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    OK, enough dilly-dallying! Time to announce the winners! The front cover winner is Kenny Richetti for the Ghost Of The 7. ] And the rear cover winner is Jie wen Li. I really liked the J-train image, but after manipulating it as best I could and consulting my book's printer, there's no way I could make it work in print. Just too dark and too noisy, unfortunately. I also loved the A train motion picture, and if I hadn't received Kenny's winning image, it would have won the day. The two trains on the Manny-B was a good photo, but I used something similar on the back cover a couple of years ago, and the old/new 4 trains just didn't have the pop I was looking for. My sincere thanks to all entrants and feel free to submit your photos for next year's contest, which runs until Oct. 15, 2019 at 11:59pm. I would like to add that for next year and beyond, I'd like to get back to more track/signal-focused pictures if possible, since that's really the focus of my work. Long-lens shots of interlockings, nice underground shots with tunnel lights and signals reflecting off the rails, night, dawn/twilight outdoor shots, and so on. I'm a bit less likely to consider train run-by photos in the future unless the image is really amazing. Thanks once again, and CONGRATS to the winners! I will be in contact with you shortly.
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    WOW. I’m 68* too, I haven’t gotten home to check my mail but this is unbelievable. This will be our third application, third piss and third unexcused day off without even getting our medical done. This process is going to get me fired from my current job. I’m just donating piss at this point? How many applications does TA need? It’s the same info, Damn
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    First off: I'm not understanding the grammar situation so I'm a bit lost. Second: Once a upon of time I made a suggestion to have the 84 terminate in Canarsie. Through various conversations with a few members on the board it didn't make sense for the 84 head to Canarsie when you have the B6 and B82 both doing the job of handling the Canarsie riders. It didn't make sense for the current ridership that is in Spring Creek and East New York, Starrett City to head into Canarsie for the train. Third: What I'm saying to you is this.. There is no market for the B84 to head into East Flatbush or even let alone Brooklyn College. I'm not trying to debate or shutdown your idea. However, due to current Brooklyn transit grid and the marketing for this route it is HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE to have a Spring Creek route operate into Brooklyn College. Now, I ask you this. How do you market a route that is intended for travel within Spring Creek and East New York to Flatbush.. (Sorry if I'm repeating myself a bit)
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    I don't know if the fact that it's a different contractor that did these stations compared to the Astoria and 4th Avenue ones, but it cannot be a coincidence that all four of the Central Park West/8th Avenue rehab stations were done by the same contractor (ECCO III Enterprises) and all suffer the same problems. There were some minor things that needed to be finished at the 4th Avenue and Astoria stations, but all of those ESI stations were opened at 99% completion, not these low 80s we're seeing here. For those interested, here's how the contracts were divided up: 1) 4th Avenue - Prospect Av, 53 Street, Bay Ridge Av - Citnalta-Forte Joint Venture 2) Astoria - 30 Avenue, Broadway, 36 Avenue, 39 Avenue - Skanksa USA 3) 8th Avenue - 163 St-Amsterdam Av, Cathedral Pkwy, 86 Street, 72 Street - ECCO III Enterprises 4) Midtown - 34 St-Penn Station (IRT & IND), 57 Street (6th Ave), 23 Street (6th Ave), 28 Street (Lexington Ave) - Judlau Contracting 5) Concourse/Harlem - 145 Street (Lenox Ave), 174-175 Streets, 167 Street - Citnalta-Forte Joint Venture Stations in italics are still closed for renovations.
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    One of the big issues with the recalibration effort is that the formulae they use to set them don’t allow for that idea of sighting distance. So even if it is set correctly, you’ll be passing over it as it clears — meaning that ops will still run them as if they’re 3-4 mph slow. Yay capacity!
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    If 145th Street and Lenox Avenue station wasn't built the trackage would still have to be laid down. The main train yard and barn for the original IRT subway was located north of the station. Just sayin' .
