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    I also think the B82 SBS as designed is a poor idea. I also think there is no need for a B82 from Coney Island to Starrett City. The route needs to be split with overlap to improve reliability. But there is a need for a Cross Brooklyn SBS to allow for trips that cannot be made now by bus with the route extended to Gateway and JFK. I also think Avenue P needs to get considered. But the problem with congestion on Kings Highway isn't as simple as moving the bus to Avenue P which has its own severe congestion problems. Have you ever driven on it during the evening rush hour between Ocean Parkway and Ocean Avenue? It takes 15 minutes. Kings Highway is slightly worse taking 15 minutes between Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Avenue. Having said all that, I think your comments here are doing more harm than good in stopping the B82 SBS. Yes the subway needs a major expansion, but that's not happening. Everyone driving us a poor choice. That's was what Robert Moses thought and he was also wrong. People are using Uber because of bus shortcomings. Those shortcomings need to be corrected which is not saying we need SBS. Buses are not the biggest cause of congestion and should not be abandoned. Buses should not be someone's last choice.
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    Some new recent photos. Still busy with school as usual. Enjoy 4/19/2018 4/30/2018 5/1/2018 And a couple of flashback photos 2011 2009 And a portrait aniel's World
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    No lie, I'm leaving as soon as they call me. My loyalty lies with my family.
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    First rule of politics is to get re-elected. Second rule is people dislike the status quo but hate change. Third rule is any change you make, make it minimal so you don’t fail at the first rule.
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    IMG_6178 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6180 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6182 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6580 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6584 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6585 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6690 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6692 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6694 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6696 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6698 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6699 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6700 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6702 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6705 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6707 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6710 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6715 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6719 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6897 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6900 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6901 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6904 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6906 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6920 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6922 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6924 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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    The first rule of politics is to never allow problems to be solved. After a problem is solved, it's no longer there for politicians to complain about or campaign about.
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    and who exactly made you God/Allah/Buddha/H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I to discredit my (or any current or former bus operator that worked out of East NY Depot) opinion based on my current employment, having witnessed firsthand how and in what ways people utilize the line, regardless of how many people strictly swipe to enter the system. in what way have i "made up" or fabricated anything pertaining to the B82? you know what? believe what you will, and trust transit if you must. swipes/dips of the card aren't indicative of what happens on the road, day in & day out. and for the record, I wasn't seeking your validation by stating my employment status. a common misconception,but yes, there is some form of credibility you have when you are an employee of a organization, believe it or not. I'll take the word of a bronx zoo employee that handles and cares for the animals on a day to day basis, as opposed to a frequent/daily visitor of the zoo, or so called official press releases from the zoo that can be fabricated based on any agenda. i have no agenda to prove transit right or wrong. my agenda is to my job, which i have done well for a decade, and to speak the truth as i see it.
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    You said the bus was 45 mins late, so schedule wise that's 1:45, which is typical for an express route. But with all the heavy traffic from the start of the route till Richmond Av, it's easy to lose time.
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    I think it would be best to connect it with Queens Bypass, or maybe create a new line. The is quite a bit slower than the LIRR, and already has very high ridership as it is. Connecting the PW branch to the Queens Bypass could bring riders quickly into Manhattan while increasing service on the branch.
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    IMG_6589 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6593 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6595 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6597 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6604 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6611 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6617 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6619 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6625 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6627 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6629 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6631 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6637 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6644 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6647 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6650 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6653 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6656 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6658 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6664 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6668 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6670 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6673 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6674 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6680 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6681 by GojiMet86, on Flickr IMG_6685 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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    Its wherever they need you but it's not for the week more like until theres another pick they'll explain all of that it's too much to type
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    So you were motioning towards the bus after having gotten your ticket & then you got the door closed on you? Being honest, I care less about any psychotic episode of you holding up a particular bus up for 5 minutes, over whatever amount of b/o's being good samaritans for people while they're at the machine in the midst of getting their POP to board some SBS route.... I tend to say this to myself if I'm on a bus where that happens; this defeats the very purpose of the benefit of pre-paid boarding - Decreased dwell times.... I find that there is too much of that going on, on SBS routes & b/o's need to be more insouciant about it..... I don't bother trying to hurry up & get an SBS ticket.... I wave the b/o off & catch the next bus (or take another route altogether, if applicable)...... Upon boarding a bus, I don't like that feeling of *being the reason some bus left later than it normally would have otherwise*.....
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    If you want to make the Rockaways more accessible at night, just extend the shuttle to Rock Boulevard during those hours. This whole round robin thing is wholly unnecessary and is probably more of a time penalty than a benefit. And while it'd be nice to have a 24/7 , given late night ridership on Fulton/Lefferts, we're better off adding a tph to all relevant services.
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    When I went for the initial class in March we were told if we finish the whole process and are chosen we would be placed in a class early next year. Based off that I think you would be looking at a Fall class.
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    Yes, but it's entirely possible that 3010-3014 will go to Bombardier for the same mods as 3015-3019. Not really a huge issue (relatively speaking) since the full 10-car train won't be in service for at least a few months and the priority is to get ENY to be 100% NTT as soon as possible.
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    No need for interlining on such a frequent, busy route. The whole point of interlining is to minimize excess layover time. With the frequencies the B6 runs on, there's no issue finding another trip to send it back on when necessary.
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    C. A presentable station with ADA accessibility work taking place as the station is rehabbed. The only one making the MTA make this "choice" is the MTA themselves.
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    The route is basically a more southern version of the B6, which I suspect could be the next to get SBS in a way that it could be interlined with the B82.
