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    As of 7:30 AM this morning, #3965 was on the Q32 blocking traffic on 2nd Av while coming off the Queensborough Bridge.
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    http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-new-york-city-transit-modernize-service-status-notices-new-additional Seven New Categories of Subway Status, Provided on Line-by-Line Basis, Will Help Riders Better Plan Their Trips MTA New York City Transit announced today that starting this week, as part of an ongoing commitment to provide more transparent and useful information to the riding public, the “Service Status” notices on mta.info and on other channels will provide a much deeper level of detail, with seven new categories of service status conveyed on a line-by-line basis. In the system being retired, there are only several broad categories, and multiple subway lines are grouped together by corridor, making it difficult to tell at a glance exactly what line is impacted in what manner. “New Yorkers live in the ‘right now’ and deserve helpful information in the moment so they can make the right choices about their travel,” said NYC Transit President Andy Byford. “These changes provide customers targeted, at-a-glance information to help them quickly understand exactly what’s happening on their line. It’s always our goal to improve the quality of our real-time information and this is another step forward in that ongoing process.” In an effort led by the recently established chief customer officer, Sarah Meyer, NYC Transit has been working hard to enhance the information provided to help customers assess their options when planning their trips, on multiple channels such as mta.info, Twitter, car and station announcements, and station signage. As the agency gets more robust real-time data from modernizing train technologies, not only will service continue to improve but so will the usefulness of information provided to customers as they plan their travel. The new language will describe the specific changes being made to train service on an individual line basis. For example, instead of reading “Service Change” for the lines, the Service Status Box will use categories such as “Part Suspended,” “Trains Rerouted” or “Express to Local” and show exactly what line is impacted in that manner. In the system being retired, the only labels describing service issues are “Delays,” “Service Change,” and “Planned Work.” These broad labels are applied to subway lines grouped by their central business district corridors (or “trunk lines”), for example the , the , the , or the . This makes it hard to know at a glance if one’s line is affected in locations where it diverges from other lines, or if service is affected on express or local tracks or both. Individual line-by-line status is available on the myMTA app and the beta new.mta.info, but will be upgraded this week with the new service status categories. Starting after the evening rush on Monday, June 3, the following new categories of service status will be used on the Service Status Box and on other channels, and conveyed on an individual line-by-line basis. Part Suspended - Situations where a major disruption causes multiple stations to lose service in either direction. This could apply when a line is split in half or service ends before a train’s normal terminal. Trains Rerouted - Situations when a train is sent over a different route than it normally travels for that time of day. For example, if the goes over the , not the going over the . Local to Express - Situations when a train that normally runs local uses the express track on its normal route. Express to Local - Situations when a train that normally runs express uses the local tracks on its normal route. Stations Skipped - Situations where trains continuously skip a station in one direction or come through a station without stopping. For example this could be used for police activity or medical assistance but not typical skips/holds to help keep the train on schedule. Slow Speeds - Situations where trains move at slower than normal speeds but make all their normal stops. This would be used in situations where workers are on the tracks or we conduct track inspections. Multiple Impacts - Situations where multiple status options apply to a single disruption or multiple disruptions impact a line. These new categories were developed based on customer feedback and international best practices. This is an ongoing modernization and NYC Transit will continue to refine this and other customer information based on further experience and public input. Nick Sifuentes, executive director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign, said: "As any straphanger knows, good communication with riders is critically important during service disruptions. Subway service is getting better, but even on the most modernized systems, delays and breakdowns are inevitable. As the MTA works to reduce delays, this new approach to customer communication is a good step to help riders understand what’s going on and how to adjust their commutes when service interruptions happen.” Ben Fried, communications director of TransitCenter, said: “Good transit communication is all about giving riders information that speaks directly to them. The MTA's new service notice format is a step forward and we think riders will appreciate the added specificity as they plan their trips.” Danny Pearlstein, policy and communications director of Riders Alliance, said: "When trains aren't running normally, few things are more frustrating than not know what's going on. By adding more detail to its service announcements, the MTA is taking a step forward in its communications with riders. Especially with the changes that will be required to fix the subway, it's valuable for the MTA to give riders more information, through more channels, to help New Yorkers plan our trips." MTA service status box for subways
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    Swindling fake OMNY cards..... SMFH There's a dude over by Jay st - Metrotech subway (Jay/Willoughby entrance) trying to get 50 bucks a pop from up off people by selling fake OMNY cards.... Dread' (dreadhead) - I'd put him at 5'10, 175, in his mid 20's or so..... F***ing hustlers everywhere looking to get a leg up on any sucker out here.... Second straight sunday I've seen the MF'er too.....
