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    Sit back, relax, and enjoy life.
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    You’re a tool man, to be honest I hope you fail airbrake, calling your co-workers donkeys lol, even if you get through I’m sure your time on the RR will be interesting based on how you treat others... And to anyone in this dudes class, you guys should put him on the spot on Monday, see why he’s calling you a bunch of donkeys if I was you....
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    I’m in air brake right now. I saw nobody cry.
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    Was thinking about restructuring the Q38. I guess most of us can agree that a split is needed. I was thinking of having the Q38 (northern split) run from Flushing to Ridgewood : LINK General Route Description Essentially, what the northern split does, is run from Ridgewood Terminal, via Gates, via Forest, via Eliot to Queens Center Mall. From there, the route will run along 57th Avenue, to 99 Street, but then continue north on 99 Street & National Street, to Corona Plaza, and then to Flushing (via Roosevelt Avenue). There is a bit of a gap in that general area, since while the Q72 and the Q23 exist, they generally only go North-South, and there's no East-West Link to certain parts of Corona and Flushing. The Q58 just takes too long to get to Flushing, and a new route avoiding the expressway and traffic surrounding it should be considered. It's actually pretty inconvenient as it is to get to specific parts of Elmhurst and Corona (even with the current Q58). One thing I do want to point out: riders taking the Q38 to the in Ridgewood would need to use the Seneca Avenue station instead of the Metropoltian Avenue station. Although it seems like it takes longer to get to the station (it would be about a minute or two longer), it will actually be beneficial, because most of the times the Q38 arrives at Metropolitan Avenue, the is already leaving, and then the wait is another 8-12 minutes. There's a better chance of catching the train 5-6 minutes down the line. Also, there's a transfer to the (no more needing to travel to Grand Avenue for the Q58/Q59 or having to do the Q38 > > combo. One thing I didn't think of (but realized after) is that during baseball season, the route could prove to be popular among those who take public transit in the Middle Village and Ridgewood areas, to Citifield. IDK much about the distribution of Mets fans in Corona, but I know that there are a good chunk of Mets fans in Middle Village. It's direct and it'll take just about the same time, if not faster, than taking a local bus up to the . Alternative Alignment in Corona I am a bit divided in which routing the Q38 would take in Corona. The main alignment goes via Corona Plaza, and does improve connectivity without having solely north-south services in that general area, but the area along 108 Street is also busy, and there are a few areas a little distant from a bus there too. The alternative proposal follows the Q38's current route in LeFrak City and Corona until 99 Street and Lewis Avenue. EB buses head down to Martense Avenue, and take Martense up to 108 Street, then go up 108 Street to Roosevelt Avenue. WB buses take Lewis/53rd Avenues instead of Martense. This routing would not serve Corona Plaza. IDK yet what I'm doing with the southern split of the Q38. The other stuff on there you can ignore for now, it's not done yet. Thoughts?
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    Your name is on the roster, bro. We know who you are. You better have a thick skin when you come out, lol. Good luck.
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    It's been happening for quite a while now, for at least since the start of the month.
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    This also happens on the S79 SBS much more often. I like to call this the S79 effect.
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    All of this is true; was in today's L project newsletter.
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    Probably a few needed to be put out of service for a while. Luckily the Q10 is out of the same depot the Q52 is from so they can probably spare one.
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    Students here aren't the issue. School's can make it hell for Students to get replacement MetroCards' and in essence Students are no longer being targeted according to an Internal NYPD Memo. The thing is that a student shouldn't be punished for not having a MetroCard, mind that Students with MetroCards don't have to pay for a ride, while adults have to. So it isn't fair in both senses. Adults are curbing this bad habit, and they are the one's who deserved to be punished to the fullest extent. Students have nothing to do with Fare Beating increasing, they're just kids. Most of these kids come from struggling families who can barely put food on the table, and putting shit on their record for not having a MetroCard is just insane too. This shouldn't even have to be a conversation, it's quite clear that the adults curb this bad behavior and they should be the ones reprimanded for it.
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    Just feed them pizza and they'll be happy.
