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    Shoot me a message at followENY@gmail.com I would ask anyone who wants to follow me and this next major chapter in transit. Again I want to thank everyone. My inbox is “full” and I’m ready to make my public announcement. Effective immediately, I will be teaming up with @The Real to create an all new transit information platform that will be unrivaled anywhere in America. This blog will have the original transit enthusiast flare of TTMG, with a new fun way to introduce what’s going on within the industry. Remember the good old days of ENY’s NYCTF Breaking News Exclusives? Well expect that again, and even better! Combined, @The Real and @East New York know ever corner of the transit industry from top to bottom. I have consulted with every major component supplier, transit equipment manufacturing firm, and 47 of the top 100 transit agencies!! I do have receipts and references if anyone need them. So that was my big announcement. Yes, I am coming out of retirement within the next few days. I would again like to thank everyone who co tiniest to support, and I feel like I owe it to some of you to continue what I do, and advocate for better transit for the employees and customers alike. That being said, this will be my final post at NYCTF. If you be placed on the email list for information and invitation to the launch of the new blog, or to just get in contact with me in general, Please shoot me an email at followENY@gmail.com Anyone who recently sent me a PM, please email me there, tell me who you are and what your NYCTF handle is is you have one. I really look forward to this next chapter and want to again thank you all! Its definitely time for a Transit Media outlet for a “Fast Forward” Era. As MTA and other agencies around the country move to new technology, and old buses die, its time 2 of the greatest transit bloggers officially join forces. I mean let’s be honest, who’s gonna provide more accurate information on Transit than @The Real or Myself? Now together under one platform, will be a seamless experience that none of us are used to! I’m excited! I hope you all will join us! With all the new buses coming in and projects planned, you are are going to want to keep up! Bronx and Queens Bus redesigns are among the first topics. Again, please direct any comments, questions, concerns, and blog inquiries to followENY@gmail.com and don’t forget to let me know who you are! Everyone’s welcome!! -ENY out!
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    Yall need to stop entertaining @JeremiahC99. Clearly he doesn't understand the system as a whole and only cares about the routes and depot he uses. His opinion isn't gonna change the DOBs placement of these buses so just let him be mad. There's like 2 pages of arguing in this thread now because of his nonsense.
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    I can't say I'd be surprised if he left. In fact, I've been saying this for a while now. Who wants to work for someone that won't listen to any of your proposed solutions? Or worst, do the exact opposite of what's suggested? That nonsense gets very old very fast. The pay rarely makes up for the headaches and annoyances. The point behind bringing Byford onboard was his transit expertise and his ability to turn a failing transit system around. Even before he started his tenure here in New York, he was touted as the guy that would fix the subway. Now, it seems like every time you turn around, Byford is being sidelined in favor of someone else who Cuomo likes more. What's the point of bringing in the expert if Cuomo's just going to defer to the C&C crew for every solution? I'm not knocking Columbia or Cornell, but when we have a transit expert in our back pockets, why do we keep deferring to outside engineering experts that may not all of the information for every solution lately? The mishandling of the changes to the project is one glaring example of Byford being pushed aside (he was reportedly not even consulted regarding the changes to the project before the press conference). However, this has been an ongoing problem for since Byford's tenure began last year. When he began, Byford laid out his plan for fixing the subway and the cost of doing so, and aside from a couple of token mentions, there has been little to no action in doing anything substantial about actually fixing the myriad of subway problems. It's a hefty cost, no argument about it, but that's what happens when general maintenance and infrastructure upgrades get deferred to the point of failure. I imagine the costs of the major car overhauls and infrastructure upgrades in the 1980s were comparably just as high back then. And if I hear one more thing about ultra-wideband radio signaling as a replacement... I'm all for innovation and being the best around, but when we have proven technology used the world over, forgive me if I'm a little hesitant to be the pioneers on an unproven signal system. We already have an exclusivity problem when it comes to component replacements for signals because our system is one of a kind these days. We don't need to exacerbate this by bringing in another signaling system that no one will be using for the foreseeable future (because most major transit systems have or are in the process of upgrading to CBTC or something else widely used across the globe). The person who needs to go is Cuomo, but the only way that's happening is if he pulls a Weiner. I just hope that, should Byford jump ship, we get someone to head Transit that will continue to challenge the status quo. It's been decades since the first major speed reductions were enacted following the Union Square and Williamsburg Bridge crashes, but we haven't seen any removals of those artificial speed limits in nearly 30 years until just a few months ago. Even when Prenderghast was MTA chairman, there was no push to raise the speed limits where they made no sense being so low. We don't need to revert back to that kind of leadership, not when there are so many problems, both major and minor, that need to be addressed.
