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    "this topic is now locked" -nyc transit forums owner
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    3114-3117 on its way to NYC
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    Well at least they saved money on those floor stickers... the people made the arrows themselves
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    Here are some from those dates April 21 DSC_2521 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2524 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2533 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2542 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2546 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2555 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2566 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2574 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2578 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2582 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2586 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2596 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2611 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2615 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2631 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2643 by MattTrain7, on Flickr April 23 DSC_2674 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2671 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2667 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2690 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2697 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2767 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2774 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2817 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2816 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2963 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_3034 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_3105 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2482 by MattTrain7, on Flickr DSC_2486 by MattTrain7, on Flickr
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    Follow those pennies; find the scumbags. I want a deep tree diagram depicting the allocation of capital down to the employee with a description of the employees’ roles. But that might be too much to ask for?
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    A couple of things to note: - The bus will be running out of Charleston, and will be relegated on the Lincoln Tunnel express lines, most likely the X17J. - This is not built to MTA specs, per the Alexander-Dennis people. It was built as a demonstrator for GO Transit in Toronto, Ontario. As such, the bus does not have a farebox upfront. I heard the farebox will be placed behind the front right wheel for this demonstrator. If the MTA does order the SuperLo, the farebox would be in front as is the norm...if they find a way. - The headroom in the upper level is low 5'7" and that is LOW. I'm 5'8", and my head was touching the ceiling. Many people had to crane their necks. I've never had to do that on a bus. - It was made in Nappanee, Indiana or so I was told. - The MTA plans to have off-board payment "concurrent" with a Smartcard, along with "robust" fare-evasion restrictions by 2020. IMG_6234 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6239 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6243 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6246 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6251 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6252 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6254 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6256 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6262 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6266 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6271 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6280 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6282 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6300 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6306 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6311 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6317 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6319 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6328 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6333 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6335 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6336 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6346 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6353 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6356 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6364 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6365 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6368 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6370 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6371 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6379 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6382 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6383 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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    This is maybe the most common misconception about the subway. Last month, there were 7,356 delays caused by the ROW -- signals, track, etc. Sure, that's a lot, but there were 20,651 caused by "Overcrowding/Insufficient Capacity/Other," 7,888 caused by "Planned Trackbed Work," 4,963 caused by GOs and work equipment, and 1,393 caused by employee issues. The issue with the subway simply isn't maintenance. It's operations. Now, those signal delays, combined with the sick customers and unruly passengers do take up time, and given the sheer insanity they cause, generally draw more ire than the strange gaps and slow runs that the ops delays cause. But those situations too are made exponentially worse by a bad operating environment. Before timers and the encouragement of timid operation, the system had flex capacity. Remember that our signal system was designed for 40tph max, and given that most lines only run 20-25 tph per track, that capability translated into space for reroutes during service interruptions. With timers cutting capacity by as much as 12-15 tph in some areas, we simply don't have that anymore. When it comes time to reroute, we're adding trains to tracks which can't handle the load, causing the conga lines and grotesque commute times that plague us. The literal culture of the system also plays a role in this. T/Os, C/Rs and even dispatchers are so often disciplined by higher-ups that they have become wholly risk-averse to the point where they will eschew ways of keeping trains running in pursuit of career safety. We don't allow conductors on NTTs to open/shut just held doors (local recycle), instead forcing them to reopen the entire train, which just perpetuates dwell issues. We drill T/Os to operate below even posted speeds because we care more about trains moving than a functioning and accountable signal department. This kills capacity at the best of times, but during delays and reroutes, this managerially imposed cowardice and laziness makes it physically impossible to run trains in any organized fashion. The SAP somewhat fixes the signals, yes. But unless a holistic rethink of operating practices is undertaken, capacity will continue to decay, and delays will continue to be insufferable.
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    R46 NYC Subway car new floor!
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    It should also be noted that this is one small town banning people who don't also live in their small town. It isn't state discrimination. But leave it to Staten Islanders to make an issue about themselves.
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    Must we rehash this every day? The added transportation value of sending s up 2nd Avenue during off-peak hours is basically nil. The should have added service, and to facilitate better transfers to 6th Avenue - for all those on the east side who so desperately need to be at 57th and 6th instead of 57th and 7th - service should get a boost too. Sending trains to Forest Hills is certainly a possibility, though. The is pretty sad.
