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    There's an old saying that goes, seek & ye shall find.... For SOME of us transit enthusiasts on a site like this that are a little more responsible, I can understand coming upon a hidden treasure like this & keeping shit on the hush hush for our own private consumption.... With that said though, and in all honesty, regardless, the information that was provided on Bustrek should've never been easily & as readily available to the public like that in the first place.... I'm personally indifferent to the MTA's closing of the doors with Bustrek - but in general, this is what you get with impulsive, motor mouth, don't know when to STFU MF-ers.... It is shit like this why I don't share secrets with anything with a pulse, as far as I can throw them.... The general public is stupid.... Way to prove your point "Kitty Kat", Stool Pigeon... So now what? Your bus was late for whatever reason 3 days ago & as a result, there's now one less medium to track "your" bus.... Good job, joker.... Good job.
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    The R211 mock up looks like it coming along nicely
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    Actually, South Ferry was paid for in part by Sept. 11th recovery money to revitalize Lower Manhattan following the attacks. Also, the original loop station was built for the amount of service operated at the time. The IRT couldn't possibly fathom running ten-car trains back in 1905 when the station was originally built. @subwayfan1998 I'm glad you're interested and inquisitive here. A problem I'm noting however is a failure to listen to what other people are telling you. Asking the same questions over and over in a slightly different way and expecting a different response will not serve you well here. Listen to what people are telling you and think before you post.
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    No idea...they used to be governed higher at 45-50, but when Vision Zero kicked in, that changed quickly. It is hazardous. NJ State Police has pulled over buses on the S89 for going too slow, hence why all of the LFSs(at least the older ones at Yukon) are governed at 60 I believe. The newer LFSs should be following suit soon.
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    Anything governed at 40MPH is not made for NYC.
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    Bus # 4572 was spotted a few minutes ago on the B6 on Glenwood heading towards ENY
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    The mockup car does have some functional components, but it is not fully functional. The purpose of the mockup is to prove as many static tests/designs as possible, so HVAC, software, doors, etc. In addition to build quality and TS compliance, the MTA also looks for maintainability of certain components. The mockup does not have propulsion equipment included (no traction motor, no inverter). Only the boxes for where the components would go are included, to ensure everything fits together and can be accessed easily. Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone thinks that car will see service, or run on its own power.
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    A quick shot of a Next Gen on the B64
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    While that was true....the information that was provided wasn't 100% accurate either. The actual, bigger site that the dispatchers and such have access to is far more accurate than what was leaked on Google. I am glad that it's gone though. The last thing we need are operators being scrutinized by potential passengers about why they are X-amounts of minutes late and such. But, thanks to that tweet, whoever is responsible for that being leaked to Google of all places is going to get disciplined quite harshly(if it gets to that case). This is one hell of an overreaction if I've ever seen one. No shit the MTA should be held accountable for it, they were held accountable and were joked at ever since the day someone(Lil 57) posted the link on here many months back, which you've apparently missed while being away for quite a while. But seeing as it was also being used as a tool to monitor metrics and how service actually is to potentially request for better service was a good thing, but, the fact that it got removed because of some buff that didn't know any better is also a bad thing, because now there's no other legitimate, accurate way to prove that service in the majority of the city is shite....so yes, the shamer also has to be held accountable. Both sides, the MTA's Bustrek team, and the person who put it out on Twitter have to be held accountable.
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    Okay guys I'm at 180 right now and they told the conductors that the next class is on June 10th and the next one after that is July 14th.
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    True, but one needs to understand how to read paddles and time points. Most people don't know how to, but I agree. The paddles were too much. That said, if someone wants to figure out, you most certainly can even without the paddles. I've come to realize this as I monitor service.
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    I run an advocacy group. For me it's interesting to see what metrics the is using for express bus service. I already had a system in place using BusTime to monitor service, so no biggie. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank the big mouths for ruining it for those of us that were using it on the down low and not taking screenshots and posting on Twitter or anywhere else. I mean how stupid are people!!??? There are some people that knew about it on the down low and kept it that way and now they can't use it, so a big thank you to those people that ruined it.
