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    Not this open door express bus bit again.... Nobody ever looks at this nonsense from the perspective of the current express bus commuter... The assumption is always that current riders will willingly put up with intra-outerborough usage & the fact is, is that they wont..... Local bus riders wont flock to this type of service either... What you essentially end up with, is a service that would be even less patronized than current express bus service.... There is much of nothing to be gained by having some sort of cohesion with express bus service & local bus service.....
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    I heard the responses from Mr. Irick and Mr. Byford to this political hit piece that was written in the New York Daily News and basically it is the same thing that I and many of the commenters here have said. It was total rubbish and if the author of the article had taken the time to so some research instead of using the conclusion that he started with to prove his statement, he would have not written the article in the first place. Unfortunately, it is becoming all too common in the print and the rest of the so called "mainstream media" to write material that is not based on fact and include information that is known to be false and have it masquerade as news. This was not the first time that a piece of trash that appeared in the Daily News on transit saw the light of day as we can go back where the something just like this was written in the New York Post and for that matter other sources as well. It disturbs me no end when something like this gains traction from the political establishment when there are other more pressing issues that should be on the transit agenda that should be covered by journalists and the mainstream media. Just look at the various threads posted here and the great work that members are doing to bring to the public's attention problems that are far more critical to all our communities than something that is designed to divide our communities based on economics. The article's goal has been achieved as the writer got members of the political establishment riled up enough to call another useless press conference and get their 5 minutes before the cameras on a story that should have never been written. What bothers me is that this has become "journalism" today where the truth is conveniently lost in the desire for phony headlines about non-existent problems. What this does is it enables our political leaders to escape responsibility for tackling the major issues that must be and should be discussed and resolved as these are far greater threats to not only to poor communities but all communities as well. There are journalists that are doing great work in terms of investigating and documenting issues that have had a negative impact upon our lives and I look for their writings on many websites that I read on a daily basis but it seems that many of them seem to be ignored in the media as it does not fit their agenda. Give it some time and soon another article will appear on transit that should have never appeared and we have a new thread where we would be writing the same responses are have appeared on this this thread. That is my opinion.
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    You can attempt to make your announcement as as audible possible, it doesn’t help when these trains are 30+ years old with broken PA’s. I wish your fellow riders would take their frustrations elsewhere, it’s not our fault they’re broken nor do we have any way of finding out unless it’s reported to us (and in this case it would obviously be too late) OP skips happen everyday, especially during rush hours. When you have lines like the 1 and 6 which run tight 4 min headway’s it’s imperative that things run smoothly. When people constantly hold doors it delays that train and others behind it. The system isn’t perfect by far, but I’m willing to bet that a large percentage of skips during rush hours are caused by passengers.
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    Enjoy this nice and fast ride down Broadway on an R62 Train. We got to 47 MPH heading into 50 St before slowing down for the timers!
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    16XX...hope the school/hiring train gets rolling again soon.
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    https://www.flickr.com/photos/70271755@N06/shares/95P6k2 Any way to get Google to fix this? It's been bothering me.
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    It's more of a policy type thing than a car type thing. Theoretically R142s can stop at 145th, but there's a weird rule saying that for stations that doesn't cover the full length of the train, only the train lines that usually stops there can stop there, but other trains (like a R62A and a R142 can't stop there and like how a R142 and R62 can't stop at South Ferry loop).
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    The brighter FINDs are because, despite being a similar design, the parts are 10 years newer. That's why the LCD screen is bigger. Bombardier's problem. In case any one else is curious, they're officially called: Fault Light: Lights up when the corresponding door is open Interior Guard Light: Lights up when any door on the corresponding side is open Exterior Guard Light: Lights up when any door on any side is open The reason they are bigger on the R179 is probably parts similarity. They are the same as the Interior Guard Lights on the R142s. One can hope...