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    2012 NABI 40-SFW 6025 on the 119 (NJ Transit) at 41 Street & 9 Avenue by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17152 on the WESTAMPTON route (Academy Bus) at 41 Street and Dyer Avenue by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17152 on the SHORE POINTS route (Academy Bus) at 41 Street and Dyer Avenue by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17068 on the 11C (Saddle River Tours) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17151 on a Javits Center Shuttle (Academy) at 42 Street & 8 Avenue by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17067 on the 11C (Saddle River Tours) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2002 MCI D4000 8109 on the 186 (New Jersey Transit) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2006 MCI D4000 9052 on the 188 (New Jersey Transit) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2002 MCI D4000 7972 on the 175 (New Jersey Transit) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2003 MCI D4500 8804 on the 9A (Rockland Coaches) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr 2017 MCI D4500CT 17068 on the 11C (Saddle River Tours) at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr
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    Glad to know that if I don't like somebody all I have to do get then arrested is go after their service dog 👍 /s That reckless endangerment charge is absolute bollocks, who does this chick know that she got someone charged for bringing their legal service dog on the train? I hope this guy lawyers up because that seriously sounds like an ADA violation. Of course he won't though because he's just a poor folk from Brownsville, thanks New York City for showing that yes, you are still courrupt and have no problem harming innocent people as long as you're able to spin it, not like anyone thought otherwise.
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    Regarding the M105 idea, it would be easier to have the M101 take the north section and terminate with the M100 at 1/2 Av and expand the M98 to run at all times except late nights and extend it back to 32 St. And maybe add M102 LTD's at least rush hours.
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    Hello, everyone. Here are a stack of images that I collected while riding the line from A to B before March 31st. Enjoy 42 St Now then And a bonus More to come soon
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    Some time in the 1990s, the M7 had a Limited that lasted only two picks because it wound up saving almost zero time. Meanwhile, the M10 also had a Limited, back when it still ran to World Trade Center with alternate trips to Abingdon Square (plus a peak-only branch to 6th Avenue & 3rd Street).
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    The fact that they're repainting non-ADA compliant platform edges - instead of replacing with tactile strips as they should have done years ago - is the really idiotic part of this.
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    I'd recommend The Power Broker - it really gets to the bottom of how Robert Moses thoroughly wrecked what little institutions we had in this state. (That being said, find an audiobook, because it's written in old-NY-spoken voice and a thousand plus pages of that is hard to read.)
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    Stuff like this makes me think about running for the legislature, but given how Con-Con went, I doubt the entrenched interests would even let me get close to making NYS work better for all NYers.
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    Why do you keep asking, we get it you want R32's on the (B). And there's no speculation, the R32's are being shifted to the to bump the R46's to the to make it full length. That is what's currently going on as more R179's enter service.
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    Is it okay with the moderators to continue the speculation with the R32/R179 fleet assignments even if we don't like certain ideas?
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    According to the story she pushed the dog off the seat, more than once. If she had not done that, the owner (and the dog) would not have "assaulted" her.
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    Recklessness endangerment and assault... He's being charged with that. Any lawyer will argue that service dog or not, historically pitbulls have a history of being vicious and dangerous, and given that, his owner should've taken precautions to prohibit what occurred. rules say that dogs are supposed to be in carriers. This dog was not, and even though he was a service dog, what occurred could've been prevented, so I'm sure the lawyer will say she was severely traumatized by the event and how can you argue that she wasn't? The video shows it all!! I mean sure she could sue him, but the man lives in Brownsville, so I doubt he's sitting on any money, so logically you sue the . They'll likely want to settle out of court and make this go away. Mark my words. Any service dog that I've ever seen prior to this was instructed to sit on the floor out of the way from everyone else. Instead this owner put his dog on the seat (did the dog pay $2.75 to sit on the seat?) NEXT to the passenger, had the dog banging into her, and then the owner assaulted her when she complained about the dog sitting on the seat banging into her and pushed the dog away. It comes down to this: When you enter into the subway, you're on property, and passengers should expect a certain level of safety, which falls on the to provide. They certainly don't expect to be attacked by pit bulls I can tell you that much. That's why Lhota acknowledged that it was not acceptable what occurred and said that enforcement of the rules would be stepped up. It opens the up for all sorts of lawsuits if this sort of thing becomes the norm.
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    I'll go as far as to have those employees fill out labor tickets - filled out by the employee, a description of what was accomplished on every hour of every workday..... Some blue-collar factories do this very thing...... Too much talk & not nearly enough action from this agency..... I wouldn't know the extent of it (on this forum), as I was too busy scoffing & smirking whenever I heard news reporters asking people their opinions of the guy & how he handled the storm & what not..... You'd have thought he was the reincarnation of jesus christ..... I'll continue to say it.... I refuse to exalt these figureheads.
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    If the majority of your classifications are "other", perhaps it's time to take a look at your classifications.