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    It's a service cut plain and simple. Sure the Bx23 will be beefed up, but the Bx23 is run by Bus. All of the other routes save the Q50 are run by NYCT. Different funding structure in place and they know that. They are also trying to run down run times to meet their fiscal budget. Less OT to pay, etc. This is what this is all about. They are trying to say hey you will have more reliable and frequent service, trust us, but for the more "frequent service" on the Bx23, they are cutting the Bx38, Bx30 and a few other lines in the mix. It is a service cut.
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    Would be nice if the resources freed up would go towards improving some of the current Brooklyn routes, but we all know where that'll go.
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    I would have to give this Bronx redesign draft a D. I see missed opportunities with the Bx10, 20 and 46. The will definitely have to go back to the drawing board with Co-Op City.
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    Is there a way to make the IND passageway at 42nd ADA accessible? Seems ridiculous for the complex to be considered ADA accessible when the 8th Av lines don't have an ADA connection to the rest of the complex (especially considering its one of the few convenient places to access transfers to Broadway).
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    That's because you won't. They aren't authorized to run on MTA routes, as those are technically NJ Transit's buses. Academy would have to buy them directly from NJ Transit for them to show up on the SIM routes.
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    Thanks for all the updates...giving this 16xx'er some hope for a 2nd PE
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    6761 and 6767 to Tuskegee Airmen from Mother Clara Hale.
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    Your Google Maps illustration was a good example of how, because of MTA mismanagement over the years (with their accomplices at DOT and other city agencies), customers have fled, turned to their own transportation, and nobody's in any better position. I'd even say that those Google times could be way off, dependent on time/day, just like how MTA late night/overnight run times could be 30 minutes but during peak traffic the same run is 78 -- for a one-way route of 6 miles, for example. Around here, pretty much any time of day, a bus trip is a consistent 2x what Google specs a point-point car trip is. Most city or suburban runs are 3 minutes/mile, with the biggest difference being that DDOT keeps that timing while doing MTA-style every-stop service (and load style), while SMART builds the 3 minute/mile in "just in case" (which is partially why suburbia hates the buses, as to not run hot, operators have to travel below speed limits with cars zooming by). By your example, a Peak run -- with a significant portion being freeway/expressway/supposed-higher speed roadway travel -- clocking at 4-6x a Google-guessed time shows how bad things really are. A bus trip upwards of 120 minutes end-end (not including layover), on a commuter line no less, should just be plain unacceptable (local possibly, but there you're going to have a miniscule amount of customers truly going from end-end). That BxM17 "idea" should be used primarily as the main argument cementing the fact that DOT (city or state) has exacerbated the travel problems, and has done nothing to "urge" or "persuade" people to get back on the buses/subways/trains. If anything, this idea should force DOT to institute HOV-lanes (along with STRICT enforcement -- maybe a $300 ticket like Philly does with handicap-violations) to "show" the people sitting in gridlock that the buses passing them by would be a better option. However, I can't believe some MTA "planner" actually came up with the BxM17 idea, got enough people to scratch their chins, have a think, and decide to go forward with it. Looks good on paper, but that idea should have been shot down straight away by two simple roadtrips during Peak -- not in MTA cars, but on an Express bus.
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    He shouldn’t have been released on bail. Certainly not for just $10,000 and definitely not in just two days flat. He’s been arrested 17 times. And he showed zero remorse when the reporter asked him about what he did. He’s not going to learn his lesson by being granted bail and released on his own recognizance (ROR). The slashing, assaults and trying to throw the woman off the platform at Halsey should have been plenty of reason to deny him bail/ROR. I wish I knew what the hell this judge was thinking in releasing Thompson so quickly and easily. But I will say this: He needs to be locked up. If not prison, then he needs to be in a mental institution. Because he’s definitely a danger to society. Not to mention himself if he’s surfing trains while exposing himself.