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    overshare with the general public. slippery slope. way too much info on the streets. this is how things happen to B/O's while on duty... disgruntled ex/lover, etc having that much access to your work day smh. this would be equivalent to the NYPD telling civilians the "color of the day"... glad they corrected this MISTAKE.
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    WOW!! This is the first time me knowing Bustrek was actually sharing the buses information to the public. This feature is more of an management tool which the Surface Line Dispatchers uses to monitor the bus route and etc, but of course dispatchers has more features add on's and controlling options. Sorry to say, But I'm glad they took that feature down, because that was too much information sharing with the public, and I would be damn if a passenger came up to me using the bustrek features to try to question me why I'm late based on my paddle report and etc.
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    Lmfao he tweeted it to the official MTA account no less! I'm dead. The hell did he think was gonna happen? These foamers don't even think.
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    It could have been 3 possible reasons why you were seeing more XD40 on that day instead of OG. Bus operator preference Some of the OG are temporary OOS Or on that specific day, they needed some of xD on a specific route for long distance driving for Maintenance purpose.
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    i was wondering who'd be the first to catch these NG's on UP runs. well done & happy hunting
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    Birth certificate, social security card, high school or GED diploma. These must all be original. And also all the jobs starting from the age of 18 until now.
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    The SBS NGs on SI probably have the highest mileage in the city. They repeatedly run on one of Yukon's longest routes (As well as one of the city's longest). And goes up steep inclines on the VZB. NGs aren't made for that terrain.
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    Those NGs need a 2yr rest so the other NGs around the city can catch up on their mileage lmaoo. These buses are 10 years old but run like their 15-16yrs old.
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    4156 is on the Q35! Glad to see some NG's be assigned to FR
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    It's assigned to UP at least right now regardless of decals. they probably didn't slap ulmer stickers on it because it's probably a short term loan
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    For those of you who have been around transit long enough to see that politics do play a part: When we had Giuliani as the mayor, he made sure that Staten Island was priority number one and 3 1/2 years later (1996-1999), Staten Island (YU & CA at that time) received: 240 MCI coaches and 210 Orion V 6000 series buses on top of 70 Orion V buses they received since 1995. And all their RTS buses went elsewhere in the city with the 9000 series to JA & UP, the 48xx to Brooklyn, then gone. That’s just a prime example that today’s SI politicians wanna cry about why SI doesn’t get new buses like they used do
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    Yeah it’s not bad at all, I actually wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t get awarded a job, I just did it to see if I would get one, the bid already started so our class didn’t get to put in a preference sheet, so I was stuck with middle of the week days off lol.
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    Good Post here i learned a few things!
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    It's not about rules or netiquette, it's simply shutting the f*** up. How would the city look if 9/11 never happened..... Stupid shit. Two or more computers form a network.... Two or more MTA reps don't have two or more brain cells.... Apparently, the MTA can't effectively (and truthfully) communicate with commuters, so they rely on computers to communicate with commuters... In an attempt to try to not look anymore foolish, they dupe commuters with network communication issue excuses....
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    for anyone looking to see a NG on the Q22... bus #4156 is currently out there. just saw it on a short sign B.116 trip.
