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    🤓 Stunning, then, the number of CS and EE faculty here on the train in the AM As someone with a reasonable understanding of code and encryption, also network topology and basic electrical engineering: It's way harder than you think. Nearly impossible. The system is actually quite complex. The whole archetecture can be gleaned from this publically available Cubic co patent: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/6595416.pdf Both the turnstiles and the MVM are networked - but not in the way that we think about it today. Serial connections. Strictly point-to-point. All security is on the physical layer. No penetration without physical access. Not happening. You can't breach an MVM without opening the box, end of story. The metrocard itself? I won't link it but the format has been pretty thoroughly explored. It's not a standard magnetic stripe format, so you need to build hardware to read it. Basically, credit cards, and pretty much all other magnetic cards have "timing bits" encoded which are comparable to sprockets in film. The metrocard data is magnetically encoded onto three linear tracks which are read as they pass over a static head in the turnstyle, and as such, the time domain is a key parameter for decoding. Lacking the timing bits, the turnstyle actually has a rotary encoder opposite the head which reports the rate-of-swipe to the magnetic decoding system. Bear in mind, in the same swipe its being read, it's also being written. There are some check bits for which I am not sure if the algorithms of encoding have been derived - I'm not interested in looking either - but lets say hypothetically you could write the correct check bits and add money to a metrocard. You wouldn't get far - stunningly, they've thought of that. The area controllers talk to a central database periodically communicating card serial number, swipe index, and value remaining. That data is also written to the card. So yeah, theoretically: Lets say I have a card, swipe at a turnstile, and have $5 left on the card. I had copied the magnetic data off the card before swiping and now re-encode the card to it's pre-swipe state. I swipe it again, it says $5 left on the card still, whoo hoo! Except: Now it's been transmitted to the database that the card serial number has had the same swipe index transmitted twice, at two different times at two different locations. One of two things happens: 1) the next time you swipe the card, it encodes the balance the database expects 2) the card is simply blacklisted. Also if you're caught you'll be arrested. I guess you could try hacking the central database, but now we're talking felony computer crime for free fares - and nobody outside the agency even knows if that database is connected to the internet. Considering the fact that there's no way to add value to a metrocard online - I bet it isn't even networked outside of the private fare collection network. TL;DR even mr robot still evades fares the old fashioned way.
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    I've noticed the Eagle team that checks tickets on the Q44 by Union Tpke now has an unmarked green van they sit in instead of the marked van that basically screams "BUY YOUR TICKETS"
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    Just so you guys know, the times for the 179s are not consistent. Last Sunday, it ended its trip at Far Rockaway and went to the yard around 9:30-9:45PM. This past Sunday & Today, it ended its trip from Lefferts and went into the yard around 8:30PM. And the last thing you guys need to do is bother personnel about the train. When it ran on day one, a ton of fans were bothering line personnel about it....
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    And yet I can swipe my legitimate card 100 times in a row and still get the "swipe again" message over and over smh
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    Yeah, I skimmed through that PDF already.... It essentially tells me nothing & I am highly skeptical of the "trade offs" section..... Too oversimplified.
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    I know it’s not my place to say something but I am going to anyway. You have people who know more about these things tell you point and simple things happen, it just does. You act like everything in the world works perfectly, it doesn’t. Your argumentive ways is starting to get out of hand and it’s not rational. You should listen to what others have to tell you instead of just refuting what they said which is factual. Yeah the MTA can probably do things better but in some cases things just simply happen cause nothing is perfect.
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    You don't need a 401k, medical, or dental? You REALLY think that tier 6 pension is going to pay all of your bills when you retire? People want this job purely for the benefits alone, quite frankly that's a stupid position to take. We get paid every other week. Your medical is "free" with 2% being deducted for retirement healthcare. Dental and vision is lumped into the $30 the union takes every paycheck. Nobody is forcing you to contribute to a 401k but it's stupid not to, and you don't need to buy any additional life insurance or disability above what they offer for FREE. Of all the jobs I had, the benefit contributions are less overall for WAY BETTER than what I ever had.
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    That and how would that work with the terminal setup? The Terminates at Brighton on the Local tracks? That's a lot of work to reverse. Your only saving 6-7 mins between local and express service from Prospect and BB. It would take longer to reverse the train plus the possible disruptions to the with switch operations.
