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    I can count. 1, 2, 4, 12, 42...
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    Stop hurting my feelings about them RTS's at FB...... The more I see them around, the more I feel sick lol.
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    I should really take the time to photograph my vast collection and post some pictures here. I took these just now for this thread on subchat. BMT Special Through Service In Rush Hours by Union Turnpike, on Flickr BMT Special Through Service In Rush Hours by Union Turnpike, on Flickr BMT Special Through Service In Rush Hours by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
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    Listen do not let the conductor opportunity pass . I’m sorry but I don’t know what kind of advice that was. Listen If you come in as conductor that’s fine , when they reach you for train operator you can leave as well . The only thing is that if you haven’t passed probation as a conductor and you don’t like train operator or can’t pass the training then you won’t have conductor to fall back on in the event you hadn’t passed probation . And besides if you come in as a conductor, they’ll always have promotional to train operator . What ever you decide take whatever comes first don’t let anything pass waiting for another .
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    Why are you embarrassing your uncle like this....
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    i don't know how or what Fresh Pond did to those 65xx OG's, but God bless them for it. i know firsthand that quite a few of the hawk operators from Far Rock simply adore the units they received. people sleep on those OG hybrids. they're speed demons, especially those 67xx's. as far as cleanliness, FP's are some of the dirtiest in the system... MaBSTOA level dirty 😂 i think some of exterior dirt is salt dust from 2 winters ago
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    That's what I get when I work out of every depot, even at Meredith where it's all Prevost. "You want a 2400? A lot of the ops hate them." I won't unilaterally say that "the older the better," but the same is true in the reverse. The newer isn't always the best, either.
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    ☺️The buses in the Brooklyn Division are so clean and so well maintained. Was downtown BK today and all the buses I saw were so clean. Fresh pond buses have dirty windows but their buses are good "under the hood". Rode an ex FP hybrid on the B17 a couple days ago and that bus was fast as hell. Even one of FP 2015 XDs had a little giddy to it, that was the fastest 2015 XD I been on.
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    During my childhood I use to praise the RTS's especially when they started rolling out with the new blue cushions seats. I use to love the way the engine sounds as the operator accelerates. But now being on the other side sitting behind the wheels of the RTS's I change my mind lol........ Hands down on the B41 I try my best to pull out an XD especially dealing with walkers and wheelchairs passengers they are perfect to kneel and load. When its possible the yard dispatcher try their best to provide me an XD especially on the weekends. When I know I'm pulling out an XD my entire mood swing changes and I know I'm have a great day out there lol.
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    I know which one you're talking bout. The swings are too long, that keeping a bus won't be necessary.
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    Well yeah but look at the Q114 in Nassau. Almost the same thing. The main problem would be parking along Radford and managing the turn to accommodate the bus routes. A lot of work but not impossible.
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    Do we not know how to count? Testing started on 2/10, therefore it ended yesterday, 3/11, assuming no resets.
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    Here's one off reddit on a R142. This one doesn't really follows the MTA design guidelines, but it gets the point across.
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    I wouldn’t hold my breath on any of these. If 70% of the network is roughly the same and 30% changes, that isn’t that much in terms of drastic changes.
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    Hot Wheels doesn't count 😉
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    There are new stickers telling those to STOP walking between cars when the train is moving: (Stay onboard: Do not walk unless there's an emergency).. Seen on a 160, and 142.
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    Alright, no sweat "Supervisor Apprentice" King Transit. PM me with your last name and pass # Anyone wondering about the real reason, this is the terminal of the M9.
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    I guess LGA is filling in, I took the QM11 once and it was an LGA bus as well.
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    I saw a pm QM1 today that appeared to be from LaGuardia. I’m pretty sure the depot sticker was red. I believe it was 3285. It just made a drop off at 188th and 73rd Avenue around 5:40 so maybe it was the 4:30 bus? At least the MTA isn’t full of it when they say that CP is short on buses to make runs.
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    Without a doubt If I had to pull out a bus and they only had an RTS and and NG left, I would pick the NG to be in service. But like always once a vehicle starts to become old people will start to hate it.
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    Is it true that they recycled the parts from the original 3010-3014 set into the new version?
