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    They'd best leave the express bus fare alone, $6.50 is more than it should be.
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    These were taken mainly on the and DSC_1699 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1744 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1752 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1772 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1788 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1849 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1854 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1866 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1875 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1884 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1887 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1891 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1896 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1928 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1933 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1943 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1958 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1970 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1985 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2003 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2012 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2016 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2018 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2021 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2029 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2050 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1654 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1657 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1661 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1664 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1669 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    LONG OVERDUE! MTA Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi has announced that effective Sunday, April 14, Metro-North is opening New Haven Line trains for travel between Fordham and Manhattan. The change means railroad customers will be able to access an additional 96 weekday trains for travel between Fordham and Manhattan that previously had been off-limits, more than doubling existing service of 93 daily Harlem Line trains. On Saturdays, 67 New Haven Line trains will now be available for such travel, bolstering the existing 83 Harlem Line trains. On Sundays, the railroad is adding access to 65 New Haven Line trains to the existing 63 Harlem Line trains. During off-peak times, when waits can be longest, the changes mean service between Fordham and Manhattan will operate roughly four times an hour instead of twice an hour. Previously, New Haven Line trains stopped at Fordham only to enable travel between Fordham and points north, in Westchester County and Connecticut. Customers at Fordham seeking to travel south to Grand Central or Harlem-125th Street, as well as customers at those two stations seeking to travel to Fordham, were directed to Harlem Line trains. Southbound New Haven Line trains stopped at Fordham to discharge passengers only, and northbound New Haven Line trains stopped at Fordham only to receive passengers. The move comes after Metro-North completed a $15.1 million renewal of the Fordham station, which included doubling the width of the northbound platform, building a new entrance at Webster Av. and E. 193rd St., rehabilitating the historic station building, adding permanent artwork, larger stairways, and new entrances to Fordham Plaza, which was simultaneously rebuilt and reconfigured by the NYC Department of Transportation. In the east Bronx, the MTA is planning to build four New Haven Line stations in the East Bronx along the rail line to Penn Station. On the line that serves Fordham, Metro-North recently doubled off-peak and weekend service to Melrose and Tremont, which began as a pilot program in October 2016 and was formalized a year later. “The rule about boarding at Fordham had a long history, but that’s no reason for us to continue to uphold it,” said Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi, who authorized the rules change after discussing the matter with Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti. “In fact, it was long past time for this antiquated and customer-unfriendly rule to be eliminated. I thank the leadership of the MTA and the Connecticut Department of Transportation for supporting this change.” Commissioner Giulietti said: “I applaud Metro-North for managing to change this archaic rule in the spirit of better serving our customers. This will make a critical difference for commuters on the Harlem and New Haven Lines.” As a result of this policy change, revenue from the sale of train tickets between Fordham and Manhattan, which previously had gone entirely to Metro-North, will now be split between Metro-North and the State of Connecticut.
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    These were taken mainly in Brooklyn. DSC_1640 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1651 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1795 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1801 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1806 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1814 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1818 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1824 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1833 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1870 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_1879 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2064 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2071 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2072 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2077 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2085 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2090 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2095 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2097 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190224_193821 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2100 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190221_115325(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190222_160526(1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190222_160724(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190222_161455(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    My mom just sent me a photo on her way home from work – we've seen the shaft for a while, but 86th on the 4/5/6 is getting an elevator! I only saw a shaft from street level, on the northbound side, as they're building a new building on the northeast corner, so it may be northbound only (and not sure if it'll serve both the local and express platforms, or just the local one). Still, it's something!
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    Plochoci (or however you spell his name) just said the R211 is getting an Alstom propulsion system...
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    The delays are so bad that SubwayTime data was pulled offline for the IRT (They’re embarrased) “There is reduced southbound 4 and 5 train service while our crews work on a signal problem at Fulton St. The last stop on some southbound 4trains will be 149 St-Grand Concourse. Some southbound 5 trains are running on the 2 line from 149 St-Grand Concourse to Nevins St. Expect delays in 2 3 4 and 5train service.”
