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    And this is why ridership is decreasing. You "just" have to time yourself. As if you have nothing to do in life but sit there and wait for the exact moment when you should leave the office to catch the train. What if your boss needs to talk to you for 5 minutes? What if you want to run an errand on the way back? Sure, you can "just" time it or "just" wait the extra 30 minutes, but you know what else, you can also "just" start driving or taking Uber or taxis.
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    Here's the video: What I want to know, when in the hell is the going to stop dogs from riding on the subway? As far as I know this is not a service dog, so why isn't he in a dog carrier? If I was the passenger, I'd sue the . This person could've been mauled.
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    Still stuck on stupid, I see. Still making the assumption that all of us SIers don't "Plan for the ferry departure times". Sorry bruh, living on SI and being dependent on the ferry is knowing that it leaves at the top and bottom of the hour and knowing what time one needs to leave to walk to it or get on the bus that takes you to it. What YOU don't get, aside from the fact we're talking about Manhattan service to the ferry, is that when the system is unreliable on it's best day, all the "Planning" anyone can do won't matter. I mean, on the SI side, if my 52 bus is scheduled to leave my apartment complex at 6:48 am to make the 7am ferry - an 8 minute trip with stoplights, but doesn't arrive or leave until 6:53, and the 6:40am bus came through at 6:35 so I couldn't catch that, what did all my planning go for? Naught. But since we're talking about Manhattan service to the Ferry, and all it takes is an or a to creep and stop for all us "Planners" to miss the ferry by 1 minute because of it, I'm failing to see why that's going so damned far over your head. Put another way, since you live on the Concourse: Let that get held at 145th waiting for to clear the block at 135th, and it makes you late to your job. "Buh buh buh Mr Bossman, I planned it to the minute...it was holding trains up that made me late...", and you'll be everywhere - here, Twitter, Facebook, SubChat - even Ben Kabak's blog comments complaining about shitty service and timers and et cetera. Yet we SIers - the folks who don't have the luxury of leaving willy nilly to get where we're going bc we have two chokepoints in our travels - the ferry or traffic on the VZ - need to "Plan" better. https://tenor.com/view/elephant-man-pon-de-river-gif-10025898
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    When the culture being garnered that the public can do whatever they want with zero consequences, stupid stuff like this will happen.
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    I fail to see how reopening Cortlandt Street screws over people trying to get to the ferry... It's still the unscheduled stops and holds thats screwing you over... And FWIW I don't remember people making this argument when Cortlandt on the reopened
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    The Comptroller's SBS Press Release showing slow speeds and unreliable service with links to report: https://comptroller.nyc.gov/newsroom/comptroller-stringer-releases-alarming-analysis-and-rider-survey-of-select-bus-service-showing-poor-bus-lane-enforcement-slow-speeds-and-unreliable-service/ Also notice that the Comptroller's survey shows a 65% SBS approval rating when the MTA's faulty methodology showed a 95% approval rating. What other MTA statistics should we not believe? The Great Select Bus Service Conspiracy: Part 1 http://www.gothamgazette.com/opinion/7599-the-great-select-bus-service-conspiracy-part-i Part 2 http://www.gothamgazette.com/opinion/7609-the-great-select-bus-service-conspiracy-part-2 Part 3 http://www.gothamgazette.com/opinion/7629-the-great-select-bus-service-conspiracy-part-iii The MTA's Bus Plan http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/bus_plan/bus_plan.pdf
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    The dog snapped in the video, and I posted it because I've been seeing more and more dogs on the trains and they aren't service dogs and they aren't in carriers. The needs to step up to the plate and stop this crap from happening. If this passenger was mauled by that dog, the would be on the hook. I still wouldn't shocked if they sued because that dog shouldn't have been on the train regardless of why it attacked. From my understanding, the dog's owner put the dog on the seat or something, which if true, is even worse. Why is the dog sitting on the seats? Just unbelievable. Paying passengers can't get a seat because the dog is taking up seats. I've seen it a lot on the train. The train is already crowded, and here comes this obnoxious passenger getting on all non-chalant with their dog. If someone bangs into the dog accidentally or there's a sound that scares the dog, that's all it takes for a dog to go bonkers. I hope someone from the reads this thread because the situation is really out of hand.