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    It's actually inevitable that the first production five-car sets will begin arriving soon. The four-car sets are close to wrapping up with delivery (only 3070-3, 3226-37 remain for deliveries), and since 3010-3019 passed the test, they can begin delivering five-cars. Keep in mind though that there are now 14 ten car trains instead of 12 like before...
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    Nope they're not my favorite!.. I love the NF 7000's over anything right now.
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    So will they then soon begin delivering more 10-car trains? Or will they wait until the 8-car deliveries are completed first? Or might they deliver them at the same time?
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    Ok here goes - it is not standard across the UK (any parts that are are BOLD) Week 1 - Monday to Wednesday - Company welcome and induction, forms filled etc week 1 - Thursday and Friday - Personal track safety (qualification to walk on railway tracks) Week 2 + 3 - Mon - Fri Intro to Operations. Theory rules-based and visits to control centres, signal boxes (towers I think to you) visit stations. Basics of the rulebook and a gentle intro to the job. Test at the end 80% pass mark. Week 4 + 5 - shift hours Front end Turns. This means just shadowing a driver and watching what they do - NO DRIVING for the trainee. Week 6,7 + 8 - Rules Part 1 - back in the classroom Mon to Fri for more rule book training. Mostly recapping Intro to operations but also getting into more details. Signalling is covered extensively here as well. Test at end 80% pass. Week 9, 10 + 11 -- Basic traction course. Each depot has a main type of train they drive. This three course is to learn the insides and outsides of the train BUT not how to drive it fully. You will do some yard shunting at very low speed and practice coupling and uncoupling. Test on day 8 and 11 of this course 80% pass rate. Mon - Fri usually Week 12 + 13 - Return to classroom Mon - Fri for last theory training. You cover the previous rules courses and recap but also learn the last bits which mostly cover out of course working and emergencies. At the end of this course, there is another 80% pass test and also a review by a driver manager to ascertain whether they are competent or not. If you pass this test and driver manager is happy then you are technically a competent driver. However, you still cannot drive!! For the next 255 hours (40 in darkness) you are assigned a driving instructor who watches you drive and teaches you how to drive. During these weeks you get pulled aside for the odd day courses such as Signal Passed at Danger awareness (teaching you the risks of red signals and how you can avoid passing one) also seasonal awareness and principles of route learning. At the end of this, if all is well you qualify and become a Post Qualified Driver and can drive on your own. During the first two years, as you are considered higher risk you cannot have anyone else in the cab with you and you are subject to more assessments. Hopefully that answers the questions, anything else please ask.
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    Most likely making a move to TU/100th or West Farms..
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    Yeah I'm not going to let conductor pass up because who knows when train operator will call. I don't want to pass up conductor and then I'm stuck waiting until the T/O is over.
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    it happens alot. usually, you call the yard, give the yard dispatcher your run/route and the bus number, and ask to keep the bus. occasionally, they'll ask where will you and the bus will be, to ensure you are properly securing the bus, and more times than not, the yard will approve your request. only time the yard will say no, is if that bus has high mileage (D60HF's or RTS's) or is scheduled for maintenance. I've heard and seen operators press RTT to keep a bus, but personally i always make sure to have the yard's phone number (or the crew, if the yard isn't picking up)
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    Are the stations between Court Sq and Roosevelt Ave receiving that much development? I'd imagine the have plenty of space during rush hour, though the definitely has no more capacity by the time it reaches Queens Plaza. Unfortunately the 63 St line misses LIC entirely, otherwise the deinterlining would have been implemented from Day 1 and service would be better throughout the system. There's a couple of reasonably inexpensive ways to better reduce QB express crowding. The easiest one would have the skip Roosevelt Ave in the peak direction, forcing riders to take the instead and better balance the crowding along QBL. I also agree that full deinterlining would do the trick, and in that case 30 tph would be achievable by having local trains run to 179 St or via a new line under Jewel Ave.
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    here's the possibility for what you saw. some operators were probably on their swing, and instead of killing time pulling in from the east side to the west, they kept their bus to use for the second half of their run. trust me, if you have a 43 minute swing and to pull in & out your paddle gives you 20 minutes each, keeping your bus adds valuable time to your swing.
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    Perhaps the reason why plate numbers are no longer on the bottom is because they're hard to read when they're that low? (I'm looking at you PATH)
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    Those proposals came from attendees at the meetings, not NYCT itself. I sure hope nobody at NYCT would propose a Co-op City-to-Brooklyn route.
