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    It would be cool if our subway shuttle buses were signed up like this😁
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    That's because the RTSes left a bigger impact and legacy in New York. NY has used the RTS since 1981 and is still used today. When you think about the Bus side of the MTA, most people have the RTS as the GOAT of all buses. In New Jersey's case, The Flexibles were the face of the NJ Transit. While the RTSes played second banana to the Flexibles in Jersey. Its kinda like how MTA's Orion 5s were. They were great buses, but the RTS got most of the attention. Imagine NJ Transit with out the Metros. Now imagine New York with out the RTS. Can't have them with out both. I think a big factor is the areas covered. For example, The RTS has been present in every borough and every depot at least once for years. Meanwhile the 1999 - 2000 New Flyer C40LF (Another loved bus model) were only found in Jackie Gleason routes for most of there lives. So I think the more prevelant a bus model is, the more attatched people are to a specific.
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    In my opinion, it's just another instance of this belief that if we didn't build, create or invent it here in New York, it'll never be viable here. Gotta love that "Can't Do" attitude.
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    B13, B48 and B57 to FP as well.
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    I forgot to add what we’ll be discussing: -Feasibility of HOV lanes on various expressways (The Bruckner, The Cross Bronx, The Major Deegan, LIE, etc.) -TSP (Traffic Signal Priority) for express bus service. We’d like an idea of a timeline for its implementation, something we’ve been unable to obtain during our meeting with elected officials. -Feasibility of bus shelters for express bus stops in both Manhattan and outer borough locations. Express bus service is supposed to be a “premium service” according to the , yet express bus riders have very few bus shelters in comparison to local bus stops, especially when considering that wait times can be long during off-peak hours where service may only be hourly.
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    Yes! Thank you. If homeless people prevent open-gangway trains, (a premise I don't accept, but just for argument's sake,) then the way forward is addressing the homeless people problem, not giving up on a vastly better train design that adds necessary capacity. It's amazing to me how often New York (and American) exceptionalism is expressed as a defeatist attitude. Come on. We can do better.
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    Definitely not the employer for you. It sounds like you're salty and already hating on people.
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    @QM1to6Ave Your bus should be coming tonight. So far the QM1s have been arriving. All trips came this morning, and all have come this evening. We’ve been making such a stink in my group, that one of my contacts went in on his day off today. lol
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    B60 Should've Went Back To ENY In My Opinon 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️
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    One minute it's a bridge, next minute is a tunnel, minute after that it's a bridge, minute after that, it's a tunnel again... About as free as the Tappan Zee.
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    Everybody knows the Metros (especially NJ) because of the way the bus would sway when it would turn. The memorable thing about NJ RTS to me was the rear door design (only because it was different from New York's RTSes and that they had Orange destination signs (Compared to New York mostly have Flipdot destination signs). But the RTSes that New Jersey had are one of the best buses that NJ Transit ever had. They were just not remembered like New York's.
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    I believe the Fix and Fortify closures were done in their present order based on the potential ridership impact and not just damage. It's just coincidence that the worst damage Montague tunnel was the least impactful in terms of ridership, hence why that was closed first. The had a bunch of nearby alternatives when that tunnel was taken out of service in 2013. That isn't the case for the , hence the extended wait while contingencies were drawn up to mitigate a closure of that magnitude. Sure, it would've been better from an operations standpoint to get the Canarsie tunnel back to pre-Sandy conditions earlier than it currently is planned for, but getting several different agencies to come up with a beneficial plan to minimize the impact of the loss of the Canarsie line is not an easy process, especially when dealing with the great bureaucracy. As for the comparisons to restoring service after Sept. 11th, that was all about bouncing back from the tragedy of the attacks. It would've been the equivalent of leaving that empty pit where the Twin Towers stood. Also, a better comparison would've been to the initial restoration of service on Nov. 8th, 2012 and a more apt comparison to the planned closure would be to the long-delayed restoration of service at Cortlandt St.
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    The last B usually leaves Brighton at 8:35 but that’s after they start local on 4th ave which is around 7
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    It's crazy. I'd like to work a relief day now and then...they need to slow it down lol
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    I forgot to add that since 4 trains need to share track at DeKalb that’s probobaly why the modified schedule. They maybe could send the N via Whitehall.
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    I can't wait to see how hideous the SIM33C destination code is gonna look with combination spelled out on a split screen 🤢. [SIM33 |Combination] 😥
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    Here are some more screenshots, at a time when service is suppose to be running every 9-12 minutes: In this one, the Flushing bound service is suppose to be 20 minutes apart. The first bus is over 30 minutes late: Service is just now starting to normalize once FP takes over for the night. I've never seen buses with such gaps and super-concentrated bunching (whether rush hour, midday, or evening) like that. That tends to be a GA thing, as it always happens with the Q59. Don't know about you, but I think the Q59 might start becoming more important along Grand Avenue (the corridor) if the Q58 bus service is going to be consistently run like this.
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    New class of 24 A/C's is officially on the roster, start date of 1/9/2019. Congrats guys, welcome.
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    Here are some more pics. DSC_0095 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0100 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0102 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0107 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0112 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0116 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0124 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0145 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0154 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0161 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0166 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0171 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0175 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0179 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0186 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0191 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0196 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0200 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0204 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0206 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0211 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0212 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0216 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9951 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9955 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9960 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9965 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9969 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9974 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9981 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_9999 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0008 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0018 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0027 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0029 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0036 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0043 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0048 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr DSC_0058 by Matthew Tanglao, on Flickr
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    I suspect a big reason why is due to the location of the depot itself..Grand Ave isn't situated well for alot of commercial traffic, and if the area becomes clogged with even one truck all hell breaks loose...
