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    Assaults on us have jumped through the roof(I'm not even talking about the ones that is not reported to the press either). Sadly we live in a self entitled land where some folks think just because we are "public servants" we are their servants.. Unless these morons get hard time on the regular for this this pattern will continue. I mean 25 years for a conviction of a assault on a cabby but 7 years for us? Asinine.
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    I was looking on NYS Department of State corporate entity search and I come across a company named Metro Apple Express, LLC with Joel Azumah as owner. I am curious as to if there will be any services coming back under Metro Apple Express name.
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    Artic assignments are being updated now. LFSA option assignments are also posted in case anyone missed it. First of all, you know that I speak in a very direct and aggressive manner, so why state whats been obvious for the last decade here? This isn't our first "roadeo." Frankly, no one gives a damn about you expressing your opinion on the fleet as that is your right. As I said before and will say it again, internal ops do not concern you or the general public in any way. You can comment on whatever you want, but neither MTA or myself will ever be obligated to tell you or the general public what fleets plan are, especially in a post-9/11 environment. I think you should seriously call 511 and ask them why drivers are fighting fight over old RTS buses and complain about it. I would love for you to see what what happens.... You sir are just an ass-hole that likes to be confrontational every chance you get. You wanna sit here and play the victim and beat a dead horse. You keep changing how you word your posts to argue a point that will never be valid. You keep bringing up this "commenting" on the fleet crap to deflect from the fact that you are dead wrong, and that was never what I was talking about. Period.
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    There are 120 R179 cars that are going to be in 5 car sets. The spare factor for the newer subway cars is around 10-20 percent. Ideally, there would be 100 R179 cars in service during the rush at most which equals to 10 trains. I honestly think you are being told incorrect information by that MTA employee.
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    Just because an individual is employed by transit doesn't necessarily mean they're absolutely correct about any questions posed by the public. Be cautious of who you trust.
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    METRO Subway hell is turning violent for MTA workers By Danielle Furfaro June 4, 2018 | 10:13pm Stefan Jeremiah More MTA employees than ever are being assaulted by customers, and workers say it’s because riders are fed up with delays. “It’s happening more because there are so many delays and the riders take it out on who’s in front of them,” said Crystal Young, chair of the Transit Workers Union’s conductor and tower division. There have been at least six assaults on subway workers since the last week of May. Conductor Anthony Williams was punched in the face at the Times Square station on Friday just as the train was about to pull away. His assailant ran and was not caught. Another conductor, Tribowan Sukhdeo, was working on an L train when he was punched in the face at Atlantic Avenue. Two conductors were punched on Thursday — one in Queens and one in the Bronx. The day before, a station cleaner was so badly verbally assaulted by a passenger that she had to be taken to the hospital for emotional trauma, sources said. And on Sunday, a rider spit in train operator E. Strickland’s face on a 4 train traveling through Manhattan after asking the worker for directions. Strickland said he tried to explain to the irate passengers that they had to transfer to go local, but they instead called him a “stupid n—-r” and then assaulted him. MTA workers say the assaults are becoming an epidemic as riders are angrier than ever about delays. They also say that cops and prosecutors are not taking the assaults seriously enough. “We need more police officers in the subway,” Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano said. “That will deter attacks and lead to more arrests. We also need prosecutors to take assaults, including spitting and punching, more seriously when these cases do get to court.” MTA officials said they are dismayed by the increasing assaults on workers. Additional reporting by Tina Moore and Ben Feuerherd Source: https://nypost.com/2018/06/04/fed-up-commuters-assaulting-mta-workers-more-than-ever/
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    Gossip and rumors float around the MTA just like other job, I remember years ago a TA employee posted a rumor that the 179 would replace the 46s AND the 68s, of course that didn't happen.
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    Hmmm... actually in a vacuum R179s to the does make sense... Hopefully one pops on the occasionally.