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    Nah, there's no lack of understanding.... All he's doing here is kissing BrooklynBus' ass like he normally does. "The B9 idea is one of the best ideas anyone has come up with in recent history" - Honestly now This is the 2nd time he's parroting these exact same talking points on here, predicated on falsities, about this latent damn demand b/w the B46 & the B9..... A route that carries over 10k riders a day, we both know is by no means light & the fact that a blatant lie like that has to be conjured up to (further) support someone ELSE's original idea, is truly f***ing pathetic.....
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    If Byford goes, that's really the end. Already, most competent folks at MTA are/are thinking about running away. His departure would, IMO, forever shatter the wall between the political and the managerial, and would send a signal to the world that New York doesn't want powerful, independent visionaries. I have my fair share of qualms with what Byford does, but its undeniable that he has done more to shake up NYCT than anyone in a long time. It's just a shame he's come to an agency which has in fact lost so much credibility that a governor can interfere with political cover. NYC is facing a critical period. We have a housing shortage, a transit crisis, an equity issue, a reactive political climate, and the ever present threat of climate change bearing down upon us at approximately the same time. And when I look around, I don't see anyone in power who seems to have a true vision and passion for solving these things. That's scary.
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    Perhaps he can apply for a cabinet position in the White House. Seems like a job apt for him. Plus, they pay.
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    Coumo sets are falling apart: 8337-8340, 8339 is undecorated on the outside
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    Be the change you want to see in the world, or convince other people who you think might be a good fit. A bartender upset the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House.
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    As for the fans coming up with conspiracy theories for Flatbush..... Late 2007 into 2008, Flatbush gets selected for their first order of brand new hybrid buses 2008, they receive a couple of 3800s from Castleton for training, they received brand new NGs afterwards. 2009, they got brand new NGs. Late 2009 into 2010, they got brand new NGs. 2011, Flatbush was selected to get articulated buses. 2012 into 2013, Flatbush receives 5800s for training and operation usage, they receive brand new Nova Bus LFS Artics afterwards for Hurricane Sandy shuttle work and B44 service. 2013 into 2014, Flatbush gets selected for brand new buses. 2015, Flatbush gets brand new XD40s for local and SBS service, also got 7483(I forgot what year) 2017, Flatbush gets selected for brand new buses. 2018, Flatbush gets brand new SBS XD40s, sending only 4 year old XD40s onto local service duty. 2018, Flatbush gets selected for brand new articulated buses. 2019, Flatbush receives 6100s from Quill for training and operation usage, currently receiving XD60s to push out 6 year old LFSAs to other depots. So....I must be missing something as to how Flatbush has been treated unfairly as of late, when they've consistently have gotten new buses over the past few years.....not to mention, the only time Flatbush DID NOT receive any new local buses was during the period when the 2003-2007 Orion VIIs were being ordered and delivered.....
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    The express buses in the other boroughs are also affected.
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    Don't forget the mayors! NYC's contribution to the NYCT ops budget has declined precipitously over the years. Really, ever since the '70s fiscal crisis, NYC (and NYS) has been pursuing a strange brand of neoliberalism-pretending-to-be-progressivism. Economically, those policies probably saved NYC (especially given the federal government's reluctance to help with budgetary relief), but there has been a failure to create a vision for a post-austerity government, and equally a failure to reinvest the fruits of growth into the public services that enable it. So what we have today is a strange jumble of piecemeal governmental structures, agencies, laws and regulations, each very much products of their era and none altogether functional, while the city's greatest public infrastructures (subways, parks, bridges, schools, hospitals, public housing) lie underfunded/poorly managed and without vision for their future. NYC government has the potential to be -- and really should be -- a massive force for good within its mandate. But again, it needs leaders.
