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    BusTrek offered more info than BusTime did which is the point, and it also shows ghost buses, which BusTime can’t do.
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    I'm not gonna lie @Flatbush SBS Duece, you can even click on a bus and it shows that persons entire paddle for the whole day. I agree it's too much for the public to see. Imagine someone walking up to you on the bus like "you just was on break for 2 hrs, why are you 20mins late on your first trip back out LMAOO".
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    I think someone forgot to turn the child lock back on...
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    i assume so idk why Manhattanville would need an SBS bus
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    Wow... I never tried bustrek but for an operator prospective point of view that info was sharing too much with the public 🙏😉😝
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    Freakin’ douchebag. Whoever he is, he ruined it for everybody...
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    All of that goes completely against what the MTA/DOT preaches to the commuting public about the wonders of SBS and its implementation. Vision Zero just adds another complication, something that you'd think both agencies would have pushed-back on. Look on page 44 of the Bronx Overhaul Report and how the MTA makes it seem like the Bx12 today is getting people around at a 20% savings in travel time -- which is unchanged from their first touting the figure over ten years ago. Every time a route is to be changed to SBS, the same propaganda goes out, mainly that "your route is going to get you there faster" once we tear up streets, slap down the wondrous "bus lanes", and put pay stations in. The whole B82 thing, though, takes the cake. The route supposedly warrants SBS-treatment due to all the boxes being checked when it comes to the service-side. But the oddest thing is the whole "weekdays only" thing, and not running artics. (Once again, look at the SBS propaganda, and how much "all-door" and "3-door" boarding is touted as part of what makes SBS the best thing since sliced bread.) So, there's enough ridership to warrant all of the implementation costs, but only on weekdays? Major contradiction by itself, but also goes against Byford's whole "let's get more people riding by putting more service into off-peak/weekend service" part of his Bus Plan. The bus-being-packed issue will always be there, but should NOT be such a problem because of all that is promised to the riding public by having SBS in place.
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    I swear you have some ocd on 40 ft 2015-16 units being sequential or something.
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    I wouldn't say "allowed" (although most road foreman probably wouldn't say anything.) If the slack is stretched, it wouldn't be as much of a problem. The electrics (especially the venerable old HHPs) tend to slip, especially if rail conditions aren't anything but ideal. So it's a good idea to ease into it (but again, not everyone does.) The diesels are something of an enigma. Coming from idle to notch 1 or 2 while stopper will result in an instant 300 or 600 amps, respectively. "Racking" it to notch 8 causes a delay of amps for about 5 to 10 seconds and then an almighty surge, usually followed by slippage, followed by the train slamming into the back of the engine, so we usually let the amps stabilize at the lower end and THEN notch out to 8. The diesels also react differently from notch to notch. For example, going from notch 1 to 4 brings your amps up quicker than from 2 to 5, etc. Of course, these are 25 year old GE computers doing the magic, so.... And yes, we sure can dynamics. In fact, they're encouraged as a "fuel conservation" technique. I try to use dynamics as much as I can, but when one factors in the 10 second delay from power to dynamics, or vice versa.... Lots of times, its just better to stretch. The dynamics also drop out insanely early, about 25 MPH they start to fade and are virtually useless below 10. And don't even get me started on the blend...
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    overshare with the general public. slippery slope. way too much info on the streets. this is how things happen to B/O's while on duty... disgruntled ex/lover, etc having that much access to your work day smh. this would be equivalent to the NYPD telling civilians the "color of the day"... glad they corrected this MISTAKE.
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    WOW!! This is the first time me knowing Bustrek was actually sharing the buses information to the public. This feature is more of an management tool which the Surface Line Dispatchers uses to monitor the bus route and etc, but of course dispatchers has more features add on's and controlling options. Sorry to say, But I'm glad they took that feature down, because that was too much information sharing with the public, and I would be damn if a passenger came up to me using the bustrek features to try to question me why I'm late based on my paddle report and etc.
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    For the price they're charging, you're MORE than "right" to expect a clean bus (since Peak is when the MTA counts on customer traffic). Local buses are a *bit* more excusable (not in my book, but) to have some "wear and tear" from full loads and the like throughout the day, but for the MTA to be operating Express buses almost like "Charter" service (price-wise) and not delivering on basics such as a clean environment is unacceptable. If the MTA/NYC got tons of complaints about such conditions on Academy buses, they'd be the first to go after Academy and threaten to take their contract away. (Same if you actually did charter a bus and had to deal with poor maintenance or cleanliness -- you'd complain over your money's-worth as well as never use that company again.) Just another way the MTA chases its own customers away, then blames them for clogging the streets in other modes of transportation.