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    This is the very reason I've been ignoring said proposal up until this point; he's making it all about getting to Gateway.... The onus should be one of, what those folks down around Spring Creek want... They're not patronizing the thing (for whatever their reasons) & I don't really see that changing as time progresses.... Just branch the B83 with parts of the B84 & be done with it.... One branch running clear along Penn to the Belt & the other branch running via Van Siclen, Cozine, etc. to do what the B84 generally does (I say generally for a reason - which is another thing; why does it have to take Flatlands all the way to Fountain).... I believe that to be part of the problem also.... As well as not serving Gateway II still.... ============================== edit: Google maps is acting stupid right now, so I'll do it like this: From Broadway Junction... B83 via Penn: Van Sinderen > Fulton > Jamaica > Penn > Belt Pkwy > Erskine > Gateway Dr., to Gateway Terminal (Gateway II) B83 via Van Siclen: Van Sinderen > Fulton > Jamaica > Penn > New Lots > Van Siclen > Cozine > Jerome > Flatlands > Elton > Vandalia > Erskine > Gateway Dr., to Gateway Terminal (Gateway II)
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    You have the B42 and B103 for those examples, plus those lines provide transfers to the B6 and B82 respectively and those are not 2 fare zones. I may be 6 years removed from taking public transportation. However, when it comes to Brooklyn bus service. I have a clear knowledge that most lines provide connection to other lines to get into Gateway Mall. Gateway is not really the most attractive mall. Although it has good amenities. However, it's not the type of mall I would want to emphasize any type of bus transportation unless it's for the service area, and in this case is Spring Creek // East New York, and perhaps Ozone Park. To your other point: Try saying that to the Community Board in East New York which wanted the B84 service in the first place. As I told you previously this line was specifically done for the area since they are developing that portion of East New York and Spring Creek. Right now the is not in the business of creating new bus lines. Think of this. Again, YOU DON'T NEED THE B84 GOING WESTBOUND TO FLATBUSH....
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    Omg, I thought the next step would be medical for us. I can’t believe we have to do preemployment again 😩.
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    Verbiage-wise, I'd leave the Q35 signage for that direction alone.... If it were to be changed however, I could go for [Midwood - Flatbush av. station] over [Midwood - Nostrand av].... Come to think of it, I'd like to see more of the destination signs (in general) show the subway bullets (a la the Q70)....
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    I rode a JFK XD60 today and the rear panel inside the bus was loose. Haha just like it's ancestor the D60HF with the flappy windows in the rear of the bus. All it was missing was the screeching fanbelt😃
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    I think Chambers street needs a complete makeover. It certainly ain’t pretty to look at.
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    Whelp, my weekend was just ruined. RIP Chambers St. I loved the dirt. Seriously though, I hope they don't mess up the weird majesty of that space. Sure, it smells like piss and really needs TLC, but there's something about the station that brings back the glory days of rapid transit. Maybe it's the high ceilings, maybe it's the fact that it hasn't been cleaned since 1932...I don't know.
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    http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-metro-subway-signal-timers-20181026-story.html By DAN RIVOLI OCT 29, 2018 | 6:00 AM MTA train operator Kenric Lever, 41, says he slows his B train when it passes a malfunctioning signal beneath Central Park West. (Shawn Inglima for New York Daily News) Trains should be able to pass a green subway signal between 81st and 72nd streets beneath Central Park West at a hair below 25 mph. But during a recent rush-hour B train run, MTA train operator Kenric Lever slowed down so he would pass the signal at 13 mph. “If you’re going the 25 that they tell you to go? Impossible,” Lever said. He worried that a malfunction in the signal would raise a track-level stop arm — called a stopcock — that would automatically engage the brakes if he passed it near 25 mph. If Lever’s train suddenly braked to a stop, it would be delayed and possibly sent off schedule. One off-schedule train can have a domino effect that throws other trains off schedule too. The MTA’s Save Safe Seconds program, which aims to speed up subway service, has discovered 191 malfunctioning signal timers like the one that slows Lever between the 81st Street and 72nd Street stations. One of the program’s aims is to make sure trains enter stations at “maximum attainable speed for the area.” Between the rush hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., radar-gun equipped transit supervisors have been testing signals to see if trains can clear them at normal speeds. If the train’s brakes are tripped, they