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    Can’t just blame Cuomo. Paterson, Spitzer, Pataki and Cuomo I all had hands in this gross mismanagement of . No forward thinking except to saddle it with debt that it couldn’t pay, and force it to cut service to the point of ineffectiveness. Problem is, y’all NYers have been electing “Starve the Government Beast” conservatives for two generations, and all they’ve done is make this state such a jewel that suburbanite transplants are needed to replace the population that’s leaving upstate, and making the situation worse. NY is becoming Illinois without the almost-cool factor. We current NYers need a “do this right” political class to fix the mess the aforementioned made - in the and all other areas of the state.
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    My thoughts: The MTA is honestly (and obviously) extremely corrupt, arrogant, and broke. And it's not Byford's fault this is happening. The obvious mastermind behind all of this is a petty a**hole who controls the agency like a puppet, that being Cuomo. Byford is trying his best to fix problems that have plagued the system for years, such as infrequency, slow routes (both train and buses), fares, etc. But the fact that Cuomo is personally preventing him from doing such just shows that the corrupt government is just intentionally trying to make transit worse. Byford could've made the shutdown more suitable for all, he could've revolutionized both the subway and bus networks, and do so much more to fix the system, like extending subway lines, but as long as Cuomo is in the way, the MTA will just rot in pieces. Now, if Byford indeed leaves, all hope will be lost and the MTA will definitely meet its inevitable collapse. Him being hired as the president of the subway was a chance for the MTA to improve, to expand, and to recover. But with the monstrosity known as Cuomo intervening and influencing the MTA's decisions, that chance is all but a pipe dream. There's no one else at the MTA that can serve as a revolutionary leader, especially with @RR503's constructive points. For example, even Lhota, who returned to "fix" the system, could barely do any improvements and left a mere year and a half after his return. The "so-called" advances from the state of emergency back in 2017 (like the floor mats, double standing poles) were not just minor, but they were something even worse: unnecessary. In addition, they weren't close enough to being outstanding, and most likely only made subway cars more aesthetically appealing on the inside. To put it simply, as long as the atrocious mastermind known as Cuomo is in office, the power Byford and the rest of the MTA has over the system is increasingly limited, and severely waning. If or when he (Byford) does leave, residents/hipsters will just continue ranting on why the system is in total anarchy and crisis, not fully realizing the majority of themselves supported the mastermind behind it all. Thanks for listening, and I'd appreciate your feedback.
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    And yet, with all this mounting evidence of interference, there are still those that insist that Cuomo does not control the MTA.
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    Taking bad ideas proposed by others and trying to call them good doesn't make them any better than they are (especially if we're talking about that B9 BS).
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    4992, 94, 5005, 5103 have been retired
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    Pointing this out, with 8360: 8356, 8357 and 8363 all have WF stickers
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    What's with the sudden going apeshit with wanting to create one-way streets all over the place.... Wanton disregard for other motorists..... Cheese beese. Yeah, and wanting to dedicate too many resources for shuttling KCC students puts the kibosh on addressing issues along the rest of the route....
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    Then that just becomes another issue of school kids being stupid... which is not the same issue as not allowing SI commuters easy access to MetroCards
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    Perfect grammatical use of those nouns! Sure, if we can extract politics, the ego's of any & everyone involved, and seriously start putting the public first..... I have a better chance of counting to infinity starting from zero, before that happens....
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    It could be one of two things. 1. Bump off some of the older XD60s to Flatbush. 2. Bump off the rest of the 5200s and 5300s to West Farms. I'm sure it's related to #2, since Quill is supposed to receive some new XD60s. ------ 8545 at KB from QV.
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    All express buses will be cashless. (This includes Academy buses on the SIM23/24.) The problem is: in Staten Island, there are only two places where one can add money to a MetroCard: St. George, and Eltingville Transit Center. The MTA has advised customers who use cash to consider an EasyPay Express MetroCard. If not for the move to OMNY, the MTA would probably treat the SIR as a subway route with turnstiles. This is the first step toward OMNY.
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    You could blame all that construction with the Department of Environmental Protection and contractors installing pipes all over East New York and Canarsie. So buses on that side will continue to run like hell.
