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    I’d say the problem is that it makes it harder for Brighton riders to get to Manhattan fast. 4th Avenue has the train for going over the bridge, but the Brighton Line does not have an alternative. Plus, they wouldn’t be able to transfer to the or at Dekalb because they would be going express. (At least the , I am not sure about the ) Running time between lines doesn’t matter much compared to getting people where they want to go IMO.
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    It's not MTA unless you get a coding error.
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    3010-3019 are at Bombardier in Kanona, something that has been known for a while. Any further discussion regarding those cars is speculation. I don’t like to repeat rumors and speculation from the grapevine. Can’t really do road testing up there because road testing by definition involves running on the subway system. I’m not sure why there is so much back-and-forth about this haha
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    Lmao stop mentioning him as your sources. I'm pretty sure he's just as tired as us when you mention his name.
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    If Bezos has his way, in the largest font size possible, the damn thing would just say: S40 AMAZON
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    Nope, just you. And New York is not the only city in America in multiple counties. It's not even the only municipality in NYS in multiple counties.
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    I’m confused. Are you saying that people who need the airport should just take the LIRR? You won’t get too many city folks who would consider doing that. I certainly wouldn’t go out my way to pay premium price and then another $2.75 to get to the airport. As far as this bus redesign I doubt the Q70 would be touched. They might have it run via the Marine Air Terminal and bump the Q47 out of there, which it has no business being there in the first place.
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    #6764 is also showing up on the SIM1c 😂
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    If each borough takes this long, then we are looking at 10 years before any substantial happen to the bus network. In the mean time, every time a schedule change occurs MTA cut service back to their guidelines
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    Only involvement Kawasaki had on that was the trucks. Other than that, I'm not really familiar with the R156 so I can't say. From Dj Hammers himself: In any event, @Coney Island Av, what difference does it make where 3010-3019 are at this moment? They are MIA, and at least one unit got sent to Bombardier for modifications. That's it. They will come back when the modifications are made and NYCT finds them acceptable. That is where we are at, and have been at for a few months. It's one thing to want to keep score of which R179s are in-service, testing, OOS, etc. (although it is sort of redundant). But the rampant speculation is a waste of time and causes frustration on this group. And claiming someone as a source who never made the claim in question and has asked that he not be attributed to such claims is unprofessional. As Dj Hammers said, just because he mentioned something about a particular assignment doesn't mean it's true, and doesn't mean he himself is claiming it (he could've heard it from the grapevine). Please leave the baseless speculation and misattribution of quotes to Fox News, thank you.
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    Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Milwaukee.
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    No clue. In addition to the gas/toll that the towing company charges (Silk Road), Port Authority charges a hefty fee for crossing the GWB. I'm not sure whether the MTA covers that cost, or Bombardier. Most, if not all, railcar facilities have a test track (including Kawasaki in Yonkers, although that test track is relatively small). All trains generally do some tests at the facility. The modifications are being done there because the MTA does not have the resources, so it's faster and easier to do it there. The (P) and programs that were spotted were spotted on MTA on existing cars. That has nothing to do with the issues 3010-3019 have. So everything you just said is either already true, or is just irrelevant. It's fine to discuss the status of trains and whatnot, but the amount of energy some people put into certain topics is mind boggling...
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    Okay guys, I have a crazy theory on what could be going on with 3010-3019. We all know at this point that they were sent up for modifications. And although one (3010-3014) was sitting in 207 St, I can officially confirm that both of them (3010-3014 and 3015-3019) are at Bombardier. Before I could only imply if the former was there. But what if they're still there not just due to modifications, but also because they're also doing additional road testing up there! It could theoretically be a possibility, considering that there are test tracks up at the facility. We've seen pictures of the prototype set up there doing testing, as well as test programs like the (P) to Plattsburgh and to Coney Island. If 3010-3019 does indeed have the most bugs/issues out of whole set, it is highly likely that they'd do additional road testing. So what if, what if, 3010-3019 is doing all this testing to prepare for when they return! If so, when the two five-car sets get back, they'll just immediately enter burn-in testing on the ! Sounds like good news! Because they wouldn't have to do a lot of testing when they return to MTA property, and it would accelerate their entry into revenue service! All we have to do is be patient until they get back. We can't be too far off from a return date. No. Not when they have been gone for months at this point.
