENY depot. Bergen St Electric bus barn. I never thought of it as a hobby but I remember my older relatives stressed that you try to learn something new every day. The day you stopped learning was the day you closed your eyes for the last time. I, too, subscribe to the " to each his own " way of thinking although lately it seems that some folks have taken the forum as a way of broadcasting their thoughts while denigrating others. I'm out here in Suffolk county now, retired and trying to avoid coronavirus so I try to get the big picture of transportation from my fellow posters and my fellow retirees. We've been looking (I post) at the forums for quite some time and my friends are aware of the observant people, the informative people, and the folks who "know it all ". The current climate in the agency discourages employees from discussing how things are done and my fellow retirees try not to cross the line with the current employees but we're in agreement that some posters are trying to pass themselves off as more knowledgeable than others to the detriment of the NYCTF as a whole. Sometimes it's better to sit back and observe. Just my thoughts. Carry on.
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    Too many transitfans are treating this hobby like it's some sort of Tumblr fan-fiction. No, the train is not fine. Neither is the human who died in the fire, but sure, care more about the train. Yes, it can be really annoying to be constantly DMed or messaged in private about the upcoming bus orders from the year 2045. People have got to understand that buses and trains aren't some sort of cartoon or TV show. Most people who drive and operate them just want to work.
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    @Cait Sith Not just ENY, I'm pretty sure it's why SG left as well (but that's neither here nor there I guess). Either way, I miss the wealth of knowledge and perspective certain people use to bring here. I think a lot of us older members do. @EastFlatbushLarry You're saying something that's needed to be said around this place for a while now. Thank you! Me personally, a real low point was several months ago in the thread about the train fire, where some people's first reaction was 'is the R142 going to be okay'. That was a prime case of what-the-fvckery right there. Made me feel like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon (y'all know the line)...
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    Yeah, hell's freezing over when Wallyhorse emphasizes an actual sane response.....
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    ...and what percentage of that percentage is by one person. This post of yours needs to be recycled.
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    Then Cuomo said, “Let us make MTA in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the Access-A-Ride of the road and over the buses of the avenues and over the bridges and over all NYC and over every creeping vehicle that creeps in the five boroughs.” So Cuomo created MTA in his own image, in the image of Cuomo he created them; and and he created them. And Cuomo blessed them. And Cuomo said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the els and the tunnels and subdue them, and have dominion over the Access-A-Ride of the road and over the buses of the avenues and over every vehicle that moves on in the five boroughs.” And Cuomo said, “Behold, I have given you every el and tunnel going to every nook and cranny that is in NYC, and every el and tunnel with rail on its trackbed. You shall roam them for life. And to every train of the subway and to every bus on the street and to every vehicle that creeps in the five boroughs, everything that has wheels, I have given insufficient funds for operation.” And it was so. And Cuomo saw everything that he had made, and behold, the painted trains were very nice. And there was COVID-19 and the money problems, and it was 2020.
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    I’d love to find out what is in their organizational charts. Bet you a dollar it beats anything The Onion could put out!
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    That first part brought back memories for me. November 9, 1965, the night of the first NYC blackout. Was working at Alexander's department store at 58th and Lex. Lights flickered and the backup generator kicked in. Store was closed and everyone was sent home. My department head told the owner about my issue. Everyone else lived in the Bronx or uptown in Manhattan. I was the only Brooklynite on duty at that time. The owner of Alexander's walked me outside and flagged down a s/b bus. I don't remember the route # but the B/O told me to sit behind him and he took me down to Brooklyn Bridge and told me to be careful. I walked across the bridge with a few other adults and made it over to the B41 stop across from the main Brooklyn Post Office. I waited with 3 other people and the bus showed up. I rode that bus down to Rutland Road, got off and almost ran the block and a half to my house. It wasn't the distance that sticks in my mind about that night. It was the time spent onboard those 2 buses. To this day I'm in awe of those professional B/Os who got me home without a street light or traffic signal. Mind you, I've been in a blackout underground as a M/M but there's just no comparison. Just my recollection. Carry on.
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    I can assure you that the R32's have indeed have door or doors open enroute at one time or another over their 55+ year lifetime, even since GOH! You did use the word "never".
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    This is my sentiment for pretty much anything made nowadays..... Apparently, Instant gratification (as in, immediate consumption) > Shelf life.
