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    Considering all the other crap that makes it onto the subway, this one's relatively tame. At least he's somewhat considerate. Free oxygen for when the train's emergency brakes go off.
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    MBTA and MTA are in talks to do a fleet swap between the Red Line and Crosstown as CRRC cars are delivered to Boston as a budget move for Fast Forward. R68s will goto Q and W, R46 reefed, and R179s to Franklin Shuttle and H train.
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    Some dude bought a bunch of plants on the train...
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    6234 delivered to JFK facility in local wraps (Don't say anything yet it may be given the SBS scheme later on)
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    You have quite the imagination lol. Reminds me of rumor that the R32s were going to Nigeria..
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    That XE60 is at Flatbush depot yard
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    If I had a dime for the amount of random crap I saw people shoving onto the subway... chairs, metal poles, now this crap...
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    I wish the MTA could be more transparent with it's customers and tell us that.. it's been 4 years already..
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    Don't forget the Lo-Vs being sent to the Bowling Green shuttle and the R16s being sent to 76th Street.
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    If not mentioned, there's an XE60 at FB depot. I almost died on this bed for that.
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    The number of signal related delays actually hasn’t changed all that much over the years, and a delay that stems from a signal malfunction isn’t necessarily just a function of there having been a signal malfunction — the availability of flex capacity and competence in incident response play large roles too. The latter things are very much functions of operation and signal design, and not so much ones of the initial failure.
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    What's next, another subway car?
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    Less likely to get stabbed to death by a farebeater on an exp than a local
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    It may and likely will remain in local scheme. Not all of these are for SBS. Still at NFI
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    It's been super delayed at this point... that's why I said in a previous post the stations will open probably never, because that's the state that they look like they're in, lol! It's impossible not to have gotten used to it by now, though. The only thing I hate about it is that it overcrowds the B9.
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    Some changes along the Queens bound The curve from 47th-50th to 5th/53rd looks like it's had its timers fixed. The 2 shot GTs appear to clear at the posted speed (20 or 25). No trains were ahead of us at 5th so I couldnt see if the STs were fixed too. The 53rd St tube had one of the 2 shots disabled or fixed, I only saw one active. Finally a new 30 miles sign replaced the old 23 miles sign on the QBL local leaving Steinway. Based on riding the both yesterday and right now.
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    Yeah I agree. The exam listing said you have to have a license for the position. It never said it had to be a clean one. Do pilots have to have clean licenses to be great pilots? I doubt it. I’m sure quite a few have bad licenses but great flying skills.
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    I don’t think that’s all the way true! Nobody knows why they put that, because I had A LOT of points on my license, when I got called shyt I just plead guilty to a bogus speeding violation! However I caught all my tickets in a bad 6-8 months when I just couldn’t catch a break! Before that I didn’t have a violation for like 7/8 years! I reported all on my background and I got the job! Ppl down here will tell you, there are ppl who don’t have a drivers license, as their exam didn’t require one and they’re great operators. Then you have ppl who do have a drivers license and are horrible operators or just can’t get the understanding of how to control a train. Your history doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with the concept of operating a train!
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    Think about it. Would you want to be on a train with an operator with a bunch of points for speeding or a talking on his cellphone? It may not be the same vehicle, but it helps add another layer of evaluation. A to is responsible for countless lives on a daily basis. Personally I have no issue with the requirement nor would I if I didn't have a driver's license because, objectively speaking, I get it.
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    14-car M9 test train on the Babylon Branch today. Only slightly bummed I didn't catch it at New York Penn since it came in and turned around on Track 11.
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    I find it quite worrisome that the often proposed solution to an abstract problem (corruption, costs too high, etc.) is to compromise physically. There's nothing physically insurmountable. This is all about humans and greed. There should be no compromise on mode of transportation. Efforts must be turned towards the corruption and NIMBYs.
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    I don’t mean to play devils advocate. BUT and i mean this in a serious way. IT IS WAY TOO EARLY to decide which Bronx XD60’s will be in Flatbush, Grand Avenue and East New York. Unless i’m correct the 41, 46 and 82 have NOT been officially converted into artic ops as of yet. So, I say this in a nice way. THIS IS A WAIT AND SEE PROCESS. Also, I strongly suggest that you ask @East New York or @The Real or even @Cait Sith any rumblings about the most recent news. Fleet changes EVERYDAY. Who knows tomorrow the may decide that LFSAs may stay in Brooklyn just a bit longer. (Just throwing this as example when we are too quick not to ask the right questions) However, we know about the LFSA fiasco.