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    Was on a that went BIE at W4 because the windows to the doors inbetween cars were missing
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    Here's more DSC_3008 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3013 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3016 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3020 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3023 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3030 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3050 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3077 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3082 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3086 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3095 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_3099 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    Great video! It it didn’t look that fast coming in from 50th street but I guess the view changes that perspective.
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    I was able to glance at the speedometer in the cab.
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    to 96 St at 7AM, makes a run as a to Stillwell Av for C.I Yard access.
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    It's the engine fans. The fans are driven by belts connected to the engine. So as the engine revs up, so do the fans. Sometimes the fans are stuck on and even in cold weather, they should be operating in normal conditions to keep the engine from overheating.
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    That was before the area was developed. When most of the land was sold, the yard shrank to its current size. It's bad enough that Coney Island is prone to flooding. Lenox isn't even open-air anymore, and it's closer to the Harlem River than Jerome is to a reservoir. Moreover, I can't even be certain that there's enough space to even perform maintenance, to say nothing of being able to make service and provide spares. Bear in mind that there are only 22 tracks left for the yard itself, not to mention that a train going to the yard would have to end at 135th Street (northbound only) in order to avoid potential conflicts between northbound and southbound trains, as well as allowing people in the rear half of the train to disembark. That runs the risk of delaying 2 trains in both directions, as northbound 2 trains would need the train to move before entering the station, whereas southbound trains need to cross the northbound track.
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    Do we know which units and how many have been built already? I saw a pic of 8546 without stripes but I wonder if all units from 8504 to 8546 are built or are they skipping around numbers.
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    In a way, (1) service justifies doing Skip-Stop, but on the ops mindset that @RR503 brings up regularly, skipping stations due to delays would indicate that the problem is less crowding and more so (MTA) not adequately scheduling service. If trains are always running express from Chambers to South Ferry, or 96 to 145, then it means they're arriving AFTER demand increases, and an appropriate scheduling change or operations adjustment is required. But given that (MTA) ops operate as if we should bend to their will versus adjusting to meet the current population's transport trends, I doubt that'll ever happen.
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    That 5065 is a beast....I don't know what ENY did to it, but it is 100x better than when it was at Quill. I need to catch it before it goes to the scrap heap. 5584 & 5591 enroute to Quill.
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    Except if option buses are built, the entire NJT order of 184 buses for 2019 models has been built. and are from 19001-19184. About 20 buses are still to be delivered; highest inspected so far is 19162. The 2020's, which will be numbered from 20001 and up, should begin showing up in the fourth quarter, which will be the fourth year of the order.
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    If the really put a lot of thought into it, there are so many creative ways to increase EXP ridership through seasonal routes, special cross-promotions with events like you mentioned with weekend getaways on the railroads, etc. It's a real shame they don't do it. All it does is reinforce the stereotype of express buses being for regular commuters who dislike non-regulars from ever riding.
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    Someone caught 3226 and another car in Fort Lee this morning...
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    Just study everything and listen to everything the TSS tells you.
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    Oh it's been happening regularly. I had it happen some weeks ago on an uptown train. We crawled crawled and crawled. Then at 175th street an inaudible, garbled announcement was made which at least half the car couldn't hear and NOT repeated. Doors were closed and then BOOM, no stops until 207th street. Myself and several other people were FURIOUS. Of course we had to take the same stupid train back to where we were getting off. All of that made me 20 minutes late!! If they're going to do it, make AUDIBLE announcements. Worst off is when they say they're going from express to local only to then go back to express when you've gotten off of the train. Just ridiculous...
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    While 6 minutes may be the scheduled headway, there are numerous times in real life where there's trains as close as every 2-3 minutes and no in sight. In a situation like this, sending an to 95th would work.
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    Becoming all too common... All of these homeless people with mental issues are getting on the trains lighting up. There was one on the train a few weeks ago in fact.
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    Dude just lit a joint on a downtown in the first car and the TSS in the cab turns around and opens the door, yells at him “bitch what” and closes the door to the cab again. Needless to say the guy got off at the next stop...