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    Thank you. The same goes for discussions on transit expansions and operations. A lot of people act as if the transit system is their personal train set, and that the employees and managers in the system should operate as they want. R32s on the B, complaining about the Coney Island subway swap, asking for insider information on subway car swaps, the inside scoop on bus swaps, the bus redesign, and so on. I am not going to name names, but I know people on here who have left or reduced posting due to the reduction in quality of discussions on transit issues on things that are more important than railfanning, like operational fixes to increase capacity. NYCTF and other transit boards have continued to decline as people go to Twitter and Facebook where they can discuss issues with an audience broader than foamers, but also with subway riders and advocates who just want to get to work on time. A lot of people here claim to want to become transit planners or become the "next Andy Byford," but their comments do not suggest that. They get turned off by paragraphs-long discussions on actual ways to improve service, about discussions on the MTA's finances, and prefer to complain about a change in rolling stock assignments or propose asinine and unrealistic extensions to the subway system that do not contribute to any competent and insightful discussion. I get it, a lot of users here are railfans who are in high school and love the rolling stock. I do too, and I have grown past just foaming over R32s, and have learned more about transit operations, and other aspects of transportation planning. I love NYCTF for the discussions with knowledgable people in New York City Transit who have had first-hand knowledge about the operations of the system and who make poignant comments on the state of transit today, and with other passionate people on the forums who discuss issues with the subway and bus system and engage in thoughtful responses to my queries. These discussions have decreased in number since I came onto the forums, and it is very sad. As a result, I have been sending less time on here. I try to bring attention to information from the MTA Board books, the Capital Program dashboard, bus lane changes from the DOT website, and discuss proposals I have, or provide my two cents on an issue. Though I am something privy to inside information, those occasions are rare. There are ways to contribute without having to pretend to be an insider. For a lot of users on here, when you go railfanning, see whether trains are on schedule, think about why that is. Are platforms crowded, are there accessibility issues? Is your train stuck at a location for a long time? If you just want to post here to talk about your observations while railfanning or discus which cars are best, fine. However, realize that the transit system was not made for you. It was made to transport people across the city efficiently and affordably. Don't feel entitled to information which you don't have the right to get. Don't complain or interrupt when people are having substantive discussions on ways to improve the system. I could rant for longer, but I hope that many users her give this a read and think about it.
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    Of course agree with all the above. Not for nothing, and getting off topic, but one day the whole city is gonna have to have a reckoning about what happened to Mr. Goble. That was one of the most horrific – but also the most heroic – events in recent memory and just about the whole public and news media ignored it because the covid business was just getting bad at that point. I don't know if it'll be the form of a movie, report, biopic whathaveyou but that's one of the most moving and ultimately tragic stories I can think of in years, and I have to think it's going to get revisited and taken seriously at some point. Somehow most of NYC just ignored it when it happened and the details never even made it out. Think those kids should get to know that their father was a hero, if you ask me. I understand he was never even given a proper funeral due to the covid situation.
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    Lol, but obliged. I mean, imagine waking up after a small nap & reading a passive-aggressive accusation like that aimed at a respectable & reputable member... I've noticed that over the years with you & I don't blame you not a single, solitary bit.... It's very easy to have this happen as enthusiasts, but this has to be said... Folks have gotten WAY too comfortable in these transit enthusiast spaces (it's not limited to this forum either).... Not to beat up on one particular person, as this is very much a microcosm of a larger issue - when you're so used to getting inside information/detailed information that's not as easily attainable, perusing a space like this over the course of years, it's like there's this diminished appreciation or something.... Then when something doesn't quite pan out to your expectations, commence attacking the messenger.... The antsiness simply has to be curbed. IDC if it has to be parsed, the general message being laid out here in this entire post should be stickied, added as some sort of an addendum to the forum rules, something..... I have always been appreciative of anyone on the inside sharing info on a public space like this.... Hell, even guys like @BM5 via Woodhaven with the service updates & @Union Tpke with the PDF extractions, that post publicly obtained info on here.... As you stated, not only are employees not obligated to share info with us outsiders, but y'all are discouraged from doing so..... @Cait Sith brought up @East New York.... This should go without saying, but there's a saying that goes something to the effect of, you don't know what you got - until it is gone.
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    And that's only made worse by the fact that our government is unwilling (ability is out of the question, seeing the many bailouts for the wealthy and corporations just in the middle of this pandemic, to say nothing of other crises) to make sure average people are taken care of...
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    Hmm… how many times have we heard that before? Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-cuts-nyc-transit-feinberg-20200713-xxvzjppk7bb4vg2fhprt6j6aym-story.html
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    Man ain't nobody going out of their way to go to some rinky dink green acres mall. Bus routes that go to a beach I'd agree, but GA mall? Nah.
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    Why though.... There's already that Subway - What if thread, if you wanted to make a game out of this.... If the "what if" scenario is actually a reality, then coming up with a solution/suggestion still lies within the merits of that game. Very misleading thread title.....
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    This, legit sounds like the game of golf - where each player is responsible for keeping their own scorecard & calling penalties on themselves..... An honor system, if you will. Let there be anything like that here in NYC.... They may as well do away with the metrocard, OMNY, paper transfers, and the whole damn farebox!
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    You mean, like tenured retirees? Honestly now...... What in the absolute f..... This level of Disorganization is not only embarrassing, but scary.....
