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    Got a drunk conductor on the train? He called Fort Hamilton Parkway “Fordham Road” and called Bay Parkway “Bedford Park Boulevard”. 😒
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    The is a public agency and it cannot go explicitly bankrupt in NYS. They would be well underfunded and changes within the agency would have to occur, but they cannot file for Chapter 7 or 11.
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    It’s kind of a moot point now because the Metrocard is dated technology. I was talking about it during a conference call yesterday with the . It came out in the 90s, but the planning and all of that started much earlier. One thing I was discussing was if the technology wasn’t so old that the fareboxes could be programmed to simply deduct the correct fare of $6.75 instead of people dipping and paying say $3.00 or whatever is on one card, only to still be charged $6.75 after dipping a second time. We shall see if the technology is too dated to fix that glitch or not, but on the subway end, all of the talk about OMNY. The has invested a lot in this new payment set up and they are looking at other transit agencies globally and their payment systems. The consensus is that it will bring a ton of flexibility to the system that currently doesn’t with the Metrocard. I may ask for an update on where things are in our next meeting. The last time we discussed it, they were very happy with the progress, and it being on-time for implementation.
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    https://www.nytransitmuseum.org/holidaynostalgiarides/ Enjoy!!
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    Or you end up with the problem we had at Lenox Yard where you had to cut many of the trains to lay them up because many of the yard tracks couldn't hold a full length train when the went to ten car trains. Perhaps AY yard wouldn't have that problem though. I don't remember the actual layout of that yard.
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    The other reason I would like the to go to Williamsburg via a new tunnel is that you can see here, that it would basically be impossible to connect from Jamaica and Myrtle services to South Brooklyn. At least if the Nassau Line serves the WB you could still build a connection between Bowery and Grand. Yeah, I feel like full revamping of the Jamaica el would necessitate a full-scale reconstruction of the el akin to what Philly did with the Market-Frankford el. And given MTACC's penchant for blowing out the cost of literally any construction project I'm sure this would be estimated at something ridiculous, like $10-20B.
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    Don't get your hopes up. The Bx46 was retained, and the M12 hit a higher total ridership level last year than the former did two years prior (the Bx46 dipped since that peak).
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    Stay off the Manhattan-bound if you can help it. There's a delay going northbound. I'm stuck at Church Avenue and it seems there's another one at Parkside Avenue. EDIT: 31 minutes to get to Canal Street from Church Avenue, and no acknowledgement of the delays anywhere on their website!
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    bases: pretty much all Quill 3800/3900s [3800-3827, 3905-3921, 3941-3944], 4137, 4399, 4524, 5500, 6731, 6736, 6753, 6780 readers: 4674 There's more OGs with bases. I just haven't been keeping track.
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    No worries. I appreciate the feedback. I've actually used it to modify my last plan I put out, such as modifying the service plan for Nassau-8th Avenue connection to shorten the to Essex Street and replace it with the train, changed up Lower Manhattan service by replacing the with the . I've also looked into reimagining the Queens Bypass from the 1960s and making it into a relief line, in addition to a reactivated Rockaway Beach Branch (if Richmond Hill and Rockaway resident still insist on getting it), but both will run into problems for reasons I will explain another time. However, even with these revisions, the plan has received negative feedback from one particular demographic, which is YouTube Railfanners. With the exception of one person, who said it was well though-out, all of them have reacted negatively to the plan, with reasons from causing confusion, being too complex, service cutoffs. I've even heard one person say that they will stop using the subway once the R32 and R42 cars retire, since my new plans does not include. The worst part, and possibly the last straw, was when someone accused me of gentrifying East New York, Richmond Hill, and other neighborhoods, because of the removal of just ONE bottleneck that slows down subway service (the Crescent Street curves). At that point, I actually snapped. As far as that new Queens Tunnel, I will say that you are correct that we do need one, because as you said, if we can have a 4-track SAS, then might as well have a new 2-track tunnel to Queens. The first question I though of was: where should it go? Because of this I started to think on where to send the line. One of the ideas that popped out of my head was the old Northern Blvd proposal I bought up a while back. I was thinking "What if we could use this for a new SAS line to Queens?" It not only avoids interlining with at-capacity trunk lines, but it also serves a whole new area of the city. Would that be a great idea for a SAS-Queens Line?
