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    Yeah, you say you have nothing against me, but you apparently have something against common sense..... Now that I've had this brief dialogue w/ you, now I really see why you catch the flack that you do on here..... I know, I know.... There's no evidence that the subway system as a whole underwent changes in almost 18 years, cleanliness & aesthetics are "very irrelevant" (never mind the countdown clocks & things of that nature), and the exception swallows the rule (as if I said every station has been modernized)..... Got it. Try to take people seriously & this is the result..... The buck stops here with you... Go troll somebody else; I wasted enough keystrokes with this exchange.
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    This weekend I got quite a few shots of the R179s and R32s on the (I mean )... This was the first time that not just the R179s, but also NTTs in general have run on one of the shuttles. The R179s actually looked good running on the shuttle for once. Anyways...
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    I think someone forgot to turn the child lock back on...
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    There is no emojii in the world to show my facial expression right now...
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    I guess that shows how much fat the MTA has to trim off their BS schedules. “Whoops! Looks like you’re saving time on this ride. We gotta fix that for you. Hold the train, conductor.”
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    Seems to be a combination of padding and GO congestion on southbound 4th. Stringline shows holds at Dekalb (which I'd imagine are padding related, at least in the 's case) and at Atlantic (if I had to guess, trains crawling/sitting). Schedule (padding in black): String:
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    New South Ferry was most likely not an effort to recover from 9/11, it was built because the SF Loop only fit 5 cars and was very rushed-seeming in nature.
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    It was sarcasm with a touch of truth (I always take the over the since all the crazy sh*t always happens on the )
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    They probably finished sending those out for this week's pre-employments. We'll get more news when people start going in. I go on Thursday. I'll post up any info I can get.
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    I wouldn't say "allowed" (although most road foreman probably wouldn't say anything.) If the slack is stretched, it wouldn't be as much of a problem. The electrics (especially the venerable old HHPs) tend to slip, especially if rail conditions aren't anything but ideal. So it's a good idea to ease into it (but again, not everyone does.) The diesels are something of an enigma. Coming from idle to notch 1 or 2 while stopper will result in an instant 300 or 600 amps, respectively. "Racking" it to notch 8 causes a delay of amps for about 5 to 10 seconds and then an almighty surge, usually followed by slippage, followed by the train slamming into the back of the engine, so we usually let the amps stabilize at the lower end and THEN notch out to 8. The diesels also react differently from notch to notch. For example, going from notch 1 to 4 brings your amps up quicker than from 2 to 5, etc. Of course, these are 25 year old GE computers doing the magic, so.... And yes, we sure can dynamics. In fact, they're encouraged as a "fuel conservation" technique. I try to use dynamics as much as I can, but when one factors in the 10 second delay from power to dynamics, or vice versa.... Lots of times, its just better to stretch. The dynamics also drop out insanely early, about 25 MPH they start to fade and are virtually useless below 10. And don't even get me started on the blend...
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    Imagine if they did that with that Sandy money when they were rebuilding that bridge...
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    I agree with you, @MysteriousBtrain because I see the same numbers being on here over & over. One time and that’s it. There should be no more questions of who gets what. If the DOB decides to put where buses are needed, that particular depot gets that type of bus. Not because “someone” is hungry for that type of model to ride around the local area. I wait to see that bus come my way whenever new buses get delivered. Prediction does not always work in that person’s favor.
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    I found myself near the Kawasaki plant in Yonkers today, and I saw quite a few M9s sitting around!
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    Thanks, guys. When running the diesels (P42s), we tend to stretch 'em to avoid slack (also, the GEs don't load up so fast- idle to notch 8, and we're talking a good 30-45 seconds to get full horsepower, so keeping the power on cuts down on the delay.) The electrics (ACS-64s) don't allow such a luxury, as they automatically cut the power as soon as the brakes are applied (although the "loading" is instant, so the primary concern is slack, which can be abated by keeping the engine brakes "bailed off" [another alleged no-no, but one they often look the other way on.]) Blended braking (shutting the throttle off and allowing the brakes + dynamics to apply) is the "preferred" method, but one that, depending on your territory and how you do it, may not be enforced. Thanks again for your insight- it makes the rides that much more interesting.
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    Used to identify crimes near the bus and to ticket vehicles illegally using bus lanes.
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    Congratulations!! See you tomorrow!!
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    Complain here or in the Facebook group (Express Bus Advocacy Group). We wrote to Governor Cuomo just last week complaining about quite a few things, and new express buses is on the list. Additionally, we will be speaking before the MTA Board later this month about this and a few other issues.
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    When the Yankees win
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    I agree I called it a while back when that gets to si they will complain
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    At some point, this is going to have to constitute a public health crisis.
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    list number 112x was the highest number called so far from reading the forums. im list 115x and have not received anything yet, I will post if I receive anything to update the forums.
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    I don't think 1600s will get called yet, I'm in the 1300s and wont get called this time around even though I was hoping for it since I'm on an outstanding certification again lol
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    Not counting demonstrators (Enviro500 0022, D45 0023): 1. 1-190 were NYCTA New Looks. 2. 101-316 were the NYCTA Orion V, and 101-184 the ex-Bee-Lines.