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    Just my random bus moment and thoughts for the day: How much I miss the variety in NYC, and am thankful that as a modeler I can keep a bit if this history in my living room. 😎 Work, play, and hobby. That means buses for me all day everyday! I also have to admit that even though this is a career for me, NYCTF, TTMG made me appreciate the fan side of it. I may come off strong at times and a few may not care for me much but you all here are the reason I am who I am. You all created ENY, and MTA personnel gave me the nick name and I have to thank you all for that because it has been a blessing. I've also learned to appreciate the opinion of you all and the rest of those who are on the other side of the industry, meaning the transit fans and everyday riders. I did not understand you people prior to the internet! Lol So for those that may not care for me much, I apologize if I ever offended anyone. I'm just a Brooklyine who pationate about what I do, and do not play when it comes to facts, information, or my career within this industry. Thanks for all of you guys support over the last decade! Also, please respect what we do and remember we take time out of our regular careers to provide fans, the average rider, and fellow industry employees information that was not available to even us once upon a time. We are not under any obligation to provide the general public of internal information and I was once repremanded for providing info here prior to MTA Brass authorization. For those that don't know, I posted MTA would award Standard Test Bus Orders to Nova, NewFlyer and Orion, and would then simultaneously resurrect the C40LF because the neither the Xcelsior nor the C40LFR were approved for MTA ops, and I would later explain why when I introduced the Bus Test & Evaluation Program. At my time of posting, MTA had not notified any manufacturer of these pending awards except for Orion. This caused major issues as all the manufactureing firms and MTA Brass read NYCTF. I posted a were earlier than I was supposed to, and MTA had to issue an emergency statement validating my claims which I was accused of lying about from everyone from regular posters to SEPTA, to multiple MTA employees who did not know about the pending plans. I almost lost my entire career providing you all exclusive information, and it bothers me sometimes when people here think they are entitled to this information that we provide. Appreciate what we do, because we won't be here forever, and we didn't have anything remotely close to this as children. We didn't even know people shared the same passions and thought we were weird. There's too much negativity in this community at times, and many have gotten so used to this information, and complacent, that they have become ungreatful for it and have even used it against the MTA or myself and filed complaints for one reason or another. God forbid we all just decide to quit one day, shut down NYCTF and TTMG, then privatize MTA.... Rant over. -ENY
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    Such uniformity will not — indeed cannot — be achieved until the 211s come along. Remember, we’re keeping some fraction of the 32 fleet along with all the stuff we have now. Beyond Canarsie, plans have Jamaica, Pitkin, Concourse, Canarsie and 207 being uniform, but CI and ENY not. As for the 179s, the will indeed get the 5 car sets, while 46s go to the for its full length conversion. Whatever you heard to the contrary, EphraimB, is almost certainly incorrect. That may have been the plan before the 179s got more 5 car sets, but it isn’t that now.
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    Eh, I gave it a shot. It's hard trying to maintain coverage and reduce service. I did these with the goal of maintaining existing coverage as much as possible. 10 Local Routes to Cut: B65, Bx24, Bx38 , M12, Q1, Q20B, Q34, Q48, Q102, S66, Each of these routes have alternatives more or less, and riders can use other bus routes. Some trips though, like the Q102, would have to be made by subway, but that would be a negligible amount, since very few people go to Roosevelt Island anyway. For the Q20B and Q34, having the Q20A and Q25 (respectively) as the main local service on their respective trunks would make the frequencies more stable. For the Bx38 Q20B, and Q34, additional bus service would be added (but combined frequencies would still be less than they currently are). 