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    The only non-service dogs that should be allowed on the subway are ones that can fit in bags. Other than that, keep the dog at home or take an Uber or Lyft. I love dogs, but people can't act like they can be taken everywhere and pose no risk to others. What if someone has an allergy attack? What if the dog snaps? What if the dog gets on the track? People need to take responsibility for their pets...
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    A few days ago...I saw this at 59 St-Columbus Circle. It's an uncovered sign, which depicts the old style in which subway signs were manufactured. The former service patterns of the to 168 St, 21 St-Queensbridge or Coney Island and to Rockaway Park or Bedford Park Blvd were taped over. Just a nice throwback to the old signs.
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    is more reliable than , but even when I was next to USQ for work, I opted for at 18th St bc it'd actually show up. Because it's another stop and hold doors situation to go with the stop and start and crawl in the tunnel. All the "delays" on going to South Ferry got worse when the loop closed, and I can foresee it worsening after Cortland reopens.
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    The best one-seat ride is a taxi. The subway should be focused on running on time. If all trains ran on time, than the cross-platform transfers would also have 0 time penalty.
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    I am continuing to monitor the local papers that are distributed in the community for anything on the B/82 sbs and if there is anything I will post it at the end of the week. Rest assured that if something will happen, good ole Chaim Deutsch will be plastering it all over those local newspapers along with his pals at the NYCDOT pontificating as to how it improves service to the public (yes! In dreamland) As far as this new idea for improving bus service is concerned, count me as a skeptic of anything that is being proposed right now. Until I see what is being suggested, I do not plan to pass judgment on it as I have seen too many of these plans that were proclaimed to be the greatest changes since time immemorial, to be absolute duds The problem remains that the people on top in all agencies like to push things on those on the bottom and then when it does not work, they blame everyone but themselves for its failure. All I have to do is to see the proposal for double decker express buses on Staten Island and then just wait for the first traffic problem on Hylan Boulevard either in New Dorp or at Old Town Road and watch the fun.
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    Congrats i was there last week make sure your there super early line was down Livingston
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    Hey guys, just letting you know I just got a letter to report to livingston this coming week, my list number is 64##. The list is moving very fast, I’ll thought I was going to get the letter by June or July but already got it to start the process, Thanks God.
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    Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 5.13.06 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 5.20.03 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 5.20.40 PM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
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    The best they can do is put them over on broadway and 58/57 streets with the m10 and m12 or find somewhere along 59 street [central park south portion]. -- Regardless, it's a ridiculous route. A Q66 SBS should stay in Queens...
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    The entire system was designed for a maximum capacity of 40tph, or maximum service level of about 34-36 tph. Years of signal mods and timer installations have reduced that to as low as 20 maximum in some areas. Some lines where capacity is critical (Queens Boulevard being a good example) have been modded in a way that preserves service levels, but others (Concourse, 4th Avenue, Fulton being good examples) have seen their capacity severely affected by all these changes. And to be clear, these changes aren't junctions. This is normal, straight track having capacity slaughtered.
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    Well now that sign is definitely gonna be replaced by tomorrow...
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    Go right, commute tight, and don't let the bad dog bite!
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    I'm of the mindset that there needs to be signal rationalization in Manhattan especially, and age parts of Bx and Bk. By that, I mean there probably needs to be some signal removals on thoroughfares to speed up traffic and reduce congestion. You can pretty much walk up any block and at every intersection there's a damn signal - meaning as soon as a vehicle starts going, it can encounter a red light and end up stopping: thus wasting fuel and time. Of course, there's the pedestrian factor - in that NYers aren't going to walk an extra block south or east to cross the street. But in Las Vegas, they built pedestrian overpasses at busy intersections on the Strip (or as we call it, Las Vegas Boulevard) so traffic can flow without pedestrians messing it up, along with jersey barriers preventing people from jaywalking or getting into the intersection. And there are elevators at every corner to aid people with mobility issues. NY - we're used to walking underground, so build some underpasses with CCTV - since NYPD records almost every time we scratch our asses or pick our noses whenever we're outside, it's not that difficult. And we can either eliminate parking (and create proper bike lanes or bus lanes) on some of these streets.