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    It could have been 3 possible reasons why you were seeing more XD40 on that day instead of OG. Bus operator preference Some of the OG are temporary OOS Or on that specific day, they needed some of xD on a specific route for long distance driving for Maintenance purpose.
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    During normal operations, yes.
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    @MHV9218 @Union Tpke The Standard Medium sign at Broadway-Lafayette is sadly no longer with us... They ripped it out to put in an electrical conduit for a new screen. I'm glad I got a picture of it earlier
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    lol hello they run a background check. If you lie on any part of that paperwork, for any TA job and they catch it, you will get fired even if you already started! That is a fact, there’s no reason to lie, they do not care about your driving record, I’m telling you from experience, license just has to be valid, I was scared of the same thing. Again these things have been addressed over and over in the thread, but if you want to mess up an opportunity for something silly go right ahead.
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    Working at Bellevue or being the cop who’s assigned to do that must suck. I hope they pay lots for staff to take this kind of crap.
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    True, but your “questions” don’t really fit here. Most of what you say is either ridiculous or ignorant, and you’ve disregarded the advice others on the forums have given you. Also, the answers to your questions can easily be found elsewhere or by simply using common sense. I can see that you’re new here, so do yourself a favor and read the rules and some older threads to get a sense of how things go down here.
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    Nah, they should just be running straight diesels on SI and be done with it.
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    There was a TSS class there 2 weeks ago, sure they’re going to get more T/O classes out, again patience is key, as long as your info is up to date you will get notified when it’s your go. I was working yday and I saw one of the April 29th classes in the yard. Good luck to everyone!
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    Straight to Bellevue is where the cops would take this guy if they found him. Then he'd be released 3 days late because he's not a danger to self or others, and right back to doing this again.
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    They don't, hence why none run there. It's not worth the expense.
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    Screens and announcements are by Clever Devices on the 2018 XD60's so you'll want to direct that to them... Speaking of Clever, the screens on the XN40s are atrocious... They freeze every time someone pulls the cord and they're regularly several blocks behind or the screens are just completely black.
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    I mean I don't even know why they have it considering the dispatchers never use it.
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    This isn't even someone being a slob or just homelessness: this is someone who is mentally ill. Most of the homeless are in shelters and you would not be able to tell them apart from any other person on the street.
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    For our Day 7, we were taken along the B13 route and the surrounding side streets, going from Ridgewood all the way to Spring Creek and back. We did everything from acute left turns to right hooks. Basically utilizing all our skills in a sense. Best thing I could tell you is to never make the same mistake each day. Days 1-5 are for you to learn. Use the notes your instructor writes on your task sheets and think about what you can do to remedy that situation. Every slip-up I made from Days 1-5 never happened again. On my first day I had the bus veering off too close to my right because it felt a little overwhelming at first. It took some getting used to. Day 2 I offered to go first on making turns. I veered too close to a car on my right making a right turn. Got trolley braked. Took that experience, went home and thought back. Day 3 we learned bus stops. I did not notice my instructor had put his leg in the door while I tried to close it. Whoops. Wasn't paying enough attention. Didn't happen again! Day 4 I nearly veered into an el pillar because I got confused as to which mirror I was supposed to find the pillar on my right and lost it. Day 5 I was finally feeling more comfortable behind the wheel so driving in upper Manhattan wasn't as bad. Still got trolley braked because I did not utilize some extra space at a strange intersection. I also forgot to utilize a hook turn because I wasn't paying attention to how close I was to a curb. Had to be backed up and complete the turn. Day 6 I mistimed a turn signal and instantly had to go to Day 8 and 9. But! My Day 7 was flawless. My instructor was impressed. "Why couldn't you do that the days before?!" He'd said after I made a fairly difficult turn. It was hard but I got it done.
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    Some of the Super Express trips go that way. They make one stop at 6th and 36th and then come that way via 36th street. The issue is that buses would be stuck in too much traffic now. Some buses did that before. The real answer now is to come up with a traffic mitigation plan. At our last meeting with the and the DOT, we pushed for double bus lanes on 6th Avenue and we requested some sort of traffic mitigation plan for the QM2, QM3 and QM20 if they must continue via 59th street. These changes have to be studied (that can take a year alone), and then there is the cost to implement anything. Believe me, the DOT hears us loud and clear. They are looking at some of our proposals to see what can be implemented.
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    New South Ferry was most likely not an effort to recover from 9/11, it was built because the SF Loop only fit 5 cars and was very rushed-seeming in nature.
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    How are the people in the Bronx supposed to take the ?
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    Awesome! Congratulations! Next up is the panel interview
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    It might be mileage reasons. Those 608X and 609X buses spent most of their lives doing short quill crosstowns while the buses moved to tuskegee had been doing the long q44+ for a while. All of that said though, everything 6083 can do, 5991 can do as well though so in the end, does it really matter.