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    Gotta wrap the buses in Amazon colors too. Cuomo doesn't stand a chance.
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    That moment when you realize the "4" in "NXT Takeover 4" looks like the 4 from the side signs of the R142A 😄. It's on-topic because there were so many people on the train (myself included) going to Barclays Center for the event today. Train was packed like rush hour, as usual.
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    Solid State Interlocking — upgrading dem vacuum tubes to CBTC compatibility. That’s why you see the new signals in that area.
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    Funny how you said what I said but still got it wrong. 100-199 to Staten Island 200-299 to Brooklyn 300-399 to Queens 400-499 to Bronx Now if you wanna get granular, you could lump buses by parts of the boroughs they terminate in - like 100-119 via tunnel and South Shore, 120-139 via NJ, blah blah. But given how even local buses have numbers randomly assigned with common destinations - B38, B52, B26, B25 - but no discernible pattern, dunno why you'd think a 105 to SI Mall and a 104 to Bricktown via Tunnel would be confusing...
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    Obviously @Dj Hammers... But regardless, it was obvious they both got sent up. After all, there were no reports of 3010-3014 still at 207 St.
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    I think from the Facebook group, the R142s were towed on a flatbed railcar, not push-pulled because NYCT's cars are not true FRA-rated railcars, and therefore cannot be push-pulled. And they probably determined it is cheaper overall just to tow them on a tractor trailer. That is, of course, not considering the liability issue (which has come up with the M9 derailment and has thrown a huge wrench into an already late contract)...
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    @Deucey's number system would work however since borough express routes are separated by prefixes 1,2,3, and 4 respectively, each number representing the borough it came from or will go to. It may be confusing at first but it's not too different than the prefix system today. This has nothing to do with NYC being "special" . Also, for your example, the letters and numbers of a subway don't mean much, so long as people know where the thing is going.
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    I didn't want to chime in on this. However, the accuracy of this post right now.. The last thing we need is a long winded bus route to JFK. The B15 is good enough right now. However, that needs improvement.
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    Yes. They're clamped to normal until the SSI cutover is finished. Have been since the weekends IIRC.
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    I'll just leave this here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._municipalities_in_multiple_counties#New_York
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    Sorry for the shoddy photo quality, but I snapped this while I was getting off the bus this morning. It's amazing inside; the lighting is really soft, and it doesn't have the lights right next to the window that make it hard to nap. The seats are super comfortable (leg room a little less than I'd like, though) and overall it's awesome
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    SIM3c, if that's what you mean. Prevosts are always used during weekends.
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    This is sort of what I mentioned a few months back. However still keeping the (X) prefix for SI.
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    This has building up for a while, it's not really new. Go to the railroad.net forums and see for yourself. Back in June when MCI was showing off the D45 CRT, one of the MCI representives told me that NJT was desperate for manpower. And one of my friends had told me that he applied for positions months ago, even though he lives in New York. He said they told him they were willing to waive the residency rule. It's why they cancelled service on the Atlantic City line. Better use the available crews on the big lines and not wasting them on the AC line, which by far has the lowest daily ridership of any NJT line. Of course, I can't really trust them in returning service in time.
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    I'm still seeing buses signed up as X's in the city today. They seem to to be in service.
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    The route takes up half the destination sign!
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    40 is the smartest thing bring it's start/end is a block away anyway
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    Service Change Posted: 08/18/2018 10:33PM and train service has resumed. However, northbound and trains are running express from 36 St (BKLYN) to Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr. These service changes are because of an NYPD investigation at Union St. Expect delays on , and train service.