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    I'm sure jealous of anyone that has enough free time on their hands to always build in big time cushions whenever they use mass transit. In my experience, as much planning as anyone can do, when you have a family, job, obligations, etc etc., it is simply not possible to always build in big time cushions for commutes. You will have times where you miss connections, and it really sucks, and there is not much you can do about it until you are retired and have nothing to do all day so you can get places an hour early all the time
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    Just got the call this morning to go back to Livingston for medical and final processing also was told to bring 86 dollar money order
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    You should also note that some of the biggest offenders for parking in bus and bus and bike lanes are the police officers who are supposed to be doing the enforcement. Also, they are the biggest offenders for parking on sidewalks. And the city will not take on the police officers. The city recently proposed a bike lane for Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn which I am against. But it is interesting that they exempted the block with a police precinct so the cops can continue to break the law by parking their personal vehicles on the sidewalk. So you know they will not comply and will continue to park in bus lanes and bus stops. Also love it when they double park to give someone else a ticket for double parking. How hypocritical is that? But asking for fewer street fairs is like asking the TV networks to host fewer award shows. A week doesn't go by without an award show. Bet ya, Darryl never responds. And you are allowed to stand in a bus stop to expeditiously load or unload passengers which is the way it should be unless a bus is approaching and needs the stop.
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    This comptroller's report is alarming to say the least. Maybe the City should stop having so many damn fairs. Sunday I was on a BxM3 that went via Second Avenue. We CRAWLED from 96th down to 57th. I don't see how the M15 could've done any better. Cars parked all over the bus lanes on just about every block. It's a joke. I'm getting so tired of having to contend with people parking in the damn bus stops. It says no standing, yet every time I need to get on the bus, I have to go into the damn street to do so because some Uber or cab is parked in the bus stop waiting for someone to come out of some office building somewhere and they just sit there forever. Check out this letter though. I'm really interested to hear Darryl's response to this to because I agree that a lot of these machines don't work, they steal money if you have a pay-per-ride and so on. https://comptroller.nyc.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/04.2018-Letter-to-Darryl-C-Irick-MTA.pdf
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    It’ll be interesting to see how the system gets restructured. I never understood why half the Manhattan routes traveled as far as they did. It’s not like a Q44 for example where you have people traveling between the Bronx and Jamaica. Who is their right mind is taking the M4 from Washington Heights all the way to Penn Station or the M102 from Harlem to the East Village or even East Midtown. That bus runs very slow down Lexington during the day and makes tons of stops on top of that. The M103 should be the only one making local stops on Lexington while the M101 and M102 should be LTD since they continue North past 125th. Yes you have people who can’t go down the stairs but I don’t think they are willing to spend an hour and a half on a city bus when the subway and other quicker alternatives are available. In Manhattan I feel that’s where resources are being wasted the most. Back when the M5 went all the way to South Ferry, who in their right mind thought that a 2 hour plus route was a good idea? At least with the split you can adjust the headway’s to fit demand.
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    1. Also, there is no feasible way to install bus stops southbound. The further south in Lower Manhattan you go, West Street becomes more of a highway (it turns into what would eventually become the FDR anyway), so at a certain point, you wouldn't be able to use local streets anymore if you're still on West Street. 2. Not only that, but on the East Side, changing the M106 to run to 110 Street severs the connection to Mount Sinai. Anyone needing the bus to Mount Sinai is SOL. 106 Street on the west side doesn't really need a third bus serving the area. People who live on 106 Street just don't use the buses like that at all.