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    Well, I'm old enough to remember when MNRR did run overnight. During the homeless crisis of the 80s (or 70s?), they decided to shut down GCT at 2 am to shoo out the homeless. That eliminated several trains on each division that ran between 2 and 5.
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    This is not a choice that exists in reality. The ADA is a law, not a suggestion. The MTA at minimum needs to be spending 20% of their renovation budget on accessibility features, and they have not been doing that (thus why they're being sued). We waste billions a year on paratransit. Accessibility needs to come sooner than later but the MTA is penny wise and pound foolish and fails to see how deferring this work is screwing them over in the future.
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    The X17J is going to be broken up into the SIM8 (Richmond Avenue portion) and SIM23/24 (Huguenot/Arden portions) in August. In any case, the X17 to Tottenville is much worse (and will also be broken up in August) And unfortunately, the X17J has some chokepoints. In the morning, it's the Lincoln Tunnel (getting into the bus lane takes a while, and then once you're out, that approach to 34th Street can take a while). In the PM rush, there's often traffic approaching I-95 from I-495, and then depending on the day, you might have issues with the Goethals Bridge, and a small chokepoint at Richmond Avenue south of Forest Hill Road. Somebody mentioned that the driver was fast, but there was an accident on the NJ Turnpike.
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    some more from last time... And a small walk around...
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    Lol, it got trapped by FASTRAK! Went up to Colombus and then got sent back down!
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    A question I'm not seeing answered here is this: where are all of these additional buses coming from? At the height of the rush hours, most of the available buses are in service on their normal routes, along with a majority of the drivers. Much like the subway, you need a healthy spare factor of buses in case of emergency or maintenance. It would not be wise to leave bus depots with no buses. I mention this because for some of the proposed closures, there are no subway alternatives and the need for replacement buses will be at an all time high, especially during peak periods. Only a few outlying services can work with the standard shuttle bus output. For other lines, like Eastern Pkwy mentioned above, those normal shuttle bus operations will not be enough to combat the sheer number of riders using those lines. Proposing continuous shutdowns in central areas, like the 53rd Street closure last year, work better because there are plenty of alternatives for riders to get around. In the outlying, but still busy, areas, this is not always a viable solution.
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    Railroad frequency combined with NYC subway unreliability… great recipe we got here. It should be a model for all other services. /s
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    holy god - how stupid are you? Do you know how to read? Don't you teach kids, shouldn't you be literate? 1) I wasn't even complaining about the subway, I was talking about a THEORETICAL SERVICE CHANGE This thread is about a theoretical service change. I was pointing out the negative impact on me, and other commuters. 2) I never said my commute wasn't that long, at any point, ever. It's about an hour. What I did say was: I said I generally didn't have that many delays TWO YEARS AGO the situation has subsequently worsened, as I had mentioned. 3) Most people in this city don't have the money to take an uber everywhere. If you do, good for you. Keep it to yourself. Regardless of whether or not I can afford it, I won't take an car service to work unless I absolutely have to. If you're going to try and have a grand old time calling me out, why don't you use that big ol brain of yours and do it in a way that aligns with reality writ large and not just your observer-created-horrorshow.
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    Number crunching. definitely hiding. Rush hour traffic is horrible on that GCP. Don't care how this information is being supplied. However, those numbers aren't accurate at all.
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    That's where it all falls apart unfortunately. Speaking of the recurring Brooklyn swap, this could all be avoided if they replaced the scissor switch at Broadway-Lafayette St that was removed pre-Chrystie St.
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    Well at least they saved money on those floor stickers... the people made the arrows themselves
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    I've personally felt for some years (especially after working the M101/2/3 at 100 street) that the M101 should terminate with the M100 on the east side & increase headway on the M103 by having a limited variant run from Cooper Union to 125. that would solve the main issue that currently exist on the 3rd/Lex lines: lateness & bunching
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    I can think of two routes right away where a nice sharp split would be perfectly fine (the S74/84 at the ETC and the M101 at 125th & Lexington)
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    I don’t think this is gonna be some simple slice and dice — or at least that’s what I’m hearing. It is gonna be a wholesale revamp, much like what Houston/Seattle have done, and what Philly is doing. No corridor/service pattern is being taken as a given. It’s gonna be a highly data driven effort, and they really hope to reflect what is needed rather than what is known. I also heard (though this is definitely subject to change) that they’re gonna be planning to maximize frequency on key corridors, instead of looking to dilute service with zillions of service patterns. I don’t know nearly as much about buses, but I’m very interested to see what they’re gonna cook up.
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    And this is why ridership is decreasing. You "just" have to time yourself. As if you have nothing to do in life but sit there and wait for the exact moment when you should leave the office to catch the train. What if your boss needs to talk to you for 5 minutes? What if you want to run an errand on the way back? Sure, you can "just" time it or "just" wait the extra 30 minutes, but you know what else, you can also "just" start driving or taking Uber or taxis.
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    Well this happened yesterday on the B62. I was on the bus heading to Queens Plaza, and the thing got really crowded, really fast. Somewhere along Wythe, the BO pulls into the stop, and just stays there. I saw another bus pass, empty. Well, okay, I thought it was just going to be another case of two buses bunching together for the rest of the trip. But no... Right after that bus passes, the bus I was on leaves, and THEN the BO says "the last stop on this bus is McGuinness Boulevard". Like wtf, why didn't you say anything before that other bus passed us. At the Bedford Avenue stop, he says it one more time, but then adds "if you need to go past McGuinness Boulevard, please take the bus in front". Well yay, thanks for telling us when the bus in front is at the next stop. I got off that bus and just walked to Nassau Avenue .
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    EVERYONE IN THE FORUMS... Just don't waste your time in a helpless case... Let the self centered car man go on with his Ideology, no one will change it.
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