know something’s wrong with the signal. The MTA has tested signals on about 90% of the subway system since September. Transit officials plan a program to fix malfunctioning signals. They’ll start on the 1 and Q lines. Then they’ll move on to the D, N and R lines in Brooklyn’s Fourth Ave. line. They also plan to fix signals on the J, M and Z lines on the Williamsburg Bridge and east of Essex St. so they’ll be in shape before the L train shutdown in April. Fixing the signals and reviewing speed limits will let trains run faster, transit officials say. One updated speed limit lets Manhattan-bound A and C trains move at 15 mph between the Lafayette Ave. and Hoyt-Schermerhorn stations. For the previous 80 years, they’d been restricted to 10 mph, said Barry Greenblatt, NYC Transit’s subway service delivery chief. “We’re looking at places where we can safely increase speeds,” Greenblatt told The News. “The one thing we’re looking at is, did we go too far?” The signal timers are decades-old technology. More have been added to the system since two deadly crashes in the 1990s at Union Square and on the Williamsburg Bridge. Train operators tell the News that the strict discipline culture at the MTA makes them fearful to pass some signals at posted speeds. They say that means they run trains at slower speeds, slowing down service. “Everybody is like so afraid of any kind of mishap, even when it’s not your fault,” said one operator who was disciplined after his emergency brake was tripped for tripped when he overran a 20-mph signal timer in the Bronx at 5 mph. MTA officials say they hope fixing the signals will lead train operators to realize they can safely run trains faster, without fear of discipline. In the meantime, train operators said they’ll keep relying on their experience and tips from senior crew to know how fast they can move without their emergency brakes going off. “It adds a level of stress and uncertainty that someone who’s responsible for carrying thousands of passengers really doesn’t need,” said Seth Rosenberg, a train operator for 11 years and a union shop steward. “We should be able to follow the rules.”
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    I started to wait for the B49 bus Wednesday, 10/17, at 12:40 PM on Oriental Blvd and Falmouth Street. The first bus that stopped was at 1:10 PM, thirty minutes later. There were three other passengers waiting. Shortly before the bus stopped, I asked one of the other passengers how long she had been waiting. She said, since 11:40 AM and that she had been waiting for the B49 for an hour and a half. She also told me that six buses passed by without stopping. I got her e-mail address. I witnessed four buses not stopping and captured the last three on video which were taken at about ! PM and 1:05 PM, shortly before a B1 and B49 finally stopped at 1:10 PM. Here are the links: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjLF7UGvRJvZpHcsUM_2XMFSz1F4 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjLF7UGvRJvZpHhoBA30OuSgyfsO In the first video a crowded B1 passes as one of the passengers tried to flag it down. In the second video a bus marked B49 to Empire Blvd passes, immediately followed by an empty bus marked "Next Bus Please". So the question is why after five buses bypass the stop with passengers waiting presumably because they are all overcrowded, why would a dispatcher order the sixth empty bus to also skip all stops with a sign marked "Next Bus Please?" How are these dispatchers trained and what are they accomplishing? I have been complaining to NYCT Road Operations now for at least seven years about this problem in Manhattan and Brighton Beaches and each time has been assured the problem will be addressed. Each time it gets better for a while, but the problem always reappears. This is what happens when you have only enough staff to put out fires and not permanently address reliability problems. I wrote about this issue last March in the Queens Chronicle questioning the training of bus drivers and dispatchers. http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/why-the-not-in-service-bus-won-t-stop-for/article_1b769ed9-3d3a-5ae5-8e81-a148ce56ebd7.html Andy Byford promised to look into buses not stopping in a follow-up article by the newspaper, but I never heard anything further. http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/bus-boss-checking-nyct-service-signs/article_2d586073-1fbd-5037-b67c-fb31fe49aa90.html Extra long waits such as this is the major reason bus ridership is declining.
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    The “free” dental and vision provided by the union is Healthplex and GVS. If you want to pay an additional premium then dental and vision is covered by Emblem. You can go to http://www.twulocal100.org/ for more info on the union provided benefits.
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    7 blocks?! Did you look at the same map that I looked at? Avenue N and E 93 (technically Canarsie Rd), you're by the B17, 42 and 103. There's no double fare to either the 6 or 82. Not all the Gateway buses head north, the Q8 heads east into Queens. Like everyone has been saying there is no demand for Spring Creek-Brooklyn College travel. Maybe you're seeking it, but not everyone else.
