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    How does that make sense. If they run hot, they can get in trouble. Do you not understand that?
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    the assumption is that the Bus Co. artics will remain in local wrap because between JFK/Far Rock, LaGuardia & Baisley Park depots, there are only 2 sbs lines (52/53) and it'd be kinda pointless to have any of the artics dedicated to solely sbs service when it'd be significantly easier to mileage swap buses between said depots for all their artic lines (Q10/52/53/111/113/114 or any other line they choose to use them on, like the Q70 or Q7, etc) seeing as (or assuming that) these units will not be transferred/swapped with NYCTA/MaBSTOA units
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    If accomodating visitors is a short term goal, then the following stops should also get the readers earlier IMO: Sutphin (for connection from JFK airtrain) Howard Beach (for connection from JFK airtrain) Jackson Heights Roosevelt Ave / 74th St and Q70 buses (for connection to and from Q70)
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    As a former resident of the area and a realistic RTO guy I've wondered about extending the Livonia line south toward the mall. The problem as my mentor pointed out many years ago is where do you realign the trackage ? To the housing development or to the mall. Those who propose a stop on Linden Blvd should stop, take a step back, and rethink that idea. Some of my friends look at the posts sometimes and admonish me about some folks proposals. To address this situation let me make this very clear. A stop at Linden Blvd using the existing trackage should never be considered. Livonia Yard is small enough as it is and Linden Blvd is two short blocks from the existing station. Using the yard lead as a guideline it's two train lengths + to Linden. One to Hegeman and one to the overpass at Linden. I walked the length of the yard, all the way to Stanley Avenue, for 20 years for a put-in, layup or both, daily. Walked down to Cozine as well during part of that time at 2 am before the B6 bus was sent up to New Lots station. Long before the shopping mall was built those of us who worked in that yard and lived south of it realized that there were private homes due south of the yard and on the south side of Cozine Avenue there's an existing housing development where many of us lived. We knew way back then that there was no way for the city and the to take that land realistically. That's why the B6, B20, and the B84 bus services are set up the way they are. For forty years the mantra for that area has been east-west bus service toward Rockaway Parkway . Look at the bus forum where some long time posters have pointed out the way of thinking. Look how long it took to provide bus service to the mall from Starrett and from the east. We couldn't get one bus, B83 or B20 to run from Broadway Junction along Pennsylvania Avenue to Starrett on the overnights. We were "advised" that those folks transferring from the or at that time of night should transfer to the to Rockaway Parkway for a B6 or now, a B82, bus heading eastward. Simply put if the wouldn't give us one bus do you really think they would take property to extend the Livonia line ? As for the mall itself it was originally thought of as an "auto-centric" destination located off the Belt Parkway, easily accessed by car. When it first opened most of the workforce weren't neighborhood residents but people who arrived by car. The other argument we heard, which had some merit, was that the soil composition in that area was too sandy to support heavy construction. IMO whatever the merits some of these plans have place them next to the SAS phase 3, Utica Avenue extension, and the Queens Bypass and RBB. Conversation pieces. Just my opinion but in my 70 years I've seen more demolition and very little construction from the BOT, NYCTA, bloodline. Carry on.
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    It’s kind of a moot point now because the Metrocard is dated technology. I was talking about it during a conference call yesterday with the . It came out in the 90s, but the planning and all of that started much earlier. One thing I was discussing was if the technology wasn’t so old that the fareboxes could be programmed to simply deduct the correct fare of $6.75 instead of people dipping and paying say $3.00 or whatever is on one card, only to still be charged $6.75 after dipping a second time. We shall see if the technology is too dated to fix that glitch or not, but on the subway end, all of the talk about OMNY. The has invested a lot in this new payment set up and they are looking at other transit agencies globally and their payment systems. The consensus is that it will bring a ton of flexibility to the system that currently doesn’t with the Metrocard. I may ask for an update on where things are in our next meeting. The last time we discussed it, they were very happy with the progress, and it being on-time for implementation.