5 Express Routes to Cut: BM4, QM10, QM21, QM40, QM42 The QM10 and QM40 have abysmal ridership as it is. If nothing it done for those routes, then they will continue to only get handfuls of people per bus (except for a couple strong trips in each rush hour). In the PM, they're often slower than the subway, because of the LIE routing. In the PM, the QM10 is scheduled a few minutes before the QM12, which makes similar stops in Queens (except LeFrak City, but nobody is on at that point). The QM21 I discontinued mainly because the X63 is available for most trips (the QM18 is available also for certain stops). Evening service would be added on the X63, and perhaps some additional rush hour service. The BM4 I decided to cut because Gerritsen Beach just doesn't use their buses like that. All the other BM's have more ridership on the tail end of their routes. Not to mention the BM1 and BM3 serve as alternatives for most of its route. The QM42 does okay in the AM, but in the PM, it just doesn't pick-up many. It's the lowest preforming 3rd Avenue Express Bus (from Queens). People using the 38th Street and 55 Street stops can still make their way to the QM12 Weekend Service Cuts: B20, Bx34, M8, Q15A, S76 They were the only routes which weekend service could be eliminated in their respective borough, either for duplication to other bus routes, low ridership, or both. Additional B83 and Q15 service would be provided to compensate for lost B20 and Q15A service, respectively. 30 Local Bus Service Reductions: 1. Weekend B2 Evening Service (after 9 PM) discontinued. Sunday service will start at 9 AM. 2. B7 service West of Flatbush Avenue discontinued. 3. B11 Weekend service will operate every 20 minutes instead of every 10-12 minutes (I feel this routes operates too frequently on weekends) 4. B17 service operates every 6-7 minutes (Instead of every 5-6) during the rush, all trips go to Seaview 5. B20 service North of Broadway Junction Discontinued. 6. B37 service will start at 9 AM on Weekends. Sunday service will end at 9 PM 7. B60 service is rerouted to serve the Paerdegat Avenue section during rush hours, terminates at Rockaway Parkway at all other times. 8. B70 service rerouted via Bay Ridge Avenue, 3 Avenue, and Marine Avenue to Bay Ridge-95 Street Weekend mornings and Sunday evenings replace portion of B37 9. Q19 service rerouted down 108 Street and Roosevelt Avenue to replace Q48 bus 10. Q11 service will be combined with the Q21. Service to Howard Beach, Old Howard Beach, and Hamilton Beach. Old Howard Beach and Hamilton Beach buses will run to Lindenwood and relabeled Q21. 11. Q22 truncated to Beach 116 Street at all times 12. Q41 service terminates at the Rockaway Boulevard station (coming from Jamaica) 13. Every other Q47 bus will short-turn at Bulova Corporate Ctr during the rush hours 14. Q59 service will be streamlined to run with the Q54 within Brooklyn west of Graham Avenue 15. Q101 service will terminate at Queensboro Plaza, at all times 16. M3 and M4 service will terminate at 98 Street & 5 Avenue, at all times. Additional service will be added on the M1 and M2 to compensate for lost service (overall 5th Ave Cut) 17. M8 service runs between 6th Avenue and Avenue D 18. M101 service would terminate at 96 Street & Lexington Avenue at all times. Additional M103 service would be added to compensate for M101 service (overall 3rd/Lex Cut) 19. Bx5 weekend service to Bay Plaza discontinued (barely anyone rides it, mainly because it doesn't stop with the Bx12). 20. Bx6 local operates every 20 minutes during the midday hours and every 24 on weekends. Additional service will be provided via the Bx46. 21. Bx46 Extended to Washington Heights via Southern Boulevard and the Bx6. Service will operate every 20 minutes on weekdays, and every 24 minutes on weekends. No sevice will be provided on Longwood Avenue North of Southern Boulevard 22. Bx34 Service on weekdays will end at 11 PM 23. Bx22 midday and evening service to Bedford Park will be discontinued 24. Bx30 Saturday service would operate every 20 (instead of 15) on Saturdays, and every 30 (instead of 20) on Sundays, service ends at 9 PM on Sundays, starts at 8 AM on Saturday and Sunday. 25. Bx31 Weekend Service runs every 30 minutes. Short-turns from Boston Road to Woodlawn on Saturdays during the daytime (6 AM to 8 PM) will operate as well. 26. Off-Peak S44 service terminates in Port Richmond 27. S51 service during weekends will run to Oakwood Beach to replace parts of the S76 28. S55 service terminates with the S56 in Huguenot. Service on Bloomingdale Road, Amboy Road, and Seguine Avenue discontinued 29. S59 service (except trippers) along Hylan Boulevard discontinued. Weekend service will run every 15 minutes to compensate for lost S44 service. 30. S61 service operates every 20 minutes on Saturdays, and every 30 minutes on Sundays throughout the day 15 Express Bus Reductions: 1. BxM3 Sunday Evening Service discontinued. Last bus to Midtown departs at 6:35 PM, Last bus to Yonkers departs at 8:00 PM 2. BxM4 Sunday Service discontinued. Saturday service will run until 6 PM (from Woodlawn) and until 7:30 PM (from Manhattan) 3. BxM6 evening and weekend service discontinued. BxM10 buses will deviate to Parkchester and serve all BxM6 stops. 