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    That’s about it. They do a little orientation, go over your paperwork to make sure there’s no gaps with your employment history; make sure your parking tickets and any moving violations are paid, and lastly do your drug test.
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    Don't have to tell you again. AVE H is full along with ALL of the Junction. We have too many routes ending there. B11, Q35, B103 end there already. That part of junction is filled with buses deadheading/ending-beginning routes. No need for the B84 to go all the way there. The current B84 for the B6 will take you to Junction with ease.
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    Let me reword that part. There was construction work and gas plumbing removal work being done, and since they occurred at close proximity, the electrical sparks caused the explosion to cause the fire. It’s like regular gas—mix gas and sparks, and an ugly situation arises.
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    I understand and as mention before, every disappointment is for a reason. You could have still probably gone for 11/12 training and don't pass. Be and thing positive. They will call you just a matter or time. If you wish to go back next semester either do weekend classes only or dont register at all next Spring because they just may call you after the holiday. God's timing is best.
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    I don't understand your question. They kept what was needed so why would you ask if they care about the students?
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    I'd say it pinpoints just how antiquated/un-modernized a number of these routes in the system are... I would make other changes to the thing, but as far as its end terminals, I've been saying for years now that the B20 should be cut back to Myrtle on the northern/western end & extended to Lefferts Airtrain on the southern/eastern end.... The current amt. of short turn trips at B'way Junction should remain.... It's (the 20) an afterthought over there around Forest av & there could be a little more service to (at least) said Airtrain station, since running every B15 trip from Woodhull to JFK (Lefferts Airtrain or JFK T5) would be a bit much, to say the least.... Basically, I never cared for the Brooklyn GMF as this congregation point... I had no qualms when they discontinued the B15 out of there & the B14 doesn't really need to head in that direction (south of Sutter out there); despite the constant shifting of terminal points on that end of the route over the years.... I would only leave the B13 directly looping in & out of it.... To sum it up, my issue with the B14 is that it doesn't really do too much for those folks down around Linden Plaza (apartments) & the Pink houses, along Linden Blvd there... As was said, there is too much walking being done from Sutter/Euclid to Euclid from off that route & it shouldn't/doesn't necessarily have to be - Especially while EB buses are running relatively empty after it serves Sutter/Euclid.... Folks down around Linden Blvd are taking B13's & Q8's to get to Euclid subway anyway & if it's for service back west, the masses all pile onto B15's (and to a lesser extent, the B20)... Running the B14 to Linden blvd, and eventually on down to the GMF, is overkill - those resources should be better used elsewhere AFAIC... To hell with me though - Whether it's to Euclid itself or to Rockaway Blvd (to take the place of the Q7's stint in Brooklyn), would be, at minimum, appreciated by current riders of the B14 on/around the more eastern portion of the route.... D) Get rid of it. ☑️
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    I hope you will be submitting your ideas to the MTA. One note. I believe there would not be enough demand to run all B1s from Shore Road. It would be wasteful. Also, I would retain the B16 school specials to Ft Hamilton High School although the regular B16 would no longer go to Shore Rd.
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    To me it's really sad how the current Brooklyn bus grid was designed for some of these buses to end in obscured places like Cypress Hills Houses and etc. When I see buses like the Q7, Q8, B13, B14, B15*, B20 really end at very weird places like the Brooklyn Postal Facility // Pink Houses and other areas in East New York. Sometimes you ask should some of these routes need to be extended into Queens just to make up some service. Although you have the B15 which is the main airport bus. Some of us including myself have indicated in the past that the B20 should be the other bus to possibly service the airport or even parts of Ozone Park. As for the B14, although I'm not a big fan of ending the line in Ozone Park but I will agree with you on this. Ending it on Rockaway serves a few things. 1) If there is a disruption of service b/w East New York and Ozone Park you have a easy connection with the Q11/21/52/53. 2) Additional service is provided on Pitkin as you indicated as the Q7 carries so much air in that area of Ozone Park. 3) Patrons from Crown Heights and Brownsville that work in Ozone Park have a opportunity for a 1 seat ride. (Can't believe I'm saying this) 3 things for this B84: A) Buses going via Livonia, Penn to Broadway Junction. B) Buses going via Cozine, Glenwood to the since the bus only lane is in effect on Glenwood. C) DO NOTHING.
