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    An update on Queens Blvd: they're running CBTC test trains now
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    The 7th<>Church segment is scheduled 1 minute longer s/b thanks to the endless GT35s, and the Jay<>7th segment is 1.5 longer thanks to the fact that you really can't build speed/have to crawl out of Jay s/b. So runtime is 11 southbound and 8.5 northbound. Don't look at Kings Highway. The gets a 4 minute hold there essentially to pad the schedule -- they wanted to add runtime to reduce late clears and simplify crewing, but couldn't retime the entire line so they instead just put time at Kings Highway. It's doubtful that hold will be observed. Looking at 18th Ave, the 16:22 179 to KHF is 3 mins behind the 16:27 179 to STL , which had been 3.5 behind it at Jay. The real flaw in the schedule is, as I remember @RTOMan saying a few months back, that it creates massive gaps in Coney Island-bound service on Culver local/south of Church. Looking at the PM rush southbound schedule along the local (which, fwiw, is a not significant trip origin -- am using Bergen as my timepoint here) there's a 20 min gap where the first express used to be, and a 23 min gap for the second one. You can use the KH trains and the to reach the s, but even when you add those back in, you're looking at a 15 min gap following the first express at 18 Av, and a 17.5 min gap following the second. Definitely suboptimal. http://transitfeeds.com/p/mta/79/latest/stop/F30S/20190916 (18 Av) http://transitfeeds.com/p/mta/79/latest/stop/F20S/20190916 (Bergen) http://transitfeeds.com/p/mta/79/latest/stop/A41S/20190916 (Jay) Also, if anyone happens be fanning the northbound , may I humbly submit a request for a RFW? I'm out of town for a while, and haven't ridden B4 tk. north of 4th Avenue in a long time -- I want to reconfirm that the GTs going downhill from the viaduct towards Jay St are 2 shot 35s, becoming 30s and then 25s just before Bergen lower. Help here would be much appreciated.
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    How do you miss the last Q44...when the route runs 24/7. Clearly, you are making stories up..... If you're going to blatantly lie about things, pick a line that doesn't run 24/7.....
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    Few thoughts on the (PM at least) I was on the first. Something must be seriously wrong with local service, whether the switches at Jay or terminal ops at Church, if the is saving 6 whole minutes over the local on that stretch. Having said that, The first PM express was directly behind a local and was lightly loaded from 57th street on down. Might just be a poor interval, though. Culver Express is a lot more heavily timed than I expected, especially considering how lightly used it is. The viaduct's speeds were somewhat disappointing, although I suppose the interlocking by 4th Ave-9th St might have something to do with that I got to Jay Street northbound right after the second express left, and the platform was PACKED. That either doesn't bode well for future service, or means that the express should be scheduled to directly precede a local, IMO. This service pattern won't go away at the end of the trial, it's basically the 2 trains that would randomly go express during the PM peak, but officially in the schedule. The has potential, and is the key to allowing the to finally have consistent, reliable intervals. However, as many people have said, this relies on Bergen Street Lower being reactivated to provide a transfer point for Red Hook and Carroll Gardens residents. Unrelated but the displays as ( F ) on the advertising screens and I think that's neat. (63rd St- 8th avenue connection theories, anyone?)
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    Just imagine how many closed subway entrances could be reopened and how many new entrances could be built with that money! This is an outrage!
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    It’s a fair response. We left and formed our own, NUHW (see post above), and SEIU-UHW got California and Fed courts to take every step to block recognition, and then UHW had nerve to abrogate their responsibilities to represent us and 50 of us got fired as an intimidation tactic. Thats why I support the simple vote (the card thing) to unionize - because when your union doesn’t bargain in your interest - thinking pay rises are the only thing you’re worried about, when your ability to do the job effectively and live your life is impeded by management with the union’s blessing, you should be able to leave it and start or join another. No doubt that if these employee’s could do that, some of these asinine anti-customer rules inflicted upon them would go away, and we’d probably have a better customer experience, and some budget savings.
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    Restructuring routes in the Bayside area: Q34 extended to Fort Totten via Willets Point Blvd. Weekend service added between Flushing & Fort Totten. Q31 rerouted to travel via Utopia Parkway-32nd Avenue to terminate at Bayside High School Q28 rerouted to travel down Crocheron Avenue-35th Avenue-Corporal Kennedy Street (that stretch of 35th Avenue has a lot of garden apartments that could use the service). Q16 rerouted via Utopia Parkway-CIP service road-166th Street to terminate at the LeHavre Apartments (I'm debating between that, and just ending it at Willets Point Blvd) Q65 rerouted via Parsons & 46th (instead of via Bowne & 45th) as recommended in the initial NE Queens bus study. I'm trying to debate as to whether it is worth splitting the Q27 (e.g. Springfield/HHE - Flushing, and Bayside High School-Cambria Heights via Corporal Kennedy Street-35th Avenue-Bell Blvd-48th Avenue, and then the Q27 route to Cambria Heights. Part of me thinks that the current connection to SE Queens is useful (since the Q27 seems to be more frequent/reliable than a lot of the other north-south routes).