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    Flatbush already has their alotment of new buses in the new scheme. It makes sense for them to get the NGs from KB because they already house and maintain a fleet of them. Folks who live along the Flatbush routes pay taxes, but if you want true unfair treatment, consider the MTA bus division which minus the artics, has no new scheme buses at all. You may complain about buses being 10 years old, but folks in jackson heights, and jamaica are riding buses that are 12-14 years old.
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    Nah. Better philosophy. They don’t have to be Locke liberals, but Hobbesian conservatism needs to die.
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    Fair enough for them to not get any new local buses any time soon, especially when you consider the history I clearly laid out of them getting new buses over the past 10 years. Also, other depots have been getting older buses than Flatbush, ENY has been getting 12 year old hybrids to fill the gaps of the RTS retirement....that makes your point moot. With that logic, ENY should've gotten more XD40s..... They've consistently have gotten new local buses over the years, and the NGs aren't really outdated compared to the OGs.... You want to talk about being treated unfairly? Look at Manhattanville, they haven't gotten new local buses in over 10 years, and here you are complaining about a depot that has consistently gotten new local buses over the years, not getting a small batch of their own. You're making it sound like they've never gotten any new buses since the RTS. And to say that they're being treated unfairly because they're not getting new buses in the local scheme is absurd when you consider that those buses are basically the same thing as the 7300s they currently have.....just without the USB ports that people hardly ever use. Your argument is basically saying that for every new order coming in, Flatbush should always get a piece of it. That's not how it works. After all, I'm pretty sure they'll be in line for the 275 Hybrid Bus order anyway.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if this was an intentional leak. This kind of stuff happens all the time in politics; Cuomo is just not used to being able to deal with an appointee who's even moderately media savvy. That being said, it speaks volumes that Byford probably had a better time working under a literal crackhead.
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    Last night I was able to catch a nice variety of trains at 86th Street, including R179 3230-37 doing simulated stop testing, and a Yankee special. Enjoy! An R32 And an R179 Approaching the station And departing A just having arrived on the uptown platform Checking that everything's clear to close the doors Heading uptown One of the first uptown local trains of the night Pulling away uptown Southbound local with a dead motor About to board Long ride Heading off to 81st Street Yankee special
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    Really a shame that this is even a thought. So far, Byford's done some great work (like Save Safe Seconds and SPEED), and it'd be pretty sucky to lose him over petty politics, especially considering how much he's tried to avoid getting caught up in it. One can only hope he can reason with the State and/or Governor himself.
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    Typical. Cuomo just can't let himself look good by being hands off. Him doing literally nothing would be better than this.
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    I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming support from here and throughout social media. In light of that, and by popular demand I have decided to come out of my ever so brief retirement. I didn’t realize how many people actually still wanted me around. That being said, I have a MAJOR post coming soon that’s going to knock all your socks off!!!!! Stay Tuned! East New York is about to light it like I once did! Y’all are NOT gonna be ready for this one!!! 😁🔥
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    Let's not derail this thread so early before the bidding and conceptions starts, fellas.
