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    TA/OA and MTA Bus Company (Spring Creek) are two completely and totally different business entities under MTA . The Michael J. Quill depot, its buses and bus operators, surface line dispatchers and maintenance teams have absolutely nothing to do MTA Bus Company. Personally, I disagree that MTA New York City Transit should operate interstate service. The economic benefits are for New Jersey, not New York. New Jersey should run it, subsidize it (DOT grants, corporate subsidies etc) if it so desires to or bless it (a la any necessary permits -if any etc). As we know, there was only one (or two) private carrier, Red & Tan (a Coach USA "entity" (as I am unclear of their affiliation) in the last 20 years that ran scheduled interstate coach service between Staten Island and Hoboken/Jersey City, which ultimately led to the creation of the s89. As I have said previously. The s89 serves a dual purpose, a somewhat faster ride, being limited service along Richmond Ave with additional capacity for school kids in the AM as well as the commuter purpose. For the most part, except for the long-standing detour onto the Dr. MLK Expressway, the s89 works as intended. As we have seen with the Staten Island Express Bus Realignment - Nobody seems to like or want to transfer. So selling a three system transfer (to Manhattan as many people do) does not appear likely. Getting back to interstate service and NYCT, with respect to the s89, there are only 8, high seniority runs. The runs are straight, they do not interline with anything else meaning, a guy/gal won't do 5 round trips on the s44 and do a round trip on the s89. The folks you see driving only operate the s89. This is because of federal rules, DOT FMCSA (Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which strictly dictates the hours of service (actual driving and "on duty" time) for that individual - (this also entails a separate medical exam as well). Having only eight folks do these runs keeps things manageable. However "issues" arise when you have operator availability issues such as a B/O having an accident, going out sick or simply going AWOL. Now when these operator availability issues arise, the crew dispatcher than has to utilize a resource, such as an "Extra List" operator, lets say YU XL 64, who was previously not subject to federal DOT regulations, but instead of the somewhat more generous (with respect to hours of service) NYS 19-A laws which all NYCTA/OA/BC operators are subject to (regardless of state of residency) to make service. Given the various complexities of federal law, this will now limit YU XL 64's activities for the rest of the week and this is monitored by the Department of Buses. Further complicating this , while many Yukon B/O's maintain the federal certifications (NJ/PA residents, by default) many NYS residents may not. Living on Staten Island for 30+ years, i don't see these SIM4x and SIM5x proposals gaining any traction, especially for Middlesex service. Maybe an entrepreneur can start something near the hotels along the West Shore Expressway and have both a long-term parking/kiss and ride for EWR service. Workers can use the street/service roads. As I addressed previously: - The 10 (Operated by Academy/22 Hillside), certain trips can be extended over the Bayonne Bridge to either Forest & Richmond Avenues or a "Bridge Plaza" stop and turnaround for connection from Staten Island to Journal Square. - The new Goethals Bridge now has a pedestrian walkway, which will open sometime in the next year or so, while very undesirable given it's proximity to a sewage treatment plant and whatever is being cooked up along the aptly named Chemical Coast, people do have an option. Perhaps Coach USA which has dominance in Union & Essex County could look at starting a service with a sole SI stop being at Forest & Richmond. This could also solve or at least provide help to a long-standing problem for Bayonne and Jersey City residents who rely on public transportation need to travel between Hudson & Union Counties without a trek to Union City if the above is implemented. - I strongly feel that there should be something over the Outerbridge Crossing. Ideally, something that goes to Woodbridge Mall area to the ETC would be good. Again Academy Express which has dominance in Middlesex County as the NJT's contract carrier for the 8xx routes would be best suited for this. Even outside of NJT and the big name PBL's. As I have said previously, nothing, absolutely nothing outside of the requisite federal requirements (unless NYS based (then see NYS Article 19A requirements) prevents anyone with a minibus, coach bus or a van from starting a interstate service. Paterson/Passaic, Hudson Counties still deal with the "jitneys" that traverse their roadways and front run NJT's scheduled service essentially "poaching" fares. For 2018, they appear to have been on their best behaviour as I am not aware of any high profile incidents or accidents that they have been involved in. Every now and then the Port Authority, Fort Lee PD and certain specially trained NYPD units (near the Lincoln Tunnel) will do spot checks on vehicles for the usual safety and license checks - separate from the actual service they provide.