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    You have to use some common sense, it's really crazy how many idiots there are in this city with this whole OMNY thing. About the first part, when they said OMNY is available on ALL STATEN ISLAND BUSES, that means Staten Island routes. If a Staten Island bus is in another borough doing a shuttle, it's NOT gonna work. Its synced through the farebox. If the bus is Not in Service, the OMNY reader goes RED. If a Staten Island bus with the OMNY gets transferred to another borough, its NOT gonna work because its not synced with a Staten Island route. Now for your second question, NO, OMNY is not working for the Academy SIM23/SIM24 buses, and idk why, but probably not a part of the contract. Now I'm just speaking in general because I was gonna say something later. It's like pple love to bitch about shit, especially in NYC, but when change comes its a problem...OMNY when its FULLY rolled out will be MUCH MORE EFFICIENT for everyone, but people think "oh what if I don't wanna use a phone", etc, etc, OMG SHUT UP AND READ. When it's all said and done, everything there is now with the MetroCard, will be here with OMNY when fully implemented. Now, with OMNY, it'll be MORE CONVENIENT, for anyone who uses technology, to not have to physically refill MetroCards up. You'll be able to by a new OMNY card (basically an upgraded MetroCard), and will be able to fill it up with CASH, COINS, DEBIT/CREDIT, whatever you want. You'll be able to order unlimited OMNY cards, half fare cards, students will have FULL FARE STUDENT OMNY cards. Yall New Yorkers really gotta stop being so stupid. Everyone is so quick to bash the MTA for shit when its the pple who f**k it up 90% of the time. But anyways I'm done explaining, I'm looking forward to OMNY being implemented fully, so that I'll never have to go physically fill my card up as I'll have the option of filling it up with my debit card. Why do yall think OMNY first rolled out on all Staten Island buses? Because there's only THREE places to fill up a Metrocard out here, and this is supposed to be a test trial to "help us pay easier", to avoid having to travel across the island to fill a card up when the machines might not even work.
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    Those buses will just get stuck all day on the Cross Bronx. By the time you'll get to Downtown using the Cross Bronx, it'll already be PM rush (might as well sleep in at work for the next day, if they haven't fired you).
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    As of September 9, 2019 1995 NovaBus RTS-06: 8750-8751 1995 Orion 05.501 (Ex-BeeLine): 101-103, 105-106, 108-142, 144-150 1996 NovaBus RTS-06: 8752-8796, 8798-8970, 8972-9206, 9208-9349 1996 Orion 05.501 (Ex-BeeLine): 151-173, 175-179, 181-184 1998 NovaBus RTS-06: 4900, 4902--4934, 4936-4946, 4948-5053, 5055-5104 1999 MCI 102-DLW3SS Commuter Coach: 2040-2041, 2043-2047, 2049-2052, 2054-2069, 2071-2106, 2108-2139 1999 NovaBus RTS-06: 5105-5226, 5228-5248, 9656 2001 MCI D4500 Commuter Coach: 2140-2184, 2186-2203, 2205-2208, 2705-2804 2002 MCI D4500 Commuter Coach: 2805-2813, 2815-2816, 2818-2822, 2825, 2827-2835, 2837-2842, 2844-2847, 2849, 2851, 2853-2855, 2857, 2860, 2863-2865, 2867, 2869-2870, 2872-2877, 2879-2881, 2883-2884, 2886, 2888-2894, 2896, 2899-2901, 2903-2904, 2908-2909, 2911-2925, 2927-2930 2003 Orion 07.501 "First Generation" Low Floor Hybrid: 6365-6419 2004 Orion 07.501 "First Generation" Low Floor Hybrid: 6420-6489, 6495, 6501, 6503-6504, 6507, 6509, 6523, 6525, 6526-6527, 6536-6537 2005 Orion 07.501 "First Generation" Low Floor Hybrid: 6546, 6565, 6566-6567, 6571, 6578, 6579, 6591, 6592, 6597, 6599, 6604-6606, 6613-6615, 6626, 6631-6642, 6644-6651, 6653-6654, 6656-6669, 6671-6677, 6679-6689 2006 MCI D4500CL Commuter Coach: 3158, 3218, 3296 2007 MCI D4500CL Commuter Coach: 3419, 4314 2006 Orion 07.501 "Second Generation+" Low Floor Hybrid: 3548 2007 Orion 07.501 "Second Generation+" Low Floor Hybrid: 3741, 6853 2009 NovaBus TL-62102A Low Floor Articulated: 1201 2010 NovaBus TL-62102A Low Floor Articulated: 1205 2015 New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" Low Floor: 7430 2015 NovaBus TL-62102A Low Floor Articulated: 8126 Special thanks to "Calvin", "FutureENYOP", "TJ Trainman" and "Snorunts" for their input. Photo Courtesy GojiMet86”