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    You can’t really hold the MTA liable as it’s not like they can station people everywhere and refuse to move a train until a person with a dog gets off... the owner should be liable anyways as it was their choice to not handle their dog properly. As for the kids, that’s a NYPD issue. On a related note, can you stop with the inflammatory “outraged citizen” rants? Certain things have been a problem for a long time and need to be fixed but many things are rather commonplace and have always happened and there is nothing you can do about it.
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    Why wouldn't he? Hell Saturday I was coming back home from running errands. Had some groceries with me. I got off of the train at West 4th to transfer to get up to the express bus. I see two people and each of them have a dog not in any sort of carrier, big ones too. They got on the like it was nothing. People looked but that was it. I moved since I didn't want the dogs near my food. You have people with allergies, etc. Years ago you didn't see this, or if you did it was people with SMALL dogs that were discreet about it. Now?? Forget it... Everyone is entitled... The hasn't done a thing about enforcement either since that passenger was attacked on the train. A little outcry from the public and they do an about face on everything. If a dog attacks a passenger, the first thing they'll be looking to do is hold the accountable for not enforcing what is on the books in the system. Despite claims to the contrary, they also are NOT doing a damn thing about kids causing problems in the subway. I keep seeing videos pop up. There was another one that popped up just yesterday. Bunch of kids attacked a young Hispanic man on the train.
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    Good luck, Deirdre! Be strong!
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    Cant wait to see someone post about that on r/thathappened lol.
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    First Dunkin Donuts, now WWE, what next?! 1-877 Kars for Kids... Embarrassing for a public transit provider to commence blaming other companies for their inactions, or inadequate actions....
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    Yes the 4700’s were always bound for Brooklyn due to Fleet uniformity. The timeline however has changed 19 times. GA was under review for arrive and LFSA’s just doesn’t make any sense at all. If the plan is to move them from Brooklyn anyway, why in the hell they would go to Grand was beyond me. Looks like we are back to what things should be. As I said 3 years ago, I expect every last 4700 series bus to end up in BK.
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    I suspect that they may have buses on standby for a bit then they pull them. They definitely have them from time to time.
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    Watch the try to pull that missing 5:30 PM trip stuff again. They run service properly for a week or two to try to get you off of their back and then when they think that you're off of the QM1 issue, they pull the same s**t again. Totally unacceptable.
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    Parade of trains is moved from the month of June to September. Excursions first then the parade will occur followed by the Holiday train.
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    It's been a long time I've posted a photo/video thread. Here's a set of them starting from February. Enjoy!
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    Here's the second batch of photos from last month, March, plus videos from the beginning of the year in general.
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    Funny Story. I was waiting for the S78 at Hylan/New Dorp Lane while a SIM11 bus pulls up to the stop. There's a lady who thinks that the bus is going farther South than Ebbitts Street and is arguing with the B/O. He closes the door and a few moments later, he opens the door again. The lady and her two kids get off. While she gets off the bus, arguing with the B/O, the B/O says, "You're a Farebeater! Next time I'll call the cops on your a**!" Guess this woman didn't pay the fare. The express bus B/O's tend to be much more strict when it comes to farebeating. Why can't the local B/O's be the same?
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    Besides the m14+ what routes are being created for the L train shittle?
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    I mean, the way to fix exorbitant subway construction costs is to fix exorbitant subway construction costs, not to switch to a less capable mode... We shouldn't give up on the mode that really is necessary for future development because we're bad at it now. And what's stopping us from messing up LRT, anyway? Street running LRT would be great for corridors in the outer boroughs, Nassau, Westchester, and inner NJ, but I just think the capacity price that comes with LRT -- one that isn't mitigable even with the most intensive of separations or crossing treatments -- really does means that we need to work with subways.