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    No, just be honest. I got fired from a job when I was 20 over some total nonsense and the subject never came up. I listed it in the pre-employment packet and the 21 page packet they give you as homework when you go to pre-employment.
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    The theory of "if you build it, they will come" works only when "they" know about "it."
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    It's a 3-way process, dependent on how quickly the R-179's can overcome their technological boo-boos and enter revenue service. And not necessarily or concurrently 1-for-1 either. Step 1: An R-179 train enters service, Ostensibly from 3150-3245 or thereabouts. Step 2: A set of R-160A-1's is transferred from 207 back to East NY . There were 80 at the beginning of November; now there are 64. Step 3: R-32's then R-42's are removed from ENY. The R-32's all went to 207 Street; it looks like the MK R-42's will be going to Coney Island. (Speculatively, Step 4 would be R-42's on , more R-68/68A's on and and [probably] the first batch of R-160's to Jamaica for the CBTC conversion job.) In spite of the non-tunnel closure, depending on what permanent service improvements are implemented on , there could be some R-32's going to Coney Island, too, as will one species of R-46 or another, sooner or later...
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    Excellent write up, Lance. I for one think that if they're going for this new 'improved' Canarsie plan, they may as well do it as two-track closures. Saves you the crowding issue at Bedford (only every other or every third train runs through, meaning you get lots of people waiting) and it also forces the MTA to do real mitigation. Oh, and it cuts the work period in half. Generally, I'd love to see the insufferable and interminable single direction or all weekend closures on at least the outer borough branches be replaced by a week or so of just full shutdown. I say that because not only are those routes not capacity critical, but they're also the hardest hit by weekend service reductions -- a single direction closure on the , for example, means waiting for a once-every-twelve-minutes train twice. In the core, this becomes a harder battle, but I think that using periods of low ridership (the Xmas week, Thanksgiving Week, late August, etc) to do even some partial shutdowns would go a long way. Imagine how much faster the 34th/W4th interlocking cutovers would have gone if they'd got a week in August or something -- I wouldn't have had to rely on the all summer.
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    To answer your first question, he didn't bring it up any longer because he doesn't care about NYC residents. If he did care, then he would've been at that first tunnel tour in March 2016 and bring up that solution there instead of waiting now and confusing people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. To answer your second question, they waited this longer due to the need to find out the actual damage, come up with a strategy to fix the tunnel, plan for robust alternatives for line passengers, and fix up nearby subway lines to be in great condition to carry displaced riders. However, if they inspected every tunnel in June 2013 (and planned the Canarsie work immediately after that June inspection) instead of staggering the inspections over several years, this should've been the order the tunnels would be repaired: Montague Greenpoint Canarsie Steinway 53rd Street Cranberry Street Clark Street Joralemon Street Rutgers Street That way, the most damaged tunnels would be fixed first instead of waiting. But nope, MTA does what is "best" for us.
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    New Jersey and Connecticut voters don’t care about the train! For that matter, New York voters who live in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Plattsburgh and Poughkeepsie don’t care about the train either. It will NOT play any significant role in who they vote for in the Democratic primaries. Well, if they’re so concerned about the heavy traffic on 14th Street, then maybe said New Jersey drivers ought to go and write their pols about extending the train there. And a park-and-ride in Secaucus, yes? 😆 On a bit more of a serious note, I agree here! If this was such a viable option two years ago (possibly longer), then why the Hell didn’t Cuomo bring it up then? But also, why didn’t they start this sooner? The tunnel got flooded with salt water from Sandy well over six years ago. Everyone kept talking about how bad it was. If it was so bad, then they should have made plans for a shutdown much sooner than 2019. Even with all the planning and contracts, it still could have been done much sooner. Can you imagine just how incompetent the State/MTA would be looked at if it took anywhere close to that long to restore the to South Ferry after 9/11?
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    Man, I just don't get this argument at all. Every other major city around the world has homeless people on metro trains; NYC isn't unique that way. Those cities have open-gangway trains. It's not a problem. If anything, it's better because it's easier to move away from the smell.
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    So my brother got home right now, and he tells me there was this dude running around on the Astoria train, with his sweatpants hanging down and his dick flopping around. As soon as the train got to 36 Av, the cops were there waiting for him.
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    Here's an update on the renovations at Chambers Street (photos from Facebook and not mine)
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    Auxiliary Wayside (legacy block with very long blocks) is primary signalling system, CBTC simply turns off block signals (green->flashing green) if a CBTC aware train tries to enter an empty legacy block, thus converting it to a CBTC block, or a CBTC aware train tries to enter a CBTC block (red->flashing green). A legacy train would get red until the last CBTC train leaves the next block, and then a legacy train may enter the block. The legacy block track circuits also need exercise sometimes. If its outside of peak, and the last CBTC train claims to have left the block, the block better not be occupied, if it is, it is a track circuit failure, but I wonder what NYCT's specs say happens if an AWS track circuit fails, CBTC trains run full speed through the block? legacy key by procedure/Form D, 1 train in the block? lock the trip cock down and stop on sight?
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    http://www.mediafire.com/download/xw1lpptvnalzovh/Northeast_Region_Network_Track_Maps.rar Septa/NJT, LIRR, and MNRR maps.
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