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    Yay, more money for consultants... This proposal needs to be left to die. Like now. That 7.2 million could be much better spent on bus lanes or service increases...
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    Is "All of them except the B39" an acceptable answer?
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    There's always a document on things like this. They're called "bullitens". If your T/O friend is confirming this as fact, it's probably from a bulliten. Which all train Crews are responsible for reading.
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    Routes that like to bunch? This is where we need that dude Yuki (Endo) right now; notorious for compiling long ass lists of bus routes whenever questions of the sort arise.... If only someone can find the (or, one of his) posts of his in one of those *what's your favorite route* type of question threads/discussions... Dude just about listed every freakin route, even discontinued ones... Like, honestly now
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    Lol at this "source".....quite a lot of us know who that is. No need to be cryptic about it, it's not even exclusive information anymore. Just say that it'll be in service and be done with it, no need to drag it on.
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    http://gothamist.com/2019/02/06/the_l_still_smells.php So theres been a strong fuel smell in the train tunnels in Williamsburg for days now and I'm supposed to believe that the MTA can properly mitigate silica dust in time for morning rush hour? Please for the love of god, go back to the old plan.
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    So they installed this fancy new thing at 59/Lex as of today. But there's one glaring thing that's missing that kills it for certain express bus riders...
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    The worst bunching I have ever seen is by far is the B15 with the B8 being a close one too
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    I'll let Lewis Dodley from NY1 tell you:
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    Opinion: It's a train Fact: It's a train /thread
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    Honestly, if I were going to do this there are so many things I'd do that they'd take up a full page; the big one, though, would be turning any and all at-grade junctions into flying junctions, and reconfiguring all junctions such that trains didn't ever have to cross in front of each other
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    All electric is less expensive in the long run. Buses require much less maintenance. As of right now no one has tested electric buses other than Quill in Manhattan and Grand in Queens (Brooklyn Division). As of right now the buses have been testing for quite sometime and the New Flyer models have received favorable results. There’s no reason it won’t work here as it’s already been proven successful. The only major issue with the Preterras have been brakes not passing MTA’s testing. Mad far as hybrids go, I mentioned over a decade ago that it was a mistake u less they were Allison powered because of wide range our duty cycles. This proved to be corrects and they had to be tuned to keep up with NYC demands. We have good hybrids, they just weren’t made for high speeds. Any new tech or bus is going to have teaching problems. When the RTS was introduced it failed and had major rear door problems and a few other minor issues. At one time MTA was considering the testing of hydrogen-electric hybrid, (XHE40 or XHE60) buses, however they made the decision to go diesel-hybrid, then all-electric across the board. College Point has plans for articulated operations in the future with routes such as the Q25. But if and when this happens it will likely be XE60’s. MTA is no longer interested in long term investments in any buses other than all-electric. It is likely that last diesel and CNG orders have been awarded. MTA Bus will have the next standard procurement for 25 buses with options for an additional 16 options. This is ok the books as a diesel award but will likely change to hybrid and follow the 275 additional buses we have coming starting next year. It could also be converted to electric as well to support the conversion. This is the wave of the future. If the tech hasn’t failed by now, I don’t see it happening in the future. Our leased test buses have been performing quite well, and our first production order is only for 15 buses, so it’s not like the MTA is jumping out the window like they did with hybrids. Then next is 45 standard buses. If they were to somehow fail, MTA has cushion to move to another platform or go back to hybrids. Please note this includes express buses and I’m also getting word that MTA may also opt for a few test buses in the upcoming order which is pending for later this year. NFI is aggressively working on the new D45 CRTe (high-floor) and CRTe LE (low-entry) all-electric versions with tech based off the Xcelsior Charge. Effectively know as the D45 CRTe Charge and D45 CRTe LE Charge, these will be plug-in types and will not have en-route charging capabilities to my understanding. MCI (NFI) is currently in the test phase and want the buses (including the J4500e) to be commercially available next year in 2020. The J4500e prototype is complete and as many may know, the new D45 is essentially a classic D merged with a J. All my sources are telling me that as soon as the first bus is ready, and Altoona certified, it will make its way to NYC.