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    Y'all are making your points of view from the viewpoints of a railfan. Just because it's technologically possible and sound doesn't mean you'll be able to convince the public. If you don't think that every single business owner or homeowner or landlord or renter or neighborhood busybody would do everything in their power to stop an el at their doorstep, I have a bridge to sell you.
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    Politics has nothing to do with the scenarios given. The fact of the matter is that the MTA isn't the only agency that goes through these types of issues like unplanned maintenance issues and plans that are put up on the fly such as the Bx6 going artic, which was literally thrown up not too long after the Bx6 SBS debuted. WIth the logic that you are trying to explain, you might as well say that every major agency in the US has poor management because they go through these problems too, which is straight BS. Here's a scenario for you, say you are a janitor and you cleaned up the bathroom floor, and then someone pukes all over the floor after you did your job....is that a lack of effort to do your job? Or was that unplanned? That's practically the same thing that happens with West Farms' fleet almost half of the time. The Orion VII CNGs are terrible when it comes to cold weather. They are most notorious for having problems starting up in temperatures below 35 degrees, which is the cause of some of their shortage issues from time to time. We have 15 left, in which their tanks are not yet expiring. So for them to get the new XD40s temporarily is a much smarter move than sending them older buses to make up for their losses.
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    The day the police file tickets against their "brothers" is the day de Blasio grows that leftist spine he claims to have. I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    Storm doors can be locked and unlocked remotely from any operating cab. This is LITERALLY a non-issue lmao.
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    It's great to see the R179s in-service on the Rockaways and seeing Fulton St line with new techs. Just a tip (not to be disrespectful to others): storm-doors are not to be opened or played within the entire train. This also concerns electronics being held and by accident: it fell off your hand and somewhere it couldn't be picked up
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    No kidding, my point was it's decent coverage, not bare bones.
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    This is the least important reason against such a change. Many, many route changes have occurred in the past few decades where all the signs at many stations have had to be changed. It's not that hard. They just decal them over with new signs.
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    JG still had diesel before 1999 correct?? my feeling wont change when your tell me thing I know already. I'm not here to change anybody mind on what they feel about the MTA. In my 25+ years of dealing with the MTA I've see it decline due to poor management. You have supervisor sitting in cars burning gas while buses are bunching so spare me the whoa is me story with the MTA. I have family in and around the MTA so it's not smoke I'm blowing. I'm part of a few that see this for what it really is not super coating the situation.
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    You aren't given your pass until you show up on the first day.
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    Yes you pay for the pension, and the percentage of deduction varies based on your earnings because Tier 6 is messed up. It's a variable contribution rate of 3-6% of your pay based upon how much you make. Like I said, you can't decline medical unless you have proof of coverage elsewhere. Transit provides short term and life insurance for NOTHING and you can buy above that if you want (which clearly you don't.) but you are not forced to.
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    As a new hire with no crazy deductions and a straight 80hr check with no OT, your take home will be about $1300 a check, and that's after all the deductions.
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    Do your job, come to work, be on time, don't generate customer complaints (there is a difference between ranty angry customers and pissing them off to the point they complain to twitter or 511 - the latter is the problematic one) and make sure transit gets the money they're supposed to at the end of the day.
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    Yes, behave yourself for a year.
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    Permanent. They aren’t doing provisional anymore. That was before the list went active. I’m sure the provisionals were explained this before they accepted the position.
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    I read the whole forum unfortunately and remember everyone don’t join the forums so many ppl we don’t even have a clue to where they are within the process...
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    Provisional also means entitlement from the rest of us
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    No just working for MTA temporary until they reach your list number...
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    Those letters was for the Official Eligibility List that was just established 12/12/18 smh makes no sense but ugh
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    Department of Labor or Department of Finance
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    Was the January 28 class the 6th class off the list ? I’m a 16** trying to do some math - Lol Thanks and good luck to all !
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    Is this your first time going in and is this just for a drug test or PE packet and drug test
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    Not to pry but is the list number in the high 26** or low? It helps the forum get a better idea of whom should be on the lookout for letters. 😊
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    Because A. ridership does not warrant this service pattern and B. You cannot have the operate a "full route" while in this pattern because of constant G.O.s that forces lines to share tracks and cut headways, specifically on CPW.
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    That’s fine. You don’t have to be dressed up. You can wear a polo shirt or button up with jeans and sneakers(any collared shirt) if you’re going for a drug test then it’s simply just that, don’t worry about the other stuff yet. Just make sure all of your paperwork is done and be prepared to wait. Good luck!