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    F***ing DOT. If they love bike lanes so much, Polly T. should marry one.
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    Byford rides the subways.... I don't know if Irick rides the buses, but over the last several years, it just seems as if oversight has gone down. No sense of dispatching on certain lines, so you had guys skipping entire sections of routes leaving people stranded waiting an hour for the next bus because the guy either didn't know he was supposed to pick up Downtown, or he just felt he could skip that part of the route with no repercussions, and that is with the being able to track their buses. That should not be happening with any regularity, and the fact that it was just shows how lax things had become. They should always be watching their service like a hawk to ensure that stops are being made and that the drivers know the routes. I speak with people in the know now regularly and we discuss service issues and the like. They've been around the block a few times to say the least and they know how things work at the . Dispatchers doing drivers favors and looking the other way for example... There are other things that go on that negatively impact service and that looking the other way may mean allowing a driver to find any old excuse or BS "defect" with their bus to get pulled from service so that they don't have to do their trip and still get paid. Ridiculous things like that, but hey who cares if the passengers don't get their bus? They'll just "get the next one"... A large majority of dispatchers and drivers give a damn, but there are always the few that spoil it for everyone else.
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    Years ago I had an NJT motorman explain to me that his trick to smoothly braking the Arrow consists was to apply the brakes while power was on. I doubt the maintenance department was a huge fan of his work, but he did operate remarkably smoothly.
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    It is possible to take power while holding a brake. A standing brake test involves dropping your straight air to 30lbs and taking 2 points of power. If the train doesn’t move, your brakes are good. Sometimes when you need to make exact movements when spotting a train, you hold a brake so that when you knock off power, the train will stop on a dime.
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    This ole Spacely Sprocket ass mother*****..... Irick has been a real uptight a**hole as of late... His job on the line or something? No, it's not just a bus, joker - it's hundreds of them..... Fully functional ones too. You are the last person I want to hear bitching about bus service; then again, this guy probably doesn't even take public transportation.... Perfectly exhibited snotrag attitude....
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    Nice note ending with the random a**hole at the end...
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    I have to say y'all got it easy these days when i started in 2001 there was no social media.. No groups online to help us.. People wanted us to crash and burn we got dirty looks in crew rooms T/Os refusing to take us as students.. We had to learn everything on our own, make our own Line Up cards route Books... It was much harder to get through Schoolcar.. Oh and the Former head of Schoolcar Rocko Cortse had NO patience....
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    There is a difference between mistakes and mistakes that become compounded making things worse.
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    The BM2 is way too long and slow to be a decent alternative to the line even with the construction, taking the to Broadway Junction and transfer to the there gets you to the city much quicker than the BM2 does. The BM's are a good alternative to the and even train (If you live near Newkirk or Brooklyn College) when those lines are out but the BM2 is not an good alternative to the train, the route is just too damn long and the line service area is near the beginning/end of the BM2. Buses not being able to use the Belt really hurts things as maybe if they did, there MIGHT be an market for super express to Canarsie if an bus went express non stop from the city via the BQE & Belt to the Rockaway Parkway exit, that could be time competitive with the subway...
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    I agree about this having zero chance of existing; I was trying to give an example of what that would look like if you were to literally implement it, but I have high doubts that a Inwood express is any sort of viable.
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    I'm just glad it's not going to look like this: I like the look of the current MetroCards, but that tap card looks horrible.
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    While the name itself of the new fare payment system is pretty cool, I think they could've done without it being an actual acronym... "One Metro New York" sounds like the name of a building.
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    First class on the subway is a good option for the to make more money and get out of the crisis.
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    So yesterday, the 1600 QM2 (bus 2856) turned onto 57th Street and stayed on it till the QB bridge, bypassing all stops on 59th Street. A fair amount of riders were left stranded waiting half an hour for the next one. Also, the new traffic pattern on 59th is causing a lot of gridlock in the surrounding areas. Trucks are having a hard time swinging wide to avoid that new bike lane island on 2nd Avenue to enter the QB bridge. For the last couple weeks, traffic has backed up really quickly in the area, which is not aided by the amount of double parked cars in no standing lanes. All in all, any run time saved by taking the 57th Street shortcut is now all gone due to the capacity restriction on 59th and 2nd.
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    Some of these XD60's buses already having a few malfunctions. This is the third bus I had for the week where the STOP REQUEST bell and light comes on when you close the doors. The Automatic announcement on some of the XD60's at FB the buses that actually work its so delayed and offset compared to the XD40's on the SB46+. I feel these buses were rushed and not properly setup. I also noticed the 2017 Buses VS the 2018 Buses on the XD60's are not the same. The 2018 XD60's are the updated version with the Display announcement screens.
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