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    No BS, my order just came in about 2 mins ago (large fries, sm. chicken lo mein, large chicken/broccoli w. white rice) - and I'll be damned if I'm throwing it at a 35, a 46, or any other bus.... Now only if these buses can come as fast as this... fast food does !
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    I think he also forgot that SI local buses are the youngest in the system.
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    I would assume a full shift, I would hope they are rated for 200+ miles? The highest mileage express pieces ( not full runs, but half's) usually don't do more than 100 miles. And would have to see how weather effects them as well as the NGs alone really lack power during sub freezing temps (from experience) when it's working on more diesel power than electric you feel a huge difference. But I don't know NADA about full electric power and don't claim to know more than I do.
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    7686, 7687 to EN 6123, 6125 MQ to FB 7711, 7714, 7715, 7718, 7720, 7721 to FP 7716, 7717, 7722, 7725 to GA 5539, 5549, 5554-5558, 5560, 5561, 5563 to GH 0011 NFI Aniston back to MQ via the service center. Specs are now finalized for the XE60’s. Please excuse double posts if there are any.
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    The source @Lawrence St is talking about is correct. The R179 will start service by then.
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    Ahh I see, that 4899 is something right, cool. BTW when you quoted me the first time, with the pics....just for future refrence just cut off the pics.....they look like they were reposted again here.
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    Put them on the Franklin .
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    3190-3197 is now in service on the
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    Just wait and see, go out that day if it really bothers you.
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    Is this supposed to be a snowstorm because it says that the weather is 53 degrees outside? NVM, I think this is after Hurricane Sandy.
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    The earlier 7000s were my most favorites since early 2016(before, I wasn't an Xcelsior fan because of the Orion VII NGs on the very top of my list). but when the 2018 XD40s came by, that's when it takes my attention away from the 2015 units. But, the 2015 XD40s are my most favorite non-cuomofied Xcelsiors(even the cuomo livery schemes don't count). The 4800s are the buses I also like, but they are my last favorites(not least favaorites) making me have the solutions with their rear doors I dislike, no unit numbers at the rear door standing area, and their destination signs are not as sexy as the 2015 units with the orange axion signages. But, #4899 s the best of that series due to the CNG ventilation in the rear to show the significance of an XN40 coming later since 2011(it already happened) . However, I glad it's Navistar engine was replaced because, it creates a distressful noise and doesn't meet the pollution status of the EPA(but it sounds awesome and quiet for a bus). I am also doing a redo of the 2011 and 2014-15 XD40s review on Youtube due to some practical edits I have to clean up and making the vid a bit trimmed. Subscribe to me @King Auto & NYC Transit on Youtube for those review that will upload later this moth.
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    @NMondi since we don’t know exactly when they will call us why don’t u just go ahead and take the road test so you can get the cdl out of the way? I took this exam too and I just passed the cdl road test last week. U should do the same maybe?
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    We won't be tested at the overview. They'll give us the rest of the material to study and the written test will be on March 6th.