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    I should have gotten around to scanning this a lot earlier. This is Volume 2 of Tracks of New York. Volume 1 was for the Metropolitan Street Railway, while Volume 3 was for Manhattan and Bronx Elevated Railroads. These have been available for some time on archive.org for public consumption. However, Volume 2 was not. In my collection, I have Volumes 1 and 2, which is for Brooklyn Elevated Railroads. I would love to hear what you guys find interesting in the document, and hope this can spark more interest in the large system of elevated lines we used to have in this city. Enjoy! Here is the link: https://ia601409.us.archive.org/24/items/combinepdf_201909/combinepdf.pdf
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    I understand. Expanding Jamaica would eliminate the need for layups on QBL like this: Train Layups Diagram at Continental by Union Turnpike, on Flickr IMG_1519 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr IMG_1518 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr There were plans to expand Jamaica, but they were killed due to local opposition and a lack of funds.
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    That’s what the SOP was when I was there. If you don’t hold the train(s) directly ahead of the incident whenever things clear up there will be a gap which will impact the incident train and it’s followers depending on how long the delay is. I was held at 96th and Broadway one Saturday night while working the . The people working the Grand Concourse tower missed me because my follower was delayed at Allerton Avenue, in the Bronx, by the skating rink crowd. We were on a 12 minute headway so you can imagine how large the gap was. We had trains laid up on the structure from Pelham Parkway down to Bronx Park East so there was no way to bypass the incident. I’ve actually operated the 148th St- 135th St Lenox shuttle down to 96th and to Times Square at different times to cover the gap in similar situations and we only had 5 cars. It really boils down to what the Command Center (RCC) or local supervision decides. I know that feeling when you catch the right train but because of a delay on another train you miss that connection to the railroad at Penn or Grand Central, the Ferry, or the last bus of the night to your house. It’s happened to me. Carry on.
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    Every competent planner knows that holidays and days that bridge are subject to higher absenteeism. That's industry standard for hundreds of different companies, the tried and true solution is to offer OT to bulk up the staffing accordingly instead of trying to get by on regular 100% coverage...but it's more important to keep OT down so trips get ABD instead. No one really looks at the missing trips number, but the commuters feel it. People want their service but no one wants to take appropriate measures to protect it; This especially exacerbated in a company where you can literally work there for 27 years and still not get Christmas off and any personal day has to be taken exactly 30 days in advance at midnight on the dot it's just an inevitability. People talk about sustainability, well running someone into the ground for 5-15 years with no meaningful off time isn't sustainable, so the cycle continues. Swaps are no longer allowed so people who actually want to come in and take the bullet for others. The other matter as far as banging out sick is if you work in a transportation job, particularly in the MTA you have to be 110% and on your bad days you have to be 100%, you don't get a "well I was feeling a little congested but I toughed it out" after something happens. In this age where everything is datamined right out of the black box and there is a camera staring you right in the face for when you make a mistake there's no reason whatsoever to come in when you're at 99%. It's a career liability, if that's abusing the sick policy I'd say it's a consequence of squeezing people dry and leaving them no way to work out an honost compromise. I'm thinking to all the office jobs and if someone had worked for 10 years and constantly couldn't get a half-day or a PTO to handle a family situation there would be a riot. Also given the number of people I know that are/have been out for injuries and 12-9s, you spend a lot of your time running around between 130 Livingston and Doctors that will see you...eventually, and your insurance not paying you it just isn't worth it to "abuse" that system. Are there people who can, sure, but it's very minimal as the process basically seems to function to frustrate you back to work whether you're ready or not.
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    If the bus lanes lead to increased traffic than perhaps the drivers should try taking the bus or subway? There's also the Henry Hudson Parkway Bridge. For the buses to improve in NYC, trips are going to have to get worse for drivers in private vehicles. There is just not enough space for both. Prioritize the buses.