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    1. West Street is difficult for pedestrians to cross to travel to/from northbound buses, and also, installing bus stops would block traffic (which arguably happens on other streets throughout the city. For example, Forest Avenue and Victory Blvd . One advantage actually is that the buses don't have to merge back into traffic). Also, they figure that anybody in a hurry would already be on the train. 2. 110th Street already has 3 other routes on it, and (I may be wrong) but I believe the western part of 96th Street is busier than the western part of 110th Street. 3. It used to be based out of the Amsterdam Depot. Me personally, I think it should run down Convent and end at the 145th Street IND station. 4. The M14D already has a relatively simple turnaround on the western end. I agree with you that it's not necessary for Abingdon Square routes (M11, M12, M14A) to run directly to Abingdon Square. (Me personally, I think the M104 should be extended to 14th Street, and the M12 should run straight across 14th Street and up 7th/8th Avenue to reach South Ferry, allowing the M20 to be eliminated).
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    It sounds so simple, but in reality, what the passenger sees is this: Lexington Avenue/63 Street train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. Brighton Beach Manhattan-bound train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. Coney Island-bound train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. A one-seat ride is so appealing because you don’t have to deal with shenanigans like that. One could say that the MTA could order conductors to hold trains. But if the trains are always delayed and have to make up time, the pressure always forces trains to keep moving.
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    Not only in person, but over the phone too. Brief update: No letter yet!!
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    ....which is why we're starting out with $6.50. See my comments about incrementalism. Long term, my whole argument is centered around re-imagining that capacity. Higher density train configurations with more doors on intracity services and the like. As you say, you can't have sh*t for free, but compared to expanding subways into those areas, building a regional rail system is a giveaway.
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    Spoken like somebody who thinks he has the only original thought in history and that everyone else is an idiot. So, life on SI is planning your time to make the ferry - whether you're walking to it from my house or taking a bus from Forest Ave. AND, it's also an exercise in controlling emotions knowing that if you HAVE TO RELY ON THE BUS DRIVER GETTING YOU TO ST GEORGE ON TIME, THAT DRIVER'S SCREW UP OR ONE PERSON DOUBLE PARKING AND HOLDING UP TRAFFIC, you're probably going to be on the next ferry - whether it's 15 minutes later during rush hour or 30 minutes later all other times. But we're not talking about life in Richmond County, we're talking about the train operations leading people to miss the ferry by 1 minute because of red signals or crawling speeds in tunnels. Had you actually read what I said, perhaps you would've gotten that...
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    THEN YOU TIME YOUR TRIP ON THE SUBWAY TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO MAKE IT. It's not hard. Many on the island, I'm sure, do it. Why shouldn't you do this sensible thing that responsible adults would need to do on ANY form of transportation to get where they need to go? Also, why did you assume I was talking about the SI side of the commute when we were CLEARLY talking about the ? Simmer down please.
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    Remember, you have to place three per IRT car and four per BMT/IND car. That, multiplied by around 1800 cars (excluding cars already running with the modifications), and you get a price of about 80-100 bucks per stanchion.
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    We get it. You're better than us. You can't see me genuflecting but I promise I'm totally honored to be graced by your digital countenance right now.
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    And there are many who believe the project as proposed should not go forward at all. And you seem to be saying it is alright to tell representatives one thing and tell or not tel, the public something else. That what they tell, representative to appease them does not matter. I repeat you don't tell representatives that you are delaying the project to obtain additional community input and then close down the input on the web. But this is typical of how DOT has handled every SBS project thus far with lies, distortions and omissions to deliberately mislead the public and reduce opposition. Why is it that you won't find a single SBS report that states a general traffic lane will be converted to an exclusive bus lane? Why is something like 90 percent of the people caught by surprise when SBS starts if publicity was so great? Why is there no mention of any proposed SBS routes on the MTA website? That is where someone would look to go to learn about it, not to the DOT website where if you want to learn about the B82 SBS, you have to look under Southern Brooklyn SBS.