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    As of June 8, 2020 *****NOTE: This list will ONLY contain MCIs and NABIs...for now.***** 2000 MCI 102-DLW3SS Commuter Coach: 7501 2001 MCI D4000 Commuter Coach: 7505, 7509, 7520, 7523, 7528, 7543-7556, 7558, 7559-7565, 7602, 7606-7607, 7611, 7760, 7783-7784, 8401-8437, 8439-8450, 8452-8454, 8459-8460, 8462, 8466-8467, 8469, 8471-8472, 8474-8475, 8479-8480, 8483-8484, 8488-8491, 8494-8496, 8498-8505, 8509, 8512-8513, 8515-8518, 8520, 8552-8553, 8556-8559, 8703-8712, 8714 2002 MCI D4000 Commuter Coach: 7401, 7403-7407, 7409-7410, 7412-7416, 7486, 7489, 7491, 7618, 7620, 7651, 7661, 7687, 7903, 7907, 7910, 7928, 7933, 7998, 8007, 8011-8015, 8021, 8023, 8025, 8027-8029, 8039, 8042-8046, 8051, 8075, 8279, 8625, 8715-8759 2002 MCI D4500 Commuter Coach: 7419, 7427, 7447-7452, 8205, 8207, 8227, 8239, 8292-8293, 8295-8300, 8302-8303, 8305-8315, 8317-8322, 8760-8764 2003 MCI D4000 Commuter Coach: 8554-8555, 8635-8636, 8686, 8775-8777, 8780, 8782-8783, 8785-8787, 8838, 8840-8843, 8845-8856, 8858, 8860-8861, 8866-8868, 8870-8872, 8874, 8877, 8879-8880, 8882-8889, 8916-8918, 8920 2003 MCI D4500 Commuter Coach: 8266-8268, 8436-8450, 8524, 8527, 8529, 8532, 8536-8540, 8543, 8546-8547, 8552-8553, 8765, 8767-8772, 8774, 8790-8795, 8797-8799, 8801, 8803, 8961-8968 2004 Neoplan USA AN459A Articulated: 9524, 9534 2008 MCI D4500CL Commuter Coach: 7174, 7179-7183, 7185-7187 2008 MCI D4500CT Commuter Coach: 7109 2010 NABI 416.15: 5612, 5700 2011 NABI 416.15: 5757, 5784, 5998 2012 NABI 416.15: 6072, 6101 2013 NABI 416.15: 6348 Special thanks to "davemackey" for his input. Keep those buses coming!
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    Lightly used? LIGHTLY USED?! I got passed up by two full buses at Avenue L and Nostrand at 4 pm on a Tuesday... That's just nonsense
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    Looks like maybe one more week left for RTS at UP
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    That proposal for the B2 along 65th Street and Avenue P is not new. The proposal was first introduced in 2004 by Allan Rosen. When he made the proposal, this routing was called the B1, and would operate from Shore Road to the small Bergen Beach community south of Avenue U. This would've replaced the B64 along Bay Ridge Avenue, which would then be combined with the B70 via VA Hospital to provide a one-seat ride between Sunset Park and Coney Island. However, it, along with several other proposals he made were unfortunately rejected because of the arrogant attitude of the that dictates that no one tells them how to plan. In the last 15 years, Allan has made variations of the proposed route to address some of the problems with bus service in the area. Link here: https://bklyner.com/my-proposed-bus-route-changes-for-sheepshead-bay-and-adjacent-neighborhoods-part-1-of-2-sheepshead-bay/. In that proposal, the proposed Avenue P and 65th Street route would've ended at 12th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue to connect with the still-existing B64 line. Now that it is 2019, these old proposals should be revisited as they are perfect to a point that they can serve the Brooklyn of 2019, given how the borough has changed since 2004. To start with the Avenue P route, that is perfect. What it should do is stay in tune with the original proposal and have it run on 65th Street. However, I propose that the route serve the 62nd Street station via New Utrecht Avenue, since 61st Street would be a little narrow for a bus. Also, if the B64 were to be kept on Bay Ridge Av, then the route would end at Bay Ridge Avenue to connect with the B64 (as was proposed with the 2012 post I have linked). I don't necessarily agree with operating the route on 68th/69th Streets as they are also narrow. Either 65th Street or Bay Ridge Avenue is preferable. As for the B9, that B9 to Bergen idea is also not new, as it also dates back to 2004 (and possibly earlier). Its actually one of my favorite ideas that has ever come up. When the proposal was first made, it was supplemented with reducing the B41 on Avenue N to rush hours only, with a B11 extension to Georgetown Shopping Center, which has since been redeveloped with new businesses. I've lived in the Old Mill Basin area since I was little, and for too long I've noticed that the weekend buses are literally carrying air on Avenue N. My 2019 proposal would keep in tune with the original, but I did make some changes. In my proposal, the B41 on Avenue N would operate during rush hours and late nights only, rather than rush hours only in the original. Absolutely nobody takes the B41 on Avenue N during the weekends, but night service does have potential since it serves a major hub with a busy train line (Flatbush Junction ). To replace the B41 Bergen Beach branch that nobody uses, B9 service would be rerouted from Kings Plaza, where there is already a party of bus routes service it, via Avenue N to Bergen Beach-East 71st Street, at all times except late nights. This would provide Old Mill Basin and Flatlands direct and convenient access to the Brighton line as well as the Nostrand Avenue , rather than only the latter, opening up new travel options. It would also provide a convenient connection to the B46 Local and SBS, as well as the B47, instead of forcing B9 riders to backtrack to Kings Plaza and transfer at a busy and dangerous location. Also to add, the B11 would be extended via Avenue K (instead of eastbound Avenue J and westbound Avenue K in the original) Georgetown. At the Georgetown Terminal, the B11 would turn right at East 59th Street, left at Avenue L, and left at Ralph Avenue to terminate in front of the shopping center. Going back, the route would proceed straight to Avenue K, turn left there, and resume the normal route. While this would give riders convenient access to the Georgetown Plaza, that routing would subject residents on East 59th Street with a bus route going down their street. As the B11 primarily uses compressed natural gas (CNG) C40LF and New Flyer XN40 buses (and will eventually use electric buses), I hope they don't cry pollution problems. All of this would better serve the population in the Southern Brooklyn of year 2019.