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    It does that to serve Lehman College. The problem with the Bx10 is it provides "East-West" service through very hilly terrain that is not exactly direct, in part because of the street layout (Riverdale lacks a street grid and basically most of the entire route doesn't have a true street grid), but then it connects to Montefiore, colleges, subways and other important connections. The only way to make the service more reliable is to break up the route or have short turns which they already do since it functions primarily as a subway feeder on the Riverdale end. Looking at a map doesn't tell the whole story and this is another reason why removing stops is difficult because you have hills from east to west but also from north to south. The entire area that it runs through both east and west is extremely hilly and that is another reason why stops are so close. The Bronx in general would see less ridership if it wasn't so damn hilly. The buses are a must in parts because of this. Ironically, Riverdale was designed on purpose to not have a street grid and to follow the natural terrain. The rest of the areas it passsd through are so hilly that having a street grid is almost impossible in parts. The other problem with trying to break it up is that you have people from Norwood that work in Riverdale because we have a very high elderly population - lots of nursing homes. Then you also have the universities or private schools in Riverdale that attract riders and the lack of a subway. Very difficult to address those issues. I'm not quite sure, but I believe that the Bronx is very complicated because parts of it were part of Westchester and were also developed in different stages, which is why it seems so broken up and areas are cut off from each other.
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    Yeah I just ordered mine this afternoon I got the rockport I hope they're comfortable
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    One more reason I’m sticking with my Metrocard for now...
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    Something should be done on the DOT end. The Bx7, and Bx9 suffer along Broadway under the El. If you are going to keep them there, then you need to add more short-turns for starters and throw in a few artics to address overcrowding. Some have called for the routes to be broken up. During parts of the day if you don’t break up the lines, then definitely add more short-turns. The Bx9 should be SBS ASAP and parts of Broadway under the El could ne bus only during peak periods. The Bx7 could be limited stop only. Lots of things could be done.
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    OMNY has given me nothing but trouble today...I tapped on the bus, "payment not accepted", "use only one card", and NEVER worked. Is the system modified or what? Didn't work at Bowling Green either. I didn't have that problem Friday. I have an iPhone 7 Plus with Apple Cash. Edit: @Via Garibaldi 8 Stop laughing at me LMAOO, I'm over the MTA🤣🤣. Always something I was embarrassed today.
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    The first part involves the delays, so you can check the link for that Looking Forward: Better Data As we chart our course for the next year, the ultimate goal is to effectively leverage the immense amount of data generated by the subway to help customers understand how trains are running, line-by-line, borough-by-borough, and direction-by-direction. We also want to provide information to help customers understand scheduled frequencies based on time of day and day of week so they know what to expect. Deciding how to present this real-time information effectively is a challenge because of the complexity of our system and gaps in our own data. So, our in-house teams are working to determine the best way to provide this information in a user-friendly way so we can remove “Good Service” and “Delays” from our collective vocabulary. It’s also our intent to publish this data as a feed for third party developers to use in their applications. Simply put, enhancing the quality of real time information is a key priority for all of us because of the impact it has on all of our customers. We’ve made significant strides to improve the quality of Subway performance through our Fast Forward plan. We’ve reduced delays by more than 10,000 late trains each month for the last five months. Our on-time performance reached its highest point in over four years. The number of major incidents has stabilized. We couldn’t be prouder of our employees for driving these numbers in a positive direction. I’m a New Yorker now. We all deserve to know how we’re doing now. Our team at New York City Transit is dedicated to bringing you this information you deserve
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    Thank you for the input @Nexdup
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    I’m a fellow Queens rider as well and have some further input. The problem with sending buses via the Throggs Neck bridge is that there is no way to get straight onto the Van Wyck from there without taking local roads through Whitestone which would probably negate any time savings from taking the route as an alternative to the Whitestone bridge. The Throggs Neck leads right into the Clearview Expressway and would give the bus some options to get to Manhattan such as taking Northern Blvd to the Van Wyck (same route as the QM3) or going down the Clearview to Union Turnpike and then running to the city like how the QM8 (or maybe QM8 super express would). Both of these trips would probably be much longer than taking the Whitestone expressway in the morning. Buses should definitely run via the Grand Central and Horace Harding as you suggested in the morning. If this is done, I’d realistically say that door to