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    Part of this is Cuomo, yes. But a lot of the issue here is the peculiarly American inattention towards operating built systems. Whether it’s highways, waterways or railroads, we as a country are much more interested in building than maintaining — a fact which alone explains the piss poor quality of much American infrastructure. This is most certainly carried through to NYC: the advocates and electeds (Cuomo included) all try to fund the MTA’s capital budget — it is that one which produces the ribbon cuttings, after all — and don’t pay more than lip service to the agency’s operating needs, let alone attempt to improve agency operations so that it can do more with less. We need trains to run on all these shiny new tracks and signals our capital money is buying — and as it so happens, it’s a lot cheaper to fund a year of increased train service than it is to build new lines. But alas, “we funded a service increase from 15 to 20tph” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “we installed modern signals” or “we opened a new subway line.” I think the “reducing agency cost base” point bears (a lot of) emphasis: it’s a broad generalization, I know, but if NYCT ran its subways at Chicago operating costs, the system would turn a sizable operating profit. I don’t expect NYCT to achieve those levels of efficiency at any point in the future, but even doing simple things like getting a handle on debt service could do wonders for maintaining service levels. A touchy, nuanced subject, but if any of you all are interested in advocacy, it’s one that should be on your radar. As for these cuts, I’m guessing it’ll just be more baselining supplements. 10 million isn’t all that much money.
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    simple answer: transit logic ≠ common sense. they are country miles apart. believe it or not, there's really no simple answer to this question. it's varies from depot to depot. ask any bus operator, the same way general superintendents all conduct business in their respective depots differently (pertaining to discipline, accident/accident analysis, open door policy, etc) most union offices conduct business the same way. there's no uniforms way of dealing with operator issues or concerns. there's favoritism based on sex, level of kiss-ass-ness, seniority, etc. I'm only speaking specifically of local 100 TA/OA. certain depots I've worked in, there were "line captains", usually the most senior operator(s) on a line that operators could voice concerns to as a go between with the union office or G.S.'s office regarding run time, lack of assistance from dispatchers, other operators, etc. not every depot practices this, and not every concern was voiced, obviously. certain depots would marginally adjust run times for operators with the most seniority (I've heard this practice has been used at bus company depots as well) based on whatever complaint they voiced pertaining to their run (not enough run time here or there, not enough layover time, swing is too short, etc) sounds good in concept, yet the glaring problem is what I've already highlighted: seniority = you have a voice. if you don't have 20+ years of service, a complaint about run time needing adjustments on the m103 northbound (for example) on Fridays based on traffic conditions all along the east side will be ignored (and that's being polite) there's a crabs in a barrel mentality and furthermore, there's a "i'm gonna get mine... hope you get yours" mentality as well. it's very click-ish in certain depots (especially among the smaller workforces, believe it or not) there's a huge divide based on seniority, and looking out for a fellow coworker is extremely conditional. the hawks don't care too much about the pm reports... the am reports are divided against the late-am reports etc. i say all of that to say this: there could be significant upgrades in service & schedule coming solely from the workforce if we all felt we had a equal voice & valued opinion via the union, and if the workforce felt that the union didn't already sell it's soul to accommodate those who have high(er) seniority. this is why some operators have the attitude of "i'm gonna come here, do my job & leave... to hell with everything & everyone else". we could blame management for not listening if/when we speak, but ultimately, what can you do if the union doesn't stand up for you or clips your vocal chords, so to speak, and the only other choice you have is to go over their heads, while creating an enemy within your supposed ranks. it's happened, it happens and there's a reason why operators leave depots aside from following runs, lines & RDO's.
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    You'll find out once it comes up for a board vote...
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    Any think that they’ve decided to install CBTC in all the wrong places? Methinks CBTC should be added around where trains do a lot of switching, like: 145 Street to 103 Street () 72 Street to 42 Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal/47–50 Streets–Rockefeller Center () 49 Street to 23 Street () 57 Street to 42 Street–Bryant Park () West 4 Street–Washington Square to Delancey Street–Essex Street () York Street/Fulton Street to Carroll Street () 7 Avenue to Church Avenue () Prospect Avenue to 53 Street/9 Avenue () Manhattan Bridge to Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center () West 4 Street–Washington Square to Fulton Street/World Trade Center () High Street to Clinton–Washington Avenues ()
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    Assuming that "widening" means they are adding a fourth eastbound lane from Exit 3 to Exit 5 (Bay Parkway) on the Belt, all I can say is, it's about time. This will finally ease the endless traffic jam at the Verrazzano merge. On the other hand, the left exits are fine in my opinion, and replacing them with right exits isn't worth the effort or money at all. I don't really know what you would want to be done to the bike/pedestrian walkway. It's pretty good already, and having walked it, all I could really suggest is to add some lights to it, so it's not in total darkness at night.