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    Why are they supposed to be getting so many new local buses? I thought most of their local buses are from 2015 and on? There are depots out here with much older fleet.
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    The shuttle buses were at one point targeted to be axed altogether, the and seem to take turns being knocked out for track work every weekend (the is also having a weekend service cut starting next month) and Metro-North is actually more frequent from Fordham than the whenever there's track work on Jerome. One would think that if one mode of transportation is getting cut, at the very least the transportation provider would step up on providing alternative services on its other modes of transportation. Nope. Everything is cut, cut, cut. The only people that are going to be left riding on anything is going to be the homeless people, Showtime, and the basketball teams selling candy.
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    Nowhere in these plans mentioned anything about the express buses going peak direction only. Hell, even the SIM routes don't do that!
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    I think I had a record number of entries in the photo contest this year. All I can say is WOW, some of you are amazingly good photographers and you should seriously consider taking this up professionally. If there wasn't already an excellent NYC Subway calendar I'd like to feature most of those in such a format. But unfortunately I can only go with one front and one rear cover every year. So without any further ado, here are the six finalists for the 2020 front cover, in no particular order. I would ask the photographer for each of these to please send me the highest-quality/resolution of these images so I can do full color printouts on a commercial printer before I can make a final determination. I will post a few more of the runners-up later on as time allows. I hope to make the final determination in a few days.
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    If I were him, I would have gone running to London where coincidentally the job of Transport for London commissioner just opened up this week. The current head, Mike Brown will be leaving in May to head the renovations of Parliament.
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    No worries. I appreciate the feedback. I've actually used it to modify my last plan I put out, such as modifying the service plan for Nassau-8th Avenue connection to shorten the to Essex Street and replace it with the train, changed up Lower Manhattan service by replacing the with the . I've also looked into reimagining the Queens Bypass from the 1960s and making it into a relief line, in addition to a reactivated Rockaway Beach Branch (if Richmond Hill and Rockaway resident still insist on getting it), but both will run into problems for reasons I will explain another time. However, even with these revisions, the plan has received negative feedback from one particular demographic, which is YouTube Railfanners. With the exception of one person, who said it was well though-out, all of them have reacted negatively to the plan, with reasons from causing confusion, being too complex, service cutoffs. I've even heard one person say that they will stop using the subway once the R32 and R42 cars retire, since my new plans does not include. The worst part, and possibly the last straw, was when someone accused me of gentrifying East New York, Richmond Hill, and other neighborhoods, because of the removal of just ONE bottleneck that slows down subway service (the Crescent Street curves). At that point, I actually snapped. As far as that new Queens Tunnel, I will say that you are correct that we do need one, because as you said, if we can have a 4-track SAS, then might as well have a new 2-track tunnel to Queens. The first question I though of was: where should it go? Because of this I started to think on where to send the line. One of the ideas that popped out of my head was the old Northern Blvd proposal I bought up a while back. I was thinking "What if we could use this for a new SAS line to Queens?" It not only avoids interlining with at-capacity trunk lines, but it also serves a whole new area of the city. Would that be a great idea for a SAS-Queens Line?
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    8399, 8400: Jamaica, Queens to Castleton, Staten Island
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    In the immortal words of Micheal Ray Richardson “ the ship be sinking “ 😁. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
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    I would expect that they'll update the OMNY website once all the stations for the next phase get their readers, which I don't know how many they'll be doing total (right now we're at 28) but I would expect it to be soon in the next few weeks as the 6 month pause would officially end November 30th.
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    Yeah deff enjoy the time you have before phase one starts because once you get that call you have no life
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    Just gonna throw this out there: the solution to bad terminal ops is good terminal ops, not a new subway line. With a little creativity and discipline, that place could, you know, work. And FWIW, if you're looking for a relief terminal for FH, there already exists one at 179.