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    But since when is the subway timed to the ferry? lmao
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    Seen a mini zoo at the 23rd Street station a couple days ago... Pigeons, Cats, Hamsters and various other birds, their was also a dog running running around the platform. I was 😄 at the pigeon causally chilling on the Cat's back. Kinda reminded me of this YT video...
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    Don't shoot the messenger. That's what I heard.
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    I wanted to thank you for answering my questions. I got my dispositions and went back to Livingston on Thursday 4/12 & everything is good. I just had to take the drug test again. When I go back i won't have to do the physical again just fingerprint & whatever else is left. I missed the class coming up on the 16th, but I'll be in the one on the 30th. I'm going to be with TA. I don't know anything about any of this yet so I'm just reading what everyone else is saying. I don't know the difference as of yet. Thank you again.
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    Rumor has it that they will begin testing on the property next month sometime.
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    For those that want info about the process, see my post about it towards the beginning of the thread. Couple of points: 1) The material you have to learn is not difficult. It is verbatim memorization and applying the rules that you have to memorize, not rocket science. I know because I've studied rocket science, and guess what? ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! 2) This is the internet, shouldn't have to explain further. Please get your info from a reliable source. 3) There are no more "7 shots". From what I understand, our contract has been modified with the carrier such that all the new classes in 18' will be pulled off the trains and brought back to hillside for a certain period of time to qualify. This time, you have only 3 shots. 3 strikes, you're out. 4) For those that are still trying to pass the S&D and get hired, don't worry about qualifying, or the crazy hours, or the "salary". Just take it one step at a time.
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    Ok perfect. Thank you again for all the help. I realize the whole process isn’t easy, but I know it’s doable with hard work and dedication. Trust me, I’m going hard at this.
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    You're going to be given the full packet of signals and definitions that must be memorized 100% word-for-word verbatim. The instructor will go through each signal, and then through each definition. They will reiterate over and over again that these must all be memorized 100% word-for-word verbatim. The instructor will probably say the word "verbatim" in excess of 50 times. The instructor will also go through an in-depth overview of what being an A/C is actually like, and will answer any questions you might have about the job. The instructors were conductors themselves at one point, so they're knowledgable. They'll give you a CD with an app you can use to help you study (I don't recommend it, though -- just use flashcards, or Quizlet if you are a fast typer). The CD also has a practice test that you must complete and e-mail back to them within 2 weeks in order to be allowed to take the actual S&D exam. They will tell you the date for the S&D exam (should be exactly 5 weeks later) and then you'll be released for the day.
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    If you're concerned about getting terminated, then you're not going to like what I'm about to tell you. The entire 12 months you're on probation is an opportunity to be terminated. If you do anything wrong during probation, you could be terminated for it. They used to extend your probation if you got caught, but now they just fire you. If you do your job as you're taught, and study for your tests, you have nothing to worry about. I'm thinking that this job is not for you, Dreamer.
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    Hey listen, of course they over prepare you.......however, if you're not doing your part it won't ever matter.....you'll still be under prepared. You get out of it what you put in. Don't even sweat the 7 try Conductor qualifying. Of course people fail out.......but again, you get out of it what you put in. You can not come thru into this and not study like crazy. Everything is doable, what you're asking though is not important. You either want this or you don't.
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    New M9 pics from TTCI in Colorado
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    Thanks! I also had my interview on 3/28 and saw 2 other guys there. At the medical I saw 1 other. I went Tuesday but couldn't pass the vision so I had to get glasses. I passed the next day.
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    1st part is with a physical therapist...climb into and out of a simulated train. Walk over a bench, on tracks and 3 steps on a 2x4. Simple 2nd part is with a nurse. Height weight BP vision and hearing 3rd part is with a doctor. Check your heart, lungs, check for hernias, reflexes and make sure you have no back/shoulder injuries. I might be forgetting some but I think that was it.
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