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    B84 to Brooklyn College? No thanks. We have enough routes ending there. I think I'll stick to my B84 to Broadway Junction proposal although I do like the idea of sending it to Rockaway Parkway Station. Easy connection to the and a multitude of other routes
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    Here's the problem that I have with the 84 and it is simply this. The route is strictly a Spring Creek // East New York route only servicing the community. There's no easy way of marketing a route like the 84 to go towards Flatbush and Brooklyn College. Although the B6, B11, B103 go to Brooklyn College I personally don't think the 84 has a chance to go to Brooklyn College. I don't think there's enough space to terminate the 84 and plus I don't think people from Flatbush are going to take a long trip to East New York // Spring Creek to gateway. That's already done by the B6. The Q7 is plainly a airport bus and really has no business ending at Euclid. The route itself carries too much air. However, it has it moments. B14: To me it has no business ending at Rockaway Blvd . I'm just curious about the marketing and ridership between that end of Ozone Park and Crown Heights. Personally, if I lived in Ozone Park and I wanted anyway to get into Brooklyn via Bus it wouldn't be the B14. Most Ozone Park riders going into Brooklyn are using the B13- City Line, Q24 on Atlantic and the Train. Now, if you tell me the B14 to Grant Avenue or even Sheridan Avenue I'd accept that just only b/c it has a long trek to Crown Heights.
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    They're the ones proposing to run more service through it that the current interlocking can't handle. Let's not act as if the MTA is some poor innocent creature getting railroaded by the big bad Amtrak.
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    It's only realistic when your goal is to carry fewer riders by encouraging a wider use of Uber and Lyft to improve your budget situation. Fewer riders equals less service which equals smaller deficit. But the goal should be to encourage ridership, not to erode it. No corporation that wants to expand closes stores or markets to do that. They invest which may take three years to pay off, but it eventually does if the investments are wise. Now I am not saying cuts should never be made or service should just be added willy nilly. I know what I am talking about because 40 years ago this month I created the B1 which is the 7th heaviest route in Brooklyn today. The routes it replaced, the B34 (was moderately utilized) and the old pre 1978 B1 and B21 were floundering with poor frequencies and low ridership. A trip that used to take five buses can now be made with two buses and if the entire proposal would have been accepted, it would have been a ne bus trip. That's how you increase ridership by making it easier to travel, not by making it more difficult.
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    They also want the MTA to pay for the grade-separation of Shell Interlocking, which has been proposed since the '80s. This is an important project, but the MTA shouldn't be paying for the whole thing.
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    From the looks of it, the latest ESI's are not nearly as nice as the originals; they seem half-done.
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    Same set (3150-3157) caught on Reddit doing burn-in at Columbus Circle
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    Where do I sign up for this? Canal Street needs a full TfL-style renovation (like the ones they've done at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road and are planning at Camden Town) with new entrances and new transfer passages. It's just as dangerous as Camden Town is now...
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    This whole notion that bus service has to be cut in order to increase service elsewhere is absolutely ridiculous. It just proves this anti-bus bias that I know you agree with. There should be some bus service enhancements without any cuts. When subway service is improved, no one asks which subways will be cut to pay for this. When service was increased on the Manhattan Bridge after 14 years, it was a cost increase. When the Second Avenue subway started, no lines were cut. When the M was extended to weekends, there were no cuts. It's only when someone asks for new bus service, the MTA says they have to cut bus service somewhere else to pay for it. Without new investment, ridership will continue to decline.
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    They really haven't done any tilework at any of the ESI rehabs. They only did those accents at the 4th Avenue stations and that's it. Besides, the tiles here don't look too bad. I'm more concerned with the apparent leaks in the corners along both platforms and the peeling paint trackside.
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    Service is and CAN be cut from anywhere to make up for other improvements.