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    The southern end of 57th-7 is actually only 400 ft away from 53rd, so that's about the same length as the Bryant Park transfer. To be quite honest, 57th 7th could be feasibly connected to either 7th Av or Columbus Circle. The longest passageway I believe is probably the to at 14th St. Generally speaking the framework for "should you build a transfer" is what additional connections does it provide? how long is the transfer? Most ridership models assume something called a transfer penalty, which is basically "the average person would rather sit for X minutes than walk an additional minute." So let's take your two examples. First, 60th to at 7th Av. trains head north and south along the UWS and 7th (Lower West Side) trains head north and south along the UWS and 6th (Lower West Side) trains head south along 8th (Lower West Side) and west into Queens This isn't very useful. Passengers going north and south along the UWS and the West Side can mostly stay on the train they're on for the and Passengers going from the Lower West Side to the UWS from the can do a cross-platform transfer to the or even better just catch a train Passengers from the Lower West Side to Queens are probably already on an train. If they're on a they have a cross platform transfer. If they're on a they can already do this transfer at 42nd St one stop south Passengers from the UWS to Queens take the and change to the Compare this to the Broadway to IND transfer. There is one transfer that isn't done well that this additional transfer would do better, and that is Astoria/East Side traffic to the UWS and beyond. You can kind of do this change at Times Square, but 57th St is an earlier opportunity to make this connection and it moves transfer volume out of Times Square.
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    There’s a little indicator near the wheel and the internal turn signals that lights up when someone hits the stop request sign. I’ve spotted it a few times when I’d stand near the front door.
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    Here's an interesting idea: a two-track, more aggressively spaced stop spacing Jamaica Line (think IND or SAS style stop spacing:)
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    Stop quoting me to respond with nonsense gibberish that nobody can understand. Sensible opinions are always welcome but nobody can understand anything you say.
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    How do you know the R211 will be a reliable train out the gate? Or even a good train in general? R142A, M9 are a few Kawasaki products that had issues when new. And we do need the R179, R32 and R42 are 50+ years old. Their MDBF was much lower than every other car class on the fleet. Despite the issues the R179 still had a much higher MDBF than the R32/R42. 179s offer improved passenger amenities, smoother rides and FIND, etc. R32 was a good train in 1975 and the R42 in the 90s and early 2000s but their time has come. 32s are have chronic door and A/C problems, they need to go.
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    give thanks for the sentiments expressed... by the way... VEHEMENTLY DISCOURAGED by union and management. re: info sharing... so many decent people have disappeared out of shear self respect, an outright refusal to bicker online with individuals who THINK they have all the answers... injecting fantasy threads in the middle of legit conversations where individuals are attempting to decipher validity on the subject matter... utter nonsense & clutter that devalues the most simplistic form of information trading via electronic devices. it gets to a point where rotten apples will spoil the bunch. in my personal opinion, I expected more tact and dare I say class from people here. I've been truly disappointed in the way things have gone down... aside from other snide remarks & fake toughguy routines (by the way, i don't buy or sell wolf/woof tickets, so miss me with THAT bullshit) i saw that train thread where the brother T/O lost his life... absolutely abhorrent.
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    Did you seriously wait for an R160? In a pandemic?
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    Never seen this photo before, I've seen a photo of an M1 & R44 side by side but never facing off.... Found this photo on twitter.
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    Do the State or the Port Authority even have the money to do this ridiculous AirTrain now? I mean with flights being grounded and tolls being way down when we locked down, I can’t see how they would be able to afford it now, not to mention placate NIMBYs whose houses overlook Flushing Bay. Yes, according to this qns.com article I stumbled upon today, there seem to be both environmental and aesthetic concerns over the proposed AirTrain guideway - https://qns.com/story/2019/06/06/the-format-was-not-workable-residents-blast-laguardia-airport-airtrains-public-workshop-in-east-elmhurst/ What’s amusing is how Cuomo insists that this AirTrain will get built quicker and won’t get tied up in court by NIMBYs like he thinks the extension would be. Yet here are block associations and environmental activists with concerns over the path of the AirTrain. Who’s to say they won’t take the Port and the State to court over them? Are most the same NIMBYs in Astoria who fought off the proposed extension to LGA 25 years ago even still there? I had a dream that I boarded a train with that same rollsign when I was 11. But it was a pre-GOH R40m or R42, blue stripes, old-school number plates, big storm door window and all.
  48. 6 points
    I wonder what percentage of all the posts in the 383 pages of this thread are just people being impatient waiting for updates.
  49. 6 points
    You fool... she is a devout acolyte of the God Emperor. She can do almost anything and not be held accountable!
  50. 6 points
    Lol at the accuracy of this picture.... Lol at the guy that's (lazily) crossed out.... LMFAO at the nuclear rod !! After reading this shit, I would expect this agency to blame a broken rollsign for undisciplined spending Cronyism.
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