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    Aside from the fact that there isn't that much overlap between their markets (there's some, but not that much), Avenue H does not need that many buses between Albany Avenue and Flatbush Avenue.
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    #Facts. So far what I get with Byford is that we wants to work with Cuomo. However, cuomo is trying to appease the upstate delegation and they give two shits about New York City Transit. If the MTA had good structure a real regional transportation system could exist between New York City and Albany (at the very least) at least on the Railroad spectrum. I wouldn’t want a 3 hour bus ride via the thruway into New York City.
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    They are the only ones that have them lol.
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    ? Count the number of routes you mentioned in this post.
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    This is pretty much my sentiment of AE Moreira's suggestion. What's bugging me here is the clear inattentiveness of the B1, west of the Brighton Line..... The Bensonhurst - Bay Ridge portion's no slouch when it comes to heavy ridership either.
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    I generally don't put too much stock in politicians or figureheads, but at this point, I honestly believe Cuomo fears an egghead like Byford & is trying to do whatever possible to get him out of NY... ....all while taking credit for his work, that is. I've said it so many times, online & offline... NYC will be the downfall of NYC. Lol.... Byford isn't the only person I'd like to hear that statement from....
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    I hope you mean Avenue C and not D.....D would mean that the bus lane would go through the Con Ed plant! However, the bus lane through Avenue A to C..... I have mixed feelings about that one. Traffic surely isn't an issue between Avenue A and D, it's between Avenue A and 9th Avenue where the issues arise. What I'm disappointed with is that they're not doing much to curb the continuing issues along Jamaica Avenue, one of the more busier areas of bus traffic.
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    How is that unfair? Flatbush has a ton of local buses that are roughly 4 years old, just exactly how is that unfair? Is that too old for you?
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    Your plan only works in theory. There are too few passengers boarding after the college for it to make sense for any buses not to stop at the first stop. The MTA tried to instruct drivers to leave the first stop before they were too full, but students were threatening the bus drivers when they were not able to board. KCC security refused to help out. The also ran some buses labeled as subway shuttle only stoping at the college and the subway, but I haven’t seen that labeling lately.
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    So here I am, finally back with the original R-40 side roll sign. It could have been done in less than a week, but had many things to do. The exterior side and the "SPECIAL" readings are pictures from the Rollsign Encyclopedia book that a friend took for me, strip maps are done by me. And here's the PDF version on PDF Pro. Can't download the file without losing quality, so you'll have to check it like that: https://www.pdfpro.co/files/209ddd4d02b3eb3526de Next roll signs I will post: 1985 and 1986 R-40/R-40M/R-42 side roll signs.
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    Good morning and Merry Christmas. Here's another addition to the gallery. Date: 1988 Printed by: Michigan Laser Graphics Used for: R68s, R68As Upon delivery of the cars, starting in May 1988, all incoming R68As were equipped with these curtains, a change from the alphabetical order found on their Westinghouse cousins. Also, this one included options in anticipation of the Manhattan Bridge closure, something the original curtains on the R68s did not, leading to several instances where those cars would be signed up as when the south tracks were closed. This lack of correct exposures led to some of the original R68 curtains being replaced with this model in the early 1990s. However, most trains would retain their original curtains until 2001 when they would be replaced with new ones that had a correct circle route.
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