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    Actually no. It was always planned to go to Woodside. There was a proposal to extend the Q33 to Woodside as part of the merge to MTA bus, but never went through.
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    I highly doubt that any such crisis will come to pass. Politicians are stupid, sure, but not suicidal enough to try to drastically cut service in a time of metropolitan prosperity.
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    Let me guess: the is close to bankruptcy right? If this is the case, get ready for the government intervening to bail the TA out and a crap ton of strikes and lawsuits. I imagine NYC itself under a state of emergency if the subway shuts down over financial issues. The has more of a purpose for it's existence this time round with the going to 2nd Ave 24/7, so that line is not going anywhere.
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    There are quite a bit of people who use the Q53 from Woodside. However it’s plagued by traffic on Roosevelt and Broadway which slows the route down a lot. It can be frustrating sometimes taking the Q53 because of how bad traffic can be. However I also think they want to keep the transfer between the LIRR and the available for the Q53.
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    It's bad for everyone. They can only screw around with service so much on SI because of the political clout. In Brooklyn and Queens, most districts tend to not be as vocal. Even for those who are vocal, the politicians aren't doing anything. They only bring it up around election time, and then we never hear about it again. No matter who it is, it's the same song and dance over and over again.
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    Oh God... Who in the hell checks these schedules?? I'm telling you I find it utterly ridiculous that their information is always so riddled with errors!! I really would like to know what internal process they go through before posting these schedules or detour information online because it seems like they have idiots working in the back offices or people that simply NEVER use public transportation. I suspect it's a combination of the two!!
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    What he’s done could actually amount to industrial sabotage
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    It's too bad the State would rather have the MTA borrow til the end of time instead of take some responsibility for an agency they created.
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    I'm shocked they kept the A+ rating up until this point, tbh.
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    Thoughts on this loser.https://youtu.be/WygpdEFyicQ
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    You keep talking about improvements, as if riders are so stupid that they don't know what's going on. They elected Murphy precisely because they knew that Christie wasn't managing NJ Transit effectively. No one expects the system to be turned around in six months but riders should expect some form of stabilization. The system is not improving from a service standpoint. It isn't just the trains either. The buses are equally horrific. I had meetings in NJ and the late and missing buses were noticeable and inexcusable given the time of day. Meeting the fed goals of PTC is one thing and separate of the overall issues right now. They've known what the issues are plaguing the system now for months, so there should be a plan in place to communicate effectively as to why trains are just being cancelled. Passengers don't know on a day to day basis why their trains are being cancelled. These are the real issues that can and should be addressed and it shouldn't take six months for that either.
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    NJ is facing a looming PTC deadline, and the progress they did since Murphy was tremendous, from 18% to 52%. Compounding the disruption is the crew issues they are facing, as people have been running to MN because the pay is better, and NJT only has 11 in training school. Murphy has gave NJT 200 million to get new engineers. Improvements wouldn’t happen overnight and the previous adminstration didn’t plan properly and didn’t care or fund it the right way. What you see now is the direct result from that
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    Yes they do, especially when the current governor ran on the platform of change and providing more funding to turn NJ Transit around. The funding situation is actually just as bad if not worst now compared to when Christie was governor. He's been in office long enough now that the system should start stabziling. Instead it's worsening daily. I have two co-workers that live in NJ. We expect them to be 30-60 minutes late at least a few times a month due to cancellations or some other nonsense.
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    I mean do commuters really expect a improvement after 8 years of starving budget? Things don’t fix themselves overnight, the same is true for deferred maintenance as it doesn’t appear immediately.
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    By law, New York City is not allowed to raise or lower income tax rates without permission from the State Legislature. (NYC is actually the only city in the state that needs the rest of the state's permission to govern itself. All other cities get to enjoy "home rule" and decide their own affairs.)
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