4. X63 service will be streamlined in the AM to run via 23 Street, Madison Avenue, and 57 Street, to 3rd Avenue 5. X64 service will be streamlined in the AM to run via 23 Street, Madison Avenue, and 57 Street, to 3rd Avenue 6. X28 service will terminate in Coney Island on Weekends (no service to Sea Gate). 7. X12 AM service will operate only to 23 Street while X42 service runs (this will be moot pretty soon, anyways). 8. X10B runs only to Victory and Richmond 9. X11 starts and ends at Victory and Richmond 10. X17 Service to Tottenville discontinued (again, moot pretty soon). 11. X31 service would run every 12 minutes instead of every 10 minutes in the AM, and every 15 minutes instead of every 10 minutes in the PM. Service starts/ends in the Heartland Village 12. QM17 service will terminate at Beach 20 Street and Seagirt Boulevard. 13. BM5 and QM15 will operate combined on Saturdays 14. QM15 service will operate every 7-8 minutes during the AM rush (instead of every 6-7 minutes), and every 12 minutes (instead of every 10 minutes) during the PM rush 15. QM4 service past 9:40 PM on Saturdays and past 6:40 PM on Sundays discontinued.
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    That MTA employee told me that the 5-car R179s will only be enough for 4-5 trains.
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    NYC failed the people who have mental issues... You are right as well not all these incidents are angry passenger.. Some are Just arseholes... Some do have mental issues...
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    Too far? Oh please I went from Bedford Park to Euclid daily think was late once when i attended TT in 2009/10 not bad of a commute because its one transfer and my buddy was coming from Gun Hill area on the 5 line. Just because they're reliable doesn't make them right all the time. As we know nothing is set in stone than death and taxes. And thats nothing against them but just because one may say something doesnt mean its 100% accurate or will happen. And to this I always thought the order of 5 csr sets should goto Jamaica to make QBL near or 100% NTT for potential CBTC meaning the 46s would be bumped to Pitkin and or CI in exchange for 160s/179 but we will see. The logic is keeping yards uniformed with one car type or two instead of having oddballs here and there for maintenance purposes.
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    I rode an 96 Nova out of JFK today, one of the best RTS rides I had in quite some time, the driver didn't haul ass or anything like that, it was Nostalgia of riding an 96 RTS. I rode 96 RTS's to elementary school in the early 2000s and today I'm in my mid 20s and these buses are still running in service. Loved the old school feel of the bus, the white headboard, the old school stop requested bell, etc. The 99 RTS's don't feel as old school as the 96's do, maybe its because visually 99's have the same spec's as the OG hybrids which I still view as new buses in my eyes. The bus was also in pretty good shape for a bus that's 22 years old and never got an major rebuild, 9027 is in a lot better shape than 5016 which 2 seaters in the middle rattle violently when the bus is IDLE. I always thought of the three batches the of Nova RTS's the TA bought the 96's were the best ones. I Miss those 96 Novas.
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    Also, big news: The start date is August 19th. After the June board meeting, they will shift into "Public Outreach" mode, and start putting a Trip Planner on the website (which means presumably they'll have the schedules finalized then), and more detailed maps and so on.
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    The R179s are not CBTC-equipped. 309 sets of R160s will be CBTC-equipped for Queens Boulevard.
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    That was 3058-3061+3094-3097
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    According to an employee, the R179s are NOT coming to the . All the 5-car R179s are going to the to replace it's remaining R46s. The R32s and R46s are shared between the and to help with crowding on the . The is NOT going to 10-cars.
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    Because they think its stylish? @QM1to6Ave Interesting, none of these NYPD impostors are as well known as Darius so I didn't think it was such an issue that the PD would need a whole division devoted to it. Buffs pretending to transit workers seem to be more common, then again I'm apart of the transitfan community and I don't have any particular interest in the NYPD.