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    OMNY installation list: 51 Street 59 Street 68 Street-Hunter College, 77 Street, 96 Street, 103 Street, 110 Street, 116 Street 125 Street 138 Street-Grand Concourse 149 Street-Grand Concourse Fordham Road Whitehall St 34 St-Penn Station 34 St-Penn Station St George Ferry SIR
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    I grew up on the Brooklyn IRT (still live on the portion to this very day). When the is running to and from Brooklyn, this is how delays play out at the junction east of Franklin Avenue: -A New Lots Avenue-bound and Flatbush Avenue-bound come into Flatbush Avenue for a cross-platform connection at the same time -Both leave the station, only for one of them to get held to let the other cross infront first, effectively delaying all other trains behind one by one. The has to cross twice in a row before reaching President Street southbound and Franklin Avenue northbound. -A Manhattan-bound will come into Nostrand, only to get held to let either a or go first. If it's the , the is delayed 2 minutes. If it's a and then a , the is delayed 4 minutes. The is also delayed by the as well. That's how delays play out here.
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    Express buses are commuter buses. Always have been, and they're being used as a scapegoat for a situation that the has created. Their fiscal house is a mess. The costs for everything the does are absurd. Do you think spending $78 million dollars on ONE elevator is cost effective? I certainly don't, but at the same time, I wouldn't turn around and blame ADA advocates and disabled riders as you are blaming express bus riders and say OH well, you shouldn't have elevators because of the cost to install them. We have to prioritize, which is your argument. It's the that should be working to get these costs down, not using their riders as the scapegoats and pitting riders against one another. It's funny how you are fixated on this service that serves thousands of riders in transit deserts, but don't seem to take issue with the wasteful spending that the continues to perpetuate year after year. We just had a fare hike in 2019 with the crying that they were broke in part because of fare beating, and what do we see this year? That number has grown from ~$225 million to ~$250 million this year with no end in sight. I don't know about you, but $250 million annually sounds like a lot of money to let walk out of the door.
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    They changed some of the most egregious parts of proposal, especially the BxM4 part which we threatened a lawsuit on. That is running at least during rush hours, but there is A LOT of problems with this redesigned one. They also listened to our request to keep BxM11 service North of 233rd Street, You see the new proposal extends the BxM5 up into Mount Vernon...
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    DMV should give you a paper copy of the permit before the hard copy gets to your house.I took it 2 days before I had premployment and it was already on the driver abstract they look at ,they didn't even ask to see it since it was in the abstract they pull up.
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    @RR503 At 142nd St Junction trains were scheduled as N/B and S/B trains passing each other at the same time and the same thing for service. When we ran the shuttle train it would arrive at 135th St. before the , relay south of the station and proceed north back into 135 middle. We would wait for a N/B to leave , then proceed north and make a reverse move back into the northbound platform and pick up passengers and head back to Lenox Terminal. There was a time when the s/b was delayed at Allerton Avenue in the Bronx by a skating rink crowd and we operated the shuttle down to 96th St so riders could catch the . At the time the shuttle train was only 4 cars and we only opened up one car for service so you could imagine the load. I heard that the four car shuttle actually went down to Times Square one Saturday night. What I’m trying to point out is that there are schedules but good dispatching can overcome the unforeseen circumstances. Carry on.
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    Oh very good! From here on out I'll split the list into two sections: stations with bases and stations with readers installed on those bases. Please keep your observations coming folks!
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    Remove the from 59th and then we run into the same issues we had pre 59-express: dwell time at 42nd will become even more insufferable due to all the congestion from cross-platform moves. You could just say the riders should just stay on the local, but then how would you even enforce that? People have talked about how the express isn't actually faster til they're blue in the face and yet people still swap from local to express all the time. Something about a horse and water. Are we here to make riders' commutes actually better or are we here to push numbers around on an excel sheet and declare mission accomplished?
