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    for years, there have been discussions regarding the Q58, Q54, Q24 & Q56 being based out of queens depots or at least being split between Brooklyn & queens yards, much like the q32 split was between quill & casey stengel once upon a time. in part, Brooklyn Division yards like FP & ENY wouldn't have been as willing to part with their queens runs based on history & the outright refusal to give up something for nothing, so to speak. i hate to burst some people's fantasy bubble, but from information I've received over the years, is that ATU 1056 has no desire to assume responsibility for any queens runs provided by brooklyn depots. there's no overwhelming consensus of ATU membership wanting to perform brooklyn runs. for example, casey stengel did not beat management's door down after losing school trips on the Q58 from John Bowne.. operators i spoke to said good riddance. with that said, now that the slate is being "wiped clean", so to speak, whatever or wherever lines & runs are assigned, that's all management's call. unions won't be able to have any claim on any lines or runs once all the redesigns are completed, which is what management has wanted for decades: to be able to assign lines where they see most fit without union input or interference. which will lead to some unions getting more or less work, some depots getting more or less work, which will pave the way for certain depots & operators to become expendable. one thing always leads to another, and all this talk of "trimming the fat" and modified headways can only mean that there's no way there's a run-for-run replacement in these newly designed networks based on the current networks.
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    I thought I replied to this, but I don't know what happen to it: Unfortunately, some of the bus schedules can be misleading, and have trippers listed that were discontinued years ago. Also, some of the MTA Bus company routes have school trippers but do not have the supplemental service advisory. You actually have to do a little more research into that For Queens specifically, here's should be all of them: Off Route Tripper: Q1 (Needs Verification), Q4, Q7, Q8, Q11, Q17, Q21, Q22, Q25, Q27, Q30, Q31, Q36, Q41, Q43, Q46, Q58, Q76, Q77, Q83, Q85, Q88, Along parts or all of their regular route: Q2, Q3, Q20, Q28, Q34, Q38, Q44, Q47, Q54, Q65, Q66, Q111, Q112
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    I signed. Even though I don’t live in NYC anymore, I don’t believe any express bus service should be cut, especially not in Queens.
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    For some, you wouldn't know from the schedule. Some of the MTA BC routes don't use the note (like the Q38). You wouldn't know unless you looked at the guide-a-ride schedules (which are now no longer a thing). BTW, there are some school trippers listed on the bus schedules that no longer exist (Q16- apparently the one tripper they had was discontinued years ago, Q58).
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    There's a time interval where 2-3 Q21 buses depart within minutes of each other into mainland Queens around 2:55 PM. There's another tripper scheduled to depart around 3:45 PM. Despite what the MTA schedules and the GTFS data says, these buses go on Beach Channel Drive to the bridge, then basically go non-stop to Howard Beach and Lindenwood, then making all stops to Elmhurst. They turn into Q11s at Elmhurst. These used to be Q52 trippers from the same location.
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    Its time for you all to get your last R160 videos/pics, etc. A reliable source has told me that by the end of February, there will be no R160s left on the . Today had to wait about 35 minutes until an R160 came (during rush hour) for the because it was nothing but R46s coming. I'd say, based on the number of R160s left in Coney Island, this is the car assignment for the . 15 R160s (mainly Alstom propulsion) 13 R46s 5 R68/R68A and just to think, a month ago, the was almost all R160s. Guess its time for me to start biking to/from work and we will be seeing reliability on the N line dropping like a lead balloon.
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    The elementary school (P.S.14)? The S62 has a trip from Victory & Forest to Travis at 3pm to serve Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure the S51 has a trip from I.S.2 (Midland & Boundary) towards St. George.