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    to be honest, I'd hope so. i personally haven't seen every unit, which is why I mentioned those 2.
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    The thing that sucks is that unlike the proposed Bronx cuts, you can't make the argument that running the buses both inbound and outbound will be virtually similar in runtime as deadheading them, because of the route and run structures. Of course, that doesn't justify cutting service, but I don't have any faith in them maintaining existing service levels. If they did that nonsense to the Bronx, we're gonna have to all be ready to call out everyone (including any of our politicians who turn a blind eye to three things).
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    The 2005, 2006, and 2007 Orion VIIs are all scheduled to be replaced by the upcoming hybrid order.
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    I mean, you can easily accomplish the same approximate connectivity by making the Bay Ridge service be Essex Middle-95 via Nassau, Montague, 4th local. Or by transferring to Culver.
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    Hi everyone. I got this notice to start the process in june but did not follow through because i got an offer with DSNY (Sanitation mechanic). Few months prior to this. I really dont like the job anymore due to its ethics and practices. I called the number on the hire packet and they said im no longer on the list. I had to go to DCAS in the city to get reinstated. My list number is 9**. They said im getting reinstated and how it will take a week to be put back on. My question is do you guys think they will hire again off the 7612 list again in the near future? Also where would i stand on the list to get an offer again? I see they are up to 1400 on the hire list.
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    This probably has to do with G.O's taking place. The train is occupying the middle track at 145th st during the first two weekends of this event, probably that's why on some weekends the holiday train runs to 125th st, and on others it runs to 145th st. Also Uptown trains run via 8th ave, hence the reason why the holiday train is using the 8th ave line going uptown during the first two sundays.
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    There is another impediment to extending the platforms along the Eastern Division, especially the and lines from Marcy eastward. Any Bus Operator, truck or car driver who has traversed any distance under the Broadway Brooklyn el can point out that the street grid was never considered during construction. There are pillars along the underside which block the existing intersections at many points and I wonder if platform extensions would make the situation worse with new supports installed in newer locations. I haven't made many trips under the Myrtle Avenue segment recently and I don't remember the street grid from there up to Fresh Pond so maybe someone else can comment on that situation. Same question for the B/O and Surface fans who travel under the el including those who travel toward Sutphin or on the to Canarsie. Just something to ponder. We are talking about heavy concrete platform installation here, not lightweight walkways replacing rotted wood ones. Carry on.
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    I am happy to follow-up to see what the story is. Also keep me posted on the evening QM1s. The last few nights now they have been running a QM1 on the QM5, so they must be short or short drivers or both. Either way, we keep track of it daily. I was promised that if they did that, the QM5s would run via Fresh Meadows, and on bus time you can’t tell, but the sign on the bus will often say “Glen Oaks via Fresh Meadows” when you see it in person. If we need to reach out to elected officials again to remedy that situation, we will, but supposedly part of the issue is the run times that they have in place have not changed in DECADES, and they can’t change them! I almost fell out of the chair in the conference room when I heard that one. They inherited the run times from the private companies, and due to a series of issues (one being budgetary constrains) they’ve got things like buses having 10 minutes to go from 34th to 57th Street at all times. I mention this because we were talking about that express bus audit from 2015 and them having realistic schedules and runtimes.
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    Yeah, and perhaps this can be more cost efficient than those bus stops with the countdown timers, while displaying more information.
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    They'll probably start calling more peeps in 2020
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    Running the every 16 minutes is a violation of NYCT policy. No matter what the situation is on the road, you keep the headways to a minimum of 10 minutes. They did not reroute any 6th Av Express trains (under your scenario - the ) via Rutgers St and Culver Local since they would just get in the way of the . The issue was on the Brighton Line anyway, and the 4th Av Line was the only other South Brooklyn BMT four-track mainline corridor to reroute Brighton Line trains to. Simple solution was to keep the via tunnel or bridge, 4th Av local to Gravesend-86th, the suspended (any leftover s out remain in service via 4th Ave Express and West End to Bay Parkway then out of service for the night), and the via 4th Av Express and West End to Coney Island. Your scenario spreads the Brighton Line issue at Prospect Park to every South Brooklyn lettered line instead of just the 4th Ave line and make the even less reliable than it already is.