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    Here are some photos during those days. IMG_0271 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0277 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0286 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0312 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0319 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr IMG_0321 (1) by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2696 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2702 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2721 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2725 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2745 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2749 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2763 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2766 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2786 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2796 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2810 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2814 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2820 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2860 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2866 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2869 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2872 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2875 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2879 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2884 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2886 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2894 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2901 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2906 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2907 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2917 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2921 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2927 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2934 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2939 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2946 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2957 by Matty Tang, on Flickr DSC_2998 by Matty Tang, on Flickr
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    The 2019 Nova buses have these lights.
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    They really need to concoct a metric that can speak to service performance in absolute terms, not relative to a (changeable) schedule. Something like network velocity, or percent adherence to the comfort speed curve, or just runtimes for each stopping pattern. Because right now, I fear all the metrics are being somewhat muddled by changing schedules.
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    Enjoy a half hour of nonstop LIRR action, taken yesterday at Forest Hills on a lovely Sunday afternoon.
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    Here's my concept of what an R262 could look like, signed up for the shuttle
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    10 Years ago today 3/18/19 Back on 3/18/09 The last R38 ran in service on the Car # was 4099/98 in a mix consist with R32s. Car #4099/98 was reef on 4/16/2009 just off the coast of Virginia. Today the only saved R38 Is 4028/29. Here is a short video I took of the R38 between 2007-2009
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    Not without work though. Right now, the lower level is in no shape to act as a terminus for anything except relaying trains, meaning some service would discharge on the tunnel platforms at Canal St and relay down to the lower level, possibly creating a Forest Hills-type situation there. We're in agreement here in regards to the PCAP recommendations. I was just putting forth the idea the MTA would be likely to consider based on what they did for the Culver line, mostly because it's apparent they never had any intention of actually implementing express service there. Put forth an idea nobody likes and let the people decide for themselves that the current service is "better" than the alternative. It's a well-worn playbook. Maybe I'm mistaken, but aren't a lot of the complaints in regards to non-rush hour service? The tends to run fairly smoothly during peak periods when maintenance and construction work are minimal. Off-hours is a different story, what with the scheduled 12 minute weekend intervals on top of slowdowns due to continuous Queens Blvd work. Bringing back the Nassau St as a rush-hour only route will be ineffective if the problems are outside that time window. The returning back to Queens Blvd as a replacement for any service there is a non-starter. The only reason why the stuck around as the primary Queens Blvd local for so long was due to a lack of available options. 53rd Street was maxed out by the and express service while the Broadway-Queens Blvd service was normal hours only until 1987. With three river crossings connecting to Queens Blvd today, riders will not put up with a non-Manhattan service that replaces a much more usable line.
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    Notice I put WARMED UP in quotes because there is a difference between that and a motor vehicle. A better phrase or word is "cycled over and over" or "used". Perhaps the reason why you and others feel R32's run so poorly is because transit knows that they will not be around for much longer so why spend a lot of time working on them? Just do what's absolutely necessary in the barn.
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    What about 24/7 lines? You could have a trainset running day after day after day, including on the A line with 40 y/o R46's and 30 year old R68's on the D/G for example. A train is laid up in accordance to if it falls into a scheduled layup spot or if the train in the lay up spot has to swapped with a train in a non layup spot because it has been requested by the barn or a set is due for inspection. What about lines with 2 or 3 PM Put ins? Surely some trains on that line will be running 24/7 because there are many more than that running on the midnight on that line. What about weekends? Only a few Sat. & Sun. AM put ins (trains on first trip of the day) till nighttime layups. Therefore, those trains will run all weekend 24/7. As a t/o, the last thing I want to operate is a put in. I want a train that has been running with all components "warmed up" rather than a train sitting around for hours (or days) while most all components have been idle.
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    because not only has the B41 lost passengers, runs have been cut to borderline dismal levels. in Flatbush, the "big 3" on the run boards used to be the 41, 44 & 46, all having over 100 runs. the 41 is barely in the high 80's now. at least 20 runs disappear over a decade? unacceptable.
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