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    I don’t think the B14 and B84 needs to be extended. However, I’d like to see the 14 operate via Pitkin. Takeaway the stress going down Sutter Avenue. As for the 84. I’d extend only within East New York // Spring Creek. Any additional extension won’t warrant b/c than you are cutting into other routes.
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    Station was a relic of how we used to build huge stations with great capacity. Now we build huge overpriced stations with awful capacity (SAS).
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    Well there's blue construction wall up at Chambers Street on the which can mean only one thing: pigs can fly
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    The Massachusetts section of the Corridor is owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through the MBTA. However, Amtrak maintains and dispatches it in exchange for free access. At least that’s what I gathered from reading that Boston Globe article. It sounds like Amtrak originally paid for maintenance and dispatching entirely out of their own budget in exchange for not paying access fees to the MBTA. Now it seems the T will be contributing an additional $20 Million for capital improvements.
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    Usually regular signals (not timers) that flash to red causing the stop arm to trip the train. There’s no trains in front but there could be dust on the insulated joint which makes the system THINK there’s a train on the circuit so it automatically stops the train. Other times it’s just debris that trips the train 🤷‍♂️
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    While I agree, this is where the has become stingy with service. The days of having standbys available aren't so common. In those cases, you could then have buses to place where needed. They're doing that on Staten Island, but it still isn't enough.
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    Here's a video of the M9 testing. If you wear noise canceling headphones you can hear the almost full acceleration from 0-40ish. It honestly sounds like the M8 but with the M7 pitch change around 30mph or so.
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    The seems to have a different relationship somewhat and correct me if I'm wrong. The MTA is the only agency that owns trackage that Amtrak uses and doesn't have operations agreement like the SLE and MARC. That should count for something in access fee negotiations.
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    They need to get RID of those timers especially on Queens Boulevard and the Fulton Street Line.
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    Rethink: Fabuloso isn't that expensive : We'll keep cleaners because we couldn't understand how Handy worked : on second thought, cleaning during the day only is kinda stupid. Our bad.
  48. 1 point
    The charges Amtrak pennies on the dollar on their territory I believe. CDOT also has a separate (unrelated) agreement because Amtrak operates Shore Line East. On the flip side, Amtrak does charge NJTransit an access fee and recently began charging the MBTA access fees also.
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    Looking at next month: No service between 96 St and 148 St; Operates to 137 St; No late service: Nov 17-19 No service between Bowling Green and New Lots Av: Nov 9-12 Reduced service between 125 St and Woodlawn: Nov 10-11 All Uptown service runs express between Grand Central and 125 St: Nov 10-12 Manhattan bound service operates via Rutgers tunnel: Nov 2-5, 23-26 All Downtown service is express along CPW: Nov 9-12; Uptown: Nov 16-19 Reduced service: Nov 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 No service between 145 and 168 Sts: Nov 17-18 Reduced service: Nov 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 (Note: only on 17-18) All service is local in Queens: Nov 3-5 All Manhattan bound service is express in Queens: Nov 9–12; Jamaica bound: Nov 16-19 No service between Jamaica Center and Briarwood; Service runs to 179 St: Nov 3-5, 24-26 Manhattan bound service runs via 53 St: Nov 2-5 No service between Church Av and Coney Island: Nov 2-5, 23-26 No service between Nassau Av and Court Sq: Nov 2-3 (Ends 8pm, Sat) No service east of Crescent St: Nov 10-11, 17-18 No service between 8 Av and Broadway Junction: Nov 9-12, 16-19 Operates to 96 St to supplement the and : Nov 9-12, 16-19 Operates via West End, both directions: Nov 9-12 Operates via Montague tunnel, both directions: Nov 9-12, 16-19 No service between 96 St and Prospect Park: Nov 9-12, 16-19 Operates to 179 St: Nov 10-11, 17-18
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    Double check, because MTA is jumpy like that. They will say one thing at application time and go with another later down the line. When I took the Dispatcher exam, the NOE stated that we weren't allowed to use calculators on the test. The test got postponed and our new admission letters stated that we could use them (thought they just used a template from other exams and didn't change it) and we winded up being able to use them.
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