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    Rats your best friends on this job
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    I would check out amodernli.com which has most of the projects and their associated renderings for the LIRR
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    What’s gonna happen is there’s gonna be some type of net that they will put up that will catch debris before it hits the street... simple solution before these lawsuits get outta hand
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    Frankly if I were in charge, I would have these "audits" (for lack of a better phrase) on every trunk on a regularly scheduled basis as part of the subway on-time performance metrics
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    They should have made the s/b switch 20mph when they rebuilt it for the FH interlocking upgrade. So, so many opportunities have been missed with those projects. Even still, it’s possible to operate good service across that switch. You just need to make sure trains leave their terminals on time, and don’t lose something crazy between then and the merge. Both levels do, and both levels were meant to be expanded down/under LIRR ROWs.
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    I just want to say that you're doing an excellent job helping express bus riders get the service they deserve. We need more individuals like you to stand up and fight for what's right. Things aren't perfect, but your efforts have and are making an impact. Keep it up!
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    Wasn't there also a plan to convert 36th St to hold revenue trains? 36th is quite close to Fourth Avenue, and even if you wouldn't use that you could free up some space at closer yards.
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    It's pretty simple, and I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about this... It comes down to FUNDING and MONEY. Westchester residents PAY TAXES for their transportation. Therefore, they should PAY for their own bus service as they do now. City services should serve NYC, not unless Westchester wants to PAY NYC to extend bus service into Westchester. Metro-North is different because it's a railroad. Before people go on on about how "horrible" it is that the Bx9 stops at the City borderline, learn how the funding of the service works. It has NOTHING to do with being "cruel" or any of this other nonsense going on. We can't have an integrated regional network unless the funding sources are overhauled and everyone pays their FAIR SHARE. As it stands, the people in Westchester get a good deal because Metro-North is HEAVILY subsidized from monies from the boroughs. People on Staten Island complain about how monies from the Verrazzano tolls go to subsidize Metro-North or the LIRR and they have a legitimate gripe.
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    New Gillig batch delivery looks to be underway. Unsure of the full delivery numbers yet. 4183 was on the 214 yesterday and 4185 was on the 12 today. AFAIK those are the only two out on the road so far. Neither of them have permanent plates, only paper tags. Some interesting changes for the new 2019s. The seat design is different now with an all blue woven nylon texture as well as a completely new automatic annunciator voice. It's now a Male voice that sounds very robotic. Sounds fairly reminiscent to the "Stand clear of the closing doors please" guy on the MTA subways. IMHO I'm not a massive fan of the new voice.
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    I see people in the low 1300s have been sworn in. That deeply disheartens me, to say the least, bc I should’ve been one of them. I’ve waited years to get hired, like everyone. .....But I was screwed over, based on my last post to this forum. I followed the rules, dressed professionally, showed up in time (super early to get a low ticket number, which did NO help)....but bc I couldn’t stay to piss in a cup, after already waiting SEVEN hours, for the THIRD bs pre employment, I was removed from the list. That is unacceptable. And I’m sure some can relate. And those who say, ‘well if you want it bad enough, you make time’.....that really annoys me bc I’ve tried...... I am a CURRENT employee. For those who get hired with the MTA, see how easy it is to get a day off, or even a change of assignment, then get back to me. I’ve put in COAs twice already for this same nonsense....which is hard enough....that does not mean I can spend ALL day at 180....I have a responsibility to my current position to report on time. ....as people have posted, the nature of this job is to report ON TIME, no matter what.... Therefore, I had to leave, which does not insinuate I did ‘not want it bad enough’. There is NO excuse to shut down the MAC indefinitely. And for current employees, fandoms, accidents, etc, there are MACs all over the city, NOT just 180. So if 180 has candidates in, they should be considerate of their time and get them through a PE as fast as possible, ESPECIALLY if it’s a 2nd, 3rd, 4th. I was given no professional courtesy in getting through fast. The whole process for those of us back for 2, 3, 4 PEs should take no more than 10-15 minutes....to review the SAME application (btw, NO photocopies allowed...I learned that the hard way), and pee in a cup.....NOT 8 plus hours! What further aggravates me.....on my second PE, there was a female MTA employee in my group to review the PE paperwork.....the male HR specialist was all nice to her, saying he’d get her through the day quick, laughing and everything...and she was NOT working that day. I WAS working later.....was I given any courtesy like that? Nope....bc I’m a male (Isn’t that discrimination?). So should I not be aggravated? Does anyone relate?? I waited years, like everyone, and I should’ve been sworn in for this next hiring, based on my list number. And I missed out. And the third PE was a completely wasted date (time AND money for tolls, gas and parking)....simply bc I couldn’t stay any longer for a piss test, even though I did a THIRD, UNCHANGED PE application. Total nonsense!!!! And I was in line over an hour early, and waited SEVEN hours. They take people coming in for the first time over those back a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time. Does that make any sense? Those of you who get hired by the MTA, you’ll see....that’s how the whole authority is run....backwards. Anyone have any advice on who to call to reactivate my name and go back in for the next class?? Is it Vargas?. ****And PLEASE be considerate to all of us are who still waiting, and those who are possibly in similar circumstances as me, and not rub in that you’ve been ‘sworn in’. Thank you.