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    The is scheduled to be on 12-minute headways or 5 tph, and yet, the waits for the train often end up being much greater than that. This is not acceptable, nor should it have to be. This might be one way to gauge whether or not there really is some advantage to running the Bay Ridge/4th Avenue segment of the to the Nassau St Line. They can gauge whether or not riders like it better before making any kind of permanent change to the full line.
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    Today I rode an 179 that had an software issue of some sort. Train pulled into 34th St, doors opened the announcements went normally until it said the next stop was Kingsbridge Rd and the FIND shut off, seconds later, the FIND came back on and everything was normal again. When I got off the train the outside sign said "Via Concourse". That was one confused train.
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    Yeah, It's too plain jane looking... Agreed. Who'd have thought the black/magnetic strip on the metrocard would make a real aesthetic difference...
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    I'm just glad it's not going to look like this: I like the look of the current MetroCards, but that tap card looks horrible.
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    From someone who lives by the Train, I strongly disagree that the Train is empty or not even crowded when its packed as hell especially during the Rush Hours. I've even noticed the Trains being packed during the evenings as well.
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    https://nypost.com/2019/02/22/mta-to-begin-pilot-for-metrocard-replacement-next-week/amp/ So, the MetroCard's replacement will be called OMNY. What do you guys think?
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    The DOT is talking out of their a**es as usual lol! The SBS style arrival kiosks on 34th Street list all buses, including exp buses. And in Queens, the Q44 kiosks also list the Q20A/B arrivals. And they rightfully should include ALL buses arriving at the stop!
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    TL;DR: Even though this idea is pipe dream, in my opinion this idea of mine would increase reliability for the . Make it express in Manhattan, and remove it from 60th and place it in 63rd to help increase its frequency. This also a plan to de-interline the Broadway lines for increased reliability. A lot of one-seat rides disappear for more frequent, reliable service. : Coney Island to 96th St-2nd Av; via Sea Beach, 4th Av express, Broadway express, and 2nd Avenue : Coney Island to Astoria Blvd; via Brighton local/exp, stop at DeKalb, Montague tunnels, Broadway local, 60th St tubes. : Bay Ridge-95th St to Forest Hills; via 4th Avenue local, stop at DeKalb, Broadway express, run via 63rd Street, then Queens Blvd local For Dekalb Interlocking: DeKalb interlocking is built in such a way so 4th Av local trains can head to the Manhattan Bridge at the same time Brighton trains can head to Montague tubes, without needing any new construction. This means s heading for the bridge can continue without delaying s heading to the tunnel. s proceeds its normal route with no issues, and now either increase the frequency of the and route s to 9th Av / Bay Ridge-95th. With the being the only provider of service for Brighton, makes a comeback as a weekday line for Brooklyn, specifically Brighton express. 34th St-Herald Sq crossover, current choke point as the switches from local to express/vice versa: Nothing merges here anymore, so no more bottleneck! Plus, with the doing the express and alone (although running frequently), there isn't any need for switching here. 63rd St connection for the / and / merge This will be a new bottleneck, and I need to do more research, but this idea would also require the swapping of the /. It can probably work without an / swap, but it maybe more problematic with scheduling in between s and then line it up to . If the moves to 63rd however, the will have to make a comeback on Queens Blvd, as 36th St to 65th St would only be served by 63rd tunnels with no connections to 53rd. Hopefully in the future Lexington Av-63rd St station and Lexington Av-59th St stations can have an in system connection. Late night service would require Roosevelt Island and 21st St-Queensbridge to have some service if the / are doing 63rd, so it would make sense to keep the via 63rd. Either these 2 options: 1. Weekdays run via 53rd and nights run if via 63rd 2. Leave the on 53rd and have buses serve the stations at nights Another issue I see people complaining about is lost in system transfer at Lexington Av-59th St station for the 60th Street tunnels The Q will be the sole provider for the Astoria line and coming off the high frequencies from both / from Brighton, funneling it all up Broadway local, and then over to Astoria, it should provide very frequent trains for Astoria riders to not complain. Yes they lose express service, however its a simple cross platform transfer at 57th, 42nd, or 34th, as the are running together express. Fleet movement With the reduced in route length, a few trains can be diverted to the . Same for the , as its running via 4th Av instead of Brighton. With the express, it would also reduce its fleet by a little, further providing sets for , and with the being rolled into , more sets.