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    I'm quite sure it is. By itself? Not in the slightest.... The Q54 needs to be split, but I wouldn't have both splits have that much overlap.... While Brooklyn riders tend to not use it past Woodhaven, you could get away with the Brooklyn split running no further east than having it connect with the .... Combining the Brooklyn portion with the Rego Park leg of the Q38 would also suffice...... IDK, Ideally, something going from WBP via Met > FP > Myrtle, to Woodhaven I would favor, over having each split of the Q54 overlap b/w Woodhaven & Fresh Pond.... There is a sizable amt. of Middle Village riders that take Q54's to the & I'm quite sure Glendale riders would appreciate a] a quicker trek to/from the & 2] quite frankly, more service / some HELP..... The Q55 is a good route, but my god, it is not uncommon to have bunches of threes (or even fours) - and then nothing for like a half hour plus..... I don't care for the the fact they opted to have a 58th st route over a 48th st route in industrial Maspeth.... The QT77 (as Cait Sith would say) needs to be thrown away.... Combining the western portion of the Q67 with the Q39 portion b/w Rust & Eliot, to run it along the Eliot leg of the Q38 to QB, is just plain stupid to me...... Being that they created a 69th st route, I would've still kept the Q18 around (with the exception that it would operate along 65th pl. <> Hamilton pl. between Woodside & Grand, en route to its current terminal in Maspeth), over shifting it to run down 58th, en route to Ridgewood.... Worst case scenario, I would have the QT80 (as proposed) run down to Laurel Hill & then turn off Laurel Hill to end over at 60th st.... Buses would turnaround at 61st to access the other side of Laurel Hill that's divided by the BQE... The QT75 I don't necessarily have a problem with (I would have it cover a little bit more of Northern though, as to attract more residents to it)... But on top of it, I still think it would be dope/useful to have a 48th st route (from Northern / from the mall) serve Sunnyside & industrial Maspeth, before having it connect to the .... That's just it - I don't necessarily disagree with your point, but I'm pretty positive this route was concocted with the mindset of getting a jump/headstart on the market that that BQX aims to cater to... If I had it like that, I'd throw money at a bus route transporting folks between Astoria/LIC & Downtown Brooklyn too....
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    Petition for Northeast Queens express bus riders: https://www.change.org/p/mta-improve-don-t-slash-bus-service-in-northeast-queens?fbclid=IwAR1YEmk11eAH2xaH9dIe4I9Mqk2v7YAWHzm5xgO1ZHFZoLerF63eM5-FVCk
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    On the weekday portion of the schedule (usually at the bottom of the second direction, before the Saturday schedule is shown), you'll see a note that says "Supplemental service is provided on school days between X:XX and X:XX". Those are the school trippers. Off the top of my head, the only Staten Island local route that doesn't have any trippers is the S40/90. (The S42/52 count as one route in the MTA's eyes, and I know the S42 has trippers to/from I.S.61 at Castleton & Brighton, but I'm not sure if the S52 has any).
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    CCTV by the C/R board fell down?
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    All over the place... I think Gleason has some B1 trippers that do the full route but most are from Ocean Parkway or Brighton Beach station to KCC
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    XN60's on the Bx39 look really nice. I also noticed a few more PM Trips have been added as put-ins from Parkchester. It's nice to see a slight increase in service.
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    That, health/pension costs, and the stagnation/decrease in labor productivity (wages, which get all the attention from the Post crowd, are not really an issue).
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    Bx36 also has school trippers. One of them begins at West Farms Square and goes to Soundview. Run 4 used to do that specific one on the Bx36 during the Fall Pick, there's also a couple of more along the route.
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    That works only if the buses are running on time, and if the timed connections are convenient. All you need is the first bus you're taking to be late, or the second bus to be early, and all the scheduling you plan ahead of time goes out the window. Also, it's way too time consuming, and virtually impossible to get everything timed to each other, with a network the size of Queens. There's bound to be connections where it's just not going to work out, and any attempts to fix that would mean either running more buses, or altering other connections (and then having a domino effect), both which may not be warranted.
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    I for sure know these routes have school trippers: Bx1, Bx9, Bx10, Bx11, Bx12 Local, Bx16, Bx17, Bx20 (Basically a school tripper route), Bx26, Bx31, Bx39. There's obviously more, but off my head, those are the lines I've seen school trippers on the most in the Bronx.
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    All of EHT 7100s(7179-7187) we scrapped except fro 7184. It was painted white and who knows where it’s at now but someone bought it.
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    Hopefully they do it Bronx-style, since the routes are already fairly gridded. We don't need another Queens mess.
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    I liked their idea of having a new form of bus routes like new limited, local, and select buses. I think it would help a lot throughout the city.
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    Oh believe me, it is not over. I have a bunch of QM3 riders joining my group that are FURIOUS! I said I was going to raise hell when they started screwing with my service, and they didn’t take me seriously. Well I bet they do now...
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    Yeah I can confirm this as well...I was at Rockaway station today saw a ARTIC in training doing A dry run on the b82 route
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