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    The very thought of newly constructed elevated tracks is hilarious, just as no one would think of building elevated highways in major cities anymore. Take the SAS under the water!
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    We posted this information in our group several days ago, and yes what is posted above is correct. Due to the complaining in my group and in the other group, they have been adding these special schedules. Long overdue because I’ve been slamming them over it. They don’t comment in either group, but they do review what is posted and try to act on it. I was speaking with someone the other day about the Wi-Fi and BusTime situation as well and the need for it to be fixed, particularly out of Ulmer Park Depot. Constant complaints about it. When I was in Bay Ridge checking out the conditions of bus stops along Shore Road, I noticed the same thing. Coming back at Shore Road and 72nd, the bus was not on BusTime. Wi-Fi and BusTime are both on the agenda for next week. I want to know how often are buses checked for both and what the procedure is overall in terms of who handles it. From what I understand, the vendor has to come to the depot to fix it, so it depends on the depot and how responsive they are to fix such issues. Some depots are more responsive than others like Yonkers Depot.
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    If there is a new EXPRESS bus order than Ulmer Park is definitely on top of the list. I wouldn’t settle with those 22xx buses from Queens Village (keep those there). Just wished that ordered more D4500CT’s back in 2013/2014 or even last year to make up score with the older buses for retirement.
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    That's a rather tight spare factor... I still don't quite get why they're going with 6 car sets when you can just use 5 car sets and swap sets with other lines as necessary, should the situation arise.
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    Nah, because the uses 11 car trains where's the and use 10 car trains.
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    One other thought about all the speed limit bashing. On the roads that everybody whines about being lowered (Queens Boulevard, etc.), I can speak firsthand that absolutely nobody drives at 25mph. Thing to remember about speed limits is that they're set to match the 80th percentile of driver speeds, usually. People are always driving faster. On Queens Boulevard, or even Park Avenue, for that matter, average speed is consistently 30-35mph with empty streets. Drivers continue to modulate based on conditions, and I for one have not noticed any significant difference in speed on some of those roads. [My DOT gripe has to do with making streets a single lane without utilizing the extra space properly. 8th Street in Manhattan is now a single lane, but these morons didn't even use that space to install a protected bike lane, so you just have crippling congestion, bizarrely wide parking spaces, and bikers crashing into all the cars in traffic. But that's neither here nor there...] When it comes to bus speeds, it's totally immaterial, since buses were never breaking 35mph on city streets (limit +5), and they are rarely hitting 30mph (new limit +5). We might appreciate that as fans, but ops know they're on the hook if they're caught at speeds like that. So the limit just confirms the existent speeds.
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    I’m going to stop you right there. I’m a commercial driver. Like MTA drivers most commercial drivers (myself included) must adhere to traffic regulations. If that means stopping on the yellow than so be it. At the end of the day it’s al about safety. I’ve taken a the yellow to speed up. However, when i have no freight in the van stopping distance is totally different when you have considerable freight. I understand as a commuter you want to get to your destination in an efficient manner. However, the driver is NOT going to risk of safety if others to please you. I say this to you. The next time you board a bus and the driver stops on the yellow it simply means in lingo. STOP 🛑.
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    You should see some of the replies under one of the MTA's tweets today. They set themselves up for that:
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    Ill take a bacon egg and cheese and hold back the chicken.
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    Thank you! A lot of people don’t understand that we do this all for you guys. When I was young there was no place to go for even 10% of the information we provide. In the process, it has proven without the shadow of a doubt to improve transit over all. We still have a long way to go, but together we can get it done.
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    But it's an express run, it's supposed to be a speed zone.
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    The buses stop every two blocks. They've been hittin reds for as long as I can remember.
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    Sounds like more excuse for poor magnement to much access to data for hiccups so simple. You money is wasted on supervisors not crossing T and dot the I it's really a joke you believe these thing are not unavolblie. The tanks on the CNG are something that should be priorty not waiting until everything expires. It's the same mill in most companies not just MTA nobody will address the issue and hold people accountable. Just make excuse until it directly affect a certain party then it's a issue. The System it a joke at this point and i dont see it turning arounds anytime soon. People will use more ride share service instead of wasting money on a systems not working for the people.
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    I can't give a system of this size a break to many people not doing there job. Data is the key to efficiently running a system not just transit systems. I watch them BS and drop the ball and waste money on everything but fixing the system.
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