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    God bless you, Congratulations moving on to the next phase. Maybe God continue to walk you through.🙂
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    So I went to pre employment and the drug test I know for sure I passed the drug test and they only have the pre employment packet that has very little information on it. The information that is in the employment pack is the same that they have when I first applied so I got this far with the same information so I don't know what is going on. This also happen to be during the provisional part as well again did the whole things pre employment for provisional and drug test. I called today and they told me that I will get a letter in the mail. The only thing that could hurt me is that I was laid off of a sales job for not hitting quota and after that I went back to school for 4 years. I have a 4 year gap in employment because of school. I did not lie on the applications I told them everything about being let go and school I provide my degrees. I don't know I guess I will be given the same letter that I got for the provisional job. Will find out in a few days when it comes. I Spoke to a friend with the MTA who did the same things as me with getting let go from the same job going back to school and he now works for the MTA he was a station agent and now is a conductor he did say that they use the 1 in 3 rule.
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    It'd have required a much larger rebuilding project, necessitating reconstruction of the tunnel portals on both sides, as well as the roadway on and off-ramps. They added "torsion tubes," IIRC, which help absorb some of the forces the bridge experiences when trains cross it, reducing the wear and tear from pre-reconstruction levels.
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    That they may be, but I don’t really like to look at CBTC and open-gangway rolling stock as “cure-all’s” for the overcrowding on the subway. I can’t tell you how many times in past threads I’ve seen CBTC and open-gangway R211s referred to like they will be some kinds of magic bullets for overcrowding and service reliability on QBL. They really need to go beyond CBTC to address the overcrowding and other issues that cause delays on the . “Divorcing” the from the will certainly be another way to improve the ’s reliability. But those are issues for another thread. The ongoing CBTC installation process on the QBL, however, doesaffecting service in Brooklyn. And the installation process is still far from over. I mean, we can continue to run the the way it is until CBTC work is finished up in Queens and then evaluate some kind of long-term solution for the . But then, it’ll just be “more of the same” for riders on the Bay Ridge/4th Ave Local end. Or, we can do something different that doesn’t require waiting years for the completion of new signal technology and ironing out all its teething problems (like what’s happening on the now). Implementing a Bay Ridge-Nassau service is something that can be done short-term. And provide most of the same transfers the current does in Lower Manhattan. The and would be the only ones lost if the Brooklyn section of the is rerouted to Nassau St. Yes, it wouldn’t serve Midtown Manhattan, Flatiron or Union Square. But let’s be honest here, how many folks from Bay Ridge ride the straight to those areas now? Right. Until Congressman Rose, et al, wrote to President Byford, a part-time Nassau line supplementing the (except the part about the overnight shuttle) seemed to be the prevailing idea on the Forums for how to improve 4th Ave Local service. But then, that would mean having the stay just the way it is and still suffer from the whims of the Queens Blvd line.
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    My opinion about the 1 n 3 rule...it is used within the civil service hiring process but for this list I feel it defeats the purpose due to the fact the list is so small. Who knows what MTA is really doing with the list but hey let’s just keep hope alive lol as long as they keep postponing the upcoming exam that’s better for those still waiting. Just sit back and see what happens next.. good luck to all
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    I'll say that new.mta.info did have that new feel to it when I first looked at it for 10 seconds. But honestly, it is designed kind of poorly IMO. The look is bland with lots of space (I see some material design mixed with Weebly elements) and colors clash with e/o as well. The font choices are horrific and it's a pain to read large text(s). That makes it harder to locate things on the website overall. The old current design looks like an AOL homepage from 2003 but at least I can get around it a little bit more efficiently. Why waste time and money with this website to begin with?