door most people should be around 90 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes in the morning, not much worse than the poor souls who take the QM8 in the morning. The afternoon will most certainly be a disaster. I’m pretty familiar with the downtown Queens runs and it would probably take anywhere from an hour and a half to an hour 45 just to get to the Whitestone expressway and linden boulevard on a good day. Drivers should be taking the BQE and Astoria Blvd to the Whitestone Expressway, getting off at Linden Blvd and then taking the Whitestone Expressway service road to the entrance to the Whitestone bridge on 14th Avenue. Regardless, it will probably be at least two hours back to the Bronx on an average day and possibly 3 hours on a bad day. There should definitely be some experimentation with running the buses via Manhattan and over the RFK for the PM rush to see if that’s faster. I’ve seen some suggestions of running the route via the Cross Bronx (I-95), this would be an awful idea, there is way too much traffic and you will literally be crawling across the Bronx for hours at 5 mph.
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    Ima try and squeeze in a quick getaway before then!
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    I know a few of the folks at the Community board on that side of town. Going to reach out make sure they understand what's going on. Might even to sit with them and help them go thru this if need be.
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    If the June class is on the 10th and July class the 21, that’s over a month between classes. And if they’re already up to 900s for meds for June, I don’t see how they don’t get to near the 1200s in that huge gap between June and July classes. But I could be wrong.
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    The funding for Bus is different than it is for NYCT and the knows this, believe me. They are not stupid. Bus gets funding from NYC to run the Bx23 and the Q50, so they have no problem beefing up the service on the Bx23 because they are gutting the other Co-Op local bus lines!! lol
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    Yea I'll be there most definitely. Also added bonus is that I'm likely to be one of the higher numbers in the July class so I have a good chance of getting to pick between divisions if we are given a choice.
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    Trust me I understand . Best of luck and the beauty of it is that there are more certain classes . So definitely July
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    The service statuses are changing, according to this twitter thread
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    Yea im definitely still going. But yea part of me would love to give my current job a big f**k you and only leave them with 2 days notice because upper management sucks here, but my unit is specialized and just got saddled with 3 new people. My supervisor knows I'm leaving so he's been slowly transitioning me but I would still feel bad just dropping my workload on 3 new people, one of whom is not so bright lol. Also, my wife and I have a meeting with the school district about some evaluations we had to do for my daughter. That falls on June 18th and I absolutely want to be there and see what they say. And lastly, I was hoping to sneak in a short getaway with my wife and daughter before I start the hectic MTA schedule I've heard so much about. If I do June 10th there's no way that could happen. So as much as I don't want to lose out on the 6 weeks worth of mta salary that I'm gonna give up, it just isn't possible for me to start Monday.
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    Its funny because..... https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-williamsburg-link-bus-l-train-project-free-shuttle-change-20190602-dfcgezwbbnaizjvmnvujffiqi4-story.html See above link. The new route would be called B91A and basically be a Marcy Avenue/Bedford Avenue shuttle with added stops on Grand Street.
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    Ok after reviewing the proposal, here are my thoughts: Bx6SBS: l like the idea of having it operate as a Story SBS but after riding the Bx6SBS during rush hour, a lot of people utilize it in Hunts Pt. Maybe create a seperate SBS branch (Bx6A/B SBS) or a new route all together. Bx15/Bx15LTD: This one is tricky. I agree the reason why the route suffers from being late all the time is because of 125th St, but I dont think it should be split. Instead of having the Bx15 LTD end at Fordham Plz, it should end at 125th St & Lexington. Bx46: They left this alone!?! M125: Ok, being the southern portion of the Bx15, I would do it like this: Fordham Plaza to Ft George-193rd St via 125th St, replacing the M101 north of 125th St while the M101 becomes a LTD only route between 6th St and 125th St, terminating where the M103 does now. BxM17: The concept is good on paper just not in the real world...that bus is going to get delayed so much. If bus lanes were implemented it *might* work.