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    Unless, 2nd Av becomes a terminal again and 10 car trains operate from Forest Hills to Metropolitan Avenue while still keeping the 8 car to Metropolitan Avenue. Or we can bring back the onto QBL.
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    i call SHENANIGANS. that's NOT how it works, fella. and SLD's/superintendents NEVER drive buses to broken down buses on the road. other OPERATORS do that. wtf are you talking about?!
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    You work out of Quill? As a high school student at that? That sounds a little farfetched...the last thing we need are fans pretending that they work for the MTA(and I can name a few that have done that right off the bat)...what do you do?
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    Does daylight savings affect service overnight? (Ex. Bus departs C.I at 1AM and gets to Spring Crk Twrs at 2AM but it's 3AM today with a B82 to depart C.I at 2AM)
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    Yep, someone over on r/nyc who's in production said they're frantically trying to get this car back because it's definitely not supposed to be in service with the prop signs.
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    Frederick Wells? Oh hell no......
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    The is running express N/B on the Dyre Ave line this weekend!
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    I see Fredrick has had enough of Facebook groups (rightfully) telling him his ideas are nuts so he's come here instead...
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    Why; just take the G to court house sq, transfer to a 7, then transfer to a q70. Any bus route from downtown bklyn to LGA is going to take forever.
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    Certain characters are skipped to not confuse against other characters. The letters I, O and Z are skipped to not get confused with the numbers 1, 0 and 2 as some VIN/manufacturers plates aren't that clear.
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    Ppl need to stop annoying this lady and wait until they start reaching out to us again. We'll be notified when/if they need us for PE. Everyone here will start posting that they got letters & ect.
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    I have been telling people to use BusTime in desktop mode. The asked me to tell passengers to use that in my meeting because it is the most accurate (according to them) and not the other apps. I don't know how severe their BusTime issues are for the local fleet, but they are replacing some antennas on some of their express bus fleet and working with Verizon to address the problem. Lots of ghost buses and buses not showing up. I complained about a ghost bus I was waiting on for the BxM4 and since they were monitoring my group, towards the end of the line, the driver gets a call asking if he has signed up his correctly and if he had did his trip. I laughed and told him they called him because I posted complaining about my bus. They are basically trying to isolate the ghost buses as they spot them and fix them. Not so easy since the vendor has to come on-site to fix the buses, and if they are short on buses and need to make service, then BusTime takes a back seat of course.
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    I caught both sets of R179s on 8th Avenue at the same time by dumb luck. Not the best video but decent enough.
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    Again, just you knowing nothing of which you speak. So for your information and anyone else that wants to know, what I do as a business owner is provide solutions to the industry in many capacities. I have consulted with every top transit agency in the United States, and 3 other countries. I have consulted and or done business with EVERY major component supplier across the board. I am a mechanic, transit systems engineer, transit consultant, and bus owner. Back in 2008 I submitted a post and report on what I would do to improve transit across all agencies if I were the CEO of the MTA. Did you know that MTA took 98% of my report and did just that over the last 11 years?? Improved transit. I don’t just sit around and let the MTA feed out BS, I have always, and will coontinue to hold them accountable, while simultaneously not jumping down their backs, or trashing them at every turn. I maintain a relationship where they know that what I have to say makes sense, and they not only take it into consideration, but have actually used, it, and employed it into every day operations. So let’s get into what I put in that report or others that MTA has implemented to date. 1.) Off-Board payment, with all door boarding. SBS was born. 2.) Create a validation program and extensively test buses and components for better in-service reliability. They BTE program was then created. 