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    Delays Posted: 05/12/2019 11:22PM Bronx-bound and trains are delayed while we remove power to retrieve a suitcase off the tracks at 125 St.
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    This is one of many clips of the r179 running on the Rockaway shuttle posted on YouTube. Enjoy!
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    Of course you're going to deem what I'm saying as irrelevant, as you're of the belief that the subway system would look more or less the same, had 9/11 never happened... Of course track cleanings in general existed before 9/11, stop being obtuse.... The MTA started becoming exponentially more diligent with track cleaning well after 2001 & I'm of the belief that had 9/11 never happened, the MTA would have been in no real rush to try to clean up the tracks as well as they have, on top of being more diligent with trash collection (you may have been oblivious to them, but I most certainly remember overflowing damn garbage cans at certain stations), and on top of displaying as much artwork as you see laced along & about the subway system.... New South Ferry & Fulton st reconstruction were not the only changes the subway underwent since 2001 & on top of it, those SAS stations were obviously not completed before 9/11 (which was the point) & I wish you'd stop parroting that like it's some profound point... Furthermore, these past two replies of yours is predicated on something I never said.... In an implicative fashion, you asked "so without 9/11, there wouldn't be no "New" South Ferry and the New SAS Stations??" - when I was saying the exact opposite in my OP.... You can say that 9/11 only affected Cortlandt st., SF, and Fulton st, but to act like the necessary work that had to be done to get things back in working order in that part of Manhattan didn't spark the MTA to want to fix up (or beautify) any other stations about the subway system thereafter, AFAIC is to not think outside the box... Had 9/11 never happened (with the advent of the SAS stations, new SF, & Fulton st. rehabbing after the fact), 95% of the subway system still wouldn't look the same.... It ignores all the other changes that the subway system as a whole underwent since 2001 - but of course they're irrelevant, according to you.....
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    I was actually mistaken, 9007-9008 is still at Yonkers frequently on the test track. 9017-9018 was delivered within the past two weeks, and 9019-9020 has also been on the test track. Generally, that test track (called the Function Test track) is the last step before the cars get sent out. I've seen up to 9038 (except 9035) at Yonkers at different stages, either inside the factory or out. Once the PA5 option order and R211 progress, it'll be a hell of a time to be fanning Yonkers station!
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    That response seems rather familiar. It reminds me of someone who was bitten by a spider...
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    More a curiosity post, starting with buses ordered 1953 and later: 1. Which numbers have never been used or allocated by the MTA for bus numbers? (Off the top of my head, I can identify 1859, 6956-6999 and 7938-7999.) 2. Which numbers (or group of numbers) was used the latest for the first time?
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    .... and this is what happens when Command Bus is taken over by the . All those 3rd and 4th Avenue stops are severely under utilized and that's slowing the service. It's unnecessary to have these stops on 4th Avenue and 3rd Avenue and no one is using them.
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    At this point the B103 makes too many stops. It feels more or less like a local route with a nonstop portion.
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    It kind of does matter when neither agency can manage their finances worth a damn. PATH, and the PA in general, hemorrhages money with their expenses and that FRA stipulation that the PA cannot get out of does not help matters in the slightest. For what it's worth, it'd be a really beneficial expansion with very little work involved, and that's not something I'm against. I just don't see the two agencies working together on this, nor do I see them playing fair with the costs of operation if such a combined route were to ever come to fruition.
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    New York City Transit. Still at the mercy of heartless NIMBYs. 😔 These people can literally afford to jet. Even if I became well off, I can't imagine ever living below I-287 ever again. I can't coexist with that many egos.
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    Brooklyn gets stiffed too much and they could use the most improvements. When B35 mentioned their political incompetence, he wasn't kidding. Why do 2.5 million people stay in the company [at the mercy, I mean] of such incompetent representatives?
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    Spot the differences
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    So the new SI novas have the "bus is turning" announcement. It'll be a matter of time before SI'ers complain.
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    6392 6402 MV-->scrap 6468 qv-->scrap
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    Because you put yourself at risk for something to happen the more days u work..plus as extra extra you get plenty OT from being on board etc.
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    Rawson, Lowery, and Bliss do exist outside the station since 2003 (Bliss also has existed in Sunnyside Gardens since 1982). Because of this, MTA will not remove those names again. This is also why those three names were also restored to the subway map as well. https://forgotten-ny.com/2009/09/back-to-the-boulevard-queens-boulevard-along-the-flushing-el/ https://www.nytimes.com/2003/09/07/nyregion/neighborhood-report-sunnyside-names-have-been-changed-confuse-innocent.html https://sunnysidepost.com/sunnysidewoodsides-street-names-remain-relevant
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    According to this Newsday article, they are expected be in service by the end of this month: https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/lirr-new-trains-m9-electric-1.30750025
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    It's funny how much New Yorkers will put up with on buses and subways, but throw a few bedbugs in there and people go nuts. I've seen people take bomb scares 100 times less seriously than they do bed bug scares!
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    That's when the inspectors come on board armed with a can of Raid. RAAAAYID!!!! *KA-BOOM*
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