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    Yeah MTA SIM buses have them. Right thats the thing, security issues. I'm pretty sure it can handle heavy usage as its used all around the world in big cities. And yes I use MTA eTix for the LIRR and its amazing, you don't understand how many times I've bought tickets last min and ran to catch trains. I'll NEVER go physically buy a ticket ever again (unless my phone dies before I board the train, but I would NEVER let that happen). I have good faith with OMNY, I really want this to work out smoothly because I hate waiting for people to fill MetroCards up and having to hassle around the island to refill my card. To be safe, I have my debit card attached to my iPhone wallet, and I made my Apple Pay card activated with the Express Transit Card option. So I'll transfer money from my debit card to my apple pay card, and I'll use this option until the OMNY card comes out. (No it doesn't take from my debit card as well, because I need to enter my passcode every time I make a payment). I just have to make sure I keep my phone away from the reader on a crowded bus because it might scan again (it will scan if your phones screen is wake/sleep or unlocked/locked, as long as its physically powered ON).
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    Nah I don't think so... The current route to Secaucus is stupid but if the went to Hoboken and Jersey City instead it would provide much needed relief to PATH which is just getting inundated with ridership nowadays.
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    We have the first official update to the car assignments since November. Here are the highlights and as always, remember the cars assigned to a line may not necessarily reflect what's operating in service at any given time. The 32s are now split almost evenly between the and lines. The 42s are presently not assigned to any line. service is being run by means of the 160s and 179s according to the latest assignments. What that means for the 42s' continued operation is unclear at the moment. The random 46s previously assigned to the have been shifted to other lines, as have the 160s, but everyone knows about that one. On the A-side, the only major change is a slight increase in the number of trains required for the line. Click on the link for the full car assignments for May 2019, along with historical car assignments dating back decades.
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    He's reaching way too far out with this thread....the question was solely based on the history of transit in New York and when the first air conditioned bus entered service in New York City, not solely for the MTA. @Eric B's response hits it right on the nail. Thread locked, this was a rather terrible attempt at trying to shame the MTA. If you're really that bored to post something like this and still be wrong, you should probably find something better to do with your life, honestly.....
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    The BxM2 is going to have a lot of people pissed (myself included). First off they are trying to appease BxM2 riders by having the BxM1 stop at 96th and 5th. However, going home, the Madison and 99th stop is lost, which means Mount Sinai doctors, RNs will have to walk ALL THE WAY to 3rd Avenue to get the BxM1. The other issue is many seniors go to Mount Sinai for doctor’s appointments. They would now also have to walk all the way to 3rd Avenue or walk up hill to 96th and take the M96 across adding to the commute. The other issue is that the BxM2 serves 5th Avenue for the museums and then Central Park West and Central Park. Those connections are completely lost, and we lose the Central Park West and West 81st street connection as well. They also appear to be discountining the via Riverdale Avenue trips which is a problem. There are people that are east of Riverdale Avenue that would lose the Riverdale and West 236th street stop, as that is a big one in the morning. People are also going to be pissed about the BxM18 since most of us use the BxM1, BxM2 and BxM18. Lots of questions to be answered that’s for sure.