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    The -NEW- 7685, along with 7692, 7694 and 7695 are at WF, ironically.
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    The closest they got for Metro-North is the one for Grand Central, which is buried in their site. I haven't seen any effort to expand that to the other stations.
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    Railfans arguing for service cuts? You gotta be kidding me. Is the current system broke? Hell no! Don't "fix" it.
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    What I’m not seeing is an argument for this. Most LIRR lines get service hourly or better on weekends/holidays; you’d be reducing that substantially with your plan. It isn’t like the world stops on Xmas—people are still working, people need to get to family, people need to shop, etc. We should be advocating for more SEPTA service, not less LIRR service.
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    I can't come to grips to hating any particular rolling stock.... Preferences are one thing, but perusing some of the posts/discussions in this section & on other forums (subchat, etc.) over the years, the absolute disdain that's exuded for a particular fleet always trips me out.... You'd have thought someone's momma was being slapped, the way some of y'all dudes go hard in the paint with that...
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    For what it's worth their was two sets of 42s in service on the today..
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    Good morning and Merry Christmas. Here's another addition to the gallery. Date: 1988 Printed by: Michigan Laser Graphics Used for: R68s, R68As Upon delivery of the cars, starting in May 1988, all incoming R68As were equipped with these curtains, a change from the alphabetical order found on their Westinghouse cousins. Also, this one included options in anticipation of the Manhattan Bridge closure, something the original curtains on the R68s did not, leading to several instances where those cars would be signed up as when the south tracks were closed. This lack of correct exposures led to some of the original R68 curtains being replaced with this model in the early 1990s. However, most trains would retain their original curtains until 2001 when they would be replaced with new ones that had a correct circle route.
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    I believe the provisional hiring was based on previous customer service based work experience along with test score. There must have been some method to their madness. As far as the certified list. I think they will go down from highest score to lowest, (based on the current openings available and company needs) start to call people who turned provisional down and see if they want the job. Then change the rest of us over to permanent. Only thing I'm concerned about is this "hiring freeze" and what role it will play I'm getting us switched from provisional to permanent. Let's see how this goes. Good luck to all.
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    So I figured I'd post what I've been through here. First day was December 17th. The first week the first 3 days was pretty much orientation for both TA and Union. Lots of paper work and books handed out. Pretty much cut of the river orientation stuff for most big companies, got some equipment the 3rd day at the Union hall. The 4th day Thursday we were back at PS248 we got more equipment and started to learn some basic Acronyms but the most important ones. Learn them! These acronyms that they teach you at the start are gonna come in use for when you first start yard posting on your on. They will be your prayer every day. All classes even A division (I'm B) went down to CI yard and got track certified. Was cool to climb on a R46. Friday was first day of OT. Security was suppose to show to do some training with us but never did. It was a regular learning day, as was Sunday. You usually won't have to do training on Sunday it just applies to us so we can have the holiday eve's and holidays off. So Thursday we started reporting to individual locations. My class started with 207 yard and learning the R32. There was no R32 learning the first day though. We learned about key by signals most of the day and a bit of terminology. Today Thursday we learned some basics on rail components and switch components and safely traversing tracks in yards(Different then when we went to CI yard as we weren't even close to any switches and in yards you will have to traverse switches.)In the later part of the day we did walk the yard and watched how to inspect the R32 and some components under the truck, then climbed aboard the R32. We each took a turn charging the train and dumping the brakes(I didn't really catch on I need a list or something lol).We also knocked off and reapplied the hand brake. No actual movement but was still cool though.More fun tomorrow as we report to ENY yard for the R42!
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    All hiring that happened prior to establishment of the list was arbitrary and not based on the list number. When they hire in order, the lower your number the better.