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    Imagine those crowds adding onto the already-crowded , , and with some spilling over into the for Prospect Park/Parkside Avenue. The Brighton Line is in serious need of some kind of redundancy whether it’s another parallel Brooklyn trunk or another pipe into Manhattan south of Prospect Park.
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    Are you cleared for the next class?
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    I was traveling on west end. Pretty major delays northbound from 9th Avenue to Barclays . 4th ave express was backed up from 36th to at least Atlantic. I got off at 36th for the (R) cause was suspicious would be big delay i was right ! We passed 3 express trains! Was crazy . Also i have a video of Some chaos at Barclays . Maybe I’ll post it later on .
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    what's your list number if you don't mind me asking? ( don't forget to hide the last digit or two)
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    and between 116th Street and 42nd Street. Trains both local and express operate at pretty fast speeds on that section. Also: - Mets-Willets Point and Queensboro Plaza (both AM and PM rush) and - Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills-71st Avenue (you will see alot of fast express train flybys at the local stops between those stations. and - 34th Street and West 4th Street - 21st Street and Greenpoint Avenue - 145th Street and Dyckman Street
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    My train this morning was a Jamaica set of R160s which threw me off. The side sign on the last car was blank and I thought it was an on the express tracks for a second.
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    Great, #349 will definitely be listed in the next update.
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    Well, if they want to do that. They need to deal with the extreme transit deserts of Brooklyn, Queens, and NE Bronx and stop the bleeding of Übers, Lyfts, Juno, Via and Dollar Vans.
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    I don't have a copy of it, but I am really good at gaming Google Books using this website.
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    Oh very good! From here on out I'll split the list into two sections: stations with bases and stations with readers installed on those bases. Please keep your observations coming folks!
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    I could, but I made that map with the idea that LIRR would’ve bought the RBB and extended a rail service to Howard Beach.
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    I wanted to get everyone else’s take first before I put my 2 cents into this conversation. But, Coney Island to Kings Plaza. Not going to happen in a million years. The B36 came very close to that reality and plus there is NO room to add any additional lines at KP. In addition Kings Plaza is NOT a major destination that people go to or even think about. Sorry 😐 but not sorry.
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    161 St-Yankee Stadium (via a friend on Discord)
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    Woodlawn has OMNY bases. This completes the line north of Atlantic Avenue.
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    Kingsbridge Road has it so that's within the realm of possibility.
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    After the 10 day training, you're working everyday Monday to Friday. If you're not in class, you're line training. Sometime after graduation, they will have you on your own.
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    If accomodating visitors is a short term goal, then the following stops should also get the readers earlier IMO: Sutphin (for connection from JFK airtrain) Howard Beach (for connection from JFK airtrain) Jackson Heights Roosevelt Ave / 74th St and Q70 buses (for connection to and from Q70)
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    Why do I get this feeling that someone hasn’t been paying attention. Long Island Bus has been dissolved since 2012 under the old magano administration. May I add the most corrupt administration out on Long Island. The has no intention to reinvest on Long Island Bus. In the good words of Jay-Z. “Dig a hole, bury yourself”.
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    OMNY installation list: 51 Street 59 Street 68 Street-Hunter College, 77 Street, 96 Street, 103 Street, 110 Street, 116 Street 125 Street 138 Street-Grand Concourse 149 Street-Grand Concourse Fordham Road Whitehall St 34 St-Penn Station 34 St-Penn Station St George Ferry SIR
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    Pre-orders will start tomorrow (friday, Oct. 25th) at nyctrackbook.com.
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    IMHO this thread is not a good idea. Once this thread balloons to at least 20 pages, who is going to use it, except for posting x train is via the y line? Most incidents that get posted on the forum (except for a few) are discussion worthy and are talked about in their respective threads. This thread will just create a big mix of posts about disruptions and posts discussing them. The discussion may even stretch through several pages and have many, newer disruption posts in it. The worst part will occur when two major unrelated disruptions occur at the same time.
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