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    Let me add my two cents worth as I rode both the B/4, B/36 and the B/21 before the 1978 changes so I can speak about how these routes actually served the area at that time. I spoke at the meeting in July 1978 at the church in Gravesend on this subject. Many of you know me as a critic of Brooklyn Bus but the way he reconfigured the routes in that part of Brooklyn was the best thing that happened to the community and should remain as is. When I read or hear about the ideas to make the B/4 a straight route on Neptune and Emmons, I say forget it as it the Sheepshead Bay Station that generates the additional passengers for the B/4 and without it, you might as well terminate the route at Ocean Avenue. By taking away the routing to the station, you have just made the many cabs that wait at the station a lot richer as B/4 pasengers headed east cannot take the B/36 as for there is a barrier that prevents access from Avenue Z and it called the Belt Parkway, Yes! The B/36 has problems as there are many locations on the route where people forget about the traffic rules and thus the route runs into problems which is the reason that the route does not run very well. I have taken the same bus at the same time on different days and the traffic levels and the passengers could vary considerably. Avenue Z has truck traffic and since they cannot park some of them would rather do their deliveries from the street thus blocking the one lane available for traffic and of course, it has the double parked school buses at East 27th Street or the parents waiting to pick up their kids at East 19th Street. All you need is something to happen on Ocean Parkway at the Belt Parkway amd the route is DOA. In my opinion what would benefit the B/36 service is regular coverage of this portion of the route by the ticketrons. I do not remember how many times I have posted on this forum that the B/4 route should not be extended up Knapp Street over the years as it would carry air as there is virtually nothing there. What is really bothering me here is two things with first the push to straighten out the routes and the second is the 902 feet between stops. As i stated with the B/4, keep it the way it is for the reasons that I have listed. It is the push to eliminate stops that concerns me more as I am worried that instead of having intermediate stops between the Avenues such as between Ocean and Bedford and Nostrand Avenues, buses will stop at the Avenues only based on the 902 feet standard.
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    Sounds good, and yes, I’ll take out the others at West Farms on my list. 254 and 260 (two units that were at West Farms for some time) have screens installed for fact. Let’s recheck on 262-265, 320-351. Edit: 262 has screens installed. Units to be rechecked: 263-265, 320-351.
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    https://new.mta.info/system_modernization/reactivating_rockaway_beach_branch I don't have time to look through it yet.
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    Woodlawn has OMNY bases. This completes the line north of Atlantic Avenue.
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    Telling you man enjoy this time between don’t rush this process
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    I agree with this. Also the Marathon short turns citywide should all have sign codes for them.
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    Some of it is schedules -- long scheduled terminal layovers increase pocket occupancy -- but most of it is just NYCT trying to avoid the normal ops chaos that afflicts the rest of the system. Clearing the on an 8 in front of traffic, and then merging those s with the en route to pockets is, I guess, something that terrifies the agency. It shouldn't be that way, but the trend recently has been to aggressively reduce the weekend schedule expectation (both in service level and in runtime) to a point that NYCT knows it can achieve w/o too much an issue. Generally speaking, I'd somewhat caution the extrapolation of peak hour service levels to an all-day weekend capability. In this case, I agree running the op shouldn't be too difficult, but remember that peak service levels only exist for a few hours a day, whereas weekend service levels exist for most of the day -- you run into a sustainability issue. Think sprinting versus running a marathon. Not that this is necessarily the best of ideas, but I'd be interested to understand the feasibility of doing something like a / swap in this case to mitigate the Utica issue. The is already on a 12, and NL can handle an 8 all day...