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    Go back in the thread, I don't feel like rehashing it. Shenanigans ensued...my tip: make sure your email is 195% indisputable. FWIW when I call DCAS it says I'm on an outstanding certification as well - all it means is your info got kicked to transit. Now that they have to hire in order people in the 700s are getting pre-employment papers, so if your number is much larger than that it might be a while. There is also the whole thing where those of us already here have to be made permanent...I'm not particularly concerned since my list # is two digits - so that should be taken care of soon, but there are people in the 1400s already working here as well. They didn't hire in any particular order provisionally and I would be willing to bet money that this whole thing will continue to be a mess for a while.
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    Starting $19 (when the list was posted) top pay $27.
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    Everyone got that email whether they deserved it or not. I had been working there four months when I got it.
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    I’m on an outstanding certification as well
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    With MTA anything is possible...just keep your eye out on the mail. I think the whole list is on outstanding certification just because of the amount of people on it.
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    NICE released their winter schedules, which will take in effect on January 20th, 2019. Key changes include: Straightening out the n40/41 in Roosevelt and having the n43 run along Babylon Trunpike and Grand Avenue. Splitting the n24 in half at Roosevelt Field Mall during the weekdays. The n22x now running between 179th Street Subway and Hicksville during the rush while the n22 local runs between Mineola and Jamaica Bus Terminal. The n22x stopping outside of the Intermodal Center at Mineola Blvd and 2nd Street Their new shuttle service along West Shore Road running between Roslyn LIRR and Port Washington LIRR. Their graphics in the link below will explain the changes much better than I can because it sounds like they're frustrated with the n22 and n24. https://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Summer-2018-Schedule-Changes
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    Until there is a Metro-Card that is not easily demagnetized and doesn't require 20 swipes to only have the screen read "just used"... Until it takes less than 4 weeks to receive a replacement Metro-Card after you've filed a claim... Until there are multiple self-service metro card machines at every station and at least one at every major bus hub... ...don't be fooled into thinking this is anything more than gaslighting. Yes, fare beating is a massive strain...but aren't there bigger fish to fry?
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    Congrats!! Did you receive them the same day? What was your score?
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    I can believe it. So many people just walk on now or have a sob story. Driver presses F5 and calls it a day, even on some express buses. Had two guys get on the BxM4 going to Woodlawn. Their subway stop was out so they called themselves taking the express bus and then of course they have NO idea that the fare was $6.50. You know that regular unlimited Metrocard covers that...
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    Finally got my like number 17** hopefully it comes through. I was completely bummed about the previous conductor exam closing while in the process... do station agents do any other duties besides the booth? Anyone know anything about the provisional list?
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    Laser detector devices on the turnstiles: break the beam without rotating the turnstile in the exit direction and the alarm goes off/camera takes a picture. Keep some cops nearby to intercept the crook. Install in select stations with the highest rate of farebeating.
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    The problem I have with this proposal is a simple one - None of these should be a] MTA operated & b] express routes (if they were to be MTA operated).... Generally speaking, I have always liked the idea of an SI -Elizabeth (Jersey Gardens) via Bayonne route (moreso than, say, an SI-Elizabeth route via the outerbridge), but I believe it should be an NJT operated local route, not an MTA express route..... Have it be *somewhat* similar to how the NJT #62 is structured; SI - Bayonne, then running through the airport (all terminals) before ending at JG (where the #40 & #24A/B terminates, not where the #111 does).... The route would have 2 zones - a 1 zone NJ intrastate route & if you wish to cross state lines, you get charged with the cost of an interstate zone 3 ride (that's that $4.50 IINM).... Whether it should run closed door in SI & how deep into SI it should run to, are debatable/up for discussion.... That takes care of what you're trying to do w/ the 40/c, 41, and the 42 As for what you'd like to accomplish with the 50/51, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't bother with any [SI - Raritan Center] or [SI - Metropark] route (regardless of service type).... You're not taking those people out of their cars.... Demand for fixed bus service to both Iselin (for the purpose of serving the offices themselves out there) or Raritan Center, from SI, I can not imagine being remotely adequate enough to warrant it.... If you're talking about running a bus service to NJT Metropark (the RR station), while there are quite a bit of SI-ers driving there for rail service, good luck getting those people to a] wait for a bus, b] take it only to NJT Metropark, c] to THEN ride up to Newark or into NYC.... ...especially with the notorious & ever increasing delays that plaguing the NJT rails these days.