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    I modified the topic to include the new MTA site since the new site is essentially the desktop version of the app. Regarding the app, I have always found it to be more cumbersome to get useful information through this app than I would someplace else. For example, trying to get MNRR track info for trains out of Grand Central, it's much easier in my opinion to get that info from TrainTime. For subway arrivals, the MyMTA app suffers the same problem SubwayTime does, in that one has to scroll down the list of stations from endpoint to endpoint in order to get arrival info for their station. While not as clunky as SubwayTime, I still prefer a map-based way to see the train arrivals, which is why I continue to use Underway for this task. Also, MyMTA limits itself in the number of arrivals by only showing the next five trains to arrive in any given direction. That's all fine and dandy if you're at 3 Avenue and the only trains arriving there are trains. Not so much so at express stops or major transfer hubs where one usually benefits from seeing multiple trains' arrivals to better plan their trip. As for the new site itself, I really wish they would pick one. Either move everything over to new.mta.info or stop using that site. I've noticed that all new train information is posted to the new site, but most of the other information related to long-term service changes, PR notices, etc. are still posted on the old site. It looks really unprofessional to have users circle between two completely different and separate websites to get pertinent information from the same agency. Also, related to this, why am I unable to look at all of the service changes per day like on the old site? It's really cumbersome to have to search service changes route by route, day by day on the new site.
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    There's alot of stops with inaccurate schedules. Saturday at Narrows Road S/Targee I've noticed the the SIM3C showed no Sunday service.
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    Actually, CBTC is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve capacity, the other being articulated subway cars. The expensive infrastructure, i.e. tunnels + stations, are already there, and the signals have to be replaced anyways. That said, the 63 St line should be extended to Woodside and later Forest Hills to relieve the current QBL chokepoint at Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Ave. As for the , the only split it needs is from the , especially along 60 St. Neither the nor are frequent enough to impose serious merging delays, so the problem lies in poor operations.
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    That 10 minutes can be 5-6 minutes with common sense improvements, as detailed by Alon Levy.
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    What’s funny was that the 7th Avenue and Lex data was down, but the and the B division was up just fine. Then the data magically came back online once the “signal problem resolved” alert went out.
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    The app is so very janky - but whats weird, truly the only reason I'll ever use the thing, it somehow has a more reliable real time data feed than the subwaytime app, or really any 3rd party apps.
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    Kind of disappointed they're eliminating the bonus, but it's not the worst thing to happen. Does it bother anyone else that in the stock photo they're using the MetroCard is being inserted the wrong way into the MVM?
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    Well they got an earful from me at the CSI about the fare hike. I was livid, as I was in Wednesday's meeting with the DOT and the . Certainly not the time to be raising the fare. As I told them, we are facing a transportation crisis.
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    day 9 of 15 @ Concourse Yard. First week of midnight shifts. Man o man that was brutal from 4-6 am. I just hope that I can establish a new sleep cycle by going to sleep now at 1030. Had an easy night, did a car wash and sat for 6 hours until a pull in.
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    The bus poles are often used for people to secure their bikes. Nothing wrong with that either. The bus can still safely park and pick up. In this case, my QM2 discharged further up anyway. I just noticed the QM2 timetable when I was checking to see when the QM4, QM5, QM6 and QM15 buses would arrive and comparing their arrivals to the schedules to see what time they were making. The issue is that the QM2 timetable should not be there. The QM2 only drops off on 57th. Pick-ups are on 59th, hence the photo. I was on the DOT and the in my meeting about the decision to have the QM2, 3 and 20 on 59th. 59th is a parking lot. contends that too much meandering would occur having them back on the 57th as they have to make their way to the bridge. DOT contends that they can only have but so many buses on 57th so we told them either put the buses back on 57th with the bus lane OR come up with a traffic mitigation plan for 59th, but something has to give. Mark Holmes told me they would look at it again so we'll see. They tried some things before that didn't work well, but we have some suggestions if they are stuck that we'll make when I send my follow-up comments.
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    6365 also 6371 have been like that since it was based out of Mother Clara Hale Depot I remember riding them on the bx33 and was amazed when I noticed how different it looks from the other 6300s and 6400s
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    Well if your bus is anything like our QM2 bus was coming from Bay Terrace (along the Cross Island Parkway)... Then of course there are these problems with the DOT:
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    The app is OK but I hope them could remove that annoying loading animation.
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    The app is so damn clunky lol. Those are my 2 cents
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    This was brought up by other people here before but I would like to put it back into discussion: cutting service to 5 tph due to adding CBTC is probably having a negative impact on service right now. I have heard multiple complaints about long waits this weekend. They should consider what other people in this group have proposed when these service changes occur that involve cutting QBL service to 15 tph total: ending the at Queens Plaza, raising the to 7.5 tph each and raising the to 6 or 7.5 tph, and running the or local when they are not running on the same track.