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    Just a few ideas on my mind: As a weekday AM & PM Rush Hour commuter between 57 St-7 Av & Avenue U, I constantly deal with the horrid merge at 34th St which will slow down my all the way to the bridge going south or stop us at 28th St on the express track going north, not to mention it causes delays on both the and . Also god forbid there'd be a merging in front of the on the bridge going south, with all the timers, curves and insanely slow speed limits in the DeKalb Junction, this causes many gaps in service service south of DeKalb Av, when trains are supposed to run roughly 7 minutes apart but will go from 2-4 minute intervals to 13-16 minute intervals at times during rush hour. My plan would be to completely de-interline the Broadway Line and the DeKalb Junction during normal hours: 96 St-2 Av to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Express via Sea Beach Daily, 5:00 AM-12:00 AM. Late Nights, Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Local via Whitehall St. 96 St-2 Av to Coney Island via Broadway-4 Av Express via West End (B'way Local during late nights). Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Whitehall St via Broadway Local, Daily 5:00 AM-12:00 AM. To compensate for the loss of the in Astoria, the will have to be bumped up to approximately 14 trains per hour (frequency roughly every 4-5 minutes, similar to the ) during peak-times. Unfortunately Whitehall St is not a sufficient terminus to accommodate 14 trains per hour and without proper fleet numbers to extend into Brooklyn, a couple of will have to short-turn at Canal St (upper level) during peak-times. 205 St-Norwood to Coney Island via 6 Av Express/Brighton Local. Fleet Swaps/Changes: R68: 240 (30 Sets) +1 Set of R68 Spares during Rush Hour will be used. R68: 8 (1 Set) R160: 210 (21 Sets) +1 Set of R68 Spares during Rush Hour will be used. R68: 8 (1 Set) R160: 210 (21 Sets) R68: 24 (3 Sets) R160: 170 (17 Sets) +5 Sets of R160 Spares during Rush Hour will be used. Pros: Reduced congestion. Increased capacity. Minimal delays (especially on the Manhattan Bridge, which can be an absolute nightmare). Cons: Astoria line loses Broadway Express service (although only 4 stops are skipped between 57 St-7 Av and Canal St, so not a huge loss). Brighton line loses direct Broadway service. Transfers will have to be made at Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, DeKalb Av or 34 St-Herald Square. West End & 4 Av Line loses direct 6 Av Service. Transfers will have to be made at Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, DeKalb Av or 34 St-Herald Square. With this service pattern, there wouldn't be any interlining/merging of various lines, reducing delays and increasing capacity. Alternative Options: Cut weekend and replace it with to Astoria-Ditmars Blvd via Broadway Local. However this may cause signage complications and confusion among people. Keep the via West End, replace Sea Beach service with the , Bedford Park Blvd/145 St-Coney Island, normal hours (96 St-2 Av late nights), providing Central Park West with weekend service. Astoria-Whitehall St via Local, 96 St-2 Av to Brighton Beach/Coney Island, eliminated. However extended service during nights via 6 Av may be viewed as superfluous (unnecessary) & long time Sea Beach Riders likely wouldn't be to fond of losing service.
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    9501 and 9509 are currently in service on the M9
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    Key phrase there. Of course places are subject to change.... (p.s. Westport [in CT] & Greenport [out in LI] are both one word.... ) I've never known it to be anything but (that).... As far as feel or things of that nature, when I think of Port Richmond, I think of its corresponding named avenue... The commercial sector of that road could stand to undergo some sort of revitalizing or something (and that's being VERY nice about it).....
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    I agree. The only time I go north of Post is when I need to take the buses near Castleton Ave.
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    Hours. Like Trainmaster said some jobs pay more than 8 hours which are known as “penalty” jobs. You get paid for every minute you’re working. Lines like the 2,3,4,5 have a lot of penalty jobs. On the 2 for example you could be working a job that pays for 9:30 mins and then something happens that forces you to clear 1 hour later. Now you just made 10:30 mins of pay, plus you get a bonus of 30 extra mins since they’ll divide the hour in half and pay you for that. The 1 line has a lot of jobs that only pays 8 hours.