3.) Sit down with NFI, get over the D60 fiasco, and allow them to submit the C40LF because the LFR nor Xcelsior is validated under BTE guidelines. They have enough parts from the cancelled CTA order, and they can fabricate others. In addition, the system components like multiplex, lighting, and interior will be similar to LFR/X standard. The lower side panel protectors are the same as those found on the Xcelsior as well. They can resurrect the LF series from the dead, bid on the contract, split award with Orion and test both models sided by side. Result, MTA thought it was an excellent idea, awarded TA CNG’s to NFI for the C40LF (everyone said I was lying and the LF was dead, then said ok, maybe you are right but it will be LFR’s cause again the LF is dead as has been for a while), and the Bus Co award went to Orion. Now we have the only 4th gen NFI LF’s in existence along with the 4000th CNG ever made. MTA would subsequently order 4 sets of 90 test buses from 3 manufacturers. Something else everyone, even countless MTA employees and even some upper lever management (who was not in the know) told me it was not true because MTA doesn’t operate like that. I said they do now, and it’s a new day. This is what I recommended they do. That’s when I really got attacked and people said who do I think I am? I was making up things for for views on my posts and everything under the Sun. That’s when MTA brass validated my nick name of East New York and started calling me Surface Transit HQ in the flesh. Brass that I didn’t know then started asking who I was because they couldn’t believe i was spot-on. 4.) Have a sit down with MTA about launching the RTS low floor. As a gift to me, this meeting that I brokered between both companies was conducted on my birthday because of my long history with all the RTS manufacturers. I am also an RTS owner. Myself along with Trevor Logan, MTA, and the MTA drafted up the specs and top-secret design for the new line or RTS buses. MTA initially accepted the proposals for both the 42.5 foot high floor express, and the low floor 40 foot Extreme. The plans were for 90 buses each. MTA Ops planning then decided they only wanted to stick to 45 foot express buses as the RTS Express NG would be limited to only a few depots. The standard 40 foot program however moved forward, and the MTA then requested 8 pilot buses for 6 month testing, 22 Buses 6 months later for extensive 90 day testing, then the last 60 with final production specs after that. After MTS reviewed the terms, they decided they were unable to meet them unless the MTA guaranteed the purchase, or ordered all 90 at the same time as they did with the other manufactures. MTA would have rather offered the RTS Extreme Electric, but MTA was not interested in the technology at the time. MTS was unable and unwilling to open the line and have to lay employees off twice until MTA gave the full notice to proceed. The entire MTA management was the same team from the Nova, NFI, TMC, and GMC. They said MTA was notorious for rejecting buses, and found not risk a repeat of “8750.” They made the bus exactly like the 8600-8703, and MTA rejected it because they decided after the bus was delivered they didn’t like the decal placements, and wanted to change a couple other components for some of the buses. Then MTA decided they were changing the livery all together and had to redo the bus yet again. MTS final statement was we cannot proceed with the current level of funding we have. MTA final systems was, let us know as soon as you can and we will issue a notice to proceed. To this day, they invite MTS to every bid opportunity. 5.) Merge Operations of Bus Company OA and TA at East New York in an all new state-of-the-art command center. Now built and opening soon. 6.) Merge the branding, fareboxes, and destination signs. Finally, years later it is on the horizon for completion by summer pick 2021. 7.) Kill 3 birds with one stone. Start charging $1 for new MetroCards, make them refillable, and simultaneously rid the streets and stations of MetroCard litter which was out of control at the time. 8.) Submit a proposal to the FTA detailing how you need to move forward with SAS immediately and use an existing B-Division line to run up the first segment. Don’t wait until the entire line is finished to open it with the (T). Result, as a gift to me, living off Avenue H at the time, my train started going to 96th Street. Look where we are now! Thank The Lord. I could continue, but I think we get the point now. My overall point to you is that you have no idea who I am, and all you do is insinuate, pass judgement, criticize, and debate about things which you are clueless about. Instead of arguing and being combative, stand up for what you don’t like. That’s exactly what I did and now look where we are. You can say whatever you want about me because I’m a Capricorn, and what someone else “thinks” has never held weight in my life. Reality is all that matters, and when I started this I said my goal was to improve public transit for all. Not just bash the MTA and complain all the time, but actually do something about it. MTA definitely has a long way to go, and many practices they have I do not condone. That’s where diplomacy comes in. Do you know what that word means? Don’t talk about it, stand up for what you want changed and be about it. That’s just 1/10 of my transit track record above. What have you done other than run your mouth? If you are not going to help, contribute or criticize constructively, I would again like to remind you that there is another transit “chat” board for all that extra nonsense. NEXT BUS PLEASE
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    I work out of that depot. Just like my uncle said(co worker), we have those buses there to remind us what don't we want to pull in and for drivers to start the service quickly/drag them to a terminal, extra shifts. Or even leave them as spare buses in case of any bus break downs, that a supervisor have to bring another one after the broke down units gets towed. Every depot does the same too.
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