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    Flushing CBTC Temporarily Offline Following Multiple Station Overshoots - Dan Rivoli - NY1 The MTA's latest technology, computers driving trains at the push of a button, got derailed on the 7 line, days after its full launch last week. The reason: trains were overshooting stations — by four cars in one instance. Six trains — including three Friday, a day after the launch — overshot a station last week. Pete Tomlin, the MTA's subway signals executive, called it an "anomaly," where trains didn't stop when they were supposed to and instead headed straight to the next stop. He notes there were at least 12,000 successful runs of the system. "We've actually decided as a precautionary matter we would turn it off, get to the bottom of it," Tomlin told NY1. "If the operator has to emergency brake the train, or take control of the train, that's not a good thing. It's not unsafe." The 7 line is the second, after the L line, to get a new signal system this year. In April, the MTA started testing the 7's automated feature, slowly rolling it out to more and more trains. The computerized system lets trains run faster and closer together — up to 29 trains in a single hour at peak times. MTA leaders want to expand the technology to other lines within 10 years, after spending nearly a decade bringing it to the 7 line. Officials say the results are clear: a major improvement in the number of trains running on time, reaching 89 percent this April during its slow rollout. Passengers spent less time waiting on platforms and their trips were quicker, according to the MTA. "Automatic train operation is a great add-on to every line that we have. It makes train travel predictable, people know where exactly every train is," said Andrew Albert, the chair of the NYC Transit Riders Council and an MTA board member. "We have to make sure that the glitches are worked out and obviously some of the glitches were not worked out." MTA officials are working with the contractor to figure out exactly what went wrong, how to fix it, and get the system running again within days.
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    It stems from the unfortunate tone at the top culture of guilty before proven innocent down here. For the most part, management who came from operations on the road have a little compassion, but the people who decide our fates in Labor Relations don't neccessarily come from the road or at all from the operational floor. When the customer is always right attitude even when they attack, curse us out, even try to murder us and the company we work for is more concerned about controlling our Over Time vs putting resources to protect their own... Speaks volumes.
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    Mostly like just MTA-speak for “blame the computers for the bad service, not us!”
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    Hopefully that quota of the 225 vacancies is for this quarter they’re currently in. But the fact that they called only about 300 candidates for P/E is a little discouraging. Hopefully that’s only bcuz they have just this one class scheduled at the moment but hopefully more to be scheduled soon for July and the coming months. List 109x , 2nd PE scheduled on 5/24
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    BusTrek offered more info than BusTime did which is the point, and it also shows ghost buses, which BusTime can’t do.
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    Freakin’ douchebag. Whoever he is, he ruined it for everybody...
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    It took some buff reporting a bus on Twitter while screenshotting bustrek for that to happen.
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    What i said originally had nothing to do with unrealistic expectations but more so how I’m personally seeing change on service since the SBS was implemented. I understand traffic conditions play a huge part but even still the traffic conditions on the route was the same since it was implemented. I said I just figured it must have been because of the recent pick. The issue with bus lanes is that people park in them all the time and even with truck loading zones. Traffic cops don’t do much to help negate parking in places where there shouldn’t be. The B82 sbs was going to have a lot more bus lanes but was significantly reduced due to community backlash. It wasn’t as it was in outreach for years before it was implemented. The people who rallied against it claimed it was false but they always held work shops for it. Now unlike the M14 sbs that’s a different story.
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    True, but your “questions” don’t really fit here. Most of what you say is either ridiculous or ignorant, and you’ve disregarded the advice others on the forums have given you. Also, the answers to your questions can easily be found elsewhere or by simply using common sense. I can see that you’re new here, so do yourself a favor and read the rules and some older threads to get a sense of how things go down here.
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    All of that goes completely against what the MTA/DOT preaches to the commuting public about the wonders of SBS and its implementation. Vision Zero just adds another complication, something that you'd think both agencies would have pushed-back on. Look on page 44 of the Bronx Overhaul Report and how the MTA makes it seem like the Bx12 today is getting people around at a 20% savings in travel time -- which is unchanged from their first touting the figure over ten years ago. Every time a route is to be changed to SBS, the same propaganda goes out, mainly that "your route is going to get you there faster" once we tear up streets, slap down the wondrous "bus lanes", and put pay stations in. The whole B82 thing, though, takes the cake. The route supposedly warrants SBS-treatment due to all the boxes being checked when it comes to the service-side. But the oddest thing is the whole "weekdays only" thing, and not running artics. (Once again, look at the SBS propaganda, and how much "all-door" and "3-door" boarding is touted as part of what makes SBS the best thing since sliced bread.) So, there's enough ridership to warrant all of the implementation costs, but only on weekdays? Major contradiction by itself, but also goes against Byford's whole "let's get more people riding by putting more service into off-peak/weekend service" part of his Bus Plan. The bus-being-packed issue will always be there, but should NOT be such a problem because of all that is promised to the riding public by having SBS in place.