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    That’s because the SAP doesn’t address the root cause of the majority of subway delays — operating practices. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but maintenance related delays have decreased over time. It’s the ones caused by idiotic ops rules, and then the effects that those ops rules have on incident recovery that are causing this crisis. While some SAP stuff is beneficial, spending money on all that stuff isn’t gonna do shit to the timers, flagging rules, and ops culture that have caused this massive increase in delays. Luckily, however, it seems Byford gets this.
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    To be frank, this subway action plan has been a complete BUST. I haven't seen any improvements that warrant $836 MILLION dollars, and I agree completely with the mayor. I criticized him for not stepping up and providing funding. Now that he has, it's time for the to step up and get the situation under control. Still far too many delays and issues, and the system still falls apart (literally) when there's a drop of rain. Yesterday I was in a station uptown that was just inundated with water from the little rain that we had, and this way wayyy after the rainstorm. There were so many signal problems and other delays that knocked out several lines... So... what are they doing with this $836 million, and when can we expect to see improvements? As de Blasio mentioned, they just blew through another billion for East Side Access and the project keeps getting pushed back further and further. Lhota is full out it, talking about he hasn't had time to read the full letter yet. He's just covering his @ss. He'll probably have the spokesman say something vague.
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    I actually don't remember the details. I joined before 2008 ended and never logged back in until 2010. I was very active for those 2-3 years or so and I stopped being active by 2014. I dunno, maybe I may come back here? I guess it all depends on my mood now.
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    Ah, my favorite section. It has been a long time since I was last here and my collection started growing this year after stopping back in 2015. At the moment, this is incomplete as I have 18 more to be delivered within the next week and a half. I have more than this, but I will not list anything that can be found digitally online. PS: I want more Bronx bus maps so if you guys have any that I don't have in my possession, maybe we can negotiate?
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    Why do I have a strange feeling this will end up in court over it's constitutional merit?
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    I'll be the one to say it - the M101 is overrated & the M103 is underrated.... What you're saying here regarding splitting the M101 is what a couple of us discussed a couple mos. ago in either the [Manhattan bus proposal thread] or the [Bus random thoughts thread]..... Up in the more northern part of Manhattan, I remember when folks used to shun the M100 & bombard the shit out of the M101 back in my HS & early college years (mid-to-late 90's/early 2000's) & I could never understand it..... Then, (whenever the role reversal of sorts happened), the M100 became the more sought after/prevalent route north of Harlem.... I say that to say, yes, split the M101 & divvy up some of that extra/leftover service b/w the M100 & the M103.... The M101 b/w 2nd/125th & Ft. George/193rd is still a route that could hold its own as far as justification goes, but I would still provide the M100 more service than an M101 of sorts..... I, on occasion, take the M103 from the E. 30's (streets) to Chinatown - and nothing grinds my gears more in this regard, than seeing [3-4 M101's] and [2-3 M102's] minimum before an M103 shows up..... I wish I could honestly say that's an exaggeration, but sadly, it's not.... That ridership in/out of Park Row itself & along Bowery isn't near as weak as it used to be back in the say, the '90's & before the fact..... i fully agree. equivalent to the B5/B50 set up before the combination & creation of the B82. I'm not saying that the overlap should be 'x' amount of miles, but there should be some sort of adequacy standard if lines are to be split. I don't have a problem with an even split (meaning, with no overlap) of some route, if the riderbases from either end of the route has that midpoint as a ridership generator..... Well let's hope that Byford isn't John Simpson 2.0..... I'd like to be optimistic, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the ultimate outcome of it all.....
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    I only meant the photo to serve as an example of the kind of physical separation which I was referring to, not necessarily an explicit template for every road in New York.
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    That’s not why riders are being lost to taxis, Uber and Lyft. They’re being lost to taxis, Uber and Lyft because of the endless delays/reroutes/service suspensions, excessive overcrowding, not to mention the continuously worsening experience of riding the trains in general - thanks to the ever-present homeless folks who treat the subway cars like their own personal mobile homes on rails, the garbage everywhere except the garbage cans, the mentally unstable loudmouths who feel they need to share the misery they call their lives with everybody else and of course, the self-centered morons who bring their non-service dogs onto the crowded trains during rush hour and risk injuring their fellow riders, as well as their own dogs (yes I’m referencing the thread about the pit bull who bit the woman on the train last Friday!) That’s why people would ditch the subway in favor or taxis, Uber or Lyft. Not because Transit is going to take people’s one-seat rides. For the longest time I was in favor of the , because like many on here, I felt always having a choice was the best way to make the subway more convenient for riders. But with the incessant signal, switch and mechanical problems that cause so many ripple effects systemwide, I’ve reconsidered that. And that’s why I favor the . Why is it so necessary to give Broadway-Brooklyn riders 6th Avenue service at all times? And please bear in mind I’m talking about after the train tunnel work is finished.