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    When I see the comments about work trains I wonder exactly what the posters are referring to. A diesel with a flatcar is a work rain, likewise a diesel with a crane car. A CWR train or a Roadmaster consist are also work trains. What I’m saying is that there is no standardized rule about them. Westchester yard and 36th St yard were the home bases when I worked them. Westchester had a separate diesel barn where those units were serviced but I have picked up work trains there, at 239th, 240th, East 180, Concourse, C.I., Corona, Lenox, and Livonia. I have transferred work trains from Corona to ENY, 36th to Prospect Park to Concourse in sub-freezing temperatures. Each instance was different. Diesel pulling a flat car is a different speed from operating from a flat being pushed by a diesel. Same applies to a diesel crane combo and if the crane car is carrying rails that’s another restriction. The CWR train obviously can’t speed up because of the weight it’s carrying. A Roadmaster is/was a heavy duty work train with diesels on both ends Ain’t no CWR or Roadmaster barreling down the road at 20+mph unless the operating crew is suicidal or already dead. That type of consist takes forever to stop on level ground. As someone pointed out earlier if those trains were queued up on the West End, Culver, Pelham, WPR, or Concourse lines, and a service disruption happened each one of those corridors would be screwed up instead of just the 4th Avenue line in Brooklyn. BTW a question for the folks who are being screwed over in south Brooklyn. If the line is unreliable because of it’s length on Queens Blvd. does it make sense to extend the down there? Run the from Astoria and turn the into the old from Whitehall to Forest Hills. Just my opinion. Carry on.
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    So who else wasted ANOTHER day this week for conductor pre employment ? It was my THIRD and I’m very aggravated, bc I didn’t get to do the drug screen....so my time, money for parking, gas and tolls was for NOTHING. I’m sure some people share my frustration, and then some will say “if you want the job bad enough, it’s part of the process”....no, it’s not. Bc how much more dedicated can I be? I am a CURRENT employee....which means it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a day off in Transit and it is very hard to get a change of assignment (if you get hired into the MTA, you’ll see)....so you can’t say “if you want it bad enough”....bc I finished work, for the authority, at 1230 the night before....sleep at 2am , to be up for the THIRD pre employment at 5am, to get in line early to hopefully be done early (which, btw, showing up early is useless in order to finish early).....to sit for almost seven hours, to not get to pee, bc I had to leave to go to WORK at 3, to 130am.....so, a 22 hour day on three hours sleep, for NOTHING...and I shouldn’t be mad??? I did all I could, and the lab has to be closed for HOURS. Really?!?! On top of that I’m tired of filling out the SAME application over and over....so I photocopied it, which isnt good enough for them (mind you, the PRE employment application, NOT the official one—and NOTHING has changed since my last one).....so learn from my mistake, don’t give a photocopy of your application. So my time and money was for nothing bc I had to leave to do my responsibility and do the right thing, and be at WORK ON TIME...and now I’m off the list for this class. Totally unacceptable!!!! For those in similar circumstances, I’m very sorry, I know how you feel. When i went for a Police Officer position, to carry a gun and arrest people, the process was not as much bs as for this low paying condoctor job. Good luck to those who have to ability to spend numerous days, all day, waiting, doing the same thing. For those on their second, third, etc PRE employment, they should be in and out, and not take people who are there for the first time first. No excuses to waste all day....it takes five minutes to take a piss test . Obvs I can pass mine . Also....it clearly states on the letter to be in BUSINESS CASUAL, NO JEANS, or you will be sent home. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I find it offensive when I see countless people in jeans and tee shirts for a job interview.....why were they not sent home , as the letter states??? How is that fair to people like me, who change their long work schedules, show up early and dress professionally??? Trust me, if you show up to the steps for the hiring process of police officer dressed like that (minus the agility), they WILL send you home....I’ve seen it. The MTA should do what they say they will...that would weed out the wait, and be fair to those of us who read and follow directions
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