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    Alright, bear with me, but this is going to get real crayon-y. BRONX: Swap the and . This Pelham Line cuts from Westchester > 163rd > Westchester. This WPR stays on Southern. Hunts Point Av is a major transfer station on the scale of Jackson Heights. Lexington Av Local - to Wakefield and to Dyre. Lexington Av Express - to Woodlawn and to BPK. Seventh Av Express - to Parkchester and express to PBP. WESTERN QUEENS/NORTH OF MIDTOWN: 60th St tunnel is four tracks. Flushing line is four tracks. They're connected and the entire thing is BMT. Local tracks take over the Whitestone Branch to Malba. Express tracks terminate at Broadway LIRR. 42nd St Line goes to Astoria. 53rd St is four tracks the entire length. The Sixth Avenue Line becomes the Queens Blvd local tracks. All four tracks head under Broadway, there is no express diversion via Northern. 63rd St does not exist in this timeline. Crosstown line terminates at a lower level of Queens Plaza. Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza are one station. DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN/DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN Cranberry St tunnel is four tracks. But not in the way you'd think. Express tracks are 8th Av express and local tracks are Broadway local. There are platforms at Atlantic Barclays to connect with the BMT and IRT. 8th Av local goes over the Broadway Line south of Cortlandt St. After Montague there are two branches: the 4th Avenue local and the Myrtle Avenue elevated. Through service from the Nassau Street Line to Myrtle Av does not exist. The Crosstown Line is an el using Manhattan Av, the BQE, and Bedford Av before joining up with the Franklin Av El, which is still ten cars long. EASTERN BROOKLYN AND QUEENS Instead of the Fulton Avenue Line replacing the Fulton El east of East New York, it replaces the Jamaica El. There are four tracks running from Downtown Brooklyn to Woodhaven Blvd. At this point, the express tracks go down the former Rockaway Beach Branch to the Rockaways. The local tracks proceed to Jamaica via Jamaica Avenue. Downtown Jamaica looks very different. There are four tracks underneath Hillside; the Queens Blvd express runs onto the Hillside Av express. The Fulton/Jamaica local is the Hillside local. The Queens Blvd local runs underneath Jamaica Av and ends at 157/Liberty. The Nassau St line runs over the Broadway el onto the three-tracked remains of the eastern Fulton Avenue El. There is no skip stop, but a <J> express from Lefferts Blvd runs during the peak hours. And that concludes this episode of Wallyhorsin Around. Maybe I'll get bored and do a map of this.
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    Calvin, Per your roster, please add #8232, #8235-8236, #8238-8240...they have bike racks. I saw them as I paid a visit to Castleton today. #8232, #8235-8236 and #8238 were all on the S53 today.
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    Let me start off by saying this is a discussion for the Fleet & Depots thread. If you made a general discussion post recently and no longer see it here, it’s because I removed it. This conversation will be moved for reference. This is the ONLY conversation that will be moved. All others will simply be removed, and your posting privileges will subject to immediate suspension. At this point these buses (XDE40’s) aren’t being tested. These are production pilot buses for the upcoming order, not test buses. This is actually a direct competition and evaluation between the different hybrid systems. I’m 100% percent sure we will get more XDE40’s, and if Nova drops the price of their hybrids we will get a split order with Nova LFS hybrids as well. Those would/will go to the Bronx and Queens. Quill is getting new hybrids (see hybrid deployment plans on the first page of fleet and depots). When they arrive, they will be assigned Quill, so it makes sense for a couple depots to get and evaluate at least one BAE unit and one Allison unit. What I will be waiting for is Ulmer Park. Theses will be their first hybrids. Nothing was ever mentioned about hybrids, yet this was a given seeing that they will go to all divisions except Staten Island. The original electric plans were for Quill and GA to swap fleets 18 months into testing. When I last checked, this was put on hold due to the the fact that the Proterra has not passed the BTE as of yet. New Flyer on the other hand has, and in the process, test bus 0011 has returned to NFI and now serves as the configuration audit bus for the XE60 order, which will NOT have pilots. The lead buses will be similar to pilots for configuration audit and finalization. One will test in service for 60 days on the M14, then the rest will follow. Once TA has successfully burned all the buses in, finalized testing for outer-borough operations, a couple will start to head out to the other 4 boroughs for testing. MTA has also opted to put on hold the ordering of any en-route chargers for the time being, and will test out M14 the logistics and operational viability of charging them with the existing leased chargers being used for the M42 and M50 runs. After the lease is up, MTA can then purchase chargers and deploy them based on the assignments of the 45 XE40’s that are pending unless Proterra passes the brake test in the next 10 months.
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    I had someone throw their Chinese lunch special at my bus once, broker open as soon as it hit the window in a explosion of pork fried rice.
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    Necessity. It's smarter for the island to retain those buses since Castleton has a tendency to be short on local buses during the rush hour at times. And with the powertrain being the same as the current LFSs, it's not that big of a deal. Bear in mind, the exact number of LFSs going to Yukon(77) is directly booting the exact amount of NGs at Yukon(77). If those 3Gs were to leave, what exactly are you going to fill the 90 bus gap with? There's a whole lot more to it than you're making it sound, as it's not that simple. One way or another, you're gonna have to have a set of Orions left on the island. As for the fleet age at Manhattanville, if the fleet age was really a problem at that depot, you'd see 4600s out there by now.