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    I attended the community board meeting today, and this is the information I gathered from it: Supposedly they did an actual origin survey to figure out where people were actually going to/from on the Manhattan side (e.g. If they boarded at 5th Avenue & 40th Street, did they actually work in that immediate area or did they work over by say, Times Square?) and in that survey, they found that a decent amount of people worked over by Madison/5th and would benefit from having the route run on the East Side. Of course, that's of little comfort to current West Side riders. Major point: They plan on implementing a 3-legged transfer on express routes (not sure if it's just SIM routes or all express routes). Basically, if the second leg of your trip is on an express bus, you'll get an extra transfer (so you can do local-express-subway or local-express-express or subway-express-local). So in that case, SIM31 riders won't be penalized fare-wise if they choose to take the S61/91-SIM3-subway or SIM31-SIM32/33-subway. Another thing that they mentioned is that the span on the rush hour routes wouldn't be uniform, but there would be a minimum span, and the busier rush hour routes would run longer than that (on top of demand-related issues, they also want to be fair to the people taking those routes now). So the SIM8 would run until approximately 9pm. The question is, since some areas are served by routes to different segments of Manhattan, would all of them run the longer span? (e.g. The X12 currently serves Mariners Harbor and covers Downtown, Greenwich Village, and Midtown. The SIM34 should definitely run late, but running the SIM30 & SIM33 late might be a little overkill). I'd be curious if they plan on having a sort of tiered system (lower-ridership routes have the last runs from the terminal at 7pm, and higher-ridership routes have the last runs at 9pm). To be fair, after 7pm, you can probably run some of those routes on 30 minute headways, just to say you have the coverage (which is how it already is on most of those routes anyway) They mentioned something about the Water Street buses (I think they mentioned they would have them start at Park Place in the PM rush. I could be completely wrong, though, especially since the list of Manhattan stops says otherwise). Also, they're restoring some stops on the Staten Island side (I know they mentioned Richmond & Morani specifically). They also mentioned that weekday service would increase by 10%, Saturday service would increase by 24%, and Sunday service would increase by 29% (not sure of the exact numbers, but I think those were them). I forget if they were referring to the number of trips operated or how exactly they came about those numbers.
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    I for one appreciate everything that you do East New York ,I don't really post here much at all just read what you write and myself am a big Transit buff ,I almost made a career in becoming a Bus operator in 2006 ,did my road training in Manhatanville Depot ,I Qualified on the first try on the 7th day ,a lot of going on in my life then and decided not to become a Driver ,partially because of the pay cut I would take as a rookie at 7 and a half dollars less than what I was currently making back then ,I loved buses and was one of those kids who hung out at Ulmer Park Depot in my teenage years ,The other part was actually seeing what I dreamed of being in a different way when having the chance to become a bus operator and realized it is only a hobby for me ,I utmost respect goes to you in taking the time to give everyone here your time to give them and me great info and new Knowledge that I learn from you everyday, speaking for myself even though I don't know you personally thank you for what you do ,Working for transit isn't a walk in the park
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    Where was the aggression? Passionate, definitely. At any rate, there really is no need to continue. You can beat this dead, irrelevant horse all you want. It's been spelled out to you. Queens has gotten new buses for 9 straight years and will continue to do so for at least the next three. If there is no change in the "normal" replacement schedule, Queens should continue to get new buses every year for the foreseeable future. Why all the fuss about something that is happening naturally?
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    Yes, we get trained to operate all of the buses that our particular depot has. Coming out of qualification, I was trained on all the local fleet. (RTS, LFS, Xcelsior and NG) The NGs cross train with all of the Orion VII models and the Xcelsior does with the C40. When I went to SI, I was trained on the Prevost and MCIs. Had I went to a depot with artics, I would had been trained on the D60s, XD60s and the LFSAs. Like @BM5 via Woodhaven mentioned, the run that we have may be straight local, straight express or a mixture of both. If you're on the list or Vacation Relief (like I am), you can switch up between local and express everyday. The express runs out of QV have the work sorted out to be rush hours only but there are runs where you'll do your work during the AMs, or solely in the PMs.
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    Here are my photos taken two days ago in Great Neck: M3 9850 entering Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M3 9918 entering Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M3 9859 leaving Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M3 9929 leaving Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7191 entering Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7558 entering Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7234 entering Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7777 leaving Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7299 leaving Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr M7 7130 leaving Great Neck by Jeffrey Gomez, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more! 🙂
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