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    good question i would like to know the same last i heard they were up to 837 appointed.
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    They actually cite a reason: Update: The 28 St station will remain temporarily closed until mid-January 2019 During the course of the station's extensive renovation, structural deficiencies relating to steel support columns were uncovered and must be addressed. Please continue to use the travel alternatives below. We thank you for your patience.
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    It could be that it's perceived as not as much of a big deal than the other ones since technically, no stations are closed under the Jamaica shutdown. Jamaica Center and Sutphin Blvd remain open for the full duration of the project. It's just the lower level platforms that will be closed. Also, the shuttle buses will only operate a one-stop distance between 121 Street and Jamaica-Van Wyck Blvd . Finally, the loss of skip-stop service is being offset with additional trains.
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    Yeah, with the combination of [the current terminal having been carved, proximate to Gateway II] & [the closing of Brooklyn DDSO], there's no real point to having buses run down Fountain all the way to the end.... I say the B84 should get axed, regardless.... For what you're proposing here however, I'd have the Q8 running via Erskine & the B13 running via Vandalia.... The whole point of the Q8 extension was to serve Gateway, not to better serve Brooklyn neighborhoods..... That route is a PITA along 101st as it is; nevermind what it has to deal with within Jamaica proper.... With that said, I would not have Q8's making all those stops you list after the (current) Fountain/Flatlands stop..... After Flatlands, I'd only have it stopping by the eastern end of Gateway II (Buffalo Wild Wings), the current Site dr. stop, and the western end of Gateway II (current terminal)..... Leave Vandalia/Fountain & Erskine/Vandaila for the B13.... As for the Home depot stop (which was where they had B84's temporarily terminating at throughout most of this year), the problem I have with it is that it exacerbates traffic in the immediate area.... That right lane/curbside lane should be left for all the mall goers making that right turn inside the mall.... I think the B13 is underserved as it is, but (if one were to) have the B13 running via Vandalia (esp. during peak hours), you may end up needing short turns b/w the mall & Jamaica av. when Spring Creek gets fully developed down there.....
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    It is not so simple...for example, the cost of diverting police to fare evasion duty may not be worth it if it means fewer cops available to arrest people, etc. They tried the alarm system, and it annoyed everyone so they disabled it. I also don't get the impression it prevented much farebeating They already are developing the Fare Fairs program to lower the cost for low-income people. But I'm not convinced that it will change people's attitude of "I can just jump the turnstile". Like Byford said in the article, they really need to find out if people are farebeating because they otherwise can't pay for food and rent, or if it is more of a culturally accepted attitude.
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    I replied to your comments in the Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013 (post 1376) as the discussion (appears to) digress away from VG8's original purpose.
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    On the B84 issue---when the neighborhood is complete and Vandalia Avenue is re-opened between Gateway Drive (formerly the proposed Walker Street) and Elton Street), I see a better option...reroute the B13 and the Q8. Both routes would end at Gateway Mall via JC Penney, but take different routes there. Both would turn off Fountain at Vandalia Avenue. Then: One route would turn left onto Erskine Street, operate south on Erskine Street, and then along Gateway Drive. New stops at: Vandalia & Fountain, Erskine/Vandalia, Erskine at Buffalo Wild Wings, Erskine at Home Depot, Gateway Drive at Site Drive (actually made a stop), and Gateway Drive at JC Penney. The other route would remain on Vandalia Avenue, making the following stops on Vandalia: Fountain, Erskine, Essex, Elton, mid-way between Elton and Gateway Drive, and Gateway Drive at JC Penney At that point, the B84 would be discontinued, with better connections and ADA access to the subway. The build-up of the neighborhood requires a rethinking of the routes in Spring Creek Basin.