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    The 3G are diesel, not hybrid.
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    Most employees don’t care how exciting or “boring” the equipment is to operate as they’re paid to provide a service every day.
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    Don't the 3G's have the same powertrain as the Nova LFS already in the BX? With that being said, I hope 7000 - 7089 stay the rest of their life's in SI... the seating setup in the rear is awful and very hard to exit the HF section when people are standing up there. If they change the seating to how the NG hybrids are then I wouldn't mind them leaving SI lol.
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    They are not that different or advanced from many other models out there. They share many many common parts with others.
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    You don't hear about it because it wasn't too disruptive or news-worthy; the damage was minimal and did not affect the integrity of the structure. No money was spent on replacing the damaged parts, which means evidence of damage can be seen on the mezzanine and overpass beams/girders. Clearance for Astoria Blvd under the mezzanine is 12.5 feet for the most part while Pennsylvania Av is 12 feet 10 inches; the structural damage would be more severe had the same truck that damaged the latter station's mezzanine passed under the former station. Those replacement signs are really thin sheets of metal that are generally bolted onto existing signage—although they can replace the enamel sign should the agency choose to do so. For this sign, the text is carefully cut and pasted onto the sign, and then the entire text and background is laminated with some translucent white sticky layer; it is after the lamination process that the black background—which is actually glossy and smooth—takes on a matte-like finish. The MTA uploaded a video showing and briefly describing the construction of this type of sign at the Bergen Street Sign Shop. They are less durable, but that is the point. Such signs are used because they are more economical; it costs less to reuse old enamel signs as a foundation for the sheet metal signs, as opposed to replacing the old sign entirely with new enamel signs. They are used as temporary signage during construction work, or really on any sign whose text is prone to multiple changes over the course of the expected lifespan of one enamel sign (i.e. train information signs on platforms). They can also serve as an interim until the agency gets around to ordering new enamel signs (whenever that may be); this should be what you are seeing with the changes to the station name signs.
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    Oh, here we go with the Staten Island is the forgotten borough bit again.....
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    Since when do politicians understand anything about transit
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    Density by census block group, broken into deciles. Black = LIE, blue = Jewel, green = Union Tpk. This pretty much speaks for itself, but take a good look at the Lefrak area, and keep in mind that the low density area just east of Flushing Meadows is QC, which I'd imagine would be quite the ridership draw. Now, you're right that highway-running transit isn't as friendly to development as routes under normal roads, but I frankly see this as an opportunity to change that. A lot of the LIE in that stretch is sunken in cuts -- given that we're already constructing an AirTrain style el, why not just deck over some sections? Make a park or, more housing. Again, I think Jewel is, all else, equal, a better route (maybe lower density than LIE, but walkshed contains more developable land), but the cost, IMO swings this in favor of LIE.
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    When it comes to lower density areas, buses and light rail are king. I don’t understand why NYC is so allergic to light rail. It’s so much cheaper and quieter and less likely to get public pushback.
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    Actually no, MTA mentioned that there will be a 30 day passenger test for the 10 car train.
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    Let me just say that I’m definitely in favor of having a subway line located somewhere in between the and the . Horace Harding Expressway is roughly midway between both at Main St (the station of the same name and Briarwood on the ). But I’d be more in favor of bringing back the V as a service on 2nd Avenue. I firmly believe the 2nd Avenue Subway should not have only one service south of the 63rd Street Tunnel. Having three 6th Ave local services coming from QBL is a bit of an overkill. Also frequency of this V service would be severely limited by having to share with the and in Queens and the and in Manhattan. Maybe if you move the to Astoria (which in turn would displace the to the SAS north of 63rd), then you’d be able to run this V service on more acceptable headways. With regards to locating subway on Horace Harding, in order for it to truly be effective and user-friendly, it would need to be located off to one side, perhaps running below one of the service roads, which would likely require a stacked tunnel with platforms for both directions on the same side, one above the other. That would require there to be only two tracks instead of three, but there really is no need for three, since the V would be sharing tracks with the on QBL, the in 63rd Street and the on 2nd Avenue.
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