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    Latest news: -The Express Bus Advocacy Group is almost a year old with almost 1,600 members. -Express bus service is still a work in progress, but we've seen some improvements on a number of lines that had serious issues. -We've sent our Fair Fares petition to Governor Cuomo to reinstate the monthly pass, senior discount and student discount at all times. The petition garnered over 300 signatures and over 500 likes via social media.
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    If service along Fourth Avenue Express was increased, and with the mess at DeKalb fixed, a via West End Express wouldn't be bad at all. It would save a decent amount of time for riders. You just need enough local service. There is so much potential for increased service on Sixth Avenue Express! With deinterlining, get 30 TPH, with CBTC, you could get 33+, and with open gangways and 60 foot cars you can increase capacity further. Don't buy it when people say that the subway is at capacity.
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    No offense, but a lot of the recommendations you’ve made have already been discussed and agreed upon ad nauseam on these forums. I can see some changes being impeded by costs, community opposition, or degree of difficulty. I’m of the opinion that efforts should be made to optimize the system in its current state first before exploring any extensions or new construction.
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    This makes since being that Kingsbridge had a bed bug problem when the D60’s where around in the winter and Casey Stengel’s allotment did come from kingsbridge
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    Honestly I think that if we’re gonna have RBB, it’s better off as a subway — if only because RBB-Jackson Heights is super easy via QB local and integration with the is simplified.
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    Not my photo, but it looks like the children were out there in full force this morning. Whether they went to school or not is another story.
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    It's also more like plane to bus to subway travel. Which is a totally ridiculous concept for anyone carrying more than a backpack or traveling in groups (could you imagine corralling children from the subway to bus to plane? The teachers doing subway field trips already have a field day as it is.)
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    Some agency/contractor was doing construction in the immediate area, the sidewalk appears to be new - perhaps they damaged the sign and it needs to be replaced? I continue to service the stop when I do the s57 and s59. FWIW, I await for them to fix the s62 sign at Victory Blvd/Alberta Ave that I suspect (but cannot prove) was deliberately vandalized (due to the tone it emitted (emphasis on the past tense)) and a sign for the SIM31 Drop Off on Bradley and N. Gannon Rd among other things that shouldn't be difficult to address. ICYMI, the Richmond Ave/Signs Road (S/B) stop for the s44/s94/s59/SIMxx buses was damaged, likely some accident (pole completely bent) and fully replaced with correct signage in less than five business days.
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    @RR503 Here it is in book form: https://archive.org/details/combinepdf_201909
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    One top of the cutting page in the manual it says "The procedure of uncoupling, or cutting, cars MUST be performed in the correct sequence. Prior to uncoupling, the entire consist must be inspected." Also in the R62 portion it states "Pilot valves must be checked by charging the train at each end and all potential operating positions."
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    Those buses are not there, all still at Grand. Confirmed NGs at ENY are 3997, 4430(obviously those two were there for a while), 4535, 4537, 4538, 4544, 4546-4548, 4551, 4553-4554, 4557. 5368, 5382, 5390, 5392, 5406, 5410 and 5436 are all at LaGuardia for extra service.
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    There's nothing wrong with it. Like I said, I have given the enough of my money where their machines were busted, and I was overcharged, either for an extra express bus fare or another local bus fare for the SBS. Never bothered to get a refund for those. Then there are all of the express bus passes that I had to send in. They are prorated when they send you another card or refund you, so I've lost money on those too. I used to get the express bus pass without blinking to be honest back when it was $41 dollars a week. It was $164 monthly. That has increased to almost $100 now at $248 monthly, assuming four weeks of course. Five weeks we have a few times a year so it's over $300 at $310. The rate of the fare and other things have shot up (e.g. college tuition) is just crazy. Hell for my one semester at a private school abroad it was $20,000 which is cheap by today's standards. Look at those things or the cost of healthcare, and yes, most people's salaries haven't shot up in the same way. I pretty much always get a pass now because at $13.50 a day with no bonus, it really doesn't make sense to get a pay-per-ride unless you a riding just a few days. For me I think it's more about how NYC has changed in terms of the prices for everything. Everybody wants a tip now, esp. in Manhattan. Good coffee is $5.00 or more minimum with a tip. Add in a snack and it's basically $10 for two items, so saving a few bucks here and there on occasion is nice. lol
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    The 5th R179 train is in passenger service, making express stops on 8 Av
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    The R32s are in their 50s. Just because the is mostly outdoors doesn't mean the R32s have (or had) "less issues". In fact, they've also had their fair share of problems on the line as well. I've heard when they first started running on the line in Summer 2013, their A/Cs took a nose dive on them. And the R32s' breakdown rates are still higher than any other car type to this very day. The R32s are not reliable as they use to be and it doesn't matter where you put them. They will always have problems no matter where they go so.