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    That doesn't add up to 17 years. If the MTA and Port Authority were willing to play along, Cortlandt could easily have been rebuilt concurrently with the WTC PATH station, so we would have gotten at least some added transportation value out of four billion dollars. This sends a strong message that New York City cannot be stopped - other than by quarreling public agencies and their expensive turf battles.
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    Oh, I'm not proposing that at all. The lane nearest the curb and the lane next to that would be separated from the main roadway. The space between the bus lane and the curb can be used as loading zones, as well as bus bulbs at local/limited/SBS stops. This means that deliveries can be kept on avenues (because, yes, banning deliveries on avenues would be asinine), and that limited/SBS/express/not in service buses could overtake local buses, since locals will be able to pull in to the curb and leave the bus lane open for faster services. Where is my proposal to ban deliveries? Quote me. If you're referring to the picture, then fine, maybe that wasn't the best example - but I said later that the separated lane should be wide enough to include space for deliveries to pull over.
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    Yup..... Banning deliveries on the avenues is asinine - yes, that would make the side streets even more congested...... I didn't see where he proposed that, but If that's what he's proposing, I can't concur with it at all.....
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    Probably the same as what some of these fedex/ups/dhl/etc. drivers do in Manhattan if they have to make a delivery/deliveries on one of the side streets in midtown or so - park their truck on one of the "avenue" blocks, then load all (or as many as they can on 1 trip) the packages/items that need to be delivered on that side street onto a 3-way convertible hand truck..... Then proceed making their deliveries, similar to how a mail carrier would.....
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    The subway isn't gonna save itself by playing to another mode's strengths. If it wants to beat Uber/Lyft, it has to be a fast, reliable and high-capacity mode of transportation that New Yorkers aren't wary of using. Adding more complexity to the system's service patterns where convenient transfers already exist does none of those things -- more points of failure means more delays, greater opacity, and less capacity. And for the love of god, 6th and Broadway are maybe a block apart in Midtown/the valley. If this was the addition of some West Side service, maybe it'd make sense, but not 6th. That's just gratuitous.
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    A few days ago...I saw this at 59 St-Columbus Circle. It's an uncovered sign, which depicts the old style in which subway signs were manufactured. The former service patterns of the to 168 St, 21 St-Queensbridge or Coney Island and to Rockaway Park or Bedford Park Blvd were taped over. Just a nice throwback to the old signs.
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    This comptroller's report is alarming to say the least. Maybe the City should stop having so many damn fairs. Sunday I was on a BxM3 that went via Second Avenue. We CRAWLED from 96th down to 57th. I don't see how the M15 could've done any better. Cars parked all over the bus lanes on just about every block. It's a joke. I'm getting so tired of having to contend with people parking in the damn bus stops. It says no standing, yet every time I need to get on the bus, I have to go into the damn street to do so because some Uber or cab is parked in the bus stop waiting for someone to come out of some office building somewhere and they just sit there forever. Check out this letter though. I'm really interested to hear Darryl's response to this to because I agree that a lot of these machines don't work, they steal money if you have a pay-per-ride and so on. https://comptroller.nyc.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/04.2018-Letter-to-Darryl-C-Irick-MTA.pdf
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    (Taken & posted 4/23/2018) Here's the Alexander Dennis and the Electric Buses at MTA headquarters that were a part of an announcement to overhaul the whole bus network. Nice seeing so many transit fans present. Great vibes today. Enjoy the pics!
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    What part of "These double deckers are express buses" do you not get?
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    It sounds so simple, but in reality, what the passenger sees is this: Lexington Avenue/63 Street train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. Brighton Beach Manhattan-bound train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. Coney Island-bound train closes doors before anyone from the can get on. A one-seat ride is so appealing because you don’t have to deal with shenanigans like that. One could say that the MTA could order conductors to hold trains. But if the trains are always delayed and have to make up time, the pressure always forces trains to keep moving.
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    10-13 years is LONG time. It doesn't take long to install. Also, disregard my math from earlier. The other pics Union Tpke posted hadn't leaded for me lol.
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    Also, sending the to Brooklyn screws with the rush-hour skip-stop service. That is unless you extend those runs down there as well.
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    Robert Moses would have said that the guy from Jersey has more rights on city streets than city residents do. He felt that cities are not entitled to their own viability but rather exist only to be conduits for suburban traffic.
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