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    What a surprise, another delayed project...what's the likelihood "mid-January" turns into "mid-March"
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    Huh. Maybe they turned it off then -- it's been a second since I've been through QP on the . As for routes, yes, I dunno why they do that. As long as you have route locked in out of the cut, you should be able to platform, as the crossover control allows you to (or maybe used to, again I haven't been following QP too closely) pull to the homeball without a clear route to the north. The signal system at FH on D2 (the n/b local track) is the real disaster, though. Beyond the fumigation issue, you have one shot DGTs which slaughter entrance speeds. I can understand (and I actually support) DGTs in interstation areas, but the installs that govern just-after-station switches seem (to borrow slang) extra. If we can't trust T/Os to not operate suicidally, then we may as well give up all efforts to keep capacity -- pretty much everywhere in the system will have to be timed as if people are flying into them at 50. It's especially galling given that this standard of (D)GTing just-after-station speeds has been applied without uniformity. Newer interlocking rebuilds (so 6th) have just-after-station switches with low limits and high entrance speeds (think of the B2/B4 crossover north of W4, or the local->express crossovers in both directions at 34/42, or hell the 15mph curve coming out of W4 s/b) without this application of GTs and DGTs. Why can't QB (and Culver; DGTs have the same effect on capacity at Church) receive this treatment?
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    All I can say is everyone on this list should have a chance. The list is small compared to others and it for exhaust until 12/22...
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    I live in Riverdale and we are served by some of the semi-express trains from Westchester, and those trains get good loads, a lot more than you would expect. In fact even on Sunday nights, the crowds coming back from Westchester or other suburbs into Grand Central are astonishing. Millennials like myself use those trains more than the older generation, and that is who Metro-North and the LIRR is targeting as the next generation of riders by running those trains. I have been very pleased with the additional off-peak service and on nice days I walk from my apartment down to the station or even walk from the station home. It's us that's driving less and using public transit more because it's easier. Parking can be a pain where I live so I like the freedom of just walking to Metro-North or the express bus for commuting into the City.
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    My wife has issues parking our 3 row SUV this person drove a 60-foot bus around the City and didn't put a dent in it? They had to some type of CDL training and use of mirrors? What am I missing?
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    111 St will be closed starting next month.
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    Honestly, I enjoy all of the current subway cars in their own ways. Threatening to not ride a certain subway line because of the cars they use is a level of cringe that's unfortunately all too familiar on these forums. Let's just appreciate the cars for what they are while we still have them.
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    I've known people who will do anything to avoid a line that has R160s or R188 or NTT, even go as far to walk.
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    Not to mention they were the last model's in NYC Subway made entirely (IIRC) in America and by a company has all but imploded upon itself today. I find it hard to feel too emotionally nostalgic over the R44/R46 due to many bad experiences and reliability issues I've had with it on the . But as for the trains themselves, I find them very charming and classic, they definitely stand the test of time very well for what they are, and continue to be living pieces of history (right besides the R32). Granted, there "change" hasn't always been well received, ex. 60 foot carriages to 75 foot. But these trains represent the last dying moments in history of America's rapid train/subway expansion and ambition; heck, even during the introduction of these trains, the government was already endorsing highways, and the subway itself was falling apart. That analysis is general for a certainly, but it's hard to imagine the society and cultural outlook behind trains and projects in this country before and during that era, without stepping foot on a train like the R46, and being whisked to that time for good or bad. Now, if only this country could produce more proper trains today, sigh...
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    Septa is a turd of a transit agency, none of the MTA entities should copy Septa in any shape or form. Most stations don't even have TVM in 2018 and a good portion of their stations on the trenton line is literary a slab of concrete and a shack.
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    I'm actually shocked so many people dislike them. It feels super satisfying to be on R46 when it's on an express route, those things can really go.
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    The problem is poor inter-agency coöperation.
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    AMEN! When reliability goes to instant shit , yes.
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    It would be just for Christmas, when ridership is significantly down compared to other holidays. Bee Line is closed on Christmas.
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