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    alright... I'll bite. i feel compelled to comment on this network, due to potential changes to runs/the KB run board. bx6SBS - i can't truly say it's necessarily a good or bad idea sending it to Turnbull... definitely would be a one seat ride across town, instead of transferring from the 5 to the 6 at hunts point av. bx11 - interesting. extending it to the parkchester station is bold. definitely helps out Washington heights ridership, giving them another option... if they bite (due to the alteration made to the bx36) bx15 - I'm extremely pleased with this proposal strictly from an operator's perspective. ask any former/current 126 st/100 st/MV/West Farms/KB depot operator how disgusting two-fifth traffic is... and how late they've been as a result. case in point the bx15. bronx ridership suffers immensely because of the two-fifth crawl. I'm actually amused to see that certain members' suggestion of a 'M125' may come to fruition. i feel bad for the customers. hopefully there'll be a free continuation transfer between the M125 (that'll be weird to say) and the bx15. Bx18 - they created a western bx version of the bx23... it's not a horrible idea... i guess. bx28 - hallelujah! FINALLY! someone came to their senses re: chopping the mosholu pky leg. simplicity at it's finest. bx30 - the Boston road direct. runs will definitely be chopped & reallocated bx34 - FINALLY being moved off of valentine & Bainbridge... i would say that was a no-brainer, but maybe that's a tad harsh. bx36 - see? that wasn't so hard, was it? 😂 pete rock & cl smooth, baby (straighten it out) bx40/42 - shifting it over to 180 Street & chopping the 42... at 8 minute headways? can't argue with that. HOWEVER, Throgs Neck will be pissed (i think) Q50 - i honestly don't know what to make of this. i know purists that still want to hold onto a piece of QBx/Queens Surface Corporation/PBL history by this line staying intact... HOWEVER, i can't speak to how many customers truly park their asses in seats in Co-Op City & exit at 39 avenue. M100 - YES! YES! oh sweet Lord, YES 100 times over! let Kingsbridge rejoice, and sing lamentations to the heavens. I'm personally tired of carrying air across two-five on southbound M100 runs, and management is dead tired of sending 100's across two-way piling on dead miles, so to speak. M125 - a good idea i suppose, i wonder who gets this assignment... Manhattanville, i presume? BxM2 - Riverside Drive non-stop? I'd love VG8's input on this BxM4 - no more Grand Concourse. huh... The BxM17 - holy f**k! how is that gonna work? I'd love to see the runtime/paddles for those runs 😂 do they understand how many pm rush hour miracles would have to simultaneously occur to even be remotely on-time, and how many things could go wrong for this to become an instant turn off for Co-Op customers? BxM18 - mirroring the BxM2 via Riverside Drive. okay... all in all, i must say, as much i respect certain aspects of this proposal, this is simply a draft, and i reserve the right to be pessimistic. these "modifications" are for a much larger network than the infamous Staten Island Express Network... and we see how that turned out.
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    The complaints was mainly because at the time, the Bx8 used Orion VII CNGs, which were pretty loud.
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    it's been said a million times. hardheads aren't listening. it's really distracting for individuals attempting to find pertinent information in a simplistic fashion. it's becoming a turn off to even attempt to read this & other threads because some knucklehead wants sequencial unit number assignments when it's been explained over and over and over that they don't do "business" that way. create a fantasy roster thread and hush. Jesus Christ.
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    That is the reason that I am furious that this person was let out on bail and only $10,000. Bail was being considered (and it is my opinion that it should have not been offered in the first place due to the seriousness of the offense) if it was it should have been 10 -20 times higher. This man is a danger to society in no uncertain terms and he must be kept locked up through trial. At least with him on Rikers Island, transit riders and employees will feel a bit safer (hopefully) unless we start to see copy cats. If this is the first stage of the judicial process for this person, then I am afraid what will happen at the following stages of the process when the plea bargaining starts occurring.
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    Don't let the low rankings of Dyre Av stations fool you. The vast majority of those boardings are Southbound during the AM Rush when only 7 TPH are running on the Dyre. The from Dyre fills up very quickly. Most cars have 75-80 passengers on them entering East 180th (AM Rush only) which is way too much considering the crowding the will end up seeing further along the route. If only there were someway to run more than 7 TPH from Dyre Av in the morning the wouldn't be so bad. It's sad that folks who ride the the in mid-afternoon to head to Manhattan get more frequent service than a peak traveler.
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    That’s my point — the world doesn’t end at the Harlem River. Yes, the Bronx may suffer, but the rest of the city will benefit. And yes, I’m aware of the history. What I’m saying is that if this service pattern is gonna be preserved, the MTA needs to reconfigure the junction to make it so that the and do not conflict. Rankings: Dyre — 326 Baychester — 344 Gun Hill — 293 Pelham Parkway — 372 Morris Park — 391 Not a single station breaks the top half of stations in terms of ridership, and only one is in the top 2/3. Any crowding observed is a result of unreliability — an issue this swap would solve.
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