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    I feel that no matter what distance you live in, students should have access to free transportation. There should be no reason that in 2019 a student isn't able to get to their school just because of their inability to pay a half fare, or because their family has economical struggles, or inclement weather outside. If most students have a Full Fare, then Half fare shouldn't be an option. In places like D.C. Students ride free, regardless of travel distance, and regardless of time. With the new fare payment system making its debut, it's about time that the Revises their student transportation policy, and re adjust their policies to include all students with free transportation. I know that distance is a bullshit excuse, because there are students who live less than a mile away from school and they are given Full Fare's for economical, or other reasons which just simply makes it unfair for others. Another thing is that people need to shut the f*ck up about students taking public transportation, it is none of their business to even instigate that, and we are no lesser than them in order for us to be chewed by some grown ass hypocrite who probably is stuck in a 9-5 job being paid less than $15 an hour. Public Transportation is PUBLIC. It is a system where anyone is entitled to use it regardless of age, color, race, or sex. I absolutely have no problem with students riding on buses and trains trying to get to an after-school, library, their home, a ball game, the park, or etc. It's their right as citizens of the City of New York to utilize the City's resources to their benefit. I am tired of seeing these people proselytize themselves as more than students just because they get a paycheck. I know some students can be @$$holes when on the bus, but it's life, nothing's perfect. Just as adults have a right to ride public transportation, so do students, because Public Transportation is in place to benefit everyone, not just a certain class of people, just because they want to be self centered and act like breadwinners. This is one big societal problem, and it is none of their business to be concerned over a Student's choice of travel.
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    I don't even have to live in bay ridge and I understand it. When I am in Staten Island and return to the city via 86 st, it's usually a 10-20 minute wait. The last few years I did rely on the elsewhere and it's a bit annoying to wait this long, especially if the is the only line in the area.
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    THANK YOU! It's about time someone said that.
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    4997 is still at and assigned to Grand Ave...
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    Yesterday I seen an C40 on the B35, you don't see that too often, nice blast from the past! Whenever a 40FT runs on the B35 these days its usally an XN40, even right before the artics came the 35 was mostly XN40 for whatever reason.
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    4946, 4983 retired 4997 GA to ENY No more grand avenue RTS
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    Here are some photos. 20190214_203802(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_203836(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_205810(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_212026 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_212642(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_214350 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_214840 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_120752(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_143842 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_144318 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_144726(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_145501 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_153744 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_153823 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_154648(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_160054(2) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_160112 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_161451(1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_163914 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_164107 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_165331(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_170605(1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_182033(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_182139 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190215_182211 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190216_175800 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190216_180145 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190216_185348 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190216_200243 by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190216_203624(0) by Matty Tang, on Flickr 20190214_200941 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    ..... dead on arrival. Like seriously. A deadhead from Battery Park City to Brooklyn via the Westside.. Downtown Manhattan needs another garage. All this MJQ deadheading is getting out of hand.
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    The only M42 supplement I need is my two feet.
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    A route is unreliable because of neither really..... Domino effect, basically..... For whatever the reason, the B4 & the B68 ran like garbage when they ran out of UP....
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    As far as the B4, B8 and B68.. When they were at Ulmer Park. Those routes lacked reliability issues. Thus why all shifted to Gleason. If any of those 3 routes were to return to Ulmer Park, I'd want back the 8 and 68 back. Both were easy deadheads to UP. In fact I drove through Ulmer Park today to get through Bay Ridge due to an accident on the Belt Parkway towards Shell Road. I think the 4 & 36 should go to FB. One reason.. Easy deadhead to Sheepshead Bay and both lines interline with the B44. However, schedules are very different. One route caters to Bay Ridge and other to Coney Island/Seagate (If the TA decides to re-do Ulmer Park take the 36 to FB)
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    The B4, B8, B68, B82 should have stayed at UP but I understand no space.
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    I heavily advise exiting the subway and using a Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, or any other store for bathroom facilities. Saving $2.25 isn't worth the sanitary danger.
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