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    Get out of your New York City bubble and you'll realize that this is totally wrong. Lets look at the Victoria Line in London... That's right: 36tph at peaks, 26tph middays, 26-30 tph on Saturday and 20-26 tph on Sunday. The doesn't even run that frequently. https://www.davros.org/rail/culg/victoria.html#services And before you say "but that line is completely isolated" lets look at the subsurface network... 24 tph in the core off peak and 12 tph pretty much everywhere else even with 8 merges... The only thing preventing the MTA from operating frequent off peak service is the MTA being stubborn.
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    Leg room has always been a major issue. Something I never really understood. And yeah they definitely need to go. My only point is some of the kneelers won’t go back up on new buses lol. Or the bypass they’ll the bus it does but it’s really still dragging the ground. Especially when crushloaded. That’s usually the only time an RTS kneeler won’t go back up as well. But it took 15 years for them to start wearing out. New buses? 15 months lmao. Being someone who isn’t a y’all guy the RTS is perfect for me. The only friends that I have that are tall that like them are SOLELY because they are RTS fans. 80% of the guys that are tall can’t stand that bus, and I can totally understand why. And yep, if you sit too high you can’t see and it becomes a safety issue. This is why many agencies including TTC opted for the Wide Front Door Model. Those things have crazy room in the front, they are just ugly as hell. Lol True they are aging but yes many people including passengers in my part of Brooklyn (contrary to what politicians and haters want you to believe) in the poorest neighborhoods as they say, which I live dead smack in the center of, if a low floor and a high floor come back to back crush loaded, a good portion of these poor people are gonna run to the high floor. I see it all the time. Elderly people will even hold up a whole bus to go up some steps. If they asked “real” people in and around my neighborhood how they feel, or maybe the older crowd on the upper east side and lower Manhattan how they feel we would know. Funny all these damn years have passed and not ONE rich person has made a stink about in in some of the nicest neighborhoods in Manhattan or Queens. At the end of the day, of the Orion V, and Orion VII were of better build quality Most of the RTS would have been gone long ago. However, MTA has to divert funds to order “emergency” Xcelsiors and implement artics in order to get rid of 2 whole fleets of buses that were costing them an exorbitant about of money to maintain. It’s sad that as I write this in 2019, the RTS still has the lowest maintenance cost..... Oh, and gets better gas mileage than the newest MCI’s we have, and the roofs of MCI’s haven’t been made of steel in a long time. Plus they are of newer EPA standards... Interesting. Again, I agree it’s time for them to go, but the ties that are needed to get them off the road says something all in itself It’s the opposite. High floors automatically have more space. More floor space, more seating space. No front wheels to compete with..... I thought that was quite obvious just by standing in one and looking Yes they were. To East New York. Yeah, there’s a few undercover haters that got together with a few passengers that would also agree they are time to go, and fabricated a whole story. I wonder what this means for the Retirement party?
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    Engineering is the easy part. Politics is the hard part. And y'all know the MTA ain't good at that. See: nuclear power, GMOs, vaccines, etc.
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    Y'all are making your points of view from the viewpoints of a railfan. Just because it's technologically possible and sound doesn't mean you'll be able to convince the public. If you don't think that every single business owner or homeowner or landlord or renter or neighborhood busybody would do everything in their power to stop an el at their doorstep, I have a bridge to sell you.
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    Bee Line has a number of improvements that MTA dosent. The artic fleet rotates around regularly, and all the buses are well maintained.
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    I don't live in Bronx/near Bee-lines. But I wonder, why did they get to keep their alcoa rims on their buses ? *Jealous*
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    That and express bus riders tend to pay the fare. Local bus riders tend to be poor. Not the case with express bus riders, so there is less farebeating and the thinking that people will pay as you are generally dealing with professional types with disposable income. That said, I was in a meeting tonight, but saw TWO missing QM1 buses. I'm being told to be careful what I wish for in that if they create standby QM1 buses, they will cut from elsewhere to do it. As you likely know by know they use those QM1 trips to cover late Glen Oaks trips. I have a problem with that. They should have standby trips WITHOUT cutting from elsewhere. They have cut all off-peak QM1 service as it is. There was no bus after the 4:30pm QM1 until 6pm!! I was furious! I posted in the group about it too.
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    That does not mean that at all. People get put on medical hold or may turn down the job or etc. Transit just goes to the next person in line and waits for no one. Please do not feed people false information.
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