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    I understand traffic plays a part but i take the B82 regularly everyday. Usually during the last pick I always caught it around the same time and recognized the same driver. The buses are now more so jammed packed before it hits Utica and flatlands. The locals are more so the better option now. But again the B82 sbs wasn’t like this a month or two ago.
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    The B82 sbs has gotten bad recently. Wait times are longer and I’m not sure if it’s because of the recent pick. Literally last month the wait times for it wasn’t bad at all it was 10 minutes off peak and 6-9 during rush hour. Now I’m waiting for the bus and there’s a 25 minute gap for the sbs the locals are running better than the sbs. Not sure what happened.
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    I got John Sterling in my head ATM 🤣
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    The NTTs and SMEEs should theoretically all accelerate at the same rate. They all are designed to meet the same tractive effort curve because they all interact with the same signal system. Differences in performance between the fleets (which, mind you, are extant) stem from the type of traction control used on each. NTTs use AC, which essentially allows cars to provide exactly as much tractive effort as the accel curve specifies, whereas the rheostatic DC control systems used on older cars allow less precision control and, through their post-1995 modifications, are prone to lowballing tractive effort.
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    Yes, but those buses aren't exactly a fan favorite lol.
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    First, can you not treat the and like they are two separate subway lines for car assignment discussions? Yes they really are two separate lines in the public timetables, but they must be considered together for car assignments because the cars they have (410 for each of the two lines) are shared with each other. Also, do you take the and south of Franklin Avenue on a daily basis to get to/from somewhere important? If you do, then there is a reason why the / need to be all NTTs, and it’s because THEY NEED TO QUICKLY SWITCH THE SIGNS AT FLATBUSH AVENUE DURING WEEKDAYS!!!!! Scrolling through rollsigns is VERY PAINFUL!!!! Put R62/As on either line and you just screwed up the operations and created delays on the entire and lines. I believe the current plan is to have the Lexington Avenue CBTC coincide with the R62/A retirement, since it would be desirable to have the Lexington Avenue CBTC operates with Factory-fresh cars, though some 20-year-old R142/As will be used as well. Nobody is officially suggesting that R62As be put on the /, and a plan like that is very dumb.
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    Well Andy Byford is holding a town hall on May 21st at Our Lady of Angels on 73rd Street in Bay Ridge so this most likely will be coming up then...
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    I modified the topic to include the new MTA site since the new site is essentially the desktop version of the app. Regarding the app, I have always found it to be more cumbersome to get useful information through this app than I would someplace else. For example, trying to get MNRR track info for trains out of Grand Central, it's much easier in my opinion to get that info from TrainTime. For subway arrivals, the MyMTA app suffers the same problem SubwayTime does, in that one has to scroll down the list of stations from endpoint to endpoint in order to get arrival info for their station. While not as clunky as SubwayTime, I still prefer a map-based way to see the train arrivals, which is why I continue to use Underway for this task. Also, MyMTA limits itself in the number of arrivals by only showing the next five trains to arrive in any given direction. That's all fine and dandy if you're at 3 Avenue and the only trains arriving there are trains. Not so much so at express stops or major transfer hubs where one usually benefits from seeing multiple trains' arrivals to better plan their trip. As for the new site itself, I really wish they would pick one. Either move everything over to new.mta.info or stop using that site. I've noticed that all new train information is posted to the new site, but most of the other information related to long-term service changes, PR notices, etc. are still posted on the old site. It looks really unprofessional to have users circle between two completely different and separate websites to get pertinent information from the same agency. Also, related to this, why am I unable to look at all of the service changes per day like on the old site? It's really cumbersome to have to search service changes route by route, day by day on the new site.
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