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    Delays Posted: 11/2/19 10:51 PM Crown Heights-bound trains are delayed while we request assistance to retrieve a raccoon on the tracks at Nevins St. EDIT:
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    Like I said before here on this topic, the NJT supervisors should be out there making sure things goes smoothly for both the driver and passengers along with doing a passenger count from Hoboken Terminal and Union City 32nd St and Bergenline and American Dream. NJ Transit might have to increase service levels on the 85 to every 20 minutes to relieve overcrowding. That bus route has alot of hot spots of riders in Hoboken, Jersey City, Union City and Mill Creek area of shops and hotels. One other thing, NJ Transit and the media that understands NJT operations ought to know full well that those 3 local lines that serve the Mega Mall primarily for the employees inthe urban cities and some small towns, will get a vast amount of riders that will shop and look around inside the mall. You said it dkm07302...the 85 you saw with long lines is just an example.
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    The Dekalb junction: that's correct going north but going south is like making a choice if the and or and meet at the same time.
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    Why isn’t the Chrystie Street connection for the train not included? I see that as a bottleneck on the 6th Avenue Line and prevents the operation of a true Culver Express service without interfering with local service.
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    Ive seen regular XD40s on the 82 SBS few times along with 7649 local scheme on the 46 SBS lol
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    It's as if they've succumbed more to whatever backlash they received regarding the original proposals for the local buses, to go full retard with that for the express buses (the not considering the implementation of that troll-worthy suggestion of a route [BxM17] is by no means any victory here)..... They're adopting the peak direction model for the Bronx expresses (akin to most of SI's exp. routes), with a minimal amount of overlap.... Brooklynites & Queens patrons (Queens-ites sounds stupid) may as well prepare themselves for the same ordeal..... I still feel some type of way about the Henry Hudson BS.... I would say I can't wait for that shit to blow up in the MTA's face, but this primarily affects the riders, not the entity themselves....
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    Yukon and Charleston both have this wrap. Saw them today on Hylan Blvd. I've yet to see them at Ulmer Park; right now its a lot of Postmates wraps with some Casper wraps.
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    St George Ferry Terminal SIR has the bases installer. Just checked while in my commute to college.
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    This is New York, where anything can happen (or not happen). I believe nothing until it actually happens.
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    @Wallyhorse is not reading carefully. 60th St tunnel is not closed. : Service suspended. Runs local between 59th St and Canal St : No trains along 8th Av between Queens Plaza and World Trade Center. Trains run via between Queens Plaza and Whitehall St. : Trains run in 2 sections. Train will run local in Queens. 1. Between Jamaica-179th St and 21st St-Queensbridge. 2. Between Lex Av-63rd St and Coney Island-Stilwell Av. : Trains rerouted over to between 47th-50th Sts and 145th Sts. Free loop shuttle buses operates from Queensboro Plaza, Queens Plaza, Court Sq, 21st St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, 21st St-Queensbridge, than return to Queensboro Plaza. Shuttle bus routing: Queens Plaza South, Jackson Av, 44th Av, 21st St, 36th Av, 36th Av Bridge, Roosevelt Island, 36th Av Bridge, 21st St, Queens Plaza South. Additional bus service added on Q32 bus between 74th St and Grand Central. Additional Q102 bus service will be provided. : No trains between 96th St and Lex Av-63rd St. Free shuttle buses provided along 1st-2nd Avs between Lex Av-63rd St and 96th St-2nd Av, stopping at Lex Av/60th-59th Sts station. Shuttle bus routing: Lex Av, 57th St, 1st Av, 99th St, 2nd Av, 66th St, Lexington Av. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14x_Ejlu-x_xDmDnACDRrstuEP0Fn-dIf&usp=sharing
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    One word... Contract...
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    There wouldn’t be a terminal issue at Flatbush Avenue. The would be the sole service on the Nostrand Avenue branch in my scenario. The would have the Utica Avenue branch all to itself. And both the and would have the New Lots Avenue branch with some short-turns. The reduced frequency on Nostrand Avenue would relieve the terminal of the pressure it currently faces.
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    @East New York Whats up man. Can this thread get pinned? I feel that we should have an official roster on the first page for buses with the screens and the scren types.
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