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    It's pretty simple... Even if they wanted to start up they couldn't. They were served a cease and desist order, which pretty much means what it says. They apparently did not go through the proper channels to operate their service, and could've been sued had they tried to circumvent the order. They were shut down from operating the service before it even got off of the ground. The has said that they eventually will operate some sort of new express bus service from Staten Island to Hudson Yards. As to when is anyone's guess, but they want it to be its own service, not any sort of revision of any current lines. The only express bus that is planned as a new service right now to Hudson Yards is the revised BxM18 route. The price point of that private operator was also very high at $12.00 per trip, or $24.00 per day. It would've operated as a Super Express service via Hylan Blvd, making I think about three stops or so on Staten Island, and then going straight to Hudson Yards. I told the person who was dealing with them directly that it was cost prohibitive, which was communicated to them. They were trying to offer a few perks, but even if they were allowed to start up I didn't see it working. They also didn't know the market, or offer any marketing material for the route, so that was another obstacle. They briefly had a website, but even that disappeared. @Lawrence St See above...
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    @Via Garibaldi 8 What a joke: https://riverdalepress.com/stories/rail-link-lives-despite-story-bronx-nyc,69741
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    This was something I partly mentioned last week was to leave the M11 alone solely as the terminal. However, you also have the M14A there too. I’d leave it alone for late nights and daytime terminate at 23rd-Chelsea Piers. My personal gripe with Abington Sq is that you have so many buses there but the real service technically starts at 14th and 8th. I personally don’t think the other stops before 14th and 8th are utilized.
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    All of the artic loaners to CS have returned to Grand Avenue.
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    Absolutely not. I stated that some people are abusing the situation and that the is cracking down. I don't see it as one and the same....
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    Man today's road ops was so much better. We operated from Coney uptown, then back down. I got about 8 stops, and most of them were near or on the marker. But I'm doing the rookie mistake of fanning the brakes to a stop. I felt the sweet spot the first time I operated today, but kept grabbing and releasing brake to each stop after. Gotta work on feeling the train better, and holding a medium brake to the marker.
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    I like the idea, but think that our money should go to more important things, such as increased frequency of commuter rail service, eliminating bottlenecks (Shell Interlocking), electrifying lines, etc.
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    https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/03/mta-airpods-psa/ Good for them! I think Airpods are just a a stupid product for people who have too much money to care about losing their electronics.
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    Folks, remember this: Apple’s M.O. is form over functionality. Having a glass exterior is beautiful. Just don't drop it, touch it, or try to get a 5G signal through it. The glass will crack. The glass will smudge. The glass will block your 5G signal (not AT&T’s faux 5G). Having a clean, white titanium card (Apple’s answer to Google Wallet) is all sorts of awesome. Just thinking about showing it off to your less endowed pleb followers will get you all giddy. Just don't use a regular wallet or try to store it in your pocket with your other cards. It will get scratched up, and Apple disapproves. Having an expensive speaker that’s literally hanging by a ledge gets rid of those unsightly wires. Just don’t depend on that nonexistent wire to keep your speaker’s running while on a dead battery, or to save it from falling off the ledge at the slightest disturbance. But now you want to use wired headphones? And just where are you going to find a hole to put that in?
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    First of all... Understand the kind of equipment you have. The R32/42 has 2 shoes on each wheel, the 32s on the charlie sucks big time for braking accuracy. They slide big time. The R68 has good dynamics and good brakes but a small tappet valve so expect a delay. The delay is even more pronounced on the 68A. Come in hard and depending on the grade, you can grab a healthy brake mid station (before mid station if downgrade) and can smooth it out to the end. Best braking trains in the system. New techs have blended braking which is an abomination. The braking force is linear (as opposed to the exponential applied force on the smees) thats why you have to pull back more on the handle to stop the train then let some air go to smooth it out. If you just hold a brake (no matter how much) it will keep rolling at decelerating speed and then buck at the end. Also it is unreliable in inclement weather. The trucks were made to not skid, which is iron because of it's light weight it actually skips on wet rails (thank you blended braking for false hope).
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    Normally, they don’t, but the past few weekends as well a few times this year, they’ve been running local due to planned work.
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    (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6652 on the M3 at 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue receiving passengers as it enters it's last months in service.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    (Taken 8/18/2019) The BRT Gate Cars approaching Hewes Street in a fan trip commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of Myrtle Avenue el service to Bridge/Jay Streets (which used to go to Park Row via the Brooklyn Bridge if one goes a bit more back).

    © TheNewYorkElevated

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    If